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jomance to Order
gentlemen, two English, one
sat around a table in the
of the Mioamer and sipped
at their cocoanut water, not
rly liking the insipid drink.
In the Prado, a long, unend
e of carriages, motors, pedes
moved steadily back .and forth.
they tell me that Havana is a
place," drawled Hulley, re
his Panama hat, for like all
tourists their first move when
eched the Cuban capital was to
Sin Panamas.
%ow we've been over here a week,"
fed Middleham, his brother Eng
.," and as far as romance is
sed, Sno', there has been abso
'Iothing doing,' as you, Ameri
put it."
',both the men appealed to Snow,
p Cuba lay so close to the States,
an American protectorate, too,
etleman felt called upon to de
e island's good name in things
t do you fellows expect to hap
to you cuddled up here in the
dser gardens? You poke around
S..look at forts, cathedrals, histori
japots and places where romanees
0¢occurred. That's all wrong. Ro
is like lightning; it never
twice in the same place. The
who goes around gaping at ro
c spots will never make one."
., come now," gibed Hulley,
'it an American Joke."
, echoed Middleham, "there
Je adventures for the natives, but
for a foreigner like me, barely
the language."
show you," remarked Snow,
He arose.
now, what are you going to
 n chorus.
iup an adventure."
hat!" exclaimed Middleham,
tpg out his watch, "at 10 o'clock at
I bshrugged his shulders. "Ten
at night is the beginning of
arose likewise. "Come along,
; let's see what he is going
*the three big fellows sauntered
the hotel lobby and walked up to
r little clerk.
" asked Snow, "would you
i1e with your guitar to-night?"
clerk smiled brightly. "SI,
Scerte," and he hurried into the
Uter it.
get a stiletto and a revolver,
ested Mlddleham, laughing.
* ieerk returned; the three men
he Instrument and set forth.
S going to happen," mur
|Milddleham; nobody's at
atoDped. "Now you fellows
t big house right yonder, with
Sbrass grillwork shining in
dows I want you fellows to
in the shadow behind this
,Ib going over and thrum on
a bit; maybe something
wo friends assented. The
Walked over to the window
hill glare of an are, swung the
d in front and, without
began to play.
an odd, plaintive, tangled
that Snow played, a thing
Picked up years ago, down
Sand had played on other
other windows.
e the shining grill work
4 catch the glint of a silk
Be Played on, weaving a mu
Suntil be almost be
f back in the old Aztec
?The impression grew so
to 'be almost disagreeable.
that instant a hand was laid
hUghed shortly. "The ro
Of," he remarked without
nd; "you boys came over
it all."
4.,quire what the senor is
Sasked a voice in perfect
- ih.
ad around abruptly and
facing a heavy-set,
with black mustache
curled up in a fierce Kaiser Wilhelm
a fashion.
Snow stared at this apparition in
t amazement. "Ant 1 on your pre
serves?" he asked in Spanish.
- The stranger stepped back a little.
"I see from your accent," he went on,
. that you arb an American, but, senor,
a I accept no insolence even from an
1 A little tingle of amusement went
n through the American. "Well, as you
3 have answered my question in the af
firmative I'll tell you what I am do
ing. Some friends and I have started
out with this guitar this evening in
s search of an adventure, so I stood
p here playing and hoping something
. would happen."
At Snow's pleasant, smiling face and
ingenuous explanation the stranger be
gan to thaw.
"So you are hunting an adventure?"
responded the man, agreeably. "Would
8 you mind helping me? I was just
wishing for someone to give me a
Slittle assistance in case I should need
"Are you joking?" asked Snow.
"Never more serious-here's my,
hand," in impulsive Spanish fashion.
Snow took it gravely. "What shall
I do?"
e "Stand right here and play the gui
tar." Then the man vanished.
The man had hardly disappeared in
the side alley when the silken curtain
behind the grill was drawn back a
t "Senor," said a voice, "did Rafael
ask you to play there?"
y Snow drew near and removed his
Panama. He could see a dim oval
face outliled in the black interior with
two dark splashes for eyes, but there
was a quality in the voice that made
the American blunder his tune and let
it die away.
"Yes, senorita," he whispered back;
"someone set me here to play."
"Then why don't you play?" asked.
the woman, with a little tremolo in
her voice.
With a feeling that he was in tlhe
midst of a phantasmagoria, Snow once
more adjusted his guitar and began
strumming the tune. He 1lad hardly
started again when he saw two white
hands clasp the brazen grills.
"Not that! Not that!" trembled the
voice. "Ah, mia Dios, not that!"
Snow paused again abruptly. "You
know the tune-it is not a Cuban air?"
"Nor I a Cuban girl, senor."
"What shall I play, then?"
"Anything else." There was a touch
of pathos in her words and again that
dimly familiar quality the man had
noted all along.
* He moved a trifle closer. "May I
inquire why I am playing and-to
"You are playing in Raphael's place
so that Rafael and Maria may escape
unobserved. That is all, senor."
. Snow pressed up against the grills.
He was staring fixedly into the dark
recess beyond the cuttains. "And to
whom?" he asked, tersely; "to whom?"
There was a broken little laugh in
side, then a shaking, silvery voice
hummed over the air he had just been
playing, then sang softly the first line.
"But--but I composed those words
myself!" stammered Snow.
"So--so you did-Len."
"Carlotta!" trembled the American
in the uttermost surprise. "You!"
"Yes, yes, my father sent me here
Sto-to avoid you."
"Well, come on-quick, Carlotta
We'll follow suit-the back way."
"But, Len," gasped the girl, "some
one must play the guitar. Rafael al
Sways played!"
Snow leaped to the middle of the
inarrow street and began wildly to sig
Snal toward the dark corner. The two
Englishmen came up leisurely.
"Hurry! Hurry!" cried the Ameri
can. "I need you!"
1 "What's the matter?" asked Middle
ham, as the two followed him back to
the window.
S"Stand here and play this guitar!"
snapped Snow.
S"Aw, now, what do I want to stand
i here and play a guitar for?"
1 "Don't ask questions! To make
Sthem think I'm here till Senorita Car
lotta Vitrelli and I elope out the back
I way."
"Yes, senors," pleaded the voice in
the window, "and if my uncle comes
out you must catch him and hold him.
Don't let him pursue us!" They could
see her wringing her hands excitedly
in the gloom.
"Now, really, Hulley, don't this upset
a fellow, though? Snow here has
known her for at least five minutes,
hasn't he?" Then, as an afterthought,
"I can't play a guitar, you know."
But Snow thrust the instrument
Sinto his hands. "You've got to try as
a friend-a benefactor!"
Middleham held the guitar. Hulley
- looked on in amazement. Snow van
ished around the side alley and the
girl disappeared from the window.
The two Britons were planted dog
gedly by the window and Snow knew
I that neither the uncle nor all the Ha
vana police could move or pass them.
As he and Carlotta met in the tiny
Slittle alleyway there sounded from
the front the most execrable noise
that a guitar was ever guilty of in Ha
I vana.
Then Hulley tried to sing.
"That's unnecessary punishment,"
I muirmured Snow in the girl's ear.
But Carlotta laughed happily gg
Sthey hurried downi the dark path.
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ture will cure any cough that is cur
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"I wrote her a poem on my new
typewriter. It began 'How like a flow
er your face is.'"
"The cursed machine wrote it, 'How
like flour your face is!'"
"Our baby when two months old
Was suffering with terrible eczema
from head to foot, all over her body.
The baby looked just like a skinned
rabbit. We were unable to put clothes
on her. At first it seemed to be a few
mattered pimples. They would break
the skin and peel off leaving the un
derneath skin red as though it were
scalds. Then a few more pimples
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body, leaving the baby all raw without
skin from head to foot. On top of her
hqad there appeared a heavy scab a
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America's Opportunity in Turkey,
Dr. George Washburn. president of
Robert college, 1870-1903, writes:
"It is a great opportunity, a Wvonder
ful opportunity, and it is a call espe
cIally to Americans. They believe in
as now in Turkey. They trust us.
There is nobody they believe in and
trust as they do Americans in Turkey.
They know that we have no selfish
ends in view there. We do not want
any of their territory; we are not
going to try to overthrow the Turkish
government; and they understand fully
that what we are doing there we are
doinig for their good. They may think
we make mistakes, but they know we
are honest, and they know we are do
ing it for their good. They trust us as
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quently it is a great opportunity, a
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stand who Christ is and what Christ is
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The Whip Hand.
"She evidently copies your pat
"Quite so."
"1 don't believe I would care to have
such a fashionable cook as that."
"It has its advantages," declared
Mrs, Housekeep.
"In what way?"
"Every time she starts to leave I
simply refuse to button her gown."
Fido's Portion,
"Did you give the scraps of meat to
the dog, Norah?"
"You forgot, mum, that we'd quit
eatin' meat, mum, but Oi give th' baste
th' carrot tops an' pertaty parin's."
Los Angeles Express.
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A New Version.
Apropos of George Washington and
the cherry tree story, Senator l3ever'
idge said at a dinner in Indianapolis:
"I asked a little boy what this story
was the other day, and he actually
didn't know. He said he knew, though,
the story about the judgment of Solo
mon, and he proceeded to tell it to me.
"Solomon," he said, "was a very wise
man. One day two women went to
him, quarreling about a baby. The first
woman said, 'It is my child.' The sec
ondl said, 'No, it is mine.'
"'But Solomon spoke up and de
"'No, no, ladies; do not quarrel.
Give me my sword and I will make
twins of him, so that each of you will
be supplied.' "
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- A
In Bad Fix
"I had a mishap at the age of 41, which left me in bad
fix," writes Mrs. Georgia Usher, of Coryers, Ga.
"I was unconscious for three days, and after that I
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