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The Rice belt journal. (Welsh, Calcasieu Parish, La.) 1900-19??, December 10, 1909, Image 6

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W0 teb,:: :: Lemislana.
tar Publi. Justice of the Peace _
Notary IU" Ward TwoP_ _.
- -0
1'\o 1 't;:\: .:: I. ( AETNA INST. RANCEi C')o.
y j E1 I[NSI:I'..i H ' N ) SUN INStRANCE C( . of London.
arm Sales a Specialty. Terms Reasonable. 4
ELSH, :: :: :: :: :: :: LOUISIANA,
or iniire at the Journal Book Store.
To My Friends and Patrons:
I wish to announce that I have just received a o
nice line of
for ladies and gentlemen, misses, youths and e
children, both Work and Dress Shoes; no mat- o
ter what you want, I can supply you.
I also have a ~1'o(io line Of
Stafle 1 Mercharixctd.ise 0
consisting of II i , I Id, ar Iwar, [larh(Id \\ire,
.leat , Floiii ,t(c. ('ill a(i l L,.et my pri.ees, m
Rice, - - Louisiana.
V v V 0009V 000000000000
"The Holiday Season
is Drawing Near"
for that dear wife, who has toiled so
hard for you? She deserve, some
thing nice for the home. What
could be more appropriate than a
piece of our
"Dependable Furniture?"g
It would gladden her heart, beauti
fy the home and at the same time 8
be of service: for years to come.
A good easy Y.ckXr, a handsome Leath
er Couch. a beautil Brass or Iron B3ed,
a good FW lattreŽ;s, a beautiful China
Cabinet, a good, big, roomy Dining
Table, a set of our fine Quartered Oak
Dining Chaiirs, a handsome Sideboard,
a swell glass door Wardrobe, a nice
highly polished Quartered Oak DI)resser
and Washstand or Bed Room Suit. 8
Any of the above would make an ap
propriate and servicable Christmnas 8
gift. 8_
Our line (on-sist, of a thousand and one things that0
would make aiy wife, (laughter, son or relative
bless you for the entire balance of your life.
Our prices are no higher this year than pievious8
pYears, liotwithstid igii the fact that cvrcivthing in
our line has adv.ancedt from ten to twenty-five cents
onthe dollar, within the last thirty days. We
purchased our ilmmtnse stock before the advance
and intend to give our customers the benefit of it.
D)on't take our word folr It, but come investigate.
Our facilities are as good as any furniture house in
he South, for handling your business. We have
lperiencedl packers and pack all goods free of
cbarge, drayit to the depot and prepay the
flright to your nearest railroad station.
We refund your railroad fare up
lO 5 per cent of your purchases
road St. Lake Charles, La.
, 'n . ·· " h 1
J. L. Byerly was transacting
business in Jennings Saturday. b
P. E. Louviere was a business
visitor in Lake Charles Monday. a
Clarence Radeka was a business d
visitor in Lake Charles Saturday.
Rice Bran and Polish at i i
Jones Bros.
Dr. Paul Quilty, of Lake Charlen h
was a professional caller in Welsh d
I)r. J. K. Thrower, of Lake b
Charles made his regular trip here d
ºM. L. Fuller wasa business visi
tor to the parish seat Monday
Mr. and Mrs Chas. Shoemaker,
were Monday morning passengers
to Lake Charles.
Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Wessen
p went to Lake Charles on business
p and pleasure .\onday.
:M*r. and Mrs. D. R. Read and
Miss Kate Risinger were guests of
friends in Iowa Sunday.
F. L. Tanner went to Lake
Charles M.onday morning for the
transacting of business.
1). O. Dolby, one of Lake Cnaules
prmin ent business men was a
Tuesdav visitor in Welsh.
Win. inock, of the Southwestern
plantation. spent several days the
forepart of this week in Welsh.
W 1. 1). Gunn went to E(lgerly
Sun ay to look after matt ers on
the (1nn 111and EhIlyv ranch there.
F", ( ! l. :- --A fine young Jersey
, 1o . nit: yot1 c:alIf, gentle and
Swell lroke. Inquire at the Journal
Re . (; C. Mlinnix went to Iowva
St:ttin Sun:.y. ýx here he preached
to the D)unkarlI congregation of
that place.
F .'. A. Ar.cuneaux, wsan in Lake
Chr s the tfolllrt of the week,
:tt(en'iilnt e tle regul:, nieting of
the pl]ice jury.
Mrs. '"rel Stull, of Jennings was
the .u( , of Mr's. S. A Cxvev the
l:ter p:rt ofl I:stt week Tant the
first of this.
I. t, l nr I'ttiice, formerlv of
W' els1. l iut oii l, k.altel in Jeleniings
was sh::king itanIs with friends
(. 1. 1inml, e .i trel Petticrew,
of lwn :terii tli Cosner sale
1no)rtI of twixn. Tuesday.
iSlxthwestern P'l litation, came up
to X\elshi Tu[ms,v t, :atteniml tIe
:osner sae, no11h of town.
>- J. (,. 'undI A. (. larrett and W.
StheI c',it of town Im'ople w\h( caeiie
i i to !ttntl( the (oi05ner stock sale
F l'rank Cotton, left on No. 7,
. '[lThturs a mit orilinii for" llouston,
where he will meet his brother, and
to ( thler theiy will make a trip
t hlioutgh Tll ca5s.
"['o SRu.A 011 TuAIiI;:-A feed raill
grin, es rice olr (1orn with or with
out col. Also three Peafowels, two
male anI( one female.
271) I'. J. Unkel.
II. X \crrel, formerly a con
positor in this office, but now in
busiiness for himself in Roanoke,
was a business visitor in Welsh
Tuesday morning.
MIr. andil Mrs. Frank Cotton, who
are here from Panama visiting
friends, went to Jennings Tuesday
for a few days visit with friends
and rel:tives in that city.
/The Lad,, s' Auxiliary, of the
Baptist Chut :h will give a circus
party, and a oyster supper at the
Old Bank BIding Friday Decem
bar 10. A cordial invitation is ex
tended to all to come and enjoy a
jolly evening. 27-2t
Taken Up:-At my place on
SNorth Polk Street, one sorrel mare,
unbranded, roach mane. About
seven yearr old, fourteen hand high,
three white feet. Owner can have
the same by proving property and
Spaying costs. J. E. Montgomerv,
We 32p
It. ii. Siuderson, was transacting
business in Jennings Wednesday.
W'. R. ltowsen, of Jennings was
a busincs visitor in Welsh Tues
Chas. Jeter made a busines trip
to the parish seat Wedneday morn- t
Chas Lant', was transacting
businetss in the parish seat Wednes
Robert ToL d Sr. was transacting
business in Lake Charles Wednes
Rice Bran and Polish at
Jones Bros.
Miss Iva liathtwav spent Sun
day the guest of friends in Esther
Mrs. N C. Davis and Miss Minnie
Spirizin were visiting friends in
Lake Charles Thursday.
Emile Langley was paying taxes
and transacting other business in
Lake Charles Wedneslay.
Will Russell, as is his custom
lately, spent Sundlay in Jennings,
wonder what the attraction is.
IMrs. W . I'. (uidiry, of Slidell,
La., arrived here Sunday for a
couple of wet(ks visit at the home
of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ch:,s.
Il uckleberrv.
"The (',' w u ,-t e'ut . r" is accorupained
byv a full lt.: 5 hand of ten pieces,
Si h i l 1t , ' a ne 'olcever on the
streets in the tvenin,.
N tions anu1 Novelties, new andt
up to (date. Corsets, ladies neck
wear, belts etc. at Mrs. Mclntyre's.
Call and see theim.
:., ). Patterson, who hlts been
living on the Spurgin llace north
tf the Gulf Mill, has remtdtile, his
resihdence south of town antl moved
into it thii week.
Friends of Ir. andl Mrs. Clif
Winchell, were informed yesterdayv
morning of the arrival (f a fine
I aly girl who made her :ttppearance
at their home on the fifth instant.
Alr. and Mrs. I)erbin,. and] Miss
Dyer, of \ernorn Texas. arrived in
Welsh S:aturday, and will spend
some time visiting at the hlome (,f
their frienls, Mr. and M.rs. L. W.
J ac kson.
The niettilbers of the Welsh sihil,
facultv at tenle the )ist ret
'Te,:chers' Ale1 ctin L iiin .ln r ings;
Sm:turly. They report :a golid
meetin tand mntre than usual in
trest manifested.
15 D1.Ys It:)t:,'T x ,S m :: ...
(trder to make r', on ft"r a larre
stock of spring ant] sumn ter Ihats;
lieginning I)ecember ,tih. ant] last
ing for 1(5days. I will sell winter
ki:ts, fea:tlers, wings, children'p
tlttues and ca'ps etc at greatly re
,uimct' prices. YXui are cordtially
invited to call aind inispect any
g I,,s and prices.
Mrs. Mclntyre.
Anthony Hiebert, was trarzuact
ing business in Lake Charles
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lircmb,
started for ('lear Lake. South
Dakota, Saturlay night i response
to a message announlcing the verv
5erious illness of Mr. Lisconih's
mother, who is not expecte l to
Mrs. Eloii C. lalner, of New
Orle:ans, Grand .Matron of the
Grand Chapter 0. E. S.. ,,f Louisti
ana, was in Welsh We, ness
evening and inspecting the w, k ,,f
the order here. She expre.;e,d her
self as highly gratifie, at the pr,
ficiency with which the work of the
chapter is handled.
J:iile> t'rentwe, dr vnia, aitu his
seter, Mrs. Nick KeIlkv, of Cnklaho
ma, arruive here "atirl~ AN Will
ý,)pentl a few weeksq visiting at tie
homse of their parent-R, 2r. and
Mrs. N. P'reiiticec, o thio (UPA
I"'o1 St.4H,.. -At a hart~;,in, eiterr
ten or t went v :acre. of 1,rnli in tiio
southerº,t p:rrt t,f \Velkit. This is
gooL dr~ wi !e at
a e~avriiI;t"e (",i os lr a l rtrc e
2 tf \V'Ikh. L.
.eº"t fRice, For K;alI.
!t~l~·t t o fr, from r,"(?. ,io.:! i:(f *,uu
If. .-\.I.,(inteknot,
B~ell City, La.,
'-' -4 ~' 0P-. '-" ep-' "- ' --4 r-' -e GP- --9 m I a- - -ar * ," -04 Pk -. P'-' -06 o -- ' -'4
S- --. Pw-C --4 C -.4 --.-. C' --4 0 '-.41)-t C -.46' --' --.4 C - o - M 4 -- --moo 0- P = ..'4
~.- -^e up-- -'-..M W---r W- bp - - -re M-- -".e : , - ,. -re * - .. o -'4 ý w- -.. .s .4 l -.4
1 rw v wish to annnounce that we have
vv1 a Full Line of the celebrated John
Deere Plow Company's Inple= Lu
¶ ments for 1909-10, and it will pay you to see
what we have before you buy.
ii ~ "fý
1P. Ain MI
1 N = . - r
Su e Mercantile Co., Ltd.
S- Na 4 -- lo
11 41-i-~~- P- 4P -
'I\ ('i Vtt pmI t of his 11)('1i0' w'h(iei 11t ~ ('t ni ;i
Stt)1t(. 1 h- 111211 hel i xtt fuv lked f rli t'( itill ltli+1 to
1111 lf j211 in o '' tie('silip. A hIi ni f: '0v )ei I.lI.'
had "2I\s('( d F ('! Ihtt S~iisiit I )011111-. 'itº-+i,:; he is
word)~i iia'aly T('11 MIili] in's. Makei( on 'i tw 'It.r 1~.
I A~1JINAL P*rWj',
(i`t X\ esh.
LE~T NAig1
ýý I huvtý"' iii-t~lhlfl(I 21 New Uti~ti+' d\il ,lul awl p~it j LL B
ýf* jlla1f'(l t) ,'1'!l1 Oll{ V rill' P i(' (' ;It IIS lilt'il t'k7 iit (lt o
A. 1*, FINDLEY, ty
10` 6 0 louisiana.
low :9 2.2 11
a a fr - w -., - -.
s.-,40 a -f.- ar. -1 ---4 +--.. . -A º -.

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