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Tie Uce Beit JouraI.'
by the Weih;! Printing Company, Ltd.
Cre Dollar a Year in Advance
Entered! t the Postof ice at Welsh, La. c
as Second Li:.ss vlatter. d
--- ~--- - P-~-
JULY 39, 191.
Editor and Manager.
The people of Louisiana want
to develop their important re
sources of soil, of minerals, of
forests and of navigable water
ways, and the people of New Or
leans want to develop commerce
the "Valley way." So they have
called a constitutional convention
for the purpose of adopting a
modern code of fundamental law
with which to replace the present
lengthy and inelastic constitution
which has had to be patched up
and amended over and over
again during the last few years.
New Orleans is now construct
ing a complete system of coordi
native river-rail-ocean terminal
and warehouse facilities, an d
plans to open a great industrial
navigation canal through the city
to connect the Mississippi river
with an arm of the Gulf in the
rear. A million dollars is soon to
be spent on a modern vocational
trade scheol. A splendid system
of modern sewerage, drainage
and pure water supply has just
about been completed. The en
tire city is now being rat-proofed
as a permanent safeguard against
a recurrence of bubonic plague.
Reclamation of the fertile but
wet alluvial lands all around New
Orleans is making progress and
many orange groves and farms
now stand where marshes stood
It is q u it e natural therefore
that the people of New Orleans
and Louisiana should not be con:
tent to longer live under a consti
tution which, because of a re
strictive character, checks their
Louisiana possesses great natu
ral wealth and New Orleans holds
a strategic position commercially.
A sane, sound and liberal consti
tution under which to work and
develop would undoubtedly help
State and City in many ways.
Louisiana has in this constitu
tional convention a singular op
portunity to show how success
fully a democratic unit of govern
ment may deal effectively with
a rather remarkable situation.
Properly drafted, the new con
stitution, framed to meet the
needs of the new life opening be
iia might well serve
del for other common
The election which was held
last Tuesday resulted in the de
feat of the good roads propo
sition by a very small majority,
the property :valuation carrying
by a large majority.
We do not concede this to be
the will of the voters of this
parish, as there were quite
:a large number of spoiled ballots
at this election, and the majority
•of these votes were in favor of
the bond issue, showing that the
good roads should have carried.
However, the result of this elec
tion showed such a snmall ma
jority against that it is our hon
est belief when this proposition
is brought before the voters again
it will carry overwhelmingly, and
as for us that time cannot come
too soon, for if there is anything
thisparish needs worse than
.roads it is good roads. The
question arises: why haven't we
got them?
To the People of Jeffeirson
Davis Pariah:
Believing in the principles of demo
cracy, I hereby announce as a candi
date for Sheriff of Jefferson Davis
Parish, Louisiana, subject to the action
of the democratic primary, and pledge
the people of this parish, if elected, a
clean and honest administration.
June 8, 1915. C&J
To the voters of W`ard 5, Jefferson
Davis parish: Believng in the princi
ples of Democracy. I hereby announce
myself as a candidate for police juror
of ward 5, subject to the action of the
Democratic party.
Your support is respectfully solicited.
Strayed or Stolen
From my home two miles south of
Welsh, one bay mare about thirteen
hands high; branded with four brands
on left shoulder, 8-K-S and another
brand I cannot describe. Finder wi 1
return to Joe Richard or notify P. O.
box 158, Welsh, and receive liberal re
ward. 8.2t.p.
Warned of His Danger.
A farmer engaged Pat to mow a
small field of hay, and on giving him
a new scythe told him it was such a
good one that he need only put the
point of it in the hay and it would
cut by itself. Pat set off to his work
and about midday, when the farmer
came to see how Pat was getting on,
he found him sitting in a corner of
the field with one end of the scythe
in the hay. This so enraged the farm.
er that he went for Pat, who, on see
ing him, immediately shouted: "Keep
back, keep back; Ye don't know the
minute she'a going to start."
Diarrhoea Quickly Cured
"'About two years ago I had a severe
attack of diarrhoea which lasted tor
over a week," writes W. C. Jones, Bu.
ford, N. D. "I became so weak that I
could not stand upright. A druggist
recommended Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. The
first dose relieved me and within two
days I was as well as ever." Obtain
able everywhere.
Shoe Polish
IN Black, Tan
and White
Omce Phone 150 Majestic Hotel
Eye, 3ar, Nose and Throat
Sep.1S14.1yr Lake Charles, La
Stock and
Poultry Food
Charles E. Carr.
Will Write Your Fire Insurance
Will write Insurance on Your Life.
Also Workman'd Compensation In
Sell or Rent Your Real Estate,
Do your Notary Work;
Will Appreciate Your Business
Jo hn J. Robira
Attorney at Law
Petersen Building
Any party at Welsh desiring my ser.
vices may call me up in Jennings by
telephone at my expense.
Arrest Deer In Saloon.
A wild deer was actually arrested
in Stamford, Conn., and for disorderly
conduct at that. Even worse for the
deer's reputation, it was taken in a
There is nothing in the way of a
nature or other fake about this story.
Two deer were gamboling in a park
when the early morning traffic fright
ened them. One went back to the
woods. The other sped through the
streets until it espied ,he swinging
door of a saloon on which a large
glass of beer was painted.
The deer dashed into the saloon,
scared the bartender and broke bot
tied goods and furniture before it was
captured and bound. Then the police
department was called and a detective
sergeant took the deer in the jag
wagon to a woods on the edge of the
city and liberated it.
George Evidently Not a Caruso.
Her son had enlisted and she was
a proud old woman as she harangued
a knot of friends on the village street.
"Garge always done 'is duty by me
'e 'as, an' now 'e's doin' 'is duty by
king an' country," she said. "I feel
right down sorry for them Germans,
to think of 'im goin' into battle with
'is rifle in 'is 'and and 'It's a Long
Way to Tipperary' on 'is lips." "Poor
Germans, indeed!" exclaimed one of
the audience. "Pity's wasted on 'etml
P'raps you 'aven't 'eard of their cruel
ties?" "P'raps I 'aven't," agreed the
old lady. "An p'raps you 'aven't 'eard
Garge sing."--London Mail.
Thirty-Six for 25 Cents.
Dr. King's New Life Pills are now
supplied in well-corked glass bottles
containing 35 sugar coated white pills
for 25c. One pill with a glass of water
before retiring is an average dose.
Easy and pleasant to take. Effective
and positive in results. Cheap and
economical to use. Get. a bottle to,
day. take a dose to-night-your con
stipation will be relieved in the morn
ing. 36 for 25c at all druggists.-Adv.1
SECTION 1. Be it ordained by the
Police Jury of the Parish of Jefferson
Davis: That the boundary line of
Grapd Marais Drainage District be
amended and changed by the joint con.
currence of the Police Jury of the Par.
ish of Jefferson Davis and Board of
Commissioners of Grand Marais Drain
age District, so as to run as follows:
That the east boundary line of said
District as created, be changed by com
mencing at the intersection of Cary
Avenue and Third Street, in the town
of Jennings, Louisiana, and instead of
proceeding north therefrom on Cary
Avenue, that it run thence eastward
along the center of Third Street one
block to its intersection with North
Main Stieet; Ithence northward along
the center of North Main Street to the
intersection of North Main Street and
Davies Avenue; thence eastward along
the center of Davies Avenue one block
to the intersection of Davies Avenue
and State Street: thence northward
along the center of State Street to the
intersection of State Street and Elev.
enth Street; thence eastward along the
center of Eleventh Street to its inter.
section with Cutting Avenue; thence
northward alongthe center of Cutting
Avenue to the southwest corner of the
northwest quarter ' of the north
west quarter of Section twenty
six township nine. south, range
three west, Louisiana, Meridlan;
thence eastward one-fourth of a
mile to the intersection with the pres
ent east boundary line of said district,
at the southeast corner of the north
west quarter of the northwest
quarter (NW 1.4) of Section twenty-six
township nine (9,) south, range three
west Lomsiana, Meridian.
SECTION 2. Be it further ordained,
etc.,That the boundary line of said
Grand Marais Drainage District be
changed as follows:
Commencing at the intersection of
the section line dividing Sections five 5,
and six (6,) township eight (8) south,
range three (3,) west, Louisiana Meri
dian, with the present boundary line of
said District; thence south along sail
section line one-half (1-2) of a mile;
thence west one half (1-2) of a mile to
the center of Section Six (6,) said town.
ship land range, thence soup three.
fourths (3-4)0of a mile to the sfuthwest
corner of the northwest quarter
of the northeast quarter of sec
tion seven, thence east one-fourth (1.4)
of a mile to the southeast corner of
said northwest quarter (nw 1.4) of the
northeast quarter (ne 1.4)of section
seven; thence south one-fourth of
a mile to the sonth east corner of the
southwest quarter of the north
east of section seven, (7) thence
west one-fourth (1.4) of a mile to the
center of Section seven, thus connect.
ing with the present boundary line of
said district.
SECTION 3. Be it further ordained
etc. That the above boundary lines be
accepted as the correct amended bound
ary line of said Drainage District be.
tween the points where they respective
ly leave the present boundary and the
points at which they intersect the
present boundary ,respectively, and
that all previous ordinances in cbnflict
herewith be amended to conform here
SECTION 4. That this ordinance
take effect and be enforced from and
after its adoption and promulgation.
Adopted July 1, I915.
Yeas Seven
Noes None
Approved July 1, 1915.
Attest: Jno. H. Cooper,
Pres, Police Jury.
L. E. Robinson,
Clerk of Police JG
ýý ýýýýýýýýýýýýr vvv w "ý
Why Experiment?
Wiite Jesse B. Hull, New Iberia, the
well known agent if you want a piano,
player piano, new or second hand. Vic
trolas and anything in the music mine
Cash or on time. We guarantee satis
faction. Get my prices. cj p7-2t
Chas, Abel was a Lake Charles busi
ness visitor Tuesday,
Get your Deering and McCor.
mick Binder repairs at Miller
Hardware & Furniture Co.
E. L. Gerard, of Grenada. Miss, repre.
senting the Associated Silver Co., of
Chi'cago, was in Welsh last Saturday
calling on Greer Bros., jewelers.
Eat Johnson's Ice Cream
at the Busy Bee Satur
day. Its the best.
Misses Amy Radike, Truda Newton,
Corine Bradhury and Mrs. J. C, Kip
linger left last week for Lake Arthur
to attend the camp meeting for a few
Try a bottle of our milk
If it does not please you
it will cost you "nit"
Welsh City Dairy.
Miss Theirot of Sulphur who has
been visiting at the home of Miss
Katie Strohe for some time returned
home the latter part of last week.
A large number lof Welsh folks at
tended Lake .Arthur eamp meeting,
among those who went from here last
Sunday were: F. B. Dennett and family;
S. 0. Scoggins and family; Mrs. O. B.
Scoggins and daughter; A. Reeve and
family Misses Truda and Fannie New
ton and cosalee Prentice; Mrs. Leah
Simpson, Misses ilrma and Marjorie
Robinson and Dora Radeke; C. E. Carr
and wife; M. L. Prentice. and wife; J, &k
Martin and family; Misses Emma Law.
son and Eldia Yantis; Fred Maund and
C J. Breaux; Zim Todd and family; S. 1.
Carroll and family; John J, Miller and
family; Chas. Todd, Alf add Ralph
Reeve, Will Monks. Stuart Robinson,
Jim Robinson, E. D. Lewis. Porter
Scoggins. Moses Walker, Frank Eper
ly, Duke Hinchee; J. A. Roberts and
children; G, D. Booth andifamily. Clyde
Moore and Miss Eula McCain, E. A.
Greer and Miss Florence McCollar.
seven years experience with pumping
plants, slide and Corliss value engines,
steam and gasoline tractors and
threshers. Steady and reliable.
References, Box 398, Welsh, La. 1-t-p
H. C. Fondren parish demonstratiaon
agent was in Welsh Tnursday on busi
Sunshine Hawks will deliver a
series of lectures on religious
themes at the Presbyterian
Church beginnieg Aug. 20th.
Please keep the date in mind,
everybody invited to attend.
Correspondence c a rds
just arrived at the Jour.
nal Book Store.
Beauty More Than Skin Deep
A beautiful woman always has good
ligestion, If your digestion is faulty,
Ohamberlain's Tablets will do you
rood. Obtainable everywhere.
C ha s. S. Miller
Attorne) -at-Law
Jennings, Louisiana.
Past Worthy Grand Patron John W.
Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. Ziin Todd,
Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Dennett, Mr. and
º Mrs. R. S. Greer, Miss Lucile Anderson
and Mr. E. D. Lewis motored over to
Kinder Friday night, where Past
Worthy Grand Patron Armstrong with
the assistance of the members of Pine
rove Chapter No. 106 U. D. duly con
'tituted. Pine Grove Chaper 106 after.
,hich the officers forthe Chapter were
lected and installed to serve for the
ear. After installation was lover the
hapter through their newly elected
orthy Matron Mrs, Myrtle King in
ited the visitors and members to par
ake of delicious refreshments which
ere served in the banquet hall. The
isitors had I a splendid time and ex
ressed their appreciation for the
ourtesies extended to them.|
The Philatheas had their regular
onthly meeting at the home of Mr.
nd Mrs. M. L. Prentice. Regular
usiness was transacted after which
ames and amusements of all kinds
'ere indulged in at a late hour dainty
efreshments were served. There
ere present at this 'meeting about 16
hilatheas and Baracas who desire Ito
xpress to their hostess Mr. and Mrs.
rentice for the splendid time they had
One of them.
A Correction
In last weeks issue of the Journal in
our write up of Mr. John M. Pitre we
stated Mr. Pitre had never been a cand.
idate before this was an error. CMr.
Pitre was elected constable ,of his
ward. We are glad to make the cor
Traveling Man's Experience
"In the summer of 1888 I had a very
severe attack of cholera morbus. Two
physicians worked over me from four
a. m. to 6 p. m. without giving me they
did not expect me to live; that I had
best telegraph for my family, Instead
of doing so, I gave the hotel porter
fifty cents and told him to buy me a
bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy. and take no
substitute. I took a double dose ac
cording to the directions and went to
sleep after the second dose, At five
o'clock the next morning I was called
by my order and took a train for my
next stopping point,, a well man but
feeling rather skaky from the severity
of the attack," writes H. W. Ireland,
Louisville, Ky, Obtainable every-,
Notice of Final Account a
cation for Discharge
State of Louisiana, Parish of
)avis, 15th JUdicial Di
Whereas, Mrs. Sarah B.
Executrix of Yaid estate of
has filed her final account ani
accompanied by her petitio,
office oF the Clerk of CoUiBt,
application for discharge as
applying to have said ace,
tableaux homologated, and
charge granted, and her bod
and erased of record, in te
numbered and entitled Success
Now Therefore, public notice
by given to all parties in
show cause if any they have, i
ing, within ten days from
cation hereof, why said a
should not be granted, a
homologation, discharge and
lation made as praved for.
Witness the honorables
Overton and Alfred M. Bark
of said court, at Jennings, I
26th day of July, A. D., 1915.
I. R. Pl
Clerk of Distric
McCoy & Moss, Attorneys
Neuralgia Pains StopIet
You don't need to suffer thaos
izing ,nerve pains in the Bf,c
arm, shoulders, chest and ad,
apply a few drops of soothil
liniment; lie quietly a few
You will get such relief and
Life and the wdrld will look
Get a bottle today. 3 ounte
at all druggists. Penetrates
jll I l l
Hiow's This?
,Vc 2fier One Hundred
A-'oward for any case of
that cannot be cured by
Catarrh Cure.
We. the undersigned, have tkagq
Cheney for the last 15 ~ir i
him perfectly honorable in af
transactions and financiall
out any obligations made
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken
acting directly upon the bloo
cous surfaces of the system.
sent free. Price 75 cents per
by all Druggists.
Take Hall's Family Pills ter
8We are Headquarters for
Adriance Rice Binders
8 Plymouth Binder Twine
8 Mandt Steel Axle Wago.
Old Hickory Wagons
-8 We have the Goods
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-Quality Considered.
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Give us a chance to quote you.
8 Armstrong Machine & Well W
m Ilm  .mm m,,,m  ,.,.
After Four Tears of Discouraging
onMditions, rs. Bllock Cave
Upin Despar. H band
Came to Reasca
Catron, Ky.-In an Interesting letter
from this place, Mrs. Bettie Bullock
writes as follows: "I suffered for four
years, with womanly troubles, and during
this time, I could only sit up for a little
while, and could not walk anywhere at
as. At times, I would have severe pains
Ia my left side.
The doctor was called to, and hIs treat
ient relieved me for a while, but I was
soon confined to my bed again. After
that, nothIng seemed to do me any aood.
I had gotten so weak I
and I gave up in despI r
At last, my husband gat
Cardul, the woman's to-in
menced taking it. Proms 
dose, I could tell it go
can now walk two mom
r tiring me, and am dolngdU
k If you are all run dOW~0
r troubles, don't give up l
Cardul, the woman'stoea .
e more than a million
t years of continuous
s surely help you, too. Yom:
sold Cardul for years. Ii
it will do. Ask him.
mend it. Begin taking
Write to: Chattacops
rAdvisory Dept., ChattafOo5
Intrudiou onsn yow AM
" Treataeat fr Woo=ea,"eat I

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