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UJ,U,) lIilMl.\ HAVEI Lul WIRK
A;I Scuthern Mines Are Not Affected.
Agreement With Bi:uminous Min
ers-Vote to UDecte.
r l In .- Na r 1t aril t, ,li
ulmp l 'i n aln- tdc l V,:h " iS'' ltco k'l t !' li
0)y 11 1 ( n r :.. ! 'I'S , a .:" i ]1 't' 1' "
. he , itulnlin s w tincr -ill Ie out .
ireac. d in .: '1l I;I' tilo b ratifi
ajil ol !, 1 11( 11 i Iii t 1 5! ¶ i X 'X th t'' o l i "'I .
by.l the niner s for rtfi!rlnulllii voti
be lasctionyd by at lar" e Iajorit ofi
f 'r Ih a ls tri ik ,O t he ii ,:S ' s r ill he :0 11
only lonlg eou s~is for the ail'reenlel
reached in 'leveland to be ratified
by the min ners for a referoidUrn v\oute,
as it is believed the aareenuont will
be sanctioned by a lar'ge majority of
the men. The suspension In the an
thracite mines will be of longer dura
tion, as no agreement has been reach
ed yet betviween rnine/s and operators.
/After negotiations were broken off
In New York March 13 between the
anthracite miners and operators noth
ing was done toward getting together
rigain until Sunday, when bothi sides
I'greed to meet in Philadelphia on
April 10 and reopen negotiations.
Now that the bituminous miners
and operators have agreed on a wage
contract for the next two years, it is
believed the anthracite controversy
soon will be settled when the miners
pnd operators get together in I'hila
delphia. The demands made by both
branches of the coal ininers were
xomewhat similar and it is thought
the anthracite forces will compromise
on practically the same terms as have
been agreed to in the bituminous in
The suspension does not affect all
of tihe mines in the South, as the
union is not strong south of the Ohio
river, as in the Northern States. The
mines of Wyoming, Washington, Colo
rado and Montana also will not be
affected because the union contracts
In those districts do not expire
April 1.
It is said the miners will lose
$1,000,000 every day they remain out
and that the suspension will cause a
loss on coal production to the country
of nearly 2,000,000 tons a month. No
formal notice by President White for
the miners to leave work as suspen
sion was automatic, since the miners
have no agreement to work after mid
pight Sunday when the contract made
two years ago expired. No trouble is
expected at any of the mines in
Commander of Vessel Said Expedition
Intended to Spend Another
Year in Antartic.
Wellington, N. Z.-Captain Robert
F. Scott's vessel, Terra Nova, which
carried the British expedition to the
antarctic, has arrived at Akaron, a
harbor in fanks pteninsula, New Zea
land, but has not brought back Cap
tain Scott or the members of his ex
pedition. The commander of lihe
Terra Nova brought instead the fol
J.owing brief message from (Captanl
"I am remaining in the antarctic
for another winter in order to con
tinue and complete my work."
The latest news sent back by Cap.
tain Scott to his base at McMurdo
Sound showed that January 3 he had
reached a point 150 miles from the
South Pole and was still advancing.
It was clear that had the explorer
delayed sending back notification of
his progress until he actually reach
ed the pole, word from him could not
have been received by the Terra Nova
before she was compelled to leave, ow.
ing to the setting in of winter and
the freezing of the Ross sea.
All on board the Terra Nova are
"Great disappointment was felt when
it was known that the Scott party
had been left behind.
The Axman Again Busy.
Columbus, Tex.-The railroad town
of Glidden was visited Wednesday
night by the "axman," claiming six
victims-Lyle Finucane, Ellen Mon
roe and four Monroe children, all ne
groes. The tragedy was discovered
after daylight. Lyle Finucane and
Ellen Monroe, mother of the children,
were found in one room on the floor
with their heads crushed. In an ad
Joining room the four children were
found, the oldest boy being on a cot
and the three younger children in a
bed with their skulls crushed. Blood
hounds trailed the murderers to a
small hut a mile away, and officers
arrested a man and woman, also re
covering bloody shoes.
Pros Carried Clay.
Henrietta, Tex.-In the local option
election held in Clay county Satur
day, returns from voting boxes
throughout the county indicate that
the majority for prohibition in the
county will be about 225.
$1,000,000 Fire at Manila.
Manil.--The Standard Oil Com
pany's main storage plant has been
destroyed by fire. Three large pe
troleum warehouses and one for the
storage of gasoline were burned.
Approach of Openir'3 of Onion Season
Caises Sharp Cormpetlticn Among
Lines-Output About 3,750 Cars.
San .nto ',. '\ -' 'ith l tie , p
s ,rea o f , e .tts m'or'l; I. t)'I! tI' ar:,(
s Te a l I'p , !. ].iS ]lill e tl b c tt l'\ 1'1
l'thr>ir i lt 'I ! toi l i t a tir ':l ' l'llt t'io ]l
iitO thi' at1 f llI re , i\"t, l ik i ;ar )
intli s o tfo l C, ti,' ll - '1 !i e t. ant li
;.:ti's Mlu ;:mi p r I t.:. I t;,tlt ,-I ; .ty\"s
jit i th)1 e 1 i t t :tirt l ' A , i't p \s a
I, ,n" , r1 l,'t ,'rh , t he rat -,'t1 ';! litro d -
Tltse o' b," ie sil"l ped l erig;ali.
Thes. Sonto of lthe go t i iret n. ort 'i
by tail, while a tcntsierable gitiantity
IOe s to Galvest on a nil ;',i ltr lre b
.)\ tit' , v III i'tot lt It l l ] l 'et'd ,,
steamer t.o New York and other mar,
ketso . Mrt . (ai, npbel. Bsill tlid't,
'The T'l'exas dopl will begin to move
a 0hin h1t, t it , ,i t thli'ty t i,tys, it pults a
te Siourt oek i ili o (. Some nl''t ioitn
by rail, while a considerably qunantity
The association is sl ipping some Mex
in onions nown from the state by
teamauliper to New Yor onions in Near
"ThYork are ranging from $3begin to mo$.50
crate. These sante nAions conuoiand
t L$2.7ar ad crate at l aredo, or o per
loun(. This is the best price list we
have ever been able to obtain since
lhe formciation of the associaistison. e
der faorable ions now fro the ons the o
harvest this year ill be onions cars in
2.75 a excessrate of last season.or er
to bhave every large Mr. ('abell inhas ex
esd the hotipeon of that here ssociatin. be no
material increale in the a crenditiones planth
harvest in 1th1, as her will t this years will
bexess of last sean be c ." ortahlv
handhiled thein a profitabl this ear duringse
to be ver" large, A.,. ('anlpbcll has ex
p ressed the hope i thathere will be no
Material incerase in the areagfe plant.
SeventyEig, as the output thins yeand will
Were abouTriplets, As Van beta cofortistics
forhandled itate Show-Dfitableannths, Etc.ring
Austin, Tex.-short s. Percy Babcockh th
state registrar of vital statistics, has
reported the statistics for the month
of February.
There were 4,810 births in Texas
during the month of February. Of
this number 78 children were twins
and 6 were triplets; 112 of these
babies were stillborn, 4,698 were born
Cerebro-spinal meningitis leads with
337 deaths, followed by 327 deaths
from pneumonia; tuberculosis takes
third place with 279 deaths.
The figures are startling and every
city and town in the state should be
aroused to the necessity of a scien
tific and well-organized health depart
ment, with unhindert power to en
force health regulations. This will
play no little part in lessening the
apipalling economic and vital \loss
from preventable disease that is con
stantly sapping the strength of our
Items of note: There were 28 who
lived past the 90 mark, 1 old colored
man reported to have lived 130 years.
There were 18 suicides, 15 poisonings,
33 died from effects of burns, 7 acci
dental drowtnings, 22 deaths by fire
arms, 6 fell to their deaths and 26
were killed by railroad accidents; 4
died from the effoects of cold, light
ning killed 1 and 20 murders were
The Tennessee Senator Was Promi.
nent As a Lecturhrr-Three Times
Governor of Home State.
Washington.-ltobe.rt Love Taylor,
United States senator from Tennes-.
see-"Fiddling Bob" to all the South
-died Sunday, unable to withstand
the shock of an operation for gall
stones performed a few days ago.
"Fiddling Bob" Taylor, so known
becauIse he played his way into the
hearts of his audiences, carrying his
violin wherever he campaigned, was
61 years old. He was born at Happy
Valley, in East Tennessee, but spent
most of his life at Nashville practic
ing law. He belonged to an office
holding family. His father was a con
gressman and commissioner of In
dian affairs and an uncle was in the
Confederate senate.
Once pension agent at Knoxville,
thrice governor of Tennessee, from
1887 to 1891 and 1897 to 1899, Senator
Taylor forged his way to the national
house of representatives, from the
same district that previously had sent
his father to congress and later his
brother, Alfred A. Taylor, whom he
subsequently defeated for governor.
Knox on American Soil.
San Juan, Porto Rico.-Secretary
Knox touched American soil Sunday.
For the first time in a month he en
joyed the welcome sight of the Ameri
can flag flying free from the colors
of other nations.
Railroad Transfer.
Zanosvilie, Ohio.-The Ohio River
and Western railway, extending ftont
Zanesville to De,-:ire, lately abuluire'l
by George S. Jones of Toledo and
other capitalists, has been purchased
by the Pennsylvania railway at a nost
of $3,000,u00.
War Department Is Disbanded.
liankow, China.-Li Huen Yeng,
vice president of the republic, has
disbanded the war department at Wu
Chaag to facilitate the coalition.
I) '- . . . . /?I " "
,. i.`sc .
Coy ig L.
(Copyi rit
Munitions Sent to Ambassador Wilson ;
at City cf Mexico to Be Sold to
Responsible Individuals.
Washiniton.-There were shipped
Saturday from New York 1.in)t Krag
Jorgenseon rifles and 1, 000,0) rounds
of ammunition to Amba:sador \Wilson (
at the City" of Mexico. The rifles
came from Watervliet arsenal and the
ammulnition from Frankford arsenal,
'hiladelphia. This shipment was
made at the request of the state de-.e
i)artment and under its direction.
State department officials explain this
action in this way:
A year ago when conditions became
unsettled the foreigners in the City of
Mexico, to be on the safe side in view
of the possibility of a riot, held a
meeting and organized a council of t
safety. The committee appointed ask
ed for arms from the Diaz government
and got them for the purpose of self
defense and the defense of that part
of the city where the foreigners re
side, where legations are and where,
if anywhere, a riotous demonstration
with the purpose of looting would oc- 1
Two weeks ago the foreigners .in
the City of Mexico again held a meet
ing and again took the same steps
for protection against the possibility
of looting. A council of safety con
sisting of nine well known foreigners,
mainly Americans, was appointed.,
When it came to getting arms it was1
found that they could not be obtained
of the Mexican government, and so
the idea of buying Krag-Jorgensens
was suggested and the matter was
laid before Ambassador Wilson, who
asked the state department to takei
up the matter and if practicable ship
the rifles. The Krags are to be so!ll
to the men in the foreign colony
the City of Mexico for $6.25 each ac:.
the ammunition for $1ti per 1,000
The rifles and amunition will be
entered at the port , Vera ('ruz and
shipped by rail to til - City of Mexico,
where precaution wi. be given by or-'
ders of the Madero g._' emrnmc-nt to see
that the shipment is not c(ature1. by
the insurgents while being slipped
from Vera Cruz to the City of Me:-:ic o.
At the war department it was fur
ther explained that these ar;:,s are
furnished under well-def,.e': in';tr;'l
tions to Ambassador Wilson. They
are sent strictly on his responsibility.
He is to see that they are placed only
in the hands of the reliable foreigners
living in the City of Mexico, and they
must be paid for. They are to be
used only for the purposes indicated,
the protection of the foreign element
when in danger from a mob. They
can not be used in any political or in
ternal revolutionary movement. The
ambassador is expected to report to
the state department the sale of every
rifle and the name of the purchaser
with his address.
West Texas Fruit Crop.
Alpine, Tex.-A thorough canvass
of many of the fruit farms in West
Texas reveals the fact that, while the
late cold spell did considerable dam
age to fruit in the valleys, that within
the shadow of the mountains was
practically undamaged, and even in
the valleys many fruit growers be
lieve that there will be a fair aver
age crop. The prospects are fine for
a splendid apple crop, and pears are
in good shape.
State Bacteriologist Resigns.
Austin, Tex.-Dr. Sam N. Key
Thursday resigned as state bacteriolo
gist, effective June 1, and Dr. Henry
Ilartman of Tempel was appointed to
fill the vacancy. Dr. Ralph Steiner,
state health officer, announced the
Wild Well Is Harnessed.
Vivian, La.-The big oil well, which
has been "running wild" for several
days, was sulcceslusiily closed We\\'dnes-C
day and has dc eloped an unut aily
heavy pressure-between 400 and 5Uo
p)ounds to the square inch.
Former Congressman Is Dead.
Baltimore, Md.-William Watson
McIntyre, formerly a congressman
and prominent in republican politlis
for many years, died Sunday. He
•av 62 veers old.
Starving and Fatigued, Glad to Sur.
render-Living on Bread and
Water-Talks Freely.
Hlillsvilo, I'a.---Strving, sleepless
andl fatigud, ("aule Swanson Allo,,
nalmSilke of a 1'nited States senator,
came out of the laurel thicket in the
Il!uie Itte mountains Thursday,
pointed two six-shooters toward the
shy and gave himiaself to the posse
whlich for nearly two weeks has hunt
ed him.
('Complacent and almost happy, he
sat Thllrsday night, shvelter ed from a
driving storm, in the little brick jail, a
stone's throw from the (arroll county
c'ourt hlouse, where, on March 14, the
Allen gang killed the judge, the prose
cutor, the sheriff, a juror and a by
All the day the posses, divided into
small bodies, had been following a
trail thought to be that of Wesley Ed
wards, a nechew of the Aliens. De
tective Lucas and four men were
working toward Floyd Allen's house,
where, twenty-live yards or so off the
Mount Airy road, a figure creeping
stealthily through the undergrowth
was dimly seen through the mist
which overhung the mountain slope.
Close behind Lucas, the other men
brought their rifles to their shoulders
when, to their surprise, Allen stepped
out into the road, his hands upraised,
a pistol in each.
"I'm glad to got a chance to come
in," he said. ' hven't slept in a
bed since the she .... I'm hungry."
"I could have shot you," he said, as
he smiled and nod:, 1 toward Lucas,
but I was a little excited at having
you come upon me so 'rcot:. Anyway,
I dlln't want to hr " kill anybody."
Some bread : . t water
were foi:id hid. _: . ... L...et and
A:lln sail they were all he had been
living on for several days. Detectives
docl. red one of the ravolvers in his
'.nds was used in the court house
Ancther Ahlen Gives Up.
I'illivillo, Va.-F-lriel Alle., a blue
eyel str!plin' youngest of the Allen
gn.;', each i ! Iel for the five mtour
d,. s in the (*; :rall county court house
S iht , w s ,ttured late
S.:tuiday in aL.(i.. ; shed at the
: fe tof ls for, Jack Allen, eight
mi- s fr;nm liillsville. lie cheerfully
t-,:L itted to arrest and now oc,:upies
a : il in the lfilis'ille jail with his
o,! l, I'; :1 , ' wvanson Allen, who
a:;rrr;, er , .d witla:aat re: i;stanrce to the
:idete i ~is F'riday.
Only Sidna Al.i,, a man of middle
nace, and his young nephew, Wesley
Ilwards, both bold mountaineers of
reckless daring, are fugitives. They
are the hIa t of the outlaw band whose
fusillade killed a judge, sheriff, pros
ecutor, juror and bystander on March
14. Friel Allen two days ago desert
ed the two men still at large and
brought back their ultimatum of de
fiance. Both are prepared to resist
until death.
Bravery of Trucy Aubert.
Jimenez, Mex.-To the dashing
bravery and masterly tactics of Gen
eral Trucy Aubert the remnant of the
federal army which fought at Cor
rallto8 under Generals Salas and Blan
quet owes the fact that it was not en
tirely annihilated on the retreat to
Torreon. For two days Aubert, al
though outnumbered more than three
to one, has prevented General Orozco
from following up his victory of Sun
day last. Furthermore, he compelled
thile victorious rebels to retreat to
their base at Jimenez, where he kept
them busy until late Wednesday
night, when, under cover of darkness,
he withdrew hIis men to Atotonilco,
twenty miles west of Jimcnez. Ilis
dleparture was not discovered until
dayhight \Welnesday, when the flank
ing column :ent out found his aban
don (,1 cilnl fired. CG.nteral Orozco
i:umediately ordered a pursuit.
Bandits Amrbushed F,.er! Soldiers.
Ž,e4ico C( y.--ir it L. st iufrrna
tio, obi ; bl ayi Ctr, a:a Iersoilns
wre ,ill d ii , the a,tt - ,' lihe Miex
ico-( 'ui navaca tra' -' L. ar Trea
,arias, r fty -,i e souitl of the catpi
were f-de:al -ieoihrs, w,o i".nrmed an
esort. Seven ls;essngers were killed.
T'hereo were cesides reveral pIassen
gets wounde-1, but frm, accou ;ts of
sur rlvors it appears tl.at the bendits
jshot in cold blood atl of the federajI
Baking Economy.
1ly th!:^ i'" of ,r f t itring powder
t,:.! h I; s I u ' ''e ''r'an ' il us I,  ", urh Je n
oInV a.; fr'. i an< other rth I' e !(" w i i nli
b : l, i' , ) I ,,I n '1 n ;.r I tn . . I , ag t : -k
I O n :"a1i"I ci'.i:s: i , i '." ,o \
cbiin ,,, . li t, s of te tedl
tv., i .... s I n <ll, 1 t ii- stq . - t it up.i
,.! , it,< ; i n 1" tnn; Ix t. . , ,. . l d l n l .
I l : , , *Irct i . Rln ,.lt . l I ;", air'
tithit i:. i, t u i. ,1t i th In Ir ides
r}t t .'ran ant 'ld is not a fected
t, i, i, .- 1", " 'I, I ', 1: i l .
Inul . 4n' Hort Ii trhe iound to hsvO
ran rEhisrt, tor betis. as (ai
fouts lii i. i ~r " l'i' weight. lur ler. It
pr iiuces' J. whoiifl t(e foondao is a
rCoransId by adiuR physcians and
clien:' i. It ,compi, wIt ,1 , till ie pure
food laws. hoth STAT-e: and NATIotNA L.
laiy purChatiing 'al liet ,fron hedr ,gro
cer, If not ti: tl-Ild with it can return l t
1and have her mIny refunded.
Dugan-Oh, my; oh, my!," 'I, ti isn't Casey
put'n on grand airs wid his new aluty
I darte I<)say he wen; t i barefutted. .ur:per d
Ryan' it h,o an d e his own ac
b ntk in',tiliiare t)nnnd to r h ave' o
nu-t , ?i14"s 11. t romplin w any hera,
counts. H, e says he ad a turnout
over there thot at thracted great at
Dugan-A coorse; an eviction al-e
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Watery Eyes and Granulated Eyelids. Illus
ctrated Book in acti P ackage. Meurne i
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icnde for nyears. Ny refundated o the Pb
Dugan--Oh, my; oh, my! Isn't Casey
put'n on g-rand aird r s ati and his per uty-.
mobile? An' over in tept T oublesd counthrd
Murin dare say he Remedy Co. Chicagobarefutted.
Gyan-allant be his own ac
counts."Ah, you're a pretty lady." a turnou
over"What's that? I thraought you wereat at
IDugn a sense only. I nevier see theion al
ugly woen Y."-Journal Amusant.re
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i fed at short range.
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kaisers to
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+ , rwPai I
ICI (i r n( 10!
Pire kid
··- '
% "re bk.
1 Wat he
fiyý Qtly,~idI'
:;t e aere
- I ~Ilaej'a
: TEvIV01~
"Every I'l, i re . . t r t
''EE'F)'Dr 1We.')' ~ t
Tells u Stury' Ya k'nia,
"I~ have wedd
Kidney il
primt!"y' f r . nl and ihdney Pijy is
eitintwUfa I...,,~ taikeen
P.l P- wIpronoun.tb
b'eat rti : t t prscribed I
career as a ,.L .. ;um and eurgaeoN ,R
D 0 A NS Pill
Joseph D. Crittenden, Ozark, Ala.,
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shou,:er a.::l s.i I tried Mu stag
ment and is cT.:.nre:y cured af
only one 1. ':le. M'. teacher,Profr
Lee, has a. ",are that MUral
im!ent te kept ::1 the school roomhin
i a 'bdecnt "
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" 9, A. ..HS SAt
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Road ,,;,
Drag m-,
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