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hIe *ie SIelft Lurnal
Jefferson Davis Parish's Leading Weekly Newspaper
VOLUME XV II'. ______ RPA_
The.Gas rFame telis
why Coles hot BLast ' a
m akes y ou r
Coat pile Last.
Save $25.00 this Winter
from your former coal ? ii:s i y htl:: your home with the
valuable gas half of yo(r f..1 .el wa by all other stoves.
This valuable half of yc'r ccal suveu and completely turned
into heat only by a
Cole's Original Hot Blast
Thevaluable gas half of yourfuelis We guarantee ever Cole'u
aliheld in the stove by Cole'sPate Wted
air tight construction. Not a p.,rtc:e Original Hot Bleat
ofthe gas is allowed to escape up the -to saye 'e the fuel over any bottom
chimney it isthen ompletclv b reed dralt stove
and utilired for heating by Coe -touel
Saving Hot Blast Draft. -to use less hard coal than any Base
Beware of imitation Hot Blast burner with same sied firepot.
Stoves which soon open up at tihe -to remain air tight as long as used.
many jointsallowingthe gas to escape Burns any fuel - Hard Coal, Soflt
unused. Coal or Wood.
Avoid imitations - Look for '"Cole's " on feed door
Miller Hardware
& Furniture Co.
Welsh, La. t
A IRtill LiLre ©f
Ibbs Laces,
oN N1. To Crdllt
The Ladies' Bazaar
Mrs. W. T. McAffrey, Prop.
Corner of the Southern Mercantile Building
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and be
AT MARTIN 3an ed
Wednesday, Nov. 8...
5 and 15 cnts
iday, Non. 10...
18,000 Rexall Druggists Take Straw
Vote-Poll of Over 2.000,000
Covers Every State
The outcome of the presidential
election which will be held next Tues
day is pretty nearly correctly fore
cast in the result of the straw vote
taken by the National Association of
Druggists whose members, number
ing over 8,000, located in almost ev
ery town in the United States, the
latest compilation of which appears
herewith, published by permission of
the local Rexall Drug Store.
The fact that the members of the
Druggists' Association operate stores
lin towns andi cities ranging in popu
lation from 100 to 6,000,000 and scat
tered all over the country, and that
they serve a public comprising all
classes, agricultural, industrial, com
mercial and professional, gives to this
poll a representative character.
This straw vote is the largest ever
taken and th? first of its kind to be
conducted by a national commercial
organization, but the dtug men have
perfected a system for receiving and
recording the ballots, that is equalled
in scope only by that of the national
government. From their headquar
ters in Boston the United Drug Com
pany---the 8000 members of the Rex
all Druggists' Association are sup
plied with the returns. These results
are mailed or telegraphed to Boston at
the close of business each day. At the
Association headquarters the ballots
are tabulated ,and the final vote will
be placed in the hinds of the 8000
Rexall diurgists before election day
for ,;irrilntancous publication in the
tRexall Stores and in the leading news
paper of every city and town in the
United States.
The following table shows the elec
toral vote of the states in their re
spective columns as the straw vote of
the Rexall Stores show they lean,
compiled October 28th, to 12:00 o'clock
State Hughes Wilson
Arizona -------------- _-- 3
California ------------ 13
Colorado ------------- ---. 6
Connecticut ----------_ 7
Delaware ------------ --- 3
Idaho -------------- 4
Illinois ------------- 4
Illinois -------------29
Indiana _------------15
Iowa _-------------- 13
Kansas -------- ------ -- 10
Maine ------------------ 6
Massachusetts -------- 18
Michigan ----------- 15
Minnesota ------------ --- 12
Montana ------------ 4
Nebraska--------------- 8
Nevada ----------- 3
New Hampshire------ 4
New Jersey ------ - 14
New Mexico ---_ _ 3
New York ---------45
North Dakota------- 5
Ohio _-------------- -- 24
Oregon ----------- . 5
Pennsylvania -------- 38
Rhode Island -------- 5 -
South Dakota .------- --- 5
Utah --------------- --- 4
Vermont ----------- 4
West Virginia------------- 8
Washington----------_ 7
Wyoming ---------------- 3
Wisconsin ----------- -- 13
Southern States
Alabama ----_-_-_---_ _ --12
Arkansas ------------ --- 9
Florida------------------- 6
Georgia ------------. --- 14
Kentucky ---------- ---- 13
Louisiana ------------- 10
Maryland ------------ --- 8
Mississippi ----------- -- 10
Missouri ------------- ---18
North Carolina -----------12
Oklahoma -.-------- ---- 10
South Carolina ------- --- 9
Tennessee ---------------- 12
Texas --------------- --- 20
Virginia ---------------- 12
Totals -.......... 248 283
This gives Wilson a majority of 35
votes in the electoral college.
"If the peopl of Louisiana want
Shreveport to make them a present
of $40,000 in cash, they will vote for
amendment number 7, authorizing
that city to refund its own debt and
pay off that amount now charged
against the State Fair of Louisana."
That is how a central Louisisan
farmer and stock raiser put it to a
group of parish visitors at theMon
teleon last week. "We fclows from
the country ought to feel grateful to
Shreveport for otering to lift this
big debt of of our State Fair, for we
gest beneficiaries," he said. YThe
rarmers and stock raisers are the big.
maa who stands in tha way of amend.
meat 'Irobs-his OwvamkQL't
PNQTOGRi'PIS d the am
That the dream of a system of mod
el gravel roads throughout Jefferson
Davis parish will be an early realiza
tion is settled fact now. Work on
the grade north from the Calcasieu
National bank in Welsh to Mr. Moore's
place is progressing rapidly. This
line was adopted by the road commis
sioners in straightening the north
road and the contract for construction
was let to Mr. MeBurney. Mr. Mc
Burney has about thirty-five teams en
gaged in building the grade and ex
pects to finish the work within thirty
days, one-third of the grade already
having been completed.
The contract calls for a 44-ft. base,
24-foot crown with a five-foot fill
and includes a 105-foot bridge, the
road to be completed ready for the
Bids for material and work for the
gravel road system of the parish were
opened by the Police Jury at Jennings
yesterday and plans will be an
nounced very soon, and work of gray
eling the roads will begin very short
What with Shreveport ready to give
the State Fair $40,000 and pay off
her debt and the business men of
New Orleans donating $25,000 in cash
for premiums and prizes for the Na
tional Farm and Live Stock Show, the
country parishes are reaping a ben
efit that will be felt from one end of
the state to the other, not merely in
the money the farmers and live stock
raisers will take home from New Or
leans, but in the improvement in the
breed and value of cattle, horses and
hogs, poultry and other products of
the farm.
The New Orleans Show will come
off November 11 to 19 and entries
from all parts of the state foreshadow
the keenest competition to collect as
much of the $25,000 as each individ
ual exhibitor can take away with him.
The New Orleans Association of Com
merce, through Ps Merchants and
Manufacturers' Bureau is taking a
leading part in the event and is pre
paring to receive many of their coun
try friends during the progress of the
Motion for a new trial on grounds
that public feeling was such that a
fair trial had not been granted was
expected to be filed Tuesday by at
torneys for Helaire Carrier, convicted
'slayer of Marion L. Swords.
The motion, it is said, also charges
that the jury was allowed to eat in a
restaurant from which other patrons
had not been excluded, and that by
adjourning court from Saturday even
ing to Monday morning the court held
before the jury an unnecessary threat
of fatigue and delay.
The Welsh Motion Picture Co. will
furnish their patrons with complete
returns of the presidential election at
the Auditorium next Tuesday night.
Arragements for this service have
been made with the Western Union
Telegraph Co., insuring complete re
turns from all the states.
In addition to this service there will
be six reels of pictures. The admis
sion price will be S and 15 cents.
The feature plays for the week in
clude Frances Nelson in "What Hap
pened at 22," a story of a southern
giry in the "City of Hope," on Wed
nesday, Nov. 8th, and a startling
drama entitled "The Weakness of
Man," featuring Holbrook Blinn, on
Friday, Nov. 10th.
Next Sunday at 11:00 o'clock we
will have a service for the old folks.
The sermon will be on "The Glories
of Old Age," Prov. xvi:31. Everybody
invited, especially those past fifty
The other services of the day as
usual. The evening sermon will be
on "The Prodigal's Father."
On Sunday evening, Nov. 12, there
will be a Union Temperance Service,
all churches co-operating. An inter
esting program will be rendered.
REV. J. W. IHERVEY, Pdator.
-Ask for Automobie Votes witg
overn purchase made at the Journal
Book 8tors or Greer Bros. Jewelry.
Chicken Livers.
An old hen be a much larger liver
thsa you in proportion to weight or
food eaten. Then it follows that they
get bilious just like yuo, o They are
grouchy, cross, unhappy. Start her
liver. sad make her happy. Then she
wll lay eg.l ir winter. Come and
paou:~~~i~·~ 4~ri.si~
ir N U~I o~h~~
Clerk Mecom of Caldwell Parish Oh.
jects to Amendment.
The Shreveport Times has re
ceived the following letter from M.
L. Mecom of Columbia, La., clerk of
the Thirtieth district court, in oppo
sition to the proposed constitutional
amendment abolishing the fee system
for sheriffs, assessors and clerks of
Columbia, La., Oct. 23, 1916.
Editor Shreveport Times:
"It is stated and claimedl by some
that the fee system will be abolished
by Acts 142 and 143 of 1916, if the
proposed amendment to Article 129
of the constitution is carried at the
November election; such statement
and claim is grossly misleading and
dloes not give the public a fair and
impartial presentation of the case.
"The fact is, that Acts 142 and 143
do not abolish the fee system, nor
has the fee hills for the clerks and
sheriffs been changed or reduced in
a single instance. All persons who
have business with either of these
officials must continue to pay fees at
the same price, and in the same man
ner as at the present, and to pay in
cash as they go. Under the proposed
salary basis the clerks' and sheriffs'
offices will be under the supervision
of the state supervisor of public ac
counts, and these officers will be held
to a strict accounting for all fees col
lected through them, therefore, the
public must give good and solvent
bond or pay cash, as it goes, and it
matters not how meritorious a char
ity might be, neither the clerk nor
sheriff will be allowed, undler penalty
to remit his fees in any case, either in
whole or in part.
"Act 142 does not place all the
clerks of court on a salary basis, but
specifically excepts the parishes of
Orleans, Concordia, Assumption, Cain
eron, LaSalle, St. John the Baptist,
West Baton Rouge, St. Charles, Cata
houla, St. Helena, West Carroll and
West Feliciana, yet the people of these
twelve parishes, being in no manner
affected by the proposed salary basis,
will vote on the amendment, and say
whether or not the remaining public
of the state and the remaining clerks
of the state shall have the proposed
law. The people of these twelve par.
ishes being as they are unaffected
and without interest and the legisla
tion being local in character and ap
plication, I believe their sense of jus
tice of those affected will cause them
to either vote against the amend
ment or not to vote at all.
"Under the proposed salary plan,
the sheriffs' and clerks' expense ac
counts are in some measure depend
ent upon the will of the judge of the
court and the president of the police
jury, therefore, instead of keeping the
judicial elections free from politics,
as was sought to be done when these
elections were changed so as to be
held in the autumn, and after the
general election, it creates a strong in
centive for the sheriffs and clerks and
their partisan friends to get actively
into the judicial campaigns. The
same applies to the elections of police
jurors and particularly to the selec
tion of the president of the police jury.
"The proposed salary plan is fur
ther objectionable for the reason that
it is local in character, fixing the sal
ary in in one parish and a different
salary in another, yet uncertain, hap
hazard salary in each parish, while in
the twelve parishes above mentioned
it fixes no salary at all. If we are to
place these officers on a salary, let
that salary be uniform, fixed and cer
tain throughout the state, and what
ever grading is to be done. let it be
done in expense accounts. Why should
any clerk or sheriff get a better sal
ary than the judges of the district
courts? If the public must continue
to pay fees, and if the sheriffs and
clerks are now receiving excessive
fees, let the state reduce them and
not continue a practice and claim an
interest in a practice that it has prac
tically said is both legally and morally
wrong. The salary plan is further ob
jectionable for the reason thaf it is
an attempt to break the state's con
tract, then existent, when her public
servants were elected last April.
"The state may by legal suit, but
not by moral right, violate the con
tract between it and its public serv
ants, but it can with perfect fidelity
to all concerned' write a new and dif
erent contract properly promulgated
and published to advance and made
effective dnly when its servants have
been elected thereunder.
"The better course for Louisiana is
to call a constitutional coniventidn,
when this and many other important
measures now up far amendment, can
be, withoet'so much patchwork, orig
inally written into organic law of the
state. With the hope that this will
merit publication by the country press,
I sa., very respectfuily,
$·-'M L. igoox,~
A;.. ·
M11r. L. A. (;Gigar is making arrangc
ments to sell all his farm implements
and live stock at public sale on No
vember 10. This is the tirst farm
auction to be announced in this sec
tion so far this season.
U e iarris Colic Remedy. Simply
drop) it on the horse's tongue with
te medicine dropper that is furnished
with every .5q4 ottlr. Cures fifty
nine times out of sixty, and the
women can give it when you are
away. Money back if it fails. Welsh
W\archouse Co.
Sunday Schooll Convention
....District No. 1....
At Presbytenran CMurch, Wilh, La.
Novemaber 14, 1916.
2:00-Devotional exercises conducted by Rev. E. M. Stewart
2:15-Why Have a Home Department?
-Mrs. D. H. Kelly
2:35-Round Table D)iscussion
-Miss Cox
2:50-Reports from Schools of the District
Reports from Department Superintendents:
Teen Age
Teacher Training
Home Visitation
Discussion led by Miss Cox
3:50-Conducting a Successful Sunday School
- -W. F. Tietje
4:05-Appointment of Committees
Evening Session
-o -
7:30-Devotional conducted by Rev. W. L. Childress
7:45-Reports of Committees
8:00--Some Needs of Our District Sunday School and How
to Meet Them
-Miss Cox
Hear Bi g Two
Hear 81
And Don't Buy Before
You Do Hear.........
The Victrola
The Edison Diamond Dia
Reproducing Machines
The recognized standard of the world. Just.
tell us, "I Want to Hear Them," and we'll
gladly play the World's Greatest Reproducing
Masters for you. Then you buy the
Come here to our big store and
save all the needless trouble
of going from place to place.
The most complete stock of Reproducing
Machines in the parish
V. B. Richard, Proprietor
Jennings, - - - - Louisiana
Call Us
for Your Wants`
Ws~zk r ery, l **1
1: '

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