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ie Chance of a Life TiMe o
50' o
OGreatly Reduced Prices
o J. S. GERSON, Prop.,
o 0 0
The South is the Placu.
ifgy acres of land in the South will
-lthe farmer as much profit as 160
acres in the North. This statement
,was'made by a northern man to a New
SOrleans newspaper reporter, .1 ames E.
Grayes, of Grand Forks, South Da
Sots, who has been on a visit to sev
eral Louisiana points, makes the ob
ieryation. lHe cites the fact that for
isveral months in the year farming in
i enorthwest is unprofitable because
It is so cold no farm work can be
:done. He says a farmer's horses eat
Ir heads off in the stable unless
Sare-engaged in other work, some
Ailng not possible at all times.
Furthermore a big hole is made in
profits because of the fact that north- '
Srafarmers must wait until the frost
Isoutofthe ground bef,re they may
proceed to plac" it inl t.'nldition to
srnsomethin. Ili the S,,ct!I things
aredifferent. It iV not tc:,tl enough
0ong the gulf e t, at re;uire warml
brns, stock h iuhei lr (i on o ,god 4
patture practically ali the: year.
MeIths before the northl t mau Il can
hfinkof such a thiing the :;il down
Iere has been pilowed, the ('p:'S() have
been planted and ;'e aHrIwill, some
timeslbefore tihe northwet, farme'r can
la to turn the soil.
Onestartiin; ct,ý evatitu, made by
IMr. Graves is :..a:t laratively
Inall soae of nrourn in this country,
S"lanted in fruit and vt getables will1
produce as much revenue aci a whole
Usetion planted in wheat. in theI
Another interesting - obl,:"-rvation
litdeby Graves relates to the reason 4
'4 some of the northern .:.,n who
e a0 down here become dissatisfied.
.ORthis point he says:
'The only reason I can see why
l:re southeru land is not settled by
,lrmers from the North is that, after
tiey livehere for a few vears, they
k:d that the farmer here does not
:Irkhis farm like he has been used
, The next thing is that he cannot
Sletre the labor to do it for him as he
W., it done. This causes many of
gIntoget into a dissatistied state,
prevents them feeling at home.
While this is a small thing, however,
is certain that the man who owns a
o 1d farm in the South is much better
:l than the man who owns a bigger
ihm'in the North."
This man will go home and spread
le gospel of opportunity to be found
Sthis southern country. He has
a some ofit but not all. Had he
oe6 to this section he could have
other things which would have
showa to a greater degree the wonder
Swl atural resources of this part of
S~outh. He would have observed
1ie ri0fields and would have become
impres d with the fact that as good
as that grown any place can be
in the next field. He would
SMfind that corn is grown and
'munch more of it could be pro
to advantage. In short he
IIll have found that from an agri
f tandpoint Southwest Louisi
ols aexceptional opportunities.
Proof wil) be forthcoming to
SdobnRX 2 ,as and especially
Sd l to iemonstrate it to a
man with a little money and
a ubts and hustle --Crowley
For the cure of the Above Named lhis.
ease the Following Prescription
and Treatment is Iteeom
Take the following ingredients in
the proportion named:
per cent
Thorough knowledge of subjects
being taught .....................50
Careful preparation for each
recitation................. .....10
Interest and enthusiasm in the
subject........ ..................10
Sympathy with the pupil's dimf
culties .................... ......10
Appreciation of the pupil's efforts...10
Kind, cheerfuf tone of voice when
Mix thoroughly.
This disease is most successfully
cured when the doctor instead of the
patient takes the medicine, and the
patient gets the effect of the medicine
by pleasant association with the doc
tor. Therefore it is recommended
that the teacher take a large dose one
hour before breakfast. Then, begin
ning with 9 a. m. take a dose each
hour until 4 p. m. In very bad cases
the teacher may take a dose one or
two hours before retiring at night.
Continue the treatment during the en.
tire term, unless the pupil is cured
sooner. If faithfully administered, it
rarely requires over thirty days to
effect a cure, but to prevent a return
of the disease, or other pupils catch
Ing it, it Is recommended that the
teacher keep a supply of the medicine
on hand and take a dose whenever
any symptons of the disease appear.
Hiram Hadley, Superindent of Pubic
Instruction of New Mexico, in the
Normal Alumnus.
Governor Blauechard Calls for Observ.
ance of Centenary of Robt. E. Lee.
Governor Blanchard has Issued his
proclamation recommending to the
people of Louisiana that the birthday
of Robt. E. Lee, on January 19, be
observed and asks that business, as
far as possible, be suspended; that the
schools of the state take action either
alone or in conjunction with the con
federate organizations, to hold appro
priate exercises, and that the military
organizations of the state observe the
day by review and parade.
To Get ild of Negroes.
Washington, Dec. 28.-Congress
will be urged to rid the army of all
negro troops when it takes up the
Brownsville affair. Army officers
and members of Congress are giving
this matter much thought. Four reg
iments would be affected. The sug
gestion grows out of the fact that ever
since the incident leading to the
Brownsville affair and the troops dis
charge, a wave of crime seems to have
swept over the negro troops.
It would pay you to see us before
you buy your work or buggy harness.
We have a full line and our prices are
close. Calcasieu Implement Co.
And with it comes the need of a
New Supply of Business Stationery.
i8 The Welsh Printing Co.
S ~is prepared to do all kinds of JOB PRINT=
ING, and guarantee both the material and
workmanship of every piece of work we turn S
out. Our job foreman, Mr. P. W. Kiplinger,
is a printer of ten years experience and is
fully conversant with every detail of the 8I
work. It matters not whether you want
Letter Heads, Envelopes, Statements, Wedd
ing Announcements, Legal Blanks, Busi
ness Forms or Booklets and Pamphlets print.
ed, WE can do you as good a job ftr as lit
tie or less money than you can get done in
a Houston, Lake Charles or New Orleans.
Send in your work early so as to give us time to
Sproperly finish it
WIEi ft1 [OUIRP4Y, iTD.
'PHONE NO. 50.
l,0000 000000000000
Having disposed of my meat mark
et and grocery business to Mr. Aldez
Arceneaux, I desire to publicly thank
the citizens of Welsh for the courtesies
and liberal patronage extended to me
since entering business here.
Hoping that my successor may
merit and receive the same liberal pat
ronage, I remain
Sincerely yours,
Welsh, La., Jan. 1, 1907.
Council called to order in regular
session by the lion. M1ayor John II.
) Cooper. Members of the Board of
p Trustees present: C. E. ('artr, E. C.
Willard, A. T. Jones, Philip Miller.
Absent: E. H. HOlinL.
Minutes of previous mleeting read
I and approved. Matter of bilis taken
) up and dislposetd of:
p Gabe (iollien ...... .......... 1 54)
M II. .\'aaNes ............ .. 25 ()
Lee E. Robinson .... ....... 31l 0
M. L. Farlow .................. 3 -)
S. A. Croi iii er........ .......... ¶9 01
B . L. ;Iraves ................ 1 $5
James Keth ................... 1)0 50
IJ. I{. lee, marshal.............. 42 25
Ciharles I tlder, splc. police.... 2 50
Holmer oucher, janitor....... i 00
Thouma;r (C,x, marshlal... ..... 11 50
.. I i-. aiidt.en, schliool fundtl..... ,!, t0
M,tm\I that all Iill, 4). Klti. by
lin'ancte co'1nittet be allo.ted and or
deel :>ail.
Moved and secouiIdecd that the Mayor
he authorized to pay ofl noti in biank.
11\'vd allld seconded that the se're
tary ii, a:uaiuri.':.d to draw warrant of
,30.i.llr ml 1h1, t l'tr as, lar in i ,\ lr of A
lIi iias idtei, pariih tr4usn.i ,l ., to itp
plr on sclihol funil. Carried.
.\ I,'iti LU ' I a ilt Ik n ,t
side of I'olk street oin nOtion on Iroll
call lpet-titin atcceplited and walk or
T'he iIaitler of electing a marshal
Swas taken up, ballot taken: Thomas
Cox securing the unanimous vote of
the council was declared duly elected.
.Moved and seconded that we ad
joiurn, carried.
In regard to side walk on west side of
l'olk street.
SSc'. 1. Be it ordained by the May
I or and Uloard of Trustees of the towe
of Welsh, La., that in cOinlmplianit
with a petition properly signed by the
resident owners of a majority of the
property owners abuttilg lon the street
proposed to be improved by the build
in" o)f sidewalks. Said 1etition hav
ing been properly signied and present
ed at the regular meeting of the
Hoard of Trustees on the 1st day of
Janutiry, t194 and h} theun approved;
Itherefore, in accoirdance with the au
thorityv herein tested by ordilnanlce No.
52, it is hereby ordered that a side
r walk he built according to the spIeci
licationi adoltptetd August 7th, l!in, on
the west side of Polk street town of
Welkh, La., beginning at the noirth
east corner of lot No. 9, thence south
along street to the sout(ihea-t corner of
lot No. 14; all of block No. 5 of the
Robinson and Miller subdivision to
the Town of Welsh, La.
Sec. 2. He it further ordained, that
it shall be the dut, of all , owners of
property fronting on that part of the
west side of Polk street herein named
to construct or cause to be construct
ed a sidewalk as above provided with
in twenty days from the adoption and
promulgation of this ordinance, and
incase of failure or neglect to build
said walk it shall then be built accord
ing to the provisions of said ordi
pance No. 52.
Sec. 3, J3 it further ordained, that
this orlijnance shall take effect from
and after its adoption and promulga
Passed Council Jan. 1st, 1907.
I. C. Willard, aye.
A. T. Jones, aye.
Philip Miller, aye,
C. E. Carr, aye.

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