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RA a0  .Eg 'A 0
N. T. fm. 9
. i_~ h er w dos high toop houseo
WiSd, Mted tl a s chair, twidrlag his a
48etedly with one ..and,
ether hang Hll ely by his I
1 ' fast ware asoa omomn moud d
md smd who entered.
'!h ek keketd a cbir auond to
wema th vwtr, sad them mid:
-Tea W ell sd not asety uader the
Wer bshoppedsaddrw arol[longa
supuper allppap fromb his eoat pock
s tnd oo them out. Handing
the to his raeor. he uoelamed
J"I a ir Imly uted. One hate to
TM o .pphp aen umas oat
tw bn Ir the tresae uaIed to
h beumen lat IeRGo e ea the Beit
Meh ft wdz thatnaemn ofthe
gsa em advmaed o men who
S*Inu avye meeiw*" aid the uro k•
nIeer n w 61 a .ekes that could
s lab my hm aytb g like a
aq rbesr . bsmio amte oes."
is th. es
A swhsa --=
UMetBp w ads theiswe mer
etda .senl dml al sad hoe s
See m t bw6
and it·lw sibi would aft
a behind r
litasst't name.
at t-- es ta r, e Te 1
_ss m lelath
Iom- 1th.
n f hbed a
at stliar .it
Z.4 - amWas , N. Y, I
-& 1
-s m--i
Vs' t
l hae Jthe,,, Mes n was, o
II. r:--.. ....t V 4i tck
J ps sa was an muw
S AW b; Lilbls laSI .W Ih.
am~.fr~uktbe eslmmst. b
* - "...#.. ... a ·? m t .l.p . , seas
We s bay to laap a eartla wmp
g wham ofe h t ., tmeaki of
me s r Bor sThae S ads of wire '
a .:,..a .1.d. f a .,, r.
*m * -'m . . 1. :
ýi ptb
a bee..i be na .d it wa.
h e s ood lad.
m: a1nae e am reephae
.I see ms ,q.w...s
oheq uair a uwaL -
Str a tis b ee:
t Ie ,iu"b~hsC.huebekm t bra k
|'-"x vr"; '
I- ". nM qo .-l
M6r ' 188
',arb h.
* * I
iiL~r~ I
tYI '(WI' -
3Sw9 I
~94s~g t~iJ El
i. lr~*iE~)I ?
4 * ~ 43 it
A. - jJ ~ $ t,·.·~
-dso .1gh wsus eYusIan. at
• . wadd smnI 6. a mes
P Prth pt awe yues we have had
a stadimg ae o 6,000 or any ste
mit of eram published by a whleh was
not, so t as we know; boss Aie. We
dldthis in order that all reader might
kIao the absolte truth odll ourmsr- t
stio ad that they were based upon the
alueof our remedy and not pon idle a
wds. Below we give a few xtrac d
from recentlette,hich speakr thm t I
selves We willly addthat we cold
uniLsh one hundred tho emd more oft
similtr mati did aoaiaos require, but
we believe that the entireAnmeria pub- L
lie mow convinced of th polrive val
ua of Warner Sale Cure.
H. H. WAmn &o Co.a
Boeher N. Y.
"I uabred for years with calulue, but
1 "have en Aiy caredby Warner's Safe
So. oa. GA. tY
UI have ed Warner's Sale Care in 1
"my Uralily with ma stisC reads.
f S E. WrmUm
Mobile, Alt. Bishop.
"The result of the use of Warner's Safe
S"Cre in my case was simply astonish- t
L A. Mosm. C
Meridn, Min Southern Baptist.
'"Warne'r's. lS uui eaed my li o
efrm death by Bright's disease and I
f "cast sy too mush in its praise."
O J. Reasram, M. D.
"rdo anO soleumn3 rm that Wart
1 "ae 'a O, with 7l3sbleiseqgn
"/ Les sered me after I was given up to
rI e oearightb disease."
. 8. Dvmrrox.
Nde O 1, Va l
Ii -
r s t aa_ sd s death by meas,
"w is ito ala d ." dl
Ewa . Hln.
SQultman, a. Dishtali Judge. t
" had the btt medial skill theom a
"turbut w ma al o die.
? As aIbrtI begin ng arris
I was a. will man in six
" aopth% D"d an peleyvwell today. I
D. Srams. a
m ,ile byo, .-.
thip a doses bottles of Warner's s
Aer O isee advr, ced mu~i
'lmethe as l (sk being a
maAmar atve), horrhsge otths
*MijmLsl aobreaking down t
,_l s mtasae w ermanent
DavID Toos.
orlet1 tooke HBel. t
Ise, seee hem of
rid ,a rtk air e %es
I bdlmh ubf oawshe
"abke with wits an
wall n"a.., a goj At
,nHIu.m. ee.I. b
lurIa mv y bdy sbmed ml
d - s'el in dw b tl part
_ mo im ss _ ateu m a. Io I fia
S..I the . l .ilr d t arei.t
•mi greipi h..s bei
-- 1
-aid a. L uGmeda
t tnai soes oLLr a Us a
eih etma 6 m aWsEs agcIr
MSw Mni dd6 m - Idt
Jwhoseemaser easse . e A r
asheed el dnwbedn o a u n I
heastb m e sees I
M iwmae heas -eOnes,
ementeMllweek et elaI
A back bite--a is
A bae inmtaslo-- a betlea
"I a marlyrI" he eadarLed. "How i
s" was the  ui. "I s at the .
eIkl hebewde. eus ayiag at a I
rinthe ball-roo m atr t, b g
hd gpbaead an ptshetially
th Ilot tale o lsme fi..s
S"Ib a thoieomd rdoIhr comilg
,so Ilt "Mydeur "replied the l
dyp gacelmlly, "no sware are needed.
You emn never come too late."
"Just think, hubby dear," maid the 1
wife of one our prmnet Wetche
ter county lawyers, "we've been mar.
ried nearly a year and our he haven't
laid a rotten ae yet."
A Clnnanati man as w pretty arp
whamhe advertised, "W ,ed- A live
man as partner in a pinn business.
SYou e, heput the w ve" in to
keep dead men from applying.
The elopement of married women ap
pears to have become a mant, but a lit
tie redection will convince a husbandl
that it always rages just bere the ad
Srent of Spring bonnets.
James, who was trying to sew a new
button on his coa mnmursed: "They
may there's a yacht that makes fften
knots an hourbt this thread makes
twenty a minute."
"Yes, my dear," aid Mrs. Bmsboth
om, speaking of lerinvlid uncle, "the
pos old gentleman ha. bad a stroke of
paranthem and whae [ last maw him he
was In a ILate ofcomma."
"No," said Flora, "one can't call Mrs.
Grem really handsome or very enter
tinbut there is such an air of in
terest her. She dosen't live with
aher husband."
A photorapher in a country town was
oem. vidted by a young woman,
who, with sweet eimplicity, asked: "how
long does it take to get yor photograph
ater you have left your measmre?"
Little Nell: "What church wereyou
married in, gndm" Grandma "I
was not in a church, dear."
Little Nell. "Was you mared at home?"
Grandms: No, dear, T was a very naugh
ty and ran aw with your -
pa. iattle Nell: " me! ' n
er suawy with ,ch a" k old gentle
man s grandpa
m Deacon D 's son returned home
very late last ht foma very pr-i
~bhi v pretty swethear.
Waveyaoubeen?" growled the
old man, as the yto h am sneaking up
stairs in bhis ok t. "Dear fther,"
I e replied, "I canot tell a lie Ie been
Sto a proractred meeting." and the good
Sold man uppraided himuself for having
treated his son so harshly.
a pssaee.s .r new eubwe.
* * "ln conanection with the Wal
tbam Wateh mpay, it nay be stated
t when the proprieto of The Age
desred to present Mr. G.E. Morrison
(the orof New Guineals) with a s
vice of Mr. L J the Goven
. meet Astronomer, two th watch
eawure, however procured hr Mr. Nor
risn eid. Tess were kept at the
SMelboarne Obmrvstory r a l aight
apd ghyand cshitested, and
a bre by Mr. siU l t the
end fthat time, t be eriedr hd
Mr. Merrison's resqulrement than anj
iaI Ioes eter." traI from the NI
bomne Ae
"ha" wits to know if we cea tell
her what the ights of the ath Met
adhM Oa suSO, redosa ite
am resmamPhe.
maen assaI is born wth a aitea.
I l/I eE chousd know eTsM
as S.. landis.i e. b
--al..a2 -_=r a. mam ti,
! rn .
ww a L er Tbsbeed nth Case.
kew Haves (mCe.) Union.
I. David 8truse, of New HavenI Coa.
hecticut, was attacked with a severe
rheuatlm in iny right arm, hand and "
r hot, so that I walk with dcultyand
Scould hardly se my hand to st with.
I Iused one bottle of t. Jacob O rub
bing well three times a d, and o
ed instant relief and a cure.
DAvi Srovus, Attorney-at-Ilw. *
An undertaker get hi living where :
another man dies.-N. O. Item.
r Headache is Immediately relieved bye ue
L of PLo's emedy for atrrh.
Iý as be alsertd An mone t .it must
n Item.
't Is yourliversound? 100 pads book free.
Addres Dr. anford, D e St., New
o The diuni Muow-it-wso-ladcd man
L will always live, and frequently die.
1) Hamilton Spectator.
Susad Isfus a ases sew mses .ataSthI, s S
d rMnst ie t ls ea ierst mnewe s
at rore a e.
SThere is but one c hre for t. ae
Shih. -nil B L ty erd. ý b'
t" Hsu prt k... ai be, Ii. e.
s- Tho e safkrers alo the Ohio vlley
hdrink whiskey beause water comes too
"IROUH ON cOSwS." as.. A to a.
les, bNhar Me mm. wair=, belamse.
Swelt b sop at thel as . B
,rnth •n , outiw o Booen .
1 s as i per d a. se ear comveas trt
. apar ts e r
8. CAIC--1.~ e,_. •ee
SRem·atlsm, l Me.ws
n aS 5U.Vem arT asse *inin.l
bab eag ai aeeben **e.s w.
TESdenassas A. vet `
a mgw i
Ate cubted by nd eOrlts." I
sad e eas beela n t
y a eeaury, sad aowI S SmdI
the t the dibedSatrnhIsfuM Ik
IIII '* YS es l 1I
."L W pew ue5 a.o. fm la. .
YEN ONLY, YOUNG or OLD. who an
as frost N sarovo ExHanTr LOST Vi
PL t
a enr, .oad aO. un a ce Mat
byA.Ca bWIe AilpdUrr. i sn d r a di. 1
eof by a kdred otue, re.suting.rea wt
- e esa rsenases . Spea r e aa,'n-d forp
Uwr, af d ati 3shi Csln p( es U¢ aM
Their causoe rand are,
a a rth a rualt san x.T. I
tuh aidk sta d pnewder - hns be .enpl.r oln
asb ld . h i ) toa
Jmbeperpee. At nrmrag ef llpa a - te ars at porder
~ Ititjstsch s th Ca ny a ar nate o nir es fan
Their cause and ours.
h"s mew be st mi &e
ealm iell.
diMhl ass.
itrlvn. i
m Damle.
....,. -w
b- ,bse~ tl awL ,,
=i ~1" l~
S s~t
m"- -ough ma e sl-- "
L aw ýMk 1rCc W s Mw
&A i ý wi w t'm Few..r
ar mm- m. g mR 5C1w.Smr
ý - - .a .gA
VS~ h ~o bvpsiu
r r i wMýý
p lq llibrrflNa~-~ . opr An
Ll~~~mmi mmn wIYI mal
Vup --' 1w
z~tE~l*r -r~r- h
rMoo 1.
7tý"..'ý'- _?. ( 7A( rn-. ' Y -----_-- ._ . - r
C- iniin D". ;: "P
--- ~
A Dame-*-s Cae.
s s s 30c26T3 June 1. 1. . rid
Tw ao I anttace w the mot
Intone and d ahly pal ins buck and
t*tdingd e to the end of my toes and
t ch mde me delirious!
UFlma aMaY.
"It took thr men to hold me n my
bed at timed
'The Doctors tried in vain to relieve
me. Btto no purpose.
"Morphine and other opiates
"Hadno efbectl
"Alter two months I was given up to
"When my wife
heard a neighbor tell what Hop Bitters
had done forher she at once got and
gave me some. the frst dose eased my
brain and seemed to go hunting through
my syaem for the pan.
"The second dose eased me so much
that I lept two hours, something I Lad
not done for two months. Before I had
usea five bottles, I was well and atwork,
as hard as any man could, for over three
weeks; but I worked too hard for my
reth, and taking a hard cold, I was
taken with the most acute and painful
rheumatism all through my system that
was ever known. I called the doctors
again; and after several weeks, they left
me a cripple on crutches for life, a they
samid. I meta friend and told him my
cue, and he Pmid Hop Bitters had cured
him and would cure me. I poohed
at him, but he was so earnest I was in
duced to use them again. In less than
four weeks I threw away my crutches
andwent to work lightly and kept on
using the bitters for five weeks, until I
became as well as any man living, and
have been so for six years since. It al
so cured my wife, who had been so for
years; and has kept herand my children,
well and hearty with from two to three
bottles per year. There is no need to
be sick at all if these bitters are used.
J. J. Bran, Ex.Supervisor.
" pr invalid wife!
"Or Daughter!
"Can be made the picture of health!
"with a few bottles of Hop Bitters!
"Will you let them satfer'
LUPalT e, -0'  ap. ANN.
Ip tme 1,se r 111.:oAs#,nU. 1 e'.r
Miets allSahl dkL& Biba. reins aieueade
5 isaea 1 Raung. Psa e Co.. St I ans.a.
adanme eer eeror. A.. J I. F:-, 1 ta Mse 1.
MTars N u o MsaP .-. .
s..rr a.., ri a n G o a dd..e.
a.Mte. Aesrtainure'. Not eZpeKdu.
met.a rameowt I nS package. GOood ai
La the Read. Headwahee, Dhanri. Hay er ,a dm.
at.eai .e t pa, smte or mdnlm em ansa 1Il6O
n serln em s co m ae. sase
faer I.1 I.as p..ae A fns 8_%y to syMr..
. ..t dela tat .ead at ease. s tr
its MAmN k.ael casu, u e
, a ,d a am g tedam emat e..a
0 3t wea saa. mesa.
ýIc IItI ad IIue aI of -
25 00. REWRD. .,
war wit j.ey tH I ..e rewerJ fur ag sme ta.n.
.fliratme wtl ,wttare ýIa eel ta
Jamatarat greetfer .a.ds i m tan le mmast
'r Ice game tatwep.5Us
J1 heabteesra
ai r. aC.1 , wh+ama. -
6133K kwwbhmekae.IEI.

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