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a y by
"Ogpany, Ltd.
at Welsh, La., as
r Y 13 1904.
t COmpetition, trusts
of all kinds mtist
tramqneis strongly im
De' minds by .udi
hn have 'mnasset
*ps. a mucoh or moreS
itself. Ab ebktin,
T nue. lheir name at,"
s. Tziis only one of S
ands of each oases
is worth. many tnmes
the business itself. is S
sd stronger eatdy?
.2Ourrna I
r of people everl
e names anud goods
'$Not O1ours?
n vial sied friends in
,1 yoar ho se will need
Pat Cosoper's.
Aroineax returned
Lrota - ,visit with
a in Lake Charles.
canme over from
oirning;to visit her
Mi,:. J. 8 DeWofi
of 'bhirt Waisting,
Brilliantine, at Mar
hLa moved his fam
ustto Welsh and is
71 .the north
oreon, an assistant
algs publl'sehOols,
to speng a few
%e eie and ,,south
a buggy {Wsist on
se: For* eassoand
qsnoue.bettgu. madre
N ' r .IMP. . are
.Tenings, was here
ito busineses mat
g'l rtie family of his
el*er, returning Sun
One person worse
Sthd 6Oh who listene
- Botb1 should be
bjthe ear, the other by
I vial, a .French "Pres
ý'of 'Few Orleans,
.MSonday on his re
#1F an appoint
been traveling
ia Tobacco Works
* and Mississippi,
Wednesday for a visit
aux, a rice broker of
'-and one of the best
'tht cereal in the State
w#s here Thursday
f last week,ttbe guest .of
amp, of Davenport, Iowa,
d', i the Proven Oil Field
of Welsh, was here Monday
after his interests and visit
broteer, Peter Lamp, presi
the company.
Cynthia McKittrick, who
tihepast winter in the China
left Sunday to spend the sum
home in Pana, Ill. She is
of Mrs. E. B. Chrisman, of
foe Belt Journal rather dis
as the proposition to start into
1 housekeeping. Fenton and
do not say anything, but the
il "dy when the ~ime comes to
-i4ke Charles News.
*,uewing subscription to the
Thos. Baxter, of Hot Springs,
i tiies: ',Like your paper
E veething getting, along
a week's rain, just what
' Grass is green and stock
edoing well.
- Strayed.
estrayed to our farm last fall
y horse, about ten years old
tflfteen hands high. Owner
,e the animal by callinu and
-proyiag ownership, paying
and advertising. Rob
aidason, three miles north.
Town Conneil Proecedings.
WELSH, LA., May 4, 1904.
- Hall of Council Chamber.
Council called to order pursuant to
adjourned meeting. Members of coun
cil present: Martin, Davidson and
Motion made and carrirdl to ad
journ to tomorrow evening at 8
WEr srH, LA., May 5, 190l4.
Hall of Council Chamber.
Council called to order by Mayor
pro tem, H. A. Davidson, pursuant to
adjourned meeting of May 4, 1904.
Councilmen present: Cooper, Martin
and Day.
Motion made and carried to ad
journ to May 6, 1904.
. WELSH. LA., May 6, 1904.
Hall of Council Chamber.
Council called to order by Mayor
Lee L. Robinson pursuant to adjourn
ment pf, May 5. 1904. Members of
eonQUl1 all present.
Ordinance' presented to call an
election to vote a school tax of five
mills on the dollar to support a pub
lic school in the town of Welsh. La.,
for a period of ten years. On motion
and roll call ordinance was adopted.
The following petition signed by a
number of citizens was presented and
uipon motion duly seconded and car
ried the petition was accepted and the
commissioners asked for appointed.
. WELxH, LA., May 2, 1904.
To the Hon. Mayor and Board of
Trustees of the town of Welsh,
Gentlemhen: We, the undersigned
eitizens of the town of Welsh, Calca
sien parish, La., ..respectfully ask
your honorable body to appoint six
commissioners to lay out and procure
right of way for a public road from
the- east end of South street to the
public road on the east line of the
southeast quarter section 30, 9-4,
known aq East street; :also to extend
Field street rortheast on east side of
bayou t, connect with the above de
scribed' new -road or street.
We also recommend the appoint
ment ot:Messrs. P. W. Daniels, H. E.
Wesson, M, L. Farlow, C. E. Carr
and O. Fulton.
On mnotion duly,secopded and car
ried the followjng petition was ac
cepted at the regular meeting of the
town council May 3, 1904.
-' WELSH,.LA., May 3, 1904.
To the, Hon. Mayor .and Board of
T{rustees of the town of Welsh,
Gentlemen: We, the undersigned
citizens and tax payers of the town of
Welsh, AL., respectfully petition your
ho0orimble body. to order a special
election 4s provided by law, for the
purrpose of su'bmitting to the qualified
electors and ypters, ag provided by
law, an ordinance levying a .vecial
a'nnual tax of fivd (5) mills on all ,f
the taxable property of the town of s
Welsh, La., for the period of ten (10)
yeats for the years 1904, 1905, 1906,
1907,. 1908, 1909, 1910, 1911, 1912, 1913"
for the maintenance and support of
the public schools of the town of
Welsh, La.
John R. Rountree, Philip Miller,
W. T. Hutcheson, H. E. Wesson, A.
T. Jones, S. Benoit, L. G. Lewis,
R. R. Arceneaux, R. P. Willard, E. t
C. Willard, Paul W. Daniels, J. H.
Labit, F. D. Celkins, E. M. Powers,
F. J. West, E. H. Boling, E. E. Kim
all, bJ. D. Kimball. W. B. Craig,
R. L. Craig, J. F.. Tubbs, S. A.
Covey, Fred J. Johnson, P. M. Bil- I
lon, J. E. Billon, O. 'Fulton, M. B.
Van Ness, A."R. Miller, F. L. Lewis,
Wm. P. Russell, W. H. Lay, A. O. 1
Fontenot, J. S. Gerpon, W. D. Grif
fths, A. C. Shipman, C. A. Austin, 1
P. 'A. Hebert, M. L. Prentice, M. L.
F'arlow, P. H. Goodreau, L. E. Rob
inson, Chas. P. Martin, Samuel
Blackford, H. A, Davidson, Frank
Cotton, S. W. Day, Jno. H. Cooper,
C. E. Carr.
On motion duly seconded petition
was accepted at regular meeting beld
May 5, 1904. *
Taken Up.
On Saturday, April 23, a black
mare mule, with right ear split, no
barness marks, indicating that she
has not been worked recently, ap
peared at the C. H. W. Payne farm, I
six miles north of Welsh. Ownerp
may have the animal by calling
and identifying same and paying for
the cost of this advertisement, etc.
Special Excursion via. K. C. S. Ry.
Lake Charles to Siloam Springs,
Ark., May 5th, 1904. Round trip rate
of $12.50, from Lake Charles for tick
ets with 21 days limit. Excursion
trains will leave Lake Charles at 8:35
p. m. and 8:25 a. m. on May 5th, 1904.
S. G. WARNER, G. P. and T. A.,
K. C. S. Ry. Kansas City, Mo.
Low Rntee t orld's Fair.
On May 19th the ]obile and Ohio
_. R. will run coac excursions at .
very low round trip ates to St Louis 1
from stations Montgomery, Ala.,
Meridian, Miss., B3ooneville, Miss.,
and intermedliate stations. Ask agents
for particulars.
Hayes Adventist Church Orgaulsrtloa.
It is contemplated by. the Adventist
community in the n.ighborhood of
Hayes to organize a church of the
Seventh Day Adventists at the close
of this week. Sizlce Elder Dexter went
to that locality several week ago, sev
eral new coovert.s to their faith have
taken a stand with the Adventists who
are located in that vicinity.
At the same time there is being
planned to hold a Sabbath School
and E:ducatihn:,l Convention, contin
uing three day-, Friday, Saturday,
and Sunday. May 13, 14, 1.5. The fol
lowing is part of the program of sub
rnc.ts, whjcl will take place in the
school house on the Illinois plant:
Friday, 7:30 p. m.--Sabbath song
service, Quartet and Congregational.
Friday, 8 p. m.-Discoursa, "Es
sentials of True Education."
Sabbath. 10 a. m.-Model Sabbath
School, 20 minutes for opening and
review; 30 minutes for lesson of day;
10 minutes for taking record and
Sabbath, 11 a. m.-Discourse.
Sabbath 2:30 p. m. - Convention
Topics: "The Relation of the Sab
bath School to thetChurch," 15 min
utes, followed by 10 minutes general
discussion. "Teachers' Meetings,"
15 minutes; "Officers' and Teachers,"
10 minutes; "Supplies and Help," 10
Sabbath, 7:30 p. m. - Discourse,
"The Two Kinds of Wisdom."
Sunday, 10 a. m. - Kindergarten
work and practical suggestions on
tc-hing the children. Discussion.
Sunday, 11 a. m.-"Chalk Talk,"
20 minutes.
Sunday, a. m.-'"Young People's
Sunday, 2:30 p. m.-"Christain Ed
Sunday, 3 p. m.-Essay, "Duty of
Each Member to the School."
Sunday 3:30 p. m.-General discus
sion and question box.
Sunday, 7:15 p. m.-Song service.
Sunday 7:45 p. m.-Discourse.
Elders Dexter and Horton will be
present and take part in the program.
There will also attend several from T
the Welsh church.
When you see a man using an En
terprise buggy, ask him how he likes
it. Then call on Davidson-Wesson
Implement Co., they will do the rest.
Gulf Rice Milling Company, Ltd.
Before ine. Lee E. Robinson, a duly commis
sioned and qualified Notary Public in and for
said Parish and State, on this the twenty
ninth day of Apri A. D. 1904, personally came
and appeared red D. Calkins, Elwin 0. Wil
lard and Philip Miller, all residents of said
parish and state, who ar personally known to
me, and who declared unto me, said Notary.
in the presence of the hereinafter named
and undersigned witnesses, that availing
themselves of the laws of the state of Louisi
ana relative to the formation of corporations,
they do by these presents form themsleves
into and create a corporation or body politic
in law with all the rights, powers, privileges
and Immunities granted by the laws of Louts
tanaeto corporations, and adopt the following
articles as the Charter to govern themselves
ad sumb others as may become associated
with, or st.'ceed them for the 46yernment and
"cgprol of the said corporation.
TPhe ntnie of said F0oii5ýo*t{ion shall he
under whieLh.The and title it shall enioy a
succession of property and corporate existence
for a period of ninty-nine (99) years from the
date of this act.. ft shall enjoy all of the
rjghts, privileges and immunities accorded to
corporations'under the constitution and laws
of the State of Louisiana.
The domicile of this corporation shall be in
the town of Welsh, in the Parish of Calcasien.
State of- Louisiana. All citations and other
legal process shall be served'uu on the Presi
dent. or in his absence upon either the Vice
President, Secretary or T'reasurer.
Any officer, manager or superintendent or
agent of this corporation is hereby authoriz
ed to make any affidavit or execute any bonds
in behalf of this corporation in any legal pro
ceeding in which this corporation is a party or
has an interest.
'The capital s fck of this corporation is here
by authorized to Fifty Thousand (850,000 00o)
Dollars divided into Five Hundred (500)
shares of One Hundred ($oo0.0() Dollars each.
This corporation is authorized to commence
business at sudi, when One Hundred (100)
shares of its capital stock shall have been sub
scribed and paid for. The other Four hun
dred (400) shares shall be placed unon the
market and offered for sale at such times and
in such number of shares at a time as the
Board of Directors may consider that the bus
iness of the corporation requires; and sell the
same at not less than the face value thereof
for either cash or credit, or in part cash and
part credit as the Board of Directors may elect;
provided that the certificates of stock repre
senting the shares so sold shall not be issued
until such stock is fully paid for. The certifi
cates representing stock of this corporation
shall be signed by the president and also by
the secretary in their official capacities. Said
stock shall be transferrable only on the books
of the Company; accompanied by a surrender
of the original certificate, or due proof of their
lossor destruction: and the issuance of new
ones for those so transferred.
The purposes for which this corporation is
established and the nature of the business
which it is authorized to carry on are declared
to be to buy, sell, own, lease, mortgage, pledge
hypothecate. or otherwise to acquire or dis
pose, or improve property, either movable or
Immovable, necessary or incidental to con
ducting a general rice milling business, to buy.
sell, build, construct, lease, dispose of, mort
gage or make any other contract affecting
buildings or machinery used in a rice mill or
warehouse; to mill rice, either on toll or other
wise. and to charge and collect therefor. To
warehouse and store rice, or conduct a public
warehouse businesiand to charge and collect
fees therefor. To buy, sell, hypothecate.
pledge or otherwise deal in rice and rice pro
ducts. either rough or clean. To issue notes
checks or other evidences of debt: to buy, sell
or feed live stock, or cultivate and raise rice or
make advafoes to persons engaged in culti
vating. producing or dealing in rice. To sue
and be sued and standin judgmant and enjoy
succession of property in its corporate name.
To pay for all propertyof either kind acquired
by this corporation, either in money, in stock
of this corporation, In notes or bonds of the
corporation or in agreed proportions of two
more of them as the Board of Directors may
choose to direct. No deed shall be executed
vesting in this corporation the title to real es
tate, or mortgage affecting the same, unless it
bears the sigaature of both the President and
Secretary in t,'eir official capacity and has
been authorized by resolution of the Board of
The stockholders of this corporation shall
hold an annual meeting at the office of the
, orn~-t * a", us' '" *' "'e ". us Au"gus.
o. 1:j -v, , a:i. . I.iti : ly i..u.,a.tcr on situ
date, anti it shall be the duty of the Secretary
to mail a written notice to each stockholder at
his last known postoffioe address at least Teu
(10) dais prior to said meeting notifying him
of the date thereof. At each annual meeting
of the stockholders tLey shall N elect front
among their nunmer a Board of Directors com
otsed of not less than Three (3) nor more thant
F-ive (5) stockholders, and transact such other
bbusiuese as may come before them.
The President nay call a special meeting of
the stockholders at any time upon Ten (10)
days notice as provided for regular meetings.
which notice shall contain the date of said
meeting and the objects for which It is con
vened: no business shall be transacted at a
special meeting except such as relates to the
object set forth in the written notice calling
At all meetings of the stockholders each
stockholder is entitled to one vote for each
share of said stock owned by him, snd any
stockholder unable to attend a meeting may
be represented by any other stockholder Upol
presenting a written proxy authorizing such
Theofiicer of this corporation until the
first annual meeting in August, O.i, are
hereby declared to be Fred D. Calkins. presi
dent: Elwiu C. Willard, vice-president, and
Philip Miller. secretary and Treasurer. and
these three shall constitute a Board of Direc
tors until that time.
The President shall be the chief executive
officer of this corporation and shall preside at
all meetings of the stockholders and Board of
tDirectors and perform such other duties as
are usually to the chief officer of such a cor
The Vice-President shall, n the absence or
inability of the President, perform the duties
of that officer during such absence or inability.
The Secretary shall keep all minutes of the
meetings of the stockholders and of the Board
of Directors, and do and perform such other
duties as may be reulired of him by the Board
of Directors.
The Treasurer shall keep a true and correct
account of all moneys due and received or ex
pended by this corporation and disburse the
same upon proper voucher and perform such
other duties as the Board of Directors may re
quire of him and give sunch bond as the Board
of Directors may determine advisablee
The Board of Directors shall have the gen
eral supervision and control of the business
and affairs of this corporation and shall elect,
at the first meeting after their selection at an
annual meeting, from among their number a
President, a Vice-President, a Secretary and a
Treasurer, but the same member may perform
the duties of both Secretary and Treasurer
when so elected by the Board of Directors.
They shall have power to fill any vacancies
which may occur in either the Board of Direc
tors or officers of this corporation. They shall
have power to adopt, amend and revoke any
by-la ws. rules and regulations deemed neces
sary. To confer special power not named in
this Charter upon any officer of this corpora
tion. They may fix the date or dates on which
to hold their regular meetings and shall hold
a special meeting at any time that the Presi
dent may choose to call one. At all meetings
a majority of the Board shall constitute a
quorum to do and and transact business.
This charter may be amended or the corpor
ation dissolved with the assent of three
fourths (3-4d of the stock present or represent
ed at a regular stockholders meeting, or at a
special stockholders meeting called for that
Whenever this cornoration is dissolved,
either by limitation of time or by vote of the
stockholders, or any other cause, its affairs
shall be liquidated under the supervision of
Two (2)liquidators to be appointee for that
purpose at either a regular or special meeting
of the stockholders with such powers and act
under such restrictions as may be designated
in the resolution appointing same, which
liluidators shall mike a full report of their
acts as such and shal be recorded in the man
ner required by law.
No stockholder shall ever be held liable or
responsible for the contracts or faults of this
Corporation in further sum than the unpaid
balance due the corporation on the shares
owned by him: nor shall any mere informality
in theorganization have the effect of render
ing the charter null, or of exposing the stock
holders to, any liability beyond the amount of
his stock.
Thus done, read and signed before me said
Notary, in my office in the town of tielsh,
Louisiana, in the presence of- Jno. H. Cooper
and Frank Cotton, lawful and competent wit
nesses, who sign as such with me, said Notary,
and the aforenamed appearers on this the
twenty-ninthday of April. A. D. 1904, sand
each of said appearers. declared unto me tht
he executed the same as his own free and vol
untary act and for the uses and purposes
therein expressed.
Witnesses: FaRD D. Ci LKtrR.
Before me, LEE E. ROBINSON. P .~ ( L
I hereby certify that the within act of Char
ter of GULF RICE MILLItG CO., Limited.
was this day duly recorded in my Current
Notarial Record "B" on pages 114, 115, 11i,
117, 1t8 and 11e.
Witness my official signature and seal at
t'h¶L, La., ou this 29th day of April, A. D.
1901. l.
. Notary Public.
The foregoing Act of Incorporatin having
been submitted to me for examination as to
its legality, I herbycertify that I have care
tfuily examined the same, and find the objects
and purposes as therein set forth to be legal
and that none of the provisions therein con
tained are contrary to law.
In testimony whereof, witness my official
signature at Lake Charles, La., this 29th day
of April, A. D., 1904.
Dist. Att'y, 15th 1)iest. f La.
STATE OF LOUISIANA. 1 Office Clerk of
PARISH OF CALCASIEU. f Court. 13 Dist.
I hereby certify that the above and forego
ing is a true and correct copy of the original
act of incorporation on file in this office, and
~which was donly recorded on the 5th day of
May, A. D. 1004. in Boc k "12" of Mortgages at
page 484 et seq.
In testimony wherof, witness my Official
signature and seal at Lake Charles, Louisiana
i this 7th day of May, A. I)., 1904.
I .. DIy. Clerk.
Ordinance No. 103.
BE IT OBDAINED, by the Mayor and Board of
Trustees of the town of Welsh, Louisiana,
THAT WHEREAS, more than one-fifth of the
resident tax-payers of this municipality have
petitioned this body to call a special election
for the purpose of submitting to the tax-pay
ers of the corporation of Welsh a proposition
of voting a special tax of live mills upon all
of the assessable property located in the town
of Welsh for a period of .en years and the
moneys to be derived from the collection of
said tax to be appropriated and used exclu
sively for the purpose of maintaining and sur
porting public schools during the said period.
B. rIT FURTHER ORDAINED, that a special
election is called to be held in the town of
seish on the Twenty-first day of June. 1904,
and in case more than a majority of both
number and amount of tax-layers participate
in said election should vote favorably to said
taxes, the same shall be levied and collected
according to law. In case a majority in both
number and amount participate in said e:ec
tion should not vote favorably to said taxes,.
then in that event the same shall not be levied.
and Board of Trustees of the town of Welsh
meet on the Twenty-second day of June. 1904
for the purpose of tabulating the returns of
said election and promulgating the result
thereof. C. P. MAnTIN, Aye.
J. H. CoPER, Aye.
St. W. DAY, Aye.
H. A. DAvIDso. Aye.
Passed the council May Oth, 1I904.
Approved May tl, 1904.
LEE E. RoBINsoN, Mayor.
STATE OFr LOUISIANA, 15th Judicial District
Whereas. Frank Cotton. of said Parish
has filed his petition in the office of the Clerk
of said Court applying to be appointed ad
ministrator of said above mentioned and en
titled succession.
Now, therefore public notice is hereby given
to all parties interested, to show cause. if any
they have, in writing, within ten days from
the publiestion hereof, why said application
should not be granted, and said appointment
made as prayed for.
Witness the Honorable E. D. Miller. Judge
of said Court, at Lake Charles, La., this 17th
day of April, 1904.
Deputy Clerk of said Court.
C. E. Foreaux, of El Campo, Tex.,
stooped off here Sunday for a brief
visit with friends cn his way to New
Orleans, where he goes to receive
medical treatment.
Stoves, in trth heating and
Sebool books and supplies at J lipon
Journal Stationery Stor.
1Y Fuel Oil? I
A HEUVS t OLi O. Ler ID ar
T1-OSi P. LEE, Secretary.,
| mm mm • m ~ ;( mmm• ":·
Lu m ber 1
Builders' Hardware
Lewis Lumber Co. 4.:
Welsh, Louisiana.

_ E
Y, s E0I'i0
Lath, Shingles,
i Sash, Doors, Blinds, Cis
i terns and Tanks of all kinds
Estimates Cheerfully Furnished.
Call and see us opposite Cooper's Drugstore.

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