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9Hardly Likely.
Carnegie tells a story to
that a Celt Is always a Celt
ad s well as in Ireland. In
preached in a small church
w the pastor, after inveigh.
yst slothfulness, said, by way
"Do you think that Adam
went about the garden of
-ith their hands in their pock.
Oldest Living Scotchman.
' Grieve, who was born in c
Glenqullich, in Glengarry,
- Year's day, I S00. Is the oldest ,
Scotchman. lie was a shepherd
f ew years ago. He can remem- C
dents of nearly a century ago.
alves very simply and seldom
ieat He married in 1822, and
ot his 14 children survive.- -
The Real Ruler.
gdUchess of Roxburghe. who was
Kay Goelet of New York, has
-p the prevalent craze to collect
and she is building a minis
no at Floors castle. In fact, the
a masterful little lady, has
a she wants. One of the
tenants, wishing some conces.
went to the castle and told his
to an old retainer, adding that
gauld like to see the master In
"Eh, mon," retorted the aged a
t, who is not entirely reconciled
_ new order of affairs, "there is t
u malster in this hoose thae
ad that's no' the duke. Ye
see the duchess." t
SHow to leep Is I Blanket a
are a great nany very com
treatises telling you how to
yloutr re, pitch your tent and all
est of it. I have never seen dew
the woodman's method of using
et, however. Lie flat on your
Spread the blanket over you.
Omise your legs rigid from the
the blanket, of course, draping
tbse. In two swift motions tuck
in edge under your legs from
is left, then the second edge an.
eae left to right, and over the
edge. Lower your legs, wrap
shoulders and go to sleep. If
tll over one edge will unwind
te other will tighten.-Stewart
White in Outing.
Admired Statesman's Stature.
German journalist visiting in
himself a man of stal.
proportions, was rather inclined
kla with something like contempt
many undersized statesmen he
la the national legislature. But
Secretary Taft bore down upon
I gasped in wonder. They were
iled and after a short chat the
departed. Just as he disap.
from the German's admiring
the towering form of Congress
Slloway hove into view. The
looked at the New Hampshire
loug and earnestly. "He is big
ths any man in his imperial ma
Ubthn guards," said the for
IR a tone of chagrin, "and I
mwlte one whole letter about
And Many Greenbacks.
okis of Gold and Greenbacks
s ent to persons who write the
lsateresting and truthful letters
~lelnce on the following topics:
Lil 8 have you been affected by
dtdnking and by changing from
, Qi(. name and account of one or
us0e drinkers who have been
- *and have been induced to
Ias Postum.
: ltou know any one who has
itten away from Postum be
etame to the table weak and
at the first trial?
S~Wyou set such a person right
the easy way to make it
t, and with a snappy, rich
Sit you ever found a better
i*ke it than to use four heap.
fuls to the pint of water,
on stove until real boiling
,sa beginning at that time
ttul boiling starts, boil full 15
more to extract the flavor and
Ji (A piece of butter the size
will prevent boiling over.)
is confined to those who
SPostum prior to the date
, srtlsement.
and truthful, don't write
*r fanciful letters, Just plain,
* L£tements.
Will close June 1st, 1907, and
,ecelved after that date will
Examinations of letters
:Ilde by three judges, not
of the Postum Cereal Co.,
decisions will be fair and
d neat little box containing
piece sent to each of the
of the most interesting let'
Containing a $5 gold piece
the,0 next best, a $2 green
Sof the 100 next best, and
ack to each of the 200 next
cash prizes distributed
4 of Postum is urged to
..ach letter will be held in
by the company, as an
anch friendship, while the
Of gold and envelopes of
leach many modest writers
Sand sensible letters con
desired, although the
.have but small faith in
the time of writing.
"subject over with your
lhow many among you
It is a good, honest
54 in the best kind of a
the competitors abso.
:Itter to the Postum
ItatUe Creek, MIch.,
*- and address
Still 'Nother Prayer.
"The outward. wv:t vward life we to.:
The htiddin splriungs ie may n~ t know"
Col grant us lwa'o in lilbo springs
oneath thi tie la rk:on, river's how,
Cr:it inrrotis r'ssuriig its
Of The.,, a blhsstd undrtow!
Give us the grace to own our hearts
Anil the fl.o,ts of sin and lst.
And, free from guil. a:nd s. Itish ways, bt
Give is an utndrtow of trust'.! a
Grant us Thy sign to gulid aright
Our boat tlrougll all the wirlhily strife,
Proclaitn tie ~u:y anti l td us n at
Toward the l.:verl:sting Life! tt
Remember To-Day That- e!
Courage leads a man to im
mortality, but fear to oblivion F
and death.
Uncle By's Daily Love Story. a
He had been worried and cross for 11
a week and she had allowed her wire t
of discord to short circuit his cable t
twice during the breakfast hour. He -
had waited but a moment for her to r
come for her morning kiss, before t
taking his train for business. She had d
not come lpromptIly and he had gone E
away without the usual tokin of af
fection that marked their daily part
As a result she had been unhappy
and nervous all lay. An hour before
time for his return she had donned
the dress he liked best and was play- t
ing on the piano a love song they had
often sung together. When the train
whistled she wreathed her face in
smiles and took her place at the ball t
door to surprise him.
But she waited without his coming.
Then she began to imagine things.
He had been killed! She was positive
of it, and she threw herself on the
sofa and wept bitter and grief-stricken
tears. Eight o'clock struck and she
rushed madly down to the telegraph
office and wired the office where he
was employed, hoping to catch the
Janitor or some one who might know
of the accident. Then she returned
home and cried softly in her handker
chief-and waited.
Suddenly her mood changed to an
ger. lie was trying to pay her back;
he was staying down town merely to
punish her. It was cruel of him 'and
heartless. She would retire and go to
sleep! She would show him that she
was not to be humiliated in this man
She scarcely had touched the bed be
fore her grief and remor-a returned,
and the tears came so freely they wet
the pillow-and still he did not come.
Then she heard a strange step on the
sidewalk. It was the messenger to tell
her of the accident, or a friend to
break gently the news of his death!.
With a great outburst of sobbing,
she arose and answered the bell her
self. She could hardly mnuster courage
to pull aside the curtain of the door
and peep through the gltss.
Her worst fears were realized.
There in the dim light she recognized
Mr. Haskins, a mutual friend. Ie was
"My dear Mrs. -," he began.
"Your husband-"
"What has happened? Tell me!"
she begged.
"I am very sorry, but Ed asked me
to see you personally and tell you
that he has gone to St. Louis on busi
ness. Was called unexlpectedly and he
did not like to trust to a telegram for
fear it would be delayed and you
would be worried. At the station I
met Wlggsby, who is buying some
property for me-and-and I got so
interested in it, I forgot all about the
message until I had retired for the
night. Then I came over just as
quickly as I could. I'll send around a
big box of candy to-morrow and if you
tell Ed I forgot his message, I'll-I'll
do something dreadful."
"Never mind the candy, Mr. Has.
kins, and I won't tell. Indeed I won't
Thank you very, very much."
And a weary, nervous but re
lieved little wife returned to her bed
to vow that she would never, no.
never! quarrel with her husband
again, no matter how much the wires
got crossed.
By the Way.
St Peter won't pay much attention
to printed biographies when he makes
the final judgment.
Ed Howe complains because west
ern tailors make "pants" too long.
SThat's so you can turn up your
S"trousers," Ed.
And now, in New York. there are
Sprofessional lovers, men who instruct
Syoung women how to make love.
t Seems to me this would be a nice
I business if a fellow could pick the
SHalf the trouble of the world Is
1 caused by people quarreling over
I something about which they, don't
a really care a snap of their finger.
f Never contradict your wife before
a company and never let her contradict
L- you, likewlser--not even If you have to
B take her down and sit on her. This
a performance will not injure you in the
eyes of your friends more than the
r contradiction.
SA man who has a good wife that
t can cook is a fool to quarrel with her
a about the hirsute integuments o! the
> Martianst
,i |A- N~f
A Woman Who Has Suffered Tells
How to Find Relief.
The thousands of women who suffer
backache, languor, urinary disorders
and other kidney lls,
will find comfort in
the words of Mrs.
J. no Farrell, of G0t;
fhcri4 At,,.. Jerre}'
('ity, N. ,., who i, s:
"I rehe':at' all I
have Fa:iil before ln
praise of IDan's Kid
, n y Pill. I1 had
it beorn having heavy
backaches, and my general health was
affected when I began using themt. My
feet were swollen, nmy eyes puffed, and
dizzy spells were frequnt. Kidney
action was irreicular and the secre
Lions highly colored. To-day, how
ever, I am a well woman, and 1 am
confident that Deoan's Kidney Pills
have made me so, and are keeping
me well."
Sold by all dealers. 50 cents a box.
Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
Keep Your Face to the Sunlight
I know an old man who has had a
good deal of trouble and many losses
and misfortunes, but he started out in
life with a firm determination to ex
tract just as much real enjoyment
from it, as he went along, as possible
-not in dissipation, but in wholesome
recreation and fun. Hie has always
tried to see the humorous side and the
duty of happiness.--O. S. Marden in
Success Magazine.
Don't Delay.
The season of coughs and colds is
not yet past--they will be prevalent
for some months to come. Do not
neglect or experiment with them. Use
the safe and sure remedy-Simmons'
Cough Syrup. It heals the soreness
and stops the cough.
The foundation of pride is the wish
to respect one's self, whatever others
may think; the mainspring of vanity
is the craving for the admiration of
others, no matter at what cost to one's
self-respect.-F. Marion Crawford.
PRICE 25c AND 50c
The 1 1 Was Pale"
writes Mrs. H. C. Robinson (formerly Miss Hazel Upson) of DeKalb,
Ill., "as a result of six months suppression, following an attack of
fever, that I never got over just right. I was weak and hardly able to
get around. The best doctor In DeKalb gave me up and said I could
lady friend came to see me and told mamma to get me a bottle of
Were ro CanI'
Wr Relief
G o n e so she got It, though she had little hopes of its helping. But, praise God! I had taken
j.:st three bottles, when I was relieved and began to get well right off. I kept right on
taking Cardul and now I am well and strong. I feel that I owe my life to Oardul and
will never be through praising it." Thousands of ladies have written, like Mrs. Robin.
WRITE US FREELY son, to tell of the wonderful relief it gave, in the various forms of female disease. For
and frankly, in strictest confidence, telling anl our such trouble as headache, backache falling feelings, nervousness, irregularity, misa
troubles, and stating your age We will send you plcement, etc., you will find Cardul of true and lasting benefit Try it.
FREE ADVICE, in plain sealed envelope, and a val-a
sable 64-page Book on "Home Treatment for en" AT ALL DRUGGISTS IN $1.00 BOTTLES 100
Address: Ladies' Advisory DepartmentCo., Chattanoo, Tenn. G00
Chattanooga Medicine Co., Chattanooga, Tenn.
Handsome Bridal Coijh.
A bridal coach costing $1,800 has
been finished by a Bridgeport (Conn.)
manufacturer for a liveryman at
Pittston, Pa. The vehicle is upho!
stered, silk curtained, wood carved,
gilt trimmed and has 20 hearts on it.
There are heart-shaped windows, two
large hearts for the dashboard and the
rear springs are heart-shaped. Two
Cupids surmount the lamps.
Not "Just as Good"-it's the Best.
One box of Hunt's Cure is unfailing
ly, unqualifiedly, and absolutely guar
anteed to cure any form of Skin Dis
ease. It is particularly active in
promptly relieving and permanently
curing all forms of itching known.
Eczema, Tetter, Ringworm and all
similar troubles are relieved by one
application; cured by one box.
Building Up Manila.
Manila is issuing butding permits
at the rate of from 10 to 25 a day,
large and small
Mrs. Winslow's Soothlng Syrup.
Por children teethin, softens the gums, redes .
a-mmaUton, allays pain, cures wind collc. 25c bottle.
it you have knowledge, let others
lght their candles at itL-T. Faller.
s we M ui. UWI, ro N l1ýI6. us. _ " iAlE RETORIE . PdslrW r U.
the brightest and fastest colors with less
work and nou mlss.
Minds of too many men ore filled
with useless knowledge.
That k IA.\AII\ 'E I:~'i ~it t',.::r ami larl.
nan ; '.natl ~eb *tO t tilIe". . 1 . 'P rp ti r't 4ind
,ory nalt { Ia ," Its a WHIITI':E i'At K.1 K n lwith
k nnu . ra d t-, i er.nb. and L eaJ r ti, e  nlture of
SW (VRO\ h. ,.
According to statistics nine-tenths
of the men who cu'lilllt suicide are
married. ('oTlnulent is unnecessary.
1F1 "', > n lie.''in t 1 Nervous
(irt.t l ( : " l; . 'rt -'" 'cr ! r rer%' 00
tI':tl i ,the anl tredt,-' [i . i i. l.ihine,
Ld., 9:l Ar h 't I , i'rti i ,!,Ol"h :,. Ia.
Idleness and pride tax with a hear*
ler hand than kings and parliaments.
If we can get ria of the former we can
easily bear the latter.-Franklin.
In a Pinch. Use ALLEN'S FOOT-EASE.
A powder. It cutrep painful, smart
ing, nervous feet and ingrowing nails.
It's the gre::te.t comnfort discovery of
the age. 1Makels new shoes easy. A
certain cure for sweating feet. Sold
by all Druggists, 25c. Accept no sub
stitute. Trial package, FREE. Ad
dress A. S. Olmsted, Ie Roy, N. Y.
Notwithstanding the existence of
switches, pads, drug store complex.
ions, belladonna and pneumatic con.
trivances such as are described in the
advertising pages of magazines, you
never have heard of a self-made
"It Knocks the Itch."
It may not cure all your ills, but it
does cure one of the worst. It cures
any form of itch e',er k nown-no mat
ter what it is called, where the sensa
tion is "itch," it knocks it. Eczema,
Ringworm and all the rest are relieved
at once and cured by one box. It's
guaranteed, and its name is Hunt's
It isn't always policy to believe the
man who tells you what he would do
it be were In your place.
foare '""1e Thompson's Eye Water
W. N. U., HOUSTON, NO. 10, 1907.
Prolific Playwright and Novelist.
W. J. Locke, the new secretary of
the Institute of British Architects, is
a writer of plays and novels. His first
book appeared in 1894 and each year
since then he has completed a book.
His plays have been very successful
and his latest effort in that direction
will shortly be brought out in London.
Barry's Tricopherous
is a scientific hair food which removes
all dandruff and irritation from the
scalp, and strengthens the hair growth.
Many a man's idea of hospitality is
to bring other men home and have his
wife cook for them.
You have misted the best if Garfield
Tea, Nature's laxative, has been over
looked; take it to regulate the liver and
to overcome constipati,#n.
Prefer diligence before idleness, unm
less you esteem rust before brightness.
PAZO OINTMENT is guaranteed to aure anj no
of ltching. Blind. Bleeding or PFrotuding PLe ia
Sto l4 days or moneU refunded. Mo.
A women may be afNrd of the cook,
but a man Isn't-unless she's his wife.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
A1\'egtable PreparationforAs- Always Bought
similating theFoodandRegula
tingtheStouinhsand3owolsos Bears the
Promotes Dig esion Cheerru
ness and Rest.Contains neither
OpiumMorphine nor MineraL O
8.. .r4· sorr
- -, e Use'
Aperiect Remedy forConstlpa.
Hon, Sour StQenach,Diarrhoea
ness and Loss OF SLEEP.
Tac Simile Sgnature of
Thirty Years
iwC eemav. coUePN. amw T** OM.
$3.00 AND $3.50 SHOES THE Wo 0I
Men's Shoes, 85 to 81.50. Boys' Shoes, 83 to 61.25. Women'se
Shoes, S4 to $1.t5). Misses' & ('hildreu's Shoes, 6S.25 to $1.00.
W. L. Douglas slhoes are recognized by expert judges of footwear
tobe the best in style, tit and wear produced in this country. Each
part of the shoe and every detail of the making is looked after
and watched over by skilled shoemakers, without regard to
time or cost. If I could take you into my large factories at
Brockton, Mass., and show you how carefully W. L. Douglas
shoes are made, you would then understand why they hold their shape, $ te,
wear longer, and are of greater value than any ot.her makes.
W. I. Dnglas name And price is stamped on the bottom. which protects the wearer srahnst
priner and inrerlr shoes. 'rake o NuItIstllte. Iold by the hoet sho dear.~ r everyglbe:r
last Coltr Eg.lele usd exrculrrdy. C~atdlog matled free. W. L. DOIU.LAts, Broekiea,Mase
Non poisonous, Non Irritatitg. Allays Inflammation and stops ps,.
from any cause. As strong as carbolic acid and as harmless as aws"
milk. Cures burns instantly; cures old and chronic sores; cure ese,
and inflammation from any cause on man or beast. For fowls-c-c*
cholera, sore head and roup. Satisfaction positively gsarantos.4
ForRlebrnp rctco- flert Mf . ·v ('HESi'ET CIIIEMIC'A I CO.. Ft. Werth, TeiCr
ý The Circulation Stimulated
a and the Muscles and Joints
lubricated by using
Slo a
Price 25c 50O &1.00
Sold by.all Dealers
'loasTreaise Oin The Horse'Sent Fr
. Address Dr.Earl S.Sloan,Boston,Mas

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