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The Rice Belt Journal.
Published Every Friday by
Welsh Printing Company, Ltd.
Enutered at the postomfice at Welsh.La., +u
eoowln class matter.
F~IDAY, F'IRrA It Y 7, 190M.
Mis I'I iba Iuiis. of ISt. Loui.
lif . . , : , r" ;, . the
(11 '. I, ' .j it,' ... . , l " L t d
the .ai.m ,i... :r '. comes out ih i the
New l ,r .. 'ornilnt Worl:l in a
atre.1 '.. ' ,le against the W. C. T.
lI,. ;, c . r fs lnd pro' ihiitito In oV -
mIt('i,. S',t- ia s in onite breath that
"p'l'OOlhibii t ine do tnot prohibit'' and
in the r,.xt iie lainents. the fact that
"'lllretad nrin are being discharged
fio n , hureai of engraving and
pr iu,:,, here (\Vashington) lecauise
tihe' .f re('ve(nu stamps ini the
(t, ; :r re:ly lessened." She
S.; ti. '- ir.,hi tiofn ('eraz> keeps
up. I. t ,f tle n inte'nal reveniue
del . .. ,." (if colrse
there , i . 4ity in these state
\V hi le the c.dd bloodeid murder of
the l fi of orttiial is an v'olnt that
is deplored ,.} ,'v lrultiion on the
earth, P~'r, igal ilerso'· I hot excepted,
yet it is but tlhe I itiii:ate outcomne of
the , ears ,f a; rsi . io, ' ti t% irannt Ous
rule that ,ic Carlos has inflicted
upon the people, It is hut another
exemplification of the truth of thet
time hoiioorl saying, "\VWhom the
gods would destroy, they lrest mIake
',"'.l Fr ea;ri the people Of YVr
Itttal iktbVe been grounlu under the ir'on
heel of a despotic ruler, who was de-af
to the cries of his oppr'essed and suf
fering subjects. For years the vol
canic tires of anarchy have been
smoldering under the thin crust of
despotic power. It is but history re
peating itself that at last the strain
becomes too great and the pent up
passions of an oppressed people
breaks forth in a deed that causes the
nations of earth to cry out in horror.
There is a profound lesson in this
tragedy, deplorable as it may be, and
it is not alone for the crowned heads
of Europe, for an oppressed people,
no matter where theyo may he, whether
oppressed by a tyrannical king in an
Eastern monarchy, or by grasping in
dustrial c )r p),retious of independent
America. will fiially reach i. !Point
where they wiil cease it. be held in
check blt their oiplpress"r,, but wifl,
by the1, 1 iight lf thei' ire.t tip eltpner"gies,
bro k ith s' t '; ni'.t h;ave ,bound
the)It, reP;'ardils of they disaster.ous re
sults that may follow Wise is that
power, whether imperial or corporate,
that. bends gracefully before the stream
of human proi rQss, rather than rin
sisting it is broken as it ultinlately
roost he.
lMany (omplaints are bIeing inmade
lately of the dangerous practice of
shooting within the corporate limits,
"which is being Indulged in to an un
usual extent. Several of the smuall
boys, and some larger ones, have 22
ealibre rifles, which they use with ex
keeding carelessness, never stopping
lto think that a bullet aimed at a rob
in may miss its mark and do seriou,
dumate)wo or three blocks alway.
le the rtiles are the most danger.
Sous toVr, they are by no means tie
.,most numerous. Rubber shooters and
sir guns, both using leaden missils,
are in evidene almnst every day, be
min used in the streets, in private
grounds and even on the public school
g irounds. While there is but little
danger of a shot from either of these
lnlstruls.i's provinr fatal, vet they
.he lb .?t"ili'sltent force to put
, In eye outor destroyv one's hearing if
ti her strike either of these organs. In
Sasny case it is a dangerous pastime
X: lfor boys to indulge in, in the business
s. ad resident part of town.
SIt l only about three years ago
StLhat a little girl was shot down, in the
e';".nter of Welsh, because of this prac
S'tioe. Only last week an estimable
I.adv of Jennings, was cut down in the
iriname of her life, by boys indulging
ais the dangerous pastime of shooting
-birds. Thus, from year to year,
)ves are sacrificed and homes are
.$nade desolate because of the small
.~ l the gun in the corporate lim
of our towns.
< We have ordil'nces against this
at,,ce and our iavor assures us he
11 do his best to suppress the nuis
but it does not rest alone with
h but with every citizen of Welsh
well. If you know of this class of
V breaking geoing on. it is your do
as a law abidin. eitizcn, to aid in
rpressing the sBle ei, ther hv speak,
tt-tbP I,., hli-: !-rents o1' the
-- y r bo , i ; 'i't wait for
,.maLs ibau mul.ke tue colplaint tbat
-been shuoltiing arounld i!;"
past tuhtilt and the n; . -
Time to DIestroy Muskrats which are
(hreat Pest+ to Rice I'lanters.
To thr- editor of the Rice Belt.lournal:
I wish to call the attention of every
rick fartnmer and canal owner in the
ric' heir, to the fact that now is the
best time to destroy the muskrats. The
grass hN-ing dead. the holes can ea:sily
be found, and the skins will sell, I tuam
toll, for about fifteen cents each.
The pest is lecomuing very numerous
and a: - don;l.,r " r'at deal of damage
to th levees and canals, which no
ad il,lt nmot If you discovered last
Syear. When we started pumping it
was over twoI weeks before we coul d
rIi rtilht talonI,. on aclo.uint of leak
infl, p(,rfoii t ed l". cs, tado so ly
the ..lukruat-. Thibs meant a I lo;s of
i ., a I- wt w te-r and a _tr, at deal
,if i;nr work. 'This, I think. is the
frui t of the hid judgmnrwn' of oomre peo
ple who killed all the allitratcrs, which
are' sworn enemies of the nmu ,kra'..
If vou want to know houw fast they
inulti ly, just figure thme old )probleml
of the h(orseshoe nail and then you
will see the necessity fIor killing them,
or making new levees every tear.
To hunt them successfully stop u p
all the holes but one, take a shovel
and go after them. l you hav\' it dog
to help, so much the better. u on can
also poison them b. clo i ,mg up all
the holes but one and saturate woolen
rags with by-sulphate of carhbon, put
same in their burrows and close !n
hole air tiight.
t told some ovs I would give them
ten -ents for each mumkri:t they killed
on my farm and the first dtit thm.
b)rought in lifteen, anld a good( many
to come yet.
It is on, five or six Ž5car, ago that'
I saw the first muskrats in our leve\c
and I hope we shall soon see the lIast
ones, whose destruction can only be
accomplised by the united efforts of
the farmers. P..r. U nkel.
Mr. and Mrs, Paul Daulels Entertained
Thie members of the Ladies' Guild
of the Presbyterian chiurch, their hus
bands and a fewv friends, were pleas
antly entertained at the elega::t home
of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Daniels Friday
evening. Between thirty and forty
guests were present and enjoyed a
delightful evening. Mr. and Mrs. R.
MI. Lawson, who are soon to leave
Welsh for their new home in L:ke
Charles, were the guests of honor,
Generous refreshments were served
and at ten o'clock the guests depart.
ed, realizing that it is a. real treat to
he ontrta-ined in thle Daniels home.
8 8
1 Ledgers, Journals, Day Books,
SCash Books, Invoice Books, Trial
Balance Books, Time Books, Etc.
Journal Book Store.
Letters Front J. F. Tubbs.
Train No. 9, Jan. 25. 1908.
Mr. D. 1t, Read, editor:
There was nothing to attract special
admiration after leaving San Antonio
until we reached the Pecos Valley and
the famous Ilio Grand river of Texas.
For miles and miles we glided along
over one dreary waste or nothingness.
Where Texas has the barren wastes,
save a few exceptions up to El Paso
Arizona holds the honors on sandy
deserts. If Texas and Arizona ulad
to pay taxes on the unused lands
through which we passed, it would
bankrupt both.
Del Itio (distance lending enchant
ment) is a pretty town. It could
p)roperlyv e called a city of wind
mills. lFrom indications everyone
owned their own waterworks. Hlere
too, we saw a typical Mexican convey
antce. a small vehicle drawn by two
burro,, with heads lowere-d, suggest
ive of "Is life worth living," the sole
driver vigorouslv applying the lash,
trying to stimulate them into some
thiing like an imagination of speed.
Our stop here was short. In five min
utes we were plunging agatin into the
realms of waste, with nothing to in
spire the soul with sublimity nor a""e
awakening until the conductot told
us to go back to the observ:, to.t cur
and see the viaduct, three hund reu
and twenty-one feet high, we were
soon to pass over. 1 was satisfied to
remain: in our sleeper, The "Chey.
enne, " and look down upon it with
supreme respect. But not so with
Mrs. Tubbs. With kodak in hand,
she went back and "snapped" at i.
twice. I don't know what she got and
neither does she. I want to impress
upon you this thought that I was not
afraid to go back, 1 w,s just awe in
Here night drops her sombre shades
bringing rest to your weary ''tour
ists", and we soon were resting
peacefully resting in the arms of mor
pheus. Tubbs.
Train No. 9, Jan 26, 1908.
D. It. Head:
8:30 a, in. and we are at El Paso, a
most beautiful city. Every indication
of push and pull. Being anxious to
get tc Los Angeles, we flagged this
city, hence thaving nothing to note,
save to say the author of the song,
"Backward, turn backward, oh time
in your flight, etc.," must have lived
in El Pdas,, or on the S. P. en route
for California. By referring to the
S. P. folder you will see we get into
El Paso at 8:30 a. m and leave at 7:415
a. m. It lal\ means turn your time
ht;ck forti\-five minutes and you have
the Pacific time on which we run to
San Francisco.
We have just crossed the Iio
Grande river and see the grand old
state of Texas fading to view. The
Rlio Grand river, romantic in Texas
history, and one scene along its banks
where a solid uneven rock wall, over
twenty feet high, overhanging in one
)lace the road bed which l' vs at its
base, is to the admirer of Texas what
the last chapter is to the reader of a
beautiful novel. The river recalls
thrilling and heroic deeds known no
longer only to history, yet the grand
old river still madl I v rushes along in
its resistless coiu ,e with never a word
of the scenes of the past.
As "O(ld Sol" is again bathing his
weary face behind the occidental hori
zon, we, in sumlmai ziung. concluded
that on the seventh day God had a
lot of surllus stuff on hand and n.
loaded on \\ .t Texas and Southern
I have a'l,.. vs been somewhat in
'redlon,-us of the fable tales of Cali
f 'nia. .n. ,pon awak,,-ing the morn
i -_ ! ,liding, fareweill to Texas
and Arizona, at the beautiful Indio
and Palm Springs, we stared for a re
ality, or was it a dream f enchant
,ent? No longer did the eye grow
tired, nor the niind heavy with an un
broken monotony, but one after an.
other beautiful little towns "led by
until we r:eached Colton. Here I
wished for the pen of the poet, or the
song of the muses, that 1 could give
vent to my feelings and justice to the
country. Like the whirlpool, I can
with insatiate thirst, drink all in giv
ing out nothing. Here, for the first
time in life, I saw, at one time, fully
demonstrated, the 8pposing forces of
nature. Gazing upon the orange
gro-ves with their glossy dark green
foliage, studded with its golden fruit,
in raising my eves heavenward in
adoration te Him, who permits all
things, my eyes scaled the -'Sun,,uit
of the Sunset" lifting its snow crested
head into the ether blue, kissing the
fleecv clouds hovering around its
hoary head. Can you find a gratnder
sight in the panorama of life?
00 o0000000 00090000
8 S New Triumph Seed Potatoes; per
8 S bushel............................ $1.50
bushel........... .......... . 1~-50
8Sugar; 2o pounds for............ 00
Navy Beans; 20 pounds for ...$ O0
Green Coffee; io pounds ior.... $1 00
Van Camps assorted Soup,: 13 cans
fo r ..................... .......0..... ,00
8 Libby's Pork and Beans 13 cans $1 00
Libby'sVienna Sausage 13 cane $1.00
c String Beans; 13 cans.......... $1.00
I_ Quaker Rolled Oats; ii pkgs.. $1,00
3 lb Pie Apples; 8 cans ........... $1.00
1 Bugle Salmon; 8 cans..............$1 00
A Ii Indian Head Salt; 28 sacks..,.. $1.00
Compound Lard in pails; io Ib $1.00
I Smoked Bacon; 8 lbs............... 1.00
Libby's Sweet and Sour Pickles in
Bulk; 13 dozen .................. 1 00
'PHONE 14. 'PHONE 14.
Los Angeles, Cal., Jan. 27.
I). I:. [lead, editor:
\\'We are here, somewhst tired, but
ttherwise feeling line, except Mrs.
Tubbs, she has gone into the round
house of Esculpins for repairs. Air
toto rare out here, or she would not t
keep her mouth shut on that auto ri'e t
in San Antonio. Got too Imuch cold
wind. She has a very bad cold t
Los Angeles is sure to he all right, I
but she is not basking in tue sunshine
of God's smiles by a large majority,
at this particular time. On" the con
tratry, the heavens are weeping for t
her, and very cold tears at that. I
first thought when one of her denizens
told us it was a most unusual spell,
that this grief was due to the visita
tion of your two tourists, (Rubes.)
but our enbarvassment was relieved
when we were informed that it
had peen raining for three days.
Gee! that sounds like Welsh weather.
Mrs. Tubbs was in for going back. I
think by tomorrow she will feel all I
right and we will have sunshine and
she will be willing to proceed.
Owing to bad weather we have not
tried to see much. Did walk a little
between showers. We went up to the
foot, of the mountain upon which
stands two hotels, and up which two
cars at intervals, ascend and descend.
over the arch gateway of this ascent
of six or eight hundred feet is painted
"Angel Flight." I asked Mrs. Tubbs
if she wanted to ride up. No sir, I
could not get her to try it. Her only
objection was '"because." Guess she
did not "want to be an angel ana
) with the angels stand," while on this
In formulating our trips as soon as
the weather will permit, the "Baloon
route" was suggested as one, on
which we would visit ten beaches,
eight cities--seventy miles, twenty
eight of which would be along the
surf. I wanted to see all of this, but
did not liKe the "baloon business."
Mrs. Tubbs came to my relief by say
ing "no baloon for me." We "tour
tts were gracefully informed we made
e trip on terra firma, in a street car,
but it was called the "flalooniRoute."
I suspect the truth of the matter in not
wanting to take the "Angel Flight"
and the "Baloon Route," is, we have
been out of active church work so
long we are rusty.-Forgotten the
pass word. Tubbs.
BlS Nights "Ao As You Please" Pace.
How many tired fathers and mothb
ers in this town enter this race every
night carrying a baby? And they
wonder what the matter is. Chances
) are the child is starving-worms are
eating all its food. Most children
have worms, yours needn't. White's
Cream Vermifuge will get rid of the
1 A,
You Can Easily Opprq",\
This Typewriter Yc
Don't worry your
correspondent, A
Don't write him. ny
thin' by halu.. t a aa
takt. himn time to
mike out-that may "
leave him in doubt
that he can't easily
And don't till out legal papers or ci
os-or make out accounts or hotel i
your own handwriting.
It looks bad, reflects on your standil
people think you can't afford Ua stenm
and is sometim'n ambiguous.
You canu write' out ymir letters-m.
an abstract-fil!in an insurance policy
your card memos-make out your acco00
a hotel menu-or do any kLnd of writ'
need on any kind, size or thickness of
and space any way you want on
. Tfpse*ri
The Standard Visible Write
You can write any of these things yo
if you do not happen to have a stenograp
For you can easily lcarn, with a little
tice, to write just as rapidly. and as 'perfec
as an expert operator on the OLIVER.
cause the OLIVER is the simplified typewri
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80 per cent. more durable than any otn
typewriter, because it has about 80 per con
less wearing points than most other y
80 per cent. easier to write with than th
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quire "humorg"'-techniclknowedge-lon
practice and special skill to operate.
Than machines which cannot be adjusted
any special space-with which it is impodli
to write abstracts, insurance policies or od
size documents, except you buy expensi
special attachments, requiring experts to o
You can adjust the OLIER to any re
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featured of the OLIVER.
The Oliver Typewriter
The Oliver Typewriter Bldg.,
Chicago, Ill.
John C. Elfer, Sales Agent/
New Orleans, La.
Journal Book Store, Local A
Welsh, La.
Nuffering Rnd DolAirs Wav
E. S. Loper of :,a,:'1a, N.
"I am a carpeilkll and have
severe cuts healed hy I'uc'
nica Salve. It has save

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