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wULSH PTrG CO. L't'd. ?ih
Dr. H. H. Joyner, a prominent dent- H
Sit of Paris, was acidentally shot at toe
Honey Grove Monday by a companion of
in the party, while hunting ducks. 1
Calvin McCoy, a Paris saloon keeper chil
was held up at midnight Tuesday night the
and robbed of $40 after a hard fight. wit
The Columbia iuniversi:y Medical the
Department announces a new treat- Ion
ment for consumption that is fully I
equal to the out-door treatment, and to
without, its unpleasant features. ces
The newly appointed Mexican Am- ra
bassadoi to this country, Senor Don
Joaquin D. Cassasus, has arrived in h
Washington with his wife, seven chil
dren and a large suite of attendants. thI
Postelle Earle, a negro, was con- gla
victed of attempted criminal assault clo
upon a 14-year-old white girl and giv- sp(
en a sentence of forty years in the ma
penitentiary in the District Court at alt
Daingerfield. jec
Harvey L. Williams, a boy confined
In the calaboose at \\'aco, and who
was being taken to Gatesville to the fe
reformatory, dug out through an al
most incredibly small hole. lat
The son of Admiral Nebogatoff has re
been forced by derision of his compan. po
ions at the naval academy, to leave th
that institution. mi
James H. Malone, one of the best
known lawyers of Tennessee, was
elected mayor of Memphis on an in
dependent Democrat, who has held the o
office for eight years.
Archie White of Waco, accidentally hi
scratched a little pimple on his nose, I
but thought nothing of it. Later blood te
poison set in, from which he died. a
Sam Sparks, of Bell County; T. S.
Garrison of Timpson: R. W. Nail, the
Panhandle Crator and Seth P. Mills 01
of McClennan County, are avowed can, a
didates for State Treasurer.
A recent ruling of the postal de
partment permits fourth-class post
masters to act as notary publics, and
displaces a. former ruling forbidding
While a dispute was going on in
London as to whether Admiral Togo,
while a cadet at Gravesend, was bap
tized a Catholic or Protestant, Togo
was visiting the temple at Ise to
thank the spirits of his ancestors for t
his success in the war.
The taxpayers of Eastern London
are complaining bitterly of the rigor' E
of their assessment. The case is
cited of a man who had his assess
ment raised because he erected a cu
oumber frame in his back garden.
Discussing "Tuberculosis as a So
cial Disease," Dr. S. A. Knapp, ei
most emphatically opposed to the
coustom of persons having tubercu
oole being allowed to marry and have
children. He thought there ought to
be a law to prevent such union.
Railroad men from Upper and Low
er Austria, Salzburg, the Tyrol and
Syria met at Vienna and practically
decided to strike for a 20 per cent
increase in wages and shorter hours.
About 10,000 employes are already af
fected and the engineers on all the
lines in Bohemia have decided to join
in the strike,.
George Williams, night watchman
at the round house of the Clark &
Boise log road at Jefferson, was found
dead by the side of the Texas and
Pacfic road near Black Cypress. He
was taken sick and wandered off in
that direction.
The three-story office and ware
hotuse building of the Virginia Pack
ing Company near Richmond, Va.,
was totally destroyed by fire Frldayi
night. Loss, $250,000, Insurance, $165.
Luther H. Dearborn, a prominent
attorney of Chicago, was found dying
at the foot of the steps leading to his
front door Thursday night. It is not
known whether he was assaulted by
robbers, or was attacked suddenly by
some disease
Dr. Amourette M. Beecher, daughter
of David Beecher and cousin to Hen
ry Ward Beecher and Harriet Beech
er Stowe, died at Santa Barbara, Cal.,
Thursday night after a brief illness,
aged eighty-three years.
Battling Nelson, the pugilist, has
announced that he is engaged to be
married. The fair one who captured
Nelson's heart, and who is in time
to share his fortunes, is Miss Margar
Ite Ballangero of Fairfax, Cal., a
small town near San Francisco.
During the rioting at Cronstadt the
government treasury there which is
surrounded by a deep moat, filled with
water, was only saved from the mob
of mutineers anad rowdies by the rg
morval of theie e,
Pageant Miles in Length a Feature of a WeeK's
Fun and Frolic--Immense Throngs.
Ilouston. Texas. Nov. 14.--King Not- king
toe VII. is now safely within the gates brol
of his chosen city. A
U'ndaunted by lowering skies and the
chilling winds, his majesty paraded fort
the streets of the capital of Tekram of J.
with all the dash and glory that re- and
flected the object of his mission and T
the climacteric in the fruition of his and
long cherished plans. mot
Lining the thoroughfares which were T
to be traversed by the triumphal pro- and
cession were thousands upon thou- mot
sands of devoted subjects of this mer- i m
ry monarch. ('Cheers rent the air, glad Cal:
huzzahs proclaimr d the welcome that full
throbbed in the heart of ever carnival eve
reveler, a carnival made possible: the
through the benign reign of this same alr:
gladsome Nottoe. Though his face was; 1
closely veiled, his every attitude be- of
spoke the pleasure that thrilled h-is but
majesty at the revelation of the loy- sih
alty and devotion of his faithful sub-. no
jects. ro%
The carnival spirit is in the air. 1
The magical influence of the con- th
fetti. the thrill of the hoarse toot of on
the bazoo, and the grind of the hurdy
gurdy have served to set the merry gri
laughter loose upon the streets. The' se
revelers and seekers of mirth are inh
possession of the city of Houston, and
they will hold full sway for the re- an
mainder of this glad week. Never so bit
early in the carnival program were
there so many visitors thronging the
city and such an evident determination: ed
to make the most of the joys the week
With all the panoply and pomp that
Y heralds the coming of a noted person-:
age, his majesty, King Nottoc VII, en- ro
d tered the gates of Houston at 10 o'clock d
a. m. His arrival was announced some' be
minutes previous to this time by the tit
ie booming of cannon and the screaming hi
l of whistles, mingled with the cheers of wv
.I an excited multitude.
Never since the reigning monarchs m
of Tekram began paying their annual hi
visits to the capital city has there been
i such a gorgeous display of costumes
i as was in evidence this morning, and et
the eager throng which awaited the ci
king's coming on the principal streets He
broke forth in plaudits time after time. ing 1
After alighting from his barge down mob
the bayou, the king and his courtiers ing,
formed in line of march at the corner dang
of Jackson street and Franklin avenue the 1
and took up parade over the city. in a
The paratde was headed by the brave Sher
and stalwart figures of the king's were
mounted police. both
The parade was headed by the brave plor
and stalwart figures of the kings the
- mounted police. they
- Next in line came the Miller Rifles. to 1;
I Captain Breedlove in command, out in T
t full force to celebrate this event of forr
1 events. The militia was followed by o'cl<
the plrancing steeds of the Houston cay- to t
alry. Captain Conneart commanding. sem
: Following directly upon the heels and
.'of the cavalry came the king's own the
s buglers, heralding his advance from of
. silver.tongued trumpets, and telling in insi
., no uncertain manner of the advent of had
royalty into the city. isin
Then. in close succession came also on
Sthe king's grand marshal and aides, 7
f on prancing steeds and attired in silks fed
of green, purple and yellow. The cit0
grand marshal in a suit of yel:ow pre fors
e sented a striking figure mounted on his
his handsome steed.
d Following closely the grand marshal
and his aides came King Nottoc him.
o self, mounted upon a palfey of an Ara- Me
bian charger.
His majesty appeared to be in ex.
cellent health and spirits, and acknowli car
k edged the salutations of his gracious a c
subjects in a manner calculated to in. Co:
spire them with reverence and re no,
spect. is
The king was attended by a corps of s
royal slaves, who supported above his an
devoted head a red-topped c(anopy of frc
beautiful design. The king was at- du
tired in pure white silk, whico set off un
of his magnificent figure to excellent ad- 20
vantage. fic
His saudle of rel and yellow was lie
us made to represent one of the swans of !i
his magic kingdom. er
Grasped tightly in one hand his maj. ba
es esty held the key to the city. deliv.
ad ered to him upon his arrival by the
he city fathers.
Those at Henderson Say the Lynched
Ones Got Their Deserts.
Henderson, Texas, Nov. 14.-Every
thing is quiet as though nothing like aC
lynching ever happened. No ill feeling h(
exists between the whites and negroes.
The negroes are the loudest in their
expressions of condemnation of the
murder of Mr. Howell, and state that
the lynched negroes received just pun- st
ishment. Crowds of people from the
country came to the city Sunday to
see the results of the work of the mob.
The county jail is considerably torn
up and the damage to same is estimat
ed at between $400 and $500. Work
on repairing it commenced yesterday
and has been under special guard since a
Saturday night. o
Judge Levy has withdrawn his order p
for a special term of District Court tl
which was to have convened on the ii
22nd. District Attorney Beard and t,
County Attorney Futch were both ab- o
sent from the city at the time the hang- c
Ing took place. e
Paperhanger a Suicide.
Austin, Texas: Fred Blittersdorf, a
mitted suicide yesterday afternoon in j
young married man of Austin, com- a
the pawnbrokers' shop of Hessey & t
Company by blowing his brains out f
with a bullet from a revolver. He left
a note addressed to his sister asking
her to take care of the baby. He se
lected a revolver at Hessey & Com
pany's store anu said that he desired
to purchase the weapon. While the
back of the clerk was turned Blitters
dorf placed the revolver to his head
and pulled the trigger. He died al- I
most instantly. He was a paperhanger
by trade. He leaves a widow and a
t 2-year-old child.
New Jap Loan.
London: The Associated Press is in
formed that the Japanese Government
had decided to immediately issue a
new foreign loan of $250,000,000 at 4
per cent, which will be used partly for
r converting the external 6 per cent loan
and partly for the redemption of the
international loans. It is understood
that France will participate to a con
s, siderable amount, the Rothschilds Par
is house being the issuing house there.
The exact date of the issue has not
a yet been decided upon.
Jealous of a Chinaman.
* Calvert, Texas: Constable Bush went
r- to Mart and brought back Green Oliver,
a negro, charged with arson. In a
trial before Justice Bergeron yesterday
the evidence showed that Green was
jealous of a Chinaman and proceeded
a to pour oil on his house and applied
h a match. The Chinaman awoke in
b time to save the house and to see the
' negro running away. Justice Bergeron
placed the defendant under $500 bond
$e await the action of the grand jury.1
Found Hanging. me
Fort Worth, Texas: John Martin, hii
aged about 55 years, a carpenter, who
has resided here for about four months,
was found hanging in a room in the Ca
Colonial Inn, on Fifteenth and Cal. Ja
houn streets, yesterday morning about ca
8:45 o'clock. A note was found, suj in
posed to have been left by deceased, cl
saying that his name was not John ar
Martin, as was commonly thought. but ol
stated that that made no difference.
He left his personal effects to a car- a
penter who was his companion. Ver w
little is known of him here. No on,
seems to know where he came from.
Brownwood Carnival. A
Brownwood, Texas: The carnival tt
was not opened yesterday as expected; 1
on account of some delay in the com
pany reaching here in time. Every.
thing is ready: The company will be
in today and will commence in the af
ternoon at 2 o'clock. The town is full
of people, and the weather is all that
could be asked for, and a big time it
Jacksonville Bonds Held Up. s
Austin, Texas: J. E. McFarland of1 e
I Jacksonville was here yesterday and t:
submitted $30,000 of Jacksonville wae
iter works bonds to the Attorney Gen
t eral for approval. Owing to the ab.
t sence of the signature of one of the of- a
g ficials to the bonds the approval was r
deferred. They will be formally ap- a
t- proved as soon as this signature shal; t
d have been obtained.
,. Arizona Firm Admitted.
d Austin. Texas: The Braun and Fer
1- guson Company of Bisbee, Ariz., with
'r a capital stock of $500,000, was yes
a terday granted a permit to do general
mercantile business in iTexas.
Election Frauds in Spain.
M- Madrid: The municipal elections
It throughout the country yesterday re.
a suIted favorably to the Government.
4 but the Republicans show increased
)r majorities at many points. The result
in In Madrid was twenty-one Government.
1e five Republican and two Socialist elec.
The police arrested sixty repeaters.
n- Election affrays occurred at various
r- places.
e. The university here reopened yester.
At day owing to subsidence of the student
Cuban Budget.
at Havana: The budget for the year
r, beginning July 1 next has been sub
a mitted by President Palma to Con
gress. The receipts are estimated at
about $23,000,000 and the expenses at
ad bout $21,500,000.
ad Prince Charles' Good Race.
In Christiana: The returns of the ple
ie biscite taken in eighty-one d.'tricts
)n show 29,443 in favor of Prince Charles
id of Denmark for King of Norway and
7-6,806 against him.
People Ignored All Appeals from Officers and
Battered Down Doors of the Jail.
Henderson, texas. Nov. 18:.--Fllow- - adv
ing the lynching of three negroes by a him
mob at an early hour yesterday morn- onei
ing, the town has been been quiet. The any
dangling bodies were cut down when towi
the mob had dispersed and were placed ano'
in a corridor of the court house by stoo
Sheriff Stone, while all morning they tine
were viewed by hundreds of people, junj
both white and black. The citizens de- ty ,
plore the tragedy, but lay no blame on and
the officers, recognizing the fact that ple
they made whatever efforts they could sur
to protect their p)risoners. Rug
The first reliablbe news of a mob met
forming came to Sheriff Stone about 9 A
o'clock Saturday night, when he began abo
to take stops to avoid the hanging by cro
sending Senator ('has. L. .Brachfield ter
and F. L. Young to the place where Bei
the mob was forming three miles north pro
of the city, to talk to the people and tea
insist on their waiting until the court thi
had an opportunity to act. and prom- the
ising them that the court would meet bot
on the 22nd. Th
Their appeals failed to have any ef- poI
fect, and when they appeared in the, de(
city limits Sheriff Stone appeared be- Wi
fore them and made a strong appeal to inm
his friends in the crowd not to take Lroi
advantage of his condliotin, but to ieV a
him an opportunity to protect his pris- a
oners. All his appeals failed to arouse the
any sympathy. and the crowd marched ors
toward the jail. Here the sheriff made lon,
another stand, and he and his deputies as
stoodI against the jail door and con- I con
tined to talk to the crowd. At this hai
juncture speeclhes were made ,Y Coun- er
ty Judge 4'. W. Moore, R. T. Brown hai
and Senator Brachfield, urging the peo- the
pile to let the law take its course, as- as
suring that ti~e courts and juries of Wt
Rusk county would act speedily and km
mete out justice to these offenders. he
After listening to what was said, as
about ten of the young men in the me
crowd alpproached the officers, and at- his
ter a fierce struggle secured them.
Being unable to secure the keys, they
Iproceeded with chisels and hammers tc
tear down the doors of the jail, and An
thirty minutes after the work began
they had the prisoners in charge.
bound with ropes around their necks ho
The prisoners were then given an op- fa
plortunity to make statements. and all lat
declared their innocence except Will
\Williams. who admitted the murder,
implicating John Reese, Henry Sher sh
.row and Robert Askew. In
$50,000,000 CONTRACT.
Mexican Central to Be Furnished With
Oil for Fifteen Years. tior
City of Mexico, Nov. 1.--The Mexi- day
can Central Railway has entered into rea
a contract with the Mexican Petroleum sul
Company, which has oil wells at Eba- cal
no, near 'lamplico. whereby the latter me
is to furnish fuel oil for the entire tha
system during a period of fifteen years, enc
and it is estimated that it will receive sol
from the railway company $50,00,0U00 Ro
during the fifteen years. The petrole- lu9
um company agrees to save the Central wa
20 per cent on its fuel bill. The of- be
ficers of the petroleum company be- vai
lieve they will have no trouble in wi,
furnishing all the oil required. A res
ervoir will be built to contain 1,000,000
barrels of oil.
Other railway companies are watch- ed
ing this experiment with great inter- al)
est, as saving in fuel bills is of im- fu
mense importance, considering the Rt
high price of wood and coal here. ye
Many Aspirants. th
Rome: The report that Archbishop w.
Cavaloanti de Albuquerque of Dio de m
Janeiro is to be created a Cardinal has rm
caused dissatisfaction among other Lat- ,
in-Amerigan countries. Argentina i(E
claims the same honor because the f
archbishopric of Santo Domingo is the.
oldest in South America and Peru, be
cause it was the first country in South
America where a Catholic hierarchy hi
was established. te
The Vatican has appeased this irrita-, be
tion by stating that in future Latin- Ji
American Cardinals will be chosen in j8
1 turn among other couptries, including C
d - Mexico. a
Relief for Peasants.
London: The St. Petersburg corre- a
spondent of the Daily Telegraph says
an imperial manifesto will shortly be
t issued granting relief to the peasantry
by the cancellation of some twenty o
million roubles of arrears of the land 1i
redemption tax, which has been levied t
since the emancipation of 1861, togeth- s
er with the extension of operations of Y
d the peasant banks.
n Neck Dislocated. e
b Fairview, Ok.: Alvin Chambebrlain,
1- aged 25, died yesterday after living two
1 months with his neck broken. While
at work with other young men, cut
i ting broom corn, two months ago, one
of the others in play jumped on Cham
berlain's back, drawing him to the
ground and dislocating his neck. Since
r then his entire body has been para
b lyzed. Chamberlain contended to the
last that his neck was not dislocated.
a) _______
Moroccan Conference Delegates.
Rome: Although his appointment'I
has not yet been officially announced,
s I Signor Sylvestrelli, Ambassador at
M. Madrid, will represent Italy at the in
t. ternational conference on Moroccan re
ed forms. He will be accompanied to Al
It glers by a number of technically expert
t, delegates.
J, S. Gilbreath Killed.
s Dublin, Texas: J. I. Gilbrbeath, an
old citizen living four miles south of
er, here, was shot and killed about 6
nt o'clock last night. Tom Gregsby sur
rendered to the constable.
Louisville Contributes.
ar Louisville, Ky.: A trifle less than
lb. $4,000 was raised at a meeting held
n- at Temple Arath Israel yesterday on
at behalf of the Russian Jews. The com
at mittee having the matter in charge
hope to swell the total to $25,000 dur
ing the coming week.
le Kansas City Sends $1,800.
ts Kansas City, Mo.: At a meeting of
lee the orthodox Jews last night $1,800 in
ad cash was raised for the renef of the
Jews in Russia.
Chief Rogers Opposed. n1
Tallequah. I. T.: The political op
ponents of \V. C. Rogers. Cherokee Na. so
tion. organized a rump council yester
day and notified him that they were int
ready to do business. This action re- int
sulted from Chief Rogers' refusal tc ho
c(all an election last summer for new i
members of his council on the ground oft
that the council would go out of exist- wl
ence when the tribal government is dis- the
solved at an early date for all time. ha
Rogers' opponents assert that he re
fused to call the election because it
was doubtful if the Robers men would
be elected. Chief Rogers has the ad- a
vantage, as no bill can become a law il
1 without his signature. vii
__ _St_- SI
J Baltimore Gives $10,000.
Baltimore, Md.: At a largely attend tru
ed meeting of the general committee to
appointed for the purpose of raisins At
. funds for the relief of the Jews of O
e Russia, held in Ohebshalom Temple
yesterday. over $10.000 was subscribed. cu
The gathering was remarkable for R1
the representative character of those Bi
P: who attended and made addresses. Si- It
le multaneously a meeting of the Balti- S(
L5 more section council of Jewish women
was held at the residence of the presi
a (lent and a substantial addition to the d,
1e fund was made. be
e. Awards to Americans.
jh Leige, Belgium: Many Amý-ricans
ly have secured high awards at the In- c
tehnational Exposition which has just D
a. been brought to a successful close.
n- John S. Sargent. the artist, received a
in gold medal of honor; W. A. Acewan,
i Carl Marr and Eugene Vail first med- .
als for paintings, and P. W. Barlett a r
first medal for sculpture. American d
manufacturers received 200 gold, silver
e- and bronze medals as well as diplomas, t
Suffered Paralytic Stroke.
ry Temple, Texas: M. I. Methvin, an
ty old citizen of Temple and Bell county,
ad is an inmate of the Kings Daughters
ed Hospital, suffering from a paralytic
th- stroke which came upon hm suuuenly
of yesterday without any warning. He
had been in the best of health, and the
attack was entirely unexpected. It is
expected that he can recover.
in, Leon County M. D.'s.
wO Oakwoods, Texas: The .ixth semi
ile annual session of the Leon county Med
ut ical Society will be held at Oakwoods
me Tuesday, Dec. 5. Physicians from all
Lm- parts of the cou'nty are invited and a 1
the large attendance is expected, as ample
ace accommodations are arranged for all.
the Durnovo's Appointment.
St. Petersburg: M. Durnovo has
been appointed Acting Minister of the
Interior. Admiral Nikoff, command
ent ant at the Baltic ports, has resigned.
ed, Alabama Ends All Quarantine,
at Montgomery, Ala.: State Health Of
in- fier W. H. Sanders at noon yesterday
re- raised the quarantine which Alabama
Al- has maintained against Pensacola, Fla.,
thus making stabama without a quar
'ert antine.
Broke Leg While Wrestling.
Marshall, Texas: Bedford Forrest, a
an young boy aboubt 15 years of age and
of namesake and relative of Gen. N. B.
6 Forrest, living in ts city, broke his
ur leg while wrestling with a companion
Saturday afternoon.
$1,500 from Milwaukee.
han Milwaukee, Wis.: Cash subscriptions
leld of $1,500 were made toward aiding the
on suffering Jews at the mass meeting yes.
om. terday at Temple Emanuel here. The
rge meeting was attended by 200 of the
ur- wealthiest Jews in Milwaukee and a
number who were not Jews.
Alfonso Goes to Vienna.
[Q Pottidam, Prussia: ning Alfonso
left last night for Vienna. He was
) a scompanied to the railroad station by
the Emperor William and his sons, and
Sthe leave taking was most cordial
Common Practice of Englishment
Reign of Henry I.
English his:o,, is rich in exas
of the way in uhih the fashion
beards has changtl, from time toti
The spies sent oi ,y Harold repo
that the Norman invaders "did als i
seem to be IpI i-., because they
all their face( ai.,l both their l
shaven," \ hich :s confirmed in 1
Bayeux tap- s',y. It 'as to distinlg a
themselves frtm 'h-cr hated coqng
ors that the IEng!ish sore their tIt
long. Stow speaks of ,,ng hair uv
as beards in ienry I s reign: ".N
contended w;h i on-en in their 10o
haires andi W hn "h:s decayed th
old age. they knit about their ho.
certain rolls and braidings of fIt
hair.'" The monk W'\llstan deit, dl
the prac'ice of wearing the hair 14
as "immoral, crin,:nal and beastl
When one of his ong.haired e4
knelt for his btles'ing, it is said te
he would whip ou' a knife and cutg d
as many of the 'tress's that lay uader
his consecrating hard as he cod '
manage in the ra'h"r !imited timeI
his disposal.
Animals With Black Coats Are Patti,
ularly Susceptible.
"The reason olou see so few black
horses is because people let thee
fade." said a horse lover. "You mUy
laugh, but a horse fades just as th
carpet or your own hair fades is th
bright sun. You know how the ds.
zling sun will bleach your hair ls a
short time? Well. if you keep a han
in the sun constantly the same thug
happens to him, and his coat chantg
in color.
"Of course, you woutin't notice t
so much in a bay or chestnut horn
but it is very noticeable in a bla
horse. His coat first seems to chap
e into a rusty black and then ebchap
into a reddish tint. I have two blas
c horses and their coats are like jet, bt
t I never let them stand in the sun. I
d often hitch them across the road frt
where I want to get out, so as tokeel
them in the shade. Consequentlythey
haven't faded a mite and are as coa
black as when I purchased them."
Get at the Cause.
Sacramento. Ky.. Nov. 13th (Sp
cial)-A typical illustration of thl
I way Dodd's Kidney Pills Cure IRhe
R nratism is well told by Catherine DI
vine, who is very well known here.
She says:
"For over four years I was greatly
d troubled with Rheumatism. It utd
to take me worst in my legs and feeo
,I At times I would be so bad I couldaet
) put my feet to the ground. As Isa
over seventy-three years of age I be.
gan to think I was too old to get
d. cured and should have to bear st
)r Rheumatism the best way I cous
so But I heard about Dodd's Kidney Pills
;i- and thought I would give them atrial
tt- So I got a box and began taking them.
Well, I must say Dodd's Kidney Pfkl.
did me a wonderful lot of good. T'll
eased the pain from the first, sa tl
he day I am in better health than I hiS
been for many years."
Soothing to Feminine Pride,
na When a woman is married Ia tl.
In. country her maiden name is minli
ist mentioned. Many people'to whOdl
is very well known have never
se it. In Belgium marriage does ut
tinguish it, for many married
in, often combine the old name with
new. Moreover, they put the
a name last, thus giving it the
an distinction. We can illustrate ti
;e supposing the custom to preYl1
this country. In that case Miss
when she married Mr. Ro
would have her visiting cards p
"Mrs. Robinson-Brown." This
an barreled arrangement does not'
'the Belgian wife a better
ers status than the English wife's,
tic is very soothing to feminine p
He Obstinate Clinging to Pre
the Great is the butter-maklnf o
beria, and greater, says Mr.
It is to become-a region that
supply half mankind with
m- "There are, however, peasants
for one reason or another, refli
sell their milk or to turn it Ito'
ods ter. The owner of a farm og.
all from the station of Tagai' 1
d 8 by a Danish friend why he did
ple the milk from his 300 cowS t.
i. neighboring dairy. He replied.
his grandfather and his fathar
not sold milk before him, and e
has no reason why he should do U;.
the was sure the Lord would not lIX
S Husband Sold at Auctolii
In the early eighties the writ
Of. present at an inn in Cracow W
day woman put up her husband to
sma tion. She herself acted as
la, eer, while the lot to be dispal
uar* a strapping young fellow of t,
prepossessing appearance, who
evidently not averse to the P
ings-sat on a stool at her feet.
t. a came briskly, and the man *10
and mately knocked down to a com
Smature, widow, with whom he ie
io terms with himself and his p
-London Answers.
Nature in Fit of ResentmlOS
ion A British ironclad discovered £.
t Island in the Mediterrnnefl
the years ago, and the captain
yes- union jack on one of the
The 'eaks. Nature kicked against
the iropriation of her property, and
da :han let John Bull have the is
sank it under the sea. She
vork with the volcanos, and
'ad burned for a night the W
>no ostelry. evidently on the
was md, with its seething mass
1 by 'sappeared with a deafelnlal
and 1r the waves.

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