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The Rice Bet Jou traL
Published Every Friday by
W\elsh Printing Comipany, Ltd.
Entered at the pot toflice at 1Wtsh, La., ar
eoond claso nmatter.
FRIDAY, C'IO1I;ElI 11, 1912.
When asked whv lie did not reply
to the niuerous false charges that
were being made against him by an
unscrupulons political ring, Senator
John J. Ingulls, of Kansas once re
plied that "he did not have time to
stop and kick every yelping cur that
ran out of the brush at his heels."
'l'h~is re!ly in many respects replre
sents our feelings relative to the
numerous MISSTATEMIIENTS being
continuously made hr our Jennings
friends. Howevee their latest Mis
representation, made in Wednesday's
paper is to utterly at variance with
the truth, that we take a moment's
time to kick it into the oolitical
garbage dump, where most of their
parish seat argument has alreadv
gone. Replyving to a simt le state
muent of a fact niade in the Journal
some time ago, that there were [i6
vacant hou.ses in Jenninas, the Record
of tihe 9th ins'. says: "l'assengti s on
the S. P. train may look out of the
window at Welsh and count six frame
buildings facing the road just south
of the depot, and of these four are
empty." Now the FACTS of the case
are that of the six build ogs refered
to, there are HBIIT TWO VACANT,
one of these has ieet leased and a
stock of goods will be put in it in
the near future, an] the other belongs
to a JENNINGS M\AN who went out
of business here.the first of the year.
'his method of stating as fac:s some
thing that has but the slightest ele
Inent of truth in it resembles tie old
Indian's idea of tiuthfulness, iHe
wanted a bottle of fire-water and i:.
order to get it told the shol) keeper
that he had been hunting and killed
a~ deer, that lie had hunig on a tree in
tue woods, that the shlt, keeper could
have it for the desired exhilarantt, He
said, "go iup tihe road 'till \ou come
to big stump, turn toivward creek till
come to ax in tree, there find deer,"
The trad'hr made the exchange and
went after the deer. IHe found the
stump and the tree with the ax in it,
but no deer, rcturningile rebuked the
Indian for lying to hini, The Indian
in his stoical manner said, "'You find
stump?" "you find tree with ax in it?
"Yes" the trader replied, "but there
was no tdeer there, To which the
Indian replied "well one truth to tv o
lies does pretty well for poor Indian."
Wont it seem a hiitle strange for our
rood friends in Jennlngs, who have
fought for parish division for tile past
sixteen years, and shouted in stento
rian tones that the voice of the people
dlemanued the division of Calcmasieu,
to go to Baton Roule after October
22nd, and declare with equal ferver
taat the bill which they helped to
frame to divide the parish is illegal,
and that they want back into old Cal
casieu? Yet if report runs true that
i what tL"i ar fi gur~fd Opon doing.
Rev. A. A. ,Sutter, one Of thb
prominent citizens of floanoke Sug.
g;ests that Jennings is about to dis
cover that the parish seat bee that
has been buzzine in her bonnet for the
east sixteen years is a wasp, and not
a honey bee after all.
We suspect that Jennin~is will be
accuseing us of leading the Jenniungs
Times-Record our map before the
campaign is over, so we enter our de
nial in advance.
Advertise and the world is with you,
Don't and vou'll be alone.
For thie world, to-day. will never pay
A ,Lat ;,i.,e Great Unkuown.
• -..*
T ']'ilt'l .t l( l l: ' l clliiU, :l ; C r:lti l;.u
itr't " t' ill TJ.t ,+d i \ l,< iT. ,n e ai : l'4 \;t'i
tio ll to the fet that tihe Journal ha
published letter; or statemtentl flrm,
Jlenninii s eiti:.ens admitting that they
I.recogni/,ii t they were li.gh',lini for a
lost cause, \Vw' puliIshed a letter fromn
I a J.lenlinl s citizens in last weeks issue
of the ,lurnal, in 'which the writer
freely admiitted that welsh had won
out in the parish seat light. We can
also sight anyV doulbters to a number
of Jeoninc s citizens who have made
the same admission since they were so,
thoroughly beaten in the first pri
mary. F'urther more the article refered
to while seeking to give assurance of
Jennings confidence, practically admits
that the charges made by the Journal
are true. It says, "But even if the
Jennings sulpporters did think that
I welsh would be the winner they would
not desert Jennings" 'However Jen
nings confidence amounts to but little
in the present instance. They were
"Confident" they would win out over
both their competitors on the 24th,
and failed to even lead the race They
were "Confident" they would carry
Elton by a big majority, which they
did not do, welsh carrying that pre
cinct by a splendid majority, They were
"confident"that they would get 12 tol4
votes in woodlawn, but with the lav
ish use of intimidation, boodle and
booze they succeeded in securing but
five votes there. They were"confident"
they would ca'rry Roanoke precuncts
by a big majority, but instead the tel
lers counted out a splendid majority
for welsh, and so we pfight enumerate
a number of other instances where
Jennings "confidence" was sadly at
fault. The Journal has stated and we
are prepared to substantiate the
statements that a number of the lead
ing supporters of Jennings have
practically admitted that they stood
no show of winning in the coming
Another Jennings Advocate Fails to
Produce Argument.
(Continued from page one)
Now we have no criticism to make on
this uhase of Mr. Draden's article, as
we sincerely hope that both Jennings
and Lake Arthur may in the course of
time become large and flourishing
cities. But we would call his' attention
and that of others contemplating vot
ing for Jennings, the Town on tle
Border, for parish seat, that while
Chicago located on the border of the
state become one of the greatest cities
not only of her state, but of the United
States as well. with nearly two million
population, the people of Illinois in
their wisdom did not choose Chicago,
with her ice plant, electric lights, mov
Sliug picture shows, and butter factory
for their capital but did choose Spring
tield. a town of only one fiftieth the
population of Chicago, BUT IX)
CENTER. And again while the good
people of Mlissouri might have chosed
for their capital city, St. Louis with
its more than half million population
or Kansas City with its nearly 200,000
population, they did neither, but
chose instead, Jefferson City with less
than 12,000 population, BUT CEN
TRALLY LOCATED. These are but
two of the many examples that might
be sighted to show that the practice of
nearly all states and counties has
ieen1 to cht99S8 pt their capital, the
towin or city faietst the onter 'aither
than the one having tlh largest pop
Mr. Voter Wthen you vote for the
location of the pF\ishi seat on the 22nd
can you do better than to follow the
example of the hundreds of states and
counties that have made this same
cholie iu the past? Can you do better
than to locate YOUR parish seat
in the CENTER of YOUR parish? We
believe not. We believe when the vote
shall be counted on October 22nd
Welsh the center of the Parish will
have been chosen as the Parish Seat
cf J~Eter:s:on Davis Parish.
,! The Rice Belt Journal, published weekly at
Velsh, La., required by Act of. August 24,
Editor, D. R. Read: Welsh, La.: Managing
Editor, D. It. Read, Welsh, La.; Business
Manager, D. It. Read, Welsh, La:; Publisher,
Welsh Printing Company, Ltd, Welsh, La.,
Stockholders holding 1 per centor nmor~
of total amount of stock:
D. R. Read, Welsh, La.: E. F. . Read,
Welsh, La.: L. E. Robinson, Welsh, La.
Known bondholders, mortgagees, and other
security holders, holding 1 per cent or more
of total amount of bonds, mortgages or other
securities; None outstaniding.
Sworn to and subscribed before me this ::th
day of September, 101i .
W. P. IP USSELT., Jr..
Notary Public.
* But Little Interest Shown in Election
and Light Vote Polled.
I The second pru alrvy for the choice
a of a candilate for ULiited States
r Senator for this district passed off
e very quietly in this locality, at least,
Slast Tuiesday. It being an exception
ally busy time with the farmers, who
d are in the midst of their harvesting,
f hIt a siaill vote was cast, there bei.ng
less than 50 per cent of the vote of the
,l precinct polled. The vote as cast
e stood 31 for Mr. Lewis and (i4 for Mr.
l Lazaro.
d The returns while not complete from
. the entire district are sutliciently so to
e indicate that Dr. Lazaro has carried
e the district by from 1,000 to 1,500
r majority.
Elton Voters Intimidated by Jennings
y We note from the Jenuing Times
. ecord that she is complaining be
e cause Welsh is showing her distress
4 to the voters of Lake Arthur. Jen
ninas however does not mention the
I fact that she is an ardent woer at the
t same shrine. Possibly her long face
and complaints are indicative of her
s success.
It is also understood that there
y was strong pressure brought to bear
e in at least four cases at Elton in our
e recent parish seat election to intimi
t date or coerce voters i! favor of
e Jennings. The names of each and
e every one of these parties are well
_ known and the cold facts pertaininig,
e to same are also known. Consider
d ing the other known actions of the
° Jennings supporters, we were not
much surprised, but for their infor
mation they are notified in advance
that coercion and intimidation in the
0 matter of controlling votes makes
null and void free elections, and is
therefore a positive violation of the
laws of the state of Louisiana. They
n are now invited to continue this class
of businiess in face of the next Grand
Jury.--Elton Progress,
In this connection it has come to
the knowledge of the editor of the
t Journal that Jennings supporters not
n content with intimidation resorted to
sundrv methods of piunishing parties
t who voted for Welsh, after the elec.
e tion. In one instance ai man who
voted for Welsh was eniploped run.
uC ing a threshing engine for a Jen
e nin.s supoorter, As soon as the
owner of the machine found out that
s his engineer had voted for Welsh he
d "Fired" him. In another instance
a Welsh supporter had a little house
on vacant land belonging to a Jen
nines advocate who, when he Jearned
of his voting for Welsh ordered him
to move his house oil his land at
once. His neighbors, who were
y Welsh supporters like himself
assisted him to move his
lhouse and furnished him land upon
e which to place it, Many other in
- stances along similar lines could be
Smentioned, all showing what straights
d Jennlngs is in.
:ili3 3".. "r
- Office One Block South of Martin's
t Office 'Phone No. 16-4 rings
f on o. .
Welsh. * * - La.
A Lo;: 4On 'nhe Tracnk.
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/f 1 1Itý ."}ýý i r

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