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The Rice belt journal. (Welsh, Calcasieu Parish, La.) 1900-19??, April 05, 1912, Image 5

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,n's Livery
Feed Stable
s at all hours with or
Sfed or boardel by
or tweek.
s elipped $2 per head.
12 Welsh, La.
Ovr Crescent Drug Store,
_pbone No. 16-4 rings
one o. .
ebg , L"ia.
-or Up.To-Date
, Baircut,
poo or s isage
:: :: TR "
L 16;~s~~r~ar~~~
nspending the xNný t
me of the fom',:r -i:-;er.
RM. Lawson, ~f ti( ity,
Tuesdiy morni;n f'r thiiri
i Traer, lowl. Tise i: iý.s
made Iste a o fr: ietCi is in
,during their visit hLere. h
mn with regrets ta:t l
departed for their hon:, },
them a pleasant jIurnc,.
SCoraCarr, ~~ho i tQ;e: t+itg
klin,arrived in \el'b 'i'r::
owring, being cale I hlee
Stof the serious i i e.. of ?, :
1rs Scott Carr.
D. Jones says g,,.. nu,:
nming are all righit :< a: p:):.-!.
but they don't c:t : : e i i
ofinterest to tL :ii i 
teeapound boy th::t : riive
Ihome Monday m1orni;: e.
sr~-~· ·rsL- 3TilFýT'i1
Choice Seed Corn for
sale at Jones Bros.
Mrs. D. C. Bortorff was the guest
of friends in Lake Charles Tuesday.
C. G. Morton, made a business
trip to Lake Charles Tuesday morn
Police Juror, F. A. Arceneaux,
went to Lake Charles Monday
evening, in order to attend the
regular monthly meeting of the
police jury, which conveyned Tues
day morning.
Fou SALE:--Iaving decided to
move my Salvwmill Engine to the
farm, I have for saleone 50 11. P.
Fire Box Boiler *and 35 II. P.
Geiser Engine, size 11x15. This
boiler carries 150 lbs pressure, and
the engine will be thoroughly over
hauled for the coining sea son. W\il
sell on reasonable terms.-R. E.
SPowell, Elton, La,
L. II. Peterfish, who had been
$spC-n1iilg soilmetimne here lool:ing
alter his real estate holtings, and
vi itinh his ol.l tiine frienls, Mr.
:ad \, ('has. liver, started Sua -
l:v eveninL for his home in )ica
tur, Ill'in is.
(. E, (':trr was tr,.nsmrting hui-i
ness in Lati;e C'harles Mlontda
Ir1 I. 1 . ArU.n,:iux x;elnt to
t lake C iarles .Moniay evening, in
l r t o Ie ttl ti e I icetie ~ of the
1': is' i \Me ical \ssciatit)n, \ bhich
t c nve e,, tlhere " ues.._.ay mol(nliný,.
IU;~,it S c ,i si1.i ni n:,I er ,o e (!:;a i
ifene pn-sts, (lelivere l in t \\n oir
Ie',: !re, U oul I il( l on ,:tlhlress
h a.s l utz, W elsh, i.:1. ',-it
I). C. 1iAlncile-te', Hof l, , l an
ss, is the guest of 'dr. anld Mlrs. 1).
1i.' ItLa , of this city, this lie k.
. r. l anchester has been :.pendint
Stle I,:st several months trtveliin
tir'ough the So(th :an .l(Cuba, hav
i1: c peen at thle ltter place to wit
,je.s tihe burial ,f the Maine solme
ten (aiv l ,.
S (C. . F. mith, thle 1.!! cl nn,' 
i r italist of lP rt Arthur, w'.:
r,1tns,,'t,i , hbusiaes s in W\ebb Lbe
first of the wel,:.
r Mrs, Chas. Farreaux and daugh
ter, were guests of the former's
t brother, Mr. Clopha Benoit and
family Sunday. Mrs, Farreaux is
moving to Rayne, from her former
home near Bell City, this week.
Mrs. Chas. Stewart and daugh
ters, Misses Essie and Nellie were
guests of friends in Jennings Mon
I. P. Manning of Rice was tranrs
acting business in Welsh Saturday.
Choice Seed Corn for
sale at Jones Bros.
1)r. L. (. Lewis was a Jennings
Svisitor Saturday.
Mrs. \V. B. Sargent made a busi
ness trip to Jcnnings Monday morn
Mrs. Chas. Moore and her sister,
Miss Ethel Welsh, who is her guest,
were visiting friends in Lake
Charles Tues lay.
Crepe Paper Napkins 15 cents
lper lhunultel, at the JIt'U.N.\L Book
M-r. and Mrs. harry Eat n of
pl)rents, Mr. :tn l Mrs..\. . Miller
of this (it,." S 'l , t .
lio1 li:t) ee atnl his nat! er were
1guests of fienls in Crviuv Sundy
1t . \W . Ii : r!;i of this ,,lime w8::s
"Ci't li Vl,!y.
visiting 1 rienls in Ia te Charles
little d ,:eliter, Mar:aret, re e
: w.ts of Mr.. nl Mrs. If. I. L,ng
t e 'ii ,t lo'Va Sun i .
S Mrs. \V. 1B. (G:tbbert n(1 dautl ht
.:r ,,n8lab(1l were ,uests of
,_f' im s i n .Jennintgs Sttu n' :av.
Mlis:s l':nm!a Cu!ver wa:s Vli, iti,1
SfrieIis i'1 aike Citar'les :turdi:ty.
Mrs B. L. G(raves was the ge.t
t,, frinu's in L c harlea s S:att:r
Didn't Do Much Good.
Father-Ilale a :yo u ne a:.y tai(::.
ing ai.:..t how yc. u are to meet yo.:.
Son--No, (, r.I but I've dne a ~.,:c
of a lGt of vsonde'ring!-Pa- '
Dr. W. L. Stewart is making hi
Sprofessional calls now in a new
I Ford roadster which he recently
Spurchased from Dr. L. G. Lewis.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Alf. Martin and
little daughter returned Saturday
morning frent a short visit with
friends in Lake Charles,
Mrs. D R. Read and little
d(laughter Margaret were guests of
Lake Charles friends Saturday.
Misses Fairlv and Thurman,
teachers of the Welsh high school,
were shopping in Lake Charles
Mrs, N. C. Davis went to Jen
nings Saturday for a short visit
with friends
5000 New Post Cards
put in our rack this week
A. B. flall was transacting busi
ness in Lake Charles Tuesday and
Wednieslay of this week.
.Morgan \VWIll who has ibeen selliing
groceries out of La ke Charles for
the t,:it three mi ntths is , .v. inea ,
the week xvith hi' f:liiily in VWel-.
Chas. Ska'.- spent Sumlbty in
Jennie .
Mr. ain M 'rs. I:,liguuet of ('row.
IM, ('::le over ,V , ,'nes l:ay evening
for ' %-:,ilt with f'rit :nls afind relatives
\ i- W l uiifr 2 i Lelo einzc s of Je:aner
ett{,, e':me o)ver Sunda:y to :assist
in ('Carter's Ie ('ram Pa:rlor.
Choice Seed Corn for
sake at Jone,', Bros.
Miss it1i1ni'. IHenrv and litth.
Sister, .:.e-t, ,f .1,nnontau, ,ibo
have been t}ie -net of their sitel.
.Mrs. ittnuel l{in .,.,i 1, of this ci v,
for the pst t n' w ys returnecl t+
their :ne iurt iay nlmornint
so, 1r, etl:.tv tf theo I ,, i:.i.,1!'t (ý;i' ll ri
I L:nI ti. 4f i.:'V Clark's, was
in I;'(h 4 4t\1ines ax. in. tereet t
O*O 't4't uTi (2 1 1a .h :nin Ii e
ini '.t I''a e (' it. :ll l
ti I , . . .. t'l I i n (ý i~ '. IIý.2 '1 (' "t
lrs from .~X llh, wr lte he i,;lt
tbCel for a f'w lays cicaing Cl) tlhe
t tet ,', I\ii'] `~ . (,i r ;:lwttyl l r l ,r'-t-}!1
1ile irf lt. e reatl e (ate oJ: t '..e
owned thire.
I t , l .re t 1e,., a pr'uome lie t
,n oter n I ajit.t list, of 'erman
ri :l s a stest at t-e homes of
t, C. and ,1e; Hranette several
lays this week.
Mrs. IP. W. DaItnicls, of New Or
leans, and Ie e' mther, Mrs. Crai'.
of Jennines, whotm she has been
visitinr for same time, were guests
at the hluiim of Mrs. L. E Robin
son ,n,! Mu's, W. B. Gabbert,
Mrs. McConnell, of Jennings, and
her guest, Mrs. Tyler, of Denver,
Colorado, were guests at the homes
of Miss Kate Strobe, and Mrs. L.
J. Howe'rs Wednesday nnd Thiurs
day of this week.
hoice Seed Corn for
sale at Jones Bros.
Messrs E. II. Boling. F. T. Moore
W. B. GabI'rt ,nd 1). R. Read,
ntode a business trip to Ro:anoke
'Tuesdtv, going over in Mu'. Boin g's
Mrs. Stt CCarr, hivin d, three
miles soulthest o~f Welsh, is criti.
cally ill, an:l wx's thought to It, a
",dyin'l cndition Xh,;n'iyv evening,
bat is sliizhily better <' fthe time of
going to press.
Dr. T1ilor, Jenninge' well known
veteritary, was ito this lea lity,
Thursday vaccinatlig s5(1m,' cattle
for L J. Bowers.
A. R. Areeneaux is the latest
pureh aser of an : utiobile, e -,_avin
had a Ford deliv'eredl to lois resi
(hence Thursday afterooa.
_,ood heavy work horse for sale
or trade for a driving,_( horse. In.
ouire of J L. \Vest, Welsh., La. 2tp
I as \-isitor t ic I:r~i~:,
\1I. B 11 \an t::"c' nIaC!Qe a buisines
t~i) to tK ii etTiuca
L- eave yur ordcer for all
t kiids:; o;i f:d :eds at the
PLtta;trs' (irocery Store.
, E . ..all. 43tf
Y ('hays. .Ietr t, ' !,o :siness trip
v ,
low About Yoir Easter Suit ~
And How About Your Easter Hat ?
We have a complete stock of suitable
apparel to make you both comfort
able as well as styles to suit the
most fastidious. Come in and see
what we are offering in this line.
Prices to suit your taste as well as
your pocket book.
-"--- - Co., Ltd, -
'7< v
p Which Are You
Do you Iproudly and mianfulily, in
the b)road o)pen daylight, go ilnto the
bank and deposit your moltey.?
I)o you slip off in the dark when all
others are asleep, nervous for fear;
SsOlieOtl(e' will see yol , and 1l hil(de ym(iri
IlS' I i sll 0 some seert't 0la't'.
'- If you beloing to tihe latter clasi. s,
(+osi(leer th greater seirity We
offer y 1ou. ( yott' [b11silcss Ill 1i 11
ope -ihllan(de(d lmllal!( ', a111d
-By Op lli)'p ling : ,111 ae 't' ltlt w ilt u.. N io
. tl1(' l' li t 1 iS to () Sil'.ll to I t ' t'l c totll'
':D - llost <'a .l'l lt att t '<, ,ll.
ý- ,-J...:n - '--  - ", dL: :_3 -_" 2 = - +" .. ", . . .. "- ' + "+ - .. . r ... +<+. . cn -" " " .- "c'!
# d
>~~~~~~ Ž.\s,\e;'jI v\
`.ý .
ýý'. ý', ` (' ;: Ii (''t ItB l{' 1! wir' w r('
p r , 1(1 V1S ( Vtl I: 1.. gul 11 11 l f
I. 14A NI. ' j \, VI)
llil'itlt '- ! sý )l 3'~tt.~i
iIE 11 wl vut 1 $
(+f the \h-dag c ~In :i;CAd We dl \ olks Cu. \I*( Ishi La $
Raise More Rice
But Don't ixhaust Your Soil ,
S1 This is tv hat you c;rn di,) by using tha right kind of fertilizer. N
Swift & Co. manufacture this class of goods, It is m:ile out
of blood, bone and other tankage goods.
Your old ground needs something besides Phosphoric Acid ' j
and Potash. It needs Nitrogen as well.
1D)o you know that if you have an a cre of groual ri ,'tel in
u cow-peas that they will pull 5.5.()0 worth of Nitrogcn wit of the
atmosl " re and take it into the soil?
UH IB we can't all raise cow-tpe:s on oil wet. rice l: I. 1
1W '1 n do the next best thing. Buy fertilizer thalt e(nta:ins
1411 Nitrogen along with the other elements anal you ':I ·tIl ra.:ise
i; good crops on your oll landl.
P41 ASK FOR SWIFT'S 10-2 2
: containing 10 per cent Phosphoric Acid, 2 per cent Nit:r ni and N
2 per cent Potash. Dl)n't be sat isied if smeo:ie t,:l v,,; his is
i just as goo(l, but deoan I S\V IIT'S.
NI! , We manufacture all kindls of fertilizer, but ",+.,:::.e::d
1 Ii0 2.-2 above all otlhers for ol, land.
---------- - See our Ageints -------- -
-- ---- For Our Goods
I.y Also ask them for our free hok on fortiir, it .v : i ed .' a ;st
{ what each element in fert!iz:r is goo I for a,''l whtt It will do.

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