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Official organ of the Po
OTClice Jury of the Parish of
Jefferson Davis and of the
~~Board of Trustees.. of.. the
__ be n0utm $15neuAnmi
Jefferson Davis Parish's Leading Weekly Newspaper ..
e xX, Number 4. WELSH, JEFFERSON DAVIS .PARISH, LOUISIANA, SATURDAY, AUGUST 2, 1919. Sdbscription $1.50 Per Annum in Advance
, ,
When you have
on can rest assured you
ye one of the best watches
y can buy.
We can sell you an Elgin
y Size (1and 1)1icc, 1from1 18
gents' to the smallest
dies' Wrist Watch.
Call and see themi......
elers Welsh, La.
ns are being considered for
ing two parishes out of the
nt parishes of Jeflerson. St.
les and St. John, a part of
of which is on the east and
rt on the west bank of the
issippi river. The plan pro
making one parish of the
son the east hank and anoth
f the parts of the three par
son the west hank of the riv
ard six of .Jll'erson Davis
has finished cattle dipping
according to the statement of
ector S. E. Carroll, is tick free
amber of other wards in the
h are tinished or are dipping
-therds. It is assured that
season will see the end of
ing in this parish.
..Big Vaudeville..
At the
The Auditorium
" The Tramp and the Girl"
An act full of Fun, of Mirth, Music and Philosophical
l lo:.crly with Ed. C. Nutt Comedians)
I Featuring some clever Songs
S Children under 12, 15c., over 1225c.
FOmmediate fR AIE Immediate
Deliveries UDeliveries
"- 132 h. p. Double-cylinder Traction Engine.
I 60 h. p. Special Built High Pressure Erie Boiler
and Engine.
1 50, h. p. Stamm-Scheet'e Engine and one 70 h. p.
Locomotive Type Boiler, complete with all fit
tings, heater, pump, lubricators and small aux
iliary boiler. '
This outfit is in A-1 condition and is one of the most complete little
plants of its kind in the entire rice belt.
; Prompt deliveries on any size Bessemer Crude Oil
~ We can start work on any size Water Well at once
= Our price is the lowest it has been for over two
Layne & Bowler Company
wley, La. Welsh, La.
•j~~ i"
A Good Attendance of Stockhold
ers From This District
is Desired.
• The annual meeting of the
stockholders of the Southern Rice
Growers Association will be held
i in Beaumont, Texas, on August
M 14th, at 3 o'clock p. nm.
a An' urgent appeal is being made
throughout the three rice grow
ing states requesting as many as
possible to be present, as this is
said to be one of the most import
ant meetings ever held by the as
Isociation. Stockholders are urged
not to wait with anticipation that
some one else will go and repre
sent them for matters of great im
portance will be discussed rela
tive to the present crop.
This is the time for the associ
ation to let its strength along the
line of co-operation be known,
for it is probable the millers will
this year realize that the associ
ation is truly prepared to take
care of the marketing situation
a under any conditions.
It is particularly desirable that
the Welsh District be represent
:E ed at the meeting by as large a
delegation as possible. Not less
or than fifty from here should be
he present.
St. Stockholders who will attend
of are requested to advise the local
nd office at leaast three days before
he the meeting.
iv- The big Chicago race riot in
progress for over a week was re
ported under controll Thursday
morning, although there were a
(S. number of clashes with mobs in
different sections of the city. Bar
'is red zones had been declared with
ng troops guarding the districts in
of which mob spirit was more pro
ree nounced.
he Total deaths to Thursday morn
ng ing were 30, of which 13 were
iat white persons and 17 negroes. The
of total injured numbered more than
250, many seriously.
Armstrong and Berr in Comedy, Cý
Music and Song.
A special attraction is adver
tised for Monday and Tuesday
nights at the Auditorium--Arm
strong and Berr in acts of Mirth, ih'
Music and Soliloquy. h
The Armstrongs, it is remebre -h
ed were one of the chief attrac- i
tions with the Ed. C. Nutt show a
here some time ago. tc
l Messrs. Sabatier and Bradford
of Elton are reported to have pur
chased the Kinser farm near Ober- I
lin, paying $45,000.00, cash.
I Mrs. Nellie Mitchell and daugh
ters, Euryth and Alice, will leave
in a few days for an extended vis
I it to relatives and friends in In
dependence, Mo. From there they
will go to Chilicothe, Kansas. t
SMr. and Mrs. J.. G. Lievens at
tended the ball game at Welsh '
t last Friday. Mr. Lievens is quite
- an expert player.
I Miss Ruth Sutter is out after at
serious attack of tonsilitis.
The streets in Roanoke and the
roads leading in are being graded
1 and graveled. Owing to so much
I rain it is difficult to get the work r
done as they would like to, but it I
will be a grand help when the
weather does settle. There isn't E
anything for a community to be
more proud of than good roads
and they are the best boost a
town can have.
Mrs. Homer Hewitt was in Jen
nings Thursday shopping.
1 Louie Moore happened to a very
1 painful accident while cranking
- his Ford. The engine backfired,
i striking him on the wrist. For
i tunately there were no bones
- broken.
Miss Ester Martin has returned
- from Bogalusa, where she spent
e her vacation.
e Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Sheumaker
i have returned from Shelbyville,
Ill. "Chuck" says it is very dry
tout there. "Chuck" is all right
even if he is a little dry.
David Thomas and Mrs. Thom
as lenaJly known as grandma
Thomas) left Monday for Louise,
Texas, where they will visit rela
tives and friends.
Mr. John Thomas made a flying
trilp to Houston, Texas, Monday.
Mrs. A. T. Moore will return in
a few days from Mississippi,
x where she is visiting. Her little
son, Lowell," has been very sick
while away.
Miss Cora Clayton left this
morning for Mascott, Arizona,
where she will spend a few weeks
of the hot weather. Her father is
accompanying her.
Mrs. Walton is visiting in Hous
Ston this week.
M, ss Jennie Pulliam was a vis
itor in Welsh and Lacassine Fri
--A Gleaner.
"NO CREDIT" signs, 5c each at
5 the Journal office.
Crop is in Fine Condition and
Whole Outlook is jro
Promising. wit
1)espite the fact that a great deal cut:
of this year's rice crop was plant
ed in July -less than a month ago am
iharvesting will begin during the
coming week. There are several (.n
fields of rice in the vicinity that the
are almost ready for the binder. me
Mr. C. M. Sheumaker is reported r
to have 100I acres of Early Prolific
which he will harvest (during the is
coming week. If weather condi- li
lions are favorable this rice will Iu
be in the mill mefore the 15th of r
August. nes
From the 1t11h of August on it 1:1
is consid(ere(d there will Ihe a con- iul
tinuous stream of the cereal ipour-I ahl
ing into market. ;ot
A great many lieldhis this year ref
are providence, rain having fur- cvc
nished very near, and in some co(
cases all the water required l for
making the crop. The saving in
fuel and labor is a great thing for
the farmers and will enhance the
profit of the crop. at
There is only one parish ha\- rce
ing a grealer acreage than ,leITer- tfa
son I)avis, that being Acadia. On ye
the vole the crop promises a thi
greater average yield than the re- co(
ordt for several years. In
Prospects of the market op- $3
ening at "10.00 or better per bar- gir
rel makes the situation look quite ch
bright, in spite of the increased bu
expense of production. sth
10:00- -Sunday School. go
11:00)--Public worship. Subject (lh
"The Mount of Trial." n.
8:30-Evening devotion. Subject: of
"The Lost Son." He
8:30 Wednesday evening-Mid- of
week Prayer Service.
3:00 Thursday evening-Lam pr
dies Prayer Band.
All are invited to attend the ser- th
vices. do
During the next few months a If
series of sermons will be preach- w
ed on Sunday mornings as fol- ce
MMOUNTAINS." ........... er
August 3 -- "The Mount of of
i Trial." th
August 10---"The Mount of
- Choice.'
August 17 - "The Mount of ai
Instruction." Li
y August 24--- "The Mount of h;
Prayer." s
n August 31 -- "The Mount of Y'
i, Service."
e September 7--"The Mount oJf
k Vision."
September 14 -- "The Mount of
s Prophecy."
, September 21 -"The Mount of
s Agony." (Part I.)
s September 28-- "The Mount of
Agony.' (Part Ii.)
- October 5-- -4;omnunuion Sun
- October 12 ----"The Mounl of
- Glory."
O)ctober 19- "The Mount of
October 26 --Dr. Chas. Win.
t Sommerville, ). 1)., Ph. D. of
Memphis, Tenn., will preach.
SCut this schedule out and keep
F. W. A. BOSCH, Pastor.
Sunday, Aug. 3, 1919.
All services at the usual hours.
Let your motto he: "On Time,"
but if you are late, come anyway,
we will turn you loose on time.
Welcomne you are.
R. L. WELD)ON, Pastor.
Trespass Notice.
Notice is hereby given to all
parties that any person trespass
ing on any of my property in
Wards 5 or 6 of Jlelfferson Davis
parish will be plrosecuted to the
full extent of the law.
July 5-51c
Lord MeMauley said that "nine
tenths of the calamities which
have befallen the human race had
no other origin than the union of
high intelligence with low desire"
which would make it seem that
even compulsory education of the
wrong sort means no reduction of
If you happened to invest in the
loan made to Kerensky you prob
ably know that the interest has
defaulted, but state officials are
confident that the permanent Rus
sian government will recognize
and honor these debts. The U. S.
government has $178,000,000 in
the pot.
The war department has decid
ed to sell 21,000,000 pounds of
sugar now held in stock, which
will probably ease the present
Before the war the average per
son in the United States consum
ed 150 pounds of meat in a year.
It takes a millionaire to maintain
this average now..
A new natural gas well was
brought ill near Iloum ii ondli(lay
wvith an estimated flohw of' h
hw-cen seventy and ninety mnillion
cubire feet per day.
The well, which now ranks
among the biggest naturia gas
wells in the world, was under
complete control every minute olf
the lime. Considerable excite
ment was created in the lusinles I
cirejes of Houma over the strike.
The promise of natural gas 1
is evident in tIhe vicinitly of \Velsl I
and will some day set the coin
unily afluttller. The possibilitisics
'ron thiis natural resource ha v'
never been fully co(nsidieredl here.
FIrom an industrial slamnll)iil I
natural gas is even more desir
able Ihan oil and yet its presence
goes unnoticed. "This has no
reference to the hot air that flows
ever and anon freely within the
(corporate limits of the town.
About Labor.
Some people talk really foolishl
about the labor situation. There
really is no labor situation. Some
farmers would like to hire har
vest hands at 1.5)0 per dlay as
they did several years ago. They
contend that Ihe ycan not make
any money and pay s2.5() and
$3.00 per day for labor. The
great trouble with mIiost of this
class is that the eiormity of the
business they have grown into
startles them.
As an illustration we will take
the man who last year paid a
good wage, demanding an honest
day's work in return, and devoted
more of his spare timle to study
of methods and less to discussion.
He saved his crop and made a bag
of money. That proves that good
wages can he paid and still a
profit shown.
For another illustration take
the laboring man himimself. What
does he labor for? Enough to eat
and wear for himself and family.
If by working six days in the
- week he is unable to supply ne
- cessities, where is the incentive to
work? There is none. Give the
working man-the average -pay
enough to insure himie the needs
f of life for himself and family and
there will be no labor diliculties.
If we ever enter the prize ring
f and get knocked down seven
times in three minutes, we will
f have no alibi. You noticed the
same thing about Willard, didn't
f you?
I I II. I III Ia l":
"125,000.00 BOND ISSUE Is
New School District Created and S
Election Called for
September 2nd.
The .letl'erson D)avis Parish c;
School hoard upon the petiion sI
of citlizens of Welsh has adopted lI
rcsolutions creating Welsh School n
i list rict No. 10, defining its boun- P
iU rics and calling a special elec- i
lion therein on September 2nd, a
1!)19. on a lroposition to issue
Ibonds in the sum of $123.000.00 s
for the constructing and equip- e
ping of a brick or other equally s
lire proof1 public school building. C
The carrying of this issue as- e
sures that this community will
he sulplied with one of the best l
c(tluil)ped schools in the State, the I
beginning of a concerted move
mcnt for higher education.
Proper interest in school work i
was aroused the past season by
tie organization of the parent- I
lc;cler association, which early
discovered that one of the cheaf
needs of the school was proper
housing and equipment. On ac
count of the fact that the country
was in war the subject of build
ing was deferred. Conditions are
dill'erent now and the committee i
has gone ahead with the plans.
All of the preliminary details º
have been worked out, designs
studied and estimates secured. I
Compilation of the assessment
values of the district show that
a reasonable millage will care for
bond issue.
Public sentiment favors the
project so strongly that there is
not a shadow of doubt as to the
I.issue carrying. The only regrets
are the time required by the ne
cessary formalities which must
Sbe gone through with in compli
I ance with the law.
1 The resolution of the School
Board creating the district, and
-also the resolution and proclama
lion calling the election are pub
it ished in full in this issue of the
Scientists have been reported
as trying to weigh light, and see
e what a sun-beam, for example,
would tip the scales. When it
comes to weighing light, however,
[l a London paper mentions the gro
cers, and some one else says the
ice man.
n The London Opinion says the
II war is over-the last issue of
, Sloppy Stories has the picture of
t a civilian kissing the girl!
Says the Ones Higher Uip are
InI the inivestigation of aledged
cruelty practiced uplon American
soldiers in the prison camp near
Paris, before a house sub-com
mittee, Lieut. "ilardboiled" Smith
places the blamI on the officers
higher up. Smith would thus cre
ate the impiression that he is only
"parboiled." His story is fine in
so far as it incriminates the high
er ups, but it only shows a yellow
streak, bccause Smith did not
complain in time to correct the
evil practice.
There never was excuse for cru
el treatment of soldiers, prisoners
in army camps on misdemeanor
charges. Brutality has (lone not
a thing toward maintaining the
morale of the American army.
Discipline and bigotry are entire
ly different elements. One could
hav'e been maintained without the
use of the other by the officers.
Leavenworth is filling with men
who misapproplriated petty sums
of the public's money, yet how
small an offense is misappropri
ation when compared to inhuman
ity. The public contributed to the
war fund knowing full well that
a percentage would be pilfered.
but it did not send its sons into
the conflict to ibe brutalized by
ignorant, inhuman commanders.
Army rules are alright, but they
give entirely too much authority
to unproven ofllicers, especially as
to the court martial.
Have a Heart! `t
With an idea of testing her pup
ils' knowlege of their mother ton
gue a school-teacher wrote on the
black-board the well known pro
verb, "A wink is as good as a nod
to a blind horse."
Then she told the class to re
write this saying, using their own
words, but retaining the original
meaning of the sentence.
Some of the results were good
I and others bad; but the teacher
nearly fainted when she attempt
, ýd to read what one bright little
t lassie wrote:
"A spasmodic movement of the
- optic is as adequate as a slight in
e clination of the cranium to an
equine quadruped devoid of its
visionary capacities."
f Last week a ship sailed from
f Chicago for Liverpool. It is the
first trip of the kind.
We Deal in
9Good Tires
'Nobb' We have just laid in a stock of
United States Tires.
As a United States Tire Sales and
Service Depot we can provide you
with good tires that will exactly meet
ý \ i' your needs.
Also a type of service consistent
f- with tires of such high quality.
There are five distinct types of
United States Tires-one for every
need of price or use.
e No matter what size or type of car
you drive we have just the tires you
`Welsh Garage Co., Inc.
i- l L United States Tires

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