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'ALS8H, CALCASIEIJ AR LUI'ISIAN A, ()( i. 8E1 4, 1;12. .nt tMannn _
1- --J E- - X [ J L _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ -_ _ _ - . _ _ _ . n
mT~ nil I
L1NIMBE rii~
OrougýIY Oo 3siderll ihie
Eaitcr Ptltmi1 Takes
in FaVc'r of Ccnter of
a rOUd fI (It :auitie
by t'l iAI h it? the
tm atl h a ' f nt , r itht h
ý r oe cl 10 1 ' ti te r 1 Ut r aish
ý¢eeurr o 'a -ra h
,one of the lt ýt 1ill x''S ill
uud uii" ' di'i a
j~et s th ' : Q il~ u atit t iliti a i ý t .U
1 the Cit'tt 11f 1 the aristt,
ales::'tut's the fact
.;vith the cul1
of hbi3 totie . t is a wt l1
gDd ai'lnioi uuiiVet'lna!I V COLi*
I tIh 0 t111 hulk of
.1Lt'it bjecause of
Ii l`" ' tt h( Jas fUri'
it tly fuiJ .1;1t I.I1,, but as
b. inptlett th li lIc' [ai31
brog iWo (cal~,lent ai titles
by Lake Arthllur citizeus
bhtWe roth irit i is issue
yO AL, atl liiig exeelleut
for the hteatiou .,f tlhe ptiU'1sh
lhee ici' it the { I Ill 51, tattler
bheexatrunt' r St0 00i ti Il,
of the tlretdu .ias set frthl
gedittu:is1 U IhtI:;.tr·' uf ts
Itso~s f!e tiii ,. !h i i ta 1 )lI3 for'
riithotr~. !tt. ( huthdii of
it He say's ini fart as iullutJVs
teteratiou of tL-Nn tah ever Lbe
arui for n:taitiu I a t:twil ecu
ioatetilthe auitai (If a uoverui
dirision t f I!U liiit ,V.
pies of other touC 'ti rosj eii
ty in enerealnl uiLd the arumneut
that the Ilocation of the ('aital in the
center of the diivision will eventuall v
result in good to eCvCIerv town pio
portionatel y."
''Cousider the question from a stand
poinit of justice to the future genera
tion as well as the present. Couild a
general vote of the garish later give
credit to this generation for placing
I the court house at .1ennings, a town
near the bordor of the garish with 1i4
better agricultural Ilands or niIatural
res.ouriiei s than \Y'lsii has, and that
'has s'eei loiter (Iayi on eeoiunit of
oil tield develouiiients now largelV
abandonied? (nuil it Inot cref'it this
gteneration if it shntill see it to place
theI pairih seat in the town netar'Er the
center with posihillities cireitable?'
AC]': 1ut act for I'ERIANTl A NN
\V ['ELF':lE of voum garish and town!
Jannings Advocates Now i eciaring I
Parish Was Illegally Divided, and
That They Want Back Into
The host ii i ni f;attrne of the
hlesetit past prinary tight, in which
Jennli" s adv e tttts rtali; thht they'
are up aýYainst a inosin 4:amn, is t
gat Ithe
report ihnt is being cirulated in Ie N
taii sections o; the I;arisii, by advo\
eates of Jenonins for tail h seat
"That the parish was not legally di
Videld il\vWa " end that they believe'
thie act dividinr the patlishl canL he set
aside iby the courit and all of us gu
back into old C'aleasien, again. While
this sort of a Iprot)osition is an ah- l
surdity, still it is heigý earnestly
advocated by certain peophle that
never got it throuuh their head, it
was possibl0 an} ýlther town thanI
Jennings cnuid he ia de the parish
seat. t
M 4 m mon a um m em m no a
IgliTS 'A'd.E HS WUL,
In Letter to Real Estate Man, Con
cedes tie Parish Seat to Welsh.
'The followin letter received l(?oi
Sday noI n 11 ro111?1 a veil kIown citi
non, ii Jtiollngs. who OWUliSa Mlittiiir
ýet'oll of Ilanid within a mile of the
c urlorate limits of Welsh, gives in
idea of the real senltitment of the (I(
I!n of Jenningis r'ltit ve to the parish
Setat light. \\hile auotlhir ptimailxy
will have to be held. unless ,Jenntngs
withdraows from the Irace in oirder to
save the eXpense of a se01und (olinomar v
still it is ploarent that even well in
rtrrimed Jennines citizens concedle that
\I ish has won the parish seat. We
i uote the fiollowing I tter wihichu is
h an:ltled, and iutoted verbatimn.
Jemoinios, La., Seje ý 12
1 si . ( ' :. c. ( a i,
W \elsh, l ii
I)ePar Si;: :
I ttiO Iam 1 1' ' y IV uh t l1) :t l: l it
Sectionl (il i,', is ~ f'-l1 lhal 11(.1 won
the puarih seat. There are par;.ie.A
lvho Irish to lei, let I lnlve ?not ,tven
anv 'mice. 1 t et t to eli nitoget( 1 r.
I ama thinking of laying outit in *i mndi
10 acre lots it avill make goo( tru11
farm. If von have mn oiler I will eon
sider the price, and if vou effect a sal.
1 will allow the usual counnist;ion of
5 perI cent.
Let me hear fmrom you at your earli
est convenience.
And oblige,
A Jennings (Citi:zen.
Philathea Elects Officrs.
On I'ridav evenin , Setpt. "th, the
annual meeting of the Philathea ('lays
was hold at the hone of 21 rs, L. I.
Iobinson, being the oicascinn of the
election of otficers. The toll oVing
were chosen to serve for the cooning
rear: Iresident, Mips iel)onaid
\ice-P'resident, Miss Helen Lewis:
Scrmetav, Miss Rlluth lcLeese: 'lreas
nver, 1l vs. Oscar Yantis: 7 eactver,
Mrs. L. E. Robinson; Reporter, Miss
MargaLret Fuairley.
IA . r iL '2UTrrp T~&i
Courthouse Locatcd at Wess Wit!
He'p Build Up Entire Parish.- it
I Jelnt ils ilt l , s Baeft tc es-da.
tri~ I t~iO Lake .rf thur, LIa.
7o the I titi l of the ta2kt \t jlhur
iilIlrt l e lt t h, Ik c' thi t y rLa.
AIr. lEditur:
iAs one dt eply interested in the ques- I
liit! Ut.SiI1ll~ ~V ifWs Ot 1tue ii jet, tin less1
Csitt'iat'v L tujie I~iIt y ofc tile Illelbl
tiion o h lc ot te lt i ti o o f a Lish rte, ti
Xell 5111( USic I (IV il lvt fore ictivso hr kem
tlwhichl is now holdine the stathei ars (l-V
son ia its arn h, I ehg that ytl u ;rant i
mte space in voar vatuahhl pacer to ex
opre cs U views Otl the s isject, cult is
coutrary to tt politye of the fi hertalI
ai ne a citizen of Lake h Arthur, and
tihoroi t ltty ( Int tsat. t with inr ires
ti l ti) hr ad ti future o I ot VS iiitties, I
ha:ve stool as luoyallI for my Em~nei
town il the time that is passer as any
rin iu it, andl ran only regret that
the voters of Jellersou Davis parish
.thu no lit to place the parish senthi
i retiiit beautiful city on the fi st balte
13ut they did not. As a result of tet
Vote 1S:.t V fueslta t a sec oid pr(LarI
Aust he held, and in that secoad pri
mntir Luke Arthur is hound to play
an itnpttrtant part. Although in the'
luest primtarv WAelsh received a coU-ý
stilerable majority over den itings,
still the balance of noave lays pretty
toell i ( the hands of the voters of Lake
Arthur in the second primart. In this
respect a great responsibility now
rests on our people. Let us la y aside!
alt,privytte and personal niquetS and
predjudices either for o: agaiust either
of the candidates for the parish seat
and vote solely for the wood of Ls ke'
Arth * and the parish as a whole,
realizitnt that tee are locating the par
(Contine on last page colauin 3.)
it tý1 t: L;i Iý J .)Ss't:ýV:CtV
, . ,' . . i1r!:r:L't~
Wz:'~Th's C!:vrccr~s cf 'G'i
14~~ ~ ~~ ', l. HH21 hte 4
Fight 2r~ Lcccii G irc.
1111441141~ýr\ J i l')? 14444 1 11 4' (II44 Ie
llnih'v· Il lilVI'rr~~l (V;IIi i 44OIt
'th i ' te : in -(1ii.4" fi t Ii
('t"' tiil i t" 14 4 t1'ti i l C iI' ?h llc IfIt :rr
ý'J1 4Ut i n ~lif i· the at I; {' 1 (04 1 1' \ i:
"i0III'l'S: l ltr l(V1; t);irish t (If RV. ý.Cl'idf
st(" 44(41 ai 44 1 1chi f Ni1 l 4:44 l _iite n j)4t.e
ill lie' tlr''iei nt \Ii~lli'e ·:il slat
tHlu' l 14 P t141, (4Ve l (1)' 1414 114 tle
si44l ' tha .(ii 1 N(' let'0 t044'1 ) ii i tee c' i,
Iinc (' thc tll's'nt oit ish
1' iot t(, the first i0IlU;0'V, .I' unite,,i
tiVL 1,) 11(1. i( 10144 (ol io iz1 Stih t s}11(' 11t ol
Killt~ ('1( in t4, (' 4S'' lnt 1111 \Vl edI H I ll
l't 11'8 1101 11(11, 11(411 Oii U' thXejt ) (;of'
I' a ii'( *'e', 11(14 dill 1)'44cei 11.1 th) V4i'K
44114j(4'lk0iV l the ('fo'V414 (f11 144l St ixtee(lltU
ýIO)'1O'(114t.H wI te S41I'w i t ihe the*'
1I.:11 It, 4 014(4f itee, 1(1 e14 41 oid tll2'Iv
)hvh' le )'PES thnn ciutsl ofnte t~arike
In'x 'e1 4'11'(:.' 111t f til1l'4 4i xllt ('t44441111(8f
three, )11t1444(11 til ece \4l( J)igl. ia(ITE
'I`Itsel' pi ed~l 41 1()t 14f 0'1'e1 1 '41 v H t Ve1'
hI\ 4414 144.4 (1. 1\V olekh 111) hIave pvt
c 1(4(151 of gi ve ', ae lii (i(i tieceiveS
an1 ont1 i (If ofI t41hei (au442 i( S~C 144 4.11 44ti
bloatiu O41(f tile p4ar'ish seat (icto ho'
tit :ý A· J " _'r <r - . c '
ý 1' '\x/1 . ' i.
\l I L .! !.I :: " I1" ii ':! t h~ tt
ti'll f~ !I'ýi_ t 't i t' tii'tlu
.ý, i ;\ ' . .1 i: tr t' tr i. it 1- I~ t ' lt i
ti '' '\,
I i i I h jLiii' Lti. ý 'i L , of th
I1th ii i(1 iV. .1 +,i " 1at t'p ,\ i 'lltt
i Lt i i III
1 i
I'll( .' , lat" '~ Iiu~t t IAt N(L Tii't t'
h io ldI fli th' I i iutit' I~lu . tilt' ) T II .\'I1
t t iu ut i' c i, ii tiill' t t aiiti' i iT
jt Idial!(1 1, V.I lltir flat tdt' .\~tiie Hi titU
' ii I (. 1 I Il:ll it t' i.
I I t' 11''. 'i l i 1'r .i i (i iI1111 III
I i t IS til . titI h ilIat: i'I' ti) (111111 1ill(
I I iliiý i' tttl ltt i 1t h.' t' taiv i1 )
'Iii elf lt'i' titls a'te 11
'11eI !! 1,1x ' I It ~it t 1:\ \' I Nt'ii 'iaI'i 'it
itLE\ 111F; i'ttat thiat t ll' clan
1i; \\'il , 1t iiii o (tiu'1 Suttlc {tieii stl;e
tP.!: truh' icci Cits 1' l ii l i~t f(aLti'rite is
:II II,11'!ill fti ii ii ' ttii' } 'it~iof tihie,
maV Ste -ito thty ti~ti lti ha ; tt) tutl."IA)
IV tatr s it Ii tt 1 UI iItie! ttnutl
'TI] if Ih'i N'I'ii ý'S (IKI i 11111 I NLY
j A ItVU;i~ i'i fit'ii (IuI'j O f' Ills SI lt'U
Al' ~ iii ,[0att N.t(! i
J - - $ 3
to I &3 iUFF. 2 7 / t to 2 N/ /
34 3 236i~ 3/ (37 1 f rSS / r 33 S 6 & JA & 3
Li z./ / /
I- 7 gl l 10 7 2 2' /0 1/ / P /& 57 10/ za 1 ? /
BecauJeitjg the exact
Beauseit is nearer te 6 r 2 & i 6 3 J 6- 4 3 / 6J I 6 4 ''t 3
oltheM terial WeEth of - -
thananyotier place 7 g to 1. ? c 9 '. ,o /1 / 7 & 7 i
for the Parish Seat
Because it.ill in time /s / 99 i7 " ' 3 /7 /6 79 / i. L. lb /
hiCtely t'e center of
~tion 'f thie Parjih, a , , j A / ' ** Z4 2, ,A 2 f*os
other to vi competing
tpaishi sa 'k n everrai 7.s 7 p f
ause every point inthe parish, 33 34 3t 6 3A Ja J
beyond the Calcasieu river ex- - - -
ithin easy driving distance of 6 . I 4
1is not of aay other town cor n-o /* //
ftrhe patrish seat.
ause, as shown on the map, it /6 -; ,6 ,, ,, · ,
'liAring a radliu9 of 11 miles beY
Welsh as its center, it wvill in.
or a part of every Ward in the LI*is
i~lla simnilar circle drawn with t r
its centvery woull entirely miss 35 I * I a 56 r Io at a 7 D E
I*S Sand 9, would include but five
ibe of Ward 5, and but a small
jO ard 7, and would not include r + t
sea circele ,drawu as 'above to a t o
alude 370 squiire miles, or approxi
ifths of the area of the entire , r Af£ ;7
~lthin a liiit' of 11 miles of the / *
lecuse a circle drawa as above , t VA. a * ' # a*
Nll0 biGas tle Center would leave s a a, gr Se 1? 29 17 *4 s my ? 47 t4' r
ilV 400 square miles, or almost
IRDS the entire ares ofth je t 3 3, s L t 3
~e )I than ELEVEN miles from- -
,Seafit.so h rRo h nia~ ;~CCI/ ~~~~
"++++4G++ +++++""4++ *++++
FIreshl Rice Bran $20.00 per
" ton or 1. 5( per sack. Freshl
* Rice Polish $26 00 per ton or
$2.25 per sack. Nothing but
Sfresh goods sent out. Sold at
above prices in any quantities.
ZFarmers' Trade Solicited.
" Louisi:ina State Rice Milling
Gulf Coast Rice Mill.
Welsh, La.
* "++ + ++ ++++
22nd are becoming brjlhterevery day.
Men who voted for Jennings under
pressure are declaring that they will
vote for Welsh in the coming election.
The several boxes in the western part
of the parish which gave a scattering
vote for Jennings, totaling in all less
than 20, now bid fair to give a solid
vote for Welsh. 'The sentiment favor
ing the location of the parish seat in
the CENTER of the parish is also be
coming stronger in the Elton and
Raymopd precincts. The probability
is that Welsh will riecelive a material
lr.crease in those boxes over the splen
did vote Vi ven her in the tirst primary.
In Lake Arthur the Welsh sentiment
is taking a strong hold upon the
voters. arld even Jennings advocates
while cvo fessing that they expect to
vote for J unings, are free to admit
that it looks to Them as though Welsh
would carry the Lake Arthur box.
Under trrese favorable conditions,
Welsh voters are all becoming Welsh
workers, and ate working with a de
termination that promises to over
come any opposition that tJe Town on
the llorder can put up. And unless
some unforseen event occurs. It is safe
to assert that Welsh will carry four.
teen of the sixteen precincts, and will
be elected by a good substantial
Tuajoritv over Jennings.
If 3you want to be with the crowd
that will do the slhouing VOTE Q'OR

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