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icia Journal of the Police Jury of Jefferson Davis Parish : : : : : Official Journal of the Board of Trustees oF e Toun of Welsel
,eannirgs, a., July 19, 1915. cor
A Pennington, way
Elton, La. or
Sir wh
From sources which aplear wo:
lam told you are using with and
French speaking population ing
t me as your opponent fo"r dele- rus
tothe Constitutional Convention fare
=ument that if Modisett goes to Thi
'onvention he will fix the law so jus
adYankee women can vote, and is
F Frenah women will be barred Bo,
ting just as now all women are for
I am very much surprised at tirr
_ If reports are true that you I
glig the people who cannot read a r
;mite against me and for you be- tice
p this argument, then you are the
leasely ignorant of my views of
rage Question, or you h a v e
designed to impose on these
people who have not the scholar.
t you and I possess. I wish you
advise me by return mail over
ae signature whether or not re
vle been correctly represented as
campaign reasons in this par- tu
your information, and the infor- to
of the public and all voters, I t
amy that I do not believe woman Th
will carry in Louisiana today, reb
atm io favor of submitting to the ha
i, a separate ordinance, proper- o
swn, to be voted on separately
the new constitution is voted on,
pestion of woman suffrage. If a
ty of the State votes for It, we
have it, and I am not in favor of
it in any other form, as the
c constitution, in my opfinion,
be rejected with this proposi- m
lneorporated in it. The question
suffrage, if we have it, should LI
opal for all. If men are to vote er
grand-father clauses or property
~ then the women should be like.
tted to vote under each, re- se
whether they are Yankee or in
women. I believe that every i
m should be allowed to vote,
cts. I believe in giving to
schools and education so
ere long not need anything
citizenship to allow them to
ipaign has been on a high and
plaie, I shall continue it on
me fashion, freely expressing my
opinionand views, and grant.
every other man the same privi
If it is your desire to take advan
of want of schooling of these
French people, that is your privi- h
but the statements credited to o
With reference to my position on
are absolutely false and un- n
ted, and I trust that you have v
l:t your zeal for success in this s
I n cause you to intentionally r
A--nt the facts: So far as this s
sls concerned; or any other'that s
J8 faterested in, if I cannot win v
mnd on my own merits, I shall t
atall. t
g you for the reply above re- C
and in order that this errone- t
ion may be corrected now, E
aing a copy of this letter to t
Ifor immediate publication. I
?:. -Yours very truly, I
to Hon. J. O. Modisette,
J-ennings, La.
Sbrings about criticisms
i~othing to say in reply to
if 15th Inst., other than I
pteased to have you meet
w Withme, noon, July 28th
Hotel, your city, at
timne we will discuss its
SYours respectfully,
Elton, La.
Cooper, C. E. Carr, A.F.
'N. England, G, B. Woodall;
geols. J. D. Pousson and J
Deluque Daigle, A. Reeve,
. Joseph Dugus and P. F
IWere in Jennings in connec
a trial to str-ighten the road
through Mr. J. D. Pousson
were in Jennings both
Rush Crder Wells Bci.g ro..e l:
Short Order.
The Layne & Bowler Co. have just
completed a deep water well for M. L
Watkins, two miles east of town. This
was a rush order; as the old well had
gore to the bad, and just at a time
when a well was most needed. The iU
work on the well was begun on July 6th ar
and was completed on the 15th, show- th
ing that they are prepared to handle all in
rush orders, which is gratifying to the
farmer to have his work done promptly. M
This same rig was moved to Cline Bros. to
just west of town to drill a well, which ro
is also a rush order. Messis. Lane & St
Bowler expect to have this well ready d(
for service within Aix days from the
time the work was started.
If it is a deep well, a pump or pit, or re
a repair job that you want on short no- pi
tice call on the Layne & Bowler Co., p1
they will please you. tc
Welsh Motion Ficture Co. have just R
received their new electric piano, Si
which adds greatly to the moving pic- R
ture buinaess. The company have
added many other new improvements
to the business which shows the pro
gressive ideas of the new company. it
These new improvements are showing Is
results as the patronage of the show ii
has very much increased since the new
company has taken charge,
Welsh is to be congratulated upon A
having this splendid place of attraction n
located in her midst. ti
..... **b ----e
G. A. Dennis on Indian Life. a
At the Presbyterian Church Sunday
morning July 25, at 11 o,clock Mr, G, A. n
Dennis will deliver an address on Indian
Life as It is on the various Indian res
ervations of the great southwest.
Mr. Dennis' remarks on this inter
esting subject will be from actual ob. S
servation and personal experiences dur- t
nmg his connection with the Indian serve v
ice, with which he was actively en- d
gaged on various reservations, and
came In close touch with the tribes of
American Indian for sevaral years.
This is a very interesting topic, and C
one in whi h we are all interested; ant t
an invitation is extended to all to go
and hear one who has the experience
and training a!ong these lines.
There will be no seri i:es at the
church in tpe eveling.
e The Methodist meeting which 1
- has been in progress for two
o weeks closed last Sunday night. J
n Many were converted at the i
- meeting and all who attended :
,e were helped a great deal by the i
s splendid sermons that were
7 preached and by the special mu
s sic that was rendered by the
t singers and musicians. There
n was great interest manifested at
i this meeting and large congrega
tions werein attendance. At the
- close of the meeting the doors of
-the church were opened and
R, about 15 members were admitted
to to the church. Rev. Webb and
his able array of assistants are to
becongratulated for the splendid
work they did and the congrega
tion deserve considerable praise
for their regu ar attendance at
the meeting, and especially when
you consider the hot weather.
Rev. Cast.es is a man of rare tal
te, ent and a very able entertainer,
and the management and mem
bers of the church are extremesy
fortunate to have a man of his
ability with them during these
services. While here Rev, Castles
s made many warm friends who
to will be glad to have him with
I therm again.
~et - *
Lits Ttissign, now generally id to slg
nify a dollar, is coinmoniy supposed to
date from the time of the celebrated
Pellar dollar of Spain. This dollar was
known as the Piece of Eilght (meaning
eight reals) and the curved portion of
the sign is a.rude representation of the
F. figutre 8. The two vertical strokes are
all, thought to be emblematical of the Pil
SJ lars of Hercules, stamped upon the
ve, coin itself. It has always required spec.
F ial efforts to become-owrer o& a dollar
c- and when once captured it is advisable
ad to hang to it until you get to the Jour
son nal office before you let go of it, as you
oth can get more for it there, quality con
sidered, than any other known place.
We'sh, La., Ju'y 22. In
I have been asked by several D. PC
voters of the parish if the police favor
jury could be indu ed to change set
any of the roads designated by his la
them at their Ju'y meeting, and lic ro
in order that my position may be soutt
made clear on this matter I wantdeed
to say that in the report of the due
road conmissioners, as I under- the v
stand it no particular roads were needi
designated: only the beginning
course and termintion, and the Lad:
resolution of the police jury ex
pressed no more. The police jury
pledged itself in that resolution Ab
to build a road from Lake Arthur and
via Jennengs to Elton; f r o m g
Thornwell via Welsh to Fenton whei
and three miles into ward 9; from to t
the Mermentau river via Jennings, Spee
t Roanoke and Welsh to the Calca- athe
. sieu line, and from Woodlawn via th'y
- Rice to connect with the road ex- turn
e tending across the parish from W,
east to west; but it did not pledge road
r. itself to build along any particu- wor]
g lar Township, Range or Section ladi
line, nor a l o n g any particular pros
street in the incorporated towns. try i
n And my idea would be, and I on J
n might say it is my intention, if roac
the bond issue carries to be gov
erned by the wishes of the people
as far as I can do so without de- the
y tracting from the general useful- som
k. ness of the parish, the
n The only object we had in build- ed t
S' ing roads is to accomodate the
people who will use them, and it M
seems to me that where on a cer- the
r" tain line there are ten men who in"
v want roads and will be accomo- wh
- dated by them, the line should is ai
If given preference over one which
will accomodate say two or three
id or even five men, 'even though cei
1" the cost would be greater to con- ria
>o struct the road. And in travers- Ha
ce ing the streets of our towns I Mr
be think we should make selections is t
to conform to the wishes of the
people. Take Jennings for in- Mr
stance; would not the people be of
:h better qua.ified to say which frig
ro street runnning in any direction se,
it. from the business center of the,
ne town would afford the greater
jd accomodati6n to her people than em
he the police jury who probab:y visit tio
re there once a mionth, and would col
u- not the people living aTong the go
ke route from Welsh to Fenton, we of
re will say, be better qualified to say
at which of two or three routes go
a- would be of the greatest benefit mi
he to the people in that territory stI
of than the police jury, some of on
a whom has never been in that sec
ed tion of the parish? And what I
nd have said of Jennings applies to n
to i all the towns in the parish, and
id what I have said of the Welsh
a- Fenton road applies to all the
ise trunk roads. Of course impracti
at cable or unreasonable demands Fi
ten could not and should not be con- m
er. sidered, I have seen several maps of
al- upon which are designated foads
er, that are tb be improved, and they
!m- are correct in a general way, but
y in one instance the.line is drawn Ci
his along a section line where no road tl
ese exists and where it would be im- E
les possible to build a road. In an
rho other instance the line is drawn
ith six miles from the road that I am
informed wcu d in all probability
be the line. Bear in m'nd that
these maps were marked by indi
viduals who in some instane were
not evefi acquainted with uhe ter- s
srg- ritory through which the road tl
I to passes, and are not authorized by C
ed the police jury.
was Respectfully, e
are Philip Miller of Jennings repre
Pil- senting the Empire Rice Milling ,
the Co. of New Orleans was a Welsh E
pec. business visitor today. Mr. Mil- t
ltar ler is an old time Welsh boy and I
able we are always glad to see him.
you Mr. Frank Thomasof Jennings
on- was a Welsh business visitor Fri- C
:e. day.
In the case of Jeff Dsvis Parish vs J ill d(
D. Pousson came to an end last Wed- subj
nesday when a verdict was ordered in In tt
favor of the Parish. Mr. Pousson is to taut
set $480.75 for a right of way across vegc
his land which will straighten the pub. com
lic road between Welsh and Rice on the prac
south side of the S. P. track. This in- expl
deed will be very gratifying to those Sevx
who know the conditions now. With mee
due regard to Mr. Pousson we feel that then
the verdict was a just one for this road flcie
needed to be straightened out. ing I
in S(
Lady Voters Enjoy Trip prol
Over Celcasieu Roads. eve!
of h
About fot ty-six ladies from Welsh shot
and vicinity were taken over the good agel
roads of Calcasieu parish yesterday, hon
g. i ng to Lake Charles and Lake Prien, The
where the club house was thrown open coul
to them, and lemonade was served. If it
Speeches were made by Mayor W. B. tion
Gabbert, and C. E. Carr, after which nite
they returned to Lake Charles where the
Sthey spent an hour sight seeing and re- acct
- turned home. esse
1 We hope that the trip over the good H
roads will make a lasting impression in t
and if not all, the most of them will and
work and vote for good roads; as the hig'
ladies are as much interested in the (he
r progress and advancement of otr coun. stal
try as the men are. And we hope that titl
I on July 27th they will show their appre* and
ciation of the visit by voting for good to
roads. ele(
__ _.. The
Mr. R. F. Weichert and the choir at the
the Presbyterian church will render sch
some speoial selectlins next Sunday at
the morning exercises and all are invit-. gt
L ed to attend this service. mis
e ----- Su
t Mr. S. Goldsmith has been much on LoI
the go here of late. He spent Monday
in Jennings, Tuesday in Lafayette, and
on Wednesday he went to DeQuincy an
where he has a large branch store and Lai
d is arranging to put on a big sale. wh
h Me
e Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Grosh re- Ro
h ceived announcement of the mar
- riage of their neice Miss Edna wh
Haughtelin of Yuma, Ariz., to Mi
Mr. Kenneth Sawyer. Miss Edna wil
1e is the only daughter of Mr. and an
Mrs. Carl Haughtelin, formerly
e of this place, and has many
h friends here, she having spent it
n several years of her childhood in dit
e Welsh. The bridegroom is an an
'n employee of the U. S. reclama- lin
it tion service. At present he is a ag
Id construction engineer with the
le government reclamation service P
e of the Yuma project and also the
government representative work
it ing in co operation with the D
ry states of Colorado and Wyoming th
of on the vasi projects for irriga- El
Stion in tlht district. They will 5
to make their home in Denver, Colo. C
sh S. E. Carrollhas just received t
he his commission from Gov. Hall,
From now on you will address his B
n- majesty as Judge Carroll, Justice
ps of the Peace of Ward 6.
ds . ..
t Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Estesof n
n Crowley are here on a visit to P
ad their sons R. A. and Clarence b
m- Estes and their families. Mr. and ,
n- Mrs. Estes are well known here t
wni having lived here for several years v
im on the rice farm just north of t
Welsh. d
Idi- c
ere Sunshine Hawks will deliver a
;er- series of lectures 6n religious
)ad themes at the Presbyterianr
by Church beginnieg Aug. 20th.
Please keep the date in mind,
everybody invited to atteud.
What Interested Him.
Uncl BeIn Barnstraw's city nephew I
.- took him into a fire station one night
ing just in time to see the fire laddies
lh. shinning like squirrels down a pole
il- from their quarters overhead. "Come '
and on, uncle, well go to the fire," the 1
1. nephew suggested. "I don't want to I
go," replied the uncle. '"I want to
io stay here until they come back, so I
97l can see them scobt back up the pole
Home Economics i n !te PLt:i: ri
Schools of Louisiana
D:uring tLe school year tlrt ' j;:
drawn to a close, five thous -11 sch(ool
girls of this :t.ite have Lal iastructi ai
in (lcmestic science and these ielt:l'ied
subljects concerned in home makiing, Ca
In the cooking lessons they have Leen
taught how to cook and serve those
vegetables and meats available in the
community. Tile work hias been Vtry pa
practical with just eno.l h theory to i"
explain the "why"of the methods uscd. Ju
Sewing courses have bet-n planned topl.
I meet the individual needs of the hiris
t themselves, leading not only to et.
I flciency in making any article of cloth- ca
ing but also to discrimination and taste ov
in selecting materials to be used. Our wt
efforts have not been confined to th
problems in sewing and cooking, how- iu
,ever, as they are only part of the study
of home-making. The high school girl ba
should know something of home man- lit
I agement, organization, care, repair, re
home sanitation, accounts and buying. pc
I These lessons are included in the dc
n course called household management.
If it is true that "women are the na- m
I. tion's spenders" a course giving deft- of
h nite ideas concerning the division of W
e the income, the keeping of household pl
- accounts and a bank account is an to
essential part of the training, W
d Home econm mics was irst introduced te
n in the public schools three years ago cc
II and has become an important part of ct
e high school education. On completing ti
e Ihe four-year course as planned In the h,
I1 state course of study pupils are en- i
it titled to four units toward graduation, tc
e* and wherever they have been allowed ei
d to choose, fully 90 per cent have P
elected the home economics course, cc
The girls want the work and many of le
it them, according to statements by high tc
r school principals, stay in school longer in
it because of it. In some cases, too, g
t- greater interest is shown in academic CI
subjects because of the home econo- Yi
mics work.-Miss R. M. Billings, State tl
Supervisor o f Home Economics, a
in Louisiana State University. c4
iy - - - 6.Wre
Rev. E. M. Stewart left for Lafayette
and will spend one night there, from
Lafayette he goes to New Orleans
where he will preach on Sunday at the
Memorig Church. Tuesday for Baton
e. Rouge, and spend a few days in the
r- country and then return and preach in
Baton Rouge on Sunday Aug. 1st; from
la which place he goes to Pine Ridge, a
;0 Miss,, to hold a meeting. Bro. Stewart
la will be at home at Pine Ridge as it is
id an old charge of his.
ly C. S. Kelsey returned Thursday from t
it ansas ,City and other points in the
middle west. He reports weather con- 1
ditions there as anything but favorable,
in and says that the rivers are overflow
a- ing their banks and doing great dam- 1
a age to crops and lands.
ce Polls Close at 5 O'clock
he In Good Roads Election.
he Attention of the voters of Jefferson
Davis Parish is respectfully called to
ng the fact that the polls in the Good Roads I
R- Election Tuesday July 27, will close at
ill 5 o'clock sharp, on account of the same
0. commissioners and clerks acting in the
Democratic prira*.y for the selection of
delegate to the const;tutinal conver
edt oh.
his Bank Helps Boys to Secure
ice Registered Pigs.
A difficulty that often confronts the
organizer of pig clubs is the lack of
money on the ,part of the would-be
of members kith which to purchase a
to pure-bred animal. For this reason
boys are sometimes allowed to enter
a club and raise grade pigs. This dif
Lnd ficulty is solved in Calcasieu Parish by
ere the liberal policy of the First National
ars Bank of Lake Charles. The officials of
of that bank, upon learmning of the splen
did work that is being done by the
clubs, made an offer to lend money to
ra any boy or girl who wished to purchase
ous a thorough-bred pig. The money is
i loaned upon the recomrmendation of
)th the parish superintendent or the local
nd, demonstration agent in charge of
the dlub work. No endorsement is
required on the notes and no in,
terest is charged for twelve months.
If at the end of twelve months the hoy
h"ew is unable to meet payment he is allow
ipght ed to renew the note for another
pole twelve months at eight per cent inter
me est. A great many club members
the throughout the parish have availed
tto themselves af this opportunity to se
Sto cure registered st-ck.
so I The same terms are offered to mera
pole bers of the gil l's cannir~ clubs who
i wish to purchase canningutfits.
1, r Pr., !'OULD CORRECT
: r. (': E. , Chairman Goo Roads
Campaign ('otiu: i ttee, Welsh, La.
ILear sir:-
I uvderstand that certain
parties who are opposed to the bond
issue l(.r road, which is to be voted on
July :'th, ii t lti:' desire to deftat the
propoý. tCon are making statements to
the eflect that sl:ould the bond issue
carry, the road building will be turned
over to contractors. who will have the
work done by imported labor. Of course
this statement is ma'e primarily to in"
jure the chancey of the Bond issue;
but there may bh those who really be
lieve such would ha the case, so let us
reason a little along thins -iie. Sup
pose this work is let to contractors;
does any reasot ing man suppose that
men and teams i an be imported from
other parishes or sta'es that can or
will do better or more work than peo
ple who live here and have there own
teams? And doesn't any sane man or
woman know that a contractor it mat
ters not who he is, is going to get his
contract completed in the quickest and
cheapest way possible? I understand
the contractors on the Calcasieu road
had to import men and teams not be
cause they didn't want to give work
to the residents, but because not
enough resident Abor was available.
Personally I am not in favor of general
contracting all the general contractors
let sub-contracts and of course figure
to make some money; for Instance I am
informed that a large part of the roads
grading in Calcasieu was let to the
contractors at more than S5c per cubic
yard for dirt put in the grade and that
this dirt was actually put in the grade
at from 121-2 to 18c a cubic yard by sub
contractors this being the case I see no
reason why the I arish could not save
the difference instral of its going into
the pockets of a contractor.
My idea would be for the parish to
employ a thorough competent and ex
pellenced road builder and put him to
charge of the road building of the par.
ish. After our raals have been proper
ly surveyed he can tell exactly what is
to be done on every section of the road
and should be competent to judge
pretty nearly the cost of construction
so that in the event a man wanted to
build a certain section of road along his
own farm for instance the superin
tendent with the consent of the Police .
Jury might contract for that particu
lar section at a price estimated to be
what it would cost the parish other
- wise to have, it done by hired labor I
- have had a little experience as Police
Juror in having dirt handled and I
have been able before to have dirt put
in the road for about 10e per cubic
yard when I have paid more then that
the partieswho placed the tirt built ::
the necessary bridges without charge
n and I am satisfied that 75 per cent of
0 the dirt that will be put in our roads
Spreparatory to gravelling can be han
tdled at 12 1.2 cent and less per cubic .
e yard and by hoauo folks, I can see no
e reason whatever why every man in
* Jeff Davis Parish who is disposed to do
- so cannot earn many times the amount
of his taxes and at times when his
time is not actually necessary on hi
' farm. Judging from Calcasleu figures
the putting of the Qravel on the road
el amounted to about 3-S of the construe., ;
f tion this includes the hauling and i'
e spreading. Now as near as I can esti- ::
a mate the cost of the gravel f. o, b. at
mn the sidings in JeY Davis Parish will
er cost in comparison to the delivery from
f- cars on road bed about as 2 to 3 so
y that about 1-1 of our bond issue will i,
al go for freight and gravel and lumber
of leaving $300,000 to be turned loose il
n- our parish, And as stated above I see . .
he no good reason why the larger part of
to this may not he e irned by our home
se people without materially interfering
is ,ith their usual occupations you may .
of make such use of this statement as
:al you see fit.
of Yours tr:uly
is . JNO. H. COOPER.
s. Sale of Stray Stock.
oI wil! s411 at tbhe re~ridence of Josepl
er Fuselier near Elton, .La., a brown horses
r- stray and unbrandedl, on Saturday, Aug,
rs 7th, 1915. Fad sale is being rradeia I
led accordance of a ;esolution la:sed by
;e- the police jutry ri:lative to stiay un
branded stock. lermns cd.
ho C1 onCest!e 4th \i'.Wrd, lar~.h of Jtffer'
Ison La i3, La.

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