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Prince Albert gives
smokers such
delight, because
-its flavor is so different and so
delightfully good;
-it can't bite your tongue;
-it can't parch your throat;
-you can smoke it as lohg and
as hard as you like without any
- -comeback but real tobacco hap
. 4piness!
On the reverse side of every Prince
1 Albert package you will read:
. JULY 3oN., ,9o7"
S That means to you a lot of tobacco en
joyment. Prince Albert has always been
sold without coupons or premiums. We
prefer to give quality I
Iy R. .Rernolds
5 Tobseco Co.
the national joy smoke
S yOU'LL find a cheery howdy-do on tap no
Sptter how much of a stranger you are n the
in goodness and eck ofthe woods you drop into. For, Prnce Ii
Albert is right there - at the first place you
in pipe satisfaction lhat.sells tobacco The toppy red
in pipe satisfaction ba sells for a nickel and the tidy red ico IS PA
tin for a dime; then there' the hand- BACCO IS PREPARE
is all we or its enthusi- some pound and half-pound tin Il)RSMOKERSUNDERTHE
humidors and the pound 'h p tOCESS DISCOYED I
crystal' lasshumidor with V t'DIN
astici tfriends ever claimed .spongeir itene, top MAiNG EXPERIMEN5.s,
e ifor it I that pi, RODUCE TE H MOST DEI
ban""up trim Hu`lE!WIol0f IE
all A° ,' ýH1Uh IýQwljIe i thi
It answers every smoke desire you ",
or any other man ever had! It is so'
cool and fragrant and appealing to your ta lE WO E
smokeappetite that you will get chummy with ' 'c.aiESNKITBIAEI'
it in a mighty short time I5s OTITE THEn IiSUE
Will you invest 5c or lOc to prove out our sayr r . a. . e. a.
so on the national joy smoke? e Alrt tid red ti R
Jid "Pamed Prsoa" me""..
yºou sad realiae wat it meesU
R. J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO CO., Wi~ tonSalbm, N. C.
1 0.1-25-4- 6, 1916.
. e ,or. ,2Mo. .... as.. _.e . .IOu.OL
.s M$ 16,O0 RENIUM ov. ,,
G 6LAWAY  NOV. 1i . ,,4.
wRIr tCo CarALOcu asOR 1oI0 utO
Louisiana State University.
Is the work of tick eradication, it
tll, there are two main objects to be
*Siarsd, viz., (1) To kill the cattle
eib; and (2) to accomplish their de
rkition in the shortest possible space
To those engaged in this work in i
SUate, under systematic co-opera
b, the results, so far, have been ex
ly ~ gratifying; yet, in the opinion
h b authorities, and in comparison !
I1 what some of the other states1
ioltdes., there is still room for someI
improvement; and it is thought that
a slight shortening of the dipping
periods, during the season, would have
the effect of increasing the efficiency
and thoroughness of the work. This
opinion is based upon the practical
experience of tick eradication workers,
not only in Louisiana, but in other
We believe we are correct in the
statememt, that Louisiana is the only
southern state that does not now dip
its cattle every 14, instead of 21 days;
and that those which have adopted the
shorter periods are securing better re
suits, as is shown by comparing the
monthly dipping records of other
Istates with our own, and the fewer
number of infected herds at the end
of each month's work, which means
Ithat other states are destroying more
I ticks, because fewer, if any, of them
are permitted to mature and drop off
the cattle between dippings, which it
seems possible for some to do during
the longer interval of 21 days.
True, the average time for cattle
ticks to mature on an animal is about
22 days, and, consequently, the 21-day
'dipping destroys most of them. How
ever, experience has demonstrated
that some ticks may, and in some
cases do, mature and drop off a few
days earlier than the average, and
are not destroyed in the 21-day-dip;
and it is these few earlier maturing
ticks which continue to infect pas
tures, delay the work and its final
accomplishment, afid, consequently, in
crease the cost. In short, dipping
only one day before the ticks are ex
pected to drop off the cattle, while it
may, and no doubt does, destroy most
of them, is a little too near the danger
line, and is likely to miss some of
which have matured a day or two
earlier than the average. This, we
believe, is one, if not the chief, rea
son why the states that are dipping
every 14 days are securing more sat
isfactory results, with fewer infected
herds, than we in Louisiana are get
We do not presume to suggest that
it would be practicable, nor wise, to
make any change in the dipping peri.
ods already in vogue where system
atic work is being carried on. But,
from the more satisfactory records
of other states we are forced to the
opinion that it would be a wise move
to institute the two-weeks-dipping
periods with the beginning of the sea
son of 1917, which would mean only
some 5 or 6 more dipping during the
entire time from, say, April lit to
November 15th, and with much more
satisfactory results, and time and
money saved.
The sole object of this suggestion is
to try to effect a more thorough tick
I~lling, sad materially shorten the
time required lot total tick erjdi.cs
tioa; and we would be pleased to hae
those who to emasuie ..
tematic tisi gatioa is the sptiulg
ef 1917 ms at doe cee I4.
osedlos. -`: *. .·.i.
Climatic Brand
House Paint...
W ire Fence, Lime, Cement, .
Brick and Lumber
ammxx maxxmna cmm
A. L. HEBERT, Proprietor.
tUp-to-date Tailoring, Cleaning, Pressing,
Dyeing, Suits Made To Order
Hit Ouaranteed.
- Iberia Sanitary Laundry
* uet Leaves Every Wednesday
i Called for and o )elivered. Phone 70
"' - tI S .. .. .I IEII, a OI I Inn .
-I ~and .tot atra
4 " . J
t.ate of Louisiana,
Pa.rish 01 Jefferson Davis.
Know all men by these presents,
that the several persons whose names
are hereto subscribed, for themselves,
anu for such other person or persons
as may associate, or become associated
with them, have, anti by these presents
do form and incorporate themselves
.nio a body corporate under the laws
of the State of Louisiana, and by
These presents, they do covenant and
agree and bind themselves to the fol
owing terms and stipulations, which
They adopt as their Charter, to-wit:
The name and style of this corpor
ation shall be "The Welsh Garage
Jompany, Incorporated," and under
,his name and style it shall have and
.njoy all the rights granted to cor
iorations under the laws of the State
of Louisiana, and its domicile shalh
Je, and is hereby fixed in the city of
Welsh, in the parish of Jefferson
Javis and State of Louisiana.
The objects and purposes of this
corporation, and the nature of the
ousiness to be transacted and carried
on by it are declared hereby to be as
To purchase, own, hold, acquire, sell
.ease, mortgage, exchange, donate an
contract to buy, sell, exchange ant.
iease all kinds of property, real, per.
sonal and mixed.
To buy, construct, maintain and op.
grate a garage and machine shop oi
Thops, iron works, foundry, woo(
working plant or other repair or man
afacturing establishments. To buy.
own, hold, sell, manufacture, repair,
handle and otherwise deal in auto
mobiles, motor cycles, motor trucks
and their parts and all kinds of ma
ohinery, tools, implements, appliances
fittings, pumps, valves, batteries, en
gines, boilers, pipe, screen for oil and
vater wells, and also all other ma
chinery and appliances of whateve:
nature. And generally to do all anti
everything necessary or convenient
for the accomplishment of any of the
purposes herein enumerated or inci
Jental to the powers herein named, or
which may or shall at any time ap
)ear conducive or expedient for the
benefit of this corporation.
All citations, summonses and other
legal processes shall be served on the
President of said corporation, and, in
:ase of his absence, on the Vice Pres
ident, and in the absence of both, on
;he Secretary.
The Capital Stock of this corpora
don is hereby fixed at the sum of
Seven Thousand Five Hundred
Dollars ($7,500.00), divided into
Seventy-five (75) shares of the par
value of One Hundred Dollars (100,
30) per share. Which capital stock
may be increased to the amount of
Ten Thousand Dollars (10,000.00) in
accordance with the laws of Louis
iana. Stock in this corporation may
be paid for in labor or other services,
an din material furnished or good will
as well as in cash, and the judgement
of the Board of Directors as to the
value of the property, labor, good will
or services so taken, shall be conclu.
sive. This corporation is authorixed I
to commence business when one-half I
of the Capital Stock has been sub- I
scribed and paid for in full. 1
The corporate powers of this corpor
ation are hereby declared, except as
hereafter may be stipulated, to be
vested in and exercised by a Board of
Directors composed of not less than
Three nor more than Five of its stock.
holders, which said Boarl shall be
elected annually by said stockholders
on the first Monday in January of
of each year; each stockholder shall
be entitled to one vote for each share
of stock held and owned by him, and
may cast his vote in person or by
written proxy; and said meeting of
stockholders shall be preceded by due
notice according to law to each stock
holder at least fifteen days before
such meeting; provided, however
that a failure to hold said meeting oi
the stockholders and to elect a board
of directors shall not operate as a for.
feiture of the Charter or any aband
onment of any of the rights secured
by it, to the stockholders, but the 1
Board of Directors and officers shall
hold over untill their successors are
elected and qualified. Others stock
holders meetings may be held when
ordered by the Board of Directors or
the holders of Thirty-three and one.
third (33 1-3) per cent of the out
standing stock, and notice of all stock- ,
holders, meetings other than adjourn
ed meetings, shall be given in the
manner prescribed for stockholders'
meetings for the election of Directors a
unless such notice be waived, and all
meeting of the stockholders shall be B
held at the domicile of the corpora
The Board of Directors when elect- o
ed by the stockholders shall elect I
from their own number a President, a
Vice President. Secretary and Treas- n
urer, both of which last named officers Ia
may be held by one person. The re- b
spective officers shall have the powers p
usually given to said officers, and k
shall serve until their successors shall
have been elected and qualified. si
The President and Secretary, with I)
the approval of the Board of Directors I
shall have the right, power and au- P
thority to eaier into and execute all
contracts of any nature which they
may see fit to make and to make pur
chases, sales, leases, sub-leases and
execute all other instruments as in
their judgment may be proper and
for the best interest of the corporation.
The following named stockholders
shall constitute the first Board of
Directors of this cbrporation and its
officers, and shall continue intil their
successors are elected and qualified at
the annual meeting, hereinbefore pro.
vided for, on the Afirst Monday in
January, 1917, viz:
Dr. R R. Aylesworth, President.
I. R. Aylesworth, Vice President;
C. L Abell, Sec'y1 and Treasurer.
Board of Directors: Dr. R. I Ar.
ceneaux, I R. Aylesworth and C L.
This corporation shall have author
ity to adopt a seal, and, under its
name and style above designated, shall
have and enjoy cororate sneeasiton
er shall liquidate its affairs by dis
posing of its property and paying
( iist all the ddbts and liabilities of the
company; second by paying unpaid
dividends; and he shall distribute the
balance, if any remains, amongst the
stockholders in proportion to the
, amount of stock owned by them. But
sino stockholder of this corporation
,shall evet be held lilhble for any
igreater amount than the unpaid bal
lance of his capital stock, and no in
s formalities shall have the effect of
. endcering this Charter null or ex
s posing any stockholder to any loss
ui beyond the amount of his capital stock.
1 Thus done and passed before me,
- the undersigned Notary, on the 26th
day of September, A. D. 1916, in the
presence of the undersigned lawfu:
Subscribers Address Shares
R. R. Arceneaux, Welsh, La. . 18
I. R. Aylcsworth, Welsh La.....18
C. L. Abell, Welsh, La..........__----18
0. J. Toups,
E. H. Boling
(Seal) JOHN T. HOOD,
Notary Public. Jefferson Davis Parish,
State of Louisiana.
State of Louisiana,
IParish of Jefferson Davis.
f The foregoing Act of Incorporation
laving been submitted to me for ex
.mination, I hereby certify that I have
arefully examined the same and find
he objects and purposes therein set
orth to be legal and that none of the
irovisions therein contained are con
:rary to law.
In Testimony Whereof, witness my
)fficial signature at Lake Charles,
Louisiana, on this the 29th dlay of
ieptember, A. D. 1916.
District Attorney, Fifteenth Judicial
District, Louisiana.
State of Louisiana,
Parish of Jefferson Davis.
3ffice of the Fifteenth Judicial Court.
I hereby certify that the above and
oregoing is a true and correct copy
)f the original Charter of the Welsh
Garage Company, Incorporated, filed
n this office on the 3rd day of Octo
)er, A. D. 1916, and duly recorded on
"he 3rd day of October, 1916, in Book
One of Charters, pages 161 et seq.
In Testimony Whereof, witness my
official signature and seal of office at
Jennings, Jefferson Davis Parish, Lou
:siana, this the 3rd day of October,
A. D. 1916. I. R. PRICE,
Clerk of Court.
List of petit jurors drawn to appear
mnd answer in open court at the court
'rouse, in Jefferson Davis parish, Lou
isiana, at 11:00 o'clock a. m., on Mon
lay, October 30th, A. D. 1916, and to
serve as petit jurors for the balance
)f said week, which drawing is as
Name Ward
1. T. S. Plunkett ----------4.. .4
2. A. V. Peters ...........8
3. Fred A. Koll ..........----------. 3
4. D. F. Bresnan _------------1
5. Columbus Fuselier ._-------4
6. W. A. Clark ------------............2
7. R. L. McIntyre ........----------8
8. M. L. Prentice ----------6..6
9. Lucien 0. Broussard ........1
10. J.. F. Buch ------------2... .2
11. E. O. Daughenbaubh ........------2
12. Benj. Freeman .............----------2
13. W. H. Patterson .-.........7
14. Emanuel ,Valdetero ........2
15. E. E. Baker ,----..........1
16. Rex Carter ----------.......6
17. A. F. Lewis ...............6
18. H. Brauchhaus ....------ -4
19. Julien Fontenot ---------.5
20. F. D. Peterson ---........... 1
21. J. F. Williams, Jr .......... 4
22. M. L. Clark ......--........2
23. Estave Miller ............. 99
24. F. 3. Dumartrait ...........4
25. Amos Richard .............. --4
26. Eart R. Stewart --------.2
27. W. C. Bell .......-.......-2
8. D. E. Cole ....--............5
29. Fletcher Langley ............5
30. Levi P. Morton --........... 6
I hereby certify that the above and
foregoing thity (30) names is a true
and correct list of petit jurors drawn
to appear and answer in open court at
the court house of Jefferson Davis
,arish, La., at 11:00 o'clock a. m. on
Monday, October 80th, A. D. 1916.
Clerk's office, September 26th, A. D.
1916. I. R. PRICE,
Clerk of Court.
Welsh People Should Act in Time.
If you suffer from headache;
If you have a headache, dizzy
If the kidney secretions are irreg
Don't delay-likely your kidneys
are sick.
Welsh people kecommend Doan's
Kidney Pills.
Here's a Welsh man's experience:
Jbseph Villien, S. Railroad Ave.,
Welsh, says: "I was troubled more
or les, by weak kidneys. At times
I had rheumatic pains in my joints
and a dull ache through the small of
my back. I got Dean's Kidney Pills
at the Crescent Drug Store and three
,boxes gave me great relief. The
pain in my back let up and the other
kidney ailments were relieved."
Price 50c, at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy-get
Dean's Kidney Pills-the same that
Mr. Villien had. Foster.Milburn Co.,
Props., Buffalo, N. Y.
Our Hobby
Is Good
Ask tosee
Priting samples of
our busi
_ nesscards,
and othr imvitations, pam.
phiets folders, letter heads
statements, shipping tags.
envelopes, etc., constantly
carried in stock for your
Get eur figures on that
r printingyU u hay,. been
hin i g :°
"If we consider the razorback hog
ifom the standpoint of a breed only,"
says Dr. W. H. Dalhymple, professor
of veterinary science, L. S U., "we
fully agree with the write' who says
"it has no place in modern agiicul
tine,' But this; bieud is susceptible
oi much improvement through an in
tcllgent systcm of grading up by the
ie of males of improved breedling,
specially the larger kinds, on the
est of the n:ative females. In Lou
iana the 'woods are full' of razor
:eks, and althnugh they 'have no
ace in modern :,rieulture,' our prob
_Vm. is to get rid of them.
"''n suggesting methods of improve
,n ot in all vaiieties of our native
lock the writer has always recom
,eoded the grading up process by tihe
:e of pure bred niale.; and in case
1f our hogs we have the same advice
to offer. The fir'st :tep should le the
conversion of all native pigs into bar
rows. The second should be the selec
tion of the best of the young native
sows for breeding purposes. And the
third should be the purchase and use
of pure bred males of whichever breed
and type the owner prefers. In a few
generations of judicious selection and
g rading, we would be able to bring
our native hogs up to a class that
-wculd find a ready market at much
.unu:ngtr age than at present obtains.
IExcept in the case of those who de
sire to o into the business of breed
in an.:l raising pure bred hogs for
s!s le, it i: unreasonable to expect that
.,linary raiser of swine can afford to
purchasc all pure bred animals. It
i. too expl)sive\' a proposition. But,
in hi:: na.tive sows, he has already got
' basis for impiovement; and if he
,.v! only carefully select these, and
ue puule bred males of the improved
I,:, will only be a matter of a
I' .. rencrations of grading up before
h class of hogs that the best
:lets viii 1e glad to secure. This
-*:, thei most important rational
y i' 'getting rid' of our razor
----l'olrteen Rhode Island Cockerels
for sale at $2.00--G. R. Boling,Welsh,
at our store
Call and see us, we have
a complete line of
Welsh Grocery
L. R. Barbee, Proprietor Telephone No. 79
Will be pleased to call on you at any time, showing
these popular lines.
Address, Welsh, La. Telephone No. 55
Suits Made to Order-FIT Guaranteed
Up.to-date Cleaning, Pressing
Hats Cleaned and Reblocked
Promptness Work Called For
Our Motto and Delivered
t-I-I-1-t+++4+++++ Hir4i II
Is now located in Welsh and will
be glad to answer calls,
both night and day
-" WelshLiFIy SATable Phone 20
Welsh..Livery Stable Phone 20
Painless. Extractihg fREE with O tir #Ork
No delay-Plates and Bridgework completed same day ordered
Our new Lake Charles oflice is now lcated in the new building ao Ryan
street over CARLSON'S Jewelry Store, where the services of oat great
organization of skilled Dentists are at your disposal. In order to get
acquainted with you, and that we may obtain your good vai ai in m
fluence, we are going to make the following price fOr  i .ew days o .
A Guarantee Bond for 15 Years With All Werk
Best Set of Teeth.... ........$5.00 I Porcelain Crojus.... , 3,0.
22k 30-gauge Gold Crowns I Porcelain Inlay.'--.... ..:...S $00
and Bridgework$h.00 and $5.00 I Silver Fillings....... ...... 0O
Gold Fillings... $10 and up I Platinum iltpgs ...........1.00
Gold Inlay............$2.00 ddap
Painless Extracting Free, and.Cleaning too, Withither Work
Samples of plates and Bridges, and get an as yll nita
Work. No charge for examination.
The Most Complete Organization of Skilled Deatlsts in the South
Upstairs over Carison's Jeiwely Store, new bruildiU; i Ryan ' ta .
4 h*~ :

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