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S1~or- -George, bow many senses 1
._.Fiveo senses and a non
- on Your Eyes Need Care
i ee Remed7. No Smarting-Feels
S uickly. Try it for Red, Weak,
,ty and Granulated Eyelids. Illus.
Hook in each Package. Murine is
b our Ocnlilsts- not a "Patent Med
isd itla succestflTi Physicians' Prac
-l ,.a Now dedicated to the Pub
S0b, gglstl at 25c and 60c per Bottle
7e Ore fnI Aseptic Tubes, 260 and o60.
le ye Remedy Co.. Chloago
I b hard for a man to mind his own
ieSs unless be has both a mind
a business.
4bd Tea promotes and ensures health.
1t1 be convinced. Druggists keep it.
Trouble never attempts to dodge
nes Awho are looking for it.
Could Not Help Mrs.
He.lth through Lydia E.
SFinkham's Compound.
 et, Nebraska.-"I am very glad
owLydia E.Pinkham's Vegetable
has helped me. For five years 1
- ed from female troubles so I was 1
gmely abletodo mywork. I took doc
medidnes and used local treatments
mas not helped. I had such awful
down pains and my back was so
I could hardly walk and could not
Ioften had to situp nights to sleep
my friends thought I could not live
SAt my request my husband got
bhttle of Lydia E. Pinkham's Veg
Compound and I commenced to
it By the time I had taken the
bottle my health had returned
begandoingmy washing and was a
woman. Atone time for three weeks
I tqy work for eighteen boarders
edgns of my old trouble return
 iny have taken your medicine
ing what itdid for me. I would
ke$000and be where I was. You
my permission to use my name if
aid anyone."-Mrs. SusIE TEM
,Rooper, Nebraska.
record is a proud and peer
It L a record of constant vie
the obstinate ills of woman-ills
* wtablbshed )
et Lydia E.
healthtothou. .
a each suffer
- men. Why
tyatry ltif you
amedicineu iv ( N
reas, Dysentery
and kindred troubles
,are very general in
the spring and summer
months and are fre
quently fatal owing to
delay in getting medi
cal help. Avoid danger
by keeping in the house
= at all times a bottle of
kleberry Cordial
sd alla the inflammation instantly.
l bi hbe knows. Serial No. ss76. Price
Per ltle. Send for Confederate
Book free. Mfd. only by
Taylor Drug Co., Atlanta,Ga.
.doctors said
he'd hatve to
lose his
is what they told Mr.
Braaw Jr. of Raleigh,
SThey said that was the
ay to save his life.
ee over four years with a sore
- Ina e~ bb~ hwrites
nP me* Iconid find. My
al-'euve that I hated to so
.s my frinds. I wa psr.
It I 3.3.3 After the firstbot
551ev. And now my leg has 1ll
.. Sad I am ia perfect health".
Mr. Braw's cae is
one of thousands where
i ryng and wonder.
remedy hastomplete
those deep-seated
andulakers which yield
her treatment.
.Wisee b,ack if it fails
dtican't aulv you,
or St. Louis.
I~ diEscouraged.
A Total of the National Body's Hear.
ing is: Roosevelt 19 and Taft w
235--The Republican B]
Party in Texas. g(
Review of national committee hear- It
ings at Chicago: of
Total number of contests heard, 254, tc
Taft delegates seated, 235. tr
Roosevelt delegates seated, 19. fc
Saturday's results: al
For Taft-Texas delegates at large, a,
8.; First, Second, Fourth, Fifth, n,
Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, Tenth and as
Fourteenth districts, 18; total, 26. ol
Virginia delegates at large, 4; First, s
Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, n
Eighth and Tenth districts, 16; total,
Washington delegates at large, 8; 11
Second and Third districts, 6; total, 14. b
1 District of Columbia, 2. o
For Roosevelt-Texas, Third and p
Fifteenth districts, 4.
North Carolina, Fourth district, 2.
Total for Taft Saturday, 62.
Total for Roosevelt Saturday, 6.
Chicago, Ill.-lts closing hours at
tended by exhibitions of tense partisan f]
and personal feeling among its meni- d
bers, the republican national commit- t
tee concluded Saturday night the hear- n
  ing of the contests involving 254 seats b
in the national convention.
The sum of its work is: Roosevelt, e
19; Taft, 235. c
President Taft Saturday received I
sixty-two delegates, Colonel Roosevelt I
six. I
All of Washington's fourteen went I
to the president, against the protests a
of Senator Poindexter that the "coun
try would judge the case." Out of I
Texas he has secured twenty-six of r
the contested thirty over the pros- a
trate form of Colonel Cecil Lyon, who r
le declared, "You may depose me now, E
.S but I will be back four years from a
now, when many of you will not." F
In Virginia the president received t
a the entire contested delegation of
11 twenty. In the District of Columbia I
;o he won two, Committeeman Sydney I
)t Bieber going to defeat with the Roose- i
p velt delegation. I
re Colonel Lyon fought each of the t
At Texas contest cases personally, and
* was defeated in all but two of them.
3 Would Investigate Texas Party.
Le In the end he was called upon to
fight a resolution for an investigation
and reorganization of the whole struc
ture of the republican party in Texas.
Presented by Thomas L. Devic of
Colorado, it proposed a subcommittee
of three from the national committee
to attempt a change in the republican
. organization of 'the state that would
Sdestroy the system of county repre
sentation described by the Taft at
torneys as a survival of the "rotten
borough" methods of England.
Committeeman Lyon declared he
would fight such a proposal to the
end. He said many of the members
of the committee thus trying to de
pose him had been themselves de
posed, and would be missing from
the committee four years from now,
when he would again return.
Repetition of Historic Incident.
"I have heard much recently of the
'one hundred days and the return
- from Elba,' " he said. "I give you fair
warning that if you persist in the way
you are going there will be a repeti
Stion of another historic incident, the
a 'commune.'"
ir The Washington cases, almost the
Slast to engage the committee's atten
di. tion before the conclusion of its ten
er days' work, were preceded by a threat
s0 ened personal combat between Fran
t cis J. Heney and Committeeman Ken
nedy of North Dakota, which was pre
vented only by the interference of
l their associates.
Llano Asbestos Mine Opens.
SLlano, Tex.-Work has begun on
the opening up of the asbestos mine,
south of town. Mr. S. F. Ingram, vice
president of the company, has arrived
from Chicago and is in charge of the
work. The force of men will be in
creased this week. Shipments will be
gin in a very short time.
Goliad School Bonds Carry.
Goliad, Tex.-A bond issue of $20,
000 for Goliad independent school dis
trict, as well as an increase of 10c for
school purposes, carried Saturday,
making the total school tax now 25c.
The bonds will be issued for the pur
pose of enlarging and perfecting the
present school building.
Yellow Fever in Tabasco.
Washington.--Two new cases of yel
low fever have appeared in San Juan
Bautista, the capital of Tabasco, Mex
ico, according to an official report to
the state depatmt
$10,000 School Bond Election.
San Augustine, Tex.-The bond and
tax election held by the town for the
issuing of $10,000 school bonds was
carried by a three to one vote, which
means a $10,000 addition to the school
building and an agricultural depart
ment in connection.
Sauer Kraut Factory.
Flatonia, Tex.-The sauer kraut fac
tory began operation this week. The
cabbage crop is fine-this year and a
prosperous season is looked for.
Of the Trio, Probably Representative
Redfield Had the Best Occa
sion to Smile.
The talk in one of the cloak rooms
of congress turned to the thought of
the happiest moments in one's life.
Senator Bailey said his came the day
he wore his first pair of trousers. And
Paul Howland of Ohio declared his
big moment of joy was when he was
permitted once to drive a chariot in
a pony and dog show parade.
Representative Redfield, who is a
wise chap, even if he does hail from
Brooklyn, said it was when he was
going to school and trying to master
long division. Three or four aisles
over from where he sat a boy yawned.
It was not an ordinary yawn, but one
of such genuine expression of feeling
toward things in general that it at
tracted Redfield's attention. He was
fortunate in having a paper wad right
at hand, ready for any emergency,
and he aimed this at the boy's caver
nous mouth. The wad went right
square into the goal and-well. Fourth
of July fireworks are tame to the
stunts that boy did in the next few
He says he almost smiled once on
shipboard when the vessel gave a
lurch and threw a platter full of
beefsteak, gravy and all, over the
open-faced shirt front of a pompous
passenger across the table.
When a child sullks drowsily, or is
n fretful, it is usually due to some slight
disorder of the digestive organs, and a
mnild laxative is very often all that is
necessary to restore cheerfulness and
s buoyancy of spirits.
In cases where the use of a gentle,
, effective laxative stimulant is indi
cated, many of the best physicians are
d now prescribing Dr. Caldwell's Syrup
t Pepsin. This preparation is admitted
ly the perfect laxative, being mild, yet
Lt positive in its action on the bowels,
s and far preferable to violent cathart
1- ics and purgative waters. It is very
f pleasant to the taste and is an ideal
f remedy to regulate and strengthen the
s- stomach, liver and bowels. Its easy,
o natural action makes it especially de
, israble in the case of children, a dose
n at bed-time being sure to have the de
sired result next morning, with no at
1d tendant unpleasantness or discomfort.
S Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin is sold
a by druggists everywhere in 50c and
y $1.00 bottles. If you have never tried
e- this splendid remedy, write to Dr. W.
B. Caldwell, 201 Washington St., Mon
e, ticello, Ill., for a sample. He will be
d very glad to send a trial bottle with
a. out any expense to you whatever.
When She Comes Into Her Own.
in Fair Pleader-Finally I submit, your
honor, that there is an unassailable
reason why my client should not re
ceive the only sentence dictated by
e the evidence. You have but to cast
e your eye upon my client to see that
one of her-er-ah-full figure would
id be unmistakably humiliated by being
forced to wear prison stripes!
Her Honor-Ha! 'Tis true! Pris
oner discharged.-Puck.
ie You can obtain instant rellef by us
te ing Tetterle. also the best remedy
known for Chafes, Bites of Insects,
s Tetter. Itching Piles, Burns. Chilblains,
e old Itching Sores, etc. Because you
e have spent hundreds of dollars and ex
perienced no relief for your itching
m skin troubles, besides devoting a great
Sdeal of energy scratching and pawing
at the plague spot until the blood is
sued forth, don't despair, Nature wisely
provides a remedy for every ill that
flesh is heir to. Tetterine will cure you
to permanently, positively and completely,
nothing else will.
ra Sold by druggists or sent by mail for
ir 50c. by J. T. Shuptrlne, Savannah, Ga.
SA Gentle Result.
e She-I thought prize fights were
very exciting.
e He-They usually are.
n She-Well, this one I am reading
n about gould not have been very
,t. lively, for it seems from this account
n. the fight ended because one of them
n. went to sleep.
of Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTORIA, a safe and sure remedy for
infants and children, and see that it
n Bears the
, Bignature of
ce In Use For Over 30 ears.
ed Children Ory for Fletcher's Castoria
ln- Her Foresight.
be "It is really by little things that one
can tell a man's character."
"Yes; I think that was the reason
Julia broke her engagement. Henry
0,- used to bring her such cheap choco
is- lates."
sy, Instead of liquid antiseptics, tablets
5c and peroxide, for toilet and medicinal
Suses, many people prefer Paxtine,
which is cheaper and better. At drug
gists, 25e a box or sent postpaid on re
ceipt of price by The paxton Toilet
Co., Boston, Mass.
Tel- Close and Near.
an Promoter-Haven't you any close
ex- friends who have money?
to Inventor-I have one; but he is too
close to give up any.
If testimonials resoeved from those sinag
Garfield Tea are of say value, Garteld Tea
d does what we claim for it. Enough sld.
as You are wasting .time every time
Ich you tell your. sorrows.
I-'. ~v~· l. - - -
)via rv r~..)
I*af h Luk I A p kpm A
*1 Vora Is fllutsE.o f: WU 550 Ni [email protected]" Made by Van Vlot.Us~sfleMd Dru Ce., Memphis, Tea. hrite $1.00
IjI i iIi !
Gives nicer, better food than baker's.
I I I 4' I ii I . III I In i'I !.
There is no baking powder like it
for hot biscuit, hot breads and cake.
Made from Pure Grape Cream of Tartar.
Willie-Say, ma, didn't baby cut his c]
Mamma-Yes, Willie.
Willie-Den why can't he cut his g
hair? t
It's hard enough to keep house if in
perfect health, but a woman weak,
tired and suffering with an aching
back has a heavy burden. Any woman
in this condi
tion has cause
to suspect kid
S ney trouble,
especially if
the kidney ac
tion seems
d i $ ordered.
Doan's Kidney
Pills have
' cured thou
sands. It is
the best rec
ommended special kidney remedy.
Mrs. John Robinson, 908 Burney St.,
Modesto, Cal., Says: "My back was
so lame and sore I was practically
helpless. My feet and ankles swelled,
puffy spots appeared beneath my eyes
and I became so dizzy I had to grasp
something to keep from falling. Relief
quickly followed the use of Doan's
Kidney Pills and it was not long be
fore I was enjoying good health."
"When Your Back Is Lame, Remember
the Name-DOAN'S." 50c., all stores.
Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
Zeke Knew Rufe.
Rule was telling Zeke about a ter
rible escapade he had had the night
before after he had crossed the dam
at the river and was making for his
cabin about a half mile through the
dark woods.
e "And jest as I stepped inter de
brush I hears a funny noise like a
shoat snortin'. I looks up an' a blue
g light jumps out er de groun' and
v shapes itself into a ghost about six
,t foot tall. Red fire was fllickerin' out
a er its nose. It stood still kinder, then
lifted a long bony finger an' says:
'I want you, Rufe Jackson.'
"I walks up to it and shakes my
ºt own finger right in its face. 'You
r mind yore business and I'll mind
t mine,' I says, and turns on my heel
and goes right on.
"Now, what'd you er done, Zeke, in
a case like dat?"
"I'd er done jest what you done,
you durned lying nigger."
He Could.
A northern visitor In the south tells
the following story to illustrate the
n taciturnity of the southern negro.
y He had asked Steve, a typical darky
of the region, numerous questions con
cerning a certain plantation, and to
each the negro gave the invariable re
1 ply of "Yahs, sah."
S"Steve," asked the somewhat exas
perated northerner,' "don't you say
Sanything but 'Yabs, sah'? Can't you
t say 'No, sir'?"
The negro blinked his eyes indolent
ly for a moment and replied, 'Yaha,
And Very Quickly.
o "The building of airships is bound
always to be a success in one way."
"What's that?"
g "It makes the money fly."
Before promising to fly with a young
a man it is up to a girl to investigate
his ability as an airship chauffeur.
The Chief Requisite.
David Ilelasco, in an interview in
New York, condemned a certain ultra
modern type of society woman.
"This type, which luckily isn't
numerous," he said, "llves on noto
riety. To a woman of this type a law
yer said one day:
"'Yes, madam, I can get you the
divorce you desire. For $500 I can get
you a divorce-and get it without
publicity, too.'
"She wrinkled her smooth, white,
well-powdered forehead in a frown;
she bit her rouged and over-red lips
in annoyance.
"'But what would It cost,' she ask
ed, 'with publicity?' "
Accounted For.
"Why are there so many men in this
Jail?" asked the philanthropic reform
"I guess," answered the guide, "it's
chiefly because they can't get out."
When birds of a feather flock to.
gether it is a pretty safe bet they'll try
to pluck each other.
Resinol heals itching skins and
clears unsightly complexions
Resinol Ointment, with Resinol Soap, stops itching at once, quickly
and easily heals the most distressing cases of eczema, rash, ringworm,
tetter, or other eruption, and clears away pimples, blackheads, redness
and roughness, when other treatments have proven only a waste of
time and money.
But we do not ask you to accept our, unsupported word for it. You
can send today for a generous trial of Resinol Soap and Resinol Oint
ment and test them to your own complete satisfaction, at no cost what
soever, while thousands who have been cured by Resinol say, "What
k did for us, it will do for you I"
Free sample Resnol Soap (2) sand RusinolOlntment (560e andtl.00) ar seom.
mended and sold by druggists everywhere. or free sample
of each. Address Dept.TKRsino Chemical Co.. Baltimore Md.
$3.00. $3.50 and $4.00 shoe than
any other manufacturer in the world
*2.50 $3.00 $3.50 $4.00 4.0,
W.L.Douglas $8.00 & $8.50 shoes are worn by millions
of mn,because they arp the best in the world for the price
W.L. Douglas $.00, $4.50 & $5.00 shoes equal Custom
Bench Work costing $6.00 to $8.00
Why does W. L ougla make and sell more $3.00, $3.50
and $4,00 shoes than any other manufactrer in the world ?
BECAUSE: he stamps his name and price on the bottom and
guarantees the value, which protects the wearer against high
prick and inferior shoes of other makes. BECAUSE: they
are the most conomicalnd satisfactory; you can savemoney
by wearing W.L.Dougla shoea. BECAUSE: they haveno
equal for style, fit and wear. DON'T TAKE A SUBSTITUTE FOR W.
If your deler cannot supply W. L. Douglas shoes, wits W. L. Dorlas, Brockton, Mass. for caIbog
Shoes sent everywbm deliver chasa prepsid. 'e ^os.r rw eles U.M.
Speclal Offer to Printers
This p r is printed from n made in Savannah, G. by
the SOUTHERN OIL & INK CO., Savannah, G. Price aacents
per pound F. 0. B. Savannah. Your patronage a.c..ted.
Literal Obedience.
"How is it I have such big telegram
"You told me. sir. to use dispatch
in that correspond,,nce, so I wired all
the letters."
AN1) 1itL1, l I' THE SYVTE M
Take the (ld Sitndard (ROVE'C 'I'ATFHlU$
CIILL TONI('. 14,i know what you are taking.
The formula is Ilarlyr .nntied on every bottle,
sbowing it is stlmpy "uinlne and Iron n a tastelessl
form. and the mnl't eft.'(.rai form. For grown
people and childrrn, 50 cents
And some ;popie never forgive as
long as their memories are in work
ing order.
Mrs. Wtndlow's Soothing Syrup for Children
teething, softens the grums, reduce inflamma
tlon, allays pain, cures wind colic, 2ce a bottle.
It's tough when love's young dream
dies of old age.
Garfield Tea the International Remedy for
all Irregularities if tomn'ach, liver and kidneys
Is composed entirely of pure herbs.
Woman conceals only what she does
not know.-Proverb.

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