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'l TS Fromn Broadway"
will receive with
ld n the announce
loe & Leigh will offer
on Saturday night
tblrlavishly appointedl
jofrgeM, Cohan's popu
iture of melody andi
-fg.ve Minutes from
SolY unlike any of the
-o the successful actor
gdIferent in theme and
any attraction within
Etbe present generation
gy many it is claimed
mark of quality that 1
m yet achieved. While I
there are a number of typical Cohan
song hits introduced during the three
acts and made more effective by a well
balanced chorus, a well thought .-,
story, replete with several surpr(i
and some very strong dramatic sit.
tions is closely adhered to throughout.
The new departure in this direction was
responsible in a large measure for the
tremendous vogue the play enjoyed in
New York and Chicago where it ran
continously for over a year with practi.
cally the same cast thait will be seen
here. Miss Hazel Burgess will be seen
in the role of "Mary" a servant in New
Rochelle, a town exactly three-quarters
of an hour distant by train from New
York's main thoroughfare and in which
the story of the play is laid. Bert Leigh
will be seen as "Kid Burns the ex-prize
They have one Pullman and one
sixty foot baggage car for the scenery.
Every body guaranteed an enjoyable
evening, not one thing to occur during
the play to mar the feeling of the most
t Pres. R. P. Howell Calls Meeting
s Saturday, Election Officers for
e Primary, Jan. 21, Named.
I. In response to a call from Hon. R. P.
U Howell, chairman of the Democratic
n Executive Committee, that body con
v vened in the parish seat Saturday morn
s ing, January, 4, 1913, at 10:00 o'clock,
y for the transaction of such business as
i might come before it.
h Upon the calling of the roll by the
secretary, Mr. C, E. Carr: of Welsh, 18
e of the 21 members were found to be
present, or represented by proxies.
e Those present were, M. A. Sharp, W. F.
t Tietje, R. P. Howell, J. C. Lang, Leon
I (Continued on. page four)
Work of Past Year Very Satisfactory
Prospects For New Year Even
Better New Officers Elected.
A most interesting session of the
Welsh Civic League was held last Fri
day afternoon at the home of Mrs. John
H, Cooper. This was the beginning of
another year's work. There was a
good attendence and all seemed anxious
to see the work progress.
The meeting was called to order by
the President. After roll call and the
reading of the minutes the monthly re
ports were given by the several com
The Chairman of the Lecture Course
committee reported the door receipts
from Cambridge Players were $26.15.
The School Improvement committee
reported expenditures for the month of
December; Dec. 11 telephone messages
and stamps $1.50; Dec. 131 to Mr. Boling
for floor dressing, $4.55 Total $6.05.
The corresponding Secretary reported
in regard to fan correspondence.
Samples have been received also prices.
President appointed Mrs. Godfrey and
Mrs. Gray to see about canvassing for
The motion was carried that dirt be
hauled around the hitching posts which
are cared for by the League.
The report of the Executive Commit.
tee was as follows:-Mrs. L. JE. Robin.
son, chr. Cemetery Committee; Mrs. J.
B, Simpson, chr. Entertainment Com.
mittee. Mrs. R. M. Gray, chr. member
ship Committee; Mrs. W. E. Faught,
chr. Auditorium Committee; M i s s
Gibson, chr. School Improvement Com
mittee, Mrs. J. H. Cooper, chr. Lecture
Course Committee; Mrs. R. R. Arce.
neaux, chr. Finance; Mrs. J. B, Godfrey
chr. Sanitary and Clean up Committee;
Mrs, F. E. Hart, chr. Forrestry Com
mittee; Mrs. M. B. VanNess, chr. Press
Committee. Plans were then discussed
for securing an extra attraction for the
Lecture Course. Because of the gen
erons response of the people the Civic
League has been enabled to obtain an
extra number which will be comple
mentary to those holding season tickets
This number will appear Jan. 13 and
promises to be one of the best of the
This should have been the regular
annual meeting. but for lack of time it
was found necessary to call an extra
meeting for that purpose.
As we enter upon the work of an
other year we do so with a desire to do
all we can in our cause of beautifying
the town and improving the sanitary
conditions of it, and we believe we have
the cooperation of our citizens. We ap
preciate the encouragement you have
given us in the past, and in advance
wish to thank you for the support and
good will which we feel confident we
shall receive from you during the com
ing year.
To the people of Welsh we send a
greeting, and hope that the year 1913
may be one of the happiness and pros.
perity to each of you.
Mrs. Nettle Willard, President.
Mrs. Cora Lou Martin, Secretary.
Mrs. Allie Van Ness, Press Conm.
Tom Thumb Wedding, Friday Jan. 17.
The Tom Thumb Wedding, which
was postponed on account of the serious
illness of the conductor and trainer,
will be given at the Auditorium, on the
evening of Friday, January 17?th. This
is news that will please and interest
afl the little folk, as well as the larger
Clerk of Court Price Administered
Oath.--r. J. H. Cooper Chosen
Pres; Hon. L. E. Robinson, Clerk.
-Organization Perfected.
Jennings, La., January 4, 1913.
The newly elected Police Jury in and
for the Parish of Jefferson Davis met
in the Court Room at 10:00 o'clock A.
M., at Jennings, La.. and was called to
order by the Hon. I. R. Price, Clerk of
the 15th Judicial Court. The following
members were present:
Ward 1, Arthur Guidry.
Ward 2, George Hathaway
Ward 3, Henry Koll
Ward 4, J, S. Treme.
Ward 5, Ausem Marcantel
Ward 6, John H. Cooper.
Ward 7, F. A. Arseneaux.
Ward 8, H. A. Fontenot.
Ward 9, Yves Pitre.
I, R. Price, Clerk, stated that each of
the above members of the Police Jury
had qualified by taking the oath as
prescribed by law.
Upon motion by Mr. F. A. Arceneaux,
duly seconded and carried, the Police
Jury went into Executive Session, and
all of those who were not members of
the Police Jury retired.
Upon motion by Mr. George Hatha
way, duly seconded and carried, Mr.
John H. Cooper, was elected President
of the Police Jury by acclamation and
assumed the chair.
Upon motion by Mr. F. A. Arceneaux,
seconded by Mr. J. S. Treme, the elec
tion of Clerk of the Police Jury was
ordered held by ballot.
The ballot resulted as foilows:
L, E, Robinson, T votes.
Chas. E. Eiber, 1 vote.
Geo. Hathaway I vote.
L. E. Robinson was declared duly
elected Clerk of the Police Jury.
Upon motion of Mr. F. A, Arceneaux,
seconded by Mr. J. S. Treme and carried
the following resolution was unani
mously adopted:
BE IT RESOLVED, by the Police
Jury of Jefferson Davis Parish, that
the President be and he is hereby
authorized to appoint the following
Books and Records.
Roads and Bridges.
Court House and Gi'ounds.
Care of Poor.
Furniture and Fixtures.
The Finance Committee shall consist
of five to include the President of this
Police Jury and four other members.
The Committee on Rules shall con
sist of three members, of which the
President of this Police Jury shall be
Chairman, and two other members to
be appointed by him.
The Ordinance Committee shall con
sist of three members, of which the
President of this Police Jury shall be
Chairman, and two other members to
be appointed by him.
All other Committees shall consist of
three members; to be appointed by the
All Committee reports shall be signed
by at least a majority of the members
of that Committee.
(Concluded on page 4)
Members Qualified a n d Elected
Officers-No Business of Im
portance Came Up At This
The first meeting of the First Paridj
School Board, of Jefferson Davis parihi
was held in Jennings, Friday afternoon
The several members elect qualified and
took their oath of office, following
which theiBoard proceeded to effect its
permanent organization. Mr. J. If.
Booze. of Roanoke, who has been a
member of the Calcasieu School Board
for a number of years, was unanimoast
ly Lhoosen Presidert, and Winm. Fenton,
of Fenton, was selected as Secretary Dt
the Board.
The following committee were hhp
Finance-Dr. V. A. Miller, Pr'. 'R
M. Briggs, Zinm W. Todd,William Er; :on
Teachers Com. William, Fentti: ir.
V. A. Miller, John Hay, Henry 'W. .n.
On buildings and sites-Zim W. ; 4,
Ozaman Hebert, H. H. Precht, : .
Resolutions were adopted, to wo; in
harmony with the old Calcasieu syh)ool
Board, thus permitting that body to
continue the contracts drawn by it, nl
force until the end of the school year.
Mr. Wade E. Plauche Gees to Pitts
burg as Guest of Pittsburg Life
Insurance Co.
Mr. Wade E. Plauche, who is recag.
nized as lone of the best hustlers h
Insurance work in Southwest Louisiana
starts for a ten days vacation to Pitts.
burg, Pennsylvania, t hi s, Friday
evening, as the guest of the Pittsburg
Life Insurance Co., for whom he is
writing life insurance. Mr. Plauche,
ranking as one of the best workers the
company has in the field, is invited as a
guest to their Tenth Annual Business
Convention, to be held January 14th
and 15th at the Hotel Schenley, in Pitts
burgh, Pennsyleania. Mr. Plauche is
Snot only the winner of this honor frcun :
the company he representing but also
has the honor of having sent in more
paid up business for the week ending
December 24th, than any other agent
in the company's employ in the United
States, and it will be seen that this is
no empty honor, when it is realized
that the Pittsburg Life Insurance Co.,
wrote over twenty million dollars worth
of Life Insurance during the year, 1912.
Cold Wave Sweeps Over Southwest
Following several weeks of balmy;
spring like weather that marked the
latter part of December and the fore.
part of January, and in strict accord
with the predictions of the WeatheriI
Bueareau forcasts, this section found
itself in the grip of the Ice King Wed,
nesday morning. The change began
Tuesday when the mercury begau fall.
ing early in the day, the fall being ac,
companied by a drizzling rain, which
continued until after nightfall. During
the night the sky cleared to some ex .'
tent and Wednesday dawned with the
temperature slightly below the freez"
ing point, but with prospects for clear'
weather. ,f
I will offer for Sale on the J. R. Robbins Farm I mile North of
gs on Lake Arthur Avenue, on 0
The following described property, to-wit:
IHead of Good Work Mules 8
Mare in Foal; 3 Gang Plows; 3 Wagons; o
rrow; I Fertilizer Drill; 4 Sets Work Harness. o
E COMMENCES AT 10:00 A. M. s
Transportation from depot to and from a
Sall patties arriving on trains. . . . .
e Lunch at Noon. ,,
P f t  ('I All sums of $00.00 and under, cash; on all sums exceeding $10.00 f'
ý01 : i) e 1 a credit of ten months will be given, purchaser giving note with
approved security before removing property. All notes to bear O
t~iaterest per anum from date. On amounts exceeding $10.00 a discount of 5 per 0
i made for cash.
1-1. Robbins
ICHHAlRT, Auct. -:- H. H. HOAG, Clerk o
"*0000 *0 c ©©©oo a9 o
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