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Jones Brothers,
\\ ,i ,diier . level. \well ,ir:,in- viil nt ask for a cash payment.
, ri[ I:,l ii n 1'Ip. Iti S. 1; I \\. but will let the money which would
eat W l. , l ,:L: ,- ie, a ,l ain , t'iwise be :paid on the land, ie
T'i. Ii atll Ii : s . {H nd ' , spent tfor :t well anId improvements,
nte;r Lake ('h:,rl,.. in iarier si.- anl fix all paymuents from one to
tiots :anl, I ler blck i tI termis live ve:ars from dlate of contract.
of toll qrier , r itntrit:sl :aI, Pries r:inge from $10.01) to $20.001
the b: alani: iin itne to live yetars. per acre, n:nd we believe tnere is
To all whio will agree to improve no, better rice land offered in the
the propertyv n lt n : , 'lit deep (cloi trv thI . n II rs.
well, for irritgation purposes, we! We aicre owners, not agents.
BEN Ia. r3.!T E , -: "
i i
f Needle.. Shuttles and Bobbins for ±
• * Welsh, La.
8 II - OUtoNT"I
The Famous Residence
Suburban Addition to
Lake Charles. Highest
Elevation, Finest Loca
tion in Lake Charles.
For a Few Days
We Will Offer 6
81i Mount Lots
At $200.00 Per Lot 8
$io Down and $to per month. No 8
interest. On the contrary, we
pay 4 per cent on your money in
vested until lots are paid for.
This is the best opportunity you 8
will ever have to secure a heauti
ful building location in beaatiful
Lake Charles. Any out of town
party buying one or more of these
lots, who, upon investigation find
that the property is not as rep. 8
resented, will have their money
cheerfully refunded.
For Further Particulars 1(all On 8
6. M. CHASE 8
At Imperial hotel, Welsh. La. 8
WITH Dr. King's
0 New Discovery
SFOR OLDS Trw etUe Free
E xcrsion UHIt(s.
spi-ral ex n i itt to ('loudc iroft.
3 11th f to«-· far*"c to Hlc 'tlst lulu., $I'.(lnl.
Sotonato, 'da I)u$e tio.
II";c, f' lt.1 Ith at It. ut. I~cnn
t p 2istn ( -2.7, et"stonu "'3.2).
S Limit regular tiai n June ltath
Parish DIvision.
It costs now $$000 for the collection tl
of the parish taxes, with tour parishes f(
the cost to the people would he $20,- tL
000) iinstead of $5,)000, for the Ioat in s
each new parish would be the same. c;
The sheriti'a criminal fees that now sl
amount to a $1,000 would then amount a
to $4,000. It would lie the s.ame way s,
with the asessor. For schools, roads t'
anl other eseutial features tinl tax is k
but ,ix mills. Would the iflerenut tl
parishes be Ituitishedn ith betterrouso, (,
,ch. ol.u alld other ace'tsuies untldii r it
separation than now':- -Lak,' t'har ie ,
lI"m o the al0o1e, it will Ie seen lV tl
those who are out atllicttd with total c
lblildlt ess, that parii h division at the i
lpresent would he a lo inig iirltll iti ,n. ti
.\t this stage of the ainle (Ctaleaien Is 0
not read l for di ision. A\V'ln it he- tl
inellls Ilecesar for this narish to lt e II
o divided, it will undoultedly %ie done. a
True, ai little tim' might le saved iby e
thoise li\ing il a Ieliotte part of the '1
parish in reaching the court house or (
il attending to leal l business, but, 1
woullld the amlount of tillle thul. saved it
otl. et the great expenditure necessary b
to l'erect court houses, jails, etC., aidl I'
the maintenance of same? Wherefore n
th' decisioin by thinking, cueserva- (
ti\e men that t at the t'eseiit tillm, at 0
least, it would tie alln uniwise Ilove.
There is about as much logic ill the 'I
arg nlielt of the advocates of parish
e division as there was inl the argumel t at
of the negro who bought corn at lifty ti
cents a bushel anid after hauling it e
tenl miles to market, sold it at fifty Iy
cents a bushel. Hle never iilallade anll
ithing, he said, but just look at the tl
Shbusiness lie was doing. I
e it is not a difficult mnatter t(o astser
certain the cause of this mole for
parish division. It woiuld let a lot of
petty ofticials follhow tile shade around (I
the court holuse and draw their per
dient without the trouble of exercising S
* their brain and muscle. O(f course
these wiou-lde otlicials have some
following, but it is earnestly hoped 1
not enough to say whether the parish
shall be divided. For the majority of
the people residing in Calcasieu it
- would not better conditions, and it to
were well to let well-enough alone. If
the parish allows itself to be sliced up
indiscr iiminately by the proprietor of
j a si(apv tongue, who had a dream
that the Iarish ought to he divided, p
and conceived the idea of getting
office between drinks, it will be found
that the rate of taxation will increase
I with a rapidity that would make the
stock market take a tack seat, At
Ipresent, the rate of taxation is lower
than it has ever been, and all of the
Saffairs of the piarish are in splendid p
condition. What would it be if the
expenditure of thousands of dollars t
annually became necessary to erect
and maintain court houses, jails, and
other public brildings, and to pay the
" salaries of a lot of men born with j
A that tired feellng? Verily, the divis- a
Sion (if Caleasieu at presenlt would a
Sonly serve to submerge the would-be t
new iparisihes into debt, and cost the
peolile anore in the ling-run. all
Sthings considered, than it does now.
---,m- ...
Tick Eradication Resumed.
The bureau of animal industry of
the United States department itf agri
culture is resuming active operations
for the eradication of the cattle ticks
which pirevail in the southerI part of
the ciountry and transinmit the c(iinta
gioni of Texas fever of cattle. Its
men are heing sent iito thle field and
prellarations are. beiig miiade It push ,
the worlk of extermin;,ato in vicrouisl '
during the wIarmI weather, whel the
Sticks are most active.
Since the wtrk was begun, two
iPa).s ago, all aire of about .iti,000 I
square miles, or almost the size of
the state of Georgia, has bIeen freed
friom the ticks. As a iresult thie quar
antine on southern cattle has been
either modified or entirely removed I
froin this area, Last year work wasI
dorle to a greater or less extent in
the states of Virgi.uia, North Caroliina, i
Siiuth Carolina, (Georgia, Alabama,
''Tennessee, Kentucky, Missoulri. Ar
Kansas. O)klahomla, Louisi'na, Texas
and California, aind it is r)lt,)isei.1
Sthis year t.o coniitinue in tihe same
•states with tlhe ad(ldition of a small
•lortion of Mississippi. Most of thei
wo,)rk has )teel anil will continue to be i
I(,ne in sections contiuous to the
llqualrantine linie, tile oblject being to
push the line farther souut)h from year
to, ear: buit elciuitltillement i- given
to loc'al work in any pamrt of the
cuaratine ildistrict in the assurance
tlat when aliv eolnsiilerab)le area is
,redrel ti('k free it will ba released
Thile w)'k is Ieing done by cooplera
tit it.lvw 'l t h fhi ledtertal gi)verrnlll ent
) ar.m :to. -n1:to( and lotal authorities.
(I igie--. hit atl lr(llpriated $2.0.000
lur thz ',eat h.ginning ,Jly 1. ann it I
" c e ile,'!(i, tihat thi. states IIand couii
ties whe.rtI' 'I, wrk Is ';irriud on wi!l
, dupiicate thlinun. The c(itnitte (nii
. alhiiirhlriitiorns if tiihe house (,i:' elre-=
) seltati\ is .xlreNr ,ed ,;.elt \tr, VP t'o:g
i ti tite , fi.'t t hit the I St ttes should
Li" iar laNi;!tu 'hare oI the c(st
iid that I . ,t tal ,',rk si iuld hei
mi t n ~ . o ttilh , , . ' , I,. !
Various methods for exterminating
the ticks are used, including trans
ferring the catt'e front pasture to pas
ture at suitabile intervals, and dippin g.
sprayingr and hand dressirng the
cattle with nil and oil emulsion. In -
sections where there are large herds
andt latrge ran('che', (diin g on a large e
scale is l'ra'tired.l, either alhone or in
c(illne 'tinl with pasture rot at it 0
while in Ithr' -.'tio( ns. where the cat
Itie 1in seine trirns fri(Iu(ntl tly f t si(d( ts "
otI\l% oti it a('tw (' .x tea ,l hand ilte ; '
in'g aith oil is fhrind to he the only
practicatle method.
The (da iiic2' Cuid ilv the' ticks and
the benelits to followc from their eradi
cation are not generally alppreciate'd.
It i , e.tinatItd that the Texas fi,.vert
tick is reslponsible tor abtout $411,0(l00l,.
too of losts anniuall to tihe' pe(olie tof
the infected ciiuuntr'. and that it also
Vlowers tihe a-sets of the stith by an
additional ''23"."'.1)" . making the
t''enormous aggregate of $63,2.-t00il0.
Ti wipe out this hearv loss is the
oil ject of the work now under tway,
and the resi ults already accomp lished
leave no dIoubt that success is )jois "
ble, though a nutiher of years will he :
require'd )or the colmlletion (if the
iunrtatkirng. Muhehb dependt uponl)t the
cattle owners. Wni can either hast' n
or retard pri oggress tliaccording as the'
cooplerate Otr refuse to assist in the
Literature ,riving full infrtn' atiton
as to the ticks, the disease which they
transmit, and methods for thds or their eradi- I
cation has been issued by the )epart
ment of Agr'ic ulture and( will be siiup
plietd free of chatrgte oin alpplication to
the ('hief of the liureau of Animal
Industry, Washington. I). (.
Saturdlay's Game, Welsdh vs. Iowa.
The Welsh base ball -attm met their
old-timne enemy, Iowa. on the diamond
last Saturday and defeated them by a
score of 4 to 2. liv a burch (if errtrs
in the first inning Iowa was allowed
to make two scores. But Welsh corm
ing down from v'iewing the stars shhut
Iowa out for the last eight innings.
The support the Welsh boys gave
their pitcher, Dietrich, was something
to be proud of, the team making, but
three errors the whole game. Welsh
scored once in the first inning, once
in the second and twice int the fifth.
Russell behind the bat for Welsh
played an errorless gamne, but it took
the Iowa pilayers some time to find
out that he could throw to the bases,
catching live men on second. The
battery for Welsh were l)ietrich andt
ltussell; Iowa, Longenihaugh and
Patterson umpired a fair and iro
partial ganme.
Next Saturday the Welsh team goes
to lowa for a practice game. Boys,
get out and practice and bring home
the victory.
Plenty of Trouble
is caused by stagnation of the live\r
and bowels. to get rid of it and head
ache and biliousness and thie Ioison
that brings jaundice, take l)r King's 1
New Life Pills, the reliable Iurifiers
that do the work without grindinL or i
crilping. 25c. at all dr'uggists.
Good Time Leagues
Prosperlity leagues are heing organ
ized in all of our larger cities. In
vestigations show that business is 4
rapidly becoming normal, and that
the majority of factories, railroad
shops, general olttices, wholesale
houses, etc., are working their full
qluotar of mien furill timri'. Within thr'ie
niiitlhs thi. ,ountrJ ,vill find a greater
dernarid thrtrn 'ver Ibefore for bot)k
keeperls, stenographers and olperators,
owing to the business that has been
allowed to accumulate that rmust he
moved and the new butsiness corning
on, caused by the startingt of factories,
the marketing of ctols, Iprogressive
moves in all industrial lines.
The demand uion the I'imployment
Bulr'earu of the Tyler Commiercial Col
lege of Tyler, Texas, for bhookKeepers,
stetn,,r-aphers, anti olperatorrs has
increased over 50 per cent during the
past week: many excellent positions
were otfered their gr-.taduates. T'his is
especiall' encouraging to young peo
ple who have been contemplating
entering school but have hesitated,
fearing that they would not secure a
position when their courses were tin
ished. If I were a young mran or
woiran, I would nu)t wait another d(lay:
I w(uld enter school at once, even if
I hiad tt) hilirr'o(w the mtoney or giye
the tchhitil a note for part of imy tui
tiori It is the vourng iman or woman
who gets ni u i andt dhies sormethinrg that i
gets sonmewh rii+ antid amrounts to sonie
thiing this day aind time.
A TWenty Year Nenntence.
"I have just comtlleted a twenty
year eaalth sentnrce. irrmltosetd liy
i Iu(:klen's :Arnica Salve. whi,-h -ntipred
i ie (if tbleedin g piles :ust twenty year
act." writes tI. S. Woolever. o:
No,;t+ be as the \tuort .ores. loi~.
wa ohi iLr d ill ''is ill thi -n, tu'e,t tirrt'.
-i' ;:t ai d'r ygists.,
D. R. SWIFT, Pres. REV. O. H. THROWER. Vilcc Prs. C A , Vice Pres.
REV. J. Y. ALLISON, Vice Pres. LEON LOCKE. S e N( ,NOTH. Te .,
E. S. JENKINS, Manazll,
At Lyric Theatre, Lake Chlla! ,. L.a.
June 25 to July 4, Inclusive
,lJune 27. p. .in Apollo ell Riniter.
JTulle -l s, p). Ini.---iit er l i' 'M C iiO . I he ( ' ' .
titne 29, p . in --- ,:ss ( rauc ( :' . -
O thers Sei s.e -
iJune i 30. , ). 1un.- . G(i -. I}ie t hai' , ";1 1- . ; i
-':ttriot isnl."
J u ly 1 , ` p . It1 . - -R ol b e r t P a r k e r .Mil ,- . 1" Tn 1l,,Bs ! si . Ia
8 July 2, p. in El in Brush, . I~ laii,'iJ !. .
8 Jul 3\ State Supt. oEf I(iducatioli J. B. : ., ,
1: 0 sch llo.o
J8ul 4-Afternoon a ny. evening, iJohni Si. \\ i. \l
dIn addition to the above pr)l'ograi m s i' ,i I e
presented during the imiorniiig and afte'rlilnl ,i ' m; - e
in niuisic. elocution and dramatic art. 11In l, i,\' .i
ers and orchestra durin the entire t'i'I (of th. ( i ;l
8 Season Tickets, Adults, $2.50 : Childrenil (ider It, $1. 00
,8 Admission, Adults, 50 cents Children. 5 centlls
9 __ _ I
New 850,000) Kihlberg will open July 1st.
$100,000 in improvements now in progress
will afford modern accommodations at this
All Year 'Round Health Resort.
Write for Free Illustrated Literature.
D. P. A., K. C. S. RY. G. P. A.. K. C. S. RY.
P i r, .
JM~E~L;1~ID 'TFLFPH~E &~~~1 TE ~
Through the most beautiful scenery in the world
0% OE OF OUC H4G(iilFICIEi T S1F ,SH IP. -iFE HI, Bo,1h S
"( EtI,-'. ".11 I'."€ "ANTILLEs . .UTE - < , -
Ask .our agent for literature, or %rite
U. E. GUEDRIY, Div. Pass. Agt., F. E. BATTLRS, Gen. Pass. Agt.
Majestie Hotel. Lake Charies Malauine & %atchee Sts.. 4Ne Orlear~ .

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