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r:e Rice Belt Journal.
O'11 ial org1l o0 fIhe P' ie JurL' of
Jeffersaon Uavt; I'dl.~sh. t e t'.
Jsh School Db ctl 1,11 I e
Butrd of Tribte'- Io
of Welsh,
v tie Welsh I-r'ritI' i 1 il. Lt
i)ne I)ollar a Ye.,, tdvance
Extra Copies 5 i',
Enterel1 atthe Poto f L't Wekfl. [a'
as Seconid Class Matter'
NOVEMBER 10 1916
R. S. (iRI.
The second meeting of the Woman's
Re-,iarch Club was held at the home
of Mrs. Cooper, October 14th, at
which time the following program was
rerlered: French D)ominion, M rs.
WIaltrd; Acadia and Aca dians, Miss
Mcees; The True Story of Evangel
inc, Mrs. Dautel; Mrs. Martin gave a
very clear and concise review of the
Source, Distribution and Administra
tion of School Laws in Louisiana.
After the program dainty refrsh
meits were served by the hoste-s as
siY e.d by Mrs. Simpson.
The club will meet with Mrs. Ayles.
wt,,th, November 11th.
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styvls-most artistic designs -every
thing you could wish for in a pic
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R Wire Fence, Lime, Cement, 
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Auto Repaired
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A complete line of accessories
All work neatly and promptly done 0
At reasonable prices
8 i
Welsh Garagea
C. L. Abell, Manager
whether in
The Work We Do
Or The Good: We SeW l
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lines of Watches. Watch Chains, Fobs and
Waldenmars, Cuff Links, Tie Pins, Tie
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thing pertaining to the school room work.
Also a very fAne line of Stationery-Fancy Box Papers,
Iital Papers, Correspondence Cards, Combinations,
Javeaile Boxes, Tablets, Envelopes, Etc.
Out of Town Order.
and Mail Orders - .
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*"' }4 'J~i~:~tiassasi VebryWt ~sPurchism):
* b4
C('ARD OF T'I. '
To All Who Tok !'a:t:
I wvih to thank the -oters and !
who took part iU t ,!, l' ciampla
itn which I w sI 't , i f' , the on,
of memtber of thie Jti ..'l a'l is pa:
ish school board from Wanrd Six for
their support. an: ! fcr ct'!t )as treat
ment by those wvho opposed me.
Yours respectfully,
I desire to thank my filends f'
t1'e loyal sulp pot :,cc: il d me. at la
'iuesd::y's election. To those who ol
posed me, I et-t, ta .u o !:
.,t feling, ln, C - c y u ta at
s-,rvices are always at your comman:i.
Very r:pI.' t tul!y,
º. "I. i,00ZE.
Do You lHave Sour stomach?
If you are troubled with sour sto l
ach you should eat slowly and ma,
cate your food thi.n:,; hly, th,'n t:.
(ne ,of ('hamberlain'i T ' let- i n:"
eiat'ly after 'tpV',:. YO ,'; ia ,I it ,
e ywhere.--Adv. No:.
C'hicken Ii\ :.
A\n old hen has :, much la:T: ri,
t!'in you ill , In n onl to weito h '
fo1od eaten. Thcn it fO!'!ws t:at t'
;' t h:lious juKt like you dI,. Th.: 
grlouchy, CIos.- . iihoopl S ::,rt U
liver and make he: happ;,y. Then
will lay eggs all winter. ('on:e a'
g,'t a package of B. .\. Thoma I'P
t y P'owder. Feel it c:ca-io::
Fee your hens perk up- l,. ar th
sing-look for eggs. Y'alr mor.
hback if it fails. Welsh Wareho;
:" 'ice f Tillahble Frm Land
" More T'.:an Total Cost s
n po~ssbie th. to
t , , ...r '! cents el cc' on a an
:ali. t" the Oi fic, of Pul. \
" d I',ural 'nJ iheer;ng of the a'
1., ' 11 ' t't'Ollo44 10' 50 Ir'\Cys inl
I. ,chc . i i c of th" years n
of: r, ' the incrr::-e in the ri
1 '', , ri n th " eit ht
t ' , : , ,',!II \"i l ;ii' ti ll., nP!I I V -
l.'. . t 1' c ' . l ' t a
,.. : --. r. , y t! , r :  'l a
" . r. l' ). n ''l i n th o in- li
* i ;t
".;i ";ia " , I' t l t, ,.r o t part ;t. -
no f . , farms .t
-l fi l si l o a
u ' 'tl : a. i:, t : i l p:tl t p r cent 't
'..os to the im t ovement. it
S . . t " i tlm d t ts tt s l : . I ' er acre,
-n . r. ae piop~e t, c 5 farmstl d in t
I : t 1 . -,,per . for It ap
h t, . . the 1,4 1 ac ..es ,old in 1914
.::. e.. ill ' ae R',', ,v.90, or 0roved
t:, .' teom 0 $2-.l L to .to 4.10. per acre.
. ' ', ,. : y 81>;.; ., pe r ,e81 . It ap
SIn ;:middie county, Va., the actual
S r - i3 farms sold or offerd for
e ,o;. i'00 to 1914 ranged in price
;.s ; , t , ~: .l74 pe r acre before
'P r, .< were built, and from $24.70
1 ;.00 tpe acre after the roads were
ql oved.
In Lee county, Va., a study of eight
'acts alont the roads before and af
r iniplovement indicated that these
("ro:etle.· increased about S23 per
acre, or about 70 per cent.
In 1W.se county, Va., a study of
,ig'ht representative farms located on
roads showed that they increased in
value from an average of $49.06 per
acre before improvement to $79.44 af.
t 'r the roads were improved. There
:100 per acre.
SIn Franklin county, N. Y., the fig
Sures seem to indicate that the change I
from earth, sandy and loam roads to
hittcminous macadam was followed by
Sincreases avraging $12.50 per acre
Sor alout 39.7 per cent.
1In Dallas county, Ala., careful in
,estimation seemed to indicate that
road improvment has added at least
'45 to each acre of land within a half
Smiile of im proved roads. Tracts sold
at from $8 to $10 per acre were sold
',,.ain after road improvement at from
20 to :23 per acre.
In Lauderdale county, Miss., the to
Stol assessed valuation of real prop
. rty outsid of the city was $2,757,
- 16. This increased in 1914 after
irocad improvement to $3,183,809, or
1.5.4 oper cent. Local real estate mter
p)l,:ce the increase in land values on
aiC oant of imp'v.,ed roads at from 25
to 5') per crnt
!J Manat#e nounty, Fla., careful
t'!u y of 2ales and real estate rec00ords
., ar.'. el that the improvement of
iona h.as added from 15 to 100 per
TI!t, or at least $15 per acre to the
sellia. price of all lands within one
half mi!e of improveI roads. This
wv'uh' ive a total of $311,100, or
imor than twice the value of the bonds
Through Mr. E. V. Ilebert Walnut
Camp No, 712 of Tornweil cxtenlis a
special invitation to. all Woodmen to
attend an initation at their hall next
Tuesday night, November lth.
Owing to the steady advancing of
the rtes. of feed stuff the Welsh City
.diry takes this method of announc
ing to its patrons that after the fif
teenth of thij month (November) the
p:.'ice of milk will be 10 cents per
quart for any orer of less than one
gallon. Gallon lots or, more will 
S5 cents per ali " .e .,cifully, , '
By J. F. Grosh, Prop.
For Sale.
Werlin Piano in good condition, and a
gneral assortment of household
• u,7-M e .... R--..... W'' , "
Jennings, La., Nov. 2, 1916.
'The police jury met in regular ses
sn at nine o'clock a. m. with all A
mni.ber:s present.
Mr. HIathaway reportel th',t he 'a,
taken the matt=r up with the Iou' L
ana Western Railroad Co. «with refer
enee to changing the cro0; n'" en lhe
Wlc'!sh-Jennings road eait of ,e:1nitll'
and that the railroad had deci'.'1,I to
make the propose.d changVe. 'ic
president was authorized to take tli
matter up with the ('.ill'tr attorc( h
with a view to ascertain: n thle kgi a,
rights of the l:arish in the n'itt,-'r.
A resolution was adopted author-'
i-: the p:'esidcnt to ex'cue a quit
1: deed to Jule Todd to caIrt' n T
'l~ns in sections 21 and '1,1 -1, wihi
, n abaiidone'i . public .le in
, on i er ttion of 1 5 feet r ight of way
a;0o , the north side of the NE it1
o, tl,' N V'l i of :ca'tion 1'.1)-10 . .
1\ :-.Lso!lticn was adopted voleicg a ,
, ti'ent of the iolC'e ju', in favo'
of s.,lematic tick e:adication by the f
pari:h if a way can be found to pay p
the expense of the work. The finance
rom,:rittee was instructed to invest:- a
,,<te the matter and ,ascertain if the e
wie k can be provided for in the 1917 ('
A resolutien was ad!optedi fixin l: Cr e
hours for ferry ::ervice at 3trn:en- a
tau ferry and permitting fet ry.vman to
.'harge at other hours.
The police jury then w\clt into the I
matter of opening bids for the con- o
iruction of public highways aid fol
urnirhing surfacing mateirial foi
.-:n,,. After all bids were opened an! 1
r.d,,,! aloud in open session, Messrs t
i:n:.es, Hathaway, Treme and Stevens I
.vre appointed a committee to tab- 1
:date the bids and report to the poi.c
jury at a continued session of this a
',ody to be held on Monday, Novemn
h-r 1, 1911;.
Meshsrs. E. Ii. Boling, C. E. C"t'r :t and
R. !. Arcenleaux were a l o:nt! :
':in:mittee of free'hol'ders to v':st the
lard of J. F. Grosh north of welsh on
V:' :h-Fenton road and ase,; ,l;:in-
.:e, fur a strip 2,) feet wide acro,s
Sanid on the east side of public
Io.td for additional highway purposc
i:d to recommend their action to the
i,o:ice jury.
The police jury then adjourned to
meet in continued session on Monday
November 6, at nine o'clock a. m.
Jennings, La., Nov. 6, 1916.
The police jury met in continued
,ession at nine o'clock a. m. with ali
members present.
Police jury went into executive ses
Executive session closed.
It appearing from the bids submit
tel that the cost of constructing the
system of roads contemplated would
•':ceed the funds the police jury re
luested the bidders present to submit
)roposals upon supplemental items of
·onstruction and to report to the police
jury at a continued session to be held
n the evening at 8 o'clock.
Police jury then adjourned to meet
;n continued session at 8 o'clock in the
Police jury met at eight o'clock p.
•m. in continued session with all mem
hers present.
Supplemental bids were opened and
eand in open session.
The supplemental bids submitted
Sbeing unsatisfactory all supplemen
tal bids were rejected.
Original bids were then referred to
- and contracts were awarded as fol
Divisions "C" and "G" were award
ed to the Worthington Construction
SDivisions "A" and "B" were
awardled to the HIealy Construction
Divisions "D," "E," "F," "B-I" and
t "E-1" were awarded to the J. N.
t George '& Sons, upon a modified bid,
f t being understood that bidders waive
Sthe condition in their bid for the pur
:hase of road machinery by the parish
and bidders further agreeing that they
, vill construct roads with shell instead
of gravel if so decided by the police
jury to use shell and provided to use
;hell it will not increase the haul, and
,iddcrs also accept contract subject
So the injunction suit in Ward 4.
r The police jury then adjourned to
r meet Thursday, November 9, 1916, at
,fine o'clock a. m.
n JOHN T. HOOD, Clerk.
Now Lookout.
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pens, or when you have hardly gotten
over one cold before you contract an
r other, look out for you are liable to
e contract some very serious disease.
This succession of colds weakens the
System and lowera the vitality so that
r iou are much more liable to contract
s chronic catarrh, pneumonia or con
;umption. Cure your cold while you
can. Chamberlain'y Cough Remedy
has a great reputation. It is relied
ipon by thousands of people and nev
·r disappoints them.. Try it. It only
iosts a quarter. Obtainable every
where.-Adv. Nov.
The Federal Farm Loan Board ex
nects the Federal land banks to be
eady for work in January The board
ulso warns farmers to be careful
ahbout .bscribing for stock in any
privately promoted rural credit com
ut ,.v. A !eilcr addlrcmtl to I he Fed
Ieral Farm toen !eard, Wdash,nto,,
t D. C., will bring any reader full and
f.ree infoirmation about any feature of
the rural credits law.-The Progres
siue liarmer.
Town of Weh i, La.
An Or."I'nc:' p"iov id for the levy
i1 a' il dol"ct: . t" : axe: oil all
11 ''t the tor'n
of 1\e' h. ],a., for the year 111;.
S&.Liuol 1. I(' it ord.lin d by th,
Mayor and lardi' o," ol' ,stees of the
TlOin of Vl.,sh, La., ' hat for the
,ar ai '1 , :1 per h::'hct of expe:'sc s
he:'.'11to Ptta h.',!, t? 're he and is
her by levied ten (l6) mills on the
dollar of a:.- ld laluation on all
taxai!,le property in the Town of
W\,l-h, La.
See. ". L,' it further ordhained,d etc.,
That by an or'dinance 0l(ipted by the
Board n: T u1ec'  w:i the prope!ty
Si :,a.Le:. of 'h, Iu.; 1f \Velsh, La.,
on the 5ith iday of \August., 1913. p:ov.A
in:; for a spc,'ial elect'it light ta o01
five (.5) ,I n!' t el (I r of the as
e: d;r. \:L ' the 'jen.vII of Welsh
La., for tet ,u.a, s f i thy' : ove date
for the buildiirg of an .ectric light
plant, therefore a speci:l tax of five
S(5) mills on the dollar " se'ie'd on the
assessed valuation of a'i ta:,able p.'op.
ertv of the Down (.r \Ve!.;h, La., fo.
Lthe !,-, ,, n . r; : 'h bond: ac
m'y I e'o':e d(,e this 'tear, and the
nil vit;ent (,+ 11t. uc:ýt cn the s:ime, and
Sa:o intere: (ol ieefer e'd bonis.
Sec. h: e it. further ordained, etc.,
Thal t ly ,. o,.lii nc a".opted by the
, l .,m of Tru-ees and the property
OIw..i s , the 'T'own of Welsh, La., on
the 5th day of Aurust, 1911, providing
for a rerial tax of fie ()) mills on the
,doll ;t0 of ie lsesi.e d valuation of the
taxable iropel ty of the Town of
Welsh, La., for the buildng of streets
bridtes and publhic improvements for
ho ': of ten (10) years from the
s abo t' ate. therefore a special tax of
-e (i ll "!!s on the dollar of the as
e , ,n of the t:1:able prop
d t ( ': ','.,n of Welsh, La.. he
,a i ,-. ,,v I vie l for the building
• nI ,i ii' a e,'e of street, bridi.es
:rd dtubi. iri'ip ovenents in the Town
" L', Ia.
, . : i farther ordained, etc.,
rh it I :$n ordin(ance adopted by the
" d;', of 'ruste a! A1ioperty own
ers of the Town of Welsh, La., on
August 5, 1914, providing for a spe
cial tax of three (3) mills in the dol
lar of the assessed valuation of the
taxable property of the Town of
Welsh, La., for the maintaining of the
Wc>lh l:<h 4chool for the term of
ten (10) years from the above date,
therefore a special tax of three (3)
mills on the assessed valuation of the
taxable property of the Town of
Welsh, La., be and the same is here
by levied for maintaining the Welsh
High School in the Town of Welsh,
Sec. ). Be it further ordained, etc.,
I That all the taxes herein levied shall
- become a lien and privilege on.all tax
Sable property paramount to all other
f liens, state and parish taxes excepted,
San:l shall become delinquent in the
I: same manner as provided for the col
led ion of state and parish taxes.
et Soc. (. Be it further ordained, etc.,
SThat all t-axes herein levied shall be
come delirquent on January 1, 1917,
and shall draw interest at the rate of
. ten (10) per cent per annum until
- paid.
Yeas-Dr. R. R. Arceneaux, J. W.
d Armstrong, S. 0. Scoggins, E. H.
B6ling; Absent-A. T. Jones.
d Approved, October 3. 1916.
WM. B. GABBERT, Mayor.
Budget of Expenses for the year 1916.
t Streets, hridges and im
- provements -----------.. $2,000.00
Welsh High School --------. 1,200.00
- Auditorium--.------------- 500.00
n Marshal and Street Commis
soner .----------------.. 720.00
Secretary and tax collector__ 400.00
Total ----------------.. .$4,820.00
n Attest: S. E. CARROLL, Secretary
Let Us Print.
Your Sale Bills
Practical Painter
Paper Hanger
M-a aL PIr ""torau
and Notary Public
Will practice in all the Courts of this
parish, and Supreme and Federal
In Calcasieu Trust & Savings Bank
Building, Welsh, La.
Office Phone 82 Residence Phone 50
John J. Robira
Attorney at Law
Peterson Building
Jennings, La.
Any party at Welsh desiring my
service may call me in Jennings by
telephone at my expense.
Carlysle W. Hamilton
O.teopathic Physician
Established in Lake Charles Nine Years
Electric Treatment Given, Including
High*Frequency, Sinusoidal, D'Arson
val and the X.Ray.
Hours-9 to 11:30 a. m. 2 to 5 p. m.
Phones-OMice 702, Res. 919
rank Bld'g., Corner Broad and Ryan
Office Phone 150 Majestic Hotel
Eye, Ear, Note and Throat
eo.15.14.lyr Lake Charles. La
....If It's...
Charles E. Carr.
Will Write Your Fire Insurance
Will write Insurance on Your Life
Also Workman's Compeuaon I.
1lmN oR et Your R
po your NotarW
~H · :·bPai~~iibrP)~t~ ~1i
,J rl ." r . '.
I, *
Your money is not s:afe mnh,,s, it i: i; the Bank. On,
has strong locks and thick wails that li1'e or burglars
Money that you hide is not (loin," you or your com,
any good. It is dead money and may be "lost" money,
newspapers tell us daily of people wvho have lost their r
by hiding it. There are lots of good reasons why your
should be in the bank.
Calcasieu National Bank
of Southwest I.oui.iana
We Have Money
to Loan the Farmer
Can be paid in full after two years:
Lake Charles, La. ,.
ELTON, LA A . ·,i.
No. 4.....Due 2'38 p. m. No 3.....Due 2~..
No. 2.....Due 1:45 a. m. No. 1.....Due 1
h s (Nos. 1 and 2 stop on Flag for New 0
leans, Baton Rouge, Beaumont and y Houst"
passengers only.) ra
8 Local igent. Genp,!
O8000000o0000 000
l Wiy YOU Should Attend
o8 Spencer Business Collegeo
W Because men now travel on wings, talk by.
Sannihilate both time and space, by means of the
and require 100 per cent efficiency in their emp! 
Because a thorough business education, wi
a and typewriting, gives the greatest guarantee
Youmust make a LIVING whether you wa
The right kind of a business education giv.s
means ofe acquiring the former, and the as
make the latter. al es
Because its faculty greets its audience
wih interest so vital, purpose so useful, A.
.work is a performance possible only to such
O Because the methods.employed in both t I
CIALAND SHORTHAND departments are
fascinating; and the time roquired to master
one-half the time it takes to half-way m
Because we conduct a FREE EMPLO s
ment and have an experienced man to devo
that work alone.
: Spencer Business Col
..,., J.G.-H.R,..I,,¢.. .C. . W.S. TR:,
8Ioa/get e.

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