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Hero Commission Awarded $169,025 son'
During the Year of 1912-Acts com
of Real Heroism. orgi
Pittsburg.-At the ninth annual tai:
meeting of the Carnegie Hero Fund mar
Commission Wednesday, President tivil
Charles L. Taylor's report showed D
1,956 new cages were submitted in hav
1912, an increase of 4 per cent over sin(
1911. Two gold, 45 silver and 105 adn
bronze medals were awarded. During ing
the year $169,025 was awarded to the:
heroes, $25,000 was disasters and to 1
$100,000 in special appropriations. ceri
The officers of last year were .re- sea
elected. act!
Two awards were made in Texas, wol
as follows: tap
John McBride, bronze medal and had
$1,000 as needed. McBride, aged 48, age
laborer, saved:Cyrus L. Nall, aged 70, sch
laborer, from drowning, Tarpon, Tex- To
as, March 9, 1910. Nall was working visi
on a flat car on a jetty in the Gulf liV
of Mexico, 4,304) feet from shore, Thl
when he fell into the water and was init
caught by an outgoing current and sOC
carried away from the jetty. Waves the
seven feet high were rolling in from the
the gulf. McBride undressed and, era
from a car, dived over the rough, '
rocky top of the jetty, which extended ate
seven feet from the car, and attempt- vel
ed to swim to Nail with a heavy plank. litt
Waves continually swept over the we
men, and McBride could not swim di- lea
rectly toward Nall. Five men, in a ing
boat, were compelled to abandon an no
attempt to row to the rescue, on ac
coumt of the roughness of the water. cul
After Nail had been carried over sev- thr
oral hundred feet, a current carried to
him shoreward. He was getting Pry
weak, and went down three times at wil
brief intervals. After maneuvering ho]
caretully, and with difficulty, McBride cae
reached Nail and Nall grabbed the an
end of the plank. McBride then swam Ta
150 feet, pushing the end of the plank, go
and then caught Nall around the waist be
and arms and waded to the jetty with
him. TI
Austin H. Morgan-Silver medal:
Morgan, aged 55, real estate dealer,
saved William E. Mason, aged 32, Ar
minister, from assassination, Cle
burne, Texas, December 7, 1907. In
darkness, Mason was attacked in his
yard by a man with a revolver, who
fired twice at him, one shot plowing e;
through his scalp. The man then m
shot Mason's mother and his wife. di
Mason, calling for help, ran toward P(
Morgan's home, pursued by the as- si
sassin. Morgan heard the shots and f
calls for help and ran from his home
to the street, with his revolver in his to
hand. When Mason was within six ni
feet of Morgan, the assassin fired ti
again, the bullet striking Mason, who tl
fell at Morgan's feet. With their re
volvers but two feet apart, Morgan of
and the assassin exchanged shots,
neither being hit, and the latter than it
turned and ran from the scene. The
wounds of the injured were of a seri
ous nature, but all recovered.
Penalties Against Two Railroads Ag- t
gregate $651,000--0ther
Austin, Tex.-Suits have been fil'ed a
in the district court by the State of d
Texas against two railroads for penal- f
ties aggregating $ti51,000. One suit
is against the Galveston, Harrisburg r
d San,AntonIo Railway Company in a
ich it is alleged whites and negroes a
re permitted to ride on the same
n without furnishing separate cem
rtments. The penalty asked for
is $1,000.
It is alleged that the railway corn-(
pany on September 1, 1912, operated a
train of sleeping, drawing room and
palace cars between El Paso and
Houston and "failed and refused to
provide separate compartments equal
" in points of comfort" for white and
pegro passengers on the train, and
that at least two negro passengers
were permitted to ride under such
The Galveston, Harrisburg and San
Antonio railroad is also sued for pen
alties aggregating $30,000 for alleged
delay in runnins traln No. 175 into
The Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe
Railway Company is made defendant
in a suit for alleged delay in operat
ing its passenger train No. 5 from its
starting point at Gainesville to Dal
las, and for not running on adver
tised schedule. The penalty asked
is $5,000 for each day of the alleged
-violation, aggregating $620,000.
China and Great Britain at Outa.
Pekin, China.-The Thibetan prob
lem Is causing strained relations be
twee China and Great Britain. The
latter claims that China broke the exz
isting trraty in attempting to convert
the Thibetym dependency into a prov
Iacemby ~ig thither a military ex,
ped!tion. 'The Chinese claim that the
expeditiohn was only for the purpose
of restoring order.
Newv Mill Route Estabished,
Frederlcksbur~g~. Tex.-A new mail
route has been established between
Fredericksburg, by way of Morris
ranch, tb Kerrille. The service cornm
sjpneed Saturday. The schedule is
Si titues a reek.
Beveioplng Tr111 a Tct.
,ex.-Wbat is perhaps the
sst fArmt development contractlet
on:; t .. eg time in the history of Soeth
* ,tq a waq. et, at lisahop Motidgy for
: Sthe-i cingn ichltivatiton of 11,000
&: U aL a i-~6 l sr the town.
Are the Plans of Democratic Leaders
Before Announcement of Wilson's
Intentions-Taft's Appointments.
Washington. - President-elect Wil
son's refusal to allow himself to be
committed to any definite plans of re- _
organization or to outline publicly
through senators and congressmen de
tails of his legislative plans has had a
marked influence on congressional ac
Democratic leaders from both houses
have made pilgrimages to New Jersey
since Christmas to talk over the new
administration's work with the incom
ing president. The general result of
these conferences, however, has been
to hold up for the time being any con
certed reorganization scheme in the
senate and house and to restrain the
activity of the democratic forces that
would have launched several impor
tapt political and legislative programs
had Mr. Wilson given definite encour
agement to the partially outlined
To the majority of those who have
visited him Governor Wilson has
given little indication of his plans.
The few to whom he has confided def
inite opinions have been pledged to
secrecy and have been unable to use
the president-elect's influence to aid
their own plans or to support any gen- Pre
eral program of action. I
The reorganization fight in the sen
ate, which promised sensational de
velopments in December, has shown V
little activity during the last two las
weeks. The efforts of democratic twe
leaders are now directed toward bring- cab
ing about an outcome that will leave rep
no dissatisfied faction in the party. nat
Routine legislation is expected to oc- mei
cupy the attention of congress mel
throughout this week. Further efforts ma,
to solve the tangle in the senate over ten
President Taft's 1,300 appointments 'i
will be made during the week, the aro
hope of the democrats being that they ed
can force the .republicans into some
arrangement whereby a part of the fift
Taft appointments can be allowed to hel
go unconfirmed, leaving the places to im]
be filled by Mr. Wilson. int
And Refuses to Abandon the Aegean w
Islands-Hostilities Will Likely
Be Re-umed This Week.
Constantinople.-The Turkish for- ice
eign minister Effendi Saturday sub
mitted to the council of ministers a of
draft of the reply to the note of the
powers. It is understood that it in- mi
sists upon the retention of Adrianople ed
for these reasons: tul
e 1. Because the Bulgarian inhabi- cu
s tants are in the minority in Adria- pe
$ nople, not only in comparison with'
d the Moslems, but as compared with CA
o the other Christians.
2. Because of the splendid defense SF
n of the garrison.
3' 3. The loss of Adrianople, contain
n ing the temples of the caliphs, would
e ruin the prestige of Islam.
4. The loss of -Adrianople, which is ,
the gate of Constantinople, would en- bý
danger the existence of the empire. tli
"The porte therefore prays," con- ni
tinues the reply, "that the powers b!
1 take consideration of the vital neces- gi
sities of the empire and make repre- a
sentations to the Balkan states with ai
a view to peace. Turkey sincerely de- tt
d sires to find a common ground of un
f derstanding and will even consent to si
1- fresh sacrifices." ii
it Regarding the Aegean islands, the t
g reply declares that Turkey refuses to tl
in abandon the islands near her coasts, tl
8 but is ready to continue pourparlers zi
e respecting the distant islands. j
3r Cabbage Day Celebration, o
San Benito, Tex.-The San Benito p
n2 Commercial Club has plans under way p
a for a big cabbage day celebration on
id March 17, which was designated some n
nd months ago as "cabbage day" through- t
to out the country. A feature of the b
al celebration will be a dinner at which c
ad cabbage dishes of every conceivable t
ad form will be served free. (
ch Turks anid Greeks Battle. i
Athens, Greece.-Another sea fight t
an between the Greeks and Turks occur
an- red Saturday abcut thirty miles south
ed of the Dardanelles. Greek war ves
Ito sels attacked'and forced the Ottoman
warships back to the straits in dis
Fe order. The Turkish flagship is said
Let to have suffered considerably.
its Mexican Court Acquits American.
al- Tampico, Mex.-W. C. Nichols, ah
er- American fruit grower whose libera
ed tion from jail was effected last Sep
ed tember by Ambassador Wilson by a
direct demand on the governor of the
state of Tamaulipas, was Wednesday
. declared not guilty by the supreme
eb- court of the charge made against him.
he Keene Leaves Nearly $15,000,000O
ex' New York.-The will of James R.
ert Keene, veteran stock market operator
ov- and turfman, which was filed for pro
ex bate Friday, leaves his estate in its
the entirety to his widow, Sarah J. Keene,
ose the value being estimated at between
$10,000,000 and .$15,000,000.
Mallory Line Steamel' Ashore.
jail Washington.,- The Mallory line
een steamship Colorado is ashore on
ris Northeast Key, off the coast of Flor
om- Ida, but is in no imminent danger,
is according to a wireless message from
Key West to the bureau of navigaUton
the Jc'hn Brown's Partner Dies.
let Gregey, Kan.-W. H. Ambrose, who
Yth was alsociated with John Brown in
for conducting the "underground tail
,000 road" for the liberating of slaves, died
Wednesday, 80 years old.
wars -00ooD NIGHT'
ART mM 6
A' On.o! ,EN
SenteRYouR Y .
j oo't-A6tT
T1o ft, a I,,...I, ^ nJU,., ,oo
5F 0nnons C "'iPN VoU0 Poa ET WIEJ
HeLty Green Says Onions Will Keep Away Disease.-News Item.
Premier of the Cabinet Elected to the To
Highest Position in the Republic.
Exciting Incidents.
Versailles, France.-Raymond Nico-I C
las Landry Poincare, for the past Mel
twelve months premier of the French mul
cabinet, was elected president of the Gal
republic of France Saturday by the trie
national assembly, composed of the seh
members of both chambers of parlia- a t
ment, in succession to President Ar- teli
mand Fallleries, whose seven-year !the
term expires February 18. of
The wildest confusion, out of which Ove
arose two challenges to duels, mark
ed the casting of ballots. tha
The new president is now in his du
fifty-third year. He is of medium
height, sturdily built, and radiates an the
impression of force both physical and he
intellectual. He is versatile, and some but
of a family distinguished in science kil
and literature. The president-elect
himself is a philosopher, a writer and
a member of the French Academy, e
with a notable career in French law as
circles. He has a peculiarity of never ed
sending his clients bills for legal serv
ices, always saying they may send him rel
whatever they consider to be the value re
of his work. he
Americans who have met the pre- frc
mier have always found him interest- wi
ed in the development and the insti- an
tutions of the United States and ac-l ab
curately informed on the larger as- ya
pects of current American affairs. fe
Special Board of Inquiry Makes De. ja:
cision As to Venezuela's One- pa
Time Ruler. sil
New York.-General Don Cipriano wi
Castro, former president of Venezuela, cr
who has been detained at Ellis island at
by the immigration officials for more ifi
than two weeks, Wednesday was de- tl
nied admission to the United States ni
3 by a special board of inquiry on the tl
ground that in his examination he had tl
admitted "the commission of a crime ci
1 and felony involving moral turpi
tude." w
In a statement issued by Commis- st
D sioner of Immigration Williams, giv- o
ing the first explanation for the de- al
e tention of Castro ..ad setting forth ,
o the findings of the board, it is charged 1g,
i, that the former president of Vene- b
s zuela "has committed frequent per- w
jury" by pretending "to be ignorant
of matters concerning which a man
of his intelligence and holding the
o position which he had undoubtedly d
y possessed knowledge." to
a Immediately after the announce- lb
e ment tat he would not be permitted $
.- to enter the country Castro declared f
e he would appeal to the secretary of a
h commerce and labor. Harold A. Con-Ic
le tent, acting for George Gordon Battle, aIo
Castro's attorney, said that in event r
of Secretary Nagel upholding the find- J
ings of the board the case would be c
it taken into the courts. I
Lh Rhode Island Messenger First.
'- Washington.- J. S. McCabe of
n Rhode Island won the quadrennial
race to Washington with the elec
toral vote of his state. At 9' o'clock
Tuesday morning, when the office of
the vice president opened at the capi
tol, he delivered the vote of Rhode
Island. A short time later H. M.
a London of Raleigh appeared with the
vote of North Carolina. He also tried
a to be the first arrival, but a late
he train robbed him of the honor.
m. Two Aliens Reprieved.
Richmond, Va.-Floyd and Claude
Allen, the two Hillsville gunmen seo
R. tenced to die Friday for their part in
or the Carroll court house murders last
ro- March, were again reprieved by Gov
Its ernor Mann. Governor Mann later de
ne, creed that the Allens should be, elecs
en trocuted Friday, March 7, unless other.
wise ordered.
Truck Shipments Heavy.
ne San Benito, Tex.-Heavy shipments
on of cabbage, lettuce, spinach and other
or. truck products are now moving from
er, San Benito and other points in the
>m lower Rio Grande Valley to the North
on eri markets.
---- - -
Eight Banks Elect Dlrectors
Houston, Tex., - Stockholders of
ho eight financial institutions ef Hous
ia ton met Tuesday in annual session,
-il. elected directors for 1913, and the di
led rectors, in turn,. selected the officials
.. me institutiona.
To Telephone Pole and Body Later be
Burned-Had Murdered a Little pe
Girl a Week Ago, an.
Cooper, Tex.-The negro Henry d
Merzon, who was indicted for the for
murder of little Lee Merrill of Pecan pie
Gap about one week ago, and who was cat
tried in the district court Friday, was dis
seized by an angry mob of more than dls
a thousand citizens and hanged to a
telephone pole on the west side of
the public square. Before convening
Sof the court hundreds of people from
over the county were in town.
Since it became generally believed
that the negro killed the child pur
posely there has been a feeling of sub
duel excitement over the case. The
negro made a written confession of
Ithe crime, in which he admitted that
he did not intend to shoot the girl,
but shot at the brother, intending to
kill him, and after abusing the girl
then to take her life also. By an un
expected movement of the brother just
as the gun was fired he was only
slightly wounded and the girl was kill
ed outright.
Sheriff Leeman of Fannin County, a
relative of the Merrills, was present
and rendered Sheriff Frazier all the
help possible to protect the negro
from violence. At the noon hour,
when Sheriff Frazier took the defend
ant from court, a crowd numbering
about 1,000 people surged into the
yard and refused to permit the de
ferldant to be taken back to the jail.
While Sheriff Frazier was locked
in the jury room with the defendant,
planning some way to get him to the Je
jail, the people went wild. A piece of re
paper was seen to fall from an out- aN
'side window, and soon pieces of tim- ca
ber were carried or thrown up to the Y(
window. A crash was heard and the i
crowd had smashed the door down
I and completely overpowered the sher- R
iff and his assistants, bringing out
the defendant with a rope around his to
s neck. He was led and dragged t(
e through the crowd to the west side of ci
1 the public square and hanged to the
a crossarm of a telephone pole.
Merzon was probably dead before he
was clear of the ground, as he was
struck with breast yokes, planks and it
other missiles as he way dragged S!
along. After hanging for about ten
ii minutes he was taken down and drag- 81
d i ged through the negro settlement and A
burned in a pyre of crossties saturated h
r- with coal oil. ti
n Wants $1,000,000 for Husband. P
e New York.-A flood of petitions for
y damages through the loss of the Ti
tanic filed Thursday included one from
D- Mrs. Irene Walch Harris, who claims
d $1,000,000 for the loss of her husband,
d Henry B. Harris, the theatrical man
f ager. This is the heaviest of the 279
a- claims so far filed. Mrs. May Futrelle
of Scituate, Mass., asks $300,000 com
It pensation for the loss of her husband,
d- Jacques Futrelle, author. The claim
)e of Mrs. Lilly B. Millet, widow of
Francis D. Millet, the artist, a Titanic
victim, is $100,000.
of Cargo of Dynamite Explodes.
Nanaima, B. C.-Two thousand
al cases of dynamite, the cargo of the
steamer Oscar, blew up Wednesday
of soon after the craft was beached be
causb of a fire in her hold. Every
window on the water front was shat
tered and many persons were severely
cut. The Oscar was leaving port when
the fire was discovered. Soon it got
beyond control and the steamer was
beached on Protection island. The
captain and crew fled as soon as the
vessel touched shore.
de American Killed by Rebels.
sn- City of Mexico.-One American was
in killed in an attack Sunday by rebels
ant on El Petraro, an American-owned
ovY hacienda near Paso del Macho, in the
de- town of Vera Cruz. Meager details
eo are at hand, but it appears that he
er. was only one of thirty foreigners in.
Planned to Frie Diaz.
rtt Vera Cruz.-Grave rumors are cur.
her rent of a threatened concentrated at
om tack on Vera Cruz, both from the out
the side and within the city, with the ob
thI ject of liberating Felix Diaz, leader of
the recent revolUtion, and to give irm
petus to the Orosco rising,
of .Traps Americanl Eage.
me. Tilden, Tex.--Jonas Musgrave, an
on, old-timer in Southwest Texas, trapped
a- an American eagle a few days ago
laln on the Nueces river, some twelve or
fifteen miles from Tilden.
Start Your Baby
With Sound Health
Regular Bowel Movement from
Childhood on Forestalls Future
Serious Diseases
We cannot all start life with the ad
vantages of money, but every child
born is entitled to the heritage of
good health. Through unfortunate ig
norance or carelessness in the feeding
of a baby its tiny stomach may be
come deranged. The disorder spreads
to the bowels and before the mother
realizes it the two chief organs on
which the infant's comfort and health
depend are causing it great suffering.
If the condition is allowed to continue
grave ailments often result.
There is, however, no occasion for
alarm, and the sensible thing to do
but it should be done instantly-is to
give the baby a small dose of a mild
laxative tonic. In the opinion of a
great many people, among them such
well-known persons as the parents of
Dixie Dudley, Magnolia, Ark., the
proper remedy is Dr. Caldwell's Syrup
Pepsin. Mrs. Earl Dudley writes: "Dr.
Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin is the best
medicine I ever used. It cured my
baby of flatulency colic when the doc
tors failed; it cured my husband of
constipation. My home shall never
be without Syrup Pepsin." It is a
pleasant-tasting laxative, which every
person likes. It is mild, non-griping,
and contains that most excellent of all
digestants, pepsin.
This remedy is especially intended
for infants, children, women, old peo
ple and all others to whom harsh
cathartics, salt waters, pills, etc., are
distressing. In fact, in the common
disorders of life, such as constipation,
liver trouble, indigestion, biliousness,
headaches, and the various other dis.
orders of the stomach, liver and bow.
els nothing is more suitable than this
mild laxative-tonic. Dr. Caldwell's
Syrup Pepsin.
Two generations of people are using
it today, and thousands of families
keep it constantly in the house, for
every member of the family can use it,
It can be obtained of any druggist at
fifty cents or one dollar a bottle, the
latter being the size bought by fami.
lies who already know its value. Re.
sults are always guaranteed or money
will be refunded.
If no member of your family has
ever used Syrup Pepsin and you would
like to make a personal trial of it
before buying it in the regular way of
a druggist, send your address-a pos.
tal will do-to W. B. Caldwell, 417
Washington St., Monticello. Ill., and a
free sample bottle will be mailed you.
'A®d º tat
' um.thi
"My husband and I never quarrel."
"Where does he live? In Europe?"
Her Advice.
"Reginald," says the beauteous ob- C
Ject of his adoration, "I happened to H
read in the paper that sugar has gone ft
away up in price, and for that reason
candy is more expensive. I just think H
you are extravagant to keep bringing
me a pound every time you call."
"I am glad to do it, darling," avows
Reginald. R
"I know you are, but you must learn
to be economical. Papa told mqamma 1
to buy sugar by the barrel and get it
cheaper, so maybe you would better
buy candy for me the same way."
Trend of the Times.
Ex-Governor Pennypacker, discuss
ing the divorce evil in Philadelphia,
said. with a smile:
"In these times one never, as the 5
saying goes, knows where one is at. I
AD acquaintance of mine extended his e
hand to me at the Historical society
the other day and cried:
"'Congratulate me! I am the hap
piest man alive!'
"I looked at him doubtfully.
"'Engaged, married or divorced? I
asked."-New York Tribune.
For a Rubber Plant.
When the leaves turn yellow and
fall off the plant is dying. Feed it a
9 tablespoonful 6f olive oil every two
weeks. Also wash the plant once a
week with warm soapsuds, letting the
warm suds moisten the earth thor
, oughly. Sprinkle every other day.
This same treatment should be used
on ferns.
Some Persons Never Know What It
e Means.
A good breakfast, a good appetite
and good digestion mean everything
to the man, woman or child who has
anything to do, and wants to get a
n good start toward doing it.
t A Mo. man tells of his wife's "good
breakfast" and also supper, made out
e of Grape-Nuts and cream. He says:
"I should like to tell you how much'
good Grape-Nuts has done for my wife.
After being in poor health for the last
18 years, during part of the time
scarcely anything would stay on her
stomach long enough to nourish her,
d tinally at the suggestion of a friend
e she tried Grape-Nuts.
ils "Now, after about four weeks on
a this delicious and nutritious food, she
. has picked up most wonderfully and
deems as well as anyone can be.
"Every morning she makes a good:
breakfast on Grape-Nuts eaten just as
r I t comes from the package with cream
. or milk. added; and then again the
t. same at supper and the change in her
b. is wonderful.
of "We can't speak too highly of
n Grape-Nuts as a food after our re
markable experience." Name given
by Postum Co., Battle Creek, Mich.
Read the little book, "The Road to
an Wellville," in pkg. "There's a Res
ed oln."
0go 3r reed the sheve lettert A mew
ee apee treem time t time. The 'r
Revolving Toothbrush.
Bill-I see by using handles resew
bling those of a pair of pliers to ro.
tate a spindle, an inventor has brought
out a revolving toothbrush.
Jill-Now, if a fellow mislays his
toothbrush he needn't look for it, it's
liable to come around to him; but,
on the other hand, if it is going
around all the time, some one else
may get it.
Only after trying does a man realize
the many things he can't do.
Every married man should keep a
stock of ready-made excuses on hand.
Are Richest in Curative Qualities
Texas Directory
Hardware, Etc. Prices and in
formation furnished on request
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comnpetent detectives in the South; they render
written opinions in cases not handled by them
Reasonable rates.
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I Kimball Ivers & Pond Bush & Lane Leyhe,
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Id Europe and one of our European Growers t
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