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AtTr NO. 4e.
Bouse Bill No. 61. By Mr. Edwards
Providing an amendment to Sectioa 5
of Article 197 of the Constitution of
the State of Louisiana; relative to
registration of voters.
Section 1. Be it resolved by the Gen
wal Assembly of the State of Loulsi
ana, two-thirds (W23) of the members
elected to each House concurring, that
Section 5 of Article 197 of the Consti
tution of the State of Louisiana be so
amended as to read as follows:
Section 5. No male person who was
as January 1st, 1867, or at any date
prior thereto, entitled to vote under
the Constitution or Statutes of any
State of the United States, wherein he
then resided, and no son or grandson
of any such person, not less than 21
ers of age on the let day of May,
9Ui, and no male person of foreirn
irth, who was naturalized prior to the
Ist day of January. 189S, shall be de
sled the right to register and vote iin
this State by reason of his failure to
coseess the educational or property
Califications prescribed by this Con
Ltitution, provided he shall have resided
this State for five years next pre
ceding the date at which he shall ap
ply for registration and shall have reg
stered in accordance with the terms
of this Article prior to September 1st.
1913, and no person shall be entitled
to register under this Section after said
Every person claiming the benefit of
{his Section shall make application to
te proper registration officer or his
deputy for registration, and he shall
make oath before such registration of
ficer or his deputy in the form follow
I am a citizen of the United States
and of this State, over the age of
twenty-one years; I have resided in this
State for five years next preceding this
late. I was on the day of
entitled to vote under
the Constitution or Statutes of the
State of wherein I then re
sided. (or I am the son or grandson of
who was, on the
- day of entitled to
vote under the Constitution or Statutes
of the State of wherein
be then resided) and I desire to avail
myself of the privileges conferred by
Section 5 of Article 197 of the Consti
tilton of this State.
Certificates of registration shall be
given to persons registering on durable
paper, and consecutively marked on the
permanent register. A separate regis
tration of voters applying under this
Section shall be made by the registra
tion officer of every Parish, for this
purpose the registration officer of every
Parish shall :-.ep his office open daily,
Sundays and aegal holidays excepted,
until August 31st, 1913, inclusive, from
6 o'clock A. M. until 1 o'clock P. M.
nd from 2 o'clock P. M. until 6 o'clock
P. M.
The registration of voters under this
Sectlion shall close on the 81st day of
August 1913, and immediately there
ofter the registration officer of every
Parish shall make a sworn copy in du
plicate of the list of persons registered
Under this Section, showing, in detail,
whether the applicant registered as a
voter of 1817, or prior thereto, or as a
son of such voter cr as the grandson
of such voter, and deposit one of said
duplicates in the office of the Secretary
fe State, to be by him recorded and I
preserved, as a part of the permanent
record of his office, and the other of
said duplicates shall be by him filed i
rI the office of the Clerk of the District 1
Court of the Parish, and, in the Parish I
of Orleans in the office of the Recorder t
of Mortgages there to remain a perma- (
neat record; provided, that. upon the
pertmanent register of all persons regis- r
tord ender this Sectlon, the registra- c
tIon officer shall note In the top of c
solumn the age and color of the ap- v
pliltnt, and under the head of remarks f
distinguishing physical character- t
ties of the applicant, such as height, a
sise, oolor of the hair and eyes, etc,
All persons whose names appear on t
said registration list shall be admit- e
ted to register for all the elections in o
this State without possessing the edu- v
eatlenal or property qualifications pre
scribed by this Constitution, unless a
otherwlse disqualified, and all persons a
who do not by personal application a
glaim exemption from the provisions of C
Section 3 and 4 of this Article before tl
September 1st. 1913. shall be forever p.
denied the right to do so. at
The names of the persons register- re
lag under and claiming the benefits of tc
this Section shall be entered in a well- di
bound book, to be provided by each Ir
Parish for that purpose, and shall be al
known as the permanent register. Im- it
mediately on closing the registration be
.rgr this Section, on August 31, 1913, ('
N shall be the duty of the registration ir
ofliosr or his deputy In the different pt
Parishes throughout the State. to make ot
a sworn statement, in writing, of the bi
number of voters, both white and col- o0
ored, with the number of each, who at
ave registered, and whose names ap- ti
ear n said permanent register hero- sa
a provided for, and such sworn state- sa
ment shall be published in the official ot
ournal or other newspaper published in
in the Parish in the next issue appear- m
int after said date. the cost of the pi
same to be paid by the Parish. Any a
reglstration officer violating the pro- cc
visions of this Section or falling to pt
coptply witl the provisions hereof, or Ia
s all make a false or incorrect state- pi
ment of the number of voters register.
ed under this Section, shall be deemed vi
guilty of a felony, and on conviction to
thereof, shall be sentenced to imprison- wi
*ent at hard labor for a term of not isi
rzceedlng one year.
The manner in which the names of of
persons whose names appear on said le:
registration list shall hereafter regis- me
ter may be different from that required pa
of persons registered under other See.o ch
tlons of this Article, and shall be as fo
now provided or hereafter provided by ye
law: and the remedy and proceedings ex
whereby, subsequently to the close of nu
said registration, on August 81st, 1913. fo
the names of any persons *ho may rec
have obtained registration under this th
eotlion by false statement of fact or tic
other fraud shall be stricken from said
roll, shall be as now provided or here- di,
after provided by law. an
Section 2. Be it further resolved, ta
eta., that this. propose4 amendment tie
Shall be submitted to the qualified vot- 51
ers of this State for adoption or rejee- co
tion at the Congressional election to be Im
held in November, 1912. or
Section ". Be it further resolved, till
ste., that on the official ballots to he 1ti
used at said election there shall be
printed the words, "For the proposed Pt
amendment of Section 5 of Artlcle 197 dri
ef the Constitution of the State of 50
Louisiana., relative to registration of OrI
roeters" and the words: to
"Against the proposed amendment to do
eetion S of Article 197 of the Consti- ma
tution of the State of Louisiana, rela- ref
tive to registration of voters," and each bor
elector shall indlicate, as provided by cou
the general election laws of this State, of
whether he votes for or against the pro. bor
posed amendment. sut
S L. E. THOMAS, in
peaker of the House of Representative is. 1
Lieutenant Governor and Prasident of iv
the Senate. boa
Approved: June 25th, 1912. for
L. E. HALL, ra
Governor of the State of Louisiana. sue
A true copy: moc
Steretary of State. Intt
&T W1O. 18. tally
Senate Bill No. 17. By . B Bra le. par.
?roposing an amendment to Article Pho
(211) two eighty-one of the Const- h
tatlon of the State of Louisiatna re- bet
lative to the' Incurring of debt and this
issuing bonds for work of public Im- h
provement, and to the validation, and bhn
refunding of bonds issued for such
improvements, by municipal corpora- gra
tions, parishes and school, drainage, aut
seweragte and other districts (the City nun
of New Orleans excepted), and the tX
assessment of special taxes and forced o
sontributions to pay for same. e
Section 1. Be it resplved by the Gen- of a
oral Assembly of the State of Lousliana, thir
two-thlrds (2-3) of all the members the
*loeted to each House, concurring., That subd
crttole two hundred and eighty-ono is at
g$l1) o the Conatitutloe ofthe (atsubI
of Louisiana be se amended as to read
u as follows.-
o t Paragraph 1. Municipal corporations,
>n of parishes and school, drainage. sub
re to drainage, road, subroad, navigation, or
sewerage districts, City of New Or
leans excepted, hereinafter referred to
Gen- as subdivisions of the State. when au
uisi- thorized by a vote of a majority, in
thabr number and amount of the property
that taxpayers, qualified to vote under the
nsti- Constitution and laws of this 8tate,
s so who vote at an election held for that
purpose, after due notice of said elec
was tion has been published for thirty days
date in the official journal of the municipal
inder corporation or parish or where there is
any no official journal, in a newspaper pub
n he lished therein, may, through their re
d2on spective governing authorities, incur
n 21 debt and issue negotiable bonds there
May, for, and each year while any bonds thus
regln issued are outstanding, the governing
the authorities of such" subdivisions shall
de- impose and collect annually, in excess
e in of all other taxes, a tax sufficient to
e to pay 'the i rest, annually or semi
>erty annually, .,i the principal falling due
Con- each year, or such amount as may be
sided required for any sinking fund necessary
pre- to retire said bonds at maturity; pro
apD vided that such special taxes. for all
reg- purposes as above set forth shall not
trms in any year exceed ten mills on the dol
lSt. lar of assessed valuation of the prop
itled erty in such subdivisions.
said No bonds shall be issued for any
other purpose than that stated in the
t of submission of the proposition to the
a to taxpayers, and published for thirty (30)
his days as aforesaid, or for a greater
shall amount than therein mentioned; nor
of- shall such bonds be issued for any
low- other purpose than for constructing.
improving and maintaining public roads
ates and highways, paving and improving
th streets, roads and alleys, purchasing
this and constructing systems of water
this works, sewerage, drainage, navigation,
, of lights, public parks and buildings. to
nder gether with all necessary equipments
the and furnishing, bridges and other
Sre- works of public improvement, the title
thf to which shall rest in the subdivision
the creating the debt. as the case may be; 1
d to nor shall such bonds run for a longer
utes period than forty (40) years from their
ren date or bear a greater zate of interest
'v than five per centumin (5) per annum.
by or be sold for leas than par. The total
isti- issue of bonds by any subdivision for
all purposes shall never exceed ten
per centum (10) of the assessed valua
able tion of the property in such subdivis
the ions. Municipal councils are granted the r
authority to create within their limits
this one or more sewerage districts.
tra- Paragraph 2. Police juries in any
this parish or parishes may in accordance
eery with law create drainage districts
fly, which in addition to the powers here
ted, inabove granted, shall have further
rom power and authority to provide and
M. maintain drainage systems and the b
lock governing authorities of such districts.
when authorized by a majority in num
this ber and amount of the property tax- d
of payers of said district qualified to vote
are- under the Constitution and laws, who
'ery vote at an election held for that pur
du- pose, may impose and collect for a pe
ired riod not exceeding forty years forced b
tail, contributions or acreage taxes not ex- T
5 f ceeding fifty cents per acre per year
Sa on every acre of land in the subdivision
son where such an election is held. The
laid governing authority of such subdivision
ary when authorized as set forth, may in- b
and cur debt and issue negotiable bonds to
ent represent same. secured by the taxer t
of above described provided that the total N
lied amount of debts thus incurred or bonds
net issued, shall never exceed in principal Ba
'fsh and interest the aggregate amount to
der be raised by said annual contributions
na- or acreage taxes during the period for at
the which the same are imposed and that
[Is- no such bonds shall be issued for any to
ra- other purpose than that for which said of
of contributions or acreage taxes were th
ap- voted, run for a longer period than
rks forty years, bear a greater rate of in- m
er- terest than five per centum per an- ia
ht, num or be sold for less than par. All
bond issues heretofore authorized by as
on taxpayers in any subdivision at any ,o
it- election not contested on any ground
In of fraud are hereby recognized and $
Iu- validated.
re- Paragraph 3. When the character of Li
eas any land is such that it must be leveed
ns and pumped in order to be drained
ion and reclaimed, the Board of Drainage Al
of Commissioners of the District in which
)re the land is situated, shall, upon the
Per petition of not less than a majority in
acreage of the property taxpayers,
sr- rsaident and non-resident, in the area
of to be affected, ascertain the cost of
11- drainage, and reclaiming said land and
ch incur debt against said land for an Se
be amount sufficient to drain and reclaim
m- it, and Issue for such debt negotiable
on bonds running not longer than forty
13, (40) years from their date and bearing Pr
on Interest at a rate not exceeding five
nt per centum per annum payable annually
e or semi-annually which bonds shall not
he be sold for less than par: and said Board cr1
31- of Drainage Commissioners shall levy ani
ho annually upon said land forced contribu- to
p- tions or acreage taxes in an amount an
e sufficient to maintain the drainage of Sti
"o- said land, to pay the interest, annually Out
lal or semi-annually, and the principal fall- apj
ed ing due each year, or such amount as Ar
br- may be required for any sinking fund Co
he provided for payment of said bonds at the
ny maturity, provided, that such forced fir
ocontributions or acreage taxes, for all ia
to purposes shall never exceed Three Dol- Cot
or lars and Fifty Cents (13.60) per aore so
e- per annum.
r- Paragraph 4. The police Juries of the
ad various parishes throughout the State, of
,n for the purpose of constructing high. 5n]
n- ways and public buildings for the par- an]
at ish, and the governing authorities of or
municipal corporations, for the purpose re
tf of paving or improving streets or al
Id leys, and for all municipal improve- or
m. ments, after making provision for the wis
I payment of all statutory and ordinary wa
charges, may fund into bonds running mu
Sfor a period not exceeding ten (10) the
iy years, and bearing Interest at a rate not ord
mr exceeding five (5) per csntum per an- var
t num, which bonds shall not be sold Sta
3, for less than par, the avails of the bol
*y residue of the ten (10) mill tax au- ele.
i thorlszed by Article 232 of the Constltu- vot
UI tion of Louisiana. ud
id Paragraph 6. Should any of the sub. or
. divisions of the State neglect or fail for or
any reason to Impose or collect the rnec
, taxes provided for In the foregoing ee- vot
it tions, any person in interest may by Jud,
- summary proceedings In the district or
court having jurisdiction, enforce the or
e imposition or collection of such taxes. recs
or both, and such proceedings shall be vott
I, filed and triable free to any cost to the Judi
e litigant,
4 Paragraph 6. Municipal corporations or
d plarishes and school, drainage, sub- thrt
7 drainage, road, subroad, navigation and or .
i sewerage districts (the C1ty of New thet
t Orleans excepted), hereinafter referred ther
to as subdivisions, when authorized to quas
o do so In the manner here)n provided, elec
may, for the purpose of 'readjusting, held
refunding, extending or unifying their nun;
h bonded indebtedness, issue new bonds. of t
y covering any particular issue or Issues wise
of bonds or the whoale outstanding of,
bonded indebtedness incurred by sucl ther
srubdivisiton for the purposes speflea of
in Paragraph 1 of this article or anv en1s
issue or refund Issue bonds or renewal cedi
or refunding bonds isiued by such sub- the
I division in novation or renewal and any reca
bonds, heretofore or hereafter issued late
for the purposes specified In~aid ?Para- men
graph 1 of this Article. No bond is- such
sued under this paragraph shall run for to
more than forty (40) years from their be h
date, not shall bear a greater rate of ienl
interest than five per centum per an- tion,
num, payable semi-annually or annu- man
ally and shall not be sold by such sub- ment
division issuing the same or lee than grll
par. An bonds issued under this Ar- and
tide, may be, either in whole or in caIlI
part, Zchanged value for value for gatiC
bonds issued, under Article 281, or to ballo
be Issued under sPid Paragraph 1 of tion,
this Article, or sold and the procqeds givir
thereof used for the purpose of pur- and
chasing outstanding bonds. Before any bqua
bonds shall be issued under this para
graph the Issuance thereof shail bb
authorized by a vote of a majority in be c
number and amount of the Property the
taxpayers qualified to vote under the or '"
Constitution and laws of this State who shall
vote on the proposition at an election he h
held for that purpose, after due notice shoul
of said election has been published, for electi
thirty days In the official Journal of ing t
the parish or parishes In which said reeall
subdivlsions are located, or where there more
is no official Journal, in any newspapsr from
-ublMshe in msucS parh or parishes,/ bor
read provided, however, that the governing 1
body of any such subdivision may in I
their discretion and without a vote of
the property taxpayers, essue refunding 1
lor renewal bonds under this paragraph, I
(ub- if the bonds to be refunded or renewed
or thereby have been or shall be issued I
Or- for any of the purposes specified In said
to Paragraph 1 of this article, or in nova- I
au tlon or renewal of any bonds issued or r
to be issued for the said purposes spec- a
erty ifled in paragraph 1 of this article, and
the such issue or issues so refunded or re- c
ate, newed have been or shall be authorizel t
that by a vote of a majority in number and
amount of the property taxpayers qual- c
lays ified by a vote under the Constitution c
ipal and laws of this State who voted or I
e i shall vote on the proposition at an e
sub- election held for that purpose. When c
re- the bonds of any outstanding issue shall t
'"ue have been obtained either by purchase I
ere- or exchange, the tax levy to pay for e
bus such bonds shall at once cease and such .
ring bonds be canceled. Eachl year while I
all any refunding bonds issued under this a
to paragraph are outstanding, the govern- d
mlto Ing authorities of such subdivision shall R
levy and collect annually. in excess of c
due all other taxes, a tax sufficient to pay r
the interest. annually or semi-annually. s
ary and the principal falling due or such s
amount as may be required for a sink- c
all ing fund for the payment of said Itonds
not at maturity, provided that such special e
c o ad valorem tax for all purposes shall a
op- not in any year exceed ten mills on the t,
dollar of the assessed valuation of the a
any property In suslcl subdivision. a
the The governing body of any such sub- t:
e division shall have full power to adopt A
and pass all ordinances and resolutions a
ter necessary to carry the provisions of a
nor this paragraph into effect. An election c,
any may be held under the provisions of
n this paragraph at the same times and ei
a places and by the same election offl- ti
ng cers as an election on the question of nr
ing incurring debt and issuing hnds un- a'
ter- der the provisions of said Paragraph 1 J1
ion, of this Article.
to- Where bonds of any subdivision have 5l
its been heretofore issued for any of the
e purposes spe,'ifled in Paragraph 1 of this L
Article. and such issue has been author
o ized by the vote of a majority in num
beC her and amount of the property tax
ger payers qualified to vote under the C'on
leir stitution and laws of this State who A
est voted upon the proposition to issue such
'm. bonds at an election held for that nur
ttal pose and where such bonds have been
for issued and sold by such subdivision for
ten not less than par value thereof the
ua' said bonds or any refund issue bond St
is- or renewal or refunding bonds issued
the in novation or renewal of bonds issued
its for said purposes specified in Para
graph 1 of Article two hundred and
my eighty one (2L1) are hereby validated
Ice ratified and confirmed: provided that /
ts such bonds did not at the time of their
re- issue exceed ten per centum of the as
der sessed valuation of the property in
such subdivision, and such bonds here.
the by ratified, approved and confirmed
ts. shall be deemed to be the valid and
m- incontestible obligations of such sub
tx- division and a tax for the payment of
te the principal and interest thereof and en
to create a sinking fund for the redemp- an
ir- tion shall be levied and collected in tne el(
manner and within the limits prescribed cu
red by said Paragraph 1 of this Article. tic
x- This entire Article is to be considered Tu
ar a full grant of power to the subdivisions da
on of the State as set forth therein. anr
he Section 2. Be it further resolved, etc.. te!
on That this proposed amendment shall fle
,n- be submitted to the qualified voters of tle
to this State for adoption or rejection at ele
C the Congressional election to oe held in
d November. 1912. and, if adopted, the tio
same shall take effect immediately thi
thereafter. shi
to Section 3. Be it further resolved, etc. to
na That on the official ballots to be Issued I
or at said election there shall be placed ete
at the words "For the proposed amendment at
to Article Two Hundred and Eighty-one on
id of the Constitution of Louisiana." and
re the words "Against the proposed amend. Col
ment to Article Two Hundred and org
n' Eighty-one of the Constitution of Louis- un(
11 lana." and each elector shall indicate. pre
as provided in the general election laws uar
)Y of the State, which of the propositions, a
dY "For" or "Against." he votes.
Ld IE. THOMAS, the
d Speaker of the House of Representatives, the
Lieutenant Governor and President of mel
the Senate. fro
e Approved: July 9th, 1912. 191
;h L. E. . HALL. A
Governor of the State ef Louisiana. ball
A true copy: tieo
S Secretary of State.
it - Spa
d ACT 10. 18. Li
,n Senate Bill No, 1.
By Mr. Geo. Wesley Smith. Ap;
g Proposing an amendment to Article 223
e of the Constitution of the State of A t
S Louisiana. A
t Section 1. Be it resolved by the Gen
d eral Assembly of the State of Louisi
y ana, two-thirds eof all members elected
Sto each House concurring. That an
t amendment to the Constitution of the
, State of Louisiana be submitted to the
y qcualified electors of the State for their
Sapproval or rejection, as required by
a Article 321 of the Constitution at the
d Congressional election to be held on Pr
t the first Tuesday next following the of
i first Monday in November, 1912. amend
I ing and re-enacting Article 223 of the
.Constitution of the State of Louisiana eal
a so as to read as follows: e
ARTICLE 223. toe
a Section 1. Upon the recommendation lowi
of the Auditor of the Police Jury of I
- any parish, the Governor may suspend elec:
-any officer charged with the collection sion
for custody of public funds when in ar- Tue
a rears. vein
- Section 2. Any officer of this. State fied
- or of any district, judicial or other- ig
Swise, and any officer of any parish or pa
Sward thereof, and any officer of any T
rmunicipality or ward thereof (except of I
the judges of all of the courts of rec
t ord of this State, the judges of the
various city courts throughout the Tt
I State, and the justices of the peace) Part
holding office by virtue of having been junis
elected thereto by the legally qualified th
voters of this State, or of any district fity
judicial or otherwise, or of any parish ters
or ward thereof, or of any municlpalit tor
or ward thereof, shall be subject to or o
recall from such office bythe qualified litici
voters of this State, or of any district, no
Judicial or otherwise, or of any parish cept
or ward thereof, at any election Con
or ward thereof, shall be subject to Th
recalled from such office by the qualiied clusl
voters of this State, or of any district. inal
Judicial or otherwise, or of any parish yeah
or ward thsereof, or of any municipality this
or ward thereof, at any election and
throughout the Btste, district, iudiciaj succa
or other'wise, or of. any parish or waria
thereof or of any municipality or ward ad
thereof by a majority of the rgally orL
qualrfied voters participating in such- s
election. Such recall election shall be all p
held when petitioned for by such a
number of the legally qualified voters or pa
of the State, district. judicial or ,other- have
wise, or of any parish or ward there- proce
of, or of any municipality or ward sary
thereof, as will equal thirty per cent junisa
of the total number of registered Vot- them.
Irs qualified to vote at the last pre- Judga
ceding general election for the office
the incumbent of which is sought to be teenti
recalled. Notice of intention to circu- other
late such petition together with a state. be ti
ment of the reasons why the recall of of th
such officers is sought shall be given shall
to such officers in such manner as may Paris)
be provided by law. The General Ag- teenti
dembly shall by appropriate le'lsla- not b
tion, prescribe ohe eform of petition, the ter U
manner of verification and ascA'talj. first
ment that the requisite number of le- t'utiou
gally qualified voters has iaCled same, Dis
and also the manner .nd "method of plural
calling suca election and the promul- 'eape
gationr of the returns thereof. Such have
ballot shall contain the specifli ques- years
tion, "Shal (naming the officer and shall
giving his official title)' be recalled," have
and. opposite the question shall be two. years
-quares, il. one of which shall be The
printed "Yea" eead In the other shall Consti
beprinted "No." and no ballot shall genera
be considered at such election unless hold
the voter shall have voted either 'yles" lectet
or .no" upon the question. No officer Monds
shall be subject to recall until after time
he has been in office one year, and Distrit
should his recall be defeated by the terms
electors, then he shall not again, t.ur. sioned
ing that term of office, be subject to wise,
recall. At least three months, but not the tz
mne than five months, shall elapse be ifll
from the time that the necessary num
be of Pet tioasro has asked for the tea
rning recall election before same shell be
y in held. A successor, for the remainder
to of of the term, to the office'r ~,i,ught to
nding be recalled shall be elected at the same
raph, time the recall election is h hlie . and
ewed should the niajority of thle vot,,r par
sued ticipatilng in such r-lect!otl bIe lit favor
said of the recall of suc'h offihcr. t lii im
nova- mediately after thIe pr,rmrulcatio.t h of tale
rd or returns of s-,h ele,'ton:, the wessr-r
spec- so elected shall ai:i Ilf. 'l'h Gen.eral
and Assembly shall provide by law Iho
r r a- alilidat's to swu-'eed the ,'fficer sO'! 5t.
rizel to be recalled may have their ham-l.
and placetl on the recall ballot iof the Stiate
qual- district, judicial or otherwis-', parish
ution or wa t thereof, or of aily }nlln'llial
Sor ity, or ward thereof. by petitionll sign
an ed by qualified vot'irs to the ntltlller
\'hen of not les than thirty per cent of the
shall total I: nbher of regtistered voters lual
fheae ified to vote at the last Ipre+'t 1i11 g tc-I
for Pral election for the offiet the incilln
such bent of which is solught to I'e Irerl,'i'I.
while All vote.rs may express a first chtiole
this and ai secondii choie,. aa ii toi ('anllhil
i'ern- date who is the first cliaic' of tile
shall greatest numlber of voter s 1shIll be de
(' of Glared to be elected. if the electitIn has
pay resulted in the re 'aill of thl: officer
1til1y. Sought to tie re siled.. Tho' offit'er
such sought to he recalled shall not be a
sink- canidlate at such recall electini.
onds Section l. e it further resolved.
ectal etc., Thl'lt tie official ballot to te used
shall at saHl electioll shall tace printed
I the thereon the words: "'For Ithe proposeci
the amendment to Artlle 22: of the C(oll
stitutlon providing for the rec'.ll f rcer
St- twin otffi cts electe.,i by the peo.ple'
cpt Anid the- words, "'Agilist thel. prlopit,i.'
ions amendment to Article 223 of the Con
3 of stitution providing for the recuill of
:tion certain officetrs elected by the people.
of Section 4. Be it further resolved.
and etc., That if alopted at the said elec-
offl- tion in November, 1912. this atmeneid
n of ment shall go into effec.t afnd bei opel'
un- atlve on and after the first day of
ph 1 January, 1913.
have Speaker. of the ilornse of Representatives.
the TrlMAS '. IIAR1RiET.
this Lieutenant GoveInor and !''esident of
hor- the Senate.
um- Approved: July 9th. 1912.
tax 1l.. E .TTAIT..
'on- Governor of the State of Louisiana.
who A true copy:
ucl ALVIN . I1EET'I'.
nur- Secretary of State.
the ACT NO. 139.
ends Senate Bill No 174. Hy Mr. Voegtle.
ura! Submitting to the peopile of the State
and of Louisiana at the ('ongressional
ted election held in November. 1912, an
:hat fmendment to the Constitution of the
ieir fState as amended by Act No. 279 of
as- the Acts of 1910. ratified by the peo
In pie at the November election of 1910,
ere- so as to extend the time for the or
ned ganization of the steamship companies
and therein provided for until January 1.
rub- 1916.
of Section 1. Be It resolved by the Gen
and eral Assembly of the State of Louisi- i
mp- ana, two-thirds of all the members I
tne elected to each branch thereof con
bed curring, That at the Congressional elec- I
cle. tion to be held in this State on the first t
red Tuesday next following the first Mon- I
ons day in November. 1912. the following s
amendment to the amendment submit
te.. ted by Act No. 279 of Acts of 1910. rati- t
tall fled by the people at the November elec- r
of tion of 1910. shall be submitted to the u
at electors of the State, to-wit:
in "The time granted for the organiza- n
the tion of the steamship companies under a
ely this amendment to the Constitution e
shall be extended from January 1. 1913,
tc. to January 1. 1918," a
lel Section 2. Be it further resolved, ii
ce4 etc., That the official ballot to be used e
en: at said election shall have printed there-.
ne on the words: a
tnd "For the proposed amendment to the a
ad. Constitution extending the time for the s
mnd organization of steamship companies h
is- under the Constitutional amendment fi
te. proposed by Act 279 of 1910 from Jan- P
ws uary 1, 1913, to January 1, 1916." tl
ns, And the words: o0
"Against the proposed amendment to L
the Constitution extending the time for. fi
es. the organization of steamship compa- it
nies under the Constitutional amend- pi
of ment proposed by Act No. 279 of 1910, si
from January 1, 1913, to January 1, tc
1916." ri
And each elector shall indicate on said o0
n&. ballot as provided in the general elec- ri
tion law whether he votes for or against Ji
the proposed amendment. d
L. E. THOMAS, sa
Speaker of the House of Representatives, if
Lieutenant Governor and President of st
the Senate. p
- Approved: July 10th, 1912. ha
23 Governor of the State of Louisiana. th
of A true copy: el
n Secretary of State. m
el ACT NO. 147. pe
Senate Bill No. 157. i
he By Senate Judiciary Committee. fo
ir Section "B." Substitute for Sen- th
y ate Bill No. 35. to
he AN ACT th
Pn Proposing an amendment to Article 109,
S of the Constitution of Louisiana. rela
d- tive to District Courts.
Section 1. Be it resolved by the Gent
real Assembly of the State of Louisiana ,i
two-thirds of all the members elected I
to each House concurring, That the fol. r
7 lowing amendment to the Constitution pr
f of Louisiana shall be submitted to the tu
id electors of the State, at the Congres aI
n sional election to be holden on the first otl
r- Tuesday after the first Monday in No. in
vember, 1912, and if approved and rati- t
5 fled by a majority of said electors, vet' kn,
r- ing in said election..the same to become sik
ra part of the Constitution, to-wit: Pu
y That Article 109, of the Constitution pa
t of Louisiana be amended so as to read eel
a s follows:
I The District Courts, except in the Tl
r) Prish of Orleans, shall have orlginal ee
n jurisdiction in all civil matters where ]el
d the amount in dispute shall exceed vl
t fifty dollars (350.00), exclusive of In- An
h terest and in all cases where the title hlb
I to real estate is involved, or to office v-d
Sor other public posltlci, or civil or po- fed
Slitical right, and all other cases where
Sno specific amount is in contest, ex- Thj
h cept such u otherwise provided in tll" mit
I Constltutloz.,'. A St '
I They sill have unlimited an a x.
Selusive original jurisdiction In all crime be
a inal cases except such as may be low
Svested in other courts authorized by 11
i this Constitution; and in all probate e
I and succession matters, and wherea sale
Ssuccesslon is a party defendant. and on
in all cases where the State, parish, am
Sand municipality or other political cor- mt
Sporation is a party defendant, regard atl
lesS of the amount in dJspute; and of erat
Sall procedinga s for the apoIntment. of rlr
receivers or liquidators to corp-- 'atio. the
or partnerships; and did court shall ana
have authority to issue all such writs. eraln
process and orders as may he neces- mdl
Ssary or proper for the purposes of the lec
jurisdiction herein conferred upon vote
them. There shall be one Diatrict
Jude in each Judicial District, d x SDe
cept in the First. Twentyeflrst and Filf
teenth Judicial Districts, where until Lies
otherwise provided bylaw there shall i
be two 2) Dstrct Jue hut Judges App
of the Twenty-first Judicial District
shall not be residents of the same
parish. And the Judges of the Fli- A ti
teenth (15th) Judicial District shall A
not be residents of the same parish s.f
st Judgs elected, under this Constl.
- District Judges shall be elected by a I'U
Dlurality of the qualified voters of their
respective distrlcts, in which they shall
have been actual residents for two Pr1f
years next preceding their election. They of
shall be learned in the law, and ihal'l pe
have practiced law In this State five ne
years previous to their election, of
The first District Judges under this di'
Constitution shall be elected at the of
general State election in 1900, and shall Be
hold office until their successors are eral
elected on the Tuesday after the flrst two
Monday in November, 1904, at which to -
time and every four years thereafter 210-]
District Judges shall be elected for aI tc
terms of four years. Vacancies occa- Ar
sioned by death, resignation, or other. ble I
weise, where the unexpired portion of chial
the tfrm is less than one year, shall "itize
be filled for the remainder of the term ifl ed
by alpolntment by the Goyeror with trict,
tho advice aa4 consent of the r enotw whet
J]ne*I. , Section 3, }H" it furr r; r r.,!.
ii be In all rasps w'onre lh,'
uind ,r ti,. t f ti",- te '. ,f() .'
lit to the a'nS t' ru tI lo f 1  i . ..
ard a- i r, ro , r~,l rI r, i..!. ' ,
f ier l Is ? l 4trh i 't ('o rt. a, t n.r
a ift ot jli h t" k. .tt., \' . J r ,
tf' er "Against 'thel . piu . ::r:,'
e a Art ile ' 10t ,f t; - I'oI.r 1 t ' r:
,isl'ar a r :i~v'lt, o 011 ' ,' trl t ,
slved. each elector shim!l lrniv , sa: :" ',
u.ed( il the generatl ,.l*.,.iorn 1to - ,
antd State. which ut the, I.rit, I i .; .
>osed or "Against," he vote. t,,
caon- I.. L TittIt ',t
11r- tSpeaker of the 10 , n I'i  , r. o .
o.t t L ieuti nt . t ove.nl or ai e .:
a Off lis i tot, Ii til fist iur
.ion- ortue Seity th.
of Approved: July 20th, ;e.*::
tged taove rnor of e.the St e ,1 .v-. .
ie ndJ ALVIN p:. HE!I RT.
f 0. t the t 'onth .tu t4It~,' If ;l 1,Ir' d t .:.
ipera- itlecretary of t ;a't ;: e
b ofth
si- a, Jugest; TO. 1t.i
y 'es. louse Bill No. 293 . ey t f Mr I.'- "
I' e. JOINT i- l ' fT.r I"ION
'of Proli singe an alnlndnrIt l Ar4,4' ..
of the (oi I l iti tion of In t - tI' I ,,
e de- rou ian rna, relate t" p- , t i ,,
(ISO r "Against, the (
(' nfeaer ofthi itias. Isaene
ea. Art No. T0: of the eneral As, in
of 1900. and ,at No i 11: ,f the ;rtr
Assembly of 190s. all A-t L't;9 of c
o G Apen:ral Asmbly of t' . a fr : ,
pUr'pose of providin~g a ,uffidenrt t.' ,
enuI for the carrying out of ti- s .,
ted. otile of the ronsttti, n.
-ele Ir "Agns" treni(topy:1
('end- ALVI P.. 'i'FP'ERl
ecti-on . ecr e it resolved by th I :
eral Assembly of the State ,,f L~ou .u:,
,pi two-thirds of all m tmber' ,-.lctd .
uleach Hi ouse coi urring. That Artt
303 of tihe Conittittion of the. Stat,
of Louisiana. ar amended by Act Nl o '
of 1 of thA General At embly of AI.0. .
o fand Act No. 112 of the General Assem- '
i bly of 1904, and Act No 69 of tie.
r-I General Assembly of t0.Ii be s, ame,-i
nte.ed as to read as foilowsi.
Article 303. A pension not to hrt e,'.
eight dollars ($8) per month shall be .
er allowed to each Confederfii soiuie: ,t
esa.lor veteran who possesses Blll thN, 2
te following qu allfteatiornts: titi
n1. he tshall have served honorably t it
from the date of ahis enlis tment undi
of Ate Nlose of the late Cieel Wa .. uo n
lo-til he was discharged or patrolei, th
n- mustered Int o 1the Army or Navy ofe
Ath Confederate Statbe. and shall haveof
r-Gene-ral Assenmbly of i beIS al &W'i- h,
remained true to the Confederate States
te until the surrender, .t
2. He tishall not own property ofte.
e and he shall not bhe physically ablo tiu i, t
lii earn a sevellhood by hh s own labor.
aer tolowtings ofuall matior e;els:at iI
3n e. He shall not be salaried or othAr-'
wise provided for y the St ate of lh. f
r islan t or by anc other SCiate or 1o-'I
e d ernment. In case he enlirted in any o
ary organization mustered into said servlea
as a Louisiana organization, or in ca.s et
t- at the date of his eslistment htf to
t- sided in thee State of Louiana, he shlall aI
iec have resided in this .Ctate for at leatet St5
tfive years prior to his aedlication for .
S. pension In case he resio nded elsewhere
i than in this State, and oenlisted in an ti
eorgan ization not mustered s in from
io Louesnana, or in the Navy of the Conr. lif
o. . federate Statesll he shall have residedr
wise- prom iefrb the State of hseltmn ttliou (11
re this State, for at least fifteen ears u p
nprior to hisa appliastion for such pen
Sstoe A likae pension shall btine granteda
t ito the eatewidow who shall nots have shmar-ll a
rled ageained in tIndigent felrcumstnes ,
ent of such soldier or sailor whose mar; o
a- utei to her was contrdeted eprior to
.January 1, 1885: proviwed that if her
tecieased husband served in an organi
s nation mustered In f rrom oauiiana or L
esIf he resided in Louisiana. at the o.at t
fo.fder atenats he shall ntbphyiallyabe resida
of hn s enlistment, then oinlorder tht i
such widow shall be entitled to ther,
pension as herein providedf she sofall
have resided in this S tate for at l "earst I
five years prior to her application p
'1stherefor; and if her deceased husband t
enlisted elsewher n e than in Louisiana.'
and served s an organization nota si
S in mus tered n from Louisiana. such wi- I
Ow shall. In order to entitle her to ath
pension as herein provided, have rs
have resided in this S tatat e for no t less thant
fifteen years prior to her application o
e.for such pend fe: provsided furtsher,
nthat pensions whe ther to veiter is an o
an evd i norganization no utee ontr)
to widows, shall be sallowed onav froms i
thie date of applicat ion under tins ar A t
tide, and thes tpotal appropriation forpl
, fonr sh peinany pone year, shall ber t
tax, Provwidowed said appropriati on shall tr 1
the dateh olie of apliatilondr those ar
- never be more than five hundred andi el
n-t Jaxur,. 86 provided sathproratifn shlltwo
fifty thousand dollars for any one year me
e which is hereby levied on all taxable ofa
property/ in the State. Any accruing aie
n surplus from said tax fund shall be the
* turned over to the common school fund 1,o
oand prohibiting the collection of any 191
ot other tax or making any ap -1ropriation ter
o in excess of the amount of the one mill ti
t tax levied and collected and to be the
t'known as "Colfederate Veteran Pen- gre
to don Fund" and to be used for no other fis
_ purpose, and upon the adoption of this Mo
Ln amendment same shall at once become pos
L l self-operative and the funds derived p
therefrom Immediately used for said shl
Spurpose, and provided further that the aut
l Tax Collectors and Asseusors shall re- or
-e ceive no commissions for assessing and to
_ collecting said one mill tax herein pro- ide
[le.Povided that nothing in thris pturp
" Article shall be construed so as to pro- sur
le[hibit the General Assembly from pro- ,hat
S viding artificial limhs to disabled Con- I uda'
"| federate soldiers en sailors. R'otit
5 8ection,.g Be it further resolved, etc.. I,1
"{That thi proposed amendment be sub- Thr
sltted to the qualified voters of the usr
S~tate of LoUisiana for adoption or re-' 'ent
ectoniatthton ogressional election to 14
be held on t sfirst Tues.,y next fol- l.,i
. lowing the first Monday in NOvember, lv
7 1912, Righ
That tile official ballots to be use n t. iif L
said election th have printed there- ese
onthe S ordtevernor an e Preietopos edl.
amendment to Article 303 of the Con- exce
strtution of the State of Louisiana. rel- nu,
ative to pensions for Confederate Vet- due
erane," and the words: "'Against the uary
proposed amendment to Article 3t. of shall
Hthe Constitution of the State of ~oitisi- l,iqui
Iana, relative to pensions for Confed- sh~all
erate Veterans," and each elector shall Audi
-indicate, as provided in the general Raid
election laws of the State. whether he bide
*votes for or against thle amendmet, mont
Se r t o . 18. THOMAS ii I"
Speaer f ta Huseof Representativesq New.
Lieutenant Governor and President of they
the Senate. oh a otl
Approved: July 10th, 112. I fOR t
I.. R.HAL, The
Governor of the State of Louisiana .Jofet
A true copy: ioe
ALVIN E. HEJ3ERT, tiit~.
Secretary of State, eTurret
"----'-- The
House Bill No. 207. By Mr. Manlon, t I
Proposing an amendment to Artiole I) t:t
of the' State of Louisiana, so as to and -
permit Women to hold any of fice c'on- "1011
flected with the educational syste.'.. e
, . r. a al lI
' r t h roif
" r "of
`'" ,  h 'rl et t
l.. , a t
e.r of the C
ro f 'I of the
e " rtalo e (rly f
". at-. n ed ter.,t
I... r.stl tutjh
" " on f rthe r of,
un " Poor wih ithe a
5'7 Ifn t5eI
tr fcsol . iB t
tate in the opat% .
,,t. ,tosedn a lm It
Sa '. thie Conrdstll ti
te.i e\ach legal 11au
etc rl (.a 0l.
tll * .n Lh"el' cl rIder
.ti,,, .. of this tl, "
o pt Ior taiot hrf e w
e:1- 'i,,t it the -oltv ,
tl e ll:the et ,
":, f( o,1 n 1 e tU i t f t -
i ' i, f , t"e rll
1trAte atthR: t
i- :.l han onb e le, LI
ts'u os'al aeletln a lt
(,, . t~y ((10 days *lf.
f,l ~* tl,. fatanfly Oner i.i
' nsta tion of theis SiMt
plred portion ot all
"I 1rnlor with the sdlais
nlyI ,ition the, Aed-
S'l t the oenorpl
'Iat- t th 1 , so as -8
tea: he , bmlitted o l1
I s4t~te Rt the 11511 d
of i ai.nt-tlea In Cost,
I,,r' the first Tu~ildal '.
t., i ,is y In Xowrndbce lU
i fl ltl ballots to hel
--r b -hA1 ti pllaed til.
eur- " lOitd nnend I.in bJ
n a n e id ltlonf Os tll
tly iand the wors lgt
a-eind amantment to Itli
.i, ntitution of the sgig
each elector shall -"
all In the Senatel d
Stated. which Jl IIq
ror "ag alntl' he"s
re ct
erbc I.
:in Speaker of taele
•t ment to rAri l
led the Senate
tr Approved: JUly ll1
pe- Go"ernor Otl4
r! Houre Bill Nol. 4p1
Lie A JOIN''i
t Proposing an a
I amendIng Artcle.
-tl tion of IlIsa
, hllO ofthe ~oi
id thie pople at the
l. ofl 1910. s ts
SIssue new bskt
a p tuse State
i tax for the
onf oe said bondli
T'. retire the aul;
i' pgment out of_
mt of an'tnd
"- thle Unlited b
S ection 1. b ei Itf
lj eral .teembloy ra=
i tuo-tthirdo Of ulh
id ea-h house seOuii,
I meit to ArtlIe 4
I of the State ofn
g amended by JetaI
Sthie ( e nerl Lusii
id l ouiaina at its fhq
7 1910. ratified by l
Ir etner electiou
(C their expers of
to the qubllnd
I gressional s
hrf'irst Tuesdsay
Is Monday'ion NOYeUW
• &Artlcle 41
hl shall have oi
e authorixe the
or liability. eu IN
Q to issue boan it
Spurpose of
Seupprsslol ofe
Sthat for thebs
ulidating or
Ilol, One 1*U4VU
Three H dllibd
Eleven Tbolul p
I iht newan Oet.
'lf Louilsaia
escIh, to be
-rceedlng foe?
nuln, payable
tdue and paid i
uary lad, 1il9
sMhall be pell5
lilquidatlon 'f the
sthall he stpld t
IAuditor ind tbe
Hlid bonds shall .
bidder at not
and In care ide
the'r maY be
"]Thie exc·ss o.
of thie bonds -l
over the bonds
tihel, slhall be peM
current sl Interet
the oald fund.
"In all othf .
tierl, the BOaid
aind authorlty tO
alOt', of this
"l1teinntn Wi
there shall be .
tlIi on all
state taxes 5u6
4f one and ti -
h avment Olte
.=.aid oncdt tO
t.-ere.t due on 011
state to the Frqe
mnary Fund and t'
Mechanical cOi
neont of the P -
hloard of Ltnida
and the residue
a sinking fund
except as hel
purchase of, saMI

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