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It Knocks Malaria Out.
The old reliable Cheatham's Chill
Tonic cures quicker and more permna
nently than any other remedy. One
bottle is guaranteed to cure any one
case. You can't lose. Try it.
"Why does that Chinese diplomat
ask so many questions?"
"It is merely to flatter us with the
idea that he regards us as possessing
superior knowledge."
Instantaneous Action.
"I was almoist distra;ted by a ter
rible itchini wh'ih detfi'ed all treat
ment until I obtaiine'd a box of 1utint's
Cure. 'The firs ajltlicationl aff'rdeld
ints'ant and a , olu"l' oli' f. 'l'he one
box ,fffcted a comlg.4te cur,.
"It is Vi'. 1 1.drfuil in its in.
stantan oills olt'l iin."
Gil" ;tE' GiI.III,.\ NID,
Mlanit'u, O. T.
"Did yet s. ' Mrs l.se(.!'o at the
hopt l;:ast ni.ht '?"' askI. Mrs. Gaddie.
" , , lmiu h .r 11,1. i I !
,,iThi. m tll il I ' :-1.a - she was
dressedl entli:,'. in b;lac k. Is that so?"
"W .ll - .r- :() I w1 ,lili say that
she was dr's-ed entirt.ly." --l'hiladiIel
phia I'res-.
What Women Have Done.
Mrs. M1. ". ,lh ,n-ton if tichmnond,
Ind., gave' i tl t 'r r istil: accountt at
the Roston ]il'nnial of the G. F. W. C.
of the Art a.-is(,cialilo of that city,
which is ten years old. Five hlun.
dred dollars is tleI;rl)ropiate(d eac'h year
for the piu ( has i oIf a picture,
and ttiff (o(.ill iv c es $110l) for
the annual ix hil,itioni. The stand.
ard in litiut ,' and crafts has
changed, she says. and in the next few
years much is eXpeleId that will give
the c(hildren the olprr tunity of great.
er culture and knowleudl:e of art.
Tortured by Sharp Twinges, Shooting
Pains and Dizziness.
Hiram ('enter. 51 South Oak
street, Lake City, lMinn., says: "I
S- was so had with kid
ney trouble that I
could not straighten
tull after stooping
 shooting through my
hack. I had dizzy
spells, was nervous
andil li evlsirht af
fctiled. The kidney
', soert ions were Ir
regular and too fre
quent. I was in a terrible condition,
but Dean's Kidney Pills have cured
me and I have enjoyed perfect health
Sold by all dealers. 50 cents a box.
Foster-Milburn Co., Puffalo, N. Y.
Blllie--Who Is that awfully freckled
girl on the horse?
Tille--Why, that's Miss Gotrox. She
has several millions in her own name.
Illllie-So? My! Aren't her freckles
Proof Positive.
There is usually s'nime convincing ar
gument to a questi(,n of doubt, if one
Is ')nly Iriiht enetuah to think of it at
the tioeo of ('coutrlve'rsy. The farmer
was able to lrodtuce the indis;tutable
withotut telay o (if circumllocutitin.
ninlmter of 1eo.l.he were gathered
'rouid the bull''in hoard of the Readf
inu Eagie, on which was announced
"Death of Frank Miller."
Two farmers fronm the extrem
backwoods were gazing at the various
itemls of news. when one of them
spil'd the lutuilbrious statement, and
pouinting it out to his rustic comrade,
remarked innocently:
"It says on ihat bheard: 'Death of
Frank Miller.' Is that you?"
"No," replied the other, in all serl.
ousness. "My namue is John."
Both Kept Up on Scientific Food.
Good sttlu'iy h'taltlh hilps one a lot
With the lt is of heatPh one's Income
Is liab;tlel t) shink, if not entirely
\When ;a yo)unte laly has to make her
own living, good health is her best
"I am alone in the world," writes
a Chit nazo girl. "deltendtl'nt on lmy own
efforts for !t.y livitz. I ant a clerk. and
aotout two y':ars 0i4o I 'itIrIa (elose a'
rlication to work and a boarding
house diet, I btecam:e ata nervous in
valid, a1:'d no't (0 ii: t off it was a mo,':t
i|hollOs.ibt e for :me to stay in the oice
a half day at a ti,:e.
"A fribndt su::r.:stcd to me the idea
cf trying (ral e-Nuts, which I di,.
making titis food a large part of at
least two mieals a flay.
"Today I am free from brain-tire,
dyspepria, and all the ills of an
overworked and improperly nourished
brain and body. To Grape-Nuts I owe
the recovery of my health, and the
ability to retain my position and In
come." "There's a Reason."
Name given by Postum Co., Battle
Creek, Mich. Read "The Road to Well
ville," in pkgs.
Ever read the above letter? A new
one appearls from time to time. They
are genuine, true, and full of human
ONLY 12,000,000 YEARS AWAY!
Then the Su. Wilt Shrink, Lose Its Heat and Inhabitants of the Earth
Will Freeze and Starve to Death.
High Brotoed Scientists Have It All
Worked Out-"Things Are in a Bad Way,"
= .\.I!.\t; from the rrinct- H h sun will have become so far cooled
S1,;,, ,f th ,rtty tnor- Warns Adherent of Nebular ypotests off that we shall be indifferent to
: Ia,, ,e, d !,,nii ar by.- -World's Center Giving Forth Warmth everything else that happens.
l1 -,;-sis he ,nd of the Another limit to the future of the
S.....,lis t, ,, reshld ,l vry mlay Same Vs for a Time, But Vltimate habitable portion of the earth is
.,lJ. :hr,. l i,...i' . Destruction Is Inevitable, Wise Ones Say. brought to light by the rapid prog
of rhl ul Ih,, h i f he DesructiontableW eOnes y ress of erosion that is going on all
at:'t.,. 1',~r it is .vidlnt that the over the land surface of the world.
sun cannollt keep on raidiating heat at aWallace esatimates that nr(' 4,,,' "If
,;  ... . '- -,,Tm - ,l9.1 .,.,lr
UNt00.ooo @ :
12.T000 " CO ..
3,00 years~c Fn eoIV E dttebt
TNA7 WILL o th D mo
BE r4tEwr
more~il~ thnI0fe namlinyas
As the ears rfe is.a"on theNaverage,
/ RE~o-res- ff waish78 ed t a nda b theatofEroeam ever
s~ve r3,000eyears fnllodepsitedt at the hoprt-o
lea I7 fee
NAV TH MIGj 0 "fei olw htb h prto
of present forces Europe will be
the present rate, or, indeed, at any TE I washed into the sea in 2000,000 years,
"ate, forever. As Lord Kelvin has THoEY and America in 3.000,000 years.
well said, we know that the sun is Ri htprovidence has in store for us
(oolinir off just as certainly as we after that, no man knows. If the sunk.
then poearth'ion surfhall rise aton the avend of thatrage,
_ . 01washed away by the streams every
we encountered In a field was cooling GOING, years and depositethe end atof the bot
1 k t htoa of the ocean. This amounts to
moref, though we had not seen it long r period, thanere w ill be dry land to lion year.
(ientouh t(( rti-astre the irate of its 15JJ1N~d on, but It is doubtful If It have such
cooliung. iliat Is not a lperma"-ent , .ooo.OOD ' ) stores of Iron and coal as have blessed
quality of nov known oltect. The sun >/CE -Sii) the present race of human beings.
mus l~elos it heat a nid dhence inThere are two other sources of heat
eAs to which we main elevation of Norwith much con-r
ic t. n h fidence tand hope. It was moroe than
atin g o eve. Ationwts L o n aelvsi they / /Is a dream of Eriesson to Invent an en
well id. s e k nowe- tei us the sun s i/f ar gine which could be run by collect
woollng io its clf-averna h dt iong ale wo ing the direct rays of the sun through
w enontder e (nlafied cooling keIN6 msb Immense sun-dials, thus generating
(.n(,tthitosni -a in e size, Its mtamtte of i './ the heat necessary to set in motion
he contracting. Nt i lent eertmaus t /Z 'o -O ';",/ the wheels of industry. But the suc
that in oIss thani knw0,n03 years the n IT th cessful carrying out of his plans
tiue's diameter will contract to one- less.',h." would necessitate the transfer of our
ljaif its present lengh. so that the great manufacturing centers to the
sun will occupy only one-eighth of the rainless regions of the world where
aitace it now occupies. It is hardly possible fog- It 'The heavens shall pass away with a great perpetual sunshine prevails. It, therefore, will
after that to contintte to furnish as much heat as noise, and the elements shall be dissolved with not be lmltossilble that the desert of
it do(os now, btt it must then cool off with great fvent heat, and the earth and the works therein Sahara and the sandy wastes of Central Asia shall
rtlidity. shall he burned ipn" in the future usurp the lyace now assumed by
This reasoning is bnted on the suppositton that !lnt the suggestion of the astronomer was pure the localities in proximity to the g-eat coal fields
the sun is noti et a solid s, dy, bit is so hot that speculation. There are no apparent signs of any of the wobld, while the latter become overgrown
its nass is still in a ga-ow s state. "ut the force such approaching catastrophe as hr. Langley sug- with briars and brambles like the mounds of many
t gravity 'non the son is so great that the gas is gests itS possible. At any rate, we may settle an ancient center of civilization.
(aatti ( into n anitth smlallf' proportionate com- (lowni t( the concltison that so far as astronomical Still another possible source from which we
laes itan it is on tle art h. The force of gravity fartes are concerned the present order of things may draw infinite quantities of heat and power
ei tfe sutface ow f the sun e 7is h lutes thtt on the o ill not be disth red for three or four million Is to be found in the heated center of the earth,
(arti. so that a man weg tung 150 u hounds on the eeabs. As we (sescele tl m osilew the surfat c of the earth,
caIt weuld weigh nearly two tons on the sun. So frut n equally gloomy pirospect is before the the temper-athre rises wn an ao-eage of one degree
raiity the gases f orl in the distant future from another uIn Cs feet. At a depth cf two miles, therefore,
the sun f't y ae they rehodyed to one-quarter the which is in slow 01eration. The length of the the temperaturof boiling Water wouldbe reached,
ensity a f tite s lid nutlats of the earth. But so ea-rth's day is slowly increasing through the re- and at a depth of five miles a temperature of
long :ts the ino hits (If the sun continues to be tarding influence of the tides produced by the more than 400 degrees. It would, therefore, not
124(lts it will ,onitite to grow hotter as it dimin- moon. To be sure, this effect is so slight that It seem by any means Impossible to bore into the
ishes it sze. s o seen, however, as it loses stif- has not been directly perceptible since accurate earth deep enotgh to make a portion of Its heat
fIete- h-at ti i:low the iaterial to take on the methods of measuring the time of the earth's available for all ordinary ptirposes.
(,nes urli aet, a cftust will he formed and the radlat- revolution on Its axis have been observed. But iThe world, however, is concerned with impend
ih htat ail ratwilly dinn 5sh. Probably, also, that it must be taking place is as stire as that ing catastrophes nearer at hand. The prosperity
th, lwcht taweithd will diminish long before that friction will stop a raili-ad train when the steam of the present time is largely dte to the rapid
ttre. i ei tho's-h the ottn is growing hotter, be- is turned off. ity with which we are using up the reserved stores
(1,u, 5of the aiitnhrhing size of the globe. The tides raised by the moons attraction are of nature upon or near the surface of the e drth.
The ntly way that the astronomers can see to distributed by the continents so as to present Thus geology, while it opens 01 to mankind the
,oh l this stow put-alsis of the sun, and so of the many anomalies, but when considered In them- stores of good that are buidied for safekeeping in
witlle solur systern is that lately proposed by Prof. selves they act the same as a wave three feet high the deplhs of theearth,pointsto their limited quan.
101021 in a son~satlot-al aiticle depicting what constantly running In an oppbosite direction to tity, ani ('ails tuiont men to tise them ecenomically
tIIl' lit wll en i , a dark woild moving at an incred- the ievolution of the earth, and so by friction re- and leave as much as possible for future genera.
ihle ,s- ed in si-ec shetuld come so near our sun tarding its motion. Astronomers are agsieed that tions. Wastefulness of these limited stores is a
that the two would c<lliwe. in this case the origi- similar tides protuced on the moon have reduced sin. At the same time It gives the philosophical
aii heat of the stn might be restored, but the ca- her revolution on her axis to a period of 28 days. student of history a sobering -iew of the destiny
tistrophe would practically roduce such . ro a ex- Eventually the revolution of the earth will be of man. Nothing is more certain than that man
iautsion ef its volume and such an increase of its reduced so that our day will be several times long- has not been always on the eart-t, and that he Is
radiating power that everything on the earth would er than now. When that time comes the nights , not always to stay here. The world is like a
be burned up, producing about such phenomena as will be so cold that nothing can stand It, aid If transcontinental railroad train and the human
,re described by the Ain ostle Peter. Indeed, the re- they could the days will be so hot that what was race loke a tu ssengr who gets on at one end and
semblance between the words of the apostle and left by the cold would be destroyed by the heat. has to get off at the other. Out of mystery man
the theory of the Washington astronomer was as But that time, also, Is so far In the future that the came and Into mystery he goes. The visible world
striking as It was unexpected, so much so that some present generation may put It out of their minds. Is a passing show. All that is unchangeable ueg s
readers may not know from which source the fol- This catastrophe will not arrive for many million in the world of the unseen.
lowing quotation Is taken: years yet. Indeed. before that time arrives the (Conightnt a 1806. by Joseph B Bowldk
If thei r, i. , 1 n11 , thinf that a
wo 1 an dr,:tl. till,,, lha1tanotherit
is a strgi,al ,, lra ti n.
We .ca: stat:e witlh, t fear of a
contradi.ti 'ni that tlthre are hun.
dreds, yes, thiainti, of o(perations
perforlll '(l 111u,1 n ) 111n in1 our hos.
pitals wvliclh .i. ntirely unneces.
sary and many have i aL'n avoidedby
For proo'f Of this statement read
the follohwing hltt,.rs.
Mrs. artara l;'a e, of lingman,
Kansas, writ.es tt J rs. I'mkham:
" For eight years I suffered from the
most severe f,,rm of female troubles and
was told that an operation was my only
hope of recovery. I wrote Mrs. Pinkhan
for advice, and took Lydia E. I'inkham'a
Vegetable Compound, antl it has saved
my life and made me a well woman."
Mrs. Arthur l;. House, of Church
Road, Moorestown. N. J., writes:
"I feel it is my duty to let people
know what Lydia E. Iinkham's Vege
table Compound has done for me. I
suffered from female troubles, and last
March my physician decided that an
operation was necessary. My husband
objected, and urged me to try Lydia
E. P'inkham's Vegetable Compound,
and to-day I am well and strong."
For thirty years Lydia E. Pink.
ham's Vegetable ('tmpound, made
froln roots and herbs, has been the
standard remedy for female ills
and has posit ivelvnured thousandsoa
wvomn whlo have ,been t roumlled with
displahem ents. iiila nuati ii, uleera
tion, fibroid t lumors, irregularities,
periodic pains, and backache.
Mrs. Pinkham invites all sick
women to write her for advice.
She has guided thousands to
health. Address, Lynt, Mass.
No Waits.
"I suppose you wait for the divine
4park?" inquired the lady visitor.
"Heavens, no!" replied the bard. "If
( did I would be waiting yet!"
Southern Woman Suffered with Itch
ing, Burning Rash-Three Little
Babies Had Skin Troubles.
"My baby had a running sore on his
neck and nothing that I did for it took
effect until I used Cuticura. My face
was nearly full of tetter or some sim
ilar skin disease. It would itch and
burn so that I could hardly stand it
Two cakes of Cuticura Soap and a box
of Cuticura Ointment cured me. Two
years after it broke out on my bands
and wrist. Sometimes I would go
nearly crazy for it itch,"' so bad'y. I
went back to my old stand-by, that
had never failed me-one set of Cuti
cura Remedies did the work. One
set also cured my uncle's baby whose
head was a cake of sores, and another
baby who was in the same fix. Mrs.
Lillie Wilcher, 770 Eleventh St., Chat
tanooga, Tenn., Feb. 16, 1907."
He Evidently Had One.
"What is a pessimist, pa?"
"A man who has a note to meet."
Take the Old Standard Gltt(iV'E 'I'AS'~ELid8
CIIILI, TONIC. Yonu know what you are taking.
The lormula is plainly printeld on evory bottle,
showing it is simply Quinine and Ilrn in a tasteless
form, and th.. most 'ethcctual form. For grown
people and children. IUc
There is at least one woman in the
world for every mtan in the world to
think the world of.
Hicks' Capudine Cures Nervousness,
W'hether tired out, worried, sleepless or
what not. It oqiits and refreshes brain
and nerves. It's liquli antl pleasant to
take. Trial bottle lee--regular size 25c and
5)c at druggists.
We'r tarnish the splendor of our best
actions by too oft''te sl;('iking of them.
If your chil-l's .ees are weatk or sore
apply John I1. )liekey'' old rielable eye
water. It don't hurt, feels good.
Girls are partial to automobiles be
cause they haye sparkers.
Allen's IFst-al':ae. to l'owder
Forswollen. sweatlng te it. 1.ive . I trln rlle. Tb.
original powder for the feet. ai at all 1ruggltL.
The right kind of a doctor leaves
well enough alone.

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