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prove beyond question that thousands of
cases of inflammation of the ovaries and
womb are annually cured by the use of
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
"DEAR Ms. PM. nKHAN:-Gradual loss of strength and nerve force
told me something was radically wrong with me. I ad severe shooting
pains throught the pelvic organs, yondramps and extreme irritation com
pelled me to seek medical advice. The doctor said that I had ovarian
trouble and ulceration, and advised an operation. Istrongly objected to
this and decided to try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
I soon found that my jng udgment was corret, and that all the good
things said about this medicine were true, and day by day I felt less
pain and increased appetite. The ulceration soon healed, and the other
complications disappeared and in eleven weeks I was once more strong
and vigorous and perfectly well.
"My heartiest thanks are sent to you for the grat good you have
done me."- Sincerely yours, Miss MARGARET IMERK.LEY, 275 Third St,
M-ilwaukee, Wis.
Hiss Claussen Saved from a Surgical Operation.
U DEAR MRS. PINKHAM:--It seems to me that
all the endorsements that I have read of the value
of Lydia E. Pinkham's Compound do not express
one-half of the virtue the great medicine really
possesses. I know that it saved my life and I
want to give the credit where it belongs. I suf.
fered with ovarian trouble for five years, had three
operations and spent hundreds of dollars on doc
tors and medicines but this did not cure me
after all.
"However, what doctors and medicines failed
to do, Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Comrn
 . pound did. Twenty bottles restored me to per.
i ' feet health and I feel sure that had I known of its
"° { value before, and let the doctors alone, I ivould
have been spared all the pain and expense that
,Fitless operations cost me. If the women who are suffering, and
the doctors do not help them, will try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege.
table Compound, they will not be disappointed with the results."-
Miss CLARA M. CLAUSSEN, 1307 Penn St, Kansas City, Mo.
000 FORFEIT if we cannot forthwith produce the original letter and aignatures of
above testimonials, which will prove their absolute genuineness.
Sdid E. Plnkham Hed. Co, Ern, ma
Newest and best, thoroughly water-proof and
mortdable. Can be instantly changed from
riding to walking coat, does not stick and is so
Manu improvemenlt overalil other make, that
Ms been adopted by U. 8. Army. lold by
VIt tO-a" dealer, everywhero--ousts no more
Uana h.- r brands. Ask for Manhattan Brand
to pp that you get It. If your dealer refuses
OV'ly Y ou, write us.
wardr O1L~d Oiotbing Co., East 152d Bt., Now Ylork
Largest Pure 50 Bar.
Cotton Seed Hulls
Cake and Meal
LW Prioes. Quick Shipment,
The Texas Optical Co.
*. r. COHEN, Optical Spe
elalist, 6o0 Main t , Hone
ton, Texas. Eye Fitting our
Speoallty. Artifeial Eyes.
E es Tested Free.
Eyes Tested Free.
DR. E 8. 8. IBIG,
913 Texas Ave. I Aou
Ein eeom, &N M, V
It takes about three seconds for a
message to go from one end of the
Atlantic cable to the other.
Piso s Cure Is the best medicine we ever used
for all affections of the throat and lungs.-WM.
0 ENDSLUY, Vanburen, Ind., Feb. 10, 1900.
When religion is a matter of busi
ness, business is never a matter of
Just try Simmon's Cough Syrup for
that cough of yours and note the
quick results. It makes your lungs
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All drug.
gintr refund the money if it falls to care. E. W
Grove's eignature is on each box. 25c.
Some men are better satisfied with
failure than others are with success.
What has become of the old fash
ioned woman who wore a nubia?
During courtship they argue; after
marriage they quarrel.
Is so sensitive to cold as a
nerve and this is the cause of
St.Jacobs Oil
by friction and penetration wrms,
soothes and cures the worst
ceaws. -ries 2. ad 50O.
Gives Accommodation for Forty Cows
and Twenty Calves.
Sub.-Will you kindly give me a
plan for a cattle barn for forty cows
and twenty calves, with three or four
box stalls. I have a bank on the north
side about ten feet high, from which
I should like a driveway in the base
ment (which I propose to be of stone),
running from east to west. I want a,
part of loft to be a granary with a
room below it for preparing food. The
cheapest way to supply water to the
cattle in the stalls. I intend sinking
a well in the barn and erecting a wind
The plan shown provides 39 single.
cow stalls. 14 calf stalls and 4 box
stalls, with feed room under the gran
ary. For cleaning the cow stables
there is a passage nine feet wide be-.
tween each row of cattle running the;
full length of basemen', so that a cart
or boat may be driven through and,
manure taken out. The barn (begin.
ning at the east) consists of a 16-foot
4-- - - -
bent, then a 14, a 12-foot driveway
then two 14-feet bents, making 70 feed
in all. There should be an overshoot
of six feet on the east side of drive
way in the barn to give room for a
team to pass under if there should be
a loaded wagon on the drive floor. If
desired a window in any of the feed
alleys at the west end of barn may be
made into a door to get into the base
By having a large tank kept full ot
water and another small one connect
ed with it, and the water trough in
front of the cattle, the animals will
always have a continuous supply of
water. The small tank is so arranged
with a float that as the cattle drink
the water in the trough the water in
the small tank is lowered. This
causes the float to fall, opening the
valve and allowing the water to cohme
in from the large tank. As the water
rises in the small tank it also raises
the float which shuts off the water
from the large tank. The water in
the troughs in front of cattle is there
fore always kept at an even height.
The water troughs are put in front of
mangers, and can be arranged so as to
have a lid on hinges at one side of
manger which the cattle will learn to
lift when they wish to drink. The lid
will drop back of its own accord.
Horse Chestnut and Buckeye.
L. M.-Are the horse chestnut and
the buckeye the same? How can I
grow them from the seed?
The horse chestnut and buckeye, al
though somewhat similar, are quite
different trees and belong to different
genera. The horse chestnut belongs
to the genus Aesculus, and the buck
eye to the genus Pavia, both, however,
closely related. In order to grow tnem
successfully from the seed, the nuts
should be planted before they become I
dry. Soon after they are ripe in the
autumn is the best time. The nuts
should be planted about two inches
The Balanced Ration.
A. E. M.--What is meant by the
term "balanced ration" in feeding
A balanced ration is one which
contains as nea.ly as possible all the
elements required by the fowls in the
neded proportions. For instance, an t
egg is largely composed of albumen st
(nitrogenous matter), but the hen
requires carbonaceous food to keep up
her energy, fat, warmth, etc. She,
therefore, requires food containing Ri
both of these compounds in properly m
balanced proportion in order that she re
may do her best. A balanced poultty Si
ration should satisfy all the needs of eg
the fowls, without loss due to an ex
cess of either nitrogenous or carbona
ceous matter.
Hazel Brush.
Subscriber-How can I rid my land sn
of hazel brush without plowing it up?
Loosen the clumps by digging
round them and after cutting the in
roots close to the stems with an axe, Oo
pull them out with a horse and chain. T
This will probably be easier than cut- B
ting the bushes and burning the brush
and then plowing, and the land will
be in much better shape for using at
once. I don't quite understand your ne
objection to plowing your land, but it
it is to save pasture among the l)ushes
I think you would have better results
by cleaning your land of the hazels as
either by slashing and burning orad
hauling out, and then plow and re,
seed the land.-J. F.
Tree Planting in the Fall.
E. R. C.-Could maple and cedar
trees be planted in the fall with any
degree of success? What kinds of
trees may be planted in the fall? t
Maple trees ad cedars may be en
planted in the fai with success. The
sooner it is done now the better. Is
Spring planting, however, is pref'r- Det
able, providing the planting is done
as soon as the ground is dry enough.
Nearly all kinds of tree can be plant- ma
ed with success in the fall, although
there is more danger of them dying Ib
than if planted in the spring, as they drug
re liable to be heaved during wilter
And also may be dried out by the cold
weather, as they will not have become cur
Evidence Antagonistic to Physiologi
cal Theory of the Emotions.
In the Journal de Psychologie, M.
Mayer treats of the influence of the
mind on bodily secretions. We know
that a tempting morsel of food makes
the "mouth water," and that stories
or memories can bring tears to the
eyes. Observations on dogs have
shown that the nature of the saliva
secreted at the sight of food depends
on the nature of the food. The stom
achal secretions of the dog are also
excited by the sight of food. Some
dogs, however, of a "cold, positive
temperament," not illusioned by chi
meras or what is out of reach, patient.
ly wait until the food comes to their
gullet before their mouths water or
their gastric juices are provoked. It
is assumed that what holds for dogs
probably holds for men. The obser
vations appear to show the import
ance of eating food that pleases and
avoiding what displeases or dis-'ists.
They also run counter to the physio
logical theory of the emotions, accord
ing to which the physiological phe
nomena are caused by organic
changes. This may be the case with
some "emotions," for example the
feeling of hunger, but for emotions
properly so-called it is rather the
other way about.-London Globe.
Englishman Furnished Amusement for
French Police Officials.
An Englishman who had obviously
been dining rather well than wisely
walked up to the police station in the
Place de I'Opera in Paris the other
night and sent the officials into roars
of laughter.
He could not speak French, so, to
explain that his watch and money
had been stolen, he solemnly took off
his overcoat and coat and showed
that his waistcoat contained none oft
his valuables.
The police were attracted by this
waistcoat, which was white, and had
a border three inches deep. Exam
ining it, they found that he was wear
Ing it inside out and that his watch 1
and chain were in their proper places. I
The Englishman went out into the
night in a state of complete mystifi
cation. His state prevented him from L
understanding how the police had
found his belongings, and he over
whelmed them with compliments they
could not understand.
The city of Reading, England, has
passed an ordinance that baths shall
be placed in all dwelling houses con
structed within the borough in future. f
Color more goods brighter and faster colors than any other dye. One 10c package colors silk. wool and cotton equally well and i uaranteed to ele urUvmUU e.
Ask dealer or we will aend post paid at 10c a package. Write for Iree booklet--How to Dye, Bleach and Mix Colora. MON UB7 OE , l Uf.~ Uw4ew .,7
ATTENTION LADIES fag per0 writ .
You never arrive. After you get
there you have to keep running to
stay there.
Best in Existence.
"I sincerely believe, all things con.
Aidered, Hunt's Lightning Oil is the
most useful and valuable household
remedy in existence. For Cuts, Burns,
Sprains and Insect Bites it has no
equal so far as my experience goes."
G. E. Huntington,
Eufaula, Ala.
25c and 50c bottles.
It takes a noisy preacher to keep a
small boy awake in church.
Mother Cray's Sweet Powders for Children,
Successfully used by Mother Gray, nurse
in the Children's Home in New York, cure
Constipation, Feverishness, Bal Stomach,
Teething Disorders, move and regulate the
Bowels and Destroy Worms. Over 30.i00 tes
timnonials. At all Drugrists, 25c. Sample
FitEE. Address A. S.Olmsted, Leltoy,N. Y.
Men who are always on the make
never male much of anything.
Important to Mothers.
Examine carefully every bottle of CASTOBTA,
a safe and sure remedy for infants and children,
and see that it
Bears the
Signature of
In Use for Over 30 Years.
The Kind You Have Always Bought.
A firm In New York has contracted
to supply a large number of complete
houses, including decorations and the
engagement of servants, for $90,000.
The oldest existing national color
is the red and white crossed flag of
Nothing destroys the memory of a
man like doing him a favor.
Itching, Blind, Bleeding or Protruding Pflec. Your
druggist will refund money If PAZO OINTMENT
to cure yotu n a 6o 14 days. U0.
You can make a girl believe ske has f
curly hair by saying so. a
Are Never Without Pe-ru-na in the Home for
Catarrhal Diseases.
Remarkable Cures
Effected ii
By Pe-ru-na. //
Under date of January 10, 1597, Dr. Mrs. Alla Schwandt, Sanborn, Minn.,
Hartman received the following let- writes:
ter: "I have been troubled with rheuma.
"My wife has been a sufferer from tlsm andcatarrh fortwenty-five years.
a complication of diseases for the past Could not sleep day or night. After
twenty-five years. Her case has baf- having used Peruna I can sleep and
fled the skill of some of the most nothing bothers me now, Iflever am
noted physicians. One of her worst affected with any kind of sickness
troubles was chronic constipation of Peruna will be the medicine I shall
several years' standing. She was also use. My son was cured of catarrh of
passing through that most critical the larynx by Peruna."--Mrs. AIia
period in the life of a woman-change Schwandt.
of life. Why Old People are Especially Liable
"In June, 1S95, I wrote to you about to Systemic Catarrh.
her case. You advised a course of When old age comes on, catarrhal
Peruna and Manalin, which we at diseases comes also. Systemic ca
once commenced, and have to say it tarrh is almost universal in old people.
completely cured her. This explains why Peruna has be
"About the same time I wrote you come so indispensable to old people.
about my own case of catarrh, which Peruna is their safeguard. Peruna is
had been of twenty-five years' stand. the only remedy yet devised that en
ing. At times I was almost past going. tirely meets these cases. Nothing but
I commenced to use Peruna according an effective systemic remedy can cure
to your instructions and continued its them.
use forabout a year, and it has com. A reward o' $10.000 has been de
pletely cured me. Your remedies do posited in the Market Exchange Bank,
all that you claim for them, and even Columbus, Ohio, as a guarantee that
more."--John O. Atkinson. the above testimonials are genuine;
In a letter dated January 1, 1900, that we hold in our possession authen
Mr. Atkinson says, afted January 1, 1900, tic letters certifying to the same. Dur
Mr. Atkinson says, after five years' ing many years' advertising we have
experience with Peruna: ing many years' advertising we have
never used, in part or in whole, a sin
"I will ever continue to speak a good gle spurious testimonial. Every one
word for Peruna. I am still cured of of our testimonials are genuine and
catarrh. "-John 0. Atkinson, lnde- In the words of the one whose name
pendence, Mo., Box272. is appended.
Ask your Druggist for a free Peruna Almanac for 1905
It is the purest, cleanest starch made.
It Is free of injurious chemicals.
It can be used where ordinarily yoo.wotudjs afriid
to use starch of any kind.
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Mustang Liniment
is a positive care for Piles.
Men care comparatively little for
erudition in women; but very .much
for physical beauty and rood niature
and sound sense. "
° .,' . Thempson's Eye Water
When Answering Advertisements
Kindly Mention This Paper.
W.,N. U. HOUSTON-NO. 51. 1904
i4 BOA by~E~ l

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