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III ý,. ýK T; ' C f
We have a complete line of Stylish Tailor
Made Suits in All Sizes, made by Union Work
men and guaranteed to fit. The above cut shows
a few of cur New Fall Styles now on SALE.
Ill l l
cWea Homes j
We have arranged with the
North American Land and Tim
ber company whereby we have
Pecured the agency of about 18,.
Oacres of their lands surround-
lng Welsh. We can sell you a
farm from $10 to $15 per acre, *
,one-fourth cash and give you -
five years equal payments on the f
deferred payments. Now is the
tie to get a cheap home. Or if
you want improved farmes we
have them ranging in price from -
l5 to 140 per acre. Write or
Robinson & Cartr
Welsh, La.
' RICE BELT JOURNAL $1 per year
IWelsh Machine Shops,j
M. B. VAN NESS, Proprietor.
Any Size or Guage, and . S
Oil and Irrigating Strainers, :
Only two doors from Postoffice.
-!l |$ 1 t1 l |r tlIlb , ,H · ····I O | I I P
That Shot Gun, be sure and see
0our line of Guns; also remember we
can supply you with Shot Gun
SShells, Powder, Shot, Primers,
S-Wads, Implement Sets, Decoys and
infact, anything thata hunter needs.
The terse lalam rre C., biTiteL,
Annually, to fill the new positions created
bh Railroad and Telegraph Companies.
We wont YOUNG MEN and LADIES of
good habits, to
We furnish 73 per cent. of the Operators
and Station Agents in America. Our six
schools are the largest exclusive Telegraph
Schools IN THE WOItLI. Established "o
years and eudorsed by all leading Railway
We execute a $230 Bond to every student
to furnish hint or her a position paying
from $40 to $i0 a mouth in States east of
the Rocky Mountains, or from 75 to $100
a month in States west of the Rockies, im
mediately upon graduation.
Students can enter at any time. No va
cations. For full particulars regarding
any of our .Schools write direct to our ex
ecutive office at Cincinnati, O. Catalogue
The Morse School of Telegraphy
Cincinnati, Ohio. Buffalo, N. Y.
Atlanta, Ga. LaCrosse, Wis.
Texarkana, Tex. San Francisco, Cal.
Get milk of the Welsh
Dairy. They sell the best.
Report of the Twenty-Second leter
national Chlristian Endeavor Conven
tion, Held at Balltimore, Md., July 5
10, 1905, by Geo. II. Maul, Delegate
from Welsh.
Saturday.-Saturday was a holi
day and two excursions were planned:
one to Washington, the other to Get
tysburg. I went to Gettysburg and
we had a very nice trip. Dr. Hill
described the excursion as a celebra
tion 142 miles long, with a continuous
performance. There were two train
loads, of about 1200 endeavorers.
Each state represented at the con
vention, had some of its delegates on
the trains. Reaching Gettysburg at
12:30 o'clock, the delegates immediate
ly took carriage and proceeded to
East Cemetry Hill on the federallines,
where Dr. Hill addressed them, while
they remained in their seats in the
conveyances. He is at his best on
such occasions and the eloquent ad
dress taught the lessons of the battle
and the war.
Sunday morning.--I attended church
at the state headquarters. The pastor
heartily welcomed us and said that if
we came back some time after the con
vention, be would guarantee it would.
cost us nothing and our stay in the
city would be made very pleasant.
I attended the "Mens" meeting at
the armory in the afternoon. Rev.
W. E. Biederwolf, of Monticello, Ind
spoke. Men were swept off their feet
and sobbing and trembling rushed to
the front of the hall where they stood
promising to try and lead a better
life. This outburst of feeling was un
expected as there had been no inten
tion of making the service one of re
vival. The scene at its close was so
stirring that it will remain forever in
the memories of those present.
The great hall was swept with a
wave of religious emotion. At least
half a thousand men. not Christian
Endeavorers, and many of them not
on the rolls of any church, were en
gulfed in it. Mr. Win. Shaw, who
has attended all the conventions ex
cept two, in the last twenty-four years.
declared that it was the greatest lMens'
meeting in the history of the order.
I will give you a few sentences from
Mr. Riederwolf's speech:
"High life leans to fast life, fast life
is the macadamized road tolhell. Life
is a battle and there is no room for
brainless dudes. It takes a man to
fight it. It's a great thing to be a
man. A man is the best thing God
can do, He is not always the man we
see today, for he is oftirnes little better
than the little boy's definition of a
man: "An animal split on one end
and walks on the split end."
'The young individual with the high
collar and a cane thinks he is a man
and that the most correct way to let
the public know it is to smoke a cigar
et and punch a pool ball, But you
are not a man. You are acyplher with
the rim left off."
His pictures were startlingly vivid.
He said 'that a man who used God's
seventh and sacred day in a way to
please himself, after God had ziven
him six days in which to do work and
and have pleasure, was like the man
who steals a man's seventh and last
dollar when the man had already giv
en him six.'
He pleaded with the intemperate man
and scored the gambler. He said that
a gambler was the meanest, lowest
and most contemptible thing that
passed,for a man, and of all things
that drew breath under the sun. He
said that the man who was given to
profanity and made no attempt to
cease from it, was low grained in his
fiber and was not a gentleman. He
paused here and said: "You are not
having any trouble in understanding
me are you?"
As the crowd passed out from that
wonderful meeting, the choir sang
"God be with you 'till we meet again."
Monday Morning-Last day of con
Monday was the last, but by no
means the least day of the convention.
The Baltimore convention will be
remembered as the best, the most dra
matic in feature, the wettest the hottet
and the happiest.
"Recognition morning" was a new
feature on the program. Dr. Hill pre
sided at this session and Mr. Jacobs
led the singing for the last time, as he
was to return to New York in the aft
Enthusiasm bubbled over at this
session and there was room for it.
Nothing like it had gone before. The
morning began with jollitication. Pre
ceeding the opening of the meeting the
delegations from the various states,
especially those that were seeking the
:[coxcWIu), o frOUTB PIAOE]
Last Patient Under Treatment Has
Been Discharged and No New ('ases
Have Appeared-Marine Ilospital
Surgeons Return home.
New Orleans, Nov. 11-Fever report:
New Cases, none.
Deaths, none.
New foci, none.
Total deaths, 452.
Total cases, 3401.
The some report which has been out
for the five preceeding days was again
given out last night and it showed a
blank for everything on the list.
There is not a suspicious case or a
case under treatment in the city at
present and it is stated that the fever
has been wiped out for good.
Just received car-load
of Moon Bros. Carriages
and Buggies. Call and
see us before buying.
Welsh Carriage and Im
plement Co. Ltd.
Call and see our new line of Ladies'
Collars at the Racket Store.
Average November Weather.
The New Orleans Weather Bureau's
report of November weather tells that
the month's mean or normal tempera
ture is li6 degrees: and that the warm.
est November was in 1902, with an av
erage of 66 degrees, while the coldest
was that of 1880. with an average of
5ti degrees. The highest temperature
noted during the period reviewed was
85 degrees, on Nov. 8, 1888, and the
lowest was 29 degrees, on Nov 19, 1903.
The earliest date on which first killing
frost occurred in the autumn was Nov.
19, 1880, and the average date on which
first killing frost occurred is Decem
ber 15.
For First-class Horse
shoeing and Blacksmith
ing take your work to
First-class service, prompt atten
tion to all orders, your patronage
solicited. Welsh Meat Market.
Reading Soilce.
Every man owes it to himself and
his family to master a trade or pro
fession. Read the display advertise
ment of the six Morse Schools of
Telegrapy, in this issue and learn how
easily a young man or lady may learn
telegraphy and be assured a position.
150 tons of Good, Clean
Rice Straw. Inquire of
Calcasieu Implement Co.,
Ltd., Welsh, La.
For Nale.
My twenty acre place inside corlpor
ation limits and drayage business, on
good terms. Apply to, or address
S. A. Covey, Welsh, La.
Moon Bros. Buggies
guaranteed to give per
tect satisfaction. Welsh
Carriage and Implement
ed to sell my residence property, situ
ated on the south side, in one of the
most desirable locations in Welsh.
For particulars call on or write J. F.
Tubbs, Welsh, Louisiana.
Eyes examined free next Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday,
by Dr. Keel, the Dallas optician.
ESTRAY-Came to my place about
the first of Oc(tober, 1904, one red bei
fer-no brand. Owner can have sane
by proving property and paving costs
of keeping and this advertisement.
p-4t A. A. Sutter.
December Delineator?
Reidl C'ontest C'ape.
The chief matter before the court
Tuiieda'. was the trvial of the 1. I).
I eid contest case. This was unt a
hearing on the Illerits of the ase as
many supposell(d but a heariun to( (le
terminne whether .lJudge E 1. I). Miller
should renuse himtet]f from tr.in-- ti,
main i.-ue, Judge J. Bi.lLee of l anls
field, to whom the hearing of thiis
point had been referredt arived ,d
Monday evening's train ºld wau, i;
cohIrt iready to try the ea e.
It transplired. h)wevet, ta' 1)itri.t
Attoirney. pro timi Stewart hial a;n
ohjeetion to mnake. lIis ,m(ftifi. tilhil
in court this morni ng was that in as
nmuch as .Iud(e Lee had been atfipofnt
ed to con(duct the cas( miure than fluine
months previously, his time ftio h(ear
inr it had passed and he asked that
the case he referre' to .1udtn]e |'lizh. of
Acadia parish.
.1Judge Lee took the motion under
co'(nsilderation and sustained it in so
far as his own eligibility was (lu(es
tioned, but he overruled that ))porti on
of the motion referring the case to the
Acadia judge. lie held that if his op
pllrtunity to decide the ease had] lase
it reverted lack to .Judge E. I). Miller
to treter the case wherever he, c(hose.
To this ruling Mr. Stewart made an
exception and states that he will carry
the matter to the supreme. court for
tinal determination.
For Sale.
280 acre Rice Farm,
mile and a half northeast
of Welsh: $45.00 per acre:
terms cash. Babington
&'Co., Covington, La.
iiorder yoair ýlý ýi NOW, $
I We are agents for the well
known firm of Chas. A Stevens
& Bros. of Chicago and we take
! orders for Ladies' Tailor=made
Suits, Skirts, Jackets, Rain
Coats, Furs, etc. Suits also made
to special order. Call and see
our elegant line of SAFIPLES.
'' Welsh, La.
-0- ..L
-That I would like to trade for a
Horse and \'agon
SIn fact if vy, have any UHrses. Cows or Land
-o- to Trade on Pianos and Machines. write
Open to the Public for
IRice Storage
9 Having decided to open all of our warehouses for
rice storage, we solicit your busiiess.
Liberal Cash Advances
on warehouse receipts, and you sell your own
goods. Ask our managers to explain our method 4
for securing you best cash market price for your
9 rice. Apply to t
LOUISIANA MILL, Jennings, la.
ROANOKE MILL, Roanoke, La.
Louisiana Irrigation and Mill Company
Crowley, Louisiana.
Mt'..1. I'. Alexanider ' ehtleul In Mitot
l ie44~~ Trotter.l)
'.'r. .I. I":. .\1.x an 144 ; . 1ckk4'I per
%V~u'(av' la t week, 4o 1i;; ie
'i'r trte, of A .14edeeL. Missi.. at the
;. i t lc l le' 1V noe.". Mi. antiu
Jiro. .1.....~ifxla I tntnei i e1 V after' t he
i'r.10I1uuun V 1" 4idiei a tra in 141r New
( Iiutiu a ;t ini a tIii a few (lIaye r tfl) i1
Ii at 41it1 InI Iu'I1"(lt to4 V I'i wlh. where
iv~o I i iake theill tu1tur home4)l.
N11 .\I~Xiiiului'r is very puptliar inl
iu41\ III and] the hiappyv 4411 lie were
li·i it a I ,.t uf friend s hoi lihowered
Irv. hfie,. the I)allas optician, will
make hiip reLtt laui visit 114 \uelsh next
wt1ek. Will he at hotel Mfnday.
(a . \\'il4ý(lai , atnd 'I'hnud(a}.
The Ldti lii 1 uines= ('(I]lege having
bleen ill sucvesfnul olperation forl forty
t4'iit oIr mor(1. is knolIwn aIs thel M'4em7
i lisusiness ('olleiu. It is loclated
at No. ~I N. Main St.. and has in the
past histor1y~ more than tou thousand
c-l u'Pýf r;1ad nat4'. 'Phei i eataloi;rtie
is tret', and any eomllinicatiofl will
reuci to prIlinmlpt attentionh. Addre-s to
(it her L,"ldin 's Business (.'1ooge or
IIetijhis Business C.1lege. Memphis,

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