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The Rice belt journal. (Welsh, Calcasieu Parish, La.) 1900-19??, January 14, 1916, Image 9

Image and text provided by Louisiana State University; Baton Rouge, LA

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"' . f " rý 1
f! Y, T r r
I. ·Et - li~~C~;~i
J f
I i 1 ;\ \I H
"'Y. 1 '4 ISt tL ..i - ' K '.,G t71. 'X ' U 2x" !~ ' :hUUY :. - W'y 1y 1 TA'
iL u-t-" u i, omP
;V',:!lea and Retail
... Land Merchants...
ýý r'I.* ;t. I t1 Iý 1 A u .1
I~ill ýIU.?. }lH": Stlllk Iai..'lt :iny t!lifl ý fli
i t "( [lii.
iFranis S1t.
h U
it; ,.; .c 1 1'
ti 1. K Ii
'I~ ~ ~ ~ 1 .: -;·· ~ I -
ANi , S
ti a.Azsis . in ..Ia
.kn a 'Ihe Ladjes
1* iz-?a r7
rA - - -
t··How Paint *. nla..lm~r
WieFticeG, Lie trit
in ·' 'i ri Sc~
t' i- I~
N' ~ ~ ( Irirt's fl1^' '* r - iti .tU1Uft 1 ruan
tJruii1Ii si~ru ri GS OL E OS ewOcau L a.
1 -. t
Ii. - .
ii' ~ ( '.1 '.
!i"'lit'ý' 1'''' 'tl (lt'ttl(,('1.!tii lIT'llli lillt" I o~
:111 1,' '.(~! ' .11:1,.1111:
lt'! t to tilt' al' !ic II n1 111 :' 1)t('llli llfit I, I
I' II 'I"ti
ji ,1?, 11 ~1 1 ~1:1 '1., Ir I)'l~'o
I'. till' I iti *I I. '.iit' t o ILe i t n
Pils' II 'llt' t t~ii ' 'itvli it el'ctedl. a
C&~.J I,
1ei ~ti ('I:L'1 .J I?(t- \VAtLt) 5. tt
1),i 110 \HIi tt~t (t li ' a' d itt )tWI t'~ tliti(
I)Ii iiII 1.; l '1 "itt 11 i tt(J~ n i
NIR .,! lk 'l .N Il It.'\It'.1,.N'i ' 11111
,I \!11 N M .i··.i I;.'.
1t ; CI 'I ''''I'' I< 1) 5. i
ai lt \ I' ` . t I1 R ' N 1
;ýI11, I() i!!,~i(. ' 1".1 .1, ~ ( I ttl'I \'',it,.,". ;
Il tilt I ) ;1
-- - -'
I ). )' !~I (1., it: i iL"?: \.7'uA t) I;
Ca ada's i1tlth in Coal. t
liui' lt ' 'i, I itt, La
I 1
Iiiur Lt:cc '.2 wrs it
11(uL'tti 't 4jItV I''' i .ilL.
\1 ll' II tint1/t. d o ;(nn ,!tl: t
AI)\`'i ':1t' : AII
a :, r'.II: i(l tt''(r t i n tll iii 'it ii "l1; ~ t'7 i
at'tl(, ·ii u1 flit' t 1:i' l ( i t Ut' ot It octilt
li I~ri·iliii ,:, 1,; h' I.1 ('it J, ut; !I I "' .1111'.
L it
Teini": Cash oe day o' saP' with nCot
1C('OY & MOSS, dec tver.
I Atto:'neya s .
Beginning of Batt r Things.
f'I'lh'lly iiode' uoil ,I t uIif " l I' I "
jI~r~rle~lula ns oni ICC.l to(IHIIl :1C·~ 'C'f
h;,; h('!"·;':: 11 () 111ot'll ( 1 o "1~! i ll , I ll ` '
1 I I e CI' l h t' .f ' ! it' I I , II I I '
I , 1 1 ~'
tIihj ulla. aIsc c'du ii h ll ed lt ý i'C
t1~t· : 1'.1 I~ 1':' trl I t"ltl .1 In ,tl,. (~ ~·
lit' iC' C '1 1c ;i,'it'. (11 (Ai "I t
(.it'i ri u vi ( t Cl i 11 '1 IC s l ul (! tlt' .t .iA (l,I
they \.'CJ Io(c;1 I tO \i.1 IlJi- t i ti v:, l'"1 titi!
c SP t( hit n usei(t'' , 1(t Io ;IC 1' ' O d C nut
ii ,(1. h (t: h teu \t' 'ntiu t1 t act I1 t'.1
cats' tts isf PI , bu not h ure it uut t
State of Lonuisiana,
ParIs of atCC sII( ,tl&lr 1Dii i .'.
liv vitutte ol, and puruIantlt tIo anii cr'
deI fr om1 Ilofln( Daie Fred J. ( irac c. ilt1!
i4t1'r it the SiatIe Land Ofi)ce, (dled"
the 7t h daly ( J lanuary 1916, afi In (C(,
t';l fills %k iti ai I N(;. ni;i fC it'th ;'% t; n1
I W\'ill Ol 11(ll CC I de and 'SCh1 :It jiil:u
'i c.\ Oc l I at tlIh C 11C iin d C ( ii ,11 Olt,
ouilt I ICCUlo oft tile P l'i si t C I'th'.,Ci
)av is at Ii tl1gs, Lou uiaiii , on
Saturday, February 19th, 1916,
hlt''C1?O thC hIcui (il 11 o'clocCCk A Mi.
Clii 4 CCC!ec( t' .0. to ICC 11' lI."t a(ii.
sl1I t hC.CtLI, tilc ' ft1lIllt\'i.g d, c it-
PI CCIpi p'Ity' I() w'.it
NI', , , \ [' S .'1 i T. i9 S R. 6 \\'.
Cii S ii.'- ('.i i .l FCo tal:CCI it
T~~~o ~ Io·~s int t ŽI rk~in~i al,
jiirul uut e lillued pl:lll Olln Sll 11Y.
j~~~~~~~C I1:CI;all luttot bo~s
C! C~ Ch I;n: II" :11lvllI IC'e;.cp·.:, It I
N c2 of Purchase cf Property at
Tax Sale.
'It C\ ICCC it iliv ('o'1 't "I', dll (e'I 'c -
1,1 r c 'l·~ ;~ICC' . o\ C' i 1 cii. iCC 11 dC·
,i'i C't \1 .1 .\' NC). 2 (Cl (th ' (j- Ch't'l'
(iIC I C ilt ( ' St~lt' (It lT~Clislalo~i tot'
t ( y I 1 11111, that1 (i! C it' 9t'1 d,1>' Cit'
1''U .. a "r s t' , 0 ."V i sV. o1~·l;I~t
1 I I \'. C iiC to A. 1'.. 1. .4C'CICCI.
Ci W ti lC h, 1, '., b ti 11CC' . e'110 x Aut
I).C Cl 1'1.1 1. i'' it'' C n 1 l 1C
t1 he Ii CC aiC i tCl t a t fo r . (i thef
FearC 1!I? I ClilD' n !id lCC rj'rl ,t':IY tut
Lilt s ate, aris! ,r l;1 1'i*II tiye:"
thie tax Cit c"i )hen! ' d-itul 11.ffnei3d, 191'i
CX- ulcCuICC lax cic i I n turCOafd tCCC' l'ien'
C(,n 1)i\iVI I C. CC '". ll
t Ih t iiu lily CIC I \ l ('I let11 in
(.~~ ~ ~ I ' ' 1:111. C lilt'1',ii (1 ;ýin , ta l ,'
ý' !ý 111).i1 I " I .c "C I : ,o
.1; r t ll !. !i .t, A l 0 t' ,t ,: liy.
Civil En[gi~eer and Surveyor
Thirty years experience, good
references; wouki like to figure
on your work.
Jennings. La., Phone 135
Chi as. . Miller
.nnings, Louisiana.
E. S. REA . T
, .' i:
sssWelsh, La.
.Just Receivea....
A t' () O NE£ S
$7IM 1.0 it .
m u1(l I hlr i .
ust R eet e st Your attery Free
F.of . t. Flour
W elsh Ci rocer
.i i I ' "1 .. I I P or1
Ltop aind Lt ?lc Test Your L:ttery T ree
F, FB. Dai ctt .\t I, , i,.!t I718fl
·l. 1n t1.i- nt t[;I,;i
. E.4:relfe,,t (>. o,kzingl Prompt Service
r~i ~ i.C.Iu and Up.tc-Date
EITA T.HE.,L.OR PpEt-o o or
' Up-to date Taloring, Cleaninresssi1g Iheing,
'Lc W ' ork a it Stecialty
Up-to-date 'aioring, Cleaning, Pressing,,
S it uaranteed.
Age,,nt for Wr ity Steaci. Laund
;tI Basket Lea' kt ry Tuesday h 7
=mi-.. ... . -
;!evare of (?_ for
r;rrh that tu_? - ,Iury
t l'ý'1!' l S. TV-.'
:1 , Vi~l r1
I. 1*C W-. I
"" Iýtp 'u Sri i"1 ln' 11ý1
it XIissilly I r I' , f. VI. SI
r'irr r tl\ upon ti,, i' /: r NII1
jI lr 1. ' 1 r1< rr I' ! K'...
tintoIi;ItI fr,-re.
8 1 '. v I lrIIIc~is . I'" itt !R.
Take ba~ll k'asraily 1, -i.
/ iW9M
SlID' .. I

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