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WELSH PT'G CO., L't'd, Pub.,
• "" v '/'
All three ,cot, n gi:s at ,aa in. '..
are running day and ni!ht i n:i a\'ra.:
ing about :l', v iale i . ,,rv' i, .. ,,' -! v il
Senator Baia y i. i \',ashin-t: 21
resting his throat which har ,r n',\V
dangaroosly sorc from e.m.i at::.;
Allen 'ar.k' .. 'a:hl: r ,f thl i:-',
Nathnal ,a:k of "T'ullahd:t. Tent., i
absent an! the Vaulti:; antd bltoi :':.
somet,'h're ht tw n'til $."0,'I* a d . 3.3,
000 of iua 'clhitng.
Ralph ik:rs, a menmber of fla jJi
obr class of \Voffrd Colie;:,t'. S'artan
burg, N. ('., wh!!,i playing with a l.,t
Id pistol v as i:ill'd liy the a,,i.hit ::al
discharge of the wteapiu.
A ,lIgian cn(i;:reer nata:i.d Ml. I);im
(tIssy' hia r l lt in l ! liaii sonel tli '
lmaiking at::tn:g'm int s to ,stai l!.lh .a:
itumen -el sil, fa'ttug', t'wiih h w ',t toC e
ploy sir'ral hi tita .l ::lln.
It is pi'tr .s 1 hntrotldue a po
vioien in . -' ;e hinse b!;i ad ltni!,i
the Indlian T!, riry a; a 8:at,. a
clause 'rtem<, r prcii in l; the sal!e of
spirit::na in . ai m lt li(lctmrs.
C. W. Klinison was in;tan~!: hiil'el
Saturday }night a: H t ar lg 'ng
catig t in  , the sal s io fi thllrt Gin.
His lcfl arm v:a;s ece t !I i hi-t r lhdy
dragged into the sawa.
' 'wo foiit tr.ti.; ,o tlhe Pen.:l.
Yalia.,dilcion of the New York Ceoi
trial lidtd near Cn 'va, N. Y. Threc
trainmini. C. l). 'r~est. lha. ikey
_ and Engine :r Rotaie wi ;e killed.
In n r :1"f .-mpino to aret tw.'o
ailege tratnrobters at St. Louis Fri
day, two icers Vwero ,it.el an:::i e
'ound'Id and on,- of the rtbIle:'s ll
ed and t~h:i other l adly eaten tip.
The nm :tet Sta;es Textile \orkert
ivconent.ion at lowA , Mass., adepw
ed resolut ons i, (a!ig t upn Congres
to ad opt mnasurets looking to greater
restricion .of tIreiggn immigration.
A woman, delirious from fever, in
New York. escaiped from the riurse
ran away and l:,cl:ed herse:f in a
. p..N. arvt a o,, nt house, Where shei
iieat fi. Lt i h f idas' thout fo i an,}
A. L. Moody, while shooting D Q
W. Yancy. at Marvel. Ark.. a-. little
town near Helena, shot four othi er
men, but misseid his target. .loaody
Is a member of the Arkansas Iegis
About thirty Ohio farmers were at
Fort Worth Friday, looking at. the
country with a view of lo;cating.. They
left in the afternoon for the tan An
gelo section.
Farmers andi stoclkrtnvn living along
the banks of the San Gabriel River,
five and six miles north of Taylor. re.
port a cowhiderable shortage of the
pecan crop of that usually prodictive
section this season.
The War Department has approved
the bionds and contracts entered into
with Contractor O'Rourke for the con
struction of the Government saawall
at Galveston. andtl work on the project
is to be begun at once.
Several thousand descendarts .of
the Pilg rims ant Puritans from va
rious parts of the country assembled
at St. Louis Friday and appropriately
celebrated Congregational Day at the
Louisiana Purchase Exposition.
A slight earthquake shock, traveling
from northwest to southeast, was felt.
at St. Louis Friday. The earthquake
caused a slight rattling of dishes in va
rious parts of St. Louis, but did no
It is estimated that the cotton crop
of the Indian Territory will exceedl
...350,000 bales this season, the greatest
,ol.ptput in the history of the Territory.
, Senator, C.ulberson was • prlnclpal
peaker at a meeting at Carnegie Halli
New York City Thursday, uight. ,
Ii is rumored at Colon that Iarge
body of armed Clom.blans has been.
Concentrated near Culp1ra, wtit. tie
intention of making an attack .there
on Nov. 3. the first anniversary oc
'the seeesion of Panam,
" A shipbuihling race between the
New~.Y#rkancd Mare Islanil navy yards !
., a, tho two yards having beima the I
• €onstruction of two coliers authorized"
.by the last Congress, They are to be
-.the ]argest and ,fastest boats of their
. class In the world. , ,
* ""At Ma~ ,tdertille, ''statlon, oa the
'Iron Motttitn Railway, ten miles
, inorthi of 'Tx'rkin," Bn.. WmLthiey1 ,g
': ' train t IT. o'tock Suday ;ight an
- .mWaist. ctions to th'e iOwers- '".
.:. ,iml e ¶ elegaqs o0thq new peace c6,
oence to1e held at The Hague. 'rhi'
powers are invited to suggest a date
ir 4teos for the meeting of the confer.
By Firing on the North Sea Fishing Fleet Russia
Has Incurred John Bull's DisyplAea oSur.
London, t)ct. 25.-- Great. lritain ye.,
terday senlt a long and irgnI note to
the tssi.ii'tll gov. rlmenllt otlicia5s de
tailing the circutmstauces of the amnaz
ing and unexplain-id attact by tg .
Russian Second Pacific sql'adron (ltir
ilug the night. of Oct. 21 on British
tishlng boats in the' North Sea. The
text of the1 note has not be-'l ivnll
out, but it is officially stat d from the
l"o,'t'.tt i otfiie that it (oltaiis the sig
nilit'anilt alnntliu tntlnt that the( situa
tion is OtO which. in the Opinlion of
his 'itajesly's o\tL;'rilllii t. ('oeS not
brook delay.
Meanvwhled the conservative puibl'c
and pit ss are reniarkably tintlhenton
strative. As usual the jingo theInt
demitands war, and even in official
quarters some go :o far as Ito say
thati it may be necessary to stop the
Pacific fleet pending the s ttlleiment of
tlht whole affair, though 'this extreme
measuret, it is thlugl:t, will not be
nec'lesary. Everywhere tilert iS (vi
detiie of thlie very lipositive oltpinion that
tilhs is no time for the ut-sutil diilomat
ic dilly,-dall'.ying; that tlhr'e ntiust be
no delay and no limit set by Russia
to her apology or the extent of co:n
pensation for the suffeters, by wha:
King Edward. in a rc;-;ssat~ of sympla
thy to the mayor of Hiull himself terms:;
":ht' uni warrantable a(ttol' o;f the
Baltic squadron.
Tr',', text of the Kige's mInes::', to
the mnayor of Hul1 was:
"'Frtmu Francis 1Kr': ls:
"l clit l:nghamnt Pal :: ,, Oct. 24., 1 4.
To hlis \VW:'sii, the Mayor (' ltull:
Tith King co-iumands le to cay tha
he hs hear! w\\ith profound :-orr;v2 of
the 1I;ýi\1 :I!.mr I: d tl fo ' rich has
'see n runln d aittt: t naii ri the or th Sea
aiLlinag the!. and ao-.syou 10 v 'sps.;
Hi to cprs."
the · 1(t'' ( y:njarhy:tt:' } oU the QilueI
and nid his man t ,,' aitl1tat` fa (iti o
j:~Ir~c :ylrl )Uch the fantines or
those who !'aiv : hun. d trota thidi
Inlt~ iii~i. ([h 0CtUIId Sr! rll l ieu.hc~s
Si l 4c1 }'rt .'ý
lrancis Kn.IrJl, har-m1 Flav,:rNlanla,
IN the prnitagtf r;' :ary of1 Ii g Ed
Th* a t t p r; .e :1t:i:nt. of 1h l whole
l1ritiýhi jinubeo, how, o'e, is r'efleceted
by th"ibm j!tO :it at the Victoria st:iiton
ost night on the arnrival of Count
Bell('l l andf t ran the C ontlneat,
:viere a hot.; le d i tiionst rati it w&
maleaI (tO 'a'm it lr I rc and hooted
him an4 a!tt in I to briaat the win
lows of his uarriase. There is no at
tinlt antyu lire atnuung iovta of r:sp')n
Iillitr to.
sbli· to m1nagnfy the o('cttrrenCy .a
to a NeiOW:t aL ot of wcar, bilt in view
of the prom ml iiabeidty to flnd an ex
p~ianath Un thin r,! is bring Putor~i up ot
ti>!: 11* aths of th'~ (lftlCIIs eot tats iquadl
'o'i a 11)0] ot inve:tives ald Ltsiu·a
then, thtroright it1ICiIMpet o first, and
thmxvfter c~n~:;lli ~a:.:c: is tho vx.
Briti Lh Crjiiser in Readincss.
t Jjns . 1F.: Tile 13r~ ish erui~j
cr C' eo hi -, ('outru ;lure Pa ,et, in'
(0 :e;l mc it:" '.1 ;nmlav tVeting to lha
in rea~in It pioms el to iant land (it
a nloe- 11' l1;ie' 17.T raiin sbill1
C al 1,% ;1a.;~ eA'. ortre'd to ant'ang2
fer til r-be~l'z tt Witu of OLbI luet (if
ta N %' fmila, In.] naval reserve.
I 1'k t'ol 11 hXi elitacilt in Xiaival
1(1ro s 44rc
Summarf of War News.
There has bh en no resumnptiotn of
fighting of a general c.haracter on the
ShikIike river. Both Russfans and, J.Ta
anese are. entrenching thelr positions.
The ottpOtts ar;. whitn 7.0) yards of
each other, and i, s thair four miles
separate ;he main armies. A scarci' y
of fuel is can.iIng the -olders to suffer
grt atly since cold wcathxey set in. St.
Petersburg has informattod that the
Japanese army confro;:tmg Gen. Ku
ropaatkin .is receiving heavy reinforce
m;ents fromi Pbort Xrtuitr's army and
direct from Japan.
SMediciAe-P.roved Fatal.t .
Sa:n .Anton:o, Texas: Rev. Henry L.
.Pioari, a Catho!ic prtist, was fotinm
in a dying condition from strychnine
poisoning Monday ,night in it room in
a cheap lodgi':g house. Early in the
cvening be obtaiced thirty grains of
strychnine from a drugg:st, sayin:g he
wanted it for the Ipl:use of killing
coyotes. After his death the bottie
was found containing seven grains.
He left a note asking that certain
debts owing him be collected. His
parents live at Houston, Texas. He
was subject to heart disease and was
accustomed to taking strychnine for
An Athletic Instructor-Suicides.
Chicago: Wallace B. Bell of Louis
ville, Ky., has committed, suicide ry
cutting his throat with a razor and
then turning on the gas in his room.
Bell yas 23 years o!d and the son of
Mrs. L, H. Bel, He .formerly was
athletic instructor at Central Univer
sity, Danville. Ky. Failure to obtain
satisfactory employment, is belidved
to have caused the suicide.
Grand Jury Investigation.
Seguin. Texas: Hagar Johnson,
wife of Judge Johnson, who together
with her husband claim to have been
entrapped into going to Monroe, L.a.,
last summer, wh ire they claim to
have been held for some time in in
voiuntary - sCrvitudc on a plantation,
has been summoned to attend the
1Federal, court at Shreveport, La., to
tcitify in the peonae. cases growing
out of the detaining of herself and
h, hsa:id and other negroes to remain
and hold thenti there.
Showeps at Belton.
Belton, Texas: Su ;:u after noon on
Mlonday a showering rain tell here,
fo!lowed in the evening by a hard
rani -which lasted for fully two hours.
The raid wtis greatly needed and has
,Put..-he ground in good shap. for sow
ing grafn..
Department Store, at Gi.thrie.
Guthrie, Ok.; Fire Suntday. night de
stroyed the. C.. E. Boggess big dapert
ment-s~tore at Curtis. A total loss of
$20,000, with bdt -$5.400 insuraCe ..
Reid's . Fortl Fenthcr.
Lakeo Chrles, La.; In ,th1e district
,court ondlay ..Judge . Miller. decided
dhat -Mr.d ISewart coquld not act as:di.;
trict, tttt~'ey in. the .are 4J. Sh;i~l'
vRidvs. the Stag, : This.,is anopper
feather i-i Re:d'e:o~gantl a fourth
dwAvtaki for.hslpoQlticl el9 lps ,
.. Heay Rtaa Atustn "n.
nere Monday afternoon. It relierd
the dust nuisance, which was again
becoming almost unbearable.
Train Shot Into.
,u':v',lh,, Tcxa:: Sheriff irook:;
v.a call(ed to New Waverly Monday
nmorni.ng: to investigate anti malke a
seat cli for pa ll s who rhot in:o te
ror:th:ibou::d i:ternat ional and (Grealt
Nort;hIrnI tr;::n Sunday evan:ing.
wend:ng a pl:r.ae'gtr. J. IR. Ilubils.)1n,
of Palestine. The shot struck MIr
Rlobinson in the back of the head, in
flictiug what is supposed to Le o:ly a
scalp woun,:;. She:riff Irooks and
lang(rgs I),lling and Dunaway arrest.
ed two Polish boys, acd 12 and 15
years. They were brought in and
ilaceri in jail.
Farmer Lost $40C0.
Temple, Texas: I. T. Carter, a well
known fsarmaer living at Stamnpede,
seveeteen mits north of Temphe was
the victim of a piece of hard luck a
few days since. While traveling by
wagon from Troy to 'Temple te 'ost
from his hip pocket a walht contaitI
i:.g over $404 in in ondy. Although a
diligent search was immedlately made
as soon as the loss was discovered;l nc
trace of it has yet Ia on found. It he
tokens an unusual period of prosperi
ty, however, when farmers are found
who have that much money to lose. It
is quite a different state of affairs
than what prevailed a .few years since.
McDonald's Niece Pardoned..
Terrelli Texas: William [M. (Goose
neck Bill) McDonald of this city re
ceived a telegram Monday announcing
that his niece, who was convicted and
sentenced from Fort Worth to life fim
prisoanient in the penitentiary dn the
charge of murder, had been pardoned
by Governor Lanham.
Royal 'Arch Chapter.
Colmesneil, Texas: The Royal Arch
MIasons organized a chapter here Sat.
urday with nine members. Since the
organization eight more have made
application for riembersbhip. There
were quite a number of visiting Mo
sons here.
Tremendous Rain at Yoakium.
Yoakum. Texas: A tremendous
rain fell here Monday "ght and will
result In great good to the truck grow.
ing Tridustry.
S Gin Burned at Bridgeport.(
Bridgeport, Texas: Sunday mordli
ing J. W. Malone's cotton gin burned.
Value of gin $6,000; insurance $4,000.
About $1,500 worth of seed and '25
bales of cotton . were, burned.
Pecan Shipments.
Victoria, Texas: The pecan crop In
this county is better thian for years,
Three more cars, of pecans were
shipped, out of. here Moniday, which
makes a total of.seven. cars trom here
this season.
lahgedJIi' Harness.
Guthrie. Oil.: 'Left to play alone In
a wagon in the c'bttbn field, the year
old child or 1jfllth I errick, living
near iol l, bl'enme ettagled in th.
iargeps anc '&as lig'hed, .the dead
body belng'dscoiere'd by te parents.
"' Lie ildit, PttCi*t-der $Sib7 obhd''
`'dahliSfW Teaed"Lee :'ilhle, *Iuo
i4d~ il~atged 'by "~iletment with
L?'rger, wis la e'dbiah r bdnd Mrb
day morning in the sum of $700 and
released from custody.
Hull Fishing Boats Attacked by Baltic Squadron.
Complications Likely to Result.
IHull. En.glan. Oct. 21.--A. 31. Jank-
SO0 & C't., SOiiitilrs for tIhe owners of
11u:il fiLhiLLg boats, have notilhed the
foreign aOlic'e and adimira;ty of an at
tack onl the H- lll tishi: g ii, et by the
Rlusian P'acilic sq'iauro:i, commonly
known as the liatic ie quadron, cornm
mantled by A'l:niral liojestve.asky.
The official infonatiu; is that short
ly after iu,d:iight I"rlday the Russian
sq5uadroln le: in with tue liull fishlig
itt in the lNorth Stea, hel. first lOr
tion of the fisti:nig i.e passi:,g sa: ly.
Then the Russian ships turned their
s~oarchlights on the british vessels for
some time, and a htt;e later opec;ed
lire. The steam trawler Crane was
sunk, and the decapitated lbdics of
her skipper and mate, Smith and Leg
gett, have been brought to Hull. The
boatswain and other men of the crew,
who are understood to be seriously
wounded, are on board a mission ship.
The only slightly injured member or
the crew has arrived at Hull.
The stt am trawlers Moulmein and
Minohave, atriving at Hull, were serf:
ously da3.lagdl by shots, the latter
having sixteen holes In her hull.
It is feared that other damage was
done to the trawlers, and that at least
one more was lest, w ith all hands.
TIhe news has creat-.i an intense
sensation and Indignation in lull. The
Moulmein arri.d with her figs at lt:,.f
mast. lHer siipper states that tlih
trawlers were fishing about 220 miles
east by north of Spurnheatl at 1
o'clock Saturday morning, the weath
er being hazy, when the outlines of
several vwssCel, apparently warships,
sailhng in a line, were seen. \WIle
the crew were watching the warships
s e.:rchlights were liashed upon them,
in the gia-o of which the MIoulmein's
crew observed what they took to be
torpedo boats approaching, apparently
with the Intention of boarding the
Moulmein. They steamed away, how
ever, atd soon the fishormeln were
horrified to find they, were being fired
First one anud thi-n another trawler
waw struc'k by flying shills. What
seemed to be a lound shot went
throubh the Moulic;n's galley. The
llinobave, lying near by, was also
struck with many snots, but fortun
ately the damage was above hre wat'er
nie and none of the crew was struck.
The bombardment tont:nucd about
twMety minutes.
When it had ceased the IIct sailed
southward and so:e of the trawlers
sent up rockets. The .Moulmein
steered in the direction of the rock
ets. Soon cries were heard and the
Crane was found si:tkipg, with anoth
er trawler taking off senme of her
crew. Those sero:usiy wounded were
removed to a mission ship and the
bo.;ts of Smith and Leggctt. were
placed aboard t he .Moulmiin. The
other men, with minor injuries, were
put aboard the trawler Seagull, which
at a late hour had not arrived at Huil.
Cr twds gathered around the dock
here, but no further information is
available. Representatlves of the
fishing fleet started late last night for
London to consult with the authorities
No motive can be assigned for the
extraordinary Iprocedire of the Rus
sian warships.
cecordiing to other reports, the af
lair occurred 200 miles from Spurn
head. The Rlussian warships were
steaninig in line. The leading ships
passed without incident, though most
of the vessels turned searchlights on
the trawlers long 'enough to prevent
any mistake as to identity. After the
bulk of the squadron had passed it,
olyened fire, nearly all participating in
the firing. The Crane was struck be
low the water line and above deck.
Skipper Smith and Third Mate Leg
gett had their heads carried clean
away by a shot, and many of the
crew were seriously wounded.
Another trawler also was sunk, but i
the ,loulmeop, which brought the
news to flull, has no particulars a5 to
her fate.
* ..
. ,0 ,. ý1. I t
James .Townsend, one of the manip
ulators, of the "undergrpund railway"
In Ohio and Iowa duririn the days of
John Drown's ascendancy, died at
Iowa City, Iowa. Oct. 8, He was as
,Oclated with Brown in the flight
if scores" of slaves thtough those
states to Canada. During his life in
Iowa Brown made his home with
Townsend near Iowa City, in a village
palled West Branch. Townsend was
)4 years old, and is survived by four
sons, including T. W. Townsend of
[owa City, at whose home he died af
ter lying practically unconscious for
six days.
Establishing Triangulation Towers.
Beeville, Texas: Jasper Bilby of
the Government Coast and Geodetih
Survey corps was in Beeville during
the past week. Mr. Bilby is establish
ing the 98th meridian; and towers
from which to work the necessary
triangulations are being erectoed at or
near Beevillg, Normanna and Cadiz.
This degree of longitude is about fitf
teen miles west of Beeville.
Embroidery a Century Old.
Bryan, 'texas: There was on -exh!
bitlon at the Central Tetas Fair just
closed a rare and beautiful piebe of
embroidery 100 years old. It;. was
made by Miss Mary Richardson 0 in
Hancock county, Georgia, and i iow
the djroperty of 5Mrs. Belle Tov of,
Madionville, Texas, who prizes i'tVey
Diaz Reach d Houston.
Houston, Texas: Seoretary n & of
*im at the traip. - 1
Moledaye ad take him  o Nortre Gail
vestonb ain other points of interest.
While here Mr. Diaz will look careful-r
ly into the culture of rice.
* Railroad Got Verdict. j
Cameron, Texas: In the case of Hiu
gen vs. the International and Great
Northern Railroad, suit for damages
for personal injuries alleged to have
been sustained by plaintiff throughI
the negligence of a porter on defend
ant's train pushing him off the coach
at Gause, and for which he claimed
$20,000 damages, the jury Friday re
turned( a verdict for the defendant.
Secures Sam Houston Scholarship.
Hearne, Texas: Through the influ
ence of Senator A. J. Harpers of this
district Miss 'Ethel Freeman of this
city has been awarded a scholarship
to the Sam Houston Normal at Hunts
Found Petrified Turtle.
Taylor, Texas: While visiting rela
tions near Burton a few days ago T.
W. Falkenberg of this city found on a
hillside a petrified turtle where it had
laid probably for ages. It shape is
perfect and it measures four feet in
length, two feet wide and eighteen
inchics thick.
Earthquake in Scandinavia.
London: Dispatches received here
from various points report a rather
severe earthquake and much damagge
to property throughout Scandinavia
and Denmark about 11 o'clock Sun.
day morning. Thus far, however, no
fatalities have been reported.
Freight Cars Smashed.
Falls City, Texas: Sunday after
noon seven freight cars were smashed
up in a wreck between Elmendoiff
and Burgess on the Arainsas Pass road.
No one was injUred, but traffic was
delayed several' hours.
.. Young Man Killed.
Bastrop, Texas: While out hunting
Friday afternoon. pear his home at
Cedar Creek, Wesley Smith, a young
man about 21 years of age, was acci
dentally shot in the abdomen with a
load of birdshot, from the effects of
which he died.
Russians Bombarded Lamatun.
Mukdep; The Russians on Friday
and. Saturday remittently bombarded
the villages of Lamatun, Shalandtse'
a ayantsey 'aid Shakhe Station.:
which the .Tapanese have now oozt
pletely evacuated.
. r a1I4 Wqhla ,;esistlng Arrest,
Macon, Ga.: Joe Davt. a yoimng
night giiard foa the convict camp: of.
iJaspe rtonirty, at Monticello, Ga; *as
killed b) Officer Griffin' here i f
today.; w ile, resistl n afrest 4,#
Utiton deipt. A 4r'roper's.irury
ed- -vrdib )t jtstifab("+'
Li') Sthiry # gtriigh Conti a.
Mukd 'hii' t1atf`ýghting continues
enttedching' t e ground rec ently-ddcu
pied by them,
A Recent Instance Proves
Woman's Happiness Is i
pendent on the State of Hk
When the b',od is digorde
organ of th, lot,y i- affected
ably and fal to di-charge
tiors properly. In the case
woman nature !;a.s ade ap
visioi for a p' r;iii.al puri P
the blood, and s,, long as this
her health and spirits un
Veal the bencficial resuits
a cause as a cold or a ner
may proluce a suppressjlo
vital function, and until it L.
she is doomerd to nmisery. The
that has prou ,l most Dro
effective in all disorders
the female sex is that whife
such great relief to i[
Griggs, of No. bu7 Indiana tr
rence, Kansas. concerningl
speaks as follows:
"In the winter of 190!,
unknown caus.', there was a
of functions peculiar to my
period of four months. I
weak and could not g et
without help. I had nausea
and a constant headache, I
der the care of a physicit
months, but he did not su
ing me. Then a lady fries
about the merits of Dr. W'
Pills which sihe had used ls
ily, and she induced me to
It was in May when I :
to use them, and in Junie
recovered my health, and
remained I,erfectly well."
In all cases. of delayed de
of young girls; in anemia or
due to lmpioverished blood
ing itself In pal:or, lack of
despondency and nervousnes;
the great con<tituti:nal dhi
attending the l;er"od knoir
change of life, Dr. Williams'
are invaluable for wonjp
health is always closely
the state of the blood. T.isy
by all druggists. A booklebt
information relating to th.
woman's health at all im
ods. and entitled "Plain
men," will be sent free in
velope to any one who
wri*e for it to the Dr. W
cine Company. Schenectady,
March on, My Soul.
March on, my soul. nor 1ll
March swiftly on, yet errn
Where all the nobly ipest
The palth of faith- madebr
Follow th' marks that they
Thy' narrow. cloudswept
thy guide:
l'ollow and honor what tM
And forward still, that mare
Something to learn, and
Hold fast the good, and ae
I're.s on. and prove the pll
That cr"Pds are milestones o
of Truth.
Ringing Bells to 8warmi
It Is a foolish notion to i;
the ringing of bells or
tin pans will cause a swar
settle. The real origin f
tom dates back to the reli
the Great, who in order to p
putes regarding the own"
swarm ordered that the ow
always ring a bell when
swarmed; and, ever slate
good farmer's wife has b
out with ringing bells e
bees swarmed, and the ft
settled verified, in her ow~p
belief that the bell did
Life in America.
gix Doctors Falie
South Bend, Ind., Oot. 3
-Atter suffering from
for three years; after t
ment from six different
out getting relief, Mr. J. 0.
of this place found not O
a speedy and complete caUe
Kidney Pills. Speaking ,
Mr. Laudeman says:
"Yes, I suffered *don
Trouble for three years
doctors to no good. ThOR I
two boxes of Dodd's Kidls
they not only cured my3
gave me better health Inp
course I recommended
Pills to others and I know
now who are using thet-
Mr. Laudeman's case I
ception. Thousinds give
periences. For there near
case of Kidney Trouble fIs
to Bright's Disease that
ney Pills could not c.re
the only remedy that
Bright's disease.
. Germany's public debt
$750,000,o00; the interest
more than $25,000,000 51
The number of caPg i
in the United State . -
thousand, aid their combi
is not less than fifty tI
An excuse is usually a
Habit is a Vuru;nil
.tier yet made amas
kwel before he got der
.:Loo't aim too bhigO o
the good things of life S
sw thearts ber*!
ing~ for anoer tal
Ye, u ts aren't really living
learning a little some 1
asnd taking time to tl

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