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Wm am P't'S Co., L'O'dI Puba:
Z While with a secrenading party near
Prague, Ok., Will Waldmen was shot
, sicdentally and killed.
Andrew COrnegie has donated $12,
;; Ss" for the erection of a public 1
brary at 1l Reno, Ok.
Chicago politicians are now buasy
I yhg plans for handling the national
epanblican convention, which meets
to that city in June.
lire destroyed three business build
tags on the main street. of Guthrie.
STwelve persons who roomed in one of
Sthe buildings had narrow escapes.
John Stringer, a negro, was hanged
of Birmingham, Ala., Thursday for the
murder of William O'Neal, whom he
stabbed to death in the Pratt mines.
The torpedo boat Perry and Paul
James have been ordered to proceed
free Mare Island navy yard to Pan
L*ta to aigment Admiral Glass' fleet.
The work of laying "teel on the in
terarban 'electric railway to connect
-,ihrie and Oklahoma City has been
.ommenced. The line will cost $750,
• IIa shooting scrape at Woolsey, ten
Sileas east of Comanche, I. T., Friday,
J: K, Stotts and Sam Vickers were
lha. Both are reported fatally wound
Afery Crockett,grandson of the old
David Crockett, was found dead
to: a tree about 200 yards from
home, five miles north of Granbury,
:T he big glass factory put in opera
! Jat Monterey last year has closed
to install new apparatus, as the
as now run does not yield a
ry profit.
Ajzaader W. Pearson, paymaster
"e Missississppi division of the
States navy in the Civil War, Is
his home in Vineland, N. J.
s 75 years old.
Daniel Manning of Albany, N.
,. eleoted president of the World's
of lady managers, vice Mrs.
L. Blair, resigned. She received
, out' of sixteen votes.
:Harry L. Smith and her two
R Barry, aged 2 years, and Al
-"three months, were burned to
b a fire in their home at Oak
a suburb of Philadelphia.
hlwardt of Flethher, Ok., came to
'ark to submit to a surgical op- t
Both legs were taken off just
tle knees. His spine was injur
both legs paralyzed by falling n
Swell.about eleven years ago. i
* ow said that Senator Boies "
of Pennsylvania, who was at h
with Mr. Roosevelt, will likely
Senator Mlanna as the Republi. C
dliairman and manage the coming a
ential campaign. o,
~rkable cures of typhoid fever np
are reported by Beth-Israel ,
.ll at Philadelphia, where a se
h;uported from Italy and Switzer
s being usdd. Although the rem
-has been in use more than three b
it has just been made public. ,
General Roberts has noti. e
dhe oMoers of Kiowa county, Ok. he
eat at all hazards the shedding fo
d in the war imminent there as
em the,homesteader and the mLu- cc
nlraante over the possession o5 -
bet . Jones, a native of Broad.
is., dropped dead from heart
He was a Union veteran and .a
na Oklahoma in 1889 -as Chiet lab
United States Marshal, being be
by President Harrison. of
naderstood in Buenos AyreO as
that the reported offer by de
I rm to purchase the r TI
wau" vessels built in Italy was tos
S'bteblfm of the Japanese gov.
8T. rtin of Winchester.
wii. mysteriously killed neas Be
er, Ok., his dead body being tur
oa the farm of George Newer qui
were shipped to Tenne% e
.KM. Jonee, the three-year-old sen
H. G. IJones, of Austin was burn- Pa
r OSiap. The boy was playuing ope
r 0 the house when his cloth- of
sad before assistance reach- be
* l·ead and arms were burn- Ses
i Gaablaa, a German farmer iIv. A
.Ghi tie, was fatally injured ton
Shikukown negro, whose afotive t
r. Ganbin had sold his ot· o 1
was ea route kogie with. the day
- Z.Iew' York, hpl)asn ed guilty the
h of presqtlng he* p roof on
oig Are inhurance company, and tona
owing senod him to one ra
,,··..r . ;
The French government is happy over the possession of a small surplur
over expenses for the current year.. Uncle Samuel smiles.
Reyes Realizes the Situation, but He
Fears Precipitation Action by His
Washington, December 22.-=Diplo
matic pressure'will .be brought to bear
on Colombia by several European pow
ers to prevent war between that coun
try and the United States. The first
step In this direction has already been
taken by several foreign powers by
means of their representatives here,
who have informed General Rafael
Reyes of the futility of any attempt
to retake Panama, declaring that it
will result only in precipitating the
Bogata government into a war with
the United States, and have said to
him that the result of such a catas
trope Colombia herself must realize.
If this is not sufficient, the representa
tives of these countries at Bagota will
be instrueted to inform President
Marroquin that Colombia can expect
no sypathy from the European powers
in any move she may make on Pana
ma which would inevitably involve
her in war with the United States.
The members of the diplomatic
corps have been informed by Gener
al Reyes that he himself fears he can
only, with difficulty, check his peo
ple much longer. General Reyes is
not talking for publication, but to
several European ambassadors he
has confessed his fears with frankness
and has said that he is doing every
thing in his power to prevent an out
break before the conclusion of his
mission, and that, although his influ
ence with the army is considerable,
he is so far away that it is difficult
for him to make this felt as strongly
as if he were on the ground and in
I .Diplomats whom General Reyes has
approached on the subject say that
whbtat "'i:st ifears is the result of
tid' lu t ;.t .Bogota of the
faiillei.b~  - h.tmself
r.ealizes tlit-"ttre 'ost be cane hope
is that Panama may assume respon
sibility for part of the Colombian
debt ..
"I came to Washington to save what
I could from a shipwreck," he said
to a diplomat of high rank.
Realization of the true situation, it
is said, will not prevent General Reyes
from calling on the United States
for a reference to The Hague ;of sev
eral questions at isshe. It is on this
point that European diplomats have
told General Reyes that it is expect
ing too much to expect this govern
ment to submit any phase of the Pan
ama matter to The Hague. Several
ambassadors have earnestly Advised
General Reyes to impress on his peo
ple the fact that Europe wants the
Isthmian canal, and that Colombia
can expect no sympathy from that
For the Conviction of the Car Dyna
San Antonio, Texas, eDcember 21.
At a meeting of business men, attend
ed by over 200 leading merchants,
lawyers, doctors, capitalists, real es
tate men, public officers and me
chanics, held today, a resolution was
adopted offering a reward of $10,000
for the arrest and conviction of
partes engaged in dynamiting street
cars in San Antonio.
It was reported in the meeting that
evidence has been secured showing
that the police officers of San Antonio
were derelict in their duties in the
matter of arresting parties guilty of
lawlessness, and a committee was ap
pointed to prefer charges in the po
lice board and produce evidence
against certain policemen.
Popular Old Chris.
New York, Decemt-enr 22.-Letters
addressed by children to Santa Claus
are reaching the postoffice here in
larger numbers this year than ever
before. They come from all parts
of the country, even Alaska. The
childish petitions are carefully set
aside, and will be forwarded to the
dead letter office at Washington.
The collection will weigh at least a
ton, and is double the quantity receiv
ed in any previous year.
Louisiana Legislatur.e
New Orleans, La., December 22.
Both houses of the Louisiana Legisla
ture today adopted a resolution re
questing the United States Senators
from this State to vote in favor of
the ratification of the treaty hereto
fore signed by the Republican repre
sentatives of the United States and
Panama, providing for the building,
operation and maintenance of the in
ter-oceanic canal across the Isthmus
of Panama, whenever the said treaty
be submitted to the United States
Lancashire, Millers.
A mass meeting of Lancashire cot
ton millers will be held December
28 to consider the situation. Many
of the mills will be stopped for ten
days during the holidays.
King Alphonso's Bride.
Madrid, December 22.--According to
the Spanish newspapers, a project is
on foot for the marriage of King Al
fonso to his cousin, .the Princess Ma
ria Del .lnar of Bavaria. She is 13 1
yeas old.
-·i.. .1
Barge Mamou Wrecked.
s Rockport, Texas, December 22.
The barge Mamou, loaded with ties
and bound for Corpus Christi, filled
rwith water while in the Gulf. She
was being towed through through
e Aransas Pass when she stuck on the
bar. It was thought that she could
e be floated in the morning. Your cor
i respondent is told she is a total lose
and the ties are b-eing washed ashore
on the St. Jo and Mustang Islands.
Young Negro Drowned.
New Boston, Texas, Dec. 21.-A
- young negro named Bizzell was drown.
ed Saturday night in Red river north
i of here while trying to ford the river.
r The body has not yet been discovered,
Marines Landed.
Colon, December 22.-Thirty-five of
the ship Prairie's marines were land
ed and took a train for Basobyspo
Station, near Emperador. They will
occupy the canal company house at
Bonds Doubled.
Waco, Texas, December 22.-Judge
Scoft today entered an order revok
ing a former order fixing the bonds of
P. F. Ripley and John Tennison at
$5000 each and ordered that the bonds
of those parties be fixed at $10,000
each. These are two of the men who
are charged with the murder of Harry
Hay, the motorman, October 20.
No amateur play is satisfactory un.
less all the feminine parts are hero.
Roscoe W. Derby, a Machinist, Despondent Over
Being Poor, Committed Awful Crime.
Cleveland, Ohio, Dec. 21.-~Roscoe
W. Derby, a machinist, about 45 years
of age, exterminated his family early
yesterday by shooting his wife, his
three children and then himself. The
crime is believed to have been due to
-,i spondency over the impoverished
condition of the family purse and the
near approach of Christmas.
The crimes were extraordinary in
their thoroughness, and there was ev
idently no hitch in their enactment.
'The wife was killed first, while sleep
ing at her husband's side in bed; two
of the children were killed as they ran
through the house in the darkness of
early morning, endeavoring to escape
their merciless parent. The third
child was killed in its bed, after its
elder brother and sister had been
Derby had been down town as late
as 11 o'clock Saturday night shopping,
but, in all probability, he also secured
ammunition for his revolver. When
he got home, his wife and he talked
with a neighbor who had been calling
orer the approaching festival. Derby
seemed pale and nervous. Shortly af
ter his arrival at home the neighbor
left and the Derby family went to bed.
The crime is believed to have been
committed about 4 o'clock Sunday
ias morning. Mrs. Derby was shot to
dat death in bed, two bullets having been
of fired into her forehead and a third,
:he probably fired after the children had
elf been exterminated, in the back of the
kpe neck. Mrs. Derby probably was killed
on- during sleep, there being no sign of a
an strugglra and her face calm and peace
ful. Two of the children, however,
probably had a struggle, because they
"Has Been Brought in at Batson Prai
it rie.
res Sour Lake, Texas, Dec. 21.-Much
tes excitement among Sour Lake opera
ev- t.:.s was caused yesterday by the re
is port from Batson Prairie to the effect
,ve that a gigantic gusher had been
ct- brought in at that place.
rn- The new well is known as Paraffine
tn- No. 2, and was brought in by Little &
ral Mitchell at a depth of about 1100 feet.
ed The runner who brought the news
a from Batson Prairie yesterday morn
he ing was seen by a reporter and stated
>ia that the well, in the opinion of all
Lat who had seen it, was the greatest
producer in Texas. The flow was so
great that the four-inch pipe which
was enclosed in a six-inch casing had
a- to be pulled, joint at a time. Some of
it had to be left in the well, and the
well was. shut off at 10:30 yesterday
d- morning by means of a valve with
ts, which the six-inch pipe was equipped.
3s' The oil is of an excellent quality, be
te- ing about the same gravity as that
as found in Paraffine No. 1, which is 700
00 feet deep.
of John Webb, field manager for D. R.
et Beatty, and one of the most reliable
oil men in this field, returned from
at Batson yesterday afternoon. When I
ig seen by a reporter he said that he
lo thought this was the greatest well in t
ie Texas, and would produce about 12,000 f
of barrels per day. The road between I
P here and Batson has been lined with t
caravans of wagons carrying machin
ery, operators on horseback and in
- buggies en route to see the champion c
gusher. b
Land was selling yesterday at from t
$10-0T to $10,000 an acre, and the earn
d est money on several deals was put up.
e Dallas Merchant Killed.
h Dallas, Texas, Dec. 21.-Hiram f
e Featherstone, keeper of a groqery o
d store at Holmes and Hickman streets
r- in this city, was shot and killed yes- w
8 terday afternoon near the store. R.
e T. Wright, aged 29 years, later gave
himself up at the county jail. w
Attempted Train Wrecking.
S Marshall, Texas, Dec. 21.-Sheriff
- Curtis went to the Texas and Pacific
1 wreck near Jonesville yesterday morn- la
ing on a light engine, where he will Pt
take the county dogs and try to cap- le
ture parties who wrecked the train, w.
splikes werne pulled up on the outside pa
,of two rails and the engine was ditch- hi
od when it struck them. It is suppos
ed that the parties were trying to wI
wreck the passenger trains, which t
were late. $8
Barn Near New Boston.
New Boston, Texas, Dec. 21.-A barn
and contents belonging to W. C. Mitch. Pe
ell on the east side of town burned
about daylight yesterday morning.
Loss, $2,000. No insurance. co
A $100,000 Ohio Fire.
Georgetown, Ohio, Dec. 21.-Fire
today caused a loss of $100,000 to the To:
stores of J. W. Wirthlin, Hoppel Bros. rea
and William H. Hannon and to Mil- agr
len's saloon and cafe. in
oscoe had been awakened by the noise of the
years revolver being fired and sought to es
early cape, but without avail. Harold's
his body was found lying in a pool of blood
The in the kitchen, and that of Alice in the
ue to dining room, with her face to the floor
ished and a bullet in her breast. Harold
1 the may have been chased by hiss father,
as there was evidence of flight in the
*y In manner in which the furnishings in
a ev- the kitchen were thrown about. From
nent. the location of the bullets in his head,
sleep- the boy evidently was caught by his
two father in a strong grasp and held
r ran while the weapon was placed against
se of the little fellow's forehead and the
cape bullets sent into his brain.
third There was also evidence of a strug
r its gle on Alice's part. The last of the
been children to die was Thomas. He had
remained in bed, probably still asleep,
late and also received bullets in his head,
ping, dying instantly. After the extraordi
:ured nary crimes had been committed, the
Vhen perpetrator of them went into the bed
Liked rodtn, where his wife had been killed,
Iling and lying dlown at her side, fired a
erby bullet into his own brain and died at
y af- his wife's side.
hbor A number of poolroom race checks
bed. were found about the house, showing
been that Derby had ,been trying his luck in
aday betting.
to The first knowledge of the crime
been was communicated in a letter written
bird, by Derby to a friend, who lived not
had far away, and which was sent by spe
the cial delivery. The letter is to the ef
illed fect that when it had been received
of a the Derby family would 'be dead. When
lace- the friend hurried to the house yester
ever, day morning, all that had been prom
they ised was seen to have been fulfilled.
Affair Settled.
Washington, Dec. 21.-The Alexan
rai- dretta affair is believed to be practi
cally settled with satisfaction to all
[uch parties. The navy department Friday t
era- received word that the San Francisco c
re- had left Beirut for Alexandretta, car
Tect rying as a passenger of honor United
seen States Consul Davis. The consul's re
turn in state is explained by the fact
fine that the sublime porte, after investi
e & gating, has accepted the American
eet. view of the unpleasant incident and
ews signified his intention of making
rn- amends. So Consul Davis goes to Al
Lted exandretta to be received with honor 1
all by the local authorities, who will make q
test proper explanations of the incident.
so The state department has received P
Lich a cablegram from Minister Leishman
had saying the Turkish government has in
of structed the governor at Alexandretta a
the to apologize to the consul on his re- s
day turn there. P
)ed. Finest Hotel in South.
be- New Orleans, La., Dec. 21.-W. P.
hat Brown, the cotton king, whose bull
700 clique is supposed to have made $10,- b
000,000 in the famous corner of the ft
R. world's cotton supply, has projected a a
ble $2,000,000 hotel to be erected in this c.
om city on, Canal street. The idea is to fr
ien build a Waldorf-Astoria in the South, is
he eclipsing anything of the kind south of v
in the Mason and Dixon line. When con- of
00( fronted with the report yesterday, Mr. in
en, Brown practically admitted the au
ith thenticity of the rumor, but said oth- ti
in- ers were associated with him in the at
in project. It is understood in commer
on cial circles that a good slice of the yc
bull clique's profits will be invested in ti
)m this proposed hotel enterprise. li
rn- Haff Killed Himself.
. New York, Dec. 21.-Alexander D
Haff, the suspended superintendent of
Lm foreign mails in the New York post
ry office, who was to have been brought to
its to trial before the federal court this
as week on the charge of robbing the
R. mails, killed himself last night by so
e shooting. Haff had been moody for an
many weeks, the approaching trial niL
weighing on him. as
ifBig Cotton Deal. sr
c Temple, Texas, Dec. 21.--One of the th
n- largest cotton deals of the season was
Ill put through yesterday by W. R. Mil
p. ler, with offices at Belton and Temple, no
n. who bought 1,100 bales at 12.212c from fo
Le parties in Bartlett. The record for LA
.- high prices in Temple was again
s- smashed Saturday by Webb Moore, lik
:o who paid 12.35 for a 650-pound bale,
h the farmer selling the bale receiving
$80.27 for it. Lax
Manchu Nobles Delay Alliance.
n London, Dec. 21.-The Daily Mail's it
Pekin correspondent declares that a
few Manchu nobles, who are under
Russian influence, are delaying the E
conclusion of an alliance between ple
China and Japan. If
No Russians in Korean Army. sat
5 London, Dec. 21.-The Daily Mail's r
3 Tokfo correspondent says that the Ko. I
rean foreign office denies the reported N.
agreement to employ Russian officers kni
in the Korean army. T1
Milk Always Fresh.
An invention which is described
ai- it to revolutionize the milk trade
is ceing worked in France. The inti
is not "condensed" in the ordinary,
sense, but the water s extraoted fro.;'
i:. by a patent process. The powd'
that remains contains all the essen-.
tial elements, and is converted back "
to milk by the simple addition o'
seven parts of water to one of the
the :-ilk extract. It is claimed that it is
es- al!ways possible to have fresh milk by
id's this process, which is the invention of
ood Dr. Just, of Boston, and a German en.
the gineer.
.oor Her Point of View.
-old The aged cobbler had lived with his
wier, wife for many years in a three-room.
the cottage on the edge of the town,
in When he died the kindly neighbors
o helped with the last sad offices, and
the old man was laid out on the bed,
tad, with two candles burning at the head.
his The bereaved widow was cared for
ield at a neighboring house. Next morn.
int ing she went to her home, and, ob
the serving that the rats had eaten most
of the candles, exclaimed: "Well,
there's one thing about it. If I ever
ug- git out o' this mess. I'll keep a cat."
had An admiral flies his flag at the
main mast, a vice admiral at the fore,
!ep, and a rear admiral at the mizzen.
ad, :
rdi- The attar of roses is obtained from
the red roses, the chief centers of culture
being Bulgaria and Roumania.
,ed, A Western Woolgrower.
La Newcastle, Wyo.. Dec. 21.-There is
at a man in this'place who claims that no
one need suffer with backache, as he
has proven in his own case that it can
:ks be completely and permanently cured.
lng His name is S. C. Hoist, and he is
in a stock raiser and woolgrower.
"I was shearing sheep at the time
the first pain came on," says Mr. Hoist.
e "I was so bad for two years after
wen ards that I could hardly sit down,
lot and when once down it was almost im
pe- possible for me to get up again.
ef- "I tried all the medicine I could hear
ed of and saveral doctors without help,
e not even for a moment. I used Dodd's
Kidney Pills and they made a new
er- man out of me. I felt as if there was
new blood in my veins. I am as stout
in the back as a mule and can lift and
work as hard as I please without an
ache or pain in any part of my body.
in- "It is now over a year since they
cured me and I can say there is not a
healthier man in Wyoming than I am,
all and before using Dodd's Kidney Pills
ay there was not a more complete physi
co cal wreck in the whole country than I
ed All Energy From the Sun.
e- All the energy of life is derived ulti
.ct mately from the sun. A little of this
ti- comes indirectly through lightning,
an which, in passing through the air,
ad forms ammonia and oxides of nitrogen.
These, being carried by rain into the
ground, are the constant source of
nitrogen for vegetable, and, indirect
or ly, for animal life. A much larger
is quantity of energy is well known to
be taken direct from the sunshine by
d plants and used in their anabolic pro
esses. This energy is appropriated
tn by animals in their food, and whether
n- in the vegetable or in the animals, it
ta assists in many alternations of the
e- system before it is completely dis
Suppose You Are to Live 50 Years.
P. The total cost of a business and
11 shorthand course in Tyler College is
about $125.00. That is, you get the
* benefit of these courses fifty years
e for a total cost of $126.00 or $2.50
a year.
These courses increase the earning
capacity of the average young person
o from $300.00 to $840.00 a year-which
is a clear gain of $540.00 a year.
In other words, $2.50 a year in
vested in education brings a return
1- of $540.00 a year, or 21,600 per cent
r interest on the investment. Can you
beat it?
You are placed in line of promo
1I tion, kept busy and in good cotnpany,
e and can soon be independent.
A practical education Is no lottery.
There are no blanks. No odds what's
e your vocation, it will be worth ten
a times its cost. It is as durable as
life, as handy as human need. It is
worth a sacrifice. Will you make itt
WVrite for large illustrated cata
logue free. Address Tyler College,
r Department 13.. Tyler, Texas.
Wsomen don't think much of a do
tor unless he has a dozen different
shades of pills in stosk.
When racked with Rheumatic pains,
so walking is an effort and running
an impossibility, just try Hunt's Light
ning Oil. The result will please and
astonish you. Price 25 and 50 cents.
Tie a man to a woman's apron
strings and he will hang himself on
Quit Coughing.
Why cough, when tor 25C and this
notice you get 25 doses of an abso
lutely guaranteed cnugh cute in tablet;
formn, postpaid. DR. SKI RVIN CO.,
Where there's much smoke there is
likely to be a lot of soft coal.
Stops the (;ough anti
Works Off the Cold
Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. Priceg5.
SWhen a thing is worthless how can
it be worth Less.
Try One Package.
If "Defiance Starch" does not
please you, return it to your dealer.
If it does you get one-third more for
the same money. It will give you
satisfaction, and will not stick to the
Locked-out knitting girls of Dover.
N. J., have organized a co-operative
knitting mill company.
The hair dresser doean't suooeea by
having a pull.

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