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Time Table V., 8. & P. Rain ,ad.
Leaves for fAt. from e
Monroe. STATIONS. Monroe
900 a m........ Delta....... 4:00p.m
10.30 a. m.......Tallulah...... 2l30p.m
12:x5 p. m. ...... Delhi........ 1OOdaysy
;1:p. m .....M.Rayville...... 11:00i.m
2:17 p. m. ...... Girard....... t0.36a.m i
925 a. m. East.Monroe. West 3:45 p.m I
8:3 a. m. ... Cheniea..... 4:30p.m
8:17 a. m..... Forksville..... 4:4 p.m
8:05 a. m. ..... Calhoun...... 6:00p.m
7:50 a. m........Averitt ...... 6:16p.m
7:: a. m. .....Choudrant .... 6:40 p.m
6:55 a. m.i.......Ruston ...... 910p.m i
6:30 a. m.i.....Allengqren .... 6:3 6p.m
6:10 . m.......Siaboro..... &6:p.nr
&6:0 a. . ..New Arcadia.... 7:30p.m i
LoIal an.U
Mail from Ashwood, New Carthage,
King and Cape, arrives Mondays, Wed
nasdays and Fridays, at 11U30 a.m., and
leaves at 2:30 p.m. of same days.
Mail from Omega and Millikens Bend
arrives Monday, Wednesday and Fri.
day at 11 a.m., and leaves at 2 p.m. of
same days.
Croak ! Croak I Croak I
Gat out of the grass.
Give the boys a chance.
The water is going going-
This is the last day of May.
Listen for the rumble of the cars.
Look out for the first cotton bloom.
Who will start the building boom?
The levees will be built, never
Did you hear the whistle of the
locomotive ?
You had better feed the Assessor
well when he stops with you.
Read the prospectus of North
East Louisiana as it is.
Slack water navigation has money
in it.
Don't abandon the idea of white
Have you decided on your choice
for Congress ?
If you want to have the town in
corporated speak up.
Vicksburg houses as a rule don't
want the Madison Parish trade.
A little hot weather will wind up
the gnats.
The Deer Creek made her last
trip this week.
Is it possiblp there was no rain
this week ?
fet your guns ready, the woods
mAtbhe full of squirrels.
That bridge across Canal bayou
sil needs fixing.
Everybody is busy in the fields.
Talllsah was deserted this week.
You can expect to see a large
orme at work on the rairoad this
Geo. S. Eisely is not eioaked out
..yet, he is putting his sidewalk in
good order.
This front town levee will never
be built unless the town is incor
Good Oleomargarine is better, by
odds, than ordinary butter, but'er
milch goat is inferior to a Jersey
Propose bur scheme, anything
you choose, and the kickers will be
It will not be long now, before
you ean get lumber from Wilson's
Lake One Iaw Mill. When you
want any, get it from him.
It will be many a long day before
a uteamboat is seen at Tallulah un
less you promote the plan for slack
water navigation.
Fulton M. Mle wants your
custom, and says 6. His place is
the best in Viesburg to Lgt drugs.
He will have more to py to you
before long.
Prof. Payne having been ofered
a desirable situation at Poestlaskey,
SLa., has resigned his position heme,
and taken his departure.
The gap in the V. 8. & P., will
not be closed fromthe Shreveport
A good many cows and oome
other stock are running about town
with ropes dangling alter them.
This is not filing the bill, and the
owners are liable for teospss.
There is now ano water ons the
trsek between here and Delta.
SThere is 2 feet 2 inches of water on
the track at Canal bayou. In fouar
days the track will be free from
water from Delta to Rayville. The
water is falling about one and one
quarter inches a day this aide of
M Ionroe.
SWhen the Txas said the trains
ld be here this week, it was
jmg on what could be done. It
gbeen suggested that the reason
Strains are not run, is because
time can be made with hand
Slack Water Navigation.
TEXAcAxsa, Madison Pariah May 25, '84.
Mn. EDITOR:-I notice in your is
sue of 24th inst., An article on
"Slack Water Navigation," signed
"Locks," in which he proposes to
put a dam across Roundaway, Mill
and Metheglin, bayous, thus clos
ing the last outlet, filling the last
gap, in the cordon of levees already
built in the rear of Madison Parish.
The efibect would be to raise the
water higher, and hold it longer on
that portion of the Parish between
Roundaway and the river. The
Planters of Walnut Bayou feel a
little sore on the subject of internal
levees and dams, after having gone
through an overflow of three!
months. They have such a preter
natural dread of water that it al
most amounts to hydrophobia; but
they are a "feeble folk," composed
mostly of non resident widows, and
a few very amiable gentlemen, who
complain, but do not like to take
any responsibility. God forbid
that this great wrong shall be per
petrated upon this helpless coun
try. "3ut I would advise --Locks"
to go slow in his dani:ing scheme;
even a worm will turn when tread
upon. The people of Madison
want no locks in the front levee;
nor dams in the rear; and when
there is real danger of this local,
selfish scheme being executed they
will enter such a protest as will
cause it to be abandoned.
J. T. (Conntr.a..
Brierfield Rebels to the Front.
Comradel--The time has come
when the history of the civil war is
being written.
You took an active part in mak
ing that history, and have as much
right to see it properly written as
aiyv one. Your dteeds of valor and
self-sacrifice are worthy of record.
Our noble dead-those who fell in
the front of the battle-those who
perished by the withering hand of
disease-far from home and loved
ones-call.o the survivors to see
it done. No one can do this so
well as our old Captain, T. M
He had a keen eve on the battle
field, and has to-day a retentive
memory of what tralspired before
his eyes, and can graphically de
scribe what he saw and did.
Boys, let us rally around- the
Colonel and help him. It may be
for the last time. He is preparing
for the press a work to be called
North Louisiana as it is, and its
people of to day, which he propos
es to intersperse with battle seenes
and incidents of the war-begining
with Shiloh and ending with New
tonia-Gen. Price's last battle
where the boy hero, Frank Tomp
kins died in Capt. Elliott's arms.
What say you boys? Your old
sargeant calls the roll once apin
but few can answer--for out of one
hundred and fifty-six gallant fel
lows we have but a corporals guard
left. J. 8. Richardson, of Madison;
Frank Taylor, of East Carroll, Bill
Diekerson, Jim Graham, Henry
Faith, C. C. Goodwin, Stewart
Dalton and Jim Noland of West
Carroll; Jim Welsh, of Franklin;
Richard Twedle and Charlie Car
penter of 1ichland; Jim MeCarroll
of St. Louis-and last but not least,
Columbus Allen, of New Orleans.
Let us rally as we did in by gone
days around our old Captain, arml
he will bring us once again to the
front.-not on the battle field, but
in history.
Your old Quarterly Sergeant,
En F. Nmank.
-W. C, Watchman.
The national monument at Wash
i u wJban fshed, will be the
le he of the world by
a y feet. The towers of
the cathedral at Cologne, just fin
ished, have a height of 524 feet 11
inches; tower of St. Nicholas, Ham
burg, 473 feet 1 inch; cupola of St.
Peter's, Rome, 460 feet 2 inches:
eatlhedral spire at Strasburg, 465
feet 11 inches; pyramid of Cheops,
449 feet 6 inches; tower of St.
8tephen's, Vienna, 448 feet 10
inches; tower of 8t. Martin's,
Landshut, 434 feet 8 inches; ca
thedral spire at Freibarg, 410 feet
1 inch; cathedral at Antwerp, 404
feet 10 inches; eathedral of Flor
ence, 390 feet 5 inches; St. Paul's
London, 365 feet 1 inch; cathedral
of Magdeburg, 339 feet 11 inches;
tower of the tathans at Berlin, 288
feet 8 imhes; towers of Notre Dame,
Paris, 232 feet 11 indces. Of Amer
lean structures, the Washington
moneaument, Baltimore, is 210 feet;
Bnnker Hill monument, 221 feet;
Trinity Church, New York, 28
feet; St. Patrick's Cathedral, New
York, to be 330 feet.-Ex.
Pregress of Steam.
.The leading locomotive werks of'
Philadelphia have shipped since
the begining of the year several car
goes of locomotives to Brazil and
the Argentine Republic. The bark
Sarah Doe has just left that port
with a cargo of eleven locomotives
for Rosario, Argentine Republic.
She will be followed by the Amer
ican bark Skobeleff, with a similar
cargo, for the same destination.
The barks Stabil and St. Olaf are
now loading four locomotives, each
for the port of Rio Grande Do Sul,
Brazil. The harbor at this point is
so shallow that vessels drawing
nine and ten feet only can ap
proach the docks, which accounts
for the small cargoes carried. The
English steamer Sara will shortly
begin loading a cargo of eleven lo
conmotives for the Argentine Re
Retpulic. Most of the engines
shipped to that country were upon
the order of the government, al
though several were for a private
corporation in the province of Bue
nos Ayres. Among the vessels
that recently sailed with cargoes of
locomotives from Philadelphia are
the E. A. Sanchez, the Aaron Rep
pard and the barkentine E. J. Mc
Manemy. Twenty locomotives,
now in course of construction in
the shops in question, will close
foreign orders now on hand.-Ex.
A Reported Remedy for Hydrophobia.
M. Jlouis Pasteur, the celebrated.
French chemist, claims to have
m11ade a discovery of a complete ci e,
or rather antidote, for hydrophobia.
In an interview with a Figaro cor
respondent 31. Pasteur says:
"Cauterization of the wound im
mediately after the bite, 'as is well
known, has been more or less ef
fective, i,ut from to-day anybody
bitten by a mad dog has only to
present himself at the laboratory of
the Ecole Normale, and by inocu
lation I will make him completely
insusceptible to the effects of hy
drophobia, even if bitten subse
quently by any number of mad
'*I have been devoting the last
four years to this subject. I found
out, in the first place, that the virus
rahique looses its intensity by
transmission to certain animals,
and increases its intensity by trans
mission to other anninmals. With
the rabbit, for instance, the virus
rabique increases: with the monkey
it decreases. My method was as
follows: I took the virus direct from
the brain of a dog that had died
from acute hydrophobia. With
this virus I inoculated a monkey.
The monkey died.
"Then with the virous-already
weakened in intensity-taken from
this monkey I inoculated the sec
ond monkey. Then with the virus
taken from the second monkey I
inoculated a third monkey, and so
on until I obtained a virus so weak
as to be almost harmless. Then
with this almost harmless virus I
inoculated a rabbit, the virus being
st once increased in intensity.
"Then with the virus from the
first rabbit I inoculated a second
rabbit, and there was another in
crease in the intensity of the virus.
Then with the virus of the second
rabbit I inoculated a thir4 rabbit,
then a fourth, until the virus had
regained its maximum in intensity.
Thus I obtained virus of different
degrees of power. I then took a
dog and inoculated him, first with
the·ereakest virus from the rabbit,
then with the virus from the second
rabbit, and finally with the rabbit
virus of maximum intensity. After
a few days more I inoculated the
dog with virus taken directly from
the brain of .a dog that had just
died of acute madness. The dog
upon which I had experimented
proved completely insusceptible to
hydrophobia. The experiment was
frequently repeated, always with
the same successful result.
"But my discovery does not end
here. I took two dogs and inoce
Slated them both with virus taken
directly from a dog that had just
.died of acunte hydrophobia. I let
one or my two dogs thus inoculated
alone, and he went mad and
died of aente hydrophobia. I sub.
Sjected the second dog to my treat
ment, giving him the three rabbit
inoculations, begining with the
t weakestand ending with the strong
I est. This second dog was com
Spletoely cared, or rather became
Scompletely insusceptible to hydro
A Virgfinia lli.
A Virginia reporter thus descrilbes
Sthe Iell of a ball he rec.utly attended :
SComptslexa,msithur blomdh nor braett,
3 hovernlag between the dawn and smnrier
;of a summer's morning; eyes, beside
whose arrows Cupid'skeeneqt dartq are
only it fr kiliag frogs or clsams-es
Sthat deive the ey starshIedeh dis
tracted with enif. 14stel more gleri
Oriental houri. Hair in which- 10,000
sunbeamns nest !e, darkly bright, fine as.
gossamer threads, but forming a net- 1
work which scores of masculine strug- c
glers have found powerful as the green I
withes that bound Delilah's Samson.
Matchless in grace. Marvelously gifted
in woman's grand endowment-tongue.
Tones soft as the softest warbling of a
flate on tropic seas at twilight. A polar
star in every throng, toward whom all 1
masculine compasses point with con- a
stant finger. A magnet strong enough
to turn a whole battalion topsy-turvy
and bring the planets rushing from
their far-off spheres. Lovelier more
enchanting creatures never fitted
through the paradise of rarest poet's
dream. *secribe her? Were my pen
a quil from the pinion of the loftie-st
seralph that burns in gleaming glory,
and dipped in the refulgent radiance of
the rainbow's fountain, it would be im
possible. Rlaphael's ghost, after three
centuries of celestial practice, would -
faint at the task of trying to depict her
transcendent loveliness.-Alpple Jack.
Mr. Horace White is of the opin
ion that Arthur can poll minure votes
in New York than any other Re
publican who can be nominated for
the Presidency. lie is for Ed
munds, although he is free to admit
that the chances for Edmunds are
slim. Edmunds out of the field,
White i6 for Arthlur.-Ex.
The business men of the country
believe that Arthur can carry New
York and that Blaine cannot. To
sacrifice New York is to sacritice
the party.-Cincinnati Times-Star.
If Blaine is nominated for the
Presidency, there is just one
chance of success, and it lies in the
fiact that the Demci rats might put
up a worse man-Ben. Butler, for
instance.-Newport News.
John Sherman regards the "bus
iness menl's" movemlent of Presi
dent Arthur with ill-concealed
jealousy. John is the business
man's friend, and he thought every
body knew it.-Chicago Herald.
The recent hearty endorsement
of Arthur at an immense meeting
of business men of New York, was
followed by a similar great move
ment by the same class at Chicago.
Judging from the reports, of what
is i.aid by the Democtats who have
met as a State committee, the noim
ination of Mr. Tilden is already
determined upon by the great ma
jurity of Democrats. Some little
light is cast upon Tammany's sup
port of Tilden by the argument
that Kelly had to take either
Cleveland or Tilden, and preferred
Tilden on account of the state of
his health.-New York Her:ald.
It is said that the enemies of
Blaine intend to work on the feel
ings of the convention by assuring
it that he cannot carry the State of
New York. Can these enenies of
Blaine positively assure the con
vention that any Republican candi
date can carry the State of New
York? It is suspected that Mr.
Tilden will look after that State,
and the Republicans needn't bother
themselves about it.-Chicago Times
ailding Asseeiation.
TALLLA.In, La., May 29, 1884.
All holders of stock in Tallulah
Building Association are requested
to meet in School Room, at Tallulah
on Sunday June 8th, at eleven
o'clock. Business of importance
will come before the meeting.
A. W. CR.An .L, J. T. LcL.a.lA,
Secretary. President.
The missing ed mla.
A young and sickly tariff Bill lay
horizontally upon a Democratic
bed. Its loxingfather watching by
it, asked:
"My son, shall I prop you up a
little ?"
S"Please pa."
The father raised the invalid's
I head, and thought he was getting
it in a comfortable position when
Crash ! Thud I
Forty-one sltse ad slipped out
of place, and the ~l gave way.
1 The poor little bill had passed.
- Yea, verily, over the river of death.
I ---Chicago News.
t _ _ _ _ _ _
For the Ladius.
All ladies interested in the Ex
position, are invited to aid in the
'following work, approved by the
- Diector General. A silk quilt.
has been designed, representing a
SMap of Louisiana, to be 12 feet
-square when completed. Each
parish to be a different color, geo
a graphically outlined, the name and
some appropriate decoration to be
embroidered or painted thereon.
The Committee in charge of this
work are now prepared to furnish
the necessary patterns and instruc
tions. Those who are willing to
acontribute a parish or ae ion , are
hereby requested to sbauntnicate
e with the Committee, by addressing
L. E. SMITH, Secretary,
Lamourie P. O.,
Rapides Parish,.La.
DIED.-At IrayVmond, Hinds. Co.
Miss., May 26, at 4 o'clock a.m.
Miss Mary R. McFarland, daughter
of Mrs. . A. A. Dennis, formerly
Mrs. M. A. McFarland.
TALLULAHn, La., May 31, 1884.
The assessments for the year
1884, are now ready for inspection,
and correction. All parties dtlsir
ingto investigate their assessments,
are notified to do so within the
next thirty clays.
J. H. GI FvoI.,
State of I.onisiana. Parish of Madison,
8th District Court-No. 331JProbate.
S~Ct'ErKION OF Jo1iN EMBERT, deceased. I
W lEl:EAS, llenrrv M. Floyd has -
presented t tsaief Court,his fintal- i
acctlountt as Illlenili.tratlor ,f said1 su.
,essions, wih his petition praying that
said account he. aproe, confre
:11 ll othlegated (after clue notice) and
hIe he ,dischargced with judgemnent as
prayed for.
Now therefore, all pcrsons are
required to, shorw eanuse. if any they.
have, within ten days from thie elate
hereoef, why ae prayer of the petition
er sh,,ulei io <e. granted.
Witness the,- Hlnora,le E.J. I)-l on"
Jludtge of said (C,nort, andt the ,llic·i
seal thereof, this '.ºth day of Mlay A.
1). 1`84.
F. M. DAWSON, Dp'y Clerk.
A true copyv attest.
F. M. I)A\'SON, 1p'y Clerk.
May 31, 3t.
State of l'miniana. Parish of Madison,
5ith District Court.
I'Eo- .t:-N\E.M &. I\V s. E. (. .
IT)Y virtue of an order eof sale to me
I) directed froan the lhonioratil E..l.
Me.lony. Jud.ele of the. Eighth DIistrict
I ourt f,,r the parish of Maeis: n afore
sai. in the alove entitled C:us'e. I
Swil1 i-roceeld to -ell, at puldic auleion, at
thei teo,.,rl the Ceurt-l,use in the t-wn
of Talinalnh, in Madison parish, Louisi
LI la, Oil
The Third nSaturday, the 21st
day of June, A. DI., 1884, "
bet weetn t he hours preseri led .hv law,.
all the riht, title anel interest of E. ii.
Peale in and to the following described
pro, erty, to-Wit:
All thle stock of l)ryv (;os, Grocerics,
\ares, IMerchandise, Medicines, etc.
Also one. Water Tank. Also unexpired
lease of Steerehouse, and one wagltn: et
Boeoks and Accountts, seized in the above
Terms of salnk-Cash with the benefit
of appraisement,
E. S. DENNIS, Sheriff.
Per W. H. McF.tAstrsn, Di'.
Sheriff's Office, Tallulah. May 24, 1SSI.
Stage of Rivers.
W Alt 1 )EPt.RTMErT,
May 24, 2 p.nu.. Washington time.
The following observations were taken
at the samne ntentiet of time at all the
lstations Ilnatucl.
Thove lowte lai nge
Stations. water. RiK... Fall.
f Feet. Ins. In's.'Iu's.
Cairo........... 2 3 0 8
Chattanooga... - 5 2 0 3
f Cincinnati...... 4 0 4
Helen......... 28 5 0 13
f Leavenworth... 12 0 0 1
ittle Rtoe..... 10 3 0 1
Memphis ...... 18 8 0 13
Nashville....... 2 0
'New Orleans... I 7 0 0
Omaha........ 8 8 S 0
Pittsburg....... 4 7 14 0
Shreveyort..... 28 0 3
St. Lotus ...... 17 5 3 0
s8t. Pal......... 7 10 0 0
Vicksbunr..... 43 0 0 6
*Below high water of 1874.
Lake One Saw Mill.
I am prepared to.dellver on board the
cars, every dscription:of
at the shortest notice and upon most
reasonable terms for cash. Address
mchl-lv Tallulah. La.
Professional Cards.
Tallulah, La.
Practices in the pasrishesif MadIson
and Riehland and the Supreme Court
Sof the State. Particular attention paid
to the leause management and male of,
and preparation of titles to real ee
tate. •mch-ly
g JOH1N . sTroNre
It TalHlah, La.
Vi'cksbarg, Aiss.
.Will practfe his iwofsaidon in the
Iparishes of Mauliaoun, renas, ltiehlldul
Sand East Carroll. InchlCt.
Lt DR. T. D. ·BPi OH,
Vicksbarg, Jlis.
i Teeth extracted without pain. ml-Oem.
Ii _______________
g Over Flfteen Years Experlemse.
i cWa,,hi,,on, D. C.
Wir eten mcehl-tf.
Official Directory. M
S'tat Of eurs.
(;overnnr.............. . SP. MtrEnt",
Se.retarv ofsta:e .......Will A,Struon
Auditor P'ublic Accounts...Allen J umel
Treasurer ..... ............. A. IBurke
Sup't Public Fduatiou....... . . F:ay
Attorney-G(eneral ............ J. C. Egan
Supreme Court.
Chief Justice........ Edward Bermudez
Assoriilte Justice........ l.eli' P. l'owhe
" " ............. B. Toldd i
" " ........T ('. Manning
" " ......Chas. E. Fenner
Clerk ............. .... 1. J. V' ilsth
U. S. S"ttto,.
R. F. Jonas ................ New Orleans
It. L. tlson ...............N.. w 0rhasllq
Il, ut ber'º. of C('otz.r'" f
(':rlton llHu t ...............1st Dih tric t
E. Johtn Ellis ................ .',t
W . P. Kelitlgg ............ ::rd "
N. C. l:lan lch:rd ............4th "
.. FlHoi King ............... th "
E. T. fAwis..................; th "
Court of Alppatl-SlutI C'irciit.
Judlges. .T. P. Clinton and A. A. (ainlvi
Clerk ............ ......11. II . 1 ,11 ., ·
. :,lis n--'n iourth .Monlavs ,in o l;,rtlh
ind º)ttlws'r.
Dittrict (Court-Sth .Itdi'itl )i..tri't
Coma nosed .1 ,f the l,arishes of .M:Jlis.tn
and 1East (:atrroll. T'r.r i 'f ('tort :
A , li ,,n .i v T " , ,in -1 l.,t M ,ndl. t '
in .lanuarv and t June. Civil term i.-t
1,hllavs in tApril -tonl N,\vet.tl,,r.
Fast ('.mrorll -J.ury trin -I"t Mnilavs
in luly anal lhecend er. Civil t-:ro(- -lst
.1 ,.nd,  in M ay all-{ l ,,lt,, .:.
E. J. teloh ny ...... . ...n...... l ,,e
.1. it. St n o..... ..... I i:;t itt A tta, rnher i
iI. B. lloices .................. C'ler.
I',trish of Jtdixsuo .
Representatives....... A. C. Gibson
" .........1. R. .Mel·c ntell
('lerk .. ..................II. II . . lthdmn.s
Sheriff .................. E. S. IºDllennis
Treasurer .... ......a ,. ''. Tl'n.reeva nt
.t,raner ................ . WDr . KellteY
A ess..,. r ....................J. 11. ;ilfail
Policc Juiry.
Ward 1..................Geo. It. BelforI
. " . 2.............. ....... . 1I. i ,tn a ,
" :................i oselh W itht.r.,w
" 4...ieu.. W. Montgumnter, l':re:'
S 5 ........ ........... 1. 1. l:rwuni
" (.................. T. C . Fl,,w rt s
" 7...................... t. I. inii
Clerk ..................A ndre'w T. Lane
I'tarish Nrclool lI,atrtl.
. L. Siack, Prtesident, W. 11. Kin'.
A..I. Sevier, A. C. .Jlonette audlt\V. 11.
It arvey.
Justlar ~c of the Peace.
Ward l .................. I. Carpenter
" 2........... . . . P1. l)angurti'.ll
. " 4................... . W. W atts
" 5................W. W. Johiason
i 6. ... ........... o
" 7 ..................... cott Bettis
Misecellaneous Advertisenacunts.
I II.\VE one barrel of the seed of
"Millo 1Maize." Any of my planting
frienals c:1ea get some u ,f these neei free.
of cost. I would like to sate Miil.
Maize planted largely. It has proven a
good thing with tme.
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The most retined and most popular of
ill the humorous journals.
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is a rare offer. Take advnntage of it at
once. Sample copies of The Arkansaw
Traveler will be nmailed on application.
fD We also furnish the two large
and splendid Colored Engravings
Which, together wih the original story
of the "Arkansaw Traveler," as told by
Colonel ''andv" Faulkner. will b,.a
mailed to any at'ldress on receipt of 0k*.
Isstage stamla taken. These pictures
are nor given as prenmiums, but ar
mailed, piot-paid, only on receipt of
price. Address
REAl) & BENIIAM, Publishers,
April 12. Little Rock. Ark.
Offered to the Public
Twenty-five per cent Less
For every Club of T4, one extra copy.
Clubs of 'rwcrr, two extra copies.
In senling subscription remit P.O.
Order. Alddres
. P. O. B-x 2557,
! Apr.,-lv Sew Orleans.
3 iscellaneous Advertiremcra t s
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,$2.00 PER YEAR,
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Recoammends Itsefte the Conld.
D ratio of the People.
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