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WIll Conduct the Horticultural and
Agricultural Features of The Post.
Sam H. Dixon, state inspector of
orchards and nurseries, has taken the
editorship of the agricultural and hor
ticultural features of The Semi-Week
ly Post. These two departments have
been inaugurated in the semi-weekly
edition of The Post on a broader
scale than has ever been attempted be
fore by a newspaper of the South. In
fac't the Semi-weekly post will hereaft
er enbrace all of the features of an
up-to-date family newspaper, coIm
hined with those of a complete auri
cultural journal.
MIr. Dixon is known far and wide as
an authority on horticulture and as a t
writer, There is no man closer to the
farmers of Texas or more thorough in
knowledge of the farmer's needs or
better posted ,n advanced cultural <
Mr. Dixon's new work as editor of I
The Semi-Weekly Post and as state in- t
spector of orchards and Inurseries, a
having been recentlv appointed by a
Gov. Camplbell, gives him an enlarged h
field for rendering service to the agri
cultural interests of Texas. ii
The new departments of The Semi- a
Weekly Post will be devoted to the '
wellfare of every class of farmer in ti
Texas. There will be features for a
the fruit grower, the trucker, the nurs
eryman, the stockman and the nut
MIr. Dixon's new work will he!
watched with a great deal of interest 1
throughout the state. I
A Fortnnate Texan.
Mir. E. W. Goodloe, of 107 St. Louis
street, Dallas, Texas, says: "In the to
past year I have become acquainted at
with Dr. King's New Life Pills, and d(
no laxative I ever before tried so ef- th
fectually disposes of malaria and bil- G
lousness." They don't grind nor li'
gripe. 25 cents, at all druggists. b
Water Trips to Plants South of Welsh.
Alvin Buckingham, who owns a
neat little gasoline launch, and oper
and ates it on the bayou south of the
•* Arceneaux plant, conducted two ex
of cursion parties down to the Illinois
the and other plants south of town during
or- the recent high water. The first party
ek- consisting of L. E, Robinson, H, C'.
rve Butler, Jim Bowen, A. T. Jones, E.
klv M.. Powers. Wiln. B. Gabbert and
ier Mark t'rentice, went down Saturday,
be- visiting the Mayville, Southwestern,
In and Illinois plants during the trip.
Lft- They report the water being so high
an as to cover practically all the ground
in- except the ridges which run through
ri- that section of the country. The peo
ple at the Illinois plant were making
-s a desperate effort to save their pro
a tection levees, and were pumping day
he and night to keep the water out. The
in water on the outside was practically
or on a level with the levees, and any
.al considerable rise would have proved
disastrous. The water at some of the
of plants visited was up on the sides of
n- the boilers. It is impossible to state
s, at the present time anything definite
vy as to what the final oukt'ome of the
fd floods will be in that section.
"i. The second party which Mr. Buck
ingham conducted went down Tuesday
i. and was composed of eleven members.
e They rel)ort the water still rising at
inthe lower plants, although falling
r Iabove.
t T'ihe Magice No. 3.
Number three is a wonderful mascot
for Geo. 11. P'arris, of Cedar Grove,
it Maine, according to a letter which
reads: "After sutffering much with
liver and kidney trouble, and becom. a
ing greatly discouraged by the failure
e to find relief, I tried Electric Bitters,
tI and as a resull I am a well man to
d day. The first bottle relieved, and
three bottles comnpleted the cure."
Guaranteed best on earth for stomach ti
r liver and kidney troubles. For sale h
by all druggists, price 50 cents.
V~~l rrr -
a Hall of Council chamber, Welsh,
r- La., June 4, 1907:
ie Council called to order by the IIon.
M. Mayor, .Jno. 1H. Cooper. Members of
is the hoard of trustees present: E. H.
g Boling. A. T. Jones, C. E, Carr, IE.
'y C. Willar(d and Philip Miller.
Minutes of previous meeting read
and anproved, wereupon the followiniz
d busiuess was had and done to wit:
Bills taken up and disposed of:
1, T. . M. .anard, street work. ....$ 6.00
>. Homer Boucher, janitor........ 19.00
h Peter Johnson, street work.... 12.25
Jas. Ketch, " ..... 2..2,,
h J. H. Cooper, salary one year 2.00
. Welsh Printing C(o .... ....... 2.50
,J. H. Cox, umarshall and street
commissioner.............. 51.50
A . B. H al{ ........... ......... 2.0
e Jas. T. M.urphy ............... 2.25
D. H. Kelly..................... 1.50
J, J . . ower.... .....0.... ... i.0O
Fautrht Lumber Co............. 50.52
e S. Blackford, collector........ .3,;.91
Moved and carried that all bills O
K'd by finance cornittee be allowed
and ordered paid.
Moved and carried that report of
the tinance coummittee he adopted.
F'olllowing is the report.
.~orved andl carried that report of
libraryv coInlitt'e he accepted. Fol
lowing is the report.
l~oved atnd carried that we adjourn
sine die.
\Welsh, La. June 4, 1607.
Hall of Council chamber:
('. E.C'arr, mayor elected and E. 1I.
Holing, E. C. Willard, A. 1'. Jones
and (has. Dautel, council elected, be-. c
ing in waiting and having their com- i'
tissions were duly qualilied to fill "
their respective offices for the term of a
two years. % i
The new council called to order by
the Hon. Mayor, C'. E. Carr. Mern
hers of the hoard present: E. H. I1ol
ing, E. C. Willard, A. T. Jones, (Chas. e
Dautel. Absent councilman elected:
F. I). Calkins.I
.l Moved and carried that the salary of
the secretary and tax collector he and
Mis $2 pier month and four per cent. on
all collections except fines in mayor's
-w. court, cemetery and library funds.
" Moved and carried that the bonds
of the secretary and tax collector and
zof the Treasurer be fixed at $1000, and
that they he~ required to Dive an in. -
w demnity bond.
SMoved and carried that the salary t
of the marshall be $40 per month and
$5 for street commissioner and one
half the empounding stock fees after A
2 all expenses are paid.
The council then proceeded to the
2 election of officers.
The ballot was taken for mayor ;pro
tem. E. H. Boling received a major
* itv of votes cast and was declared du
ly elected for the term of two years.
S. Blackford receiving majority of
Svotes cast was declared duly elected et
4 secretary and tax collector for the a8
term of two years. H. A. Davidson as
* was elected treasurer for the term of
two years Thos. Cox. receiving a R
majority of all votes cast, was de. b
Sclared duly elected marshall and C'
street commissioner for the term of
" two years.
The following committees were ap.
ointed by the mayor: p
i E. C. Willard, A. T. Jones and F. ce
D. Calkins. ma
Mrs. .. W. Tanner, Ladies' Auxili- Sn
I irry: Mrs. J. W. Bower, Ladies' Aid all
I Society; Mrs F. D Calkins, Marys pri
and Marthas; Mrs. W. T. Hutcheson,
Ladies' Guild: L. E. Robinson, Ma
sons; R. P. Willard, I. 0. O. F.: W. are
P. Russell, Jr., Woodmen: It. M. am
Gray, 1. u. lR. M.: E. C. Willard, the
STown of Welsh. cil
L. E. Robinson, Mrs. C. M. Field, mu
Mrs. W. T. Hutcheson, Dr. John H.
Cooper, Rev. A. B. Welch, Principal Flo
of Welsh schools, Mavor C. E. Carr, 0
Moved and carried that the mayor of t
be authorized to purchase a carload
of sewer pipe. Motion to adjourn.
Samuel Blackford, P
Secretary. Live
Welsh, La. June 4, 8907.
To the Hon. Mayor and Board of
Trustees of the Town of Welsh:
We, your finance committee, respect.
fully submit the attached report as the
final report of the present board.
We have examined the accounts of
the treasurer, tax collector and Mar
shall and find that all monies received
by them have been faithfully account.
) ed for. The attached report shows
) that at the close of the present term,
June 3, 1907, there was to the credit of
the different funds as follows:
Current fund..............*2,403 70
School fund................ 1,220 75
Library fund .. ........... 186 38 1
Total $3,810 83
Cemetery fund overdrawn ...$ 90 39
Total $3,720 44
Of this amount there is in the hands
of the treasurer $3,718.74, and in the I
hands of the tax collector $1.70.
We further liod that on June 3, 1907,
there remained unpaid taxes as fol
For the year 19................. 0 2.
f For the year 1906 .. ..... ... 17t ) 60
Making total of unpaid taxes 4.,; 85
The names of delinquents and the
amount of indebhedness of erachl ac.
cormpanies this report.
IRespectfully submitted.
E. C. Willard. Finance ('omittee.
E. 11. lholing. F
The annual report of the library
committee which was submitted to the
city council on J une 4th, by .Mrs. C.
M.. Field, indicates a very s.ubstanrtial
and credible invcrease in the ilibrary
funr(s during the year. 'total monies
received during the ear, incluldiig a
balaince of $10.85 left over fromi last
year was $227.15. 'Total expendi~ture;
$44.27, leaving a substantial balance
o $l102.sS. There was also another
fund designated as the high school
fund which amounted to $.;;,O.5(l Ii0 of
which wts duplicated by the parish
~luperintenent and expended for books
for the v'arious school rlo()lls.
ItRcuarkblrc Rhscu.,
That truth is stranger than tiotlc)ni
iias om.ce rm Lure been demnonstlrated in
the little town of Fedora, Tenn., the
residence of C. V. P'elpper'. Hie writes: I
"L was in bed, entirely disabled with
hemlorlrhages of the lungs and throat.
l)o*:tors failed to help Ine, and all
hope had tied when I began taking Dr. t
King's New Discovery. Then instant
relief came. The coughing soon 1
ceased: the bleeding diminished rap.
idly, and in three weeks I was able to t
work." Guaranteed curle for coughs I,
and colds. 50 cents and $1, at all II
oruggists. Trial bottles free. d
An I'd cs.h v...
An Undesirable Law.
The Texas legislature has taken an
effective step toward inducing iunti
gration to that state by repealing the
privilege tax law. Meon don't like to
pay taxes on all they possess and
then pay another tax for the privilece
of earning a living. Such a law is a
disgrace to any state, and Louisiana
should follow the example of Texas.
Southern Vindicator.
He Fired tIle NHLek.
"I have fired the walking.-stick I've
carried over forty years, on account
of a sore that resisted every kind of
treatment, until I tried Bucklen's
Arnica Salve; that has healed the
sore and made me a happy man,"
writes John Garret, of North Mills,
North Carolina. Guaranteed for
Piles, Burns, etc., by all druggists.
Price 2. cents.
Immigrants. t
Persons able to offer employment 1
after arrival, on farms, plantations, I
etc., to a number of European peas. t
ant families to be brought to Louisi
ana by the State Department of Im
migration within the next few months,
are requested to communicate with a
Reginald Dykers, Immigrant Distri- a
buting Agent of this Department, 339
Carondelet St., New Orleans. La. r
:I .... vwcV ew., new urleans. La.
Aaeleat Rome.
Is now merely a memory of the
past. Ballard's Snow Liniment is
the family liniment of the twentieth
century. A positive cure for Rheu
matism, Burns, Cuts, Sprains, Neu.
ralgia, etc. Mr. C. H. Runyon, Stan
berry, Mo., writes: 'I have used
Snow Liniment for Rheumatism and
all pain. I can't say enough in its
praise." For sale by all druggists.
The Big Three
are the new arrivals from the North,
and as an act or courtesy you owe
them a call. You are welcome to
comne anrd see us and we urgently in.
vite all lovers of good horses and
mules to inspect us.
Very respectfully,
Flood Wilkes, Rastus and Onward.
Oak Lawn Farm, one mile southeast
of post office. 'Phone 52.
C. A. Saxy.,
Best and Cbshpes.
Panol Liver Regulator keeps the
Liver, Stomach and Bowels working
just right. That means to be well and
keep well. And it makes your money
go the furthest. Tin box; 15 cents.
Money back if you want it. ' For sale
by Cooper Drug Co., and Crescent
Drug Store.
Notice of Change.
Interested parties will note that the
famous Tennessee Jack, recently
e brought here by Cosner & Hutcheson,
will make the remainder of the season
at the Saxby farm, 1 mile southeast
of the post otfice. Call on or address
C. A. Saxby, Welsh, La.
SCares Blood skllm DIsleses, CaSeer,
(Greatsea Bleeo PuIrler Free.
I If your blood is impure, thin, dis
eased, hot or full of humors, if you
have blood poison, cancer, carbun.
Scles, eating sores, scrofula, eczema,
5 itching, risings and bumps, scabby,
p pmply skin, bone pains, catarrh,
rheumatism, or any blood or skin dis
ease, take Botanic Blood Balm (B.
B. B.) Soon all sores heal, aches
and palus stop and the blood is made
pure and rich. Druggists or by ex
press $1 per large bottle. ~ample
1 ree by writing Blood Balm Co., At
lanta, Ga. B. B. B. Is especially ad
vised for chronic, deep-seated cases,
it cures after all q Ile fails.
Special liates.
Arnnunl meeting of Elks, l'hila'iei
phia, .iuyiv 15. and 21. (O)ne are plu
$2, for roun rid trip. I)te of salo,..JInly
II, 12, and 13. 'Final limit. .July 2i3.
For the occasions named below the
tickets will be sold at a rate of Ine
and one-third fare on the certificate
plan. Fee of twerlty.five cents will It,
charted fori the ext-Eution of each cIer
Meeting of the American Hardware
•Manufacturers Association: Southern
Hardware Jobbers Association, I ich
inond, Virginia, June 10 toL 13. 1907.
State convention of Elks at IHeau
Inont, ITexas, June 10-12 inclusive.
Rate one and one-third fare. )Date of
sale June 10). Lmilt June 13.
()n account of National Educational
Association, Los Angeles, California,
July Xth, to 12th. 1907. Round trip
tickets will be sold to Los Angeles,
California, from Welsh, La., for $3.:
going via. Il: Paso, Fort Worth, or
Dallas, and returning via. El Paso.
)n account of Con vention of Hap
tist Young Peoples' I'nion, Spokane.
Washington, July 4th to 7th, 1907.
Also the Twenty-third International
Christian Endeavor (onvention. Seat
tle, Washinuton, July 10th, to 15th,
1907. Also the meeting of the Grand
Lodge: Independent )rder of Good
Templars, Seattle, Washington, July
10 to 5ith, 1907. For the occasions
nlmued above round trip, tickets will
be sold from Welsh to points named
for $4i3.6 5; "oin, and returning via.
El Paso.
t. iOn The l ir Plde.
I Negliected ('.oi.,'hs anRd ('olds Iut one
on the unsafe side. There is no need
to taKe these chances, ltovaline
It Cough Cure, taken in time, will quick
n Iv put you on the safe side. You will
find nothing better for C(oughs, Colds,
Croup and Whooping Cough. Con
tains no opium. Pleasant, Safe, Sure.
s Keep it on hand. 2.5 cents. Money
I back if you want it. Get a bottle to
day. For sale by Cooper Drug Co.,
and Crescent I)rue Store.
Notlee of BuIine.k Change.
To the citiz.ens of Welsh:- - take
this method of announcing to the cit
izens of Welsh and vicinity that I
have this 5th dal of June, purchased
the stock, business and good
will of the Arceneaux Meat Market,
and will conduct the same in a
thoroughly up-to-date manner. I ex
pect to carry a full and complete
line of meats and such other goods as
pertain to a well equipped meat mark
et. I respectfully solicit a share of
your patronage. Ieslectfully,
James Glick.
Fresh watermelons on
ice at the Model Grecery.
There are Few
people who know how to take care o
themselves-the majority do not. The
liver is a most important organ in the
body. Herbine will keep it in condi
tion. V, C. Simpkins, Alba, Texas,
writes: "I have used Herbine for
Chills and Fever, and find it the best t
medicine I ever used. I would not be
without it. It is as good for children r
as it is for grown uu people, and I 1
recommend it. It is line for La
Grippe." For sale by all druggists. a
For Sale
The best rice land in United States,
on Grand Prairie, Arkansas. For par
ticulars write or see J. E. Balle,
20 Stuttgart, Arkansas
d rou SA ;:: L From ,1. U, t,.
d lot, on the uast side of 11% plas
Y '0 lper!' lot. .IMr. Jo1,lhii Ladd
1 L l .' ,i s h . .
d - ,
Scholarships' \Ve hat.
ships in several of the bet b
colleges in the United States,
we can sell for less than 'ou cIP
e'themn at the school. Apply It
Journal office.
i A Nappy Mether
will see that her baby is p
cared for-to do this a goon
tire is necessary. Many babie
fer from worms, and their
don't know it-if your baby is
ish and doesn't sleep at nihtf,
troubled with ".'orjs. White's
Vermifuge will clean out these w
in a mild, pleasant way. Once
always used. Give it a trial.
25 cents. For sale by all dru
For Clerk.
We are authorized to annous
name of John W. Iihorer as a
date for the office of Clerk of
in and for Calcasieu parish, La,,
ject to the action of the Dem
aniball Players and Poet ae..
Louis J. Krueer, ex-champion I
distance foot racer of Germanl
Holland, writes Oct 27, 19:01: "
ing my training of eight weeks' f
races at Salt Lake City, in April 1
I used Ballard's Snow Linimet
vy greatest satisfaction. Therefore
highly recommend Snow Liniment
all who are troubled with sprat
bruises or rheumatism.i 25
50 cents, ans *1. For sale by
druggists. sl o
A.t ('ard.
To the Democratic voters of C
sieu Parish:
With profound gratitude for
very kind recognition given me
tofore by my fellow citizens, I
respectfully announce myself as
candidate for the otlce of sheriff,
liciting the support of the Dm
at the ensuing General Primary,
agreeing to abide by the result of
Democratic Primary.
Very Respectfully,
Rice Bran at Jones Bros.
We have a Full Stock of
-Leather, Rubber and Genuine
Ga ndy Belting, Lace Leather
STools and All Kindsof Supplies.
See that you buy none but the UEN-
SUINE GANDY BELT. Every Foot Stamped -
Swith the above Trade lark. -
M--Sold Only By The.-
r Welsh arriage & Ilflaent Co Ltd
Welsh, Louisiana. "4
Rill ll 11111ill 4111141a111 ll il idlli W W Ill
K. C. S. Ry)
"Straight as the Crow Flies"
1000 feet above the sea. Send your wife
and children to an Ideal Summer Resort
Fine Springs, Boating, Bathing and Fishing.
Write for free illustrated literature.
Gen. Agt. K. C. 8. Ry. G.'P.A., K. . . y.
Lake Charles, La. A., K. C. ity, Ry.
La k e C ha rl e s , a . K a n s a s C ity , M o .
KILLmu COUCH prebtdar0Don orf.n
C GCutter'8 Gharbon (~ L) Va
S On accoudt of superor resus
foroln and oter vaccines -
oranthruax) districts of all -
New Di overy been lrely and uc
FOR CSutsH "*M d--,--w...D C.
S gas oSur netestio so r aour
heIr new fris e booklet om r
Ore~ - ans t Pt Cutter's Vaccine to Is for sae by
i Trip this Summer.
New Orleans with Palatial Steamers to New York
A five or ten day's trip of absolute rest with cool breezes, as hot
dusty days, and with every convenience.
For Rates, Sailing Dates, Reservations and Literature, Inquire of
any Southern Pacific agent or write
G. E. oUEDRY, Dlv. Pass. AgtS, F. E. BATTURS, (ea. Pas. Agt.
Mjestie'tld lake C e asneie. Ma  tcMler Ss.. New ss .
We can 'Save Y1g
Money on Your Feel
Jones Brothers,.

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