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1 Cs
It i U sold under an ABSOLI'TE GUARANTEE, and if you aro aot
cur'.d your druggist will retund your amone). ladle In
regular and tasteless fornms. bold by all druggists for
You wil will find a large number of Imitations which the manufac
turers claim are the Fame au OXIDINE. We caution you against
such statements. There is only one OXIDINE and ae are the sole
ua nufacturesr. These rmitators are merely trying to sell their cheap
inutatnonu on the strength of Oxidine's record.
Su$1000 IN GOLD
trace of Arsenic, Strychnine, torphine, or nyl other poisonous or
Injurious drugs In
Patton-Worsham Drug Co.
Dainy5,Coisp, Dressy
Skirt s
are a delight to the refined woman every
where. In order to get this result see that
the material is good, that it is cut in the
latest fash:ion and use
in the laundry. All three things are import
ant, but the last is absolutely necessary.
No matter how fine the material or how
daintily made, bad starch and poor laundry
work will spoil the effect and ruin the
clothes. DEFIANCE STARCH is pure,
will not rot the clothes nor cause them to
Scrack. It sells at 10c a sixteen ounce pack
age everywhere. Other starches, much in
6ý ferior, sell at 10c for twelve ounce pack
age. Insist on getting DEFIANCE
STARCH and be sure of results.
Deflancl Starch
Omaha, Nebraska.
'3o&'3.00 SHOES SM
W.L. Douglas $4.00 Cilt Edge Line
cannot be equalled at any price.
Established ste en.
Ju.y .1870.
000 REWARD to anyone who can
hles$35,0 shoes have by their e:
I#;may fitting, and superiorwearing
, ved the largest sale of any $3.50
h orld. They are ust as ed good
tl you REWA5.00 to $7.00 - yoethe only
lthe price. If I could take you Into
y at Brockton, Mass., the largest In
' under one roof making men's fine
show you the care with which every
lut shsnoes is made, you would realize
D Doutlas $3.50 shoes are the best
Iuced In the world.
i show you the difference between the
mde hl my factory and those of other
>et would understand why Douglas
scost more to make, why they hold
j tR better, wear longer, and are of
ý itrlutc value than any other $3.50
i the market to-day.
a rona tMade Shoes for
$2.60, $2, $1.75,$1.80
U L n.-Insist upon having W.L.Doug.
e no substitute. None genuine
Obl name and price stamped on bottom.
L . A shoe dealer in every town where
Oglus Shoes are not sold. Full line of
ent free for Inspection upon request.
Eyeletsi used; they will not wear brassy.
for Illustrated Catalog of Fall Styles.
W.LDOUGLAS. Brockton, Mass.
;tfew years ago everybody stood in
of the word diplomacy. In these
 -ned days the fact is generally
IN that a skillful diplomnat is only
 trader in disguise.
argest flour mill in the British
i in Montreal. It turns out
barrels of flour a day.
° Answering Advertisements
Kindly Mention This Paper.
*HOUSTON--NO. 40. 1905
e. sold b dr t.
ri t*
troubled with ills peculiar to
their sex uneed as a douche is marve y suc
cessful. thoroughly cleanses, kills disease germs
stops discharges, heals inflammation and local
Paxtine is in powder form to be dissolved in pure
water, and is far more cleansing, healing, germicidal
and economical than liquid antiseptics for all
' For sale at druggists, 50 cents a box.
Trial Box and Book of Instructions Free.
a" r
II. N~
ALE l Fj
1ST DIALERS 'I*t ami
More than 10,000 people have cured them
selves at home using Radlo-Sulpho for
Rheumatism. Radio-Sulpho can beused
by any and everybody. Easily used and
applied. Hundreds of cases cured with
one bottle, thousands with five and six
bottles. Thousands of testimonials re
ceived from grateful patients. Only on
the market a year and a half. Has made
a great record. Our patrons do the ad.
vertising for us. Sent by mail postage
paid, $1 per bottle, six bottles $5, express
paid. Full directions with each order.
Write to-day. Pamphlets sentfree. 70,000
bottles sold in 18 months. We started the
first day, 18 months ago, with six bottles.
This is how our patrons are recommend
ing Radio-Sulpho. GetRadlo-Sulph6 and
Cure Yourself. We have our own sani
tarium and phyk:cians.
2e flack BIk., Denver, Colo.
Please Mention this Paper
I- "1frIIII I I1I i
Clara--"Did you 1ave pleasant
weather at the springs this summer?"
At any rate, Adam wasn't afraid to
tell Eve any secrets.
Now that we have t'he seodless
orange and apple and stoneless peach. RI
won't some scientist please dtevelop H
an appendixless man?--Life. er
--- -- - - tr
Not a"Pipe Dream. or
Oil--sonie kinds -are conveyed by a
system of pipe lines. but the Oil that
makes all other Oils insignificant is I<
conveyed in hottle. It Hunt's Light- i
ning Oil. andt its mis :ion is to cure o0
your sprains. cuts. turnss, tbruises,
ach s. and painF -and it do((s it. t
D)ying ln povet-iy cis as-y inoughi:
it's l:,Iig in Ipov)(rty ,hat 0i(es hardi
on iIa f llov,. , t
Johnson Grass Killed.
Mr. T '. C. I);;vis. ;f Austin. Texas.
writes: lh)ur S:1is-- The l0l ga!linA. of q
"I1INA.MINEI" that you s-nt me has (
prow-(n \':- s lisfa( t'oy. ;eand does all n
'you (11a1m o(" io . il::\ing killed Johnson
Giras- anl t {( H 'nlll1al (;l':as-.
,'i\te ;aiic.len of "INAMI.\NE" will
mfila;( 10" = 1]i l.1 s of !t'(ra:inlg olulllion,
cost $2.011. A trial order will convin(ceU
the most skepti(c. Ask your deh aler for
it "N()\\'" or send us the ni(t' y and
we \\'!ll 'ni;tp ((rice.
Shari: s 'i ta m' ien !h(,ir a;l)eiarance b
in the Adr:atic s(1.. h,v.ng co(me by
way of the Sl (/ (anal.
Interesting to Students.
'The scl.oohis and cowlh es are now
open for the fall tr:ina. and there will "
be many self-t('in' young men and
women who w\ili i: loking for a good
way to earn thlt itr c:l (-nses. The Four- u
Track News. the gtreat illustrated tl
month!ly li;:giu Oif travel and edu
cation. atlipeals to ir:(tiligent readers,
and stidtl ns wiill find it easy to 5e
cure subscri;;itions:: for it. The terms
to persorns solici;ing subtscriptions are
ext:'rn:tely liberal, a:nd offer a very gen
,ro)is n argin of l:rofit. It will pay
any (one interes;ed to write to the Ilpub
lishr. G oi-- 11. Vlaniels. 7 East 42d
street. N(w Y r'Irk, for fufll particulars. I
"ILite"rary man t:5 tI( oty or bor
row (e;(; 1t0\ itr:!e1":: llno n001'S uIsI4."
Thiis ('u(.-:; ,( ;l ,( lo d(ed i ll s a i (' ii:' has
appc-ared in bhe 50'-. (" Aut-ralia)
.tlor'ing iraikd. -
Important to Mviothers.
Examine carefully every bcttle of C'ASTORIA,
a safe and sure remredy for infants and children,
and aee tLat It
Bears the
Signature of
In Use For over 30 Years.
The Kind You BIve Always Bought.
'he su)ind of a bell which can be I
ihcard 1 5.20,() fee't c hI:oul( 1 1( water
can h- h1,ard throuigh the air only 456(
Every housekeel;,-r ' shnoul know
that if they will toy )c(fiance Cold
o Water Starch foi ;;:;::tIry u:lie they will
save ntot onl. time. ica;ise it never
sticks to the iron. 11t because each
package contains I; o.-- one full
pound--~,ilbe all the other Cald Water
Starches are put up in :t-l-tpo::nd pack
ages. and the price is the same. 10
n nts Then. again, bhe-ca-,' I)Dfiance
Starch is free from all injurious chem
:cals. If your grocer tries to sell you a
l·oz. package it is because he has
a stock on hand which he wishes to
dispose of before !he puts in Defiance.
SHe knows that Itefiance Starch has
printed on every package in large let
ters and figures '"1 ozs." Demand
Defiance and save much time and
money and the annoyance of the iron
sticking. Defiance never sticks.
In the c:ourse o- the irial of a case
in a London court recen ly it came out
that impoirted c;atinntd lIruit i often
stored in Lorlon wardhouses for ten
Medicines Have Stood Test of Time.
S "The leading propriebary medicine.
that have stood the test of time are
of known therapeutic value," says a
medical authority. "They are prepar
Sed in laboratories of the highest
grade, under the .care of skilled phar
macists, and they are made from ap
proved formulas which. in many in
stances, have been the especial pride
and specific of some successful ph-si
clan. They have been tried in the
crucible of public opinion and they
have been found satisfactory by the
people, for otherwise the people would
discontinue using them."
An advertisement in a German news
paper contains this tempting offer:
"Anybody who can prove that my tap
ioca is damaging to health will at once
receive three packets gratis."
Hundreds of dealers say the extra
quantity and superior quality of De
fiance Starch is fast taking place of
all other brands. Others say they can
not sell any other starch.
Beware of cffusivenev-s. The hand
shakeri may also be a leg-puller.
Cynics and pessimists have a hard
row to hoe in this contrary old world.
Do vou know where the deepet and hottest
arte.isn well in the wrrld Is? It Is at Marlin,
Texas. Depth ,r3a0 feet, temperature 147 F.
Analyeli similar to the famruir t erlAbad. bet
ter than Hot Springs. Hlotel and bathing
facilities unsurpanssed in the South. Write for
free booklet. Address toe Ltvy, Marlin Sani
tarium. Marlin. Texas.
Love is a bird that sings in the
heart of a woman.-Kiarr.
Nothing so good as Red Cross Bag Blue.
Housekeepers are delighted with results
and want no other. Grocers sell it.
Native-You find it hard to under
stand our language?"
To cure, or money refunded by you' it, so why not try It t Price 0o0.
A physician in Berlin is doing a
great business in "correcting" noses.
He alters the shape by an internal op
eration, using a local anesthetic. No
trace or mark of the operation ahows
on the nose.
Here Is Relief for Women.
Mother Gray, a nurse in New York, dis
covered a pleasant herb reuedv for women's
ills. called AUSTRA LIAN-1l, AF. It is the
only certain motuthly regulator. Cures
fcrale weaknesses, Backache, Kidney and
I.rijnary troubles. At all Druggis:' or by
tuail ,vu cts. Sample mailed FlRlEl. Address,
Thte Mother Gray Co., Leluy, N. Y.
Somnle Iwople are so in love with
tlh( tISt'Ilv\ e that they ha len '. r4oomt for
any more.
Storekeepers report that the extra
quantity, together with the superior
quality of Defiance Starch makes it
next to impossible to sell any other
Halpp)y i,, the woman who has as
many chlange of gOWns as she has of
Houston, Texas, operates the largest force
of competent detectives in the South.
They render written opinions in cases not
handled by them. Reasonable rates.
The average 111h11 meets templtations
about till'ee-fourths of the way.
If you wish beautiful clear, white clothes,
use Red Cross Bag Blue. You will be well
satisfied. At grocers.
heaven won't seem nitich like home
unless thogie golden streets are torn up
I do not b,.iieve Piso's lure for C(onsumption
hRas an equal for coughs and oohlds.-JoaN F.
IOTH, T'I'rinity Springs, Ind., Feb. 15, 1M0.
Somle new men never spem to know
their own mindus until the dlay after.
If you don't get the biggest and best
it's your own fault. Defiance Starch
is for sale everywhere and there is
positively nothing to equal it in qual
ity or quantity.
ludgitng from recent experiences,
Will a it ma:i can't do anytiting else he
Olght to make a gt ot war correspond
A small ,boy's idea of the bhoard of
health is : ix meal.s a day.
Of shcep., wool, one pound is suffi
cient to produce a yard of excellent
Too many gilasses today means a
large pain tomorrow.
Revenge is s-,l.et \\ hen it isn't a
case of suit r grultea3.
Color mle gcods brighter and faster colors than any other dye. One O1c package colors all fibers. They dye in cold water better than any other dye. You can dye
any garment without ripping apart. Write for tree booklet-How to Dye, Bleach and Mix Colors. MONROE DRUG CO., Unlonvllle, MIssourl.
Botanist's Favorite Flower.
The great botanist Linnaeus had for
his favorite flower the fragrant rose
tinted little twin flower. Concerning
it he is quoted to have answered, when
asked by a friend if it grew by the
shores of a Suedish lake, "Nay, she
lives not here. but in the middle of
our largest woods. She clings with
her little arms to tlhe moss and seems
to resist very genily if you force her
from it. She ha:; a conmplexion like a
milkmaid, andi oh' she is very, very
sweet and,agreeable." The only paint
ing of Linneaus which is in exist
ence shows a small sprig of this flower
in his buttonhole.
It doesn't matter if beauty is only
skin deep so long as the skin is worn
on the out-ide.
One is as ea.y to manage as the oth
er-when asleep.
Hand-spun thread, used for the very
finest Brussels lace of all. c.csts some
times as nmuch as £240 per pound.
Come to Marlin and get rid of your rhenma
tismr, catarrh. ialaria, eczrnia, constipation
and other blood and skin troubles. An ideal
winter resort with r-verv accommodation for
the comfort and healtth of chronic invalids.
Write for ire( booklet right now. Address Joe
Levy. Maua,;er Marlin nanitarium, Marlin,
Out of evil comest good. The apple
Eve swiped has fturnished employment
to thousands of tailors and dressmak
It Quenches the Fire.
"Your Hunt's Cure is beyond doubt
the most remarkable remedy for skin
diseases ever formulated. For eight
years I suffered almost constantly
from an itching trouble the doctor
called Eczema--my skin was on fire,
hut less than one box of Hunt's Cure
quenched that fire. Many of my
friends have since used it on my rec
ommendation and it never fails. Where
there's an itch rub it on. It does the
work-that's all."
Mrs. Helen Whitmore,
Clarendon, Ark.
t If you lack sense, it will show when
you get a gun in your hands.
g Dealers say that as soon as a cus
tomer tries Defiance Starch it is im-4
possible to sell them any other cold)
water starch. It can be used cold or
Wise is the man who can be silent
on any subject.
Mties. Wlnlow's SootbngC 8yrup.
Tor cbldren taethag, softens the gums, reduce Ib
Sammanona, als Dap cares wind coLsi. 2c a bbo
About 90,000 tons of butter are made
yearly in Great Britain.
Their Hard Struggle Made Easier-Interesting State¶
ments by a Young Lady in Boston
and One in Nashville, Tenn.
s5A ne Orser A pnarl Acieri
All women work; some in their
homes, some in church, and some in
the whirl of society. And in stores,
mills and shops tens of thousands are
on the never-ceasing treadmill, earning
their daily bread.
All are subject to the same physical
laws; all suffer alike from the same
physical disturbance, and the nature of
their duties, in many eases, quickly
drifts them into the horrors of all
kinds of female complaints, ovarian
troubles, ulceration, falling and dis
placements of the womb, leucorrhmea,
or perhaps irregularity or suppression
of "monthly periods," causing back
ache, nervousness, irritability and
Women who stand on their feet all
day are more susceptible to these
troubles than others.
They especially require an invigorat
ing, sustaining medicine which will
strengthen the female organism and
enable them to bear easily the fatigues
of the day, to sleep well at night, and
to rise refreshed and cheerful,
Uow distressing to see a woman
struggling to earn a livelihood or per
form her household duties when her
back ant head are aching, she is so
tired she can hardly drag about or
stand up. and every movement causes
pain, the origin of which is due to
some derangement of the female or
MI iss F. Orser of 14 Warrenton Street,
Boston. tells women how to avoid uncth
suffering; she writes:
Dear Mrs. Pinkham:
" I suffered misery for severalyeesa wtL
Irregular menstruation. My Wa ached;
had bearing down pains, and frequent head
aches: I could not sleep and coul hardly,
drag around. 1 consulted two physician,
without relief, and as a last resort, I tried
Lydia E. Pinkham'sVegetable Compound, and;
to my surprise, every ache and pain left me.'
Igained ten pounds and am in perfect health."
Miss Pearl Ackers of 327 North Sum
mer Street, Nashville, Tenn., writes;
Dear Mrs. Pitlkham:
"I suffered with painful periods, severe
backache, hearing-down pains, pains across
the abdomen; was very nervous and irrita
ble, and my trouble grew worse every month..
"My physician failed to help me and I
decided to try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound. I Koon found it, was doing me
good. All my pains and aches disappeared,
and I no longer fear my monthly periods."
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound is the unfailing cure for all these
troubles. It strengthens the proper
muscles, and displacement with all its
horrors will no more crush you.
Backache, dizziness, fainting, bear
ing down pains, disordered stomach,
moodiness, dislike of friends and society
-all symptoms of the one cause-will
be quickly dispelled, and it will make
you strong and well.
You can tell the story of your suf
ferings to a woman, and receive help
ful advice free of cost. AddreEs Mrs.
Pinkham. Lynn. Mass.
Lydia E. Piakham's Veletable eCopownud ucScta ds Where Others FaiL
The "Nublack" is a grand good shell. It is
good in construction, primed with a quick
and sure primer, and carefully loaded with
the best brands of powder and shot. It is a
favorite among hunters and other users of
black powder shells on account of its
uniform shooting, evenness of pattern
and strength to withstand reloading.
=, l O H9 D A Y
I won't sell Antl-Grlp~e to a d,.alr who won't Guarantee
O I E It. Call f o·)r our MON BACK Ip IT DON'T VUEE.
F. W. DW.einer, M. D., Manufiturer,SpringCleld, Mo.
Stops Chills at Once
One dose stops aching bones and hot and
chilly sensations, gives an appetite and re
news ambition. Positive, quick and harm.
less cure for Malaria, Ague, and Chills and
Fever in Three Days. Druggist will show you
testimonials and circular around the bottle.
Francis S. Ott, bacramento, Cal.
Sold by all Druggists. 75c
Fashionables in the East have start
ed "slumber parties." which are likely
to be held in church on hot Sunday
mornings.-Chicago Chronicle.
Exports of American built automo
biles have increased 40 per cent dur
ing the last twelve months.
Don't you know that Defiance Starch
besides being absolutely superior to
any other, is put up 16 ounces in pack
age and sells at same price as 12
ounce packages of other kinds?
Hope for the bes~t-prepare for the
worst-and take what comes.
.e.. ý} Thomptsen's Eye Water
Decision in Cotton
Cotton will be moving rapid
ly from now on, and you will
have to decide quickly what to
do with each lot, according to
the circumstances of the
Our services and our facil
ities are at your command, and
you will make no mistake by
shipping to us.
Win. D. Cleveland & Sons,
Houston. .. *. Te*..

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