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ViLII. VI. WVELSH, CALCASIE[U PARIlI,";t, L,(OI'IAI A, A['( ST 18, 19U5. N-- II--.'M1.
jOOO 0x00+00000000000o+ 00+ 00 0+++0000 000 000000000 0o0o000 0OO 00Xc
; Will be continued Two Weeks longer and we will have a SPECIAL SALE for Saturday and Monda
on Everything in the Store. If These Goods can be Bought for Less Money we will refund price of same. 8
Men's Suits 44. 00 ,, ,, ,, ,, 2.00 Ladies' Skirts
16.0 S ill go at$ 00 50 " o nf . .f.r 
-, . .. Il~ladie: . lirtc; f r(,I.)(Ill). ...................... . ....... . ,
14.00 . , . ..........00 Shoes w ae ful line of Ladies Iat which will lie sold at a
12.00 . , ,, ,, ......... . . . .... .... .. . 7.50 Tulane and G;erssni's Spc('ial, $3.50 and Low viure.
17.50 ,, 1250 $4.00 shAles" your choice at this Sale $2 So \11L ' l (, ,i ill 1)b sold it tii Sal f, 1
Boys' Suits Mens's Fine Pants hams. Lawn,, I',tr'ales and all washabhl gods.
S5.00 Suit. will go t . . $2.50 "n , i,, oilunt of : 1,I'o i er ent fi on ielar pr'ice on our J. S. GERSON, Prop., WVelslh, La.
S0 000000000000000000. :ntir0e l0in o000f l 00's tint: ants
p000 o000000000000000000000 00 00 00 0000000000000000000'#00 00 0x ?
riliant and Elalirate BI1all in Honor i
of Miss Rolioevelt.
Manila, Aug. 12. .\ _rand hall was
ivento-night in tie Marble hall of
jIGo0ernnlent House by the citizens
')[anila, in hontr of M iss Al ice
Boosevelt. It was thei mIlot elaborate
fiWcion in the history of Manila.
Representative \\'ii\y (,f .labama.
amember of the Taft party. ihas been
Werviewed on the .uiiect of Chinese
'gor. He says that it will he yet
l.sary to import .o l i( into the
uathern States of .\A.eric.a on ae
eunnt of the scarcity and deterioration
ioegro labor. H-fe is not Olppose(l to
olielabor in the P'hilippines. His
has also conlirnt I his~ views re
poling the tariff concessions.
American surgeons connected with
taboard of health of Manila, declare
they have discovered a positive
arefor leprosy. r f twenty-live cases
trted allhave improved, six cases
angabsolutely cured. Several la
tims, portions of whose bodies were
p~oe,haveltecovered. All of the cas
Warehouse No. I at Welsh, La.,
Dealers in-- -
Oats, Bran, Polish. Twine and ,Sacks.
Will store Rice at c(heap rates. Low rates insurance.
The Globe Warehouse Co., has just received
one car load of Texas Oats. Call on them for
your oats. : : ": "" + ++
Will handle Binder Twine and Rough Rice Sacks.
Place your order with them. :-: :-: :-:
elsh Machine Shops,
M. B. VAN NESS, Proprietor. -
Any Size or Guage, and
fil and Irrigating Strainers,
two doors from Postoffice.
SAs harvesting time approaches
u will need RICE CRADLES and
ICE SICKLES. You will also
da SCYTHE to cut
Remember we have just what you need
`the line of Rice Cradles, Rice Sickles, Grass
Bush Snaths and Blades Grass Sickles, etc,
lorse H i Co., 1mited,
Dealers in Shelf and Heavy Hardware,
#Glassware, Queensware, Paints, Oils.
es have been under observation for at
I least six months, and it is absolutely
impossible to discover a trace of the
germs of the disease in the blood of
the patients. The method used is a
system of X-ray.
The surgeons do not desire their
names to be mentioned at present.
They will not ask for the rewards
which have been otlered by various
governments for a cure for leprosy.
Reading Notice.
Every man owes it to himself and
{his family to master a trade or pro
fession. Iead the display advertise
Iment of the six Morse Schools of
Telegrapy, in this issue and learn how
easily a young man or lady may learn
telegraphy and be assured a position.
To get good service in foot wear
buy the Douglas Shoe. It is a sensi
ble. economical and comfortable shoe
and out wears any shoe on the market.
Signal Clothing Store.
Three McCormick second-hand bind
ers at a bargain at Welsh Carriage
and Implement Co's.
High Prices ave ('Caused It to Fall St
Notwithstanding that many options
were secured on rice canals and rice lt
mills in this state and in Louisiana by et
the syndicate which sought to control et
all the rice millis and irrigating canals L
in both states, guaranteeing to furnish
water to planters and to take all the S
piroduct at a;L tipulated price for five W
years, the deal is virtually otff. At S
least. it is stated by some of the rice si
imen who were favorable to the scheme GI
that nothing will be d(one in the tmat- ;t
ter this year. ci
The short crop and consetulent as- "
sured fair price for rice this ~season, t
it is stated, is the principal reason for he
the falling through of the scheme, and I)
those backing; it are of the opinion that tc
if conditions change next year. or if
prices are lower, there will he no W
trouble experienced in consummating; s
the deal. o
Other rice Imen, however, state that ct
there was never any backing to the tc
project, notwithstanding the state
nments that the H-lavemeyers were the
prime movers. These gentlemen state
that the scheme he was being promoted I
by a few parties who expected to se
cure options on all the rice plants in
New York. Some of those who re- b
fused tolgive options on their plants 0
gave this as a reason for their refusal. a
Whether or not the Havemeyers o
were ever back of the project is a mat- o
ter of conjecture. MIr. Hamilton, who tl
was known to have been an attorney ui
for the lHavemeyers at one time, was b
the main promoter. The fact that he n
was known to have had connections x
with the H-avemeyers at one time gave tl
rise to the rumor that they were back- e
Iing him. So far as he himself was u
concerned, he was silent concerning
whether or not they were in the deal i
with him.-Houston Post. e
--- - |
Fancy skirt and waist goods for fall
and winter wear just in at Martin c
Will Fight in Frisco.
San Francisco, Aug. 11.-James E.
Britt and Battling Nelson have signed
articles to fight 25 rounds before the
Colma Athletic Club at Union Cours
ing park, on September 9, for a purse
of $20,000 or 6i5 per cent. of the gross
receipts and a side bet, The winner is 1
to take all.
Both men are to weigh 133 pounds on
the morning of the contest. The agree
ment was arrived at after three hours
of wrangling.
Britt insisted upon a $20.000 purse or
` 65 per cent. of the receipts at his op
tion, but refused to concede the same
choice to Nelson, who is only to re
1 ceive the percentage if he wins. As
I the club refused to guarantee the cash
purse, Nelson's manager guaranteed
) to make up any deficiency between the
.gross receilpts and the $20,000 purse.
The referee will be chosen two weeks
before the contest.
l Get milk of the Welsh
) Dairy. They sell the best.
) Court Ready to Report.
San Diego, Aug. 11.-The court of
) inquiry in the Bennington disaster
completed its investigation and the
members are now preplared to report.
This will be presented to Admiral
Broderick and by him forwatded to
Washington, where presumably it will
be made public.
Be it ordained by the Mayor and
board of Trustees of the Town of
Welsh, La.
That Section Two andThree of ordi
nance Number 81 be amended so as to
include Blocks Nos. 16, 21 and 42 in
the provisions of said ordinance.
C. E. Carr, yea; E. H. Boling, yea:
E. C. Willard, yea: A. T. Jones, yea;
Approved Aug. 1st, 1905.
Some Indications Bly Which tlie iis. 1
ease May Ile Ileeognized.
The Lafouche Colmet gives the fol
lowin:, symptoms by which yellow fey
er' may be rec' giniz.ed. 'Th'iese are tak
en from tie notes of l)r. ('1lrt, of
Lafonche. a famous fever ex'ert: t
Ist.- A violent headaclhe: "nd-
Severe pains in the back: 3rd--
\Weakness in the lower limbs: 4th--- b
Sickness of the stomach: 5th- -:xces
sive heat altilut the nale of the neck:l ti
Q;th The tongue general uneasiness: .
7th- -The tongue rose tinged. alnti n
circled (on the edges and titps by a redl
wirt which, however onlyl encircles thee
hours: Sth -lFret luently the eyes are
bloodshlot at the outset. and tiia, symrp
tom develops with the disease.
N. B. -When symptoms 7 and < are
Swell defined on tirst taking sick, it is a
sure sign that the case will he a seri
ouS one- -as often occurs to persons
corpulent, strong,. billious. or ,iven
to late hours or hard work.
Improved Machinery Placed
on New Westlake Bridge. It
Gus ]odemacher, superintendent of
bridge construction for this division I
of the Southern P'acific railway, hasI
arrived in Westlake for the purpose
of installing mnachinery on the bridge
of the company at that point by which
the bridge can be turned by an engine
instead of hby hand as has formerly
been done. At the present time four
men are required to turn the draw
when a boat wants to pass, but with
the new machinery it is said that the
employmnent of only two men will be
n;ecessary' I
The new motive power for th,. turn
I ing of the bridige is gasoline, and the
engine will be about a ten horsepower
and it is estimated that it will take
I about three weeks to finish the work of
cI hanging the bridge from a four man
power to a ten horsep)ower afl'air.
- Why Not Everybody .
MIr. H. A. T)avidson has purchased
of the International Harvester Corn
l)any one car of thirty thousand pounds
of Sisal Binder Twine. which he is
now disposing of at a very low price
1to the farmers for cash. This is the
s best quality of Sisal twine on the mar
ket, made in the deering factory. Why
not place your order with him before
it is too late'
Monthly Business Meeting.
The members of the lpworth League
held their monthly business meeting
at the M. L. parsonage on
Friday evening of last week. After
the regular business a short literary
d program was given, which brought
forth some interesting and amusing
ideas regarding the great events of
history. A test was also made to see
who among the company were the
closest observers of advertisements.
The result proved that nearly all used
i their eyes and memory to good advan
. tage, three however, excelling, haying
all correct but one. Light refresh
ments were served during the evening
Sand all seemed to enjoy themlnselves
thoroughly. I3hfore departing for
home, one of our amatures in photog
raphy took a flash light impression of
the company. There were about tifty
present and it was a little past mid
Snight when the gathering broke up.
Id To owners of dogs:
of The dog tax required by the town of
Welsh is now past due, and the mar
i- shall will begin at an early day to
to dispose of all dogs not properly taag
in ged. All parties owning dogs must
immediately pay the tax or lose their
a: dog.
Sec. and Tax Col.
Per.C. E. Carr. Act. See. and Tax Col.
Mr. Toomner says Lake I'lharles (';I.
Never Hlope to he a First ('lans
(`ity Without P'rovidin:, Ades
iquate Funds for Education
of' Her Youth.
11(1. J. Sheldon Tto',iir, reprI,..:
tative in the state leh.islature fru,,
C'aleasieu parish. was seen last night I
by a Press reporter and asked for a!
statemlient of iis position on the qlu' -
tion of voting a sp',ieial schlio l ta x.
iMr 'Toomenr said:
"I am nlad iou called upon rie be
cause I am so full of this qcuestion
that I am about to explode. I ha'v
been so, ]on ' watching the develop
gient of the school proposition that 1
am thoroughly disgusted with these
puerile excuses given by the big. prop
eity holders for not wanting a special
tax. \When it is all boiled down it re
solves itself into nothing more than
the desire to hold on to a little money
and let the children of this town go
"You cannot show Ine a town that
lays claim to being up-to-date outsiiCe
of Lake Charles that has no special
tax. If it has none, it cannot be a
)rogressive town. Simw Caleasieu
parish wards have voted speelcai
school taxes and here we are, a corpo
rate city and claim third rank in the
state, without any preparations for
running our schools beyond what the
city council may be able to do each
year. 1 say let us have at special tax
and furthermore let us have an etlicient
government of the city schools.
'"I have been asked if I would pre
sent a bill at the next legislature ask
ing that Lake Charles be eml)owered
to elect its own public school hoard
and am perfectly willing to do s(o.
Those fellows who are mightily free
r in growls about poor schools and are
terribly close about their purse strin'is I
f need not howl if the special tax funds
are handled by a committee from each
ward until the city is empowered to
elect a body to manage the funds.
"If ever we are to become acknowl
edged as the third city in the state, it
will certainly not be until we have
made some permanent appropriation
for our summer schools.
s "Let us get the council to order the
election, and then let us vote for the
tax. There is such a thing as public
opinion forcing our corporate inter
ests to vote for progress and let that
opinion be demonstrated at this elec
tion."-Lake Charles Press, 'Monday.
Aug. 14th.
"We never miss the water
'Till the well goes dry."
Deep Wells
Are whatyou need
Now while you .lo not need
water now, the beauty of hav
ing your home titted up with
the facilities of every con
venience, such as water pre-- Side view of tain (':itit'n of h .a, mI;lin haflt al
sure ter the bath, tire protec- ant spietr ani doule gear in11 oitxon.
tion, etc., counts for much.
Let us install a SAII'SON MILL. TANK AND TOWER. We canl tnrni4h
any size towers and wheels. Write or call at our oPfice and et tthe samnpon
catalogues. We also carry a complete line of I'I[' P IPE P I" 'ITTINUM for
steam and water. Big stock on hand of ever hiug in water and steam titters
line. Belting, Hose, Lace Leather, Lnricating Oils, Steam ~d Hl ill:lcksiith
Coal. Our At('HIIINE SHOP '
e'llliJpt with all ilrodernl tools
and operated by tiuishn,ld no
chaluc, arnd we do r quick work
and good work. Our Blacksmlthl
Department i. handled by a tiu
isheil mechanic, where we turn
out :1l kinds of light allt heavy
forte work. We also haveaddled
a H or te-,hoeligc: 1partment
whert, your hores' feet Will he
properly attended to. (ive us
your trade and your repairing.
We guarantee all our work to
r plij. ' o.ars forn goi trnatuent
flaiin (troe, Will ihe a .lounth or More
!.ate ('IUIhan Tariff Iill Not
llead let.
1) , :. an th. tal., abiutJt r nn,, I -
r- 115i,. i. r ,' (I'lrl , iha- kept
,r 2 I")',%''i'_ k : n: u 11,' (' 0 1 -, t l ',tC" IS
)" nT' * ;lbt:)i a'!, i out a ,
li ,-i: ' (,f tt ric('t 'vi. thus
" . ],-- 'ý,1 rF,, fu! m0.115ar , ;.,1 Step.
St i,l;: u i t  i ill be
S',(".'  1 ., y,.. '1,' t il hl t, l l o 1 yoe r's
.'.. . 'T et r] . fully
thirty ,3.,.,1, ]ite." sai(d a i,r',minent
''.. ::a 1. ?,," :,.. lanlt, lther(i . ill not be
1: St i1 - wla all: c pated.
fil·'. t ali iii'., havt been
i itrla::. , ,t ( il uil ) e\ m ,ature.
\Viha: !t I, F',1 raised i, co,)ming
S - .ant.lld 'lllriS(", to be a,
.'( tl ' ' ,n ,tl i l s.iq an d ,taltity."
.. ih tn Specia)( l says: enlor
:)'q.-.ut : . t ( )lnhan mini,;tt.r. had aI
!tc hiltrltit Ii!ll :\'ntli2 Secretal' of
-;a« e . 'te, re - l, ti lll ' the i; t spects
",,' u i-,stil ._i lation l the u( ban
(o:'F-: i- tilt dii 'etlion of increasing
tll' ri t'1 i'' s. It is understl)oo that
thi t in:,inl htill upon that subject,
':li i'.v t il t a i el ent sllt uce' s in the
~,':late andi the authorities feel con
.it ie at t!, i ro )tct of an adjourn
n f thie I ,11ca) con.,'ress without
enac ting this llicasule. The interests
a l ini ' i)a with t-ast India rice
a 1'F ,ai :o p bie oppoiin thle h:11 and
aIve been sn CteeJ- ful. it is said. in in
liiAcii'- adversely to the bill ,ertain
a+,, up(tl wI se slliupport the gov
erCn!imlt haiil t'o!ilntetd. An inct'rease of
ithe rice dutie, in veneral would. in the
view ,., tihe tate (epartltlient. rebound
tri 8 'ra it\ to the advanta n of the
rc'l' grower; if the southern states,
whi se pr esent advantages under the
r,'iplrcity tr iety wtuld be ;ulistan
tially inereasf-d in the Cuban trade.
Cheap Homes.
We have arraln'ged with the North
A .luericall Land and Timber Co.
whetreby we have secured the agency
If ,abult l .O,,0) acres of their lands
surrouning Welsh. We can sell you
a farmi Imr(i $10 to -15 per acre, one
fourth cash and give you ivey years
e(qua i payments on the deferred pay
ment<. *':i is the time to get a
chelw hlrt illn. ()r if you want improv
etd falr~ w h' thellli ranging in
1price fronm ,'). to $-4l per acre.
Write or call on Iobinson & Carr,
Welsh, La.

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