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TF~REM. - - - P PERt YEAR.'
lýý .s F-srl uttWe Joi-.
Sawg t. 2ros1
DIM tet lseessltve Demtittee.
J. R. Stotr, ofMadlaes, Ch'n.
J. H. OuasM, Of "
J. I. IKmrot, of aat Carroll.
ams f Ua mwemaSe a4min*e or
Nradmts Vish.
A. A. Iamssmm'Yi, .. T. tEnrAPT,
I . 0 Wnnemu. G.u W. AM. I.
Jon n& koms.
Adwuatirlassg .
Aml. cus roa iinasarsw Tsx Hrus
AvetisinM rates, eatk I.e leatm,
$1, irst aIsestio~ , o t.et per itch for
rA'.h sent eonsmeutie , iseratiU.
mC ease as show.
Iscal , otUce 10e ents per liNe.
Maeria, samd death soes fwe.
Mbilearl awoite ee1 per inch or 10 -
t, Aner lasynsr e mst
r Mac ot f n teer th-n b
m~ I tt o tee mely.
-A yestes , wM s mu
.b i.. .. m * by
A."Ul -i- h m.
, 1--7
She .m, his onk.
anh" M sllsn, fied toe
seast a.. a...hew...s y o
A.sth tubistes Iowsid iet
Oe..emy tee eudnr faited to
t t.M*jg wa owped e
l Aft t. siYrrsect mm
-M of aglu, sad pst them
~ d"~~ i
The Republicans have at last Ii
done a supremely idiotic thing. el
They have nominated for President, i t
James 0(. Blaine, of Maine, and to
for Vice PreKident, Jno. A. L.og. i
of Illinois. Mr. Blaine is the man'
with whom .we have to deal. I.ogan ,
is a bloody shirt shrieker, at all
times, and on all occa'ions, and c
can be dismissed with that record.
Blaine is a different sort of a man.
He is ready enough to wave the
bloody shirt at the proper time,
but he Is not all the time flaunting a
it, and it is probable, that that sub-L
ijet will appear only incidentally in
the campaign. Mr. Blaine's weak
point is his record, which is a sort
of a charcoal sketch, in that most
of the marks he has made. are
black marks. In the next few
months, Mr. Blaine's misdeeds
will be Ilioned -from" Maine to
California, and from the Canada
line, to the Gulf of Mexico. Hiss 0
own party will contain many of his
bitterestassailants. The New York
Timne ha already announced th
it will nt pport him, as has the
Bostoe'Coumerncial Advertises. .
Is doubt(l it he an carr .hs o 0 o
State. Mori themo of -the New
Ehglaad Sttes wiH not po Pepb
liea, with Blaine for the standard
bearer fthat party. He has no
following Soath sad alqgether he
isa asy a ma. to best as theYf
ed-am bear put up. .
HIt w depends es what kind of 0
a ma the Democrats nominate.
We have now presented to us, the
beat eaoe for carrylagam eleetilon
thb we have had i.e the Bepb
h np- * mebitopowerad It
E d au'.w -d, e
Sde as g h s s . "
miinrlesmams-l1 , rbe.use
ýmlI ri seala. m .
tos tsm d tr tim, bt the
Sy repir the damage, by
aimly 6uV W ief you prefer
the exprse , dodging, the tariff t
tter. Letitwait, until after thei
election anyhow, and then decide t
The ly people wnt a tlevee
me, that is the main qaestioe with
us. Whe we bawer epieas 1
that i irMrthetie tm e sad I
us$ a man not abolately wah,!
.Iq , and eheefully support
1mi. We dmire om e little -on
aimis.m. altheugh we have never
had it, and can hardly hope for it
now, but we want a levee man
whether we get hini or not. It is
a pod time to make a united effort
nd see it we can't get a Demo
eradc President. If we could onlyl
stop floundering for awhile and
buckle down to good sensible work
we cold wi. Will we do it ?
.The Photogpapher, boys, has the 1
dAessed timbern yeu. Here.
qlhespayin advaace. It is not a
sm dof "you pays your moey and I
pe take your choice" It l "yetI
p year moey sad yea takes I
haeser hechouee to give ya"1
nd what beiho'se to gine you is
gggny had.
Ye goto Vicksburg, and go to
e Photerapher, y have beena
eeem ..d. to p a Kr..--s,i
mt. a Io beet d lly
measted plias. the shdig a
t., ems tye yea de ire. 1r
ha pr ably beemsia a loith.
,m edty rwhees Umt is pieture
are aled for few dollars a
dpe sad y think ya wiR net
to pq at Mr.---a, suere
the do. deue a dose.
He pities year ionmee, and
ye amr piveo inderatrnmd ota
! t.-----s is thatbt bo ied fm
p] ut uthat~eu m is Se
doLhmr·abY r dmo. ye ie
ashamed etyeaw lf or hAvingm
dtg-r---edawemeher sNew
User atr.-..* weeks
4.I.baldm l.ul.. ye. na,
rym.an s.. a...e
ero ade, iemengsd by this.
owr ye, dsepagi yer mtame,
_ :.~iS~'" r
uib '
Ireasonable supposition.
The mudoun your.ciih,.' and the
t lint cotton with which theiy are o(
embe.lished, is conclu zive evidence at
to Mr.-----s `mind that you are la
from the couuntry .o he asks when w
you are going out of town, you an
swer surprised, to-morrow. C
This grieves Mr.----s heart Si
:ald he says "'what a pity you Pf
could not stay one more day and' g
get the pictures," you think from C
this that you will get the pictures Ji
the day after you get home, youl
are mistaken, you wait a week and al
then you write, asking for the pic- tl
tures. In three or four lays you o
get them.
You open the package, and won-' C
der if you have not got the wrong h
pictures, you do not recognise the d
blotches, and hills and valleys in o
the countenance before you, some
thing about the face looks familiar, p
but you certainly did not have hair d
of two colors, you do not under- e,
stand the meanining of a round
black spot on the top of the head, it
taking in the whole crown of the f
head, and then a band of light col- re
ored hair. The hair on one side
of the head is black, and on the
other ary l ght, your own hair is
light sad the light hair in the pic
ture is all right, but the. black hair
is all wrong. u
You do not admire leopard ol
ored hair, you are eonvinced that
first class estblishmenta do seand
Sot bad pictures, yea sit down and
weep, not over the lossm f your
money but over year dappoint- .
met, you write, stating your,
troubles, hoping to reesive a reply Z
apologizing fr the esriatmse, but
Mr.- is net that kind of an
.stemabishm.e. It is first ss. d
yeou letter Is treated with silent C
eo- r N sie s e oe ftromfi
Mr. -----es msm, you me taken a
in anddef, you can dnothing. *
yo senmly emnesonwmee. Don't
gpe r.---s for pictures andi
tell your mends ne to:. t o
There is a popular superstition, t
to the ets that there is ncbh a law t
. in this Parish. It is possible that ti
there is such a law, but Talluah
derives very little benefit from it.
,Bomses, aplestand caws roar the ,
street at all hours of the day. a
,The lives of hildren are imper-.
di.ed, by the tale sad hoses, the s
I pease d idof me is destroy-.
, t fredr soew and the balan o
N af ths-peptlation are amsyed by a
- this loose stock, whose owners defy  
r the law. Afew rows of punycotton t
are zealously guarded and the stock t
herded away from it, but a clild's t
life or a womans fears are not con- a
sidered and the town is turned in- t
to a pasture. What is everyone's ?
business is no one's business, and ,
I the evil is tolerated: i
Just here is an argument in favor t
of incorporating the town. If the I
town was incorporated it would be t
the busimness of some one to pre. i
vent auch a noisance, and it would
hbe prevented. Besides the evils
- previously mentioned, there is the
Sannoyance of gnat. The gnats
I llr tihe steek, and when two or
I three head o stock select the neigh.
I borbood of any particular house for
'their pereenutions, the gnats pro- I
I eedto hold a mass meeting right
there and then. Mot of the own-'
Sera of stock in town keep them up,
I or else have them staked out, but
, there am some who as long as they
pemitLted to do s infringe '
Sthe sights oft the smmunlty.
SThislenstmitebould be, andit
5 should be stepped.
ttie. was always a traitor.
for by thewh_--e..l....... - sd
to stir. e eesd mot mswallow
Blrate. e sid later that whLle
e weold tt suppeort Blaine be
weauld pet oppose him.
" New Terk never obanged all
SIading New York Republiesasu
vy ew iYtrk will go 75,000 Dema
· erratie mejority.
ft I sthketur1t4icj
a egt (i whis is (lmseo) Den
Wall stret was for Arthur.
I'M Qmhmit msial Ga
s~says, 1lo is the Helry
"wlsr B n dma se ansa d
~r. gsB~es.
At : mIeeting of the Parish Dem-1 j
ocratic Executive Cgpmittee held th
at Tallulah, June 7th 18t4. the fol- no,
lowing preamble and resolutions be
were adopted: ia°
Whereas, the Democratic State ! U
Central Committee has called al~ hi
State ('onvention to meet at Batonu 6
Rouge, June 17, 1s4, to elect dele- the
gates to the Democratic National I h
Convention to be held at Chicago, t
July 8, 1884. my
And whereas, it is impracticable a pi
at tihs time to get an assembly of Th
the people either in mass meeting I
or convention. mh
Therefore be it resolved, that the or
Chairman of this Committee is no'
hereby authorized to appoint four the
delegates to represent the Parish i'n
t of Madison in the State Convention. lho
Be it further resolved, that no erw
proxies be allowed, .and that the of
delegates present at the Convention tht
cast the vote of the Parish. wa
In obedience to the above reso- V
lution the Chairman appointed the of
following gentlemen as delegates to tie
represent the Parish 'f Madison. Pi'
How. Oo. W. MosTMooxur, t0
GEN. E, .,DENNIS, is
R. . KE. x6s, , any
G. A. RiCHARDSON, Chairman. PI
R. C. WEIGHTMA, Secretary.
L thi
m ly Bedbuning t* Aliw the ef yos
of his am. eit
Nsw Yome, June 11.-The following pel
paper, fron Pamuel J. Til4en, has been tie
given the Associated Press: ma
To Daniel Manning, Chairmsan Demo- of
cratic State Committee oftew York: col
Is my letter of June 18th, 1880, ad. -i
dressed to delegatese rom the State of so
New York to the Democratic National th
Convention. I mid: "Having mow borne To
faithftfly my tnB sare of labor sad en
ea i pelble imtvis, ad wearing a
iks at s be , I desoe nothing pe
e meek a as m e ble dischrge. I ea
wish to lay down the boors and tolls w
oreves quas party eMihaerip, sad to be
seek the rs)e pelvate If . I- Is- s
nmea ang a sr-mamnstl o the pie. an
ideny I do as with ao dosbt is my oh
mid s to the vote of New York r of to
the United statee, bt becase I believe
that it is a reuaiaton an o election of
to the Preeldedny. To thosewbothink th
my isnomnaisnm and re-eletios i- as
Sdispqeaide toeny efectual vnidication a
of the right of the people to elect thir is
rtlers violated i. my person, I have wt
avoided as long the reserve of my de- we
.ides as possible, bt cannot overcome to
my repuegmsafestie r ai - tir
rasgemest which-iafaus foe yarq of Ri
,enseles toil. The jlty of thees. is
llestal o6iee lroahove merely persozal be
ambition, but it cremtes i ie no illd- th
Sices. Itsvalue is'as a Tsrttpe*oer hr e
good to the eostry," e
I said four years ago, in accepting Ij
the nomination: "Knowing as I do fu
I therefore, from fresh eperience, how i
Igreat the difference is between gliding ie
throngh in official ravine and working th
out a reform of systems and policies, it cI
is impossible for me to contemplate
what needs to be done in federal admin
istration without an anxious sense of
the difficulties of the undertaking. If
sanmponed by the suffages of my coua
trymem to attempt this work I shall es.- il
deavor, with God's help, to be the ef- g
cient instrument of theirwill." b
Such work of renovation, after many B
years of misrule; such reform o sys.
tem5 and peolicies to which I would
cheerfully have aerikled al that re- o
mained to me ofhealth and life is now, Io
I fear, beyond my strength. My par
pose to withdraw rom further public
r services, and the pounds of lit, were at
that time weU known to you mmd others,
Sand when at Cincinasti, though o-.
spetiu my wished yeamseif, yo comrn si
' munieted to mean ajppeal fom may a
Svalued fMend, to relinquish that put
Spose, Ireteiratedmy determlatilo m
Seosditiosally. !a the for years
Swhick have ines elapsed nothing has
eccurred to weakeos, but everything to I
Ibstrthen, the comideratot s which o
t indued my withdunrwal fom pie a
life. Toall who have anied' me r
the sabest my itntesi has been
fankly eommuleated. genvralelmy t
meet eoasdtial fteuds, anmud mc
Sthim of their w names, have publicly
sted my determnatie to be lrvo-e
sble That I have semso n8 w to
mesldsr the qesites Is am event or
d wheb I haeo - sspeslty. The
Sappmmlmesd to e by theemesii
Sme. ms, with appme nasmsirty, to e
servo themse. npore, isT entitled to
meet d nrtd al euealderatles, and -
val Ip i d'ispoeltwis to di ay
Sth ingd mdmleddm, if it wre asitet
with my judmel t f dudty. I beliheve
the is me lmstrumetality in hman
a leisety so potential Ia is Infuene am
t. mainAd lbr good or evils govermetal
o .et s theemU neyImsismer
pvasem me wht k phias
theeplo, ?r e a t ae am a
*, lm ldm t s es us ad
!- pnprvatles o. is mashmsmey kern
h peemeimo n t make it the In
stmenteagiegest,@ baud edmeim
istl s themeet senise ua md - I
n a se the peeple. let sy eans,
nas poiato allsms, never sastomplat- ]
lng i s elaist er, I have devoted at
7 I im mnstiaglghtteloef the go v
a wameastal Wtittaes is bmy intrsy
epted eM e sevin s uo8 pt r a
Solmfpmmimd-*m'aqrs ell pwpm, sam
ely whei n the o*es seumed t n
h , mp ker md sesm ie et pelvate
pmL sthe s s a s. I -a
doutea e ltew i ek
hbeom It we spped that inthat1
ayv ofily ,11ould the lex le. I j,..l.". ... , ..
rrange~r ,n :hIq.i'hle of the- ref, wm- to F
whicah, ac a :private..itiz,.u. I hwal given
three years of my life. I aceeltted the
nominaZtihn for the presidency in 1-'6
bec.anse of a general convytctiou that my
caudidacy would beat pre4ent the
issue of reform which the Demlo
ratlic majority of poop.e desired. to
have worked out in th,. Federal
ie,\nl.lilUent as it hatd been in that of I
the State of New York. I belic d that
I had etrenyth enough then to renvate
the aduinistrttuon of the tivernruentI
of the United States, and at the close of,
my term to hand over the great trust to
a successor faithful to the lame policy.
Though anxious to receive the repose
of private life, I nevertheless actetd upon
the idea that every power is a trnut and
involves aduty. In reply to the address
of the committee communicating my
nomination I depicted the difliculties of PE
the undertaking, and likened my fee.l
ina in engaging in it to tlhese of a sol
dier entering battle, but I did not with
hold the entire consecration of my pow
ers to the public service. Twenty years
of continuous maladministration under
the demoralizing iunfluences of intestine
war and of bad finance have infected
the whole government system of the
United States with cancerous growths
of false constructions and corrupt prac
tices. Powerful classes have acquired
pecuniaryinterests in oficial abuses and F
the moral standards of the people have
been impaired. To redress these evils
is a work of great diieulty sad labor,
and cannot be aecomplished without
th$ most enaegetic sad efcient sad
personal actionon thepart of the chief
executive of the republic. The eanvass
and administration which it is derived
that I should undertake would embrace I
a peaiod of marly five years. Three
yearn of experience in the endeavor to
reform the municipal government of the P
city of New York anad two years of ex- I
perience in renovating the admainistra
tioa of the 8tate of New York have
made me familiar with the requirements
of such work. At the present time the
consideration which induced my action
in 180havehbecome imperative. I ought
not to assume the task which I have not
the physical strength to carry through.
To reform the ad ministration of the fed
eral govemamemt; to realise my own idrea
sad to fulfl the just expectatione of the
people would indeed warrant, as they
,ould alome cempensate, the sacrfices
which the undertaklng wWuld4avelve;
but in my colition of advancing yemu
and declining strength I feel o aurm- u
dace of my ability to aecompliah thee
objects. I am, therefore, constrained
to say definitely that I cannot now ai
sme thelabers of a adminlstration o
of a canvass, undervaluing in no wise
that the best gift of heaven, occasion
and' power is sometimes bestowed upon
a mere individual, to communicate an 7
impulse for good. Grateful beyond all v
weLds to my fellow-oouetrymem who
would asiga such a hemllet fuaetios
to me, I am commled by the reflection wb
that neither the Democratic party nor Co
Republican, for whose future that party ri
is the best guarantee, is now or ever can
be dependent upon any one man fur
theaiz.mpsemsm tpgrein thnMe path of P>
noble destiny. Having gives to their be
welfare whatever of hitltltt £b strength ah
I possessed or could borrow from the -
future, and having reached the term of
my capacity for such labors, as their
welfare now dellands, I but submit to ma
the will of God in deeming my public 1
career forever closed. ing
[Signed.] S3AMUEL J. TILDEN.
Zealmber That. a
Senator Jonas made a strong fai
tight to save the House resolution
granting S10I,000 for the sufferers ,
by the overflow of the Mississippi av
River and tributaries, but was bad
ly beaten, notwithstanding gener
ous help by the Republican Plumb
of Kansas, Judge George of Misiis. i
sippi, Senator Call of Florida, and
Gen. Butler of South Carolina.
Gen. Morgan of Alabama took the i
occusion to vote against the Missis
sippi Valley as a matter of course i
andrhabit, and was joined by Beck of
of Kentcky, and Coke and Macey
of Texas-asoa as a matter ofcourse.
Garland of Arukansas and Lamar of
Mississippi exercissd their usual
sound judgemnent, Gn. Van Wyek
ofl Nebraska also voted with his
habitaal lndepeatdenee agalnst
the committee's amendment re
strieting the donation to less than
half the sum proposed by the
MIp. Capel baptised Col. Gee.
Bmis at Washington, Jane 9. Who
uiyathedayof tralcsIspassed.
I3mb as l u
Will deliver Ie to
Deales A Castomers
At the lblewlnraee-
I a
r Lsoo. mor eve, S.
FUL TON iv. i`R
,am0r at D FonolI Bufla c Drip,
L,,wed e, Lard Lukmdll sg Ol, Cat l, urpernlmI, I e ad,
hixed pa, , G latq a w I are,
sole Proprietor of the Great and only infallible Csre for Chills aad Fever,
The Ausnria Esyluts 6bas Tic.
I particularly call the attention of Planters. to
For immediate use, such as Pills, Paregoric, Laudanum, Essence of
Peppermiut, Spirits Nitre, Castor Oil, in all size bottles. Qliniae in
any sire bottles,
u ima stepM im, m ryl milnb&1 Iu m.
As far as: prices are concerned, I simply defy competition.
No. ITs Wa.akto m Street, Vlom-llmsrs, ao".
Jaw I, 1 y].
%A Oel e Lem na.,k
ove is the mmo a * k bapr
p"ntbepMha by T. M.
buhrem d rablemi
The eose d this week is toe k the
hetery seth dot, Rise rb. m
"otrh f when t s t hk yae
sThe c oeit is
prodtion ese. ll
The typography will be catefaly
given; minutely describing Parishees,
towns, and villages, and roatee thereto,
whether Steam Boat, Bilroad,torpta
Coahnt ad when ther, d ist whom you
wnotith ee eetiont.
The soil of each locality, fs nature
productionbasal mesodfeuesftif; will
be carefelly described, what hettliders
aig used, whether improved htple
ments are used or not, and if not, why
not, with suggestions how the farmer
may be reached by the manufaetrer.
Stock raising, mdeof doing so; show
ing the advantage of improved steck
Statistics will be gathered of amount
sad iesa of g oods sold in each town,
and amount of business done by each
farmer; number of bales of cotton ship
ped, &c. Of Schools, Churches and Pro
fessions andin fact ofevery Industry or
avocacation of the civilised man of
this enlightened progressive age.
Immigration is our great want, every
eSort will be made to sot forth the nreat
inducements the stranger has to come
and make his home among ue.
Special attention will be gives to the
interest of land owners who desire to
sell. The statistics will be compiled
with system and the dissiptiw pstiam
of the work written n a lively, lucid
It is the men of a country wk ae
it, so short Biographcal sketches will
not be out of order.
We have taken a ditrict; becase it
y impssible to pir a eawedet sedo
stllse h . t
NYew eitw et ra s  m f ua
' and beates; of Morsebese. Ws
ast C.ae Mad -s M Lcl.ad,
Os obits ca4 wel, Prankets, 'teases,
Chmgsuplassl Dlreit.
formerly with P.H.Gilbert. with aM*ait a a 4o
Have oepeed the stre forkerly oeees
with a large andnU ell eleed" stack mt ',  is, I a, M
and citren'i shoes: The stckt was bg bR in t e lw bmg
and 'Lm e 190os' propose to give their cas a mms 8
The stock will be bspt ew and eplte sr1sDi."
The faest Custeom BNa iade work hr Gass',Lams, Yis MiU
drea a specialty. P.mser pat smad moisM se oesy
ed to csal before puraildmwhus.r
,os.wm, II N Wasvgm t, SeeU. MqU L .
Vioksburg, * *
SJm , S .
Offered to the PmMIe
Twenty*4ve per east Le
TAL ANT erA tHUmin*iM
For everyt Club etn, ea esterq *.
Clbkisifie.su . ir.empbs.
In needing mubdcriptiom rMumt 1.O.
Order. A4dren
P. O. Beox 2527,
Apr5-1y New Oriea.m.
SThI Asrr Travli.
- The moet reined and most popular of
r all the liumoroue jurusals.
f E KM, IW-iIt ir
r Of the cheokt Original sad ielected
t matter every week.
aY ..t,.T " L , .i w
i Taavsml w cTalbbed witk asm
-ra Tw for . a.'
s araMeoer .OU htMe q ~a
it. WI I4* S Si
r'B1 rru r Tri
April I " ýM

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