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Ca:thprn Pacific This The Journal Becnman the flIh,,. In ... . . , I
p Southern Pacific This
Tuesday Night.
that might easily have
jIýstrous affair occured
p pacific, opposite the
SWtwan Iowa and Chloe,
twhen the rear drivers
Fruit Growers Special
pl covered a distance of
-d0 the train was finally
a sto . This train, which
illflan train bearing the
degation to the Fruit
S5 ition being held in New
folowing the Colorado
1 Fruit Growers Special at
d half an hour, when be.
lad Iowa, the engineer
hbi engine to be off the
 raning a distance repre
tjsthe train was brought
no particular damage
it seems httle short of
Itbat a disastrous wreck
After some time the en
to the rails and con"
jp,7. Fortunately the
lsarranged to such an
,eck general traffic over
The Journal Becomes the Officia
Journal of the Parish of Jefferson
At the meeting of the Jefferson Davir
Police Jury, held in the Court House
in Jennings Monday, the 13th, among
much other business transacted by thai
important body, the matter of selecting
a Parish Printer was taken up. Notices
had been sent to the owners or editors
of the several papers of the parish
eligable for the position, each of whom
had bids before the Police Jury. When
the differerit bids were opened, it was
found, that while all the papers of the
parish were willing to perform the
work of publishing the proceedings of
the parish bodies necessary to be pub.
lished, at a figure much below the rate
established by law, The Rice Belt Jour
nal was the lowest bidder for this work
and hence it was awarded the contract.
We are pleased to be able to give to
our many readers this additional value
in the Journal. While it has always
been our policy to furnish the news,
both general and of a local political
nature, we are now in position to give
to our readers the official proeeein s,
officially, o the parish officials aia
time when the parish is in the forma.
tive stage, and will contain much of in.
terest to all of our readers.
a Complete Line of Northern Grown
sin and Oats in Bulk, as well as all
Standard Manufactured Feeds
G~ round Chops at all times
e do our own grinding
I Dr. Jones, Noted Evangelist Closes
Profitable Series of Meetings at
Presbyterian Church Latter Part
of Last Week.
The ten days series of meetings held
at the Presbyterian Church, by Dr.
Jones of Gulf Port, Mississippi, was
brought to a close the latter part of
last week. While the meetings were
carried on under the most unfavorable
circumstances, very inclement weather
and at the close of the holiday season,
when a number of other events were
occupying the evening;, they were
successful in arrousing a good deal of
spiritual interest and life among the
members, not only of the Presbyterian
church, but of the other protestant
churches of the city as well. Dr. Jones
is a man of exceptional ability as a
pulpit orator, added to which, a broad
education and extensive travel, enables
him to reach his hearers in a way that
few men posses. While the results of
the meetings were not blessed
with any public conversions, there is no
deubt but the influence of the meeting
will be felt for months to come, and
will eventually bear fruits in the shape
of better and higher spiritual ideals
among the people of Welsh.
Following the close of the meetings,
Dr. Jones departed for his home in
Gulf Port, Friday morning.
Good Weather Permits Farmers to
Make Rapid Advances in Their
The uniformly good weather that has
prevailed in this section of the state
for several weeks past has permitted
the farmers to make exceptionally
rapid progress with their farm work.
Much plowing has been done, in fact at
least two of the leading planters In this
section, namely, Mr. Chas. F. Jeter and
Mr. C. M. Shuemaker have finished
their plowing already, and will shortly
begin preparing their ground for seed.
ing. Seeding, however will not be
begun for at least six weeks even
though the weather should remain
Fresh Rice Bran $2o.oo
per ton, or $1. o per sack.
Fresh Rice Polish $26.oo
per ton, or $2.25 per sack.
Louisiana State Rice Mill
ing Co.
rted Honduras Seed Rice i
Tire Importing Direct a Small Quantity of Q
Grade Honduras Seed a
4l of Our Mills-----Supply Limited--Order Early
also have a Limited Supply of Domestic 0
Honduras and Japan Seed Rice. o
ses Minutes of the Annual Meeting of
t the Welsh Civic League Jan. 7 1913
t An adjourned meeting met with Mrs.
Cooper Jan. 7, 1913 to hear the Annual
eld reports and to complete all unfinished
Dr. business meeting was called to order
vas by the President.
of Reports were called for: First Vice
ere President took the chair and called tfo
ble President's report:
zer The President reported for the year t
on 1912, The Welsh Civic League began
ere work the first of 1912 with eight com,
mittees, two others, clean up and sani- t
of tary being added later. The Cemetery e
the committee has planted 32 trees, several d
ian vines and palms which is helping to
Lnt improve the appearance of the place. h
nes It has been kept in such condition we f
sa all feel proud of the work done by the h
ºad committee, The Entertainment Com. c
les mittee was divided into four divisions
tat and they raised during the year, in
of different ways, the sum of $138.55. The
ed Lecture Course division secured a d
no course of four numbers and a comple. F
ng mentary, which is proving very enter. c
nd taining to the public.
pe The Forestry Committee have set out
ijs 29 oak trees delivered 40 palms. t
The Auditorium Committee have had b
ýs, 24 loads of dirt hauled to fill in the low t
in places. Trees and palms have been t
planted, the yard kept mowed and the fi
flag raised and lowered on national
to holidays.
The Press Committee have kept be
fore the public the work done by the t
Welsh Civic League through the column
t of the Rice Belt JournaL
ed The School Improvement Committee
lly have raised $113.25 which was nsed in t
'k. their department of work. The campus it
is has been kept iq good condition, the e!
ad low places filled and flower beds made. t
ed The Clean Up and Sanitary Commit
ly tee have not been idle since appointed.
Have had the trash removed from the
ýn entire town and the bridges entering.
in Have hauled at least 100 loads of rub.
bish to the dumping grounds. They
have visited all the business men ask.
O ing them to keep their places of business
i. in a sanitary condition. The Finance
and Membership Committees have at.
tended to all work pertaining to their
ý. departments. Through the efforts of
Ii the League all hitching posts were
moved to vacant lots and crossings to
same were made at the expense of the
We wish to thank the Secretary and
Treasurer, also all the committees and
workers of the League for their hearty
co-operation in all work pertaining to
the Welsh Civic League and hope that
during the year 1913 we may be able to
continue the work begun and do even
more. We wish to thank the town
board, The Welsh Printing Co. and all
others who have assisted in the Civic
work. Respectfully submitted,
Mrs. E. C. Willard, Pres. J
Recording Sec. reported for the year
1912. Number of regular meeting times
for the Welsh Civic League 12. Number
of regular meetings held, 11; Number of
active members with dues paid, 24;
SNumber of -Associate members1 with
)dues paid, 27; Number present at all
) regular meetings, 121; Average number
present, 101; President was present,
11 titnes; 1st Vice was present 8 times;
) 2nd Vice was present 3 times; Corre-.
) sponding Secretary was present, 3
) times; Recording Secretary was
present, 10 times; Treasurer was pres.
ept 10 times;
(Continued on page 41)
A Dollar Invested in a Subscription
to the Rice Belt Journal Brings
Substantial Family to This
A dollar that may be said to have
done its work. faithfully and returned
to the community many times its value
is on invested by a fellow townsman, in
a subscription to Mr. Samuel McBride,
of New Bedford, Ohio. The Journal
has been going to Mr. McBride for
several months, and so impressed did
he become with the wonderful possibili
ties that this country offers to the en
erjetic progressive farmer, that he
decided to cast his lot in this locality.
Coming here a few weeks ago, Mr.
McBride moved onto the A. R. Miller
farm, and will devote his energies to
helping devote the unbounded resour
ces of the richest agricultural section
of the South.
One day this week Mr. McBride
stepped into this office and after intro
ducing himself, said, 'Reading The
Rice Belt Journal is accountable for my
coming south, and as I have some
friends in the north whom I want to
see better their conditions I want you
to send the Journal to them, with the
hope that it may induce them to come
to this country, whereupon he paid for
two subscriptions for his northern
This is the kind of advertising that
pays, If every citizen of Welsh would
send the Journal to one or more of
their friends in the north, whom they
are Interested in having better. their
conditions, there is little doubt that a
number of new families would be added
to our population within a year. Try
it once and see how easy it is to inter
est people in a community when they
are visited every week with a live en
thusiastic paper.
1 ''earn While You Earn."
Aoraham Lincoln would split rails air
day in the forest and then after his
day's work was finished, would walk
five miles to borrow a book to study
and improve himself. It is said of
George Washington that in answer to
a question of his mother as to why be
studied so late at night, replied that he
was working out the destiny of his
There are hundreds of young people
today who are desirous of gaining p
practical education, but for one reason
or another they cannot leave home to
secure it, so they drag along from one
year to the next in the same old rut.
There are hundreds of other that are
availing themselves of the opportunity
offered by the correspondence depart.
ment of our college. saving their leisure
moments and investing them in an
education that will mean thousands of
dollars to them in the coming years.
You may say that you are not able to
take a course, but the person who can
least afford it is the one who needs it
most and should have it by all means
at any sacrifice; it don't cost much.
Young friend, why not take ads'nt.
age of this opportunity and gain a.
business education by using your mo
ments that would otherwise be wasted?
Why not spend an hour of the long
winter evenings after nightfall qualify
inc yourself with a knowledge of the
famous Byrne Simplified Shorthand,
Practical Bookkeeping, Typewriting,
Arithmetic, Grammer, Writing and
Telegraphy, for which the business
world will pay you cash?
Fill out the following blank and mail.
to the correspondence Dept.
Tyler Commercial College, Tyler,
Texas, for catalogue and full particu.
Name.................... ........
Address ......... ...............
Correspondance Course Interested
in . ......................
o .
0 '0
o Plowing Season is here, o
o Planting will soon be here. o
o Let us Figure with you o
0 on Your Requirements. }o
on oO
S Tons ChicKen Peed Just
Arrived from Missouri
SRemember that our prices 0
are always a little be- o
low the other fellow. o
I 0su y O
Wels Warehouse & Supply Co.
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