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Official Journal of Jefferson Davis Parish
e Theatre
FEB. 16
OF 100
rved Now
aled By Cash
19 $1.50 $2.00 $2.50
11 .1e River" Arcade
Wiles Monday
.comedian, with a
.re will appear in
s new musical
iivea" on next Mon
iatre Feb. 10, Lake
er acts and is of an
scenes calling for
t sabstantial stag
role of a married
arrested while show
of friends. The
as the wealthy
of a detective
I him to his home
e forced visit of
's Island. One
growing out of
that follow his
ws from his wife
to music that has
tfor its rhythmic
T tof comedians and
with the accus
S I Eddie Foy pro
eb. - 9th
* S
'. c to $2.
SSaturday, February 8, and Continuing for One Week
A SWELL LOW CUT Men's, Ladies' Misses' and
We will othat individualisee
Si8 wearer Childrens' Shoes
.as being shoe
oui Ensile Stock of . LESS
he Signal Clothing Store
Deputy Sherriff M. Fuselier Passed
Through Welsh Monday With
Deputy Sheriff Marius Fuselier
passed through Welsh on the after.
noon train Monday conveying Roy
William Montgomery to Lake Charles
for safe keeping until the next meeting
of the grand jury, or until such times
as the parish prison in this parish shall
be made adequet for retaining prisoners
Montgomery is charged with attempt.
ing to hold up two Jennings citizens,
about midnight Saturday.
As Roy Miller, of the moving picture
show, and Roy Alcock were proceeding
homeward a masked man thrust a re
volver in their faces and demanded
"There money or their lives." As these
gentlemen were not ready to part with
either of these essentials, they knocked
the revolver outiof the hold-up's hands,
where upon he immediately took to his
Both young men stated positively
that they recognized the man who held
them up, and upon information filed by
them officers, Jim Mercer and Charles
Barker arrested Montgomery.
When brought before Judge Lump.
kins, Montgomery plead "Not guilty"
to the charges of "laying in wait and
attempting robbery" and of carrying
concealed weapons. After hearing the
evidence His Honor committed the
prisoner to await the action of the
Grand Jury.
Welsh Basket Ball Team Gain Second
Victory This Season.
The Welsh Basket Ball Team gained
it second victory Saturday Feb. 1st at
The game started at about 3 o'clock
in the afternoon, and proved to be very
interesting to the spectators as well as
the players.
The game had been in progress just
three and one half minutes, when one
of the Welsh teams best players was
"knocked out," but that made little
difference as they had a substitute who
took his place.
Both teams played hard but the Sul
phur team was unable to cope with the
Welsh team and at the end of the forty
minutes the score stood 18 to 18 in
favor of Welsh, Welsh having 8 field
goals and 2 foul goals, Slulphur 8 field
goals and no foul goals.
We can congratulate our team on
their good playing as there was only
one foul made on their side, while Sul
phur made 6.
The members of the Welsh team were
Arthur Romero, Captai n: .Ernest
Wright, Mgr.: Stuart Robinson, Clifton
Carr, Columbus Prudhomne, A t ia n
Benoit and Alton Fontenot.
A return game will be played on the
Welsh field Saturday Feb. 8. This will
doubtless' be a hotly contested game
and should be well attended by all
lovers of the sport,
Jos, Villien has just installed a Giant
Wonder Disc Sharpener, that will
sharpen a whole section of discs at
one time without removing them from
the axle shaft. This will enable plant
ers to have their discs sharpened in less
time than it usually takes to take the
discs off the shaft, and do it better than
it could be done in the old way. Mr,
Villien has also secured a competent
horse sheer for his shop. 37-42
Works Bill Won By A Bare Majority
House Certain to Adopt it.
Washington, Feb. 4-To the surprise
of many of its own members and of
outsiders generally, the senate Satur
day afternoon gave just one vote more
than the necessary Itwo-thirds in favor
of the Works' constitutional amend
ment, limiting the period of president
and vice-president to one term of six
years, thereby insuring that, if three
fourths of the states ratify the proposed
change of the next four years, the
presidential term of Woodrow Wilson
will be automatically extended two
years, and he will be ineligible for re
election, as will Colonel Theodore
Roosevelt and President Taft.
\There seems to be no doubt that the
house of representatives will adopt the
Works resolution or one practically
identical with it. It is also expected
that three-fourths of the state legisla
tures will be found to be in favor of
the iconstitutional change when it is
submitted to them for ratification.
The language which it's proposed to
insert in the constitution in place of the
first paragraph of article 2 in as follows:
"The executive power shall be vested
in a president of the United States of
America. The term of the office of
president shall be six years, and no
person who has held the office by
election ' or discharged it powers or
duties, or acted as president under the
constitution and laws made in pursu
ance thereof, shall be aligible to hold
again the office by election."
* Able Is Ambitious.
In one of the Philadelphia settle
ments the chief worker was telling the
urchins of the right of every American
youngster to aspire to the presidency
of the United States. Little Able Eipk
stein didn't take kindly to the sugges
"Why, Able, you are not a bit am
bitious," said the worker.
"Oh, yes, teacher, but not to be pres
Ident," the lad replied. "I'd just like
to be secretary of the navy so that I
could ride In the boats whenever I
waited to."
Arcade Theatre
Lake Charles, La.,
Monday, Feb. 10th
America's Prize Laugh.Maker
In the Smashing Musical Success
With Original "Cabarat'" Show
New York Company of loo
And Gloe Theatre Beauty Chorus
Seats Reserved Now
PRICES -:- 50c to $S.oo
Action by Deleware, Wyoming and
New Mexico Finally Ratified the
16th Amendment.-Law May
Pass in the Extra Session.
Washington. February 3.-Direct
taxes upon the incoming of citizens of
the United States, whether derived
from idle capital or from the conduct of
business, were made possible today by
the ratification of the sixteenth amend
ment to the Federal constitution.
Delaware, Wyoming and New Mexico,
indorsing the income tax amendment
through their respective Legislatures,
completed a list of 38 States that have
approved it, two (more than the three
fourths necessary for its final adoption
Leaders in Congress predicted to
night that through this authorization
the law, which will be passed to levy
the tax upon American incomes, will be
introduced as soon as the extra session
opens. Its exact terms have not been
decided upon, but it is believed will ex
empt all incomes below $4000 or $5000;
and will provide a tax of 1 per cent up
on a majority of personal incomes that
do not run to an excessive figure.
The income tax will be designed to
supplant the present corporation tax
and Will apply to the incomes of indi
viduals, firms and corporations. In a
statement tonight, Representative Hull
declared he' favored making the next
tax an integral part of the financial
system of the United States, to remain
in full force without regard to the
character of tariff bills that Congress
may enact from time to time.
A Universal Habit.
The habit of reading the newspaper
advertising is so universal that few
people need to be urged to note what
the merchants are saying about their
stocks. Here and there is a merchant
who has not realized ho v hopeless a
process it is to clean out an old stock
without the help of the newspaper.
Nothing comes nowadays unless you
get out and go after it. The public is
listening, but it expects' the merchant
to take the initiative. A dealer who
does not advertise is looked at as not
having enterprise enough to protect
the interests of the public and to give
them goods at bottom peices.
"It pays to advertise," is a saying as
common as can be. The press has done
as much to develop successful business
men as any one other agent in exis.
tence. The story is told about the man
who wanted to invest his money in
some manufacturing enterprise. Even
before he decided what he would manu.
facture he had closed a big contract
for spacelin the newspapers and maga.
zines. And he prospered. It is the
same at any point on the scale. The
merchant in the small city reaps pro.
portional bene~ts from advertising
with the large department store in the
leading cities in the country. People
read advertisments; when the "ad" is
changed regularly they get the habit
and look at the accustomed space for
something new. There's psychology
in it, and the merchant who realizes
this and plays up his wares is the one
who keeps his stock moving.-Beau
mont Enterprise.
W. H. Walton, of Elton, Accidentally
Kills Himself.
Meager reports were received here
Wednesday mot nng of the accidental
killing of Wm. Henry Walton, one of
the prominent young men of the
Elton community whose death was
caused by the accidental discharge of a
shot gun in his own hands. Hearing a
commotion in the yard; Walton got out
of bed and taking his gun went out to
ascertain the cause of the trouble, A
shot was soon fired, and after Walton's
failure to return to the house, his folk
went out and found him dying in a pool
of;his own blood flowing from a fatal
wound in his side, occasioned by the
accidental discharge of the gun he was
Mr. Walton was one of the prominent
young men of the Elton community,
and was married but two weeks pre.
vious to his death to Miss Emma
Gossenbacher, of Elton.
"The Merry Widow"
"The Merry Widow" the sensational
operetta of all the nations will be the
attraction at the Arcade Theatre Lake
Charles on Sunday Feb. i9th. A mag.
nificent new production has been pre
pared for the event by Henry W. Savage
"The Merry Widow" has not yet been
superceded as the queen of the,Vien
ness operettas. It was the first to come
to this country and it immediately set
new standards in the entire field of
musical comedy production. It has no
rival. In the cast assembled for the
new production, Mr. Savage has spared
no expense and has succeeded in getting
many of the originals together.
Mabel Wilber will again sing Sonia.
She has rested a season, after several
arduous years in "The Merry Widow,"
and after studying several months is
now better equipped than ever for the
proper interpretation of the delightful
Lehar music. Others of the originals
who will be here are Charles Meakins,
Oscar Figman, Arthur Wooley, F. J.
McCarthy. Then there will be new and
attractive Maxim girls. As usual, Mr.
Savage will have with the company,
the special "Merry Widow" orchestra.
selected from the grand opera organi
zations which be has trained for the
past seasons.
x On account of winding up an estate I will K
SELL or RENT the 123 1-2 acres of land near
the pumping station 12 miles from Welsh, on
FRIDAY, FEB. 21,1913. 1 will be in Welsh
on that day, at Mr. Smith's store.
Don't miss this opportunity.
Terms reasonable.
.... .....xx ,x,,xE x-r
A Little Story
I With a Big Point....
To the Editor of the New
York Sun:
Sir:-Twenty years ago on
jSeptember 12 I gave up
smoking two cigars a day at
a co.t of 10 cents for both
and took out a twenty year
life insurance policy at a cost
of $28,50 a 'ear, rather less
than my two cigars cost, so I
could still have an occasional
I now find that the cash
value of this policy is $711,32
which points a moral and
adorns t ale, and I can
prove it. Here is cold clam
my cash enough to pay the "
first inst::l;l:'nt on a ho1,usU
or to uýe for many other
purposes when the shadows
fall to the eastward, as they
are now doing. There are
200,000 young men in this
city who can duplicate this
experience. Needn't give up
the cigars, but in some way
or another they can save
eight cents a day every day
in the year. R. A. DIX.
New York, August 14.
Will write you in the
Pittsburg Life
the BEST
Man Has No Choice.
The reason a man should marry a
woman who is his superior is because
he will have to It he marries at al-
Galveston News.

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