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The Rice belt journal. (Welsh, Calcasieu Parish, La.) 1900-19??, June 28, 1912, Image 1

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I - ----- - _ _--
Celebratio~ Ever Given
est Loutsiana Plan:ned
Sbe Held at Welsh.
mking :U l' iua i for the
( the i ','u"n .do 't ove"
forget tl ;' the be.,t
Jeff Davis ' :id the
C.. 1,s t i"' to 2' 1 ;i''1' le i 1 ,f'
fL iSmLt0:' , . t. , 11 i t h
iod t '..u Ie
our d
l 1 i 1 q il a;i, q , i
Ssatini) ": ,
peakers. k i
Utlise ii t ' . ti , '
l h S1 ,' , ar,
i s tlta '"t '' e'''r ai t
ýiriie. m f mi' , ;, - t 1o ~
pr makseCt'iit t! if. C i host
Wl ' at ww ,. a' , I. c Il ,
then imU :1, ,t : t t Intl ('t'"
all, a i :' el a,. ti '.
lr.S W f 0: 1. w pril h'i.. .
F)I WILL Rl ). I ' Tt,"i
-_7 i....F. . ...
lie Wi:l Have the Only Cigar
S Stand in the Grounds...........
will also have a full supply of .
RBEE, Ilanager 'PHONE 79
ng this month we will give you a discount
1:per cent from regular prices on each and
cle of merchandise in the house. You
t we have, the complete stock of Irrigation,
1i Well Supplies of Oil City Iron Work.s,
:LOYD flIDKIFF, Agent,
LA., Market and Church Sts. L. D. Phone 236
Col. Bryan Playing Loosing Game,
Similar to the One Played by
Roosevelt at Chicago.
T'eo secnd bi evien!t of th li s)Il,
the D-:inr etocrtic Nutionizal Cn,!,v'cetiz'
is now in session in li;tiinmoe, liavinv
f itlloi'ed l th:;, lr'publ:!tl n e iIventien,:
without .iving the Ipublie IInv inter
,I-Sion betweti evPonts.
\Vllile T'edtdy is not at liaitinm re, a
ti,0,ht,'r olf almost 1quallt fanl,,, in ti e
tfrsrn of ('o,. \V illiali , nPieniln S
"i 1a1, 1i ? oI hl a d and '.i-:Linig t:,he
lea 'derl' (of the ('oret re(',:i;, 1hat
l.t v h; ave; a  tlt on thi ha ,.
1'T w (.'t . fol', i tii'. stand ;: ainst
h tie ro1min ; 'ti:. f ti ,'. i: , ,
I :r ' fr t-,: .rn: (',', ,' oa d
wa- d ftfe(''I d )) a ': . .' ,, U
. n h il .;; I - rf r t ii th<
tll'i nrl:-i yl: : ':':' i;hlC'u "; o' t 'h ai ,,
t , t;. t r l r i', 510 t Io :1' . I't." ,,: .
(Ii ; :"O " it . . .".r t ,t. lIt . idot' *
1." i ! t 1..;"il, nt1 E1 B li:'.t ( t' i
t','s .i;(,:.,or ;',>>'t. it t.:fts Sun h a in t ,,,: l -
el,';r v !tfa il.iat li!, :i; . T Il rk e. . )olte'.
it fait o' th.is Ute was evtar o in'.
deci sit n' Uhi t hi iev ionlS teot h
.,i t~o:, i P t'l Vl : 0 L tt .to) ,
)'tl) tiosisei ', 1i; wu h l itrk' the dovt
a!i- Coi 'se a _Col. rloose teit dhid,
' ntii::ins for ti;ny to t,'li.
Roasivelt Accepts Nomination From
Third Party That Was Born Cur
ing Work of Reptlbjican
At a little before midnighit Saturdlav
" :1oIu'hItLU Ir L to a ('It), thte U': :.1I,,
polititl ci:vmet jntion of this. or :I n
,t; el' .ii, . ,i nu)G trv. 1+'F r V i :l t ,: . .
th;'v(, , ;s 1 h, l., t' iviltzted
wihe' th, I t o ,rub ilc i, i lrtl h :u b I n
, h,,ill ! t . t L: i i.e t . i )i (4 ' it,'' -
h,\ic, t ime ahma,' tc : 'a foretc T''),
i-:t u,', +,' T ih ' a ,,n ], , , , : . ,*ii: f l to
1 '"' :\ ),. . ' i ', 1. , , i,, . 'f' n, ..
u'ti o li ti I *4 0 l' ,it I .! ,i ,
T aft is ', : . ,te f. , 1 1:,'i,!
" ii',t I t th t ,':' t iP, 1, !i P" ' ,'_.
- ,hort tire later l', Cots' v,:,;
t ,<..t li fo'. 11 ca: I at , , r .ll"
ti . I orl:til 'I s o(li i;attu ii atI
vot' Of 97 .
i '',, ' to fll; t',l'c. l r i :..(: i l t, :il
riii t e, 't'e. 'itl L " 1, IL, , .,,t" ,-, tlt
"i:, . " '' t e, 1,1 II~I \it it Z , ..l` ti i t[
sent 2.
The v~t'ote on thv.. - ,a: e" d '; o
c, ia., 1 UI, t.adh.c l , I v, rit ' :
G ii uette d 1, alt.'h TI, iu tt , ii; .; .
_'erceivi u ' that he and hi. lulp ot't
' st, ,, . - t i n. ' the pI ),," r
ful st -ami r1',,'iur, I oi. i ,(,- ,,'
s'li': I'ef ' ti h i t,'' . t. .' o ) ino ,
pr',.-eteted, and thatt Ili-, supplol)rter.. iu
dic,ate th.iti ( i:a u11'. r,,' i of ti i u
uiSted to m e i d: . t. n + b' w ith
hdraf a i, ' Io; i 'e t i.t C len l, tint
r'atlet' by reUainiiil, in their sPit
and I'efusitlZg to v'ite. n this way,'i
t ou seevlt l eleg':tt'e , b y thUit' -nile:
I refi'sdo l to iat'ti cipate in final t wai ,
of the conuventiun, wtIii 1)e i, f the
(Colueil's suIpporteirs 'ivoted foir hiu
on ill call, even thue ,g, li a:. - wa,
not formally I' presuhl d to thy ConeVI-c
Almost sim ltltI'!us V Wi Lih the
nomination of 1Mr. :'aft, h'o.t('hiloe
Ioo(sevelt was made the nomini-e of
Ltetlirid palrty that was brought into
existence at that tiune. Assembled in
Urclie.:,tra Hall, and i lt'igates w:;o hild
been eketed to nominate I ooseirel-t,
the delegates who werethe for the Cloinel,
anid had been ielfu-ed a seat by the
National Comniittee, antd a utmiier (If
other 1'rgi'essives called into exis
tance a ew prorssive rpad c tli and
nominiated Mr. Roosevelt as their
Staundard bearer.
Thie Colonel acpepted the nomiu ti
tion and asked that a conveuntion be
called some six weeks later tlo ratify
thie work they had done.
Thus through the srie ti egendered,
to a larlye extent by whatil a large
portion of the American citlzenship
will look upon as unmitigated pre
'sumption, on the part of the ex-pres.
dent, and an equallv large portion of
citizens will attribute Ito the fraudulent
metlhods of the Republican machine,
the Republican party was divided, a
new party has beet: formed, anid the
chances for a Democratic victory has
been greatly enhanced.
"Jake" is Furnishing Big Game For
Bargain Hunters.
We want to call especial attention
of our readers to the biug 10th Anni
versary Sale, that J. S. Gerson, our
progressive dry gobds and clothiinm
merchant is advertising this week.
This sale gives promise of being the
biggest thing for bargain hunters that
has been held in Welsh for a long
time. Mr. Gerson's reputation for
giving bargains unsurpassed, during
these clearance sales is too well known
to requirecominent from the JOURNAT,
However if you are out after the most
for the money during thils sale, you
can hardly afford to miss the oppor
&unltv that will be presented to you
for ten days following June 28th, at
the Signal Clothing Store.
Clearance Sale now on
in all Ladies' flats.
-5outhern Plercantile Co.
i001l 80.41 u.,u
Grading Craws Began Work This
Week That Will Ccnniect Elton
and Lake Arthur With Welsh
by SpiendId Roads.
,hTin e \\V -ish a:in 1 tl' s ,urr1111 ;:I
t"I'I , rI T : va fT r 1,' !'." t ' 1 Hit(',; ;t
havii1n ITmt, t nit' s (of ITiTod putileli
I; 'I epT , that '.gill , ,gr,, ;tlv i;+ ', , -
TI: 11,1 ; (it s ,: V, li rt IT l- 1 tl:i;
l, 'alitv, a t:d \\i Vii. mi tt t the t L'iTit
\'i Pl \· .i il " id ta l'Lr :ii,; ,l ' te al:;-i
r, , h.: i , ' :1 , n L,'
, il, t i- ,t . I -, t ',T ,' - t ,i ' l t i:
:!tile): In'l o I thisl: .II tI id road, lie.::
the c it li(ts, to I t, toilv . t , . I ,
0:(11 six ,r -,s vent mial :.s ';m rth. 'T'eN
" : ; ;l !t! i ' t: +t utl a t tl:' , [ill :; t ii ' (l
. . s .+ : itat :t ., 1, n. U ,, r :
. c1, leted, fa ;n l for pTa 'e:
lofl' I I it t \t,7 .,' ,i i -l in L h ir
I t1\\ ;I, ' lll" f( i t},, ' t l, , '
cal' T, rof T ;i ~h l i " an . ie a" tl.
It: '< ' T ) t'i ', lll ,'i " i t :tle-,;
,,i . 11 C; a i:'+. 'l, ; ur a., o,. i. .
11;i1'. It B t(e' vtd i1 th: t tih:, \t:w ik
wi] IE ci plte" d ';,t .is ,I:tl T Ti . If
li 7 , tri , i I. t. L 11, 1 it d i ilf\ o thle
ti+ it i' , ittT iit 0 1 1t ' t . ;.t e! iri \l)V i
'a:ti,e Io all t, !';itis V it l l iu ll, c'r
ratt. !.,7,it, adm;;.: s;(u'h ttndl ea.t
that toha [i lia: hi't " (.t tlc i2Of1
I ut ill exc,:lhf t  a'l i in aunte I tiy 7(O;77
l'future. t , l v (tId the wor( tat it'.
V'f , ".<".l tt il: V . i !: ; t +' l.,12 t I 1ht;;
rh::e I th , ret roai crew
/ ct.i tti;j s otir i of ' lgoo ,' ta 'bu
iLake -t hlrt s :l te sct oii thial
it spei'rou,.l Iit ei ' M Y with \':, t b}y al
wvll ')7th-'d '(ttoad.
T'aken a a \tie ulc this is the nllst
m:irtd and ext,'n siv 't l atm St
rthat has b inad by a one co
toauity for tI e eotalist Ionent o)f good
ro ad ill this sPectiva of the siate, av d
not only to Welsh, tLakiIe rt',hur and
Selton , wihhich wil e coIInetd t1 bni
splend lid systemn of g..ld r;tads, but
itv i1 e L : grotat adv tilitae to ev1'iry
planter iivini, in the secti u th rough
b Ceebrated in Laka Chaie.s.
We l ie Itqtiste i)d t Io llno u thal
Lake Chasit n hi pheiparld foil of thei
best lFo)urth of ,]';,x" celeb rati l ]'o
rams ti t has u I een flt ired alin that
city in years. Tle events of th.t day
will be manV S nd v thied, VImIlll the
chief hf wich wil be aness a I ndjr
'ulntin th CItYes, Automobile Iaces,
Lase Ahull Ga,,,es, tnu d many othoer
ureuds, the dissionts to hich willc
te leet e e te all.
The Casino will sll opn for Voltlea
Skftivmi, Dtnciug ,rd a lathie,, while
ohe three C l inture khws wAth gJnod
Vauoeville Hills offer teir attrai
tians ctr vIsedib.r-e with the uian the
thatthey will beasifh.y pleased with
Lake Chariles extends a cordial
invitation, to every0,ne to a njot the
Lake Arthur, Jannings a l--Northern
R. R. Tax Carried Big in Ward 10
One of the hvtteslf contested ele
fiveamill tei yeafr for the purlpose
of c(mlleting the Lake Arthur, Jen
uings add Northern Railroad wat re.
fore the paeopte for ther decision. The
Lake Arthurd 1a " votes for; 2n
house Tlhursday mornine.
T T E A- .. ....
Priish Seat EleýItian, T. ,"j ,'
Sometime in Se3t'rr. n
C-an d-tes :;;t.
(, l n to t :i , ,
! h l ]i\ i.;i l, itc!'ii i, , ,i , 1'., ;:,,
M'Itri',b'. .\ 4l tlw i 1 r."t ',,"'! 1 :,
i.l , 1) I ,. !:' If r , t'I l,, [ t
!i l n
I ,, , :.0 , 'I
,1 1 h~e t': l [I. I':. w i 1 "1 (' "
(,f . "; 1 " , ,I'. .
i .' : i ' ,, ,, :, I',: li " ,
X 1 r' ' . T h I ,',' ,,, :t'. : '8,,
,t,tt,,. n-,ht that t, 1; , , ,,,,;1 I,,
1 :) ! .. .1. .
, 1' ' ' ' ii I I "
+I i . 'NI.
. . , l'.. . d+ l l 1. I l ' "
, , .
The . . (overn4:, .t F: :aers' C'o-),e :tive t
lannar; to vn <i r a\
CORN. This ,e e lt:
arind ma : t:te in th:e to 1 't ci for feei o
the later rice hIrvesting:. 'I he 1,ore corn wve
grow the g;reCter \vii! le the NET rctu:rns fri:
the RICE This corn has been tested :an is a
success in this Jrih, y r see no. Ti
,,,,,.'-B.. y , utr seet no w. T i
corn can be entered in co1:a, tition fur j:remniuis
at the I',rish and S'"tate Fairs :::l for tle S2 .
premium offred in c(,n ectij:n v it the lhs'
4 Corn Ciub iby the CALU.AI LU NATION,.,
BANK. .....................
j - --)
We are still in the W\LIL DRILLING BUSI
NESS, \We will continue to carry at our ware
house and yards in Welsh, La., a full line of
LAYNE A 1'  PCMPS, ,steel pits, pump
Slarts, and repairs ;:and a full supply of all size
ILayne Patent Wire and Shutter Screens and
well casing. You know our class of materi,'ls
and drillers. You know thlt we make all of our
guarantees good.
Our unlimited resources place us in a position to
give you prompt service at the right prices. It
will pay you to investigate the Layne Shutter
Screen which is recognized as the biggest and
best water getter in the world, made in sizes
of from 13 up tp to 24 inches in diameter.
P. S -Lf our IMr. Scoggins should be out of town when
you call, lay your well proposition before M.r John Armstrong
of the Armrstrong Machine alnd Well Works Co., Welsh, La.

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