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Official organ of the Po
A 'i OTiC i lice Jury of the Parish of
Jefferson Davis and of the
1t4R IR I~r- L1Board of Trustees... of... the
M O Jefferson I)avis Parish's Leading Weekly Newspaper
e XX, Number 3. WELSH, JEFFERSON DAVIS PARISH, LOUISIANA, SATURDAY, JULY 26, 1919. Subsciiption $1.50 Per Annum in Advance
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .. .. . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . ..
uncement of Deep JInterest
to Theatre Goers.
,'. King, proprietor of the
s Theatre" at Jennings
,so of the theatres in Welsh
JLake Arthur, announces that
has closed a contract with the
er Amusement Company for
exclusive showing in the thea
mentioned of the Saenger
iose who are fanmiliar with
motion picture business will
appreciate the value of this
tion. In short it means
ti the latest and best releases
be shown exclusively in the
tres controlled by the holder
the franchise.
he Saenger Amusement Co.,
and controlls more than fif
,Ihe south's leading theatres
heir booking facilities are in
ence unsurpassable.
prons of the Auditorium
to be well pleased wvith the
ia Mrs. King has presented
she took over the Ibcal the
and the deal she has closed
ises greater attractions than
otherwise have:been secur
Presbyterian Church.
lo, Sunday School.'
i. Public Worship:
:Subject "Addition." This will
a special service and every
is invited.
ihere will be no service at
You are invited to attend
Camnp Meeting.
Regular mid-week service on
sday evening.
bject: "The Bible in a Nut
I-the Dispersion."
F. W. A. Bosch, Pastor.
On account of Camp Meeting at
e Arthur Sunday School at
Methodist Church will be op
at 9:30 a. m. instead of the
hour. There will be no
services at the church on
,July 27th.
members of Welcome Re
.Lodge No. 55 are urged to
the next regular meeting
Fri~di t, Aug.
'ft.icfi time irfeius for the
j year will be idstalled.
nts will be served, and
wsiting members of the order
~mordially invited.
'V A .(r and Paperhanger
- eneral Contractor for
Inside and Outside
- tll Paper Samples brought
iour home.on repuest.
nees if repuired.
'O. Box 84 Welsh, La.
"The Cavell Case" Five Months
In the Making.
From the day the cast was first
assembled to the day the first
public showing was given, it took
exactly five months to complete
"The Cavell Case", the story of
1Edith Cavell, the British Red
Cross Nurse, the woman the G;e -
mans shot, in which Messrs.
Plunkett and Carroll present .Julia
1 Arthur through Select Pictures at
1 the Auditorium in Welsh on Tues
- day night; July 29th.
It took '90,000 feet of negative
film to make the picture, as a
number of the most important
scenes had to be made over sever
al times before director John (;.
Adolfi was satisfied with them.
l Altogether the picture is as near
- perfect as it is possible to make
such a production, and ii' tIc
t 'hands of Mr. Adolfi and Anthony
Paul Kelly, the author, this means
that "The Cavell Case" is ninety
nine per cent perfect in detail a.,il
t With the aid of historical so
cieties and newspaper dispatches
describing the actual shooting of'
Edith Cavell, Mr. Kelly was en
abled to make an'accurate antl
t faithful screen story from one of
the most horrible of all German
atrocities-the death of an inno
e cent and loving woman. The star
of the picture, Julia Arthur, is a
well known stage celebrity, while
Creighton Hale, who has one of
the other important roles, is a
former Pathe star and has also
appeared in support lf Pearl
White. Otf, equally, ~f known
o players ar'William H. Tooker,
b eU a Eox and Metro star, and
iPaul Panzer, who has been seen
e in many Pathe serials.
Born; to Mr. and Mrs. A. R.
McBurney, Friday, July 18th, a
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. F. J.
Scoggins, Saturday, July 19th, a
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Preston
J. St. Romain, Saturday, July 19,
a son.
When you get roasted worry
like a peanut-that's its usual
Spractically disappeared. It takes
New Owners Take Immediate Po
session.-$100.00 Per Acre 0
Is Price Paid.
A deal was consummated early
this week whereby Messrs. P. I).
Watkins and Sherman Carter be- S
come the owners of the .. F. Hoke
'arm three and one-half miles
east of Welsh.
The property embraces 472 2
acres of very fine farm land, well ri
improved, on it being one of the
finest and best equipped farm "
homes in this section, electric
lighted and fully equipped with
all modern conveniences. The
price paid, $100.00 per acre in- II
cludes growing crops--150 acres V
of rice, corn and cotton, Mr. Hoke
giving iummediate possession.
Mr. Hloke announces that he a
will make his future home at I
Frederick, M1d.. where he will en- c
gage in raising thoroughbred llol- ;1
stein cattle, the selection of his Ii
future home having been made al'- ii
ter a thorough investigation of u
dillerent sections of the north and s
east. His health is the main rca- I
sonl for the change. Is
in leaving this section, Mr. Holk s
In leaving this section M'r.
HI-oke assures that he has nothing j
but good words for Louisiana and
he will continue a booster for the s
state. He says further, that in c
leaving he is not burning any
bridges behind him, reserving the s
right and privilege of returning.
Having set the pace in advanced
fl'arming methods in this vicinity.
Mr. -loke will be greatly missed s
in the farming life of the conm
munity, and it is certain that he I
and his estimable family will be c
missed socially. Their neighbors I
attest to the latter fact.
Mr. Hoke expects to leave with
his family for their new home in
about ten days. He is leaving his
herd of Holsteins and other farm
animals in the care of the new
owners of the farm and will re
turn during the fall and close
them out at public auction.
The Ocean Shrunk.
The impression of the ocean
Ilight of Commander Read, as he
says, is "to the effect that the At
lantic ocean has greatly shrunk."
The enormous saving in time is
astounding, the voyage taking on
ly a minor fraction of the time I
that a steamer would require.
The enthusiasm of the British
and the French for aviation sur
prised the Americans. Every
where the future is looked into
for great development, and'Great
Britain and France, having tasted
war-bombing realize what an im
portant factor the air has become.
Senator New, of Indiana. calls
attention to the appropriation of
$300,000,000 by the British for the
aerial navigation work, and re
calls bitterly that he could not se
cure a $50,000,000 appropriation
for the American army. Just as
certainly as nations exist today
their future rests in the air, for
works of war and peace will be
carried forward with rapidity.
We hope something can be done
to arouse the American people to
the importance of this new de
A Business Change.
Friends of Clopha Benoit will
be pleased to learn that he is
again engaged in business in
Welsh. Mr. Benoit has purchased
a one-half interest with T. F. Ew
ing in the Peoples' Meat Market,
and will be actively associated in
its management and conduct, lie
is experienced in the market busi
ness and a congenial busin:,ss
man. His connection with the
market will be appreciated by his
nantly friends.
Under thq new partnership the
irarket is operating a delivery,
assut ing of prompt service.
Some ideas of indoor sports in
clude fly-fighting.
The sumner days are here, all
right, the hottest in the year.
Welcome Rebekah Lodge No. 55
Meets 1st and 3rd Friday night C
of each mionth.
Visitors we',lcome.
Nellie Scoggins, N. (;.
(:arnmelita Sullivan, See.
Special Price on New Waterloo
Boy Tractors. I
I have four new tr'actors, twoi
2-speed and two 1-speed, never .(
run. See Welsh Machine Shops. Ii,
"The Proof of the Pudding is in 1
the Eating."
W'l'here is no queslion hul Ihatl i
the ll yrne Shorlhand is ile great
est systlmi in use tolay. It makes
better stenographers in less Iist eh c
antid withi less cost It: han a in olher
It may he written eitlhir in pencil
or any lypl'wrilet'. It has over
30.0(101,t entlhusia:stic writers; it
holds the \\orld's reccrd for speed (
in a given length of linle, is the l
most simple legible, andl rapid
systemii in use, as is sholiwn from
the following renat'ks biy our s
studcnts who first studied other 1
svstytise s
"I take pleasureo! in telling lthe
public that the Biyrne.Shorthand I
is the only system. l' previously t
studied Pitmlan eight tmonths, us- j
ed it in actual practlik for four "
miionths. At the end of six weeks
stuidy of Jhe Byrne I was a better I
writer than I had ever; been with
the Pitman.''"
"I have been a Sloan-l)uployan
slenogr'apher for 15 years; found
the systetm inadequate. I then
took the Gregg under Mr. Gregg
of Chicago, but found it illegible.
I then took up the Byine, which I
consider the stenographic marvel
of the age. "
"I first stuldied Pitmin Short
hand, then took up the Byrne, and I
found the Byrne to be 35 per cent
shorter and that it could be writ
ten at a much higher rate of speed
and read like print."
"I studied Pitman four months.
gave it up in disgust; I then look
up Pernin and studied it almost
night and day for six months, but
was not competent to hold a po
sition. I then took up the Byrne
for three months and find that I
can hold any kind of a position."
"I graduated in Grahamn Short
hand, writing 100 words a minute,
after 9 months study. After study,
ing the Byrne Simplified together
with the Byrne Practical Book
keeping, for 4 mnonths, I could
write Byrne much faster and re
gard it superior to any other sys
"I thoroughly miastered 14 sys
tenms, seven of the most promlinent
Pitinan systems, Gregg, Chartier,
Byrne, and four nminor systems,
and find the Byrne much easier
to read, thlat it can be written with
one and one-halft' times the speed
that can be Inade with any of the
other 13 systns."
"After studying six difl'erenl
Pitmanic systems, I was unable
to hold an ordlinary office job,
but with five weeks study of the
Byrne I went into tile I)istr'ict
Court and didl reporting success
fully, and was appointed omfcial
court Stenographer."
Why' study any system of Short
hand, other than Byrne, when the
Byrne can be learned in half the
time, or less, read with greater
ease, andl written at a higher rate
of speed( which means better sal
ary and Ilromotion? It does not
cost half as much to complete a
course in our school as it does
one of the other systemns in other
schools. We hold the exclusive
right to teach the Byrne in this
Ssection. The author is the presi
Sdent of our school.
Write Tyler Commercial Col
lege, Tyler, Texas, for large free
Scatalogue containing full indorse
ments and names and addresses
of the above, and of others who
have tried other systems nad
-abandoned them for Byrne. Our
Bookkeeping, Cotton Classing and
Telegraphy are as far superior to
1 the other systems as is the Byrne
('ongressman Lazaro Offers Limit
ed Number to Farmers a!
Who Are Interested. d;
The Journal is indebled to Con- t(
igressinman L. Lazaro for a colpy of
the latest issue of the Agricultural
Year Book issued by the l)epart
meat of Agriculture. The volume oI
is considered a choice addition to il
our' library, and also the following Il
letter from Congressman Lazaro 8
in reference to a number of the V
Iooks which he has for (listribu- s'
lion: 1
Washington, 1). C. a
The Rice Bell Journal, Ii
Welsh, La. n
I have securedi from the (gov- g
ei'nrlent a numnber of the lateslt
issue of Agriculture Yearbooks IE
i'or distributlion. These hooks
contain interesting and valuahble it
inl'ormliation. not only to farmers cc
Iutl I o anyoly ineres inlerestcl in agri
cullture. ''hey are attllractively I
lound and represonl quilte a cost a
value to the (Government. V
As long as my s'lpply lasts, I "
shall he glad to mail a copy of tlhis
l)ublication to anylody who will 0
ireqt'est it, so shall therefore very "
much applreciate if you will kind- a
ly give notice in your columns s
that these hooks may he had by l '
writing to me before my qluota is "
exhauslted. P
I take plehasure in mailing you,
under eparate cover, a copy of
the publication for your ollice. r
Yours very truly, I
L. LAZARO(). 1
Anolher War Romance. 1
h Mr. and Mrs. R. Smith take c
I' pleasure in announcing the en-I'
Sgagement of their daughter, 1
Edythe, to Mr. leter lM. Shamray s
- of LosAngeles, California, who a
t has just returned from overseas.
SMr. Shamray is a well known I
- motion picture iaboratory expert.
I Prior to his entry into the service
where he hadr charge of motion I
lpicture section of the Signal I
C(orps Photographic Laboratory I
t in Paris, he was connected with
t the world's greatest producer, Mr.
- i. W. Griffith, as laboratory sup
I......The young woman whom he I
has chosen for his bride, Miss
- Edythe Smith, is too well known
in this community to need any
L introduction. She has grown to
r young womanhood here. She has I
- sterling qualities, is popular and!
I attractive. The announcement of
- her coming matrimonial alliance
- will be received with pleasure by
her many young friends.
This engagement is the culmi
t nation of another war romance,
, the couple having first met in
, Washington, 1). C., where both
r were actively engaged in war
i work.
e Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Smith are
at home in their residence recent
11 ly purchased from H. F. Arnold.
e one block west of the D)omestic
, Sciecie building of the Welsh
e tlighi School.
The dairy farmers of Louisiana x
are being urged by C. It. Staples,
dairy spccialist, Extension D)iv
ision, Louisiana State University,
to enroll in the D)airy Farmers
)lservation Touring Party which
will attendl the National Dairy
Show to be held in Chicago, Oct
ober 6 to 12 inclusive. The ob
ject of this trip is to stimulate in
terest in the dairy industry and
give the farmers the privilege of
visiting some of the best dairy
sections in Wisconsin and Iowa.
Two similar trips have been made
and from the exlperience gained
fromi them it has been found that
mmuchi time and expense can be
gained by traveling with a p)arty
of this kind. The entire trip will I'
require about ten (lays.
Every detail in regard to the b
itinerary of the trip will be work
ed out before the party leaves and \
all accoomodations planned ahead. i
The trip will be both profitable I
and l leasant and the expense in I
comparison to the value recieved =
will be relatively small.
It is hoped that a large number )
of dairy farmers of Louisiana a
will make their plans to take their i
annual vacation at this time and i
spend a few days seeing the larg- t
est dairy show in the world and I
visiting a number of the most i
progressive dairy sections in the I
United States.
Among the dairy farmers en
rolled to go are: L. K. Williams,
pro)prieter of the Idlewild Dairy
Farm, Patterson, La., W. B.
Smith, manager of the Idlewild
D)airy Farm, Patterson, La., A. H.
Henderson, president of the Lou
isiana Jerseys Breeders Associat
ion, Ruston, La., J. M. Cadwallado
manager Louisiana State Univer
sity Creamery, Baton Rouge, La.,
and W. A. Dougherty, manager of
1'nited States Demonstra tion
Farm at New Llano, La.
You have tried the rest, now
try the BEST-buy Welsh Special
Bread, at Welsh New Bakery, also
Hot rolls and all kinds of Pies.
,los. D. Hebert, fprgwr¥ i tple
employ of the Signal Vubitabing
Co., at Crowley, has accepted a
position with The Rice Belt Journ
al and is making his home in
Coal operators predict a short
age the coming winter unless pro
diuction increases the remainder)
of the summer.
*1 Saturday Night, July 26th.
Willam Farnum in
also comedy entitled
Tuesday, July 29th.
S an extra special picture
Notice to the Public.
Notice is hereby given that the
assessments of this parish have
been reviewed by the Board of
State Affairs, valuations have
been fixed on all property in the
parish by the said Board and the
valuations thus fixed are open for
inspection at the assessor's office
for a period of twenty days. Any
person desiring to know what
value has been placed upon his
property yv the Board of State
Affairs is hereby notified to call
at the assessor's office and exam
ine his assessment sheet. Any
taxpayer so desiring has a right
to protest valuations fixed by the
Board of State Affairs at a meet
ing of the Police Jlury to be called
for that purpose.
Jennings, La., July 26, 1919.
.126 A2-9
Richard Spillane, of Commerce
and Finance, says "there probab
ly is nothing more interesting
than twins, unless it be triplets
and quadruplets" but he stops
there as it would he scandalous
to go further.
Continuing Mr. Spillane says
someone has figured that the
r chance of being born a twin is
I one in about 140. The chance of
a new born twin to live to the age
Of 89 is one in 55. In the case of
twins a gambler would lay 2,500
to one at their birth that both
P would not survive 89 years. Multi
i plying 280 by 2,500 it would seem
i that the chance of finding a pair
I of twins aIivt-ai~t e of Wis
one in 700,000.
Hazlehurst, L. I., has sue) a
- pair, both being ladies, one a
- spinster and one a widow. Has
r any town in this section twins to
Ibeat this pair?
ig Specjal Production
i ASE"
hewomanf the Germans shot
peciaI Prices - 10c, 25c, 35c.
M right, the hottest in the year.
rotect Your Valuables!
_. Put your valuable papers, etc., where they
will be safe from fire or burglar. Place
them in one of our
We hav just installed a new supply--they
;: are going fast--better get yours now.
Phone 181 or 96
New John Deere Rice Binder
The Most Modern up.to-date Rice Binder
Emdodying a number of features adapting
it to the needs of the rice section
I- :
Backed by John Deere Quality and Service
2 The Mutual Warehouse
Army Tents and Wagon Covers
16x16 ft tents, 12 oz. duck, pyramidal type, sold f. o. b. Houston, complete with caps $27 50 eac
ropes, pole and pegs, at the bargain price of......----------------------------0
We guarantee satisfaction as every tent is expertly repaired and thouroughly inspected before shipment
19x14 and 11x15 Wagon Sheets, made of 12 oz. medium weight duck, $11.00 each
at .........------------------- --------------------------------------- ea
Grey, all wool 4-pound Army Blankets $5.0(to $6.00 each. Khaki (0. D.) all $14.00 pair
wool Army Blankets, $7.50 each or ........---------------------------------
Gold Medai folding canvas and wood cots at $4.25 each. Gold Medal folding camp stools at 85c each. #
All goods sold f. o. b. Houston. Mail check or post office money order to
Crawford & Orand - 906 Franklin Ave - Houston, Tex,
J ',N - _ _. . t . . __ . ... .. .,._ .. . I r _ .s- -_. r'I® 717 y E5- - __ - _-- " cm ý ! "

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