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_____ ____ N U M B R ~(
.gricutluis, "df.r Trips,
reat Farmli- Ftre.
g most of :' lei:e of the
gouthern rais, '1 w bill be
perce wit!: :t few vears
to Sta le; IIf . \\, t-,,n, of
ilroad matu, a;ri c lt 'rist
of the Gulf ('oa,;t`,I ar IaZlne
ggaclose study of ..ricul
ilonsalong ti e  ;tie ; oulf
ble is that 'outr p,'ole do
itejus5t wh: thit, have"
Wsison. '"L,- isiana landl
dle: ,d n Xi o. lax_
a- d thir (il'Ite, aId this
he truck ir. w i,' pri'adise
-e~turil. TL.e t;lne will
y hen l(ndi:s tin,w sellinu
figuratit'leV, ill bii Vuortht
ko hcsitanucl ini . I ,1 lthal.
,tural adva':t'  (. :f the
,Ountry f uI,~ial A a.''
presented to the Nortlhe'n
botneseeket there will be
immigrants such a: will de
tnto one of the most pros
ons of nAmerica. And this
eas we newsp:aper luen
althoughI a 'ltl oun mtan, is
Southern and Westerni
orata' of more th'nt Orduin
Bis whole tIue has been
ffort to 'better the c'nlii
e faboring classe', I)rinci
furmers; and it i, ,aid his
Ofbeducation fir the better
ricultural conditions has
for the farruers of souithetiu
lg Southwest.
a ? f(t, ~'~F~.- i, d'e-- 4 2" *
33 " ' 3/ ' ~I .4 , i, 3
' HY THE o ,X, , Br [email protected],*1 6 2 7 s
lii, Center of the , so st 36 Si 3. x ' 3b a, J- 3 , t s 3 - st q
(18Ueit is nearer the 6 r / 6 LA NF J - ' ' /' 9 s . / ' .r 't 3
_Mlaterial ~.. Weelth of
ia any ot'er place 7 e , o , 1, 6 & 9 ' o ,i & ( / i'. 7 & ? ID i
hr the Parish Seat. . 7.
uei will, in time /6/7 , ' ; 1 7 / ' &
htely the center of a
a of the Parish, a 4s ', , o
town competing - -
O ' g s . .1 s7.( *,,2 #" a a a ,
seat cun ever 4 4~ ' ~ a Z
use every point in tha parish, s3 s , 6 1 21 SJ S 0
oad the Caloasieu river ex- " "
Wtls TH fN~t /s .2 6&s
hin easy driving distance of 41 * a
hot of any other town. com- - : ' t
parjah seat. a * & t H
we, as shown o the msp, it .',--"t
i r/ /6 i7 7 r
g iradius ofL 11 miles be / I
Iwelsh as its center, it will in
. part of every Ward in the S . 2 , " '  n
a smilar circle drawn with I "
JP ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A ,1 "7 26 2 b9 7 2 7£·3 P Z 7 as rs so ;t a 27 AND
center would entirely miss
9. would include but five s, so s r 6
of Ward 5, and but a small
7ie , and would not include I AI 1
Ward. .,
 a circle drawn as above .
370 square miles, or approxi- ¢ -
of the area of the otire - -7
ra limit of 11 miles of the
usa circle drawn as above
.SstheCernter wouldleave a *7 a or . as at 1 A6 W se V ID 37 26 % f
4.1 square miles, or almost -; -
Sthe entire area of the a i sr a - s, 3 js 5 3 r
than ELEVEN miles from
Refers to Chicago, St. Louis and
Kansas City as Prosperous Cities
Located on Border of State-But
Failed to Note Neither Were Made
State Capitol.
LMr. J. E. ]'aeun, livin- somewhere
near Lake Arthur, appears in a lengthyv
article in tie Jeenningýs paper of the 8th
instant urging voters to cast their
vote for Jtiingis, The Town on the
I:dter, at the cmling election. Like
manty otiher who h ave given the matter
(,f loNcting tle iparish seat but little
real study , Mr. Braden offers but
little in the way of real argument. His
chief plea is that "We should unite to
b)ihi up Janil;gs." Now just why
t!e ,,dI p,,;;:' o Jefferson Davis
parish, or of Lake Arthur should
"Unite to build up Jennings" is not
apparent Jonnings was built up once,
h' ousin , iinfluences. The Acadia
I'rit sh oil 0ild gave Jennings a boomt
..uch as ferv torans have experienced.
and vet sihe was unable to hold her
oI w after havijpg been given such a
s;!lendid start; and has lost heavily
in poplul:ation and cominercial influeuce
during the past five years, although
every other town in the parish has
made steady gains.
He devotes considerable portion of
his space to calling attention to the
facts that a town, or city does not
necessarily have to be centrally lo
ca:ted,('l'hc only charge he had against
w-eish ) in order to become great. And
itn substantiation of this phase of his
ar amient sights (;hicago, as a great
cityv located in one corler of the state.
and Kansas , City and St Louis
two g r e a t cities locatet o0 n
the bo rde r s of t he state.
S(Continued on pate 4)
Much Good Work Accomplished
League Activities in Evidence in
Every Part of the City.
The ('ivi League ret at the Audi
tourimuu1 last Saltuirday afternoon.
Meetini was called to order hv the
President. Iloil was call. Minutes ,f
the previous mleeting read and ap
plrv()e d.
Cash reei ved friom school entertai n
mient May 26th, 1912.......... l:;.C. 0
I)islui rsemenrts
May 29th, 1accialaureate Ser
inon .......... . . . .. ..... 1 .01)
May 21, hotel bill, Col. Nicker
son ......... .....
" tlauling furniture to
and fronm Au.\litriumi 1 .(1i
" I)arbv mvini piano.. 1.00
' Cleanintg A::ilditl'iu for
entertai IlIment. ...... :3,)0
C n ( eOllul nell(lnl it, 1) -' O
u:'tIs ............. 5.01
'' L I ii' V supplies.. 22.00
Sept. 16, .1. and .1, ials...... 1 .00)
" Expressue on .l .1). 1,47
Sept. 18, (Ofice desk in Libraryv 18.00
" Olice chair in Library .4 0'
" Window shade s in
Library.......... . . 1.60
Sept. 25, Science Reference b'ks 3.75
Sept. 25, " " 3 50
08. 32
Balance. ........... $14.08
Auditorium committee reported the
yard in good condition.
Clean-up committee reported two
hitching puist lots were cleaned up at
the expense of the Lenatue, also had
hitchitun posts repaired at an expense
of $2. 75.
Press Commrittee reported that three
articles ilad ,en Ipublished in the
(Continued on piage 8)
Mr. C. G. Morton ,ehaarses Time
worn Argument Favoring the
Town on the Border as
Parish Seat.
In Moudax's issue of the *Tcni; s
ptaper, or' gi,)d friend ( (;. \iLirton,
of near I oan1(ko, devotes cnti,ider-
able sp)ace t(o) re- ashing smue of the
WiI' )I out a' IlinenIts that .Jennihugs has
been advan('inLr for locating the par
ishi seat on the extreme edge of the
parish, rather than in the cetnter'.
,i '. NM(ortotn's cutninunlicatiott whii! e
occupVying considerable Slpace does
not npresen t a single new thought ior
alt'llllett, and I fact \we might say
Sdoes not presenit any arguti'nllt,
lwhther old or now, as everyV poiit
that he has sought to make has been
COmlpletely and sccessfuIlly refutted,
1ong before he embodied themn ;i ihis
He recounts the fact that .1entiiugs ki
offering her city hall f,,r the' n-e of
the parish free for ten years. which, h,
decl;aces will mean a saving of $'2,
000 to the parish duriing that period.
In this cunection, what assurance
Mr. Morton can 'you, or the people of
Jennings, di\ve that the next, or some
future Jennings city council will not
repudiate the action of this Council,
in regard to donating the city hall to
the parish, just as the action of other
Jennings city councils have been re
pudiated or forced by the courts to be
changed. Again Mr. M1orton, in your
own words, "Who would either want
or expect" the b:st of the three new
parishes cut outt of old ('alcasie to
et along for the next decade with a
$14,000 structure for a courthouse?
You also state, Mr. Morton, that this
would save the parish some $25,)00;) in
(C'ontiaued on pagte 8)
indicatiois Point ".o Larger ,ajority
for Wcsi ro Oct. 22 Than
Was Given Sept. 24.
(Spei:al to the [iee !hilt Journ'atl
'to::, U.a, Oct. h .-Last Satu u -av
nitht a f(l of our celsh feie~l (a ,n'
into townvi at abot ;:.21) and asktdi if
it was lp s.;ilde to have a plli, mi +t
ina that itn !iht. I.valizintl the lat(en sS
of the h .our we told thliin i v.,uld he
rather haui to niotifv the peop!e.
After mnature consilderation it wits
thlouTi h't that .Jenat, ni s'' free ;ttracti, ,
offered to) the Eltoin people in the
foin of ai nio\t iii- pietr is shion, col ttl
he used ad v laltageoit.sl y as asn it ver
tisin, i ,il il,and at the appoiinited
Ihour \i od \nu, |l.t4- do(wiV that ;i
big W[ELS[ naetin, was being held
at the otht.' end of town. \ itnin
!ifteen iniuites the show apartilents
were free fromill any voters anl t'
ineeting hu Ill was tilled to o ver!l, w;I l .
'There were at least ".- voters pri.sent
from all parts of the ward and ! v
actual canvass they were, to a ulln,
Welsh Supporters.
Mr. S!dnev Tl'eni called the ,ieetiig
to order and in an eloquent mantuner
introduced I)r. 1B. J. LatCour of Welsh,
who addressed the crowd in French.
'1r. LaCour, after expressing the
thanks and appreciation of Welshi
for the handsome majority given her
in the tir st primmary, launched in at
forceful and straiaghtforward mnanner
into the issues involved in the parish
seat campiaign.
''o the entire satisfaction of every
ian uresent lie showed thei falla'v of
the argunent from Jlennings as to her
"center of po)uilatioln."
tie went into details as to conditions
in general su'ri'oundint each place
contesting, and demonstrated bevond
the least doubt that the advantages of
every man, woman and child were to
place the parish seat as near as pos
sible to the center ot the territory
comprisinz the parish.
lie appealed in a most eloquent and
strong manner to the carpenters, brick
lavers and contractors and showed
them that with 166 empty houses in
Jennings, they could not, for ten years
vet to come, hope to ever have any
work their respective lines, while iu
Welsh. not a single respectable empty
house can be had now.
He compared the work of their Police
Juryman at their meeting in Lake
Arthur and their promise of a free
courtbouse for ten years and asked
the crowd, where laid the sincerity.
In conclusion he asked these voters
to take these and numerous other ar
guments bomne and stud v them carefully
and if (at that time a voice said they
have been all studied, and this box is
going stronger for Welsh) on the 22nd
they knew Welsh was the proper place
to cast their ballots for the town in the
After the meeting, the whole crowd
left the hall for the dance which was
going on in town and still Jennings
free moving picture show kept on ex
hibiting to the good women and
From the numerous and lengthy
applauses given Dr. LaCour in his
speech in the presentation of Welsh's
cause It is safe to predict a conaid
erable larger majority will be given
for Welsh here on the 22nd than on
Sept. 24th.
Elton Voter.
statenwnt '-d il, obwet,<, a :hot)l r
;i ti m e ; ' l ' l w ', ' ) r,^i. ,'r
t, )- titti " , t: ' , the : .i, if tht
t fir . i R -, < [ t. i,, the ., rit . ii i+.
itS h, .d I, ' i !ta i.,l r ) :"
d oinf .trc ,- ' t! alrti'. m' t t.t
It a; t Li . ,.t I ti li t i : tL li
t ainr ti. i t -. t Ii I i t ,' i titb mile
,)t t1 iý , i' , t Ih i tl Iy t tflh i tlt eat.
I y l(,i ii fit , ., ah 1. i tte ,"
If If ii e tilt- 2ttr i t p ittlcu Mino le
o f .i l) ' pa, `I l '' i"'; l ltl '1,"; Ihi` " I'IIU') in ,e
t~ if1'. 1i fj ti ý '. ;.tt ilitt :;o, theJl
.,llatI- s-, it filts, are still h or)ip tin
f tlue~ ti,' nuin p is the eiter of
t'it)tin 'h : i ii; : if atly tttjd.(u~ 34.5 in
I." i tilt, .J'L f tI.rt ,i t g the{ e-n)"
l'ot atii n.",, ,,en every s:chool boyt )
in IL,,' I : i n ,' .: r aily /;err, .,u "he
ab riit ai n f s ti sta ten nt. l al
.fftt' ht c lu it-h htit people into ai
Il!i -f itt '1ti tI" -.watemnttI the Jen
ninI_ ;' 1' iHi Ihu . l'ilning at Inap oil
it, froit c ol : i it attempts to
-htta t'..! 100 , cere ("ast 1a the
easto rn Ict ' ;t'1 f e ,t parish a lud 545 in
tht ".:1 iLtr: t; if dturing the recent,
I a i . ills aa) is ot at
c(olpat, let ' aus Y (iatw to indieate
swhat tt editor t a stoiders the tli.idil
line a ,e twee w the ivet atlI the east,
and inl case it was it wouhl utterly fail
to provte ti he quetin att issue, namelyt.
that l nins is thae center' of tpopu
Now let us get do(iwn to facts and
see what heco es of this oft repeated
staterent ot the Tote itt . the iatrder.
If a line were diawvn Iort'th antd south
tirn).ght the ;uei teir of t e ish, then the
votitt , iu Wc.,cts )of T'i t)sc', Tholmpson,
W\ood)lawnh, I ureumll, ,lo)uto(, A, rddin
Edua and LIe illu, with half the vote
cast in Welsh, amouonting in all to
14t3 vot,; wtoiuld he teast west o(f this
center line. T!' et atlirl d r of thie VotO
iteludine hitl a fof the vote in
Welsh, the ]Hoan oke vote,
nearer ter Welsh, in the main than
to Jea:ase-, and tvoe vote in the t.dd
and Th,'rt;:'.,li pre in.cs still nearer
to Welsh than Jef iin , and the vote
OfI the e'tsi ra w.itrdis of ti:' pIarish, of
which Jeetn,.d- nly r'e:eiveil 1.1, or
les, than -10 ser cent of their total vote
outs ide of J,-tanins. lamtunting in all
to 1230, we)dd be cast east of this
line. Tius it will be seen that 445
voters live \VwEST of the center of
Welsh, ayn 12:g0 live East, or in other
words there are two ahd three-fourths
times as m:tay voters living on one
side of Welsh as on thie other. Now
a!)plyiug the savme rule to Jennings,
a line dividing the voting strength of
Jennigs wohlt leatve 'p u votes on the
EAST side of this line, vothi ing in the
Jennins precinct, anti 141) votes vot
ing in the precincts laying WEST of
Jennings. In other words making a
reaso)nable allowance for the votes
that mis e located in tha mile wide
strip laying east of the corp~orate
lhnits of Jennings, there would be
more thtan SIX times as many votes-.
cast in the territo.ry WE'ST ef; n,
meridian line drawn thirough the
center of Jennings l)olulation as there
would he cast EA.ST of this line.
Mr. Voter,-does Jenuings' oft re.
peate1 ruissttatement that she is the
center of population look to you like
made in order to FOOL a few of the

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