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l t ire _ t _ ournal
WELSH PT'G CO., L't'd, Pub.,
* A Russian peasant became a great
Sadmirer of Japan and things Japan
esque, grew tired of life and suicided
like a Japanese.
The press commission at St. Peters
burg has recommended the removal of
the censorship from cartoons and de
fates of Zemstovs and other legal or
F. M. Dunn of San (Bernardino, Cal.
will bein at once to sink oil wells at
Ardimore. He regards the Ardmore
oil fields as among the richest in the
South w ,t.
It is proposed that Illinois build a
replica of the Lincoln home as a State
building at the Lewis and ('lark Expo
sition and use some of the original
Lincoln furniture.
The greater portion of the business r
section of Springvale, Maine, together ,t
wvith many d(wellings, was destroyed
by fire Friday, entailing a loss esti- S
mated at $:iou(,u) .t
Edwin J. O'llicrne and associates of n
Memphis, Tenn., have been granted P
franchise for an electric street car
system in Gainesville. same to be in c(
operation by July 1, 19t6. P
One of the highest prices ever o
brought by an autograph lettre: of
Abraham Lincoln. has just been re
cor(led at an auction sale in New York al
The relic brought $110.
Al Hicks, a white man, was arrested be
at Shreveport Friday night charged th
with the murder of Carl Smith, also trt
swhite, of Pilot Point. The killing was Pa
committed over a year ago.
There is no truth in the report from
Cracow that Lieutenant General Stos
sel had been as a formality condemned T
to death by the commission appointed the
to inquire into the surrender of Port bra
Arthur. visi
Mount Shasta threatens to become I e
active again. Some startling occur- wa
rences are reported at Sissonsma, a ed
town in the vicinity of the mountain.
The ground opened at several points T
and oily mud was ejected.
1 clail
Thomas Butler, born in Queens. ing
town, Ireland, in, in 1800, is dead at aw
his home in New York. He came to Islar
America when twelve years old and Pros
for eighty years was identified -with tion
wharves and shipping at Canal street,
Judge William Allison, S5 years old, All
a prominent man of Southwestern Ok
lahoma, was killed at Snyder by a
switching engine on the Frisco track. sta
Both legs were severed from the body
and he died three hours later.
The city of Oklahoma has agreed to ed h:
furnish the Continental Creamery him
Company of Topeka, Kan., free water ing g
for five years. The company will be. order
gin the construction of a plant there Thom
Monday to cost $100,000. The output The I
will be 200,000 pounds of butter every arm
Official announcement is made that Thom
the Santa Fe has decided to build a balls
$16,000,000 cut-off to the Pacific coast was (
with a view of getting rid of the moun- him.
tain grades which are now encounter, who i
ed in trans-continental travel, retrea
Strong representations in behalf of velop
Jos. F. Darling. who for a month has In the
been imprisoned in a Guatamala jail The
will be made to the State department yester
In Washington by friends from this made
city. the si:
SThe Lone Star Banking and Trust n.
Company has been organized in Bon. ,as
ham. The capital stock will be $100,. the J.
000 and the concern will operate un. a verd
der a State charter. The stockholders ing, fi
are business men and cap:talists of murde:
Bonham. sessing
Frank C. Marrin whom police agents years
have been seeking in connection with near 1
the affairs of the collapsed Storey the ar
Cotton company is reported to have case gi
landed at Havre, France, March 23,
from the steamship Loraine.
Ex-Gov. Yates, of Kentucky, has fire si
been retained with ex-Gov. Black, yesterd
of New York. to assist in the defense of land
of Caleb Powers who will be placed houses.
on trial again at Georgetown, Ky., the flames
first Monday in May. Powers is isfeart
charged with murdering Gov. Goebel.
William Parr, a bartender of the Lebar
Kentucky house at Cain, Ill., was shot author
and killed by an unknown man while to the
on duty. The murdere escaped. Parr States,
came front Trenton, Tenn., and leaves this cit)
William Williams, thirty-eight years
r old, a steam fitter, entered the home Detrol
Sof Frederick S. Keller at St. Paul and cial fron
after some parleying shot John Keller, Fire v
sixteen years old, as he lay in bed. He stroyed 1
then turned the revolver upon his here, in
mother. Both victims are fatally hurt. eral offic
The indictment for conspilacy of Port;
against Nan Patterson which charged and was
her with conniving with J. Morgan anor
Smith and Mrs. Smith wrongfully to six the
obtain money from Caesar Young has bonds io
been dismissed, eated.
London Daily Mail in Hong Kong Reports It, But
Rumor Lacks Confirmation.
London, April 17.-There is no news
a great of a naval battle in the Far East, or
Japnt- or the whereabouts of the rival :cetes
uicided as yet. The Hong Kong correspond
" ent of the Daily Miail sends a rumor
Peters- of a small engagentir, but there is no
naval of confirmation of this report. Details
and de- regalriing the Russian ships ill Kama
egal or- Ranh Bay, Cochin China, are too mean
ger to be investigated.
no, Cal. The Daily Telegraph's Singapore I
veils at correspondent, like the Associated0
'rdmore Press, merely reports "eighteen ves-i
in the sels" and adds that the captain of the
Prinz Heinrich intimates that possi
build a v
riginal Russians Thrown Inton Confusion and
Retreated Over Peling Pass.
Tfokio, April 17.-This official an-.
Isiness nouncement was made by the govern
gether ment yesterday:
troyed "The force advancing north from,
; esti- Sinking, driving the enemy before c
them, occupied Yinkecheng, 8S
rtes of miles north of Sinking, at 1 o'clock
ranted P. m. April 14.
At car "A detachment of the same force,
be in co-operating with cavaltry, occupied e
SPachiatzu at t; o'clock on thile evening I
ever f the same day.
of I "The enemy's force near Pachiat
, re beau consisted of seven sotnias of cav- Ic
York alry and one battery of artillery.
"They first retreated toward link
eeheng, then canme back to Pachia- ti
ested beau. Finding it occupied they were!
srged thrown into confusion, and they re- p
also treated in great disorder over Peling w
was Pass, two miles north of Pachiabeau.
"There is no change elsewhere." ya
from YeI
Stos- Cheered the Mikado. th
ined Tokio: Thirty thousand employes of e
nted the al'senei paraded yesterday in cele
Port bration of the fall of .Mukden. They
visited the palace and cheered the sto
ome emperor, and afterward went to thej ila
wur- ar and navy department5 and cheer is
, a ed the ministers and their staffs. tral
ain. Maritime Fighting Area. ty
ints Tokio: The navy department has
claimed the defense of zones surround- E
'ns ing the Pescadores, the Island or Oko- clos
at nawa in the Loochoo group, and the terc
to Islands of Oshima and Entl, pff the day;
Id Province of Osumi. The usual navsga.
ith tion restrictions apply.
et. S Si
d Killed His Sixth Man. Rim
d Albany, Ga.: John Manier, marshal ship
of Pretoria, Ga., was hot and almost tory
a instantly killed last night by Pete, ic i,
Thomas, a negro. Thomas had been Essi
creating some disorder, his conduct be- of a
coming such that the officer approach- notif
to ed him with the intention of placing Sign
ry him under arrest, The officer know- ed.
or Ing the negro to be a bad character,
e" ordered him to throw up his hands.
re Thomas replied by pulling a revolver. Ch
it The first shot shattered the marshal'j Strat
ry arm and the second cut his juglar 1
vein and brought him to the ground. day
at Thomas then pumped the remaining teleg
a balls into the prostrate officer, who w
t was dead when assistance reachedwas
n- him. As Thomas ran off a white man
r- who had come fired two shots at his Lal
retreating form, and it afterward de- was
veloped that both shots took effect, one the I
in the hand and the other in the thigh. Comp
SThe negro was captured about noon der.
t yesterday by Sheriff Edwards. He pany
Smade the statement that Mlanier was is pre
the sixth man whose life he had tak- dent,
en. and t
Waxahachie, Texas: The jury in
the J. W. Crow murder case returned Clat
a verdict at 9 o'clock yesterday morn- the l
Sing, finding the defendant guilty of enthm
Smurder in the second degree, and as- that
sessing his punishment at fifteen a well
years in the penitentiary. It was ery at
near 10 o'clock Saturday night when
the argument was finished and the
case given to the jury. Calv
--------- named
Oklahoma Prairie Fire, of a .
Guthrie, Ok.: A disastrous prairie being
fire swept over eastern Day county ternati
yesterday, laying waste a large tract about
of land and burning numerous farm suppos
houses. A high wind caused the an eat
flames to spread rapidly. Loss of life passin
is fearedbody w
Judge Neal Critically II,
Lebanon, Ind.: Judge Stephen Neal
author of the fourteenth amendment Lond
to the constitution of the United naee I
States, is critically ill at his home in Confek
this city. Judge Neal is past 80 years Civil W
gish0, C
Union Depot Fire.
Detroit, Mich.: A Free Press spe- iallel
cial from Durand, Mich., says: docllet
Fire which broke out last night de- ot
stroyed the Grand Trunk Union Depot tCourtt
here, in which were located the .gen- er disp
eral officers of the road's division West charg~d
of Port Huron, the building was newc,
and was valued at $125,000.
Manor, Texas: By a majority of played t
Six the proposition to Isue $10,000 in slonal in
bonds tor a new school house was de. the Texa
ly won
,c. ':  .•,,. .
no news bly more warships wore inside the
East, or harbor, but they were invisible from
val :cetls the offing.
rrespond- The presence of the Russian squad
a rumor ron off the An:ran coast is arousing
ere is no keen interest here in view of the pos
Details sibility of their infringing upon rCh
in Kama nose neutrality and of the likelihood
too inca- of Rojesjtvjensky having split the
ingapore at Shanghai telegraplhs that China has
isociated1 instructed the governors of fhc South
een yes- ern Provinces to maintain strict neu
n of the trality in view of the possibility of Rus
it possi- sian ships shelter.ing there.
oS. Four Black Assasins.
Covington, Ga.: News was re
ss ceived here yesterday afternoon of a
tragedy near Broughton, a station on
love te Central Railroad, fifteen miles east
of Covington, at a late hour last nigh:. t
Kelsey Cranford, white, 22 years of 0
r from
before age, accompanied by his younger broth- a
o, J8 er, while walking along the public a
oc road near the home of John Clack, I
lwas fired on by four unknown ne. re
force groes. T'welve shots were fired. 'The if
el elder Cranford was killed outright, Pl
venin, falling in the middle of the road, with fr
in a few feet of his assailants. \\-alter ui
achiat- Cranford received the contents of one th
o- load of buckshot in his left arm. lHe
outran the assasins, and gave the al
chi Young Cranford was not able to is
were identify the murderers, but sispicion TI
Sre pI)oints to a family of negroes with reT
" re whom the Cranfords had been at outs th(
ieling over a road. Much excitenment pre cri
eau. ails in the community. At 12 o'ciock of
yesterday no arrests had been made, wh
the arrival of officers from Madison po
Sof being awaited.
eie- Marlin Livestock Show. at
They Marlin, Falls County, Texas: A fine you
the stock show with races will be held in tha
rthej Marlin about the midd!e of May. Itf ic
heer- is proposed to make the affair at- the
tractive and to show what Falls coun. A
ty is doing in raising good stock. ists
has Kansas City Observance, lice,
lund- Kansas City: The State Sunday Ing
Oko- closing law was strictly enforced yes- A d
the terday as on the two previous Sun. ploy
thl days. Only saloons are affected, on
•8+"a - tracl
Mme. Essipoff Threatens.
St. Petersburg: The dismissal of
Rimsky Korsakoff from his p!'rOfssor- Te
shal ship in the St. Petorsburg Conserva- Levi
aost tory continues to be an absorbing top.. a ch
'etc 4c in Russiah musical circles. Mine. Ark.,
een Essipeff, the famous woman piani-t of gt
be- of whom Russia is justly proud. has two
ich- notified the Conservatory she will re. both
:ing sign unless M1. Korsakoff is reinstal, inent
o ed.
tds. Goes to Chicago. lii
. Chicago, Ill.: RIev. John' Roach inent
'e. Straton, president of oratory at Bay- years
ar lor niversity, Waco, Texas, yester- at th
day accepted the pastorate of the Sec- Jones
d ond Baptist church of Chicago. A residE
hg telegramn announcing tihe acceptance and v
was read from the pulpit hand.
led _ __ hand.
ran A DeRidder Oil Company. Is a
s Lake Charles, La.: The charter tham sin
de- was filed here Saturday morning for the st
nc the Perkins Oil and Sulphur Mining
h. Company, with its domicile at DeRid he m
on der. The capital stock of the com n(
He pany is $100,000. Thomas J. McBride sels at
as is president, Happle Avery vice presi, ments
ik- dent, and George S. Lyons secretary )a eng
and treasurer. be fin
in Detroiters Enthused.
ed Clarksville, Texas: The people of Croc
'n- the Detroit section are considerably Which
of enthused over the prospects for oil in venue
Ls- that section, and will begin sinking place a
on a well as soon as necessary machin- defendr
as ery arrives. I ment o
n ------------- Ipeniten
S Body Badly Mangled, tinued
Calvert, Texas: An old negro man be calir
named Peter Reeves was the victim the Dis
of a fatal railroad accident last night, in Octo
te being run over by the cars of the In
y ternational & Great Northern spad Ci
:t about two miles west of Calvert. The In it
n supposition is that he was killed by London
e an early train, several other trains out lar
e passing over him afterward, as his No soy
body was most terribly mangled when j cepted
found, dragon
on pays
Cap.t, McEvoy Dead. ters in
t Lodon: Capt. McEvoy, the ord. coin is
1 nance inventor, and who served in the mind.
I Confederate army in the American there fo
SCivil War, ulied at Codicote, Hereford. having
sMre, on April 10. for tran
Crlmhral Cases at Hallettsville.
Hallettsville, Texas: The criminal N
docket will be taken up in the District Newca
Court today and have the attention oftwo feet
the court for two weeks unless soon- two ieet
er disposed of. There are five cases e i
charging murder to be tried, still i
Austin, Texas: In a game of golf, to delay
played between Mr. Govan, a profes- self with
slonal instructor, and R. H. Connerly, grizzlies.
the Texas amateur champion, Conne. has faller
ly won. four hav
The May Day Celebrations May Run
Into Blood and Riot.
t, But St Petersburg, April 15.-Develop
ments all point to a crisis in the pres.
ent agitation among the worrmen ol
the cities and the peasants in the
ide the country on May day, and appeals are
be froum P otring in from all quarto rs of lRussia
for minlitary protectiun.
n squad St. Petersburg 'work'lmen are prepar
aru sqiad- ig a great den'ons:tratlon. Arims and
rahsg bolmbs In large quantitiies have been
the pch- smuggled in and bloodshed on a large
on Cho- scale is feared.
lit thu \Wealthy persons, who ordinarily go
to their villas on the islands of Neva
or to the i ighborinig country places I
itn has 'are this year going abroad. The gov- (
ct ne- ernnient lhas taken few special nleas- i.
of es to meet the situation, evidently
of Rus relying on the troops and police to a
guard the capital. The latter are ex- Ii
tremlely active. All prominient agita- ,
tors are being arrested or have al- X
as re- ready been sent back to to the villages w
>n of a from which the originated. The pris- t:
ion on ons are filled to o\verflo\\wing.
es east There have been fresh dispulltes be- at
night, tWeen the workl' n aInd the managers p
rs of of the Putiloff and Nevski Iron works le
broth and etweern tile el lplo . s andl man- It
Public agement of the goveritnient cartridge th
Clack, factory. At the latiter place the aien pcI
n e. refuse to Contlinue to donate any por- ac
I. The nion of their pay to assist in the sup
tright, port of the families of soldiers at the to
with. front, claiming the money Is b ing so,
Valtcr used to prosecute the war, to which cot
it one they are Oplposed. pi
i. He News received front the interior is !io
the alarming, especially from the Baltic an
e t rovinces, where the entire population his
e to is in a state of intense excit'emenIt. alo:
Jicion The cities are being flooded with a
with revolutionary proclamation calling on
outs the people to rise on May day. The
lire. criminal classes are taking atvantage .(l
clock of tihe situation to pillage and plunder, si
nade, while in the country the landlords are asn
Bison Poerless to Cope with the peasants an
and demand the stationing of troops Sir
at every station. From Dunanburg, adm
f government of Vitebsk, come reports awa
Sin that the people are in a state of pan- pedl
Id In i oVer the circulation of a proclama. at tl
It tion similar to those which preceded in i
at- tile outbreaks at Kisineff and Gomel. peer;
o"n". At Ekaterinoslay three revolution- men
ists who were surrounded by the po- hic
lice, fought their way to liberty, kill- it di:
Iday Ing or wounding several of the latter. sh r
yes- A dispatch from liars says the em- recei
poes- v
yun. loyes of the trans-Caucasian road are as co
on a strike and that 1400 miles of the I
track has been damaged, ceive
. 4 . , ame
of - Levi Long Given Two Years.
sor- Texarkana: The celebrated case of
,va- Levi Long, Bud Garrett, was tried on Brii
:op. a change of venue at Washington, from
me. Ark., and the jury returned a verdict which
li.-. of guilty and assessed punishment at payinl
has two years, created quite a sensation, It wa
re- both Long and his victim being prom- hodw
at inent farmers and cattle raisers. treuse
Found Dead in Bed. leave
l Hillsboro: ('apt. J. G. Smith, a prom- the P
i nent citizen of IHubbard City, aged S3 it impl
ay years, was found dead In his bed there produ
er' at the home of his son-in-law, J. D. having
e- Jones. Thursday morning. He had turned
A resided in HIubba~rd City "since 1S. the ne
c and was highly -steemed on every
hand, His son-in-law, James D. Jones, The
Is a well-known citizen of Hillsboro, pects t
or having for years been connected with termint
Sthe sheriff's office. to the
a - ~ .contrac
ld 'e fact that Rojestvensky keeps to
Sthe main route traveled by trading vyes. The
se-ls and makes no secret of his move- has bee
ments is taken as a sign that he courts intende
an engagement and that the result will teacher
be final. for Gre
Letting it Cool Down. Dalla
S Crockett: The A. S. Busby cases, a coach
y which were transferred on change of senger,
Svenue from Cherokee County to this the east
g place and set for April 17, wherein the Eltelma
Sdefendant ,s charged with embezzle. Dallas
ment of funds while agent of the State and ma
penitentiary at Rusk, have been con- that aft
tinued for the term. These cases will ness at
n be called for trial at the next term of three hi
3 the District Court, which will convene his pain
in October,
Curious Chinese Prejudic. Paris:
In the course of business certain which A
London banks have occasion to send ducted f
out large sums in gold coin to China. been cro
No sovreigns, however, will be ac- dtscov~r,
cepted which have St. George and the cation b
dragon on the reverse side. The drag- experts
on pays a l --'- part in religious mat- famous
ters in China, a 'I its figure on the ed the
coin is abhorreic to the Celestial Porter c
mind. The London consignees have ting the
there fore to pick out the older coains,
having a shield on the reverse side, A man
for transmission to the east. when he
May Not Hunt Grizzlies. N
Newcastle, Cole.: With the snow Wichit;
Carrie N
two feet deep in every direction from Mrs. Lue
the camp'and from three to five feet of destro
deep in the hills, with the snowstorm by JudgE
still continuing, it is possible that fined $25
President Roosevelt will be compelled Mrs. McI
to delay his hunt here or content him- of $150,
self with smaller game than with the dais in j
grizzlies. For a week now the snow tence wat
has fallen day after day. Not twenty- havior. 1
four have passed without its storming. Septembe
May Run Prominent Citizens of Fort Worth Are
-Develop- Fort \Vorth: Th' e grand jury of the
the pres. Sevententh district court Impanelel
rinuen of some days Iao. with \V. G. Newby, a:
in the forenia n, this afternoon retu:rlned si.t
peals are indictnments for felonit s and ten for
2 Russia nli5sdeltauorlll s.
Anmong the indic; mints were two
e Prlar each agaiust 1. 11. K(,;er, II. W. At
tns and ford and .John aind, and one against
iv been (eo:tge (atuze, officers andl stockhoul
a large ers iof the ('itizens' Ice ('oupatny. for
the alleged viotlation of the Texas t
larily go anti-trust law. The pi rsons mention. I
of Neva id are active in the management of
places what is klnown as the C'itizens' lee
fIil gov- Company, doing a retail ice buslness
1 Iecas- In the city.
vidently The indilctnts are the result of
olice to an Investigation begun somte da' s ago a
are ex- in Jultice John L. ''Terrell's court on
t agita-j onmpalint of ('otnty; Attorntyt Jetff 1). t
rave al- McLean. About fourteen witnesses
villages were examined, their evidence being r
be pris- taken down before J'uslice T1I-rreIll.
I'hepenalty of the violation of the h,
ites be- anti-trust law is confinenmlnt in the re
inagers penitentiary for ra period of years not tic
works less than two and not more than ten
I man- It. provides also for the forfeiture of
rtridge the clharter and for a penalty of $5i0
e amen per day during the violation of the to
y pot- act.
e Stp)- County Attorney McLean declined To
at the to discuss the matter further than to (e C
bing say that whon h lie made the race for PI(<
which cotnt\y attorney he promised the peo an
I ple that he would prosectute all infrac- i
altic Itions of the law without fear or favor, tat
laltic and be says that he has tried to keep
iation his promise and lpropos·s to continuel
iticent. along this line. nct
ith a to
on Big Rewards to Fighters. crr
I 'he Great Britain's greatest ,oldier. and Owr
sailers receive great rewards for lt.rc war
liter, I
Sservices. It is now pprititised to give Tilt
s nts an honorarium of $125,000 to Admiral arm
root Sir John Fisher, th- first lord of the s-le
rg, admirallty. Lord W\olsely received an
award of $125,1)U after the Ashanti ex- Ji
ports pedition, and another equal amount cant
amn- at the conclusion of the Egyptian war ing
ededin 1882. ord Alsester received a strec
imel. peerage and $125,000 for the bombard. over
on- ment of Alexandria, a dlay's work, llt
which was valuable largely because nui l
- it disclosed the weakness of the Brit- proxi
tter. ish navy at that time. Lord Roberts per t
em- received $5b0(.000 besides his full pay inhr y
as commander-in-chief for his work in day.
of the Boer war and Lord Kitchener re- is gr
ceived $256,(00 for his services in the a liv
S ame struggle. field.
of Monks Sell Their Secret. Ra:
on British capitalists have purchased lapsie
ton, from the Carthusiasn monks a secret beeus
lIet which has been guarded for centuries, .Mana
at paying $3,000,000 for the information, hard
on, It was these monks who a!one knew I ,et
>m. hodw to make the world famous char- Ing wt
trtuse liquor, and they took the secret ating a
with them to Spain when forced to
leave France. On the other side of
tm- the Pyrennees, howev-er, they found drill
,; it impossible to turn ouit the perfect rt
re product. The French government, durin
D. having been equally unsuccessful, has a gas
ad turned over the Grenoble distillery to throws
S, the new syndicate. and it
ry ____ the w
the cae
es, The Frisco Railroad Company ex- has re
ro, pects to spend over $lo,,(ito,oa on their
th terminals in Now Orleans, in addition Agec
to the amount which has already been S-hr
contracted for. aged
to along
s. The Hunt County Summer Normal burg, .
e has been approved by the State Super- tween
ts intendtlent of Education; also a negro levicti
ill teachers' normal has been approved cxysm
for Greenville this summer. . out of
Sad Death of One Betrothed,
Dallas: Caught between the side oft Survi
s, a coach of a backing Rock Island pas- I.ake
senger train and a high brick wall on pamty ,
Sthe east side of the tracks, George E. ten. led
e Eltelman, carrier on a route for the Lake C
- Dallas News, was so badly crushed directio
e and mangled early Friday morning make pi
1- that after lingering in full conscious- lan nch
Sness at the City Hospital for about Souther
if three hours he passed quietly out of ping th
e his pain. locality.
tided li
Paul Jones' Body Found. ji g mail
Paris: The remarkable search
which Ambassador Porter has con
1 ducted for the body of Paul Jones has Port
been crowned with success through workma
discoverey of the body and its identifi- on Atri
cation by the highest French medical nday lro
experts as unquestionably that of the arrested
famous Amerlcan'admiral, who found- tion Sun
ed the American navy. Ambassador aaritinga
Porter cabled to Washington announe. the two
ilng the success of the search. possessic
Sthe shoe
A man can't look a dog in the face was tak
when he is wearing a porous plaster. being sn
Mrs. Nation Sentenced. Lake (
Wichita, Kan.: In the district court Eastern
Carrie Nation, Mrs. McHenry and to the Sa
Mrs. Lucy Wilholt were found guilty ant the
of destroying property and- sentenced the weste
by Judge Wilson. Mrs. Nation wan It is exlpe
fined $250 and four months in jail; to the satb
Mrs. McHenry two months and a fine Clinton,
of $150, and Mrs. Wilholt twenty-nvethe foloio,
days in jail andi a fine of $150. Sen. Good Rca
tence was suspended pending good be-., Baton Ro
havlor. The offense was committed D. W. Pio
September 30 last. nett, John
VW. A. Cal
rY 'f t i Weather and Crop,
hnpain(leil ('r y. a.: At a n:.. th
'rned si' (ie.tin v( of Ain, rica. h( h! ' ,rlay il
ten for hi s city. r w :as ,i I "r
regular n h (ling of thre ) ri the
rec(tors, which was t;( Ja,
(re tWO in N(ew Oritans. The n, I,' y mee
\V. .1 i- illg is ;s lo .d ror :1h,e r e. l th
against Imany of the dtir(ctors, hat
ock(hhom- ,rs. are busy with li it . ar.
S . A . K n a p p , D rres id e r t e ' ' ;, i c e A S
;liy, for i s ciation, report(l t a " ',. i
Texas ti :n was co of c rating w h ' . De iar.
mentitton mencnt of Agritulture. wh:,h ha rtt
m aiet of .agents in the rice hei ! r 7a:.zn local
n l a sociations aIl 'vill il',n- (ion l
I' e rice farn ing, ('r( ., i r- . a POtI.
Jus'nes try lvbree-,din.
Rive, farnt rs ,t t the ., r:::,r.au ba.
cult of sin are hi(omin anx l,, (rV the
a co ndition of the .Mturnlt in:t v rrer, oh
is ho account (of the :urge. ainn.,,n of oil
ourt on on its surface. I'tis o . (nil. from
Jeff D. the Jennings fieht . l ier flow
tn sses which might Basil' I,( or. t -
hein is feared that the il nmie . (-. drawn
being into the rice fitdhis thr, :: the irri.
tell. .ating canals. The War Ii ,"artment
of the has investigate,l the mt..r and has
in the reporte d that in its opi, :1 naviga.
irs not lion is not imlpedeld. and thir fore the
fe le:'al governn( nt can no in'erfere
in ten
are of Plans $500,000 Hotel.
"of $53 New Orleans, La.: New (Or:eans Is
of the to have another new hote;, to cost
$5',0 Cos.
On yesterday I) nis. Danz'zer &
-'lined Tessier sold to S. V. Ftorna: is of the
ian tc Germania National Bank 'he Tilton
e for Pilolerty, at the corner of ;'anal street
and I' nivrsity pliace, fi $12T,0t 0
r pea 'he lot is 5:x2l? feet. and is the same
nfrac irolpert on which the 1 'son Club
favor, hadl an Ollption for $125.1,w
keep The plans of the really c:nmpany at
itinun which .Mr:. Fornaris is prtielnt, are
n(;: yet comrpleted, but it is under.
stood that overtures have teen made
to Santo Oteri to go in:o lthe stock
company wih s( everal lots which he
owns aluitting the Ti: on property.
and Mr. Ot-ri's hodlings are sal I to be
tl'cji worthy fully the purchase price of the
give Tilton Iprope't:y, and the combined
miral g mround area wou'ld be sufficient for a
f the sp'lendl hotel.
d an Jennings.
i ex- Jcennings, La.: The Flyn we11. which
ount came in night before last. began gush.
war ing last evening. throwing a solid
d a stream of oil a distance of fifty feet
Lard- over the sEventy-f!ve foot derrick. The
well, which is considere done of the
ork, best that has been discovered in a
Luse number of montlhs, is now making ap.
3rit- proximate': twelve thousand barrels
erts per day. The H. L. Shul:z well came
in yestCerday, and is flowing between
ay three ar.n f ('r thousand barrels per
{i n day. The advent of these two wells.
re- is greatly stimulating operations, and
the a live:3 future is predicted for the
Rayne, La.: On account of the col.
sed lapsing cf the boiler wall at the power _
ret house Monday night this town has.
been without lights and water since.
els, Manager Wilsen and his assistants are
on. hard at work repairing the damage.
ew Between 4,ett and 500 bales of cot
tea wer marketed here this week. be
ar-ing purchasc. by New Orleans buyers
ret at a satisfactory price to farmers.
of Shreveport.
nd Shrevclort. La.: The well being
drilled by the Producers' Oil Cornm
pany in the Caddo field went "wild"
nt, during last night when the dril struck
as a gas vein. :Il andti rocks have been
to thrown forty or fifty feet in the air,
and it has teen impossible to control
the well. Those in charge fear that
fthe casing will bi edestroyet. The well
x- has reached a (depth of Xi.t feet.
'ir1 -------
n Aged Negress Killed by Train.
Shreveport. L.a.: Elenora Perry, an
aged ne ress, was run (down and al
most instantly killed while walking
Salong the railway track of the Vicks
al burg, S'areveport & Pacific railway be.
twr- een Monroe antd Vicksburg. The
victlim was subject to fits. and is be
lieved to have been seized with a par
4cxysm, rendering her unable to get
out of danger.
, Surveyors Out from Lake Charles.
L. ake Charles. La.: A surveying
Spar'ty of eighteen persons with equirp
Sment and supplies sufficient for an ex
tended sojourn started north from
e Lake Charles this morning under the
d I direction of Engineer Frank Shutts to
g make preliminary surveys for another
branch of ae Loutisiana W\estern, go
in- north between the Kansas City
t Southern anti the Watlkins, and tap
( ping the strip of virgin pine in that
locality. No definie line has been de
cided upon, but several surveys are be
ing madle. I: is believed here that the
objective point is Natchitoches.
.Port Allen..
Port Al:en: Joe Wolf, a railroad
I workman who killed Nelson Mason, a
fellow-laiorer, at Lob:lell, this parish,
on April 2, was brought here yester
day from Napole-nville, where he was '
arrested by Sheriff Aucoin of Assump
tion Sunday night, and is now in jail
awaiting 'trial. The killing occurred
at a raliroadl camp near Iobdell. while :
the two negroecs were scuffling for the
iossession of a pistol. Wolf c!aIms
the shooting was accidlental. Mason
was taken to the Charity Hospital at
New Orleans anti dlied two days after
being sholt.
L.aie Charles, La.: The Jasper &
Eastern Railway from Jasper. Texas,,
to the Sabine river is now nearly com
pleted so far as grading is concerned,
and the work of laying the rails from
the western terminus has been begun.
It is exltected the rails will be in place
to the sabine river by June 1.
Clinton, la.: Hen. Edward Haine,
mayor of Clinton. yesterday appointed
the following delegates to attend the
Good Roads Convention to meet at.
Baton Rouge, April 27 to 29: Hen.
D. W. Pipes, I. D. Wall, W. IH. Ben
nett, John A. White,.Geo. S. Hays and.
W..A Cain.

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