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When Ship Received Death Blow
From Torpedo Passengers Find
Escape Cut Off By Listing
of Monster Ship
The Great Task Now Is To id ettify the Bedics of th
Dead, Which tve Be i ni Recovcercd. Many
Notahhc Ambl e the L>et---Amcrieans
'Ith f t l''. ,.u 1 a o
wi i t r . . l r r ,
liee ,t: " is iL ·;i ld 1: .: ·
Who N h 1t t l of a
wion *. il n in 1
b ry ' the :l; t rot th ef t a
Jmuaun of thý. r er. ad n"o..
ieve- the wau or; unia wonh : i :
JudIi c,,, *u .'' tdhi. e <pi' st'a is
vivor- Ul~i te . nle ''''n~ .ti I
si10' tirit. le tha the0 orf hI,'
I' at~ ;! I; iiiL tte itn 0
liner's t ti s ofthe oa ' e. l woul.
by the s far. that tleo Hay. I
sIt is estimated thinyt teri wOr t
190 American s on bord th Cu-. th :r
liner. So far as could be ascertained
ate this tie fLwier than svnty mr
ickans a sitre . 'av i d.
i not joIdentify in the Dead.or t
Lonaton.- "ut evidently prelerred to wr. i
into identify heli that the atr nd."
compartinerins of the nntvessel wo de
keep her 002har until such tit' ;
help cao out from tdhe Irish shore,
ngless thano tten miles aity. It is rt
surlated tvrt si of the pasI'trs tni.
diSdainod to put on lifebbeits whbn
these were handed to thorn.
It is estimated that there were :bout
190 Americans on board the Cunrard
iner. So far as could be ascertained
atof this time fewer than-ie sineventy hv or-i
fromt exp!osure or fromu inljuries. Th~ie
death roll as estimatedl inl Londlon
totIcans warel u to save.
Identifying the Dead.
Lonudon.--"Th only pioaleit now is
to Idho entify the ninia ce to be."
Thus Supe-r; utendent Ded.I~ of the
Cunard Companhy dasohed any linvs er
lost will remain a se,!·crt.
The general unofficial op~inion is
that sehoer that therean sibit ne further
asSurivrgned of tthe tIsk o ;sitai ki. t
So far a.; (';'u be aseQr~inti' '1nn
700Cunar liner anson tscap t ed v 1u
vredtania tk her ito a oit ion . r he
could not escaper.
ng stru Course Altered.r'uo;
Paof these forty-five since havsome time
fronm exu~osure or from injuries. 'Ii:e
death roll as et torpao was fired tie;
totals Wvell till to 5,:94l}
Lusitanio fd r o to r condurset an id
utheiry scribe this to tii fct tohat oneH
and until it b(",-ins of licra otii X110 ;ý
of the tren sustarinis had sto be
direction w·here othetr underwater
delycaught and why o maoes. lives e
lost will remain a root-ort.
The general unofficial opinion is.
that se veubmarines naval pran suarie werte
belassigned toare of the latest t.,ci og throh
Cuably 1,rd tonser and luc they rea po
veed herful than ay posesition here ohe
could not escape.
Course Altered.
Passengers say thate Cform nsome time
catbefstrophe firhas had no was fired on the
British people. Steamers are arriving
and' departing as usiual.
The heav·y loss of life on the Lusi
Lustania was due, in t ero he belief of res-, and
thcued pascribsengers, to the fact that some
ofi thers, at least, subreassured them afterd shown
herelft torpedo struc home thatin the
Luditania would remain afloat.
direction where othinder underwaterd.
r eparations, it ins striue were madeir
to unch the boats, but before this
How Texan Saved Himself.
believtown-a ne of the most re
mal ble4 escapes from tuh Lusitania
wea that on R. K. Timmes ob Goines
villa, Texas, who was returning to
Ern and for his yearly visit, accom
and'by his friend, S. T. Moodie,
lshe hoe vainesvllo. Both men gave
theia life belts to steirage women just
as cde Lusitania sant . Tfmmis, who
is a strong swimmer, remained in the
water clinging to saruou objects for
nearly three houre. Then ae was
taken into a boat, which he still had
the atrength to assist in rowing e
piie by hi fred S .Mode
als: ot Ganevile Both men gave
11 ., \, t* . , i t
t1 or thOt' IT i e'C: .
An AttituE cf Ca oanss.
to I c ll111 ~I 1. , II·. 1 :i':
, ihtacit Rca
! nrted. I'Therc 1s no appar:rei pus,
its of the inmident. the
eir'illment f1o0m is 1ci0.iO , in 51n
enitly mainlttait;(, thrre: `:", t. he we,ý ý'
and nowhere is thio p it of CcoL:c' 1
Imore noticeable than in thie circles oi
1 the 1 iinistr tion.
White House St ternnt.
SArfter a conit rnr :i'th the pr' si
.1 donlt at the \hilite !ouse, Secrut:.ry
ITumtulty said:
'"Of cour=' tIlhe pr. lent fgels the
Sstrtims iand the ;c;ravity of the siit.'
Lion to the T n:1n t alln is 1 : h'i'1
vr earnestily but rvery 1ii1:: U
rin t c(ll''e of nati:·n to purii e. I '.'
1no., that tit i ' l ) (1. o co bTy'i
:w.h tml C:1'*t, h0ii to ' ti tT -
lln 'iii as wel as wVitnT I 'ireW
G rm ny's Lcsitatii Stab rent.
*t Pn 'a tio ' t'r C 'H.
"The I1 `I
Ii ir1 m5in' o
"The Lusitoani was natu 1v a ~ ::
'a: t I *'l:i Ia ~!p· lc x
ed Xl
t:.n Itc In:icirl t t (!i 'i mi t!,E n , ·n ii, nulll
Srlc~ion En,:eishlcti men untie ners.i
I oro' r, oa is . o i h thh ' ;
:1n in t qu ntith 1f Ie C. I id
Isn lr Earidv~y ro. nn si,?ai i
'I 'Ior o wnecs Ucoc to 'bli
the ]a: ;i ' 'eIs 1'. ! ! :O
`1o11 bear tll 1h(. r1Ci'.T '(r
mi1;nt has happened.
Geniny, on her port, lft ntOhin
unoeTni' to rlepeat.,1 v and T cim T i
wtrn them. T11,i he' i e' b imerlor
VIn WN hc;n ' e-In Cr0ot so 1''; IS to
{ i e, I hi i'ar ' s xari Con ;s to drIwI
Stt ion to this dalh'er. 'The 0e : l:h
press 'no0(ed then ath th warning ande
reled on the )roteCtin of The of t ti .
f tl a 5 ;t uard Ala:ntle traff'."
Lo It d o1,-The i ( 2 un( rd lir Li t s T
tannia, which ;alit, out of N (" orC
lat Sa urday with j on than `,;diU
souls aboarid, ies at th: bOtto f o the i
o-ce"n off the Irish ca:st. She was
Tun 1 1ridy iviy a (iucnan silrmarine
which ient two t ioTedoes (cru b'tin
into he ni'd whhe e the paoeon cre,
s te emgboingl conidnts tato the geast
r swZ'~'it eeloudcuet G nn
uanderwxur crcfi, were haxlig lunch
Te 'c Lusitani o-cns stc'amoin' along
about. ten nibes off Old Lead Ksinle
on the last let; of hoc voyage to ILiver
pool, when ahout 2 ocloelk in toe aft
ernoon a subnarine appeared suadx'
e ly and, so tar as all reports go, fhirel
r two torjedoes at the steamer. One
a struck her near the bows and the
other in the engine room. The power
ful agents of destruction toro through
e the vessel's sIde, causing terrific ex
s ploslons.
Boats which were already swung out
on the davits were dropped overboard
Sand wore speedily filled with passen
gers who had been appalled by the at
Stack. A wlreless call for help was
seat out and immediately rescue boats
Sof all kinds were sent out, both from
t the neighborlng points along the coast
Sand Qucenstown.
But within fifteen minutes, as one
r survivor estimated. ond certainly
Swithin half an hour, the Lusitanaa had
i, .1 / A JJr 1
r'< f 1
t i
j 4' .',, 2
,.> "11 1 \
K q
d "C ( -.P11/
·IIt : ,Ft1 C~
"` ý) r I f.7 +i ' ( + i - - 4^
ý tý ýýi r t ý"ý'- t fir'. w.ý ,ý , . .Tý . ý :ý,ý ý ~., ý
" 1ý ýy 1 r1- ýyýý.ý.4f .(( tk.ai :.
ns~ jý a7
'. 1 N i 1 .
C -I \ ' I'. hr
t` o l's I
ii; ··'
I~ ~ ~ kl t .'n J i p .' *L"t'-i I"
P :ndt ' W I :n-:
(liail` N~al''.t a (t I l
1ita0l i + l t . .IC :I . :1.5 wildel.
"?u' =.; t Toi : pro ewd at that
timne s lonr-horned cattle. Now slhe
is Wd n v:. aPil t, cast treasures of
wealth 1t:at Ihave in dornmant for cen
tures ac:1 'a " w- progress
than an:y l': t of tc i :u:iced StatE.s
The extenit o I her idev: ;i:aint is imn
possilTie 0t fao t : i t ' territory is
so vaII, tr po0&ib]hatia . 1 Lreat, that
no oine cin anit ail,,:' what her wealth
and proaperity t ill be.
"' t o:s 1 t'ni" ls''l in any quantity
col Lt'h bi t1 is Texas for 10 ctints
an ,110. ýccn latnd is sell
ing forl $19 to 0 aci tre-anild still
"I :, i' 11 ,"'p le in the TTnited
coill bi IU in the State of
vr'' tut ore,'
Free ^'iv" Ry Pouts OrCdered.
.1i1 ,' he follo'viag new
rural f1se d route` in Texas
I' \'I 15 ' 'r FL ¾'' 'st oishst:
F ' , : ý0 i 1. ro;It `NL. 2. Moore,
F n ;; t}. ' i JIuiiL 16, route
No. 1, \: trmo", Potter county; route
No. 11: Dl:::t': moate No. 5, F:ores
villc, \; L "' cnuity; route Nc. 3,
ooleady. i. '11' P couiity.; route No.
1, MTE Iite , t i ' 1 o (.windy; route No.
1, RliVint . "''a ciuty; route No.
1, Tonia ve t cli", \ndc'rson Coun
tty; route o. 1 \11!, AHtin cNunty.
Sn'ith' ile Motion Is Upheld.
Austin, Tex,-'T moetion of the at
to"rncV p rne" I iar tt' IKaty railroad
be required u o m: t:1in ai force at
the Sonithfk ::i s (imal to that of
S.Vin. 21, i9 . and l wlich was argued
some wet ro, w grant e l this
; wvt-k by i Judlte CtlItloufn of the fifty
third tlis rict. Trii . teil' Katy would
rnot reduce the fovrcc:; the Smlithville
i-hoers wOs oCii o tli' an:riecnents in
t the comrnproraice of tht Katy merger
1 suit.
Child's Body Is Found in Drift.
Columbus, Tex.-The badly decom
i-3 p d holy of a white child was found
in a drift pile in tie Colorado river
Tuesday. The bholy itt supposed to
have been wlbhel down the river dur.
ing the late rise from Austin.
3 Contracts 40 Miles of Roadway.
Lake Charles, La.-Contracts for
1 dirt and gravel roads aggregating for
ty miles in Ingth were let by the po
lice jury this we'k.
Packer Leaves Money to Family.
Chicago, I11.-The will of the late
moat packer and grain man, John
Cudahy, filed for probate Monday,
leaves the entire estate to the widow
s and four children. Counsel for the
n testator estimated the value of the
t estate at $1,500,000.
Twentieth Body Is .Recovered.
Austin, Tex.-Tbe twentieth body of
victims of the Austin storm two weeks
ago was recovered Friday in the Colo
rado river a few miles below AMstin.
I Held Interesting Mceti"^-Same Offi
cers ucod for Anote: er-Aus
tin Gets N': ..
Lavhorn a hnaby fud for Lith
T 1·initill, 1,'1015 Vtl 1 . or?;,11'.,
.\.pu( of a ine Wili! : l' .)i'l as
inhta( s tl in un : i n 1 o 1 t e e -cool
1of j lournah-n, i lit iiti !.:i o;' s
T1'he 1,i"!1 has 111y . J. A.
Jaikson of iin a d $0 i sh
was su[: ribu' at tlt meeting.
Lawson Sentenced for Lift.
TriUdad, Colo.-Jolet R. Lawson,
irung it tei' t fte uyt i
labuor lYeadler, Monday Was condemned
to spend the remainder of his life at
hard labor in the Colorado peniten
tiary. He was found guilty of first
degiree murder in connection with the
deathn of aJohn Ni o, a deputy asher
iff billed in a strike battle Octn. 25,
Tri1. Under the Colorado statute
making it the duty of the jury to fix
the penalty at death or life imprison
ment, the jury in the district court
fixed the milder punishment.
tniary lies was oun gultyof ir
Wife Dies Shitdink Husband.,
nShreveport, La.-While trying to
thel pirdenaty at decath orli fe itupis
1 fied the mider Punshteent.Sgh
save her husband, Mris. C. W. Lang
was riot and killed at the railroad
station at CricKo!no 1., in the "i
River pri sh 0l:fiel!, 'tuesday. C.
'. Lang. ain ol c iiid hInn. andi an
0!ihe ton owo en' 'd in an altercia
tion, Aw! l. ) 111 tot'r 1 e C n fi itn. a
reCel s. -,. 1 .oi Va'I Pcbneen the
two nien. Thretie buetrs sC uck her.
Lang was uninjthred.
Venezuela Has New President.
Caracas, Veneu.--The national
congress Monday by a unanimous bal
lot elected General Juan Vicente Go
mez president of Venezuela for the
term 1915-22.
Money to Fight Pests ir Sight.
Tallahassee, Fir.-The lower house
of the Florida legislature Tuesday
plassed a bill carrying in appropriation
-f w160,000 to fight crop pests. Of this
amount, $125,000 is to be used to erad
icate the citrus canker.
First Onions Shipped North.
Asherton, Tex-The first car of
Bermuda onions for this season rolled
fronm Asherton Tuesday. Several of
the growers are now harvesting, and
withn tlI x few days, if the weath
Ver s aoral, fif-thee to twesintycrs
will move daily.
San Benito Gets Tomato Packer.
San Benito, Tex. - Arrangements
have been completed by the Elrain
Association for the employment of an
expert tomato packer, who has been
secured from the East Texas tomato
Angloton to Have New 12-Mile Road.
Velasco, Tex.-The commissioners
court at Angleton has awarded to D.
T. Austin and S. H. Hudgins of Ve
lasco a $72,000 contract for twelve
miles of hard-surface roads in Velasco
district No. 8.
Three Oil Companies Organized.
Caldwell, Tex.-Three oil companies
have been organized to bore for oil in
the county. The latest to organize Is
known as the Farmers' Oil Company.
All three have secured large leases
and will start drilling as soon as ar
rangements can be made.
Charge of Light Brigade.
London. - Major General Henry
Beaumont De Horsey, who command
ed the Light Brigade in its charge at
Balsklava, died Friday, aged 89.
The Austro-German Victory in the
Carpathians Has Turned the
Russian Retreat Into
a Riot.
Latest News From the Front.
Officiil adlviccs received at Wasli
inton Satorday were that a crisis in
the Far ast 11:15s bein averted, that
Japan has mo a:lied her ltdemands, Iand1
that China trill accept them.
Before lihiI terms of the agreemer0nt
aIre finally voncluoded, hlowever, an ex
pIr)isioil (of opinion is -expect(ed by
tlie tnitid Stait's trooi Great Britain,
France ,Ii, RuIssia as til: allies of I
tp a:, to xwil tlit the interests
which ini leading i in ives;, have 1:l1 inl
thy n1 i a!!enanl(I of ti tirllt'ial In
1a;~:ia rndr d a s n a *cn
lti.. . . . . .ai" ): '
h r ll.;.allis n ý l taemnta v of )C tliCal
to:n:t r etors from all ! arts of
ti?"' cou nty in ' tnnou e 'It ie I 'acru
of Jalianecoso ti*r' n.rati'n at(
the Japanese coneulates.
A crue n erniser and' four tor
par at t-rii1 oiilt a\e art iv1 at
( 1-a fin; T, on the Gulf of Lino
Tunil;. , ?]'tl 7.,) nil: s e: of )-'' ill,
eti nentl r til piurf 01Ie 'of rmti ovns
from (hiniia tie mem~llbt s of the Jap
aniese leag :,1on.
In the f-Otin> that is iin prtogress
tlheg tJaa iattoe lines in . -lini an(
France end in Russia, in the Carp,
thia's, both the triple entente atd
T( utni allb-s claim sutetsses at va
rious isolated spots. None of them.
however, excep t by Austria and Gers
mat, record isuccesses in ea great
scale. Eveni the statemeens of thea
Teutonic allies are reiterations tof re
riouls isolaedbe spotls. Non ofthehni
ports of several days past that the
Russians continue to be pressed back
in Galicia and the Carpathians, and
that Hungary is free of enemy forces.
Petrograd does not deny the gains
claimed by the Teutons, but declares
that the Russians are fihting bacli
hard at certain points, and that the
attacks of the Teutons, while undi
minished in vigor, are becoming lest
On the western line Barlin declares
that the Germans have (IrI yen the al
lies out of strongly fortified positions
near Ypres and that they have cap
tured seaveral viltanes in Flanders,
Sir John French. the British conunan
dcr in chief, takes issue wvtth this
statemenit and says all Germany's at
taults have been reptulsed with heavy
losses anidI that the British line is firm
ly established. A repulse of the Ger
mans ncetar Nienport, the capttre of 1
lines of trenches over a front of four
and eoie-third miles, ntear Carcncy, and
the taking of a front about two and
a half miles in width further east are
erb tonicled by Paris.
Newspoper dispatches from Switzer
land to l'aris report Austrians and
Germans fleeing from all parts of
Italy. A Geneva dispatch asserts
that (IJQ,0 Italians have been concen- -
trated at Verona, twenty-five miles
frot the Austro-Hungarian frontier.
Field Marshal Sir John Fr'ench, the
British commander in 'chief, has ad
mitted that he was compelled to re
adjust his lines in the region of Ypres,
but the French communicat ion, far
from confirming a German victory in
Belgium, states that the German at
tacas-were repulsed and that the Ger
mans, being taken on the flank by
French artillery, suffered very severe
A late rep-rt from the British waw
office also says that German attacks
were repulsed, although the Germans
used asphyxiating gases and did get
a footing by the use of these fumes
on Hill No. 60, southeast of Ypres,
which, since the British captured it
recently, has been repeatedly attack
There has been fighting all along
th rthe rest ewestern front, in all
of which the Germans claim to have
been successful. The French, how
ever, have another story to tell. They
insist that their advance continues
both along the Yser canal In Flanders
and In Woevre, where battles have
hr continuous for weeks on end.
From the east again comes the re
port of fighting, which because of its
sanguinary character and tlhe conse
quent heavy losses gives that section
of the great war zones the chiet place
In the war news of the day. 'this
time it Is the Turkish allies of the
Teutonic contenders who are said to
have been the loser. They are de
clared by Petrograd - to have been
completely defeated by the Russians
in the Khori-Dilman region of the
Caucasus, leaving more than 3,500
dead on the field and their survivors
to be fleeing before the Muscovites.
A Real" c:
0 C: 7'"1 h
ofl I4h
is the Sf ;ard but the
most rebius le l r meter of
your physical c ; ; n is the
appetite. It it is p''r, you
can look for an V erworked
and overloaded C iluitit anof the
Stomach, Liv(.r aInd Bowels,
which prevy(nt ti;mn f n1 prop.
erly performing theilr daily
functions. A ti i of
Stomach Bitten
will help Niture restore nor.
mal strength mid( regularity
throughout the entire system
and thus help 'u maintain
hearth. 7f1r . i tle today.
Opti rnmist.
Do LU . 1 chap over
there ju:
" il, a ;· i whiile
ills;ni -h1 1 talking to
him i- a :
\ la' a LB those
t cr:ns
O; , tii :'. a :. n d i n Si
ao nthi. r { :i'.i it '11, 1i
F tF~he i sa r;g} .I Zepa r4
Was the LeA of This Lx ' Who Teo
The ery of vw VSe Re.
Sccflvered Hlr ietih.
Dallas, N. C.- irs. 'hamas Davis,
of this place, say:: boult tw years
ago, when I v. ch n ares old,I
was in a lbid co : aimn u wsomanly
troubles. I 11 t: of n: I 'eighed not
more than S5 lbs.
I suffered drecaful pairs in my hips,
sides and abticrae?, 1 r about 5 days
out of every muonh.
I couldn't sleep at night, and the
pains were so dreadiul I couldn't lie
down for the blood would seem to
rush to my head.
I felt I must have some relief, fo
it seemed that the awful suffering
would surely kill me.
I had read of what Cardul had done
for others, and thought I would trylLt
After the use of one bottle, the
pains had entirely stopped and I wu
able to sleep.
After using four bottles, I was a
well woman, I was regular, I got back
my flesh, and I now weigh 126 Ibe.;
and am able to do all my work with'
out any trouble.
I certainly recommend Cardul to
suffering womea, for I know it cura l
My friends who saw me when I B
weighed 85 pounds and would see me
now, would know vhat Cardul had
done for me."
Try Cnrdui.-Adv.
Somber Possibility.
"Do you think the war will be ovI
before very long?"
"Yes. What I'm hoping is that the
peace negotiations won't precipitWte
another one."
Nov. 23, 1914:-"An l my life my face
was covered completely with a ma'
of pimples, blackheads and blotchei. I
spent a lot of money on numeropr
remedies and treatments without sIC
cess and no relief at all. I tried M
maty things that I was afraid my ca
could not be cured. Resinol olnts
and resinol soap seemed to do [email protected]·
right from the first. I used two fal
of resinol ointment and some rel
soap, the total cost being only p.'
and this completely cured my
My skin is without a blemish, anr
am the possessor of a beautiful cO0
plexion." (Signed) M1abellAyres,StoW
Mountain, Va. All druggists pellre8lfl
soap and resinol ointment.-AdY.
"I suppose you want to hear
sides of the war question?"
"No, the finish of it."
To Drive Out Malaria
And Build UpTheSph
Take the Old Standard GROVB
what you are taking, as the formll'
printed on every label, showing it
Quinine and Iron in a tasteless form.
Quinine drives C't malaria, the
builds up the system. 50 cents.
Relations between th e old-fashl
milkman and the h3 drant are
quently strained.
For bad burns Hanford's BalsaM
11sed to give quick relief. Adv.
After a woman has told a third
'he story men can guess the rest
Russian peasant women work la
field with the men.
For sores apply Hantord's
lightly. Adv.
An honest man is indeed a
thing-for his creaitors.

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