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Ihe Cyclone Sale
The SPECIAL sale of Saturday and non
lay was well patronized, which goes to show
hat the people of Welsh appreciate the
We have a few more SUI1I1ER SUITS
,hich will be closed out at HALF PRICE.
Ihis sale will close Saturday, August 26.
;iht uefugees From New Orleans 'I
~ ~eadlitl Over the Country*
wYork, Aug. 19. That the yel
ever blockade at New Orleans is a
fdective, and that persons from t
stricken city are spreading r
aghout the country, many of them p
ng to this city, was a declaration r
etodky at the board of health t
Ig, where steps are being taken I
event the further entrance into t
city, of persons from that city,
todetect those who have so far
formation that led the local health i
srities to believe that the city is 1
boring refugees from New Orleans I
received on Friday from Pitts
g, where it was stated that several 1
ds of Italians from the Southern 4
hbad passed through Pittsburg
Ihad announced their intention of
tinning to New York.
ree McCormick second-h and bind
itas bargain at Welsh Carriage
i Implement Co's.
Igs. at Toronto With Declaratlon
lors Elht-Hour Law.
T,,nato, Ont., Ang. 19.--The Inter
"nsl Typographical Union con
Itionclosed today with a declara
afor peight-hour day. The ex
sUre committee was authorized to
reagi for a conference with the
Mfrlan Newspaper Publishers' As.
aition. It was decided that Cana
hmembers should pay an extra
oKf 11.2 cents a month to the
badilantrades and labor congress.
ita uis in addition to the Canadian
aNribution to the American Federa
o of Labor.
To good service in foot wear
Douglas Shoe. It is a sensi
lnomical and comfortable shoe
wears any shoe on the market.
bslClothing Store.
ll M .
Telsh Machine Shops,.
M. B. VAN NESS, Proprietor. 0
Oil and Irrigating Strainers,
two door. from Poetorfce.
B As harvesting time approaches
Ion will need RICE CRADLES and
U 1CE SICKLES. You will also
eda SCYTHE to cut
Remember we have just what you need
the line of Rice Cradles, Rice Sickles, Grass
Bush Snaths and Blades, Grass Sickles, etc,
Io rse harwaro Co., liited,
D ealers in Shelf and Heavy Hardware,
`4lassware, Queensware, Paints, Oils.
3 Three Men e Cuttintl Affray at Gossport
Nulphur Donated for Fumigation.
Lake Charles, La., Aug. 19.-In an t
s affray at Stout's mill at Gossport,
n between three men, one of the partici
4 pants was badly carved. The trouble I
a grew out of the arrest of one of the
n men the day previous for striking a
h boy, and for which he was lined 1
n $5. The trouble was renewed at the
o mill the next day and Althus Smith
was severely wounded.
r The board of health has received
letters from the Union Sulphur Co.,
h in which it tenders the city all the sul
s phur needed for fumigating purposes,
s free of cost.
- Advices received here state that E.
1 I H. Smith, of the King-Ryder Lumber
n Company at Bon Ami, ordered six
g tons of sulphur of the Union Sulphnr
fI Company, and in opening his mail in
due course of time found a receipted
bill for the shipment. The Union Sul
phur Company is earning the grati
re tude of this section for the material
way in which it is making its friend
ship felt in this hour of extreme peril.
The people will not forget.
' Reading Notice.
r- Every man owes it to himself and
n- his family to master a trade or pro
a- fession. Read the display advertise
x ment of the six Morse Schools of
to elegrapy, in this issue and learn how
ae ily a yotinman or lady may learn
s. telegraphy and be assured a position.
a-,,o - .
ra Well Drilling Stopped.
be Crowley, La.: Drilling in the wild
s. cat well just outside the corporation
ýn limits, north of town, was discontin
a- ued this week at a depth of 36i08 feet.
This is the deepest hole ever sunk for
oil in the southwest. and is among the
deepest ever sunk for oil at any point.
ar Other wildcat wells will be drilled
~ near Crowley at an early date by the
ote same people. who have drilled the
last two.-Sianal.
Dr. Tahor has Issued Orders Requir. Exi
Ing Six Days Detention in Non-In
fected Place, Before Passengers
From Infected Points Can Enter T1
Texas Detention Camps, and All Vio. mea
lators of the Regulations Will Be to Y
Houston, Texas, Aug. 19.-Dr. J.H. clas
Florence, quarantine officer, Bean- gatl
mont, Texas: After August 20th, per- y
sons from actually infected places refe
will be required to undergo detention yell
at some non-infected place six days or
before they can enter Texas detention in t
camp, where they will be held an ad- F
ditional five days before being re- os
leased. Persons direct from infected S
places in Louisiana must be held six re
days. Persons direct from infected 'sl
places must not be brought into Tex- "fo
as. Persons direct from infected plac- of F
es who enter Texas in violation of the son
above, must be held ten full days de- whi
tention, then prosecuted for violating roll
the law. aria
Railroads must not sell tickets, or the
bring people into Texas from infected sio
places. Conductors must satisfy them- day
selves that they have no passengers ha;
direct from infected places, before they ind
bring their trains into Texas. Per- F
sons from infected places, or from ha.
Louisiana may spend six days in non- foc
infected state, then enter Texas with
out detention. GEORGE H. TABOR, Or]
State Health Officer.
Instructions were sent Dr. Shaver Fr0
at Echo, to see that above regulations ,
were obeyed literally. Any violation
by roads will result in trains being at
turned back at the river.
Freight Oficias Mlust ('at Down OnOnth
Too much free transportation has the
been given to secure freight and pas- the
senger business, in the opinion of ex- fo
ecutive officers of the western railways.
At a recent meeting they agreed to ca
stop their freight officials from giving
any more passes or reduced rates to or
shippers, and decided that their pas- e
d senger officials should hold a meeting
- for the purpose of reaching an agree
- ment not to make any more concess
f ions in order to secure business.
w Although the act to regulate traffic of
'n specifically prohibits the issuance of
*1 free or reduced rate transportation in
order to influence traffic, it is an open
secret that in order to secure what is at
1- known as the party business, such a. B
ýn delegates to the annual meetings of the
n- Epworth League, Order of Eagles and
t. the Grand Army of the Republic, the
ýr passenger departments of the railroads B
ie have given or promised to give free N
t. tickets to the persons who control the ec
'd routing of parties of delegates. The b:
he contracts which have been made can a
he not be repudiated by the passenger a
officials, no matter what orders may re
Sbe issued by the executive officers. ;
g Why the executive officers are now ci
Sso anxious to observe the laws which a
* they have ignored for years, is a mys- it
Stery to those who have been receiving h
Sthe free and redfced rate transpor- a
S tation from the railroads in return L
Sfor the freight and passenger trafficg
:given the railroads. f
* /b
* Cheap Homes. b
We have arranged with the North
American Land and Timber Co.
* whereby we have secured the agency
Sof about 18.000 acres of their lands o
Ssurrounding Welsh. We can sell you !
Sa farm from $10 to $15 per acre, one- o
Sfourth cash and give you five years n
Sequal payments on the deferred pay. t
* ments. Now is the time to get a
* cheap home. Orif you want improv:
ed farmes we have them ranging in r
IS price from $25 to $40 per acre. i
- Write or call on Robinson & Carr,
Welsh, La.
leven Millon Tablet. .
New Orleons, Aug. 21.--A promi
neot drug firm here estimated today
that 7,000,000 arcenic tablets, prepared
under the direction of Dr. Leach, of
St. Paul, Minn., were taken by New
Orleans people to avoid yellow fever,
within the past two weeks. The de
mand is so great that the druggists
have run short of supplies.
Get milk of the Welsh
Dairy. They sell the best.
Be itordained by the Mayor and
board of Trustees of the Town of
Welsh. La.
That Section Two andThree of ordi
nance Number 81 be amended so as to
include Blocks Nos. 16, 21 and 42 in
the provisions of said ordinance.
C. E. Cart, yea; E. H. Boling, yea;
E. C. Willard, yea: A. T. Jones, yea;
Approved Aug. 1st, 1905.
Explanation of a Term Now iut Cont
mon Use.
The Daily States thus explains the
meaning of focus and foci, as applied
to yellow fever:
Focus and Foci-Focus: Figura
tively(with a consciousness of the tal
classical Latin meaning), a central or Sel
gathering point at or about which
anything is concentrated: a center (in
referring to prevalent conditions of
yellow fever), a point at which a case
or cases of fever have been developed, me
in the connection now spoken of. for
Foci: Plural of focus.---Houston pa
Post. al
Since the prevalence of yellow fever
reports there has been much discus
sion as to the meaning of the word sh:
"foci" in the daily reports. All sorts ti
of explanations have been given and of
e some opinions have been expressed
which called for the flash of a betting sec
roll. Instead of appealing to diction
aries, curious enquirers asked of any a
r they met, thus spreading the discus
sion, and it has raged for several
days past, especially where the night- al
s hawks gather, with nothing to do but th
' indulge in such talk. as
Fqr the past few days the reports tir
have contained the expression "sub
The sickness now prevailing in New
Orleans has spread from one common
point. That point is located near the
r French market, and it is the original
s "focus"' of the disease. With the mi
n spread of the fever new cases developed
at other points and they were sent out
as "foci," the meaning being that ev
ery case was regarded as a new focus. ni
This was changed lately for the reason
that either directly or indirectly all of 'i
n the cases were found to be traceableto
rs the original point of infection, and
s- then reports now state them as "sub- a
K_ foci,"meaning that they are all trace
able to the original focus, though the ml
cases are widely scattered.
If New Orleans be regarded as the
to original focus, should the fever de- n'
s- velop at some point not traceable to
New Orleans, then it would also be
e come a focus. and the pair of towns
would he properly termed ''foci.''
But so long as the people speak only
fie of New Orleans the term will be "sub
of foci.''
in r
en Fancy skirt and waist goods for fall
is and winter wear just in at Martin
a. Bros. h
he n
nd Lake tharles Likes Butter. h
he A tub of buttt', ordered by T. E. 1
ds Brown, of the Racket store here, from a
gee New Orleans, was held up and confis
he cated as counterbrand of quarantine s
'he by the Lake Charles board of health I
an a fev days ago. The butter passed
;er all the guards along the line until it t
ay reached Lake Charles when the acute 1
nasal appendages of the offtticials there
ow caught the odor of something good
ich and immediately proceeded to capture
vs- it. After being properly set on by the
ng board, it was declared unconstitution
or- al to ship butter from New Orleans to
irn Lake Arthur, and the contiscated I
fic goods were sold to attone to the of.
fended law, and for once Lake Charles 1
run its nose into a tub of first-class 1
Sbutter-Lake Arthur Herald.
rth - **I
o. Why Not EverybodyI
Mcy Ir. H. A. Davidson has purchased
3ds of the International Harvester Com
iou panyone car of thirty thousand pounds
ne- of Sisal Binder Twine. which be is
ars now disposing of at a very low price
ay. to the farmers for cash. This is the
a best quality of Sisal twine on the mar
ov. ket, made in the deering factory. Why
in not place your order with him before
re. it is too late?
Shreveport Quarantine tUnards Fatal
mi- ly Wounded Couple Through
day Mistake.
red Shreveport, La., Aug. 18.-The Tex
of as and Arkansas state health author
Sew ities have been requested to arrange
ver, for a conference with the health au
de- thorities of Shreveport, with a view
rists toward recinding the present quaran
tine restrictions so far as the, city is~
concerned, so that passenger traffic ov
Ish er all roads may be resumed.
Tracy and Miller, the two detention
t. camp fever patients, spent nearly an
bour today exercising in the recrea
and tion tent, which is erected about 100
1 of yards from the camp. Both are gain
ing in strength.
rdl. Quarantine guards at post No. 3
a to fired upon and wounded Richard
2 In Steel, a preacher, and a woman com
panion, as they were returning to their
yea; home in the western city limits yestar
yea; day evening. The condition of both
is serious. The shooting is said to
ar. have been accidental.
Will Take Place in Opelousas Early in El
Major A. I). Stewart and ('ol. J. J.
Thompson are working hard to pu1111 ('
ofi a sham battle between six compan- in
ies of the State National Guard. to I
take place in Opelousas sometime in lv.
September. or as soon thereafter as e
the quarantine situation will permnit.
Theaffair is an assured fact the only tht
qI uestion now is the time it will be held.
While in ;Alexand(ria these gentle- pa
men foresaw that the friendly rivalry I ser
for honors between the different com- ful
panies was so intense that it threw out be4
a promise of another meeting before
the next encampment, and working on
this supposition, suggested that a
sham battle be held in Opelousas some 1(1o
time in September. To this the boys in,
of six companies at once agreed, and m(
the Baton Itouge company. which won th(
second honors, at once challenged the he
victors, the Lake Charles company, to sil
a competitive drill for the banner,
which the Lake Charles boys accepted. s
Major Stewart has since heard from sp
all of them, and they are anxious if
that the sham battle should come off
as soon as possible, and at the same
time the competitive drill.
.Missisippl Quarantine is Ruining t~
RIailroad Business. eI
e New Orleans, Aug. 19.-One of the th
most serious features of the reign of it
qi quarantine in Mississippi, is the t(
abandonment of the train service. `T
Not a railroad in the state is run- e(
ning its usual quota of freight or pas- : w
n senger trains, and each day the ser- h
vice is eurtailed. t
Commencing today the Yazoo & s,
d Mississippi Valley road abandoned h
all its freight trains.
The Gulf & Ship Island road is al- tl
most paralyzed by the quarantines j
against the gulf coast road. l
The Louisville & Nashville road is
not allowed to stop its trains in Miss
issippi cities 11
Is e
Action of Booker Washington Ina
Dining With Walaamaker,
the ('ause. t
Birmingham, Ala., Aug.. 19.-As a!
result tof the action of Booker T.
11 c
Washington in dining at the Sarato
n ga Hotel with John Wanamaker and
his daughter, Walter M. Drennan, t
mayor and president of the Birming
ham Board of Trade, and a wealthy
E. merchant. resigned today as a trustee
im of Washington's school.
is- In a letter to Washington he merely
ne says: I cannot consistently serve l
th longer as a trustee. I
ed Other prominent Southern whites on
it the Tuscogee board of trustees are ex
ite pected to resign.
_re--- , * .
od To Lay Pipe Line.
ire Baton Rouge, La., Aug. !9.-Work
he will begin within the next two weeks
n- laying pipe for the Texas Fuel Oil
to company, which was given the privi
d lege some months ago by the city
of- council, to lay its mains along the
les thoroughfares of the city. Mlanufac
iss turing plants now burning coal, will
change the burners and use the oil as
fuel. This oil will be piped from the
Louisiona oil tields to Plaquemine,
led and will doubtless be brought in bar
,in. ges from Plaquemine to Baton Rouge.
"We never miss the water
'Tili the well goes dry."
Deep Wells
S smpi P Winl Mil, .. .
Are whatyou need
Now while you to not need
water now, the beauty of hay
ing your homue fitted up with
the facilities of every con
venieuce, such as waterpreM- Sidj view of main casting of head, niain shaft
sure fer the bath, fire proltec and spider and double gear ti position.
tion, etc., ou1nts for mnucl.
Let us install a 8AMPNON MILL, TANK AND TOWER. We can turnish
any size towers and wheels. Write or call at our oflice and get the Sampson
ataloitnes. We also carry a complete line of PIPE AND pIIE FIfIN'(GS for
t steam and water. li? stock on hand of everyhing in water and steam fitters'
line. Belting, Hose, Lace Leather. Lubricating Oils. Steam and llacksmith
Coal. Our MACIhtINE SHOI' is
eq'uipped with all modern tools
and operated by tinished me
c0 hanics and we do quick work
and good work. Our Blacksmith
Department is handled by a fin
ished mechanic, where we turn
out all kinds of light and heavy
forae work. We also haveadded
t\ .a Horse- hoeing Department
/ A where your horses' feet will be
; ( properly attended to. Give us
" u, your trade and your repairing.
,r ".We guarantee all our work to
... • please. Yours for roodl treatment
o. j
Expert Tells lioI II Ihould NIe I)one
"Speakin.r,1 A ul~ ,,.ii i :,lllmigation."
aid a well-knwn l 'iti u stderday.
"I'll vwager the, ar, i t t t ten ptolhe
in every hundredl wh know how to
fumigate with lltliph tUiJnes thorough
ly. I heard a .Mariin hospital man
describing the pr eess the other day.
and he told me a thw things about it
that I iiad never dreatmdu of. At houm
we ha ve Loured so5rie, sutlphur into, a
pan antd burned it in a closed room
sever.al timtle, bat so tar as thorough
fumnigation went, our labor mIllust have
been pretty nearly thrown away.
"A.\corditig to the Marine Ilospital
iman, evlery crevice. every crack in the
window casing, the keyhole. of the
doors even. ,hu id Ih closed by past
ing paper over them. The chimneys
must be carefully pluILred up. In fact,
the room to be fumigated, should be
hermetically sealed, if the thing i, pos
'Two pound s o(f lood, ,ld-fashioned
sulphur to ever thousand cubic feet of
space was the amount he recommnended.
If your ceilings are ten feet high and
I your room ten feet sqluare. it takes the
two pounds. More in proportion.
You place the sll phur in an iron pot,
or vessel of sonm. sort. Then you
place the pot or vessel in a tub or oth
er large recelpttacle, pouring water in
to the outer ve.el. int take care, how
ever, not to let the wetness get into
. the sulphur. This water, he says, aids
Ithe action of the fumes by contributing
e to the generation of suldphurous fumes.
iThen you pour a small amount of al
cohol into the sulphur to make it burn
well. set a lighted match to it and
holding your breath. e(scape through
the nearest doorway, taking care to
" seal up the door openings and the key
1 hole with paper afterwards.
''Two hours later when you open
I the room and let in air you will find
j just exactly 'whlat the, mosquito popu
lation of that room actually was, by
Is counting the dead. The death rate
' among mosquitoes fronm sulpher fumes
properly inserted, is 100 per cent. It
beats the mortality rate of yellow fev
er all to lpieces.
"But when he told me of the thor
oughness needed to make this fumiga
tion absolutely effective, it occurred
to me that the sanitarians and doctors
a who are addressing the mass meetings
over town, ought tol include a short
d ; chapter on sulphur fumigation. for I'm
blessed if I believe one householder in
!' twenty khows how to do the trick prop
Jolo. Aug. 21.-- Secretary Taft and
ly ;Miss Roosevelt are being entertained
ue here. They were presented with many
oMoro presents by the sultan, who
in offered his hand in marriage to Miss
x- ! Roosevelt and would make her sultana
of the Sulu archipelago, saying his
peopl)le desired her to remain among
ks Noti'e.
)il To owners of dogs:
-i- The (log tax requirEd by the town of
itv Welsh is now past due, and the mInar
he shall will begin at an early day to
Ic- dispose of all dogs not properly tag
ill ged. All parties owning dogs must
as immediately pay the tax or lose their
he dog.
r-[ Sec. and Tax Col.
:e. Per.C. . Carr, Act. Sec. and Tax Col.

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