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The Rice belt journal. (Welsh, Calcasieu Parish, La.) 1900-19??, November 24, 1905, Image 1

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Cheap Homes
We have arranged with the *
North American Land and Tim
ber company whereby we have
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000 acres of theirlands surround
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The RICE BELT JOURNAL $1 per year.
Welsh Machine Shops,
i. B. VAN NESS, Proprietor. _
Any Size or Guage, and
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ant during the
Id winter weath
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1M lilRS CD., 7D.
TnE RJIHT PLACE.m ._ . _..
Address of Pres. Jno. H. Cooper at the
DIedication of the First Baptist
('lturch of Welsh, S~unday, November
19, 1905.
The first record of Baptists I have
been able to find in Welsh is Septem- l
ber 13, 1887, when it seems a Baptist
church was organized under the name
of "Christ's Church," with eight mem- 1
bers. Ou November 8 following, Bro. I
A. G. Dunn was called as pastor. No 1
other record is found until April 27, I
1889, when a meeting of the church f
was held. Rev. J. 13. Hame, acting as
moderator at this time, live were taken I
into the fellowship of the church; two
by letter and three by baptism. On 4
the first day of August of the same
year, another meeting was held, pre
sided over by M. L. Davis. At this
meeting it was reported that the mem
bers. acting upon their individual re
sponsibility, had secured the pledge of
a lot upon which to build and $39;7.00
besides. Sunday after this, however,
the brother who had pledged the lot
upon which to build.) and who, by the
way, was Henry Welsh, the father of
the town,) died without making any
provision for the transfer of the lot
to the church and so it was lost.
About this time a number of our
brethren attended our state convention
which met that year at Lake Charles,
and endeavored to secure some assist
ance to build, but were unable to do
so; not even able to secure the prom
ise of our state board to give us a
pastor. In November following, a
meeting was held and letters of dis
mission granted to two of the thirteen
memnbers. So far as I am able tofind,
no other meeting was held until July
28, 1892. At the conclusion of a meet
ing held by Bros. M. E. Shattuch and
J. J. Baria, when it was found that
only seven members remained; one
was l1ot sight of and two excluded at!
that time. Bro. M. E. Shattuch was,
called as pastor and three days later,
on July 31, 1892, Bros. M. L. Sloane
and W. . '. Brown were ordained dea
cons. No further records can be found
until September 3, 1896, when the
church met. At the close of a meeting
held by Bros. E. J. Moberly and J. L.
Barret, when two were received by
letter, four under the watch care of
the church and two candidates for bap.
tism. The four received under the
watch care of the church afterward
presented their letters and were re
ceived into the fellowship of the church,
but those received for baptism were
never baptised until after the present
organization. One of them was hap
tised and received into the fellowship
of the church, but so far as we know
the other never has.
Bro. J. L. Barret was called as pas
tor and held regular monthly service
until April 11, 1897, when he resigned.
During Rev, Barret's pastorate there
were six received into the church and
three dlismissed by letter. $30.45 was
raised for all purposes.
Nothing further is known of Iap
Stists here until about the beginning of
S1902, when our state hoard sent Bro.
S. C. Self into this field as a mission
In the early part of May, 1!902, Rev. I
SA. L. J.ohnson, then general mission
ary for the state, visited Welsh and
Sassisted Rev, Self in a meeting of
SseveraI days duration, at the conclhs
ion of which, on the 12th day of May,
Sthe following persons met at the resi
m dence of Dr. Jno. H. Cooper and or
ganitvd the Missionary B3aptist
SChurch of Welsh: M. L. Sloane, Mrs.
A. C. Sloane, Dr. Jno. H: Cooper,
Mrs. Lorena Cooper and W. C.
Brown, of the defunct Baptist church
of Welsh, A. C. Shipman of Dun
Schurch, Hampton. Illinois, S. Black
ford, of a defunct Wisconsin church,.
J. F. Tubhs of a defunct church of
Molina Junction, Texas, C. E. ilooper
of Gillsbureg, Mississisippi, Miss Bell
Holl, Odessa, Missouri, Miss Mary
Robertson, Cabcol. Missouri, Mrs.
E. Medus, Whiteville, Louisiana, P.
H. Goodreau, Mrs. Agness Goodreau,
Miss Eldia Goodreau and I. M. Gray
of Crowley church.
A building committee consisting 6f
J. F, Tubbs', W.- C. Brown, A.. C.
Shipman, H. M. Gray and John H..
Cooper, was appointed to secure a
suitable location and eatimate cost of,
a suitable building.
This committee soon reported that·
the location could be securtd and es
timated that $2,200 would be sufficient
for the erection of the building, where
upon the committee was instructed to
proceed at once to build, which they
did and by the 21th of December 1902,
thebuilding was far enough along
that a meeting was held in it and a
Baptist Sunday school, the first ever
held in Welsh, was organized with J..
F. Jubbs as Superintendent.
The building of a Baptist church in
Killed at ('rowley.
Harvey Allison, brother of A. B.
Allison, secretary of the Louisiana
Mill and Irrigation Co.. of Crowley,
met with an accident last Friday
morning which caused instant death.
Mr. Allison was engaged by the Star
B mill people to take the place of En
gineer Patton, who is off for a few
days. He went to the mill and had
been engaged in his duties but a short
time when through some manner he
was caught in the machinery and
hurled to the floor and his spinal col
umn was broken. He was twenty-five
years of age and unmarried. The
funeral occurred Saturday afternoon
at 3 o'clock at the Methodist church
of that place.
Just received car-load
of Moon Bros. Carriages
and Buggies. Call and
see us before buying.
Welsh Carriage and Im
plement Co. Ltd.
Call and see our new line of Ladies'
Collars at the Racket Store.
- -----
Get milk of the Welsh
Dairy. They sell the best.
Sham BIattle at Opelonsas.
The military companies' of Lake
Charles, Rayne, Crowley, Amite City,
Baton Rouge and Alexandria will
hold a military celebration and sham
battle on Nov. 26, at Opelousas. The
companies' from Lake Charles, Rayne
and Crowley will go on a special train.
Gov. Blanchard, Adjutant General
Stafford and several members of the
governor's staff have promised to at
tend. The evercises will include a
competitive drill, parade, batallion
drill and sham battle. It is expected
that a very large crowd will attend,
as opelousas is a very popular ex
cursion point.
Reading Notice.
Every man owes it to himself and
his family to master a trade or pro
fession. Read the display advertise
ment of the six Morse Schools of
Telegrapy, in this issue and learn how
easily a young man or lady may learn
telegraphy and be assured a position.
150 tons of Good, Clean
Rice Straw. Inquire of
Calcasieu Implement Co.,
Ltd., Welsh, La.
Another Nrand Jury Sesslon.
Judge E. D. Miller Tuesday morn.
ing made an order calling the grand
Jurors and all the men who were sum
moned to act on the grand jury, but
were left out in the drawing, to meet
Wednesday, Nov. 23H . Since the grand
jury adjourned several matters have
come up which in Judge Miller's opin
ion, should be acted upon by them.
For' Nale.
My twenty acre place inside corpor
I ation limits and drayage business, .on
a~ood terms. Apply to, or address
S. A. Covey, Welsh, La.
Moon Bros. Burggles
guaranteed to give per
tect satisfaction. Welsh
Carriage and Implement
ed to sell my residence property, situ
atedon the south side, in one of the
most desitrable locatious in Welsh.
For particulars call on or write J. F.
Tubbs, Welsh, Louisiana.
:rand Jury Report.
The Grand Jury empanneled Nov.
6, have submitted their report for the
present session as follows:
We have examined 124 cases, 360
Witnesses, of which we haue returned
88 true bills as follows: 5 for murder
1manslaughter, 9 assault with intent
to kill, 5 larceny, 6 carrying concealed
weapons, 17 hoodlumism, 11 violating
Sunday law, 9 for selling liquor to
minors, 4 for selling liqnor without
license, 1 embezzlement, 6 assault and
battery, 14 minor chaarges. Not true
brlls ii.
ESTRAY-Came to my place about
the tirst of October, 1904, one red hei
fer-no brand. Owner can have same
by provinz property and payiung costs
of keeping and this advertisement.
p-4t A. A. Sutter.
S- ~ -,1l ,O -  ...
The largest and most complete line
of blankets and comforts at the Welsh
Furniture Store.
The Third Annual Session of the Gulf t
Conference of the Methodist Episco
pal ('hurch Will le Hleld in Welsh, [
Dlecember 1.5.
The third annual session of the 1
Gulf Conference of the Methodistl
Episcopal church will convene in
Welsh, December 1. 'There will he a
number of outside vi itors besides the
regular ministerial members of thl
Every citizen should feel that his
town and community is being highly
honored by the coming of this body of
christian men and women, It will hey
the largest meeting of any kind ever
held in the community and is not only
an honor to the town, but will be a
blessing to all the churches and an in
spiration to each individual.
Bishop Wilson, our presiding otic.
er, is one of the great leaders and di
rectors of christian thought and influ
ence and all who come in contact with
him will be greatly helped.
One of the secretaries' of the largest
missionary enterprises in the world
will also be present and will be heard
on Sunday night.
Education, religious literature, home
missions and deaconess work will all
have their place during the meeting
and all who possibly can should plan
to attend and receive of the good
While this body of spiritual peoplle
are among us, let us expect and pray
that we may all be made better men
and women and that at the pentecost
al services, which will be held daily.
sinners may be converted and believ
ers baptised with the Holy Ghost "for
the promise is unto you and your
children, and as many as the Lord our
God shall call." Let every house
which entertains a minister or layI
member, see to it that they have the
opportunity of reading God's word in
your family circle and praying with
A number of speakers from outside
the conference will be with us. This
will be an opportunity that some will
never have again: that of hearing
some of the greatest leaders of re
ligious thought in our country.
Let every one feel that this is "my
confdrence," this is an opportunity
in my life which I will take advant
age of and receive all the good I can.
The following is the program for the
Gulf Conference, beginning Nov. f0:
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known firm of Chas. A Stevens
& Bros. of Chicago and we take
orders for Ladies' Tailor-made
Suits, Skirts, Jackets, Rain
Coats, Furs, etc. Suits also made
to special order. Call and see
our elegant line of SAMIPLES.
' Welsh, La.
Open to the Publio for
'Rice Storage!
- Having decided to open all of our warehouses for
S rice storage, we solicit your business.
Liberal Cash Advances
on warehouse receipts, and you sell your own
goods. Ask our managers to explain our method
9 for securing you best cash market price for your
Srice. Apply to
LOUISIANA MILL, ,einitg.s, La.
ROANOKE MILL, Roanoke, La.
; Louisiana Irrigation and Mill Company
Crowley, Louisiana.
Thursday Ev-ening, 7:00 o'clock:
Coniference, [reception.
,::30-Son- Service, liev. J. 11. Basket.
S:l -Address of Wel'come for the Citi
zens: l)r. J. II. C'ooper.
IResponse for the Conference: 1)r. fly.
II. Mc( 'ain.
:Address of Welc nme for the Churches:
Dr. G. i:. M1ente.
Ilesponse for ('onference: lBishop Luth
er 3. Wilson, I). [).
i 9:(R a. inm. Sacramental Service.
10:00--- irganization and Business.
S11:20 --Address by ishop Wilson.
3:00 p. m.- -Missionary Sermon: Rev.
W. E. IHarrison.
4:00- Pe'ntecostal Service.
7:011--Son-( and I'raise Service.
7:30--Conference Sermon: 1 ev. J. IR.
9:00 a. im. --D)evotions.
9:30 --Business Session.
11:20-- Address by Bishop Wilson.
3:( p. inm.- -Meridian Male and Female
('cllrees: 'residents J. W. and
I. A. Beeson.
4:00 --P1entecostal Service.
7:00--Song Service: Uev. .. J.. Basket.
7:30-Educational Anniversary: RIev.
J. F. Ioeye. D. D).
9:30 a. Im.-Love Feast: 1ev, Wm. IR.
11:00--Sermon by Bishop Luther B.
Wilson, D. D.
3::30 p. in.-Ordination of Deacons and
I;:45--Service for Young People.
7:30-Conference Prayer League; RIev.
W. E. Harrison.
I :00-Missionary Anniversary, Rev.
H. K. Carroll. D. D.
9:00 a. m.--Devotions.
9:)30--Business Session.
11:20-Address by Bishop Wilson.
3:00 p. m.--Woman's Howe Mission
ary Society:Mrs. A. R. Timmons.
14:00--Pentecostal Service.
7:00- -Son and Praise Service.
7:30--Address on Deaconess Work;
Miss Rebecca Bell.
I9:00-Business Session.
11:00-Reading of Appointments.
This Program is subject to change.
NI ••mm

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