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Official Journal of Jefferson Davis Parish
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_i"d Workers Join
Ml Leaders in
lat Religious
ftie Year.
l e Parish Sunday
holds its annual
.elrations are being
, arge to make this
in Jennings one
gatherings ever
the State Sunday
is operating with
Shool workers in the
.. to send some of
to the convention.
. "F. R. Jaenke and
- . Fred Buch of the
re anxious to get
Sunday School and
worker and pastor
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have failed to
404inerning the con
appreciate a
et ect. The only
ricived the proper
the Association has
h ate you. Just send
tt of your school
eddsletes and places
a be given them
tthe convention.
Ap'ay School in the
reqprsented by one or
fir this is an oppor
ikaday School work
$ methods of Sunday
to awaken us to the
is being made
Work of the world
Sbeing aroused and
for a convention
llleId I n The
to a long suffer.
delay a
reinstalled In the
:phone was put in
eal it is no longer
a run of several
ctcha train only to
hours late.
nt that has
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ps received from
hot be necessary
Central if you
is on time.
S, R, 6. ASKS $20,000
Bill Introduced by Cullerson of Texas
to Aid Study of South's Great
(By Frank Randolph)
Beaumont, Tex. Feb. l7.---Senator Cul.
berson has introduced in the Senate an
amendment to the House Agricultural
Appropriation Bill providing for an
additional appropriation of $20,000 for
the rice experiment stations. The ad.
ditional appropriation is to be expended
in the improvement of types of seed
rice, by development, by the elimination
of red rice and by the introduction of
the best types of foreign rices,. The
Culberson amendment which was
framed by President Dunlap and Secre
tary Wilkfns of the Southern Rice
Growers' Association, reads as follows:
"For continuing the study of rice
production and investigating the accli.
mation, adaptation, cnltivation, irriga.
tion and development of high yielding
types of rice, and for experimenting
with new methods of controlling red
rice, and for developing and putting
into practice the methods of control al.
ready discovered, $20,000."
Last summer the Southern Rice
Growers' Association took up with the
Secretary of Agriculture the question
of the improvement of types of rices
pointing out that the department had
frequently emphasized the value of the
best procurable seed for raising the
yields and quality of farm products, and
making the department to lend its
assistance in improving the types of
rice we now have and in discovering
and bringing in new types of foreign
rice adapted to this country. It was
pointed out that this work could be
best conducted by the trained cereal
ists and agronimists of the Department
of Agriculture. Secretary Wilson
answered favorably the letters of Pres.
ident Dunlap and Secretary Wilkins on
the subject, and during their recent
visit to Washington these gentlemen
called on Senator Culberson with a view
to interesting him in the subject. The
result was the Culberson Amendment
to the House Agricultural Appropria
tion Bill. This Bill has been passed
by the Honse and is now before the
Senate, where it will b~ amended and
returned to the House. After it is
again acted on there it will go into a
conference of members of both branches
of Congress. The Culberson amend
ment is now before the Senate Com-r
mittee on Agriculture.
Thos. Todd was transacting business
in Jennings Thursday afternoon.
Removes Ban Against His Distruc
tion-Accepts Declaration of
Board of Health That He Is
Transmitter of Desease.
The following letter received by the
President of the Police Jury removes
the ban that has long existed against
the distruction of the turkey buzzard.
and leaves the way open for farmers
and stock-men to protect their stock
against the ravages caused by the
buzzard as a: spreader of contageous
Conservation Commission of Louis
New Orleans, La. Feb. 14th. 1913:
Whereas the ancient and honored
turkey buzzard or carrion crow has
been declared a nuisance and a trans
mitter of disease, such as charbon, hog
cholera and other diseases that effect
live stock, and whereas the Conserva
tion Commission of Louisiana has been
petitioned by the. Louisiana State Live
Stock and Sanitary Board to take some
action against this long respected
scavinger of the State.
Be it resolved, That the Conservation
Commission acting under the powers
invested in it by law, it is hereby de
clared, that the turkey buzzard or
carrion crow, to be a nuisance and a
transmitter of disease, particularly
those diseases to which live stock are
subjected and a menace to the public
welfare in general, that this bird will
no longer come under the protective
laws of the State, and shall be subject
to ,destruction at any time without
fear or favor,
Be it further resolved, That the
Louisiana State Live Stock and Sani
tary Board is given permission to
recommend immediate and perpetual
warfare on the turkey buzzard or
carrion crow, and to take such steps as
is deemed advisaole to exterminate
this pest propagator.
I hereby certify the above to be true
and correct.
(Signed) M. C. Becnel, Secretary.
Mayor S. A. Sutter. of Jennings Leads
His Opponent John Gambol in
Tuesday's Mayeralty Primary
As a result of the municipality pri
mary held in Jennings, Tuesday present
mayor S. A. Sutter will doubtless con
tinue to direct the affairs of Jennings.
In the contest for place on the Demo
cratic ticket 332 votes were cast, of
which Mayor Sutter received 199 land
Mr. Gambol 133.
' Iell lll IU",i
All Members Present-Action Taken
on Many Ordinances-Ordinance
Calling Elections in Each Ward
to Vote Road Tax Carried.
Elton, La. Feb. 3, 1913.
To the President and Members of the r
Police Jury, of the Parish of Jefferson t
Davis, La. I
Gentlemen:- r
We the undersigned, citizens of the I
Parish of Jefferson Davis, La. respect. a
fully ask your Honorable body to ap. c
point Six commissioners to lay out and s
procure right of way for a public road N
from S. E. corner 23 to S. E. of N. W. 2;, 1
thence North 20 rods. r
We also recommend the appointment
of Messrs. J. F. Fuselier, Placide Man. c
uel, Louie Fuselier, Elm Fuselier, i
Aselin Fuselier and Mark Fuselier. 1
Signed J. F. Fuselier,Louie Fuselier, c
Placide Fuselier, Ferman Fuselier, f
Avant Fuselier. s
Lake Arthur, La. Feb. 6, 1913. 1
To the Hon. Police Jury of Jefferson d
Davis Parish, La.
We the undersigned residents and I
property holders of Jefferson Davis I
Parish, hereby respectfully request that t
your Honorable body appoint a commis- t
sion of six members to lay out a public i
road from the North East corner of the I
South Half of the South East Quarter I
of Section Twenty-eight Township Ten
Range Three.West, on said section line, i
straight East to the Mermentau River, I
and hereby respectfully recommend the t
appointment of the following named c
parties as commissioners- A. A. I
Gauthier,Charles Murry, A. M. Gauthier
J. A. McCorkle, Camile LeJune, Cleopha I
Landry. r
Respectfully Submitted c
(Signed)John Guidry, J. M. McCorkle c
A. A. Gauthier, Alcee Conner, Thalen t
Landry, B. C. Andrus Joseph Valdetere, I
Lessan LeJune, Elair Landry, Mrs. 1
Pelican Duhon, Camile LeJune, Cleopha a
Landry. t
The Ordinance Committee reported I
Ordinance No. 31, an Ordinance to pro. t
hibit more than 20 head of cattle or i
horses from being driven on or over r
any public bridge at any one time, t
which Orninance was, on motion, on i
roll call, adopted. Yeas 9, Noes None. e
The Ordinance Committee reported
Ordinance No. 32, an Ordinance making s
it unlawful for any person or persons, i
to take any dirt trom the public road I
right of way, which Ordinance was, on r
motion, on soll call adopted. Yeas 9,
Noes None.
The Ordinance Commitee reported i
Ordinance No.. 34, an ordinance calling I
and providing for a special election to 1
be held. taking the sense of the prop- I
erty taxpayers of Ward One, Parish I
of Jeffersou Davis, La., exclusive of in. I
corporated towns, in said Ward, enti. I
ltied to vote at said election, as to
whether a special tax of Five mills on
the dollar shall be levied and collected
for a period of five years, beginning
with the year 1913, which Ordinance
was, on roll call adopted, Yeas 9. Noes
The Ordinance Committee reported
Ordinance No. 35, an Ordinance calling
and providing for a special election to
beheld, taking the sense of the prop.
erty taxpayers of Ward Two, Parish of
Jefferson Davis, La., exclisive of in
corporated Towns, in said Ward, eatn.
tied to vote at said election, as to
whether a special tax of Five mills on
the dollar shall be levied and collected
for a period of Five years, beginning
with the year 1913, which Ordinance
was, on motion, on roll call adopted.
Yeas S. Noes, None.
The Ordinance Committee reported
Ordinance No. 36, an Ordinance calling
and providing for a special election to
be held, taking the sense of the prop
erty taxpayers of Ward Three, Parish .i
of Jefferson Davis, La., exclusive of
incorporated Towns, in said Ward, en
titled to vote at said election, as to
whether a special tax of Five mills on
the dollar shall be levied and collected
for a period of five years, beginning
with the year 1918s, which Ordlinance
was, on moton, orolU call adopted.
Yens, 0. Noes, None,
The Ordinance Committee reported
Ordinance No. 87, an Ordinance alling
and providing for a secial election to
be held, taking the sense of the prop.
erty taxpayers of Ward Pour, Parlsh
of Jefferson Davis, La., exclusive of in.
corporated pwns, in said Ward, enti.
tied to [email protected] at said electioni, as to
(Continued on pags 3, column 8)
Mass Meeting Held Monday to Con
sider Extension of Boundries of
Welsh School District
A fairly well attended mass meeting
of the citizens of Ward 6, and the adja.
cent territory of Wards .7 and 8,
assembled in the High School Auditor.
ium Monday afternoon to consider the
matter of extending the boundries of
the Welsh School District. City School
Director, Mr. W. B. Gabbert called the
meeting to order and stated the pur.
pose of it. Mr. Gabbert stated in part
as follows: that under the present
conditions brought about by the divi.
sion of the parish into new wards it
would ndt be possible to continue the
high standard of efficiency heretofore
maintained in the Welsh High School,
which is also a Center Ward School, ex.
cept that ways be provided for the
increasing the prospective revenues.
That the Welsh schools were now ac
commodating a large number of pupils
from outside distriLts, in which no
schools were being maintaines, and that
by an extension of the Welsh school
district boundries so as to include all of
Ward Six, not now included in the
Roanoke District and sucn portion of
Ward Eight laying along its eastern
border, as the people of that section of
the Ward might desire to be included
in the Welsh District, it would be possi.
ble to maintain the Center Ward School
here in its present efficiency.
After stating the purpose of the meet
ing, Mr. Gabbert suggested that a
permanent chairman be choosen, The
temporary chairman was unanimously
choosen as permanent chairman, and
D. R. Read was choosen as Secretary.
Mr. .J. M. Booze, President of the
Parish School Board, being present by
request was called upon for a statement
of conditions. Mr. Booze's opinions
co.incided with Mr. Gabberts in regard
to the necessity of increasing the pros.
pective school fund, and also as to the
best method of so doing. Mr. Booze
stated that the expence of maintaining
the Welsh schools is at present about
$7,000.00 annually. Prof. W. P. Arnette
Parish Superintendent elect, stated
that the present teachers salary for the
Welsh corpse of teachers is $745.00 per
month and that the total cost of main
taining the schools last month, includ
ing wagonettes and other incidental
expences was $880.20.
Moved by Mr. L. E. Robinson, and
seconded and amended, that we favor
the extension of the Welsh School Dis.
trict so as to include all of Ward Six
not included in the Roanoke District,
and such portions of the eastern side of
Ward Eight as may =desire Ito be
included, in this district, and such
portions of Ward Seven, as may desire
to be so included; this territory to con.
sist, in the main, of the land;east of the
road running south on the west side of
Harry Pattersen's place, and laying
north of the Bayou, and a small portion
of Ward Seven laying directly south of
Welsh, provided the school tax can be
equalize. Motion carried.
Moved and carried that the Chair
appoint a committee of Three, (arter.
ward amended to five) to circulate
petitions in the territory to be effected
by the proposed changes, and find out
in this manner the desire of the people
living in these sections. The Chair apl
pointed on this committee Mr. Eloi
Hebert, of Ward Eight, Mr. S. E. Carroll
and Mr. A.T. Jones of Ward Six, and
afterwards added Mr. E. T. Ionviere
Results of Second Primary Held
Tuesday Indicates Barba's Elec
tion Over Moore by 250 to
300 Votes.
According to the nearly complete se.
turns now in, the indications are that
Alfred M. Barbe was choosen Judge of
the Fifteenth Judicial District, over
Jos. Moore by from 250 to 300 majority.
The contest was a close one, Mr. Moore
putting up a good deal stronger fight
in the second primary than he did in
the first, and than his opponents, or in
fact many of his friends expected him
to be able to make. So close was the
fight in the two l;rgest precincts of tbh
district, namely, Lake Charles and
Jennings, where a total of 1320 votes
were cast there was a difference of but
12 votes betwuen the two candidates,
Moore leading in Jennings by 7 votes
and in Lake Charles by 5.
J'efferson Davis parish Cast 1,853
votes giviIng Moore 548 and Barbe 500.
The vote in this parish was as fillows:
Barbe, Moore.
Lake Arthur 49 88
Jennings 173 180
Raymond 36 10
Elton 54 30
Roanoke 4 26
Welsh 34 120
Ardoin 15 17
Foreman . 47 13
Edna 8 4
Woodlawn 10 22
LeBleu 5 11
Thompson 18 1
Topsy 5 0
Mouton 12 - 2
Thornwell 6 6
Todd 20 11
Total 505 548
The total vote of the several parishes
composing t h e Fifteenth Judicial
Bistrict so far as we have been able to
secure them up to the time of going to
press were:
Barbe Moore
Jefferson Devis 505 548
Allen 323 212
Beauregard 218 169
Calcasieu 894 720
Cameron 185 85
At 3:00 p. m. Thursday, with three
precincts yet to hear from Barbe leads
by 295.
and Mr. Jesner Prudhomne of the north
part of Ward Seven.
Moved by Mr, Robinson and carrie[
that the Chair appoint a committee of
three to make an assessment map of
the proposed new district and ascertain
the amount of assessable property that
would be included in it, and also to as
certain what school tax is now being
paid in this territory, and by what
authority the same is levied. The Chair
appointed on this committee, Messrs.
L. E. Robinson, D. R. Read and A. Reeve
After some further discussion of the
proposed lines a motion to adjourn
subject to call of Chairman carried.
Among those present were Mr. Eloi
Hebert and Mr. Pousson, of the eastern
part of Ward Eight, who expressedl
their desire to be included within the
confines of the proposed new district,
as their children were and had been
attending the Welsh schools. Mr. E.
T, Louviere, one of the leading citizenAs
of the north part of Ward Seven was also
present and was insistant that his
locality be included within the proposed
new district. Mr. J. M, Booze, o
Roanoke was present and stated that,
while they had a splendid achool at
Roanoke, they did not have nor expect
to have a High School there for years
to come, and that he looked upon the
Welsh Center Ward School as their
school, as much as it was Welsh's.
lar 2o cent seller
oolen Goods, suitable for
, kirts, thirty-six in. NOW 49A C
regular 75c
dy HatsT
at $3.oo and $3.5oaHats Nt w 1" "
I Clothing Store
XX). re:gular 7 CWXX .XXKXK
' 123 Acres of Land At a Bargain
Friday, Feb. 21, 1913
I will be in Welsh, at Mr. Smith's Dry Goods Store, where on
account of winding up an estate, I will Sell or rent at a Great
.Bargain 123 1.2 aces of land near a pumping station and
12 miles from Welsh. R
Don't Neglect this Opportunity
Remember the Date, Friday, February 21, 1913,

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