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Best-because it's the
purest. Best-because
it never fails. Best
World's Pe Food Exp-e
sition, Chicago, Ill.
Paris Expoition, Frnvcr
*Mas , 1912s
F- , p or Eigh-ta, akiy e. DB '
Sm d. B Calumet. BIt's mo
economical-- more Bhleome-sties
-because l t is rmod"erll
ate in cost-highest in
xas 210 . cult, 4 r house, barn, outD
dgsi, sheds, or tioh. W. Chdres, Spur. Tex.
tore. 285 a. D nt on o., Texas 235 a. ult.,
Sr. house. tenant-house, barn, outb 1d11, oro
hardtock, etc. G. W. Sims. AubreyTe912
Yor al enera'l stok of merchandise: only
hun 2 years; on main R. R line in gulf con t
f South Texas mild winters. most healthfulr
lace on earth to live other terest reaon
for selling. Address Box 66, Francitas, Tex.
irever Res to ReLt6 r
n iL-revta to itslr Yorthli u Oo.
li- " -, .t
Stiff Joints
Sprains, Bruises
are relieved at once by an applica
tion of Sloan's Liniment. Don't
rub, just lay on lightly.
"Sloan's Liniment has done more
good than anything I have ever tried
for still joints. I got my hand hurt so
badly that I had to stop work right in
the buserst time of the year. I thought
at first that I would have to have my
hand taken off, but I got a bottle of
Sloan's Liniment and cured my hand."
WILTON Waazt.Lx, Morris, Ala.
Good for Broken Sinews
0. G0. Joxs, Baldwin, L. L, writes :
-"I used Sloan's Liniment for broken
sinews above the kee esap caused by a
fall and to my great satisfaction was
able to resume work In less than three
weeks after the aooident."
Eh. for Spinh
Ma. HR rry A. VoKaL, 84 Somesnet
St.. Plainfeld, N. J., writes: - " A
friend sprained his ankle so badly
that It went black. He laughed when
I told him that I would have him out
in a week. I applied 8loan's Liniment
and in four days be was working and
said Sloan's was a right good Idl
Pr'e Se..
Doe., sad $1.00
8loan's Book
on horses, eattle,
sheep and
poultry ent free.
* S
Ua.ew kys Is seals. Use
me one. B aitb7Us &*b.
Ruys Canning Outt;ts.
St. Martil.vlle.--A special m¶eeting
of the school board was held recently
and among matters of interest was
the purchase of canning outfits for
the four canning clubs recently estab
lished in the four principal schools of
'the parish. Each child belonging to
the club will be instructed in the
plaflting and cultivation of o'ne-tenth
of an acr3 of tomatoes, as well as
some of the best vegetables. It is the
purpose of the board to invite the
parents of the pupils when the ca.n
ning is in progress.
A committee has been appointed to
sell the land belonging to the agricul
tural school and to purchase a ten
acre lot in Breaux Bridge where the
school will be located in the future.
The reason for the change is that
the parish around Breaux Bridge is
divided into small farms, while about'
St. Martinville there are large sugar
plantations, which prevent the getting
together of as many farmers as can
be had in the upper part of the parish.
Baby Is Burned to Death.
Winnfield.-Ernest Harrison, the 4
year-old child of Mrs. F. O. Harrison,
a widow living in South Winnfield,
was burned to death Friday. The
mother had been called across the
street to attend a sick neighbor and
had left her three children, one about
6 years old, little Ernest and one
about 2 years old, playing about a
room in which was burning an open
wood fire. The children were playing
"horses" when the little fellow fell
into the blaze and was burned on the
face and body so badly that he lived
only about two hours.
Bank Directors Elected.
Thibodaux.-The Citizens' Bank of
Lafourche directors have elected the
following officers: E. N. Roth, presi
dent; W. E. Howell, vice president; J.
W. Lepine, vice president; H. L.
Sims, cashier; P. E. Delaune, assist
ant cashier. The following is the
board of directors: R. C. Siely, Ed
ward Badeaux, C. A. Badeaux, Leon
Block, L. C. Roger, E. N. Roth,.J. W.
Lepine, P. R. Percy, E. A. Beauvais,
J. M. Webre, L. E. Calillouet, J. L.
Rodrigue, W. E. Howell, O. J. Mire
and H. L. Sims.
Has Paid $1,040,000 in Dividends.
Crowley.-Another dividend of 10
per cent was paid by the Crowley Oil I
and Mineral Company Saturday. This
makes the fifty-second 10 per cent I
dividend, or a total of $1,040,000, paid I
since July 1, 1904. The company was
y organized in the early spring of 1901, 1
and is capitalized at $200,000. This t
company is operating in the Evange- I
line oil field in Acadia,parish, with
Sits main office located at Crowley.
. Brothers Rob Store. t
- Plaucheville.-The store of Willie
Nicholson, about three miles from
Plauchville, was robbed of merchan- c
dise amounting to $119.02 and about t
$5 cash. The next day a search was
instituted and the goods were found
- in a well. Joe Landreneau, living in
the neighborhood, was arrested, with d
two of his brothers, and they were F
fried before Justice of the Peace P. 1
M. Moreau and found guilty.
New Orleans Rice Market. a
New Orleans.-Transactions in the o
rice market were confined to clean b
grades Saturday. Quotations were t
unchanged. Receipts-Rough, 900 1,
sacks; clean, 1,300 pockets; millers', s
600 sacks. Sales-Clean: Honduras, ti
1,452 pockets at [email protected]; Japan, 2,053 ti
pockets at 3 [email protected]½c. ' it
011 Field Conservation Ispector.
New Orleans.-The conservation
commission Friday announced John
W. Smith of Lake Charles appointed 1
conservation inspector for the Caddo
oil and gas fields. His duties, which a
he assumes 4t once, consist in en
forcing the rules and regulations
which the commission recently adopt
ed for the purpose of stopping the N
huge oil and gas waste in the Caddo
Mardi Gras Huge Success. N
Collingston.-Mardi Gras was ob
served by masking of every descrip. L
tion and a parade which traversed the d(
principal streets. The merry mask. of
ers were led by the old woman sweep. b
ing the cobwebs from the skies. She T
rode an old blind horse and carried a
huge broom. ra
fraction Company Given Franchise. $4
St. Martinville.-A franchise was
given to the Southwestern Traction
Company for the electric railroad soon
to be built through St. Martinville. al
The rights of way have been obtain- th
ed and the work will commence short- $7
ly. ba
Miss Blrg's Funeral Large.
Franklin.-One of the largest fu.- ba
nerals in the history of Franklin was te
that of Miss Helen Birg, who died in st
New Orleans Wednabsday, after a long L
illness. Her body was. brought to pr
Franklin Friday and the funeral was
held from the Catholic church, with
Rev. Father J. H. Trainor, local pas
tor, assisted by Father . Frohn and col
Father Sonby, officiating, and inter- Br
iment waj made in the family tomb in hol
the local cemetery. fi
New Orleans Terminal Lines, Whole
salers and Jobbers Had Repre
sentatives at Meetng.
New Orleans.-A meeting of all the
New Orleans terminal lines with the
leading wholesalers and jobbers was
held Saturday and the stupendous
task of revising, or perhaps changing
entirely, the storage rules was coni
monced, placing this port on the same
basis as Galveston.
The big dealers complain that the
storage charge arrangements in New
tly Orleans permits of brokers and lesser
as business men, who are under little if
or any expense of maintaining offices.
ib- competing with them on the same
of basis as though the little fellows had
to offices and warehouses of their own.
he New Orleans storage on general
th merchandise is lc per 100 pounds for
as the first ten days and %c per 100
he pounds for all succeeding ten days.
he Cotton is allowed ten days' free
time and certain classes of wood
stuffs four days' free time. The deal.
to ers who maintain big business houses
ul and pay heavy licenses contend that
,n. the lesser dealers order freight intc
he the city and leave it in the railroad
. sheds until they sell it to an advan.
at tage, paying the small storage charge
is and so saving the expense of operat
ut ing warehouses.
ar The opponents of the measure, as
ig well as most of the railroad freight
LI traffic men, are of the opinion that
h. the present storage arrangement is
contrary to the third section of the
act to regulate commerce and a move
4- ment will be inaugurated to put into
n, effect the same storage rules that ob
d, tain at Galveston and the other gulf
ie ports.
id New Orleans Sugar Marlket.
it New Orleans.-The situation in the
ie local sugar market remained dull and
a unchanged Saturday. Receipts con.
n sisted of one tank of molasses. Re
.g fined sugar lost 5 points during the
11 day, when the Federal, Arbuckie, War
e ner and Howell reduced their quota.
d tions on standard granulated to 4.25c,
less 2 per cent The American's
price of 4.35c was unchanged, but it
was reported to be selling at 4.30c,
)f less 2 per cent.
Le The market for raw sugar is quoted
i- steady at 3.48c, with a good demand.
T. The market was rather active, with
,. sales aggregating 140,000 bags.
t- Sugar quotations: 96 test, no sales;
e white clarified, no sales; yellow clari
I- fied, [email protected]; seconds, 21,@
n 3%c; open kettle centrifugals, no
r. sales. Tone of market quiet.
s, Molasses and syrups dull and nomi
,. nal.
Needs More Authority.
Mansfield.-The town.council have
considered the advisability of voting
0 to come under the provisions of the
i1 McLawrason act of 1898 in order to
s enable the town to have more author
t ity in the matter of public improve
d ments. Under the provisions of the
s charter as granted by an act of the
L, legislature of 1902, the authority of
s the municipality as to public improve
- ments is limited, so much so that that
h question 'of securing water works,
sewerage and street paving is next
to impossible. This matter will be
threshed out by the mayor and town
e attorney and reported upon.
3 The board of health is waging a vig
-orous campaign toward cleaning up
t the town.
i Good Roads to Sulphur Mines. a
1 Sulphur.-Dr. S. M. Lyons, presi
i dent of the police jury of Calcasieu
Sparish and member from ward No. 4,
has purchased gravel to ballast the
public road from the high school d
building fn this town to the sulphur 0
mines, a distance of about three and s
one-quarter miles. The contract has e
Sbeen let to do the work. The coin- b
Stract calls for seven inches of gravel s
in center of road and five inches on n
,sides of road. The roller has arrived a
,that will go over the road ahead of d
the gravel, also over the gravel after (
it has been placed on the road.
Land Company Files Charter. s
Monroe.-The charter of the Plant- r
ers' Land Company of Monroe was
filed for record in ~ cerk's office
:Saturday. The cap Bltock is fixed 1
at $100,000. The incorporators are
Rusk Culver, Abe Arent, Harry T.
Culver and Allan Sholars. The comr- a
pany will handle farm property in t
North Louisiana on an extensive N
Nearly Half Million in Timber Land.
Alexandria. - The Bayou Rapides p
Lumber Company has just closed a
deal for the purchase of 8,000 acres
of pine timber land, formerly owned am
by the National Creosote Company T
The tract is situated on the right o.
way of the Alexandria and Western it
railroad, seven miles from Alexandria. at
The price paid for the land was
Balance in Clinton Treasury. il
Clinton.-The board of mayor and L
alderman met Friday. The report of e
the treasurer showed a balance of ex
$724-the first time there has been a lU
balance on hand for somelmonths.
New Orleans.-Alleging that his
bark Oceono was damaged to the ex
tent of $4,500 in a collision with the
steamship Viking, Jose Concalves
Leite, owner of the bark, filed libel
proceedings in the United States dis
trict court against the steamer andc
her master, Jensen. d
Lake Charles.-Dan Johnson was M
~convicted of the murder of Louis
Brown after a trial of less than two
hours Friday. His punishmen-was
fixed at imprisonment for life.
Restored to Health by Lydia
E. Pinkham'5 Vegetable
Elkhart, Ind.:-" I suffered for four
teen years from organic inflammation,
female weakness,
" pain and irregulari
ties. The pains in
my sides were in
d g creased by walking
or standing on my
feet and I had such
awful bearing down
r Y feelings, was. de
pressed in spirits
and became thin and
e pale with dull,heavy
eyes. Il ad six doc
tore from whom I received only tempo
rary relief. I decided to give Lydia E.
Lt Pinkham's Vegetable Compound a fair
C trial and also the Sanative Wash. I have
d now used the remedies for four months
1" and cannot express my thanks for what
E they have done for me.
t "If these lines will be of any benefit
you have my permission to publish
s them."- Mrs. SADIE WILLIAs, 455
t James Street, Elkhart, Indiana.
. Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Corn
pound,made from native rootsand herbs,
e contains no narcotic or harmful drugs,
and to-day holds the record of being the
o most successful remedy for female ills
> we know of, and thousands of voluntary
I testimonials on file in the Pinkham
laboratory at Lynn, Mass, seem to
prove this fact.
If you have the slightest doubt
e that Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegeta.
ble Compound will help you,write
to Lydia E.Pinkham MedicineCo.
(confidential) Lynn,Mass., for ad.
vice. Your letter will be opened,
read and answered by a woman,
and held in strict confidence.
If you feel "out of sorts"-"run down"or" ot the
blues,"sufferfrom kidney.bladder.nervousd ieases,
chrunic weaknesses uleers askin erutlpons, plles.&c.,
write for my FItISbook. Itistlh moste lnstructav
medical book ever written. It tells all about these
dliseases andthe remarkable ureseected bytbheNew
1 French Remedy "THEtAPION" No. 1, No.2, No.
and you can decide for yours melf i f It Lsthe remedy for
your ailment. Don't send a cent. It's absolutely
FRiS. No "follow-a "circulars. Dr.LeClereMed.
Co., Haverstock Rd., Hampsteadd. Lodeo, gq.
Oldpop--Is your baby fond of you?
Newpop--Fond of me? Why he just
sleeps all day, so that he can stay up
all night to enjoy my entertainihg so*
Surprise for Mother.
A Chicago school teacher tells with
great gusto of the shrewd little "col
ored brother" who once arrived at
school provided with a most unusual
excuse for tardiness. "I couldn't help
bein' late, please, teacher," he bubbled,
shrilly. "Somepin happened to us las'
night. My maw, she went ter bed wit'
a headache, and when she wakes up
dis mornin'; dere's two little quins
(twins) one on each side ob her, and
-she don' know nuffin 'bout 'em tell
she wake up. An' my maw, she so
s'sprised, she caint get up ter get me
ready for school!"
It Paid This Man to Change Food.
"What is called 'good living' eventu
ally brought me to a condition quite
the' reverse of good health,' writes a
N. Y. merchant.
"Improper eating tdid on me till my
stomach became so weak that food
nauseated me, even the lightest and
simplest lunch, and I was much de.
pressed after a night of uneasy slum
ber, unfitting me for business.
"This condition was discouraging,
as I could find no way to improve it
Then I saw the advertisemen5 of
Grape-Nuts food, and decided to try
it, and became delighted with the re- 1
"For the past three years I. have
used Grape-Nuts and nothing else for
my breakfast and for lunch before re
tiring. It speedily set my stomach right
and I congratulate myself that I have
regained my health. There 'Isho treat
er comfort for a tired mazt thana a ,
lunch of Gpe-Nuts. It lnslres restful
*leep, and awakening in the morn.
Ing with a feeling of buoyant'courage
and hopefulness.
"Grap-Nuta has been a boon to ipy
whole family. It has made of our 2'
year-old boy, who used to be unable
to digest meh of. anything, a robust,
healthy, little rascal weighing 3 a
pounds. Mankind certainly owes a
debt' of gratitude 'to the expert who
iavented this ~Perfet food." Name
siven by Poetum Co., Battle Greek,
Mich. "There's a reason."
ver read the above letter? A new
ac appers from taime to time. They n
are igemulme tin, sa fui of humsa tI
btereg. Aiei
Report'Presented to Congress By Rep.
resentative Callaway of Texas and
Others on Committee.
Washington.-One of the most sen
sational and scathing reports which
k has ever been presented to congress
dealing with a branch of the govern
ment service has been prepared by
Representative Callaway of Texas and
two other members of the subcommit
tees of the house committee on ex
penditures in the interior department.
The report sets forth the results of
the investigation into the Arizona ir
I rigation projects made last summer by
Representatives Callaway, Tensley
and Hanna, and urges an appropria
tion of $25,O)00 to provide for a corm
I plete reorganization of the reclama
tion service which is pronounced whol
ly incompetent. It is pointed out that
$75,0,0o00 has been spent in Western
States in eleven years by the reclama
tion service without any accounting
from the officitis in charge. The re
port declares land speculators have
been favored to the exclusion of In
dians and original settlers, and that
no government project has yet been
entirely successful, because of errors
by engineers.
The committee recommends that
the president remove from office dur,
ing the proposed investigation Assist
ant Secretary Samuel Adams, Direc
tor F. H. Newell and Supervising En
gineer L. C. Hill, and that the house
of representatives direct the depart
ment of justice to bring suit to can
cpl the contract between the govern
ment and the Pacific Gas and Electric
Company which gives the company a
monopoly of the power developed at
the Roosevelt dam and also to insti
tute criminal proceedings.
Closes Its Session at Victoria and
Cuero, the "Turkey Trot" City Was
Selected for Next Meeting.
Victoria, Tex.-The Texas Midcoast
Industrial Congress, with Hon. W. S.
Holman of Bay City presiding, con
cluded its third annual session Friday.
Cuero, the Turkey Trot City, was se
lected as the place for its next quar
terly meeting.
On motion of S. M. Scott of Edna,
seconded by C. S. E. Holland of Vic
toria, the congress enthusiastically de
clared itself as delighted with the
action of the decision of the Water
ways League in naming Galveston as
the city where the culminating fea
tures in the celebration of the con
vention of the intercoastal canal
should be held. In the motion the
congress declared in favor of every
member working heart and soul for
making the celebration a triumphant
one and the congress attending in a
The following officers were elected
for the ensuing year: F. J. Henry,
president, El Campo; H. A. Clapp,
secretary, Collegeport; E. H. Koch,
treasurer, El Campo. W. S. Holman,
Bay City; F. Kiber, Angleton; S. M.
Scott, Edna, and A. M. McFaddin, Vic
toria, were appointed as an executive
committee, with authority to select a
vice president from each county. The
retiring president was cordially thank
ed for his faithful and efficient serv- I
ices in working for the success orf the
congress. The secretary and other'
officers were also thanked.
Among the speakers Friday were
Messrs. H. P. A twater, Houston;
Mayor Ruthven, i ilacios; Professor
A. Youngblood, College Station; F. J.
Hardy, El Campo; Hen. E. R. Kone,
Austin; Sam Neal, Seguln; A. M. Mc- I
Faddin, Victoria, and Dr. Edgar Odell -
Lovett, Houston.
B. L. Ayers, Bay City; C. J. Wild
nian, Palacios; A. M. McFaddin, Vic
toria; G. W. Davis, Freeport; C: W.
Goodman, Houston; F. J. Hardy, El -
Campo, and S. M. Lesesne, Edna, were
appointed a committee on resolutions.
Ship High and Dry.
New York.--With her bow pointing
at right angles to the shore, the Nor
wegian steamer Nicholas Cuneo, laden
with bananas and cocoanuts from Port
Antonio, Jamaica, grounded upon the
sloping stretches of sand 'at Long
Beach, on the south shore of Long
Island, Tuesday. When the tide re
ceded it left the ship with her fore
part so high on the sands that life
savers were able to stand under her
bowsprit and read to Captain Kud~en
telegrams addressed to him. Seafar
ing men do not recall when before a
ship has "piled up" on the sands in
this fashion.
Cedar Bayou Farmer Gets Prize.
Houston, Tex.-Leon von Maldert
of Cedar Bayou was awarded the
Wooten prize of $100 for growing the
highest-priced bale of cotton in South
Texas by the special committee ap
pointed by Judge J. R. Wooten of o
Columbus, the founder of the prize, t
at a meeting of the Press Club Thurs- A
cay. Mr. von Maldert received 25%4c U
a Pound from a cotton company of
&alveston for one bale of "extra staple d
sea, island cotton" shjpped February
V. which was grown at Cedar Bayou,
Interurban Declares Dividend. V
Boston, Mass.-Stone & Webster an
nounced Wednesday that the Galves
ton-Houston Electric Company has de
ldared a semi-annual dividend of $3 G
per share on the preferred stock and ci
a dividend of $2.50 per share on the
common stock.
Taft Signs Texas Court Bill.
Washington.-President Taft Sature
day signed the Smith bill creating a
new division of the federal court of
the westera district of Texas at Peco
tqr. 5
ep Simple Prescription Sald
Wonders for Rheu
Thtls 1 t, },, ll.n
,- best , trs fr ,ears ll kn
an t I , . r bti ,l " Cure ao
c rh, urr, i Cure bakach
,SS publisil . ,! :,r for sevee e It
hI 1 re ! f t o r ral.)
rn- it in .rt tir Worstca
by gist . " + i r. ; From,
(in f ' Tom
nd ortn"c ,t i PU kagel
it. ý ;un , 1. T t; t P. rsap .
, ,"oin 'i I tli t t I, i t 0 Itw
t tale., a Pot"" ,,nful h the
Of taolr t. I, ;;l in '' R os a
ir- have T' ris (' in Inru gtjo
by t t In a f, 5 hours from
Fsal h,~s:.· I, an't L .' in.,r.t°
ey F1 mo J.itint I nt'.hlibinstead
Insfet on having the
a- c m u in th. .' ori n t
w- sealedl, yillo ' P ek'rlee .
,7-tlohe "'a ,;- Puic v
SChcago.hePharnan.t.cal lat+
at Proof,
rn "Is Isabl gout:s to a b
la- tor?"
ig "Can't you tell she is by
e- she is channging countenance*
Backache Rheuma
;t- Kidne and Bla
Make the Liver
- Do its Duty
n- Nine times in ten when the
ic right the stomach and bowelj
.i- gentlybutfirmly com
pel a lazy liver to
do its duty.
Cures Con
stipation, In
d Headache,
and Distress After Eating.
Genuine must bear Si
Texas Directo
r- Contractors'Supplies,Bul
a Hardware, Etc. Prices a
L. formationfurnishedonr
Houston, Texas, operates the larlart
r competent detectives in the South; tin
t written opinions in cases not handled
Reasonable rates.
We are Southwestern Dlstrlbutors.Writ
South Teasa Ilplement & VehicI Ce.
Wholesale Hard
Sand Supplies
The Old Reliable Texas Iron
Three 50 H. P.
Gasoline Engi
Can give you bargain in one or
and our Silent Friu.dn. All these bulbs o
t0c just to get acquanted with you., or we
Yu either one of the bulb or seed col
b each or all ifor $t. You pay the post
Bulbs BuPl
I Stogle Hmadllb uCroabs
I Double Hyula~t Oxali.s
* swtfe Tillp I Wtorr
Double Tullp. 1 R~esrre
i SlIngle Sareless I Gladiol. ,
5 roet Tulip. ti 'l
I I-ly ofthe ilo I Lly of the?
Vedetlable Seed Flower
I Asparapus Bt Idoal
8. Sproute Clbbab Rllis 
Crrelt Calllower ('ry1' Ieulm
Caesabcr gaggr Conolvel.
Cueaaber Isd1l. indlua PlaL
Robs sbl Itek las Ir. -
Ilsto Borole Narvl of Peri
Oa Parleh luurtlum
adlh -ml,, Trop* l
SII Talurnlp lania
-lso we have hot-boone, spring plants
for sale such as tomatto, egg plants, ere.
Box 178 AlvI.
Seeds are all tested before le
our place, and by us buying
the best growers in Europe
America, we are giving you
that will produce results.
We are anxious to fill your
ders for Seed Corn. Ours is
selected pedigree stock and
shelled. We have the
Wonder, Hickory King, Sq
Bloody Butcher, Silver Mine,
Pearl, Gold Mine, Boone
White, Gourd Seed, Giant W
Giant Yellow, Strawberry and
other varieties.
Maine Bliss Triumph Seed
tatoes in cars and less.
Write for our Seed Cata

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