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- -- -w ei
Incorporate. I A.
Crops will be short. f'
Now is the time to--but neverj C.
mind this time. col
"And whispering I will ne'er L,
consent, consented." Tilden. ra
Orders received for ice at the I
Tixas office. ee
It is rumored that Gen. King is
a eandidate for Congress. on
There certainly ought to be cot- Pr
ton blooms by this time. Cc
If you have anything-to sell say fol
so in the TIMES. an
If you want to buy anything say of
so inthe TIsES.
The TuEs has readers in 'all N
parto of the country. t
The TIme has been awarded the at
contract for the Parish Printing.. he
The genuine simon-pure summer no
has come at last. or
Thetrains are very regular. They p
arive on time. in
Is the singing of the song of slack b
water navigation to cease ?
See S. E. Blum's advertisement of
about ice and lemons. C0
,v. Mr. Prosser will hold divine ei
service at Tallulah, Sunday, June m
39. ttb
Everybody ought to be ahead of e
the grass now if they are ever going '1
to be. P
It becomes more and more evi- ac
deatevery day that the town should a
.be incorporated.
Candidates for Congress should bB
onnounce themselves in the paperse i
Sla their districts. w
The transfer boat will not, in all O0
Sprobability, be put in before late
Si the sammer.
The season is not as good for
d dos as it was a month or two
Mr. Davis of the Commercial. G
Herald was in town this week in
Sthe interests of his paper.
. The Post Ofttce Department is so
poor that they can't afford a route
Sent on this road. Shabby I
The Post Office Department ne
this office. They don't fur- u
the supplies asked for. a
ot bI be a good idea for the
It. R. Co., to get a wooden run for
nloading cars instead of that old I
b a tiap they have.
Os ascoant of lack of space the pro
easlte~ of the Ceavestion cannot ap- c
la this issue. The next edition of I
paper will contain the platform I
sad fil list of delegates. One plank of t
Lthe pltorm was "a tariff for revenue
Simited to the eesesities of sovern
Em ,eooaomlally administered."
kewald is Cow ahyos. d
SWillie GOdiner whoq residence Is
lay lle, mwas accl tly drowned
Ib yo, o a rtday., Jeme 14th.
. with severam l othe, was driv.
Igtte sad attempted to swim Cow
h mele hoese. In trylngl to guide
SI s Iepllsd a the bbrdleelma i
Stehelm asank, bat seame up again.
^'aa !ld ble help. H was told
teletpe tie sae, but did not do so.
Sh Ian saeak sia, sad Gadiner
:i 11 4 sti holding the mlas. The
hm gemt loos from him and swam
bmhast Gardiaer sak bekfore help
Ms I him. The body was recovered, 1
: lqust held reslting in a ver.
-( erudten tat dromning.
Lios BRoUe, La. June l4, 1884.
" idr of the Tms:
Dma 8sa:-Please do me the
i daes to correct an error in your
l ,ueas the 14, inst., in whMdt you
phIr me as opposing the meteorol
egleal bill-I did uotAing q { the
iad, end on the contrary ezpect
.to espport it, when it comes up.
Wlhen it was before the House I
skeid some quetions about ite
S.itings, but never intimated that
IrI weldoppoe it.
Yoer truly,
SCapt. Wells eament above is
- srlmt. G. HAwarms.
It is thougaht the eastle drive
- emrn Tesswill equal if not murpams
W: IWke tI lh.
r :i LU t. Talltulah1
tha o g.
TA LULvAU, La., June 16, 1884. I I.
The Police Jury met. and after S
-being sworn in by F. M. Dawsonu, .
Clerk of the Court, proceeded to or- "
ganize. Present, Gen. E. S. Dennis, it
John T. Cochran, M. P. Erwin, G. s.·
A. Richardson, Geo. M. Long and a
Goo. W. Sovier. Gen. E. S. Den- t.
nis was elected President, and R. rper
r C. Weightman, Clerk. Ja
On motion a committee of two G;ei
consisting of Messrs. Cochran and! u
r Long was appointed to make ar- S.
rangements for having the parish J.
printing done. i8.
On motion John B. Stone was e
elected as legal adviser for the 'R.
Board. e
On motion a committee of three Go
on roads was appointed by the, Lei
President. consisting of Messrs. An
Cochran, Long and Erwin. Ge
On motion of Mr. Long the An
y following ordinance was adopted: , E
No. 233 an ordinance repealing Jo~
an ordinance establishing a Board F.
of Health. 1 s.
Be it ordained by the Police Jury Ro
of Madison Parish, That ordinance i
II No. 148, adopted July 15, 1879 (en- Joe
titled an ordinance establishing a Jn,
Board of Health, prescribing their W«
e duties &c.,) be and the same is' Mi
hereby repealed.
On motion the following ordi- in
r nance was adopted; No. 234, an E.
ordinance calling the attention of E.
the Coroner to the fact that Small Jn
y Pox exists in the Parish and direct- Pc
ing him to take such steps as may i Jn
k be necessary in the premises. E.
Be it ordained by the Police Jury i w
of Madison Parish. That the Clerk
at of this Board be, and is hereby, in
'structed to call the attention of the re
1 Coroner to the fact that Small Pox ci,
e exists in said Parish, and to direct' de
e said officer to take such steps as
may be necessary for the relief of ri,
the persons afflicted with raid dis- er
of ease, and to prevent the further P
g spread of same.
On motion the President ap- I,
pointed Messrs. Long, Richardson n
,i- and Sovier. fe
d On motion the President appoint- f n
ed a committee of three on finance ID
a committee composed of the mem
Id hers of the Board and citizens, on as
Bridges with instructions to exam- s
re ine the bridges in their respective tc
wards and report at next meeting
al of the Board as follows: in
1st Ward. -R
ALVIN Glass.
!or 2d Ward. T
Ro Gao. M. L.oN. p
3d Ward. . d
31. G. A. RIcnaRt*soN, A. 8. COLTUrrar. Y'
in " 4th Ward. i<
5th Ward. c<
M. P. Eaww. o
7th Ward.
GE:o. W. Savr.U.
me- On motion the Board adjourned
ar- until Tuesday, June 17, at 9 o'clock a
a.m. . o
he TCvSrraA, June 17. t
fo Present, Gen. E. S. Dennis, I
President, and Messrs. Erwin
id Long, Richardson,. Coch"e ad
The Finance Committee made a
their report as follows:
ro- To the Police Jury of the Parish e
ap- of Madison. Your Committee on p
t of Finance respectfully report that to
um they have allowed the following
o bills subject to yeur approval. o
we On motion the Coroner's bills I
in- for holding inquests, were laid over
until next meeting so that investi- tl
gation could be had in the matter of ,
the fees for such service. ,
SOn motion the bill of Milton Mur- i
' dock for 4aking care of paupers was c
Sreduced one half. a
The following ordinance was f
Spassed: s
Ordinance No. 235 defining the a
Srerequisite totheallowance ofbills
or k'eeping and burying paupers.
.1 the Pati. of Maldisos &c,
That in future no billeither for the
cre, attention, keeping or burying
of any pauper be allowed or con
'm sidered by hi board unless said t
'P bill come before the Board with c
d, the endorsement or approval of the 1
'" member representing the Ward in
which said services e alleged to t
have been rendered.
* The following accounts were al- (
the AcoOUUrs ArlaO. I
oIrDour Williams.............$ 00
yl T. T. Demae, repairing levee... 86 ,
rol-. Dr. Wa. Kelly, I, qt. salary puar
e physician..................... 7 00
Andrew T. lael , qr. salary par
Clerh P. J ...................... 00 0
p.Jao. B. Stone qr. ealary Dist.
Ie I Attorney.............. ......... 75 00
its R. . OCrpeater Deputy Sheriff
hat and expenses................... 16 00
Dr. Wa. Kelly 2, qr. salary par
phyti.................... 7500
Comgaredal Heral warrant
. boeok............... . ...... 6· 0
_ is .L Deanl Sheri4 t 1, qr. salary 20 00
S. .aDmle " 2, " r
tlonalqr. salary.......... ...... 208 4
rive W. Todd, C·am., of lection.. 5 00
, Johaile, Oastable............. 8 00
Andew T. Lane 2, qr. alary
Clek P. J...................... 100 0
*8. S. P. DIgmeld buryta pan
IAms Smith Committee of Elee
U se a days................... 10. 0o o
Iake Madde Cem. l~e., 2 day. t10
SJ. 8 &shaus4 " " days 100
1 . .Adsa. elJaMmgmige.. 7 0
Andrew Rees Deputy Sheriff.... O
Waltw M. Msort, Cao.. Electiom 10 OB
! Wa. Rotia .. . 6 00
T. W.lMlse " " 10
D.D. Dm ees " UN
Ah I l e W l-.ke J ...... 1.
- W. W. Jeans - " 8 e
E. M. S`ULnd ,:7 t if.I,
BA. B. Maxwell Com , " 00' isl
11. ;. Robertson " " 10 00 t('o
. 8.1P. iDagertcld J. Pecpenses 122 Mr.
S. S. P. Dangernield J. P. fees.... 3 00 con
-8 . P. Daugerfelh burying pau. he
per .............. . 12 00 hel,
S. S. P. Danguerield viewing body sue
and expense.................... 00 Fin
S. S. P. Dangerfield burying pan:l -
er..... ............ 12 00. di
James Davis Com., Elec., 2 days. 10 00' of I
G(eo. T. Trezevant Parish Treas- pul
urer 6 months salary.......... 300 00 Lo
S. . P. DangezficldJ. P., fees... 5 45' re
J. 11. Gilfoil office supplies...... 6 00 Err
S. 8. P. Dangerfield expense in strn
small pox cases .............. 17 00 Mr.
Il. T. Scott Parish Printing qr., ing
ending March 31st........... 130000 by
Geo. W. Montgomery lumber... 1 00 C(
Lem Scott, Sheriffof Richland.. 47 00 lev
Andrew T. Lane special services 10 O I do0
Geo. M. Long levee work........ 25 00j the
Andrew T. Lane sundry expenses 14 00U per
, 8. P. Dangerfield llealthofficer 50 00' 1
Joe Smith working on bridge.... 12 00 i
F. L. Maxwell cash paid on levees 135 00 of ,
S. Spengler lumber for levees.... 54 00 to
Robt. Dixon feeding and guard- Pai
ing prisoner ................. 11120 " tt
i Joe Smith repairing bridge...... 7 00 all
t Jno. B. Stone 2, qr. salary...... 75 00 Uin
Wm. H. Dixon Deputy Sheriff... 5 00 the
i Milton Murdock caring for pan- 1"
pars ................... 117 50 1ev
J o. Groome Prisoner expenses. 18 50
, E. S. Dennis expenses of prisoner 00 1
f E. 8. Dennis " . ' 10 901
SJno. Leeoonastable fees......... 9 50! te
- Peter Batler constable fees.... 11 25
I Jno. W. Clark, J. P fees ....... 500j
E. S. Dennis, official supplies.... 13 70 an
SW.V H. Harvey, cash on levees... 221 57 qu
c Reconsidered and laid over. sat
On motion of Mr. Erwin it was col
" resolved to allow commissioners of1 lac
I election the sum of five dollars a
t day for their services.
" It was moved seconded and car- or,
'f ried that all levee bills be consid- for
- ered as preferred claims against the 1
r Parish. of
A petition from citizens of Delta to
Sasking that a sufflicient sum of by
' money be appropriated to isolate! Di
feed .and otherwise care for certain I
small pox cases now existing in thl
e Delta. Referred to the Coroner. fol
- A petition from Mrs. A. E. Coons hi.
n asking for the right to build a bridge !
across Bayou Vidal-and charge to
etoll on same. Rejected. ae
g A petition of' York Morton, ask- .c
ing for relief was read by the clerk. are
Referred to Mr. Sevier. 1
The Committee on printing re- l1:
ported that R. C. Weightman Ed- so
itor and Proprietor of the Madison s.
Timms had offered to do the Parish
printing for the sum of four hun
dred and fifty dollars (.450) per all
year, provided he was given the lat
contract for four years. art
t)n motion the offer of R. C..
Weightman was accepted, and the hi
contract awarded him for the term
of four years at $450 per year.
Dr. Geo. T. Trezevant Parish
Treasurer announced himself as t
ready to make his report. an
On motion the President was ed
:k authorized to appoint a committee .T
of three to examine the report of! Be
the Treasurer. Messrs. Cochran, M,
Erwin and Sevier were appointed si4
' such committee, and on motion _t
the Board adjourned until 4 o'clock or
p.m. fn
On reassembling the committee i
appointed to examine the Treasur- I
h era report, made the following re- li!
n port, which was received and adop- s
at ted: a
ig To the President and Membere 1
of the Police Jury of the Parish of ni
sle Madison: a
er We the undersigned committee ar
|i- to whom was referred the report of di
of Geo. T. Trezevant, Parish Treas
urer to the 16th of June 1884 beg t
Ir- leave to report, that we have T
as carefully examined and verified o
said report item by item and have '
as found the same correct and that ri
said Treasurer has verified his bal
e ance as shown by said report by
ls exhibit of Certificate of deposit and at
s. cash to correspond with same.
y Respectfully submitted, fr
J. T. Cocasrar.
e G. W. BEVIrR. .
ag M. P. Eawra. s
a* On motion it was resolved that
id the President appoint a committee b
th of three to caneel the stubs in the o,
he warrant and scrip books, and to r
in destroy the scrip received from
to the Parish Treasurer. The Presi
dent appointed 8. R. lum, J. H. a
ml- Carter and the Clerk of the P. J. t
On motion of Mr. Cochran, the
following ordinance was read and
o adopted: _
Ordinance No. 238, authorising
cancellation of bond of Geo. T. 1
Rreserant as Parish Treasurer.
Be it ordained by the Police Jury
' of the Parish of Madison, That
whereas Gee. T. Trezcvant has
0presented to this board, his report
to the 16, June as Parish Treasurer, 1
SAndwhereas,said reporthas ex-,
amined by this board and been,
Sfound correct and accepted. t
And whereas, said Treasurer t
Shas verified his said balance, as
shown by said report. t
And whereas said Trezevant has
been re-elected to msaid otfiee of1
00Parish Treasurer, and desires ai
A filing of his bond under his said;
new appointment that his present
bond as Treasurer be canceled. I
Therefore, be it ordained &q,
,that on 81filing his bond with secur- !
ity, and qualffying, all as directed 1
y law uanderhie said new election, 1
a1he bond of said O. T. Tresevant as
Treasurer heretofore given be can-I
oeled and that the Recorder of said
Parish be adia hereby authorized
to erase the motga reosltn
fro te r r of said bond
his said office.
DOn motion the Board adourned
until 9 o'clock a.m. Wednesday
June 18.
S Wa SDBaT, June 18sth.
. oar Itna met peranan t to adjoumnu
nri-nrt, at 9 a.Im. Prc.;et Gen. Den- are a
nis, Prc~ident, and Mlesj~r. Erwin, rid
Cochran, Rlichardson and Sevier. ingi
.Mr. Cochran asked that the Board nn ti
considur what action, if any should liyn,
he t.tken on paying srole scrip lteri
hell hby Mrs. F. EE. oodman, 1s- (ior
sued from 1874 to 1S79`. Referred to ton
1F'inan:ce Co:-unittce. aejod
Mr. Cochran introduced an or- of
dinance imaking an appropriation ing
of $1li) toward assisting in getting, then
published the book entitled "North then
Louisiana, As It Is." Referred to t hie
special Coinmmittee of two, Messrs. Chal
Erwin and Richardson, with in- plan,
structions to report at next meeting. t his
Mr. Erwin moved that the follow-y ri
ing ordinance be adopted, seconded R~ u
by Mr. Cochran. Adopted. Mon
Ordinence No. 237 an ordinance 1l11
levying a tax of ten mills on the roD
dollar of all taxalble property for on e
the purpose of defraying the ex- No.
pense of the Parish for the year plOU
1884. roar
Be it ordered !by the Polie Jtry t D'
'of Mad isem Parish, That in order !p,
to defray the expenses of the Bay
Parish of Madison for the year 1884, and
a tax of ten mills on the dollar of the
all taxable property within the' ta
P limits of said parish as shown by roat
the assessment rolls for the year ;
188.1 be, and the same is hereby rCi
levied. sor
Be it ,further ordained, That de
'the assessor of taxes for the Parish I i"
be, and is hereby re uired and ex- Las
tended said tax on uiw tax roll as Jiro
upon the State Tax roll and the row
Tx Collector of said Parish be, spr
and is hereby authorized and re- led
quired to collect said tax at the the
same time the State taxes are col
collected, and make report as the levt
flaw directs. t t
SBe it further ordained, That this the
ordinianco take effect and be in Big
force from and after its passage. arD
Mr. Erwin moved the adoption Ter
of the ordinance No. 238, relating ; For
I to roads, which was duly .econded Iea
iby Mr. Sevier. Ado, tcd: eta
No 2m, An ordinance defining Road at
Districts and ae.sseeng hands to samie. ve
B e it ordained by the Police Jury (f W7
the Perish of Madisou. Ac. That the I'l
following rotad districts be and are Fl
ai hereby eatanllishcd in this Parish to au
wit: si
District No. 1. From ferry landing I'
c to Court lhouse, including the town of Bfu'
Delta. All '.ersons living in the town g!i
oI f Delta, ani on the Buncy tract and
'along said road subject to road duty fo
a _re assigned to this road. Mr
District No. 2. From the old Court tie,
H ouse to lower line of Elcho ; all per- I
sons on White Groves, Crane, Little pet
and Big Hannah plantations are s
signedW to this road.t f1
hI District No. 3. From lower line of to
. Glen Mary along Walnut Bayou to the el_
iMiliikeuns Blend and Richmonl Road ; I
r all person living on Datlkeith, Mary- o,
e land, Orkin, and lternieas plantations idi
are avsignu+ to this road.
District No. . From line between
.Maxwell and Boney on the road up the' we
river to ulper line of Nebra.ka ; all Di
a persons on Harris and Davis Fields and
Nebraska are asigined to this road.
District No. &-From the upper line
oJ Nebraska to the upper line of Cabin
S'i'eele; all hands on Ucekport, Sparta
and Cabin Tetle plantations are assign
s ed to this road.
District No. 6-Upperjie of Cabin
e Teele to Richmond roatst Milliken's
;Bend Landing; all hands on Byrne,
k,, Maher and Jackson plantations are as
Seined to this road.
District No. 7-From Richmond road
n at Milliken's Bend Landing up the riv
Soer to Omega all persons living on the
front of the korancy plantation within
3 300 yards of said road and all hands on
Anthony, Bucklorn, within 300 yards
" of said road.
District No. 8--From Omega to upper
line of Parish all hands on rot Peck,
Sharkey, Ditciley, Miller, M. Noland
and Villa Vista, are assigned to this
District No. 9-From Omega to Big
Bayon; all hands on Mountain, Cali
farnia Neely and Gilfoil plantations
Sare asMignedto this road.
District No. 10-From Buckhorn Lan
Sding, by way of Buckhorn to the Tay
Slor planLtation on Willow Bayoa; all
Sthe hands on the 8tockland, Harding,
STom. tJcott, Avery ol4and, Taylor and
d Mime planttions are asuigneJ to duty
" on this rod.
e DistrictNo ll--From the Missi.sippi
at river at the Anthony place, to the
1 Batchelor plantation; all hands on the fo
Morancyplantatiuun, on the west dIle e]
of Walnut . , Ford Field lanier's
a td Btbeloa s pantation, are assiagn
ed to duty on iroad.
District No. 12-The Richmond road bi
from the Mississippi river to its june- i f
tion with the Brusay Bayou road at the :
McDowell or Mitchell place on Brushy
Bayou; all the hands on the Morancy
at h  iving between a line drwn from t c
I r. Yerger's hoese to the Anthony g
 lane, thence down said lane to the rear
e of the field, tence to the Richmond t
O road, and thenceto the beginning; all r,
Sthe hands on the Burklalnd tract, illI- p
ken's Bend Settlement. Glarke's, Com
r- promise, Drew's, Oak Grove, Panola
. I and Mitchell plantations, are ssigbed
,e District No. 13-From Nebrsaka Lan
-d ding on the Miississippi river to Walnut t
d Bayou, thence to the road near Moundi
Sstation; all the hands on the Utlen Mas
gry, Backaltam, Huon and Banner plan
t. ations are assigned to duty on this
District No 14-Upper half, from Lit
tle Hannah plantation running up the
Mtiissippi to Youngs Point place
thence ack through the Hogato
as swamp to Walnut ayou, thence dotwn
,rt Walnut Bayou to the west side of the
r. bridge on Cross Bayou; all the hands C
-' ouElcho. Youn's l'oint, leela, Moond a
x I 'Itation Texas T, L. Nollyv, Mrs.J~s A
en W. B. KIing, faxwell's, Mound pnlat- 0
tion Algodon plantations ame assigned (
Sto duty on this road.
District No. 14-Lower half, from the a
as west side of the bridge on Gross Bayou ,
to the riveoad, where the levee cross
s see James lyou; all the hands on Mrs. ,
Lacey's J. T. oechran's, Colenan's I
S.lace rortune's Fortk, Atherton and
a x-Via plantatioi 'g d todoty
aid on this road. 1
at District No. 15--From Walnut Bayou
at Maxwell's to RoaMndaway IBao r at I
Holmes'; all the hads on MMcFarland
*** Holmes, Good Hope, Upper Bank and'
ar- I Morga Field planttious ae assigned I
di to duty on thu road.
_ District No. l-trushy Bayou rod
s5of the Fortune ork pleatation eros.
,id the clk dig's hBawl r iu rot
ro at Md)owedl's; all the hads on
- es tD , Dancy and McDo~wpl plqI
t attons e assigned to dutyJ to hi
District No. 17--From the junction of'
Sthe Millikens Bead and Breshy bayou '
,road at McDowell's to the Richmond
Y bide. All the hands on the DIarrow,
- ie ad Marey, irisc~, e Askew FP
ttbere, Scott, Tresevant 1ome Place,
• gut Bower and Lft .er plata-i
-. tins, mad Telulakh ad Mutchian tratt
are assigned to duly on this road. I
Distri.ct No. l--From Kichmond
bridge to the lower line of, and includ
ing the ilolmes plantation ; all ha,lde
on the I;ettis piace near liclhnond, the
I1 nes llace, J. Tvyson Lane's, Litch
lifers, (irosham's lRichmond. Coon, T
Cranlel' a liamidtin's, Wyomini,
i otanit Pleasant .liana Oakland, lAling-' Tak
ton and Lower Bank plantations are'
aesigned to duty on this roa,1. i T"
District No. lbi.-From the lower line Trai
of the lohlmes plantation to the cross
isg of :11Iunlawv;y Iavou at t h Ilasin Eae
thence on the easi bank to ('rose ivayou, LE
thence to crossing at llarjlrs bayou,. 9:.1
thence alone the old road to Warreton
road. All the hands on the Bennett
Chalula lluose, and E. W. 8mith's 9;
plantations are assigned to duty on 9:4;
this road. 10:11
District No. 20-From lower end of 10:1!'
Bayou Vidal to Ilouse's bridge on 10:.!
Rounday Bayou; all handseon Richland, 10:r:
Montgomery's ,r upper halfof Waverly, li 0:.
plantatiuon are assigned to duty on this
District No. 21-From House's bridge 11:44
on east bank to Dry bayon with District 1,:3
No. 19. All the hands on Point Clear 12:
Iloure's and lower half of Waverly 1:1
pltantations are assigned to duty on this
road. 1 5
District No. 22-From Bayou Vidal at 1
the lane between Pinch-em-easy andt
Dalmatia plantations to Roundaway 9
BEavol, iat the lane l,etwten the Evans
anil Morgan field. All the hands on
the Dlalntia. Pinch-'em-easy Ilapacca,
Arbvh, Oak Pint and We'st Pint plan- 4:1
tatius are assigned to duty on this
road. 4:
District No. 2---From Honese's bridge
I to Castlcn:ain's Landing on the Missie
sippi Riiver; all handeon Killhe Krankie, 5:4
Sargeant's Point, Ilico, Nicholas, Al- (:(
lien's, and loith section are assigned to ::
duty on this road.
D:strict No. 2l--From Castlemains
Landing to the bend in the leveeon the 7:t
Brown anit Johnson place at Willis
Rice's. All hands on tlie line of said Al
road, including the Highland, Crystal
Springs or Knowland, Dunn, Dl)ertlln, T
Bedford and Reed plantations between
e the bend in the levee are assigned to
this road.
District No. 25--From the bend in the
levee on the Brown and Johnson place
to the Court House. All the hands on
Reedl's plantation above the bend in
9 the levee, and the hands on the Dixon,
n Biggs, O'Brien and Towne plantations ott
are .tassigned to duty on this road. ant
District No. 2--From Dallas on Bayou UTl
Tensas, 'to Bayou Macon at Dishop's
Ferry, from MlcDowell'sa lace on the Is]
Teast tide of Joe's bayou, to Waverly
station; from Bozemanu's place on the M
weind siie of Joe's bayou to Waverly
station ; raid from Ed Armorers to Wa
verl station. All the hands on the JUl
Wa' ddltl, Morrison, Brame, Pugh, Ellis;
Whatley, tGibsonn, Brwnley, Bozenan,
FI alnagan Jones Coleman, Ed Armorer
and Titus Williams plantations are as
signed to duty on this road.
SDistrict Iio. 27-From llasseneers to
Butler. Ali the hands on the Ilassen
ger, Gillingham. (. louie, . W. Mont
ery, S. Kilgore, Frank Moore, Ki
al. Moore, cKe, Ed Montgomery, ie
Mrs. otevens Wolf and Butler planta- lo:
t tions are assigned toduty on t us roadl.
Be it further ordained, etc. That all ar
persons suiject to road duty in this 4
parish who are not included within the ea
foregoing districts are hereby assigned
Ito duy en theoad in the district near
eeat their residence, and are required to
Sreport to the overseer of, and work up
Son the road earest their respective r..e
idea', t s.
Tid fo.llowing road overseenr
,r were ap ointeld by the Board.
Dl District No. 1, J. 3. Dundas. Li
d .. " 2, R.K. Boney.
" 3, E. B. Addison. T,
. . 4, Win. Utz. Si
a " 5, James Boney. Ai
. . 6, Chas. S. Coltharp.
i. " 7, E.M. Nolan.
" 8, D. Harvey. A
" " 9, J. B. Galloway.
" 10, John Coltharp.
d" 11, Eli Ganier. C
v- 12, Wm. Mosely.
e " " 13, S. M. Long.
s " " 14, Upper J. M. Ben- a
A1 nefield,
" " 14, Lower J. T. Boils.
er " " 1.5, Chas. McFarland.
".. 16, Wm. McDowell. R
yin 17, J. T. McClellan.
" " 18, Walter Donahoe.
S " " 19, Thos. French. C
" . 20, P. P. Bruce. E
"21, Wmin. Bell.
" 22, Wm. Stanwood. .
S " 83, James Wilkerson. E
" ' 24, G. M. Bedford. c
S " 2.5, W.E.Todd.
t " "26, D. W.. Fell.
" " 27, A.K.Montgomery.
Mr. Cochran moved that the bills a
e for burying paupers be reconsider- E
* ed, seconded by Mr. Erwin and
sadopted. td
M- Mr. Cochran moved that those E
ad bills be laid over until next meet- J
Sing of the board seconded by Mr. F
re Richardson. Adopted.
y On motion of Mr. Richardson a
n I committee of two members of the i
SBoard and one citizen was appoint
red to consult with J. C.' Seale in i
all relation to his claim against the I
1- parish-Committee Messrs. Rich
n ardeon, Long and J. T. McClellan.
On motion the minutes as read
by the Clerk were adopted.
n- On motion adjourned to meet on
ut the 7th of July 18.
-(d E. •. I)gs , President.
a. R.C. Wmuanrlaa, Clerk.
he An Iowaman says that the dogs
" of that State eat enough annually
w to feed 100,000 working men, and
,da counting in the damage they do to
and sheep, the dogs cost the State s$9,
S000,000; while the education of all
•ed the children in the State costs only
he !about one half that sum. Another
loui Western State spends three times
a.. i as much in keeping dogs as it does
u's in educating her children. One
iLtad writer, in nmking up an estiniate of
the damage done by dogs in the
at Northern States and their cost of
d, maintainane, say that it scots us
eri not less than .38,000,000 annually
i to support our dogs, a sulicieut
sat sum to purchase 132,000,000 libra
ries of 200 volumes each, which
itfee be distributed in as
_a may neighborhoods. But unfor
ihi tunately, those among our rural
n of population who are most inclined
yo to keep dogs have very little nec
ow, 'for books.
The sale of the island of Clba to the
ta-i United State. or to Mexico is much
ret talted of in Cuba.
Taking Effect Thuredsy, Jane 12th, I
1884, at 4:35 A. M.
TraiuNeo I. 'iaaºamN.c
Eastwarri. OtI . FaIOS t .ar.
9: . . . .. .lIelta..... ;::1 p. in.
9:05 a. in m. St. Martin Str. 3:,0 p. in.
9:25 a. m. .... M u d ..... ":: ;,. m.1.
9:45 a. inm. ...California.. 2:25 n. m.
10:05 a. min. .... Brnes ..... 2:10 p. m.1
10:15 a. mn. .... s..... 1:5a p. iU.
10:25 a. m. ....alilah.... 1:-40 p. in.
10: n a. m ...Lake One... 1:1:5 p. 1i.
11:05 a. mn. .... (Qcehe'...• 1:00 p. m.
11:25 a. . ....l:allas..... 12:40 p. m.
111:40 a. m. .....Waverlh... 12::3 I'. n.
"12:05 p. m. SO1NieSidingJ2: 0 p. in.
12:30 p.m. .. .Dei.... 12:00K m.
12:50 p. m ....Carpetcr's.. 11:23, a. m.
1:15 p. in. ...Bee Bayrn.. 1:.5 a. in. m.
1:.5 p. . .... Raville... 10:40 a. m.
1:50 p.. I ..... Girrd,.. . 10;27 . in.
2:0 p. in. .. Crew Lake .'10:12 a. n.
2:27 1p. m. ..l.a Fourche.. 9:.i0 a. ..
2:42 p.m. G,rrdon.... 9:3 a, in.
:14 p.l ....Monroe ... 9:15a. m.
3:24 1.. in. West Monroe. 9r ( a. ia
3:48 p. u:. ..C.(;hniere . A a." i. im.
4:10 p. in. .. 1Forksville..' 4:15 a. m.
S:20 p. ....('alhoun... 8:05 a. m.
4:32 p. m . .. Averitt....' 7:* a. im.
4:50 p. inm. .C.Chalrant .., 7:35 a. im.
5:"(0 p.m. ....l:ustont.... 7:1)7 a. m.
5:45 p.m. ..Allengreene., (i:2; a. nm.
6:00 p. f .. nimsboro... 1:15 a. m.
6:5 n. i. ..New Arcadlia.. 5:,0 a. in.
6 :.i p. m. ..... Gibb..... 5:25 a. m.
7:01 p. in ... Taylor..... :10 a. m.
7:2 p.. i. ...l)ulberly... 4:48 a. m.
ARRIBVE ............. LEAVE
7 :40 p.m. Minden Junc'n 4:.35 a. m.
- .Twenty minutes for Dinner.
tTwenty wainutes for Breakfast.
Passenger trains will wait for each
other at Passing Places THIRTY MnIIrt.rs,
and then proceed, running TurriTY MiN
UTEs behind time until opposing train
e is passed.
Y N. B.-Trains will be run by the 90th
,e Meridian or New Orleans time.
'JOHI SCOT, - ---General Ianair.
R. CARROLL, - - - Generd St.
F. .IDABIET, -- ChialfEir.r3I1 . M
SLocal Mail.
* Mail from Ashwoo'l, New C:arthaoe.
e, King and Cane, arrives Mondays, Wed
y nesdays and Fridays, at 11:.30 n.m., and
' leaves at 2:30 p.m. of same days.
i. Mail from Omega andL Millikens Bend
li arrives Monday, Wednes, hy and Fri
1e day at 11 a.m., and leaves at 2 p.m. of
same dayvs.
a J. M. HEBERT. P M.
Official Directory.
State Officers.
,;wovernnr . ............ S.. McEnerv
Lient. Governor ......Clay Knobloch
Secretary of State ........Oscar Arroyo
Au(itor "Public Accounts...4). I. Steele
Treasnurer...................E. A. Burke
Snp't Public .Fneation..Warren Easton
Attorney-ieneral...M. J. Cunninghatm
P. Supreme Court.
Chief Justice ..... Edward Bermudes
Associate Justice........ Felix P. Poche
S..........R. B. Told
. .. .........T" C. Manning
.. .. ....Chas. E. Fenner
Clerk ........... ....... Goo. W. Dupre
Stats Enginecrs.
- H. B. Richardson....... .Sidney Lewis
H. C. Brown.
le. U. S: Senators.
B. F. Jonase........ ...New Or:lans
R. L. Gibson....... ...New Orleans
Members of Congres.
Carlton IHunt..............let District
E. John Ellis ................2nd "
W. P. Kellogg...............3rd "
N. O. Blanchcard ...........4th "
J. Floyd King...............5th "1
a. E. T.Lewis .............6th "
Court of Appealt-Second Circuit.
Judges..T. P. Clinton and A. A. Gunby
Clerk..............Francis M. Dawson
* Madison-Fourth Mondays in March
r- District Court---8Lth Judiciid District
di Comosed of the parishes of Madison
and East Carroll.
e E. J. Delony ..................Judge
t- Joseph E. Ransdell...District Attorney
r. Francis M. Dawsom ............... Clmrk
Terms of Court.
a Madison-Jury Term-let Mondays
he in January and June. Civil term-lIst
Mondaysa mApYi and ovembeir.
ast Oaroll--rJury terni-st Mondays
Sin iJuly and December. Citvl tena-st
he Mondays in May and October.
h- 25th 8eaatoril District.
an. eator.......... Ge. W. Montgomery
Parrid. of Madisoa.
on Represatati'e.
Gov. HIawkins.......... W W.Johnson
Sheriff..... ............ H. B. Holmes
Clerk....... .. .Francis M. DI)awson
Treasurer........(..Ge. T. Trezevant
Coroner.............. Dr. W. P. Yerger
Assessor...................J. H. Gilfoil
Polic. Jtury.
ly Ward 1................ J. T. Cochran
,d a 3 .................... M. .long
a" 3...............U. A. Richardmn
" 4............... (ieo.W.Sevler
6" ................... M. P. Erwin
all " O ............... Frank Andrews
S7............... ....E. 8. Iknnis
nly Clerk..................
her Parish Shool Board. ,
a A. L. Slack, President; W. B. King,
oem A. J. Sevier, A. C. Mlonette aid W. H.
)ne Justices of the Peace.
wof Ward ....... ..... L. Crtuter
the ................P. J. ¶Aarsuaa
of " 3 ......................H. R.Herd,
.. ............. Chas. L. 2ilin
ius " 5..... " ........ M.C. Atkins
- .y ...... W. I.ixon
". 7.................Jas. Davis
ra- OTICfL
TALLULAN, La., May f, 1884.
for- The ssessmnents for the year
ral 1884, are now ready for inspection,
ned and correction. All parties denir
nse ingto investigate their asse.sments,
are notified to do, so within the
next thirty days.
1 Assessor.
Mi eellaneous AdvcrtimenS-tS
Pu1isrhed every
Parish of
$k $2.00 PER YEAR,
JriOB lx N.T.I,N G
V9,tbm fav.t Lb mbau s veern, Is
lst msoete unIe. m mbssr-gm Is eo *
Isw Uthaevem r overt wall astsotm es ts ses
nes . y t lts lasaury So wa.htlehaMSther lgats
OflB ined s eedity etbeuerdlS.
Ioet sp Lteelean.ed o te.a. retawsu 4 fearIgsS
Lorem t sm at d a worg , eWM. lt 1deilg 1m .
ishaga. iL
an Recommends itselft t the Couid.
eration of the People.
AD et weu -fnar a pN mwmIm LsYah Isr o
IW migledg ettabent e IrlTWES.VM MSOtt AIs
M IS P A x U M.and as prepuraleame pee ker
- le a suttedi
twelo Rl5e nl Iten pajS putthtb 4 UeMm t.
, fa maNged to ..lgsetes O8NN lNt babC
: The Timn-aem mtAola
lea sau ea remirb reqt s ob She d·.I4 .SW
pmlhtlr.a. lbes butslm s nso . aL by atltslL .
osed qmhmv 51 0msn amede al aoms
pt.s.U.e .ins. w.* m Ieheore I
-AKE m TSISSE%- ubs WLb I S
Nit. . oIlu L Iamm SL 1 5i h rm .
TIh·~r~ TIXl.D9RUIcIkY
Ne rwrr4 rwl Sreu ·n~ w s

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