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ph Candidate May Submit On.e
gme For Clerk and One For Com
missioner in Each Precinct.
e formal order f'ra priary o.lv e
i to be held Ju:y 27. to -!oct partry
-inees for men:bh ship in the ('ou
donal Conventir,. v as entO(,er by
d Democratic p T,-ish co'.nfitt .
g. One hundred dinllans w:
as the deposit for can;lid;ates ,r
SlR the primary. 'The( dpoit gcr s
Werd paying such oirnpei;s of th^
, as the law pl:uos on politic('
,. The unused hnlanoen of the
ppostt goes hack to thoe cndidates.
Ss0ordance with t'e onpi:ion of
Attorney General Plealsant. the dra.'
i of rommissioners and clerks to
pleat the primary will i, held Jul:
latnoon in the Civil Distri~t Court.
hsimau James C. Henriques iin
Mled the committee. Colonel Ple:t:;
at in response to a request from M1:
p~atriues, gave an opinion on the hin
in between the Sindberry conven
Ei bill and thR general primary law.
Ceosel Pleasant held that in spite of
eto ect that the Su::dih.crry bill 'al
las until July 20. for candidates to
ttali'v, the drawinshould take place
.b accordance with the primary law.
to weeks prior to the primary. Sun
r, July 11, will be the last day on
rhich candidates may eubmit names
ercommissloners and clerks of ole
tbi. Fach candida'e may submit one
r''e fo- cle!lk ."rd one for commis
Ieer in &eeh preo!nct.
7', rmo'ution n '!nt.ed by the pa-
~t!i ' itte fol!o's the pro';'isions of I
.E Sundb,'rry bill t':;in the primnar.
br '.l" 27 and namin'r Ju!y 20 as thb,
MI date for qualification. A. J.
O~eefe, of the Teoth ward, offerodl
he resolution. Chairman J. C. Hen.
Itues preslded at the meeting. A. L.
IAnLe, secretary, was at the desk.
Tbhrtyone members were present
The Pennsylvania-LouisIana Oil
pany of Lake Charles has insti
-ft Puit against the (uh.f R4fining
rnsu'y, the Tlniht ('omtar.y and
1 Agvo ard J. G. Sutton far car
,latfon of oil leases in the Edgerly
'1 aggregating 0co acres.
hiIrteen railroads operatine in
llira have applied for a raise i",
on gravel, sand, crushed stoae
3iother road materials, represent
tht the rates in operation at pre~.s
i, Prscribed by Railroad Commis
orders in 1910, are too low.
:Ma 8. Dennee. field agent for the
hnmet of Agriculture, with head.
In New Orlearns was in
I Setting information in regard
Inreage and condition of the cot
Strop for the report that will be
oa July 1.
'RSily a four million increas.e In
MleMnent of the railroads of the
is shown by the State Board of
urs in a statement made public
SF. ( baedessus, secretary of the
The exact amount is $3,953,
Adegatilon of more than 100 Jef.
Davs parish taxpayers visited
~Wrlsh, coming over from Jen
Welsh and Lake Arthur by au
to view the highway system.
.ext Convention of Glnners will
e in Shreveport, La., July 14,
It which time a large display of
tr, etc., will be displayed by
I fAtorles, etc.
Srobe Commlission has taken
respecting either "the Grace
0? the alleged irregularitIes in
-ee of E. O. Bruner, Commis.l
Of Agriculture.
$1sleri Dredge Company have
3'iedglng for the Fifth Ward
Sdsttrict, about a mile south
itSood, and are running day
'Jiht shit,5
'. tated that the state militia
t had boorht from the Mar
' 7alt Company of N'ew Orleans
 f land in the Metairle Rid='
.- Jefer.on parish to be U~sd
5t1te rifle range.
OhS. Tribaut. Hiuidator of
Bank of Donalisonv!llt,
Dt5pended busino.~s November
, l~d hl first provisional ac
tier with a poti'lon askinr
i'ziatlon by the diltrict court
to the fnndq on Ila'd ameni
ry ci1edors of the instltn
Sthe pro?*-tion of three per
the . , of w r'at
Q'S < ule- caBm frum
The Prohb Co'nimission win i . .
take to present to the Conslitu:.::
Convention, through the gove;-n:or, a
conmprohensive survey of the cciru:; of
the state, from the 'Supreme Court
down to justice of the. ;peace. The
commission, in its investigation of th"
jurisprudence of Louisiana, gatherr.d
elaborate data on the amount of work
done by cou,';s of all degrees in (vcr-.
parish in the state and slupplementtle
this with much testimonv from law
yers and ju!d -s on t'_th (delays of court
proccdrdu,: ov,-orOowrcr.d dockets, the
cost of I!ti :,ticnI and opinions as to
how: defe't. ,,n h, remendied.
Ie;di>,t'itiv.. of th- state for di,
trict cour's. n:ateraiv!y r ,'tancing tat,
mribIer of) Orile, ,: a provision for
district- !arge ,nom:nrh to give work to
two judres v ill he among the reconm
mtcndfrmrc; ';. A p'an for redistrictin4
based upon statis'!cs of the amount
of Ihgal gwork to he done in each of
the parishI w\ill bhe p'rsented.
The proh:,re. undrer the direction of
:Senator Georg, e rVWestFy Smith. wP!ho
hals been in ('chart, of this particular
investigatio.r have bh'n working on
the judiciary ronort since their return
from the !.,te:l;'urre, will continue
without into:r'nt :, til, n until the tasl- is
fnished. A nroliminp:rv outline of the
report rg-rId utomn and published se.v
era.l dayv n1r,,0 was revised in somrIe re
spects and wi!l bh gone over again.
The folherling :u- .'. "r::nts and as
signments ti the bat:ralio:, of cadets ol
Louisiana State U-.iversity are on
nounced for the sce i'n of 1915-16: ''.1
Slt manjor, . R. ").tran: lieutentr ut
and adjui nt, ,1. l-. Wright; lieutenant
and quartermasti", J. I). Monrefte
lieutenan't ;and ai- . IL H. White: ca
det captain, F. N. c'alboun. Co. A.; ca
(let captain. F. M. Womack, Co. t ;
cadet captain. L. A. Crouchet, Co. t'.:
cadet captain, S. F. Elder, Co. C.; s.er
geRnt major, L. F. Deas: quartermas
ter sergeant, E. S. Ott; color sergeant.
A. A. Sib!_:y; first sergeant, 11. . (hand
ler, Co. A.; first sergeant. R. A. -iill.
Co. D.; first sergeant, S. ,,. Henry, i':1.
C.; first sergeant, J. A. Hadler, "o.
B.; company quartermaster sergeant,
A. J. Reid, Co. B.: company quarter.
master sergeant, S. Rayne, Co. A.;
company uartermaster scrgeant; T.
W. Green, C'o. D.
Gov. Hall appointed the followtng
delegates to the National Anti-Saloon
League Convention at Atlantic City,
N. J., July 6-9: J. P. Honaker, Dr. J.
L. Scales, H. C. Rogers, A. J. Frantz,
Henry Rose, Rev. W. H. Coleman, Ar
thur J,. Newman, E. P. Carstens, Rev.
W. F. O'Kelley, all of Phreveport;
Rev. L. D. Posey, Vivian: Dr. M. M.
Bannerman of Grand Cane: R. T.
Moore, A. M. Rives, Mansfield; J. R.
Ables, Ponchatoula: P. K. JAbles, Winn
field: W. O. Hart, Rev. S. H. Werlein,
Philip H. Mentz, New Orleans; A. M.
Mayo, William E. Krebs, Lake
Charles; Rev. E. O. Ware, Alexandria;
Rev. C. C. Miller. Monroe.
The American-Press has published
several interesting articles recently
regarding the Louisiana Training
Wehool at Monroe, which was opened
April 1, giving an idea of its plan of
work and its methods of handling the
incorrigible and uncontrollable boy,
who are given over from time to tim:
into its charge. This information na
been confirmed within a few days by
a citizen of Lake Charles who had oc
casion to visit it recently and wnc
states that the institution is all that
has been claimed for it
The Legislative Investmgating Com.
mission will formally call upon Fred
J. Grace, Register of the State La;d
Office, to explain his connection witih
'he Sabine Islande land affair, the pas.
sage of Act 283 of 1914, aid other mat
ters presented for the commission'\
L. P. Hosmer, national bank exar
Iner, has resigned to take charge of
the newly established Shreveport
Clearing House, which begins busines,
on July 1, it was announced. Mr. Hoe
mer resides at Gadsden, Ala.
Dr. Jos. Groldberg, who is surgeon
in charge of pellagra investigations,
was at Keachie recently looking after
the pellagra situation, which is con
sidered alarming in this vicinity.
The hanknruptcy of Ber, Ma'er &
Co., wholesale liouor dealers, 51S 2i
Eflanville street, New Orleans, filed it
the United States Court. attractse
much attention in business circles.
The contract for the construction
of a model highway through St. Mary
parirh, wr's awarded to Hampton Rey
noldi, of New Orleans. Work will
begin shortly.
G. W. Prutsman, contractor of Dan.
ville, Ill.. will get the contracts for
somethlnr.g over $200,000 worth of par
lrg on twelve miles of streets in Ba
ton Rouge.
New Orleans is backing Shreveport
for the Southern Cattle Men's Asso
ciation convention for 191d.
An order temporarily restraining the
State of Louisiana from enforcing re.
cently enacted laws regulating su-ar
refiners, was obtained in Pderrl
Court at New Orleans by the Ameri
can Sugar Refining Compenv. Judge
Foster issued the order peCding hear
ing of the bi!l in equity filed by the
retining company.
The Sta.te Department of Eudeastion
has issued 1.0!2 diplomas to graduatcs
of c",ntry hlh schools, an increas~m
of 147 over 1914.
I Guarantee "Dodsons' Liver Tone" Will Give You the Best Liver
and Bowel Cleansing You Ever Had-Doesn't Make You Sick!
Stop using calomel! It makes yo
sick. Don't lose a day's work. If yotu
feel lazy, sluggish, bilious or consti
pated, listen to me!
C('alomel is mercury or quicksilver
which causes necrosis of the bone.
Calomel, when it comes into contact
with sour bile crashes into it, breaking
it up. This is when you feel that aw
ful nausea and cramping. If you feel
"all knocked out," if your liver is tor
pid and bowels constipated or you
have headache, dizziness, coated
tongue, if breath is bad or stomach
sour just try a spoonful of harmless
Dodson's Liver Tone.
Here's my guarantee--Go to any
drug store or dealer and get a 50-cent
bottle of Dodson's Liver Tone. Take a
spoonful and if it doesn't straighten
you right up and make you feel line
and vigorous I want you to go back to
the store and get your money. Dod
son's Liver Tone i. destroying the
sale of calomel because it is real liver
nedicine; entirely vegetable, therefore
it cannot salivate or make you sick.
I guarantee that one spoonful of
Dodson's Liver Tone will put your
sluggish liver to work and clean your
bowels of that sour bile and consti
pated waste which is clogging your
system and making you feel miserable.
I guarantee that a bottle of I)odson's
Liver Tone wll keep your entire fam
ily feeling fine for months. Give it to
your children. It is harmless; doesn't
gripe and they like its pleasant taste.
Victims of the Drug Habit.
According to a recent estimate of
the United States public health serv
ice, the number of persons in this
country who are victims of the drug
habit is about 70,000, and the number
of doses of narcotic drugs consumed
by them annually is about 850,000,000.
This estimate is based on figures col
lected in the state of Tennessee where
under a recently enacted antinarcotic
law 1,403 permits were issued in six
months to persons petitioning for the
privilege of using narcotic drugs, and
the consumption of such drugs amount
ed to 8,498,200 average doses.
Harvey, La.-Mrs. S. W. Spruiell, of
this place, writes: "I suppose it will be
a great pleasure to you to know that you
cured my child. She had pellagra very
bad and the doctor said she never would
get well. She is well of pellagra and
looks fine.
"You may use this letter as a testimon
ial if you wish. Great benefit have you
done my daughter, Mindie Abrams."
There is no longer any doubt that pel
lagra can be cured. Don't delay until it
is too late. It is your duty to consult the
resourceful Baughn.
The symptoms--hands red like sunburn,
skin peeling off, sore mouth, the lips,
throat and tongue a flaming red, with
much mucus and choking; indigestion and
nausea, either diarrhoea or constipation.
There is hope; get Baughn's big Free
book on Pellagra and learn about the
remedy for Pellagra that has at last been
found. Address American Compounding
Co., box 2088, Jasper, Ala., remembering
money is refunded in any case where the
remedy fails to cure.-Adv.
His Excuse.
In his Savannah camp Bill Dono
van, baseball manager, had a dusky
hued waiter at the hotel by the name
of Sutton. Bill had to reproach Sut
ton more than once for a lack of agil
ity in arriving with the food. Sutton
promised to improve. One morning
he brought in a consignment of grid
dlecakes that had gone cold.
"What do you mean," said Bill, "by
bringing me in cold cakes?"
"Well, I tell you, boss," said Sutton,
"I brung them cakes in so fast for you
that I guess they hit a draft"
By Daily Use of Cuticura Soap and
Ointment. Trial Free.
You may rely on these fragrant
supercreamy emollients to care for
your skin, scalp, hair and hands. Noth
ing better to clear the skin of pimples,
blotches, redness and roughness, the
scalp of dandruff and itching and the
hands of chapping and soreness.
Sample each free by mail with 32-p.
Skin Book. Address postcard, Cuticura,
Dept Y, Boston. Sold everywhere. Adv.
"I'm glad we didn't get any dupli
cates," said the bride as they inspect.
ed the wedding gifts.
"I wouldn't mind if somebody would
duplicate that check your father gave
us," replied the bridegroom.
Whenever You Need a General Tonic
Take Grove's
The Old Standard Grove's Tasteless
chill Tonic is equally valuable as a Gen
eral Tonic because it contains the well
known tonic properties of QUININE and
IRON. It acts on the Liver, Drives out
Malaria, Enriches the Blood and Builds
up the Whole System. S0 cents.- Adv.
A Real Dilemma.
'Tm In a fix," declared the war cor
respondent. "I'm in love with a pretty
"She wants me to shave, and my
passport describes me with whiskere."
After a man gets about so old it
keeps him busy trying to rectify the
mistakes of his youth.,
But a married man always gets ev
erything that is coming to him-and
then some.
If YOrS I fiUUI buti fe woak. uw REI4OVIUL"~ Made by Van VISt.Manafibld Drug C&, Memphi. t~nn. Prlo 61.00 IL
City Controller of New York Goes on
Record as Opposing Increase in
Their Number.
City Controller Prendergast of New
York opposes increasing free public
baths, strangely enough for a former
progressive leader. He is not one bit
impressed by the argument that baths
prevent lawlessness and raise the
standard of morals. "I doubt," he
says, "if morals are as high today gen
erally as they were twenty years ago,
before the community had any of these
uplifting facilities." Replying to a
question about cleanliness being next
to godliness, he said that all that was
necessary was soap and water and the
inclination, particularly the last, which
the city, he thought, could not hope to
Yet the civilizing influence of soap
is traditional. The bathtub has been
exalted Into a national ideal in Eng
land and a national reality in the
United States. The backward peoples
have no baths. Physical cleanliness
must inspire moral and mental clean
liness, not infallibly, perhaps, but the
tendency, such as it may be' is that
way. As to the inclination, may not
the city supply even that by offering
the temptation of bathing?
Aside from the question of morals,
how about health? Surely the con
troller will admit that cleanliness im
proves health and that is certainly a
function that the municipal govern
ment ought to be interested in.
Resembled Dining Car.
Jim Sullivan, typical American
tramp, carried a kitchen cabinet under
his coat, and when arrested in Red
Wing, Minn., the following things were
found: Eight large, raw potatoes,
weighing seven pounds; one quart bot
tle of sweet milk, one ten-cent loaf of
wheat bread, one-half dosen tea bis
cults, one-half dozen rolls, fresh; two
one-pound packages of ground coffee,
two aluminum salt and pepper shak
ers, glass cruet filled with vinegar, one
raw onion and two Japanese paper
Blissful Ideal.
"I hope," said the applicant for sum
mer board, "that you have no mosqui
toes, and that there will be chicken
and fresh vegetables always on the
table, and that the nights are invari
ably cool?"
"Great Scott, mister!" exclaimed
Farmer Corntossel, "what place are
you lookin' fur? Heaven?"
Too Late.
Senator Kenyon, congratulated at a
June wedding in Fort Dodge on his
eloquence, smiled and said:
"Well, let us admit frankly that the
gift of the gab is, after all, a good
"For my part, I have never found
silence golden except at a wedding or
a funeral-when ft's too late to say
Fbr Aches, Pains and Nervousness,.
Gives quick relief-Try it--Adv.
Keen Wit
Gotcha--I ran into a burglar last
Jake-How'd he get away from
Gotcha-He went through me.
Good Reason.
"Why is the policeman looking at
your wall so suspiciously?"
"I suppose he noticed it was cov
ered with a vine that is something
of a porch climber."
Y rD rs u Bemey for Bed,1WrV., Wstery
De amn Granuisted lylelids; No rt1n-
Jut ye eomfdot Writ, for Book of the Eye
Peyton-Bennet is organizing a regi.
ment of English butlers.
Parker--Why butlers?
Peyton-To scare the enemy to
Compiled by a Substitute While the
Regular Man Was Away From
His Desk.
A good way to save money on your
gas a nd (electric light 1hills is to spend
your evienrings at theiaters anrd restlaur
ants whilire the Imnaaten lat pays for
the lights.
If your husband's hair shows signs
of falling out, try pulling his ears in- I
stead. They very soldoi co rne loose.
Iristllm ent c('ollctors and other un
desirable callers c(rn be made to keep
their distance by mneans of ripe tonra
toes served at long r;age.
A society nuitron whose position de
mands that she entertain a great deal
more than she can really afford has
discovered that by shorving a few bird
shot with each portion of guinea hen
the guests can be made to think they
are eating game.
A young wife of our acquaintance
tried for years to break her husband
of the habit of bringing home unex
pected guests to dinner. At last she
took the advice of a friend and flirted
desperately with the very next man
her husband invited to the house. After
that there was no more trouble.-New
York World.
The soothing, healing medication in
resinol ointment and resinol soap pen
etrates the tiny pores of the skin,
clears them of impurities, and stops
itching instantly. Resinol positively
and speedily heals eczema, heat-rash,
ringworm, and similar eruptions, and
clears axfiy disfiguring pimples and
blackheads, when other treatments
have been almost useless.
Resinol is not an experiment. It is
a doctor's prescription which proved
so wonderfully successful for skin
troubles that it has been used by other
doctors all over the country for twen
ty years. Every druggist sells resinol
ointment and resinol soap.-Adv.
From a SinnerPs Diary.
A sinner can't lose. Some of his
ships are always coming in.
I know a man who would spare no
pains or expense doctoring an enlarged
or otherwise out-of-tune liver. Yet he
treats aching, aspiring, longing, loving
hearts with scowls and sneers and
sharp discouragements.
I know a woman who is for letting
you have what you want when you
want it, who favors vacations before
you have to go on a stretcher.
Love-something that makes you
want to surround and be surrounded
There's never a time when 'tis safe
for a doctor to eat onions.
So take your pick-die off and be
mourned, or live on and be cursed.
Lynette Fremire in Judge.
Of Course.
"Did you ever hear such silly rot
as that line of Tennyson's: 'Half a
league, half a league, half a league, on
"What is there silly about it?"
"Why, anybody knows that not more
than half a league can be going on
ward at any given time. For every
game one team wins some other team
has got to lose one."
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTORIA, a safe and sure remedy for
infants and children, and see that it
Bears the
Signature of
In Use For Over 30 earn.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
Nothing interests women more than
a man who refuses to explain things.
A kiss may be a reward or punish
For Every Kind
of Lameness
Rub It on sad
Rub It la,
Balsam of Myrrh
For Cuts, Burns,
Bruises, Sprains,
Strains, Stiff Neck,
and all External luries.
Made Since 1846.
Pdoile k,50satd 1t.00
AII Dealers s c.
Watch Your Colts
omla n¢ ll l to a bPOW of D IS JW O1 UN D S i
~ilu.~~ftdi 7id~~~JOOi~0 ..
How Mrs. Hurley Was Re
stored to Heal:h by Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Eldon, Mo. - " I was troubied with
disjtlacement, inflanmmation and female
r. . wveakness. For two
;year I could not
S'stand- on y feet,
i '5 long at a time and I
could not wralk two
blocks wit.hout en
during cutting and
i ]drawing pains down
my right side which
increased every
S!, month. I have been
4.,'S, at that time purple
in the face and would
walk the floor. I could not lie down or
sit still sometimes for a day and a night
at a time. I was nervous, and had very,
little appetite, no ambition, melancholy,.
and often felt as though I had not a.
friend in the world. After I had tried
most every female remedy without sue
cc•s, my mother-in-law advised me to,
take Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound. I did so and gained in
strength every day. I have now no trou
ble in any way and highly praise 1-r
medicine. It advertises itself."-M-.
S. T. HURLEY, Eldon, Missouri.
Remember, the remedy which dial
this was Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetables
Compound. For sale everywhere.
It has helped thousands of women
who have been troubled with displace
ments, inflammation, ulceration, tumors,
Irregularities, periodic pains, backache,
that bearing down feeling, indigestion,
and nervous prostration, after all other
means have failed. Why don't you tr7
it? Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Ca,
Lynn, Mass.
The Wretchedness
of Constipation
Can quickly be overcome by
Purely vegetable
-act urelan CARTE
gently on tm LTTL
liver.onute IVER
ness, and Indlgetion. They do their dty.
Genuine must bear Signature
not only the old srliable remedy
general strengthening tonic and appetliera
Forchildren as well as adults. Sold lor 5O
ears. 60c and $1 bottles at drug storek
DAISY FLY KILLER "' ""::."~ -
saUle, coneuit,
cee la. asts
meal, cnvepniepL
*vw;l wll not sol or
Ssinlto anythta.
*uewsed .seUedvt.
All dl [email protected] ortSdk
exrm pad fta
IalDs saOMs, 150e a hea r, ., arookiU, 3. T.
prkld, fre, n. reliable: pretend b
W lete stema became te i-
tiest w re eL vasree r aIL
• lWrite fog booklHet mad etmlask
_. ·r inject, bt Coti'h be
The riority prooucs is due to our 3
am of spclulig L Ia mvaelate etm mrim as.
u on nobtezaDlhL. order diret
A lellet pepassaln of mrts.
Nelpie leradicebedandruf.
r iDRCOPol r San
relief, soon remove sweri
and short bresth often ars entire reeidn
1I toPl days. ratretment set FREn
no. O • aa, seee9s8er a ar.
. rI. 's Se Bs L Chb A. eat Ga,
Texas Directory
Hardware Eto. Prices and In
formation urnished on requst
Obtatned anf t.ade iarka rand carr~hzt se
tend Write f n hvetoGu ldeL- Obrll
too~ nr0mildH, lo Te. Phone sPlsrt
KoCae'so Deteentv pg*n , toe'l.te,
Thirty yea's eapeuh. Use T vqe
lateat devle to obtan nvldenoei ia oivll  ndI
Imters. o ee4 its m for many resao. we
also fNrlsh 7oa-ed polle wuehmea. Baes S.
W. N. U. HOUSTON, NO. 27-191L.

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