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Madison times. (Tallulah, Madison Parish, La.) 1884-1???, January 31, 1885, Image 3

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.._._.---  --- - -- --
E C. WzI-hfTt AN, Editor I Prrp.
)ta s Mo rs m s. - - - 7"
a-------- -~---------
Plnat trees.
Mud is predominant.
The rise in the river is over.
Now is the time to plant fruit
Mardi Gras comes on the 17th of
Plant all your spare ground in
cow peas.
The river came to a stand at
Cairo Tuesday.
Cheap rates to the exposition, is
what is wanted.
Every one who sees it, is pleased
with the exposition.
Plank walks have paid for them
selves the last few weeks.
There were a great number of
wagons in town Thursday.
Come and get your warrant if
your claim has been approved.
The next number of the TtMEQ,
will end the first year of it's exi.st
A fruit tree advertisement insert
ed in the TIMES, would bring so:ae
You had better secure a lot in
the Briscoe addition before th..y
are all gone.
Now stop your gro'vlin", and
come gAt your money, if the par i-i
owes you :aly.
Some of t:he st.ck rluniiie at
large, about Talulalh, are danrger
ous to chiidren.
It is :sad there will bea transfer
boat,b.!t wn(-n Delta and Vicik bur..
bef ore -ulnler.
North Louisi:na proposes t, tourn
itself loo-e o. the E::positioni, :,:
ing F, bruary.
If you want anything in a hurry.
ou re are al:i(,t sure not to ".:1 it
from Vick.hurt.
The bad weather disalppeared
Sunday night, andl Monday epcned
clear and pleasant.
Yur attent:i.n is called to tht
new time tables, of the V. S. & I'.,
and the L., N. O. & T.
Another change of the time table
of our railroad, would make the
trains get here the next day.
Millikens Bend levee, is now
out of darger, and will probably
be comple'ed in a few weeks, if
good weather prevails.
The way that lumber has been
coming in, on the railroad, would
indicate that there will shortly be
Bome building going on.
If you only knew how the parish
was suffering to pay that little ap
proved bill of yours, you would
come and get your warrant.
Maj. Richardson has ordered, that
the Omega run around shall not be
built, at least by the State. He
will find that he was mistaken.
The cold weather in the North
saved us from an overflow this
time. May we have as good luck,
when the next rise comes.
It would be the part of a good
citizen, to send any news about
the water to the TIMEs, so that peo
ple in remote parts of the parish,
could know what was going on.
Maj Ben: Perley Poore, uses a
colon after the abbreviation of his
first name, because Washington,
Jeifferson, and other en:incnt per
sons did so. He has autograph let
ters signel Gee: Washington, and
Thos: Jefferson, in which the coonl
is used. So he wants colon to.
He ought to have a ton o : top of
his head.
The War In Egypt.
Gen. Stewart, after the battle of
the 17th of January, had a sau ces
sion ot Lattles for ev.r::l dys,
until the Niie v':as raclchedl. Gcn.
Stewart was severCly, but nr.t fatal
ally, wounded. Two corresplon,1
ents of londoln papers were kile1,
Canmeroni of the Statdard and HItr
bert of the Pest. Five of the Mah
di's (mirs were kiilll. Gen.
Stewart captured Metemneh, andi
succeeded in oplning communicn
tion with Gen.Gordn at Khi.ar;orn,
Swho says he could hold out for
" years.
All LI: ailrov ,i I-. :,v P,,l ,
A Jury, for the ve..r i- 1; , ,:. u n
l:.. l)Zid on d..m I,.
iR. C. Wr.:GC::::A.
Ctik P. J.
The Parish Licen_.t' for the year
1SS.5, are now ready for issue. All
parties required by law to take out
licenses, are r ,:iiced to conic and
get same, and thereby avoid pen
alties. II. B. IIOLMES,
Sheriff & Tax Collector.
Resolved, That it is with deep
grief that the Lodge learns of the
death of Mrs. Leanora N. Slack,
the beloved wife of companion A.
L. Slack.
2nd, That we tender our brother
in thi. l.is, great lert.avenient, our
heartfelt ,yn:1,athy-that we feel
how inadeqiuat: are wor,;.i-we can
ontdy join with him in mourning the
o102 of one, who, was an affectienate
and devoted wife and mother; per
forming all the varied duties of life
conscicnti,,u.ly-a true help-mate
to he-r h!u,,a,--n :' Lv
word and act, a gui,, and e,.mt.:.In:i1i
to her clildren and family; and
only the Lusbhand, father, and moth
erless little ons can aptreciate the
desolatLneas of that hcartlh, where
the mtotiher's voice is .frover silent.
3r.l, That a copy of these reso
luti,: s he handd cur bruther
that they be -l'read upon the uin
utc:-, and puLliibed,1 in the Madison
ie:Slectfl.Iy Sulbmitted,
J.. T. Mc. C1 ELLAN. J
A Frce B:eakf-st Tab'.
S,, r:ta:ry'v Frclin-il rl ..-.t : '~n 1v r:
Sp fai . fr the e y tr:ih r,,ilr-,Cc
it tr y,' to be f oun, i ur tele
:ra ic clr :'. -, 1ui. wight .a
c , or,'.. a, up r . , ' .,. .
t.1 1 n 1 tir ' "re e si ui: ar t ter .
l- the ta' te ad . at . e oi .
i l'l a rel ' th t"V ,i" , .'" , re ,d
utilm; ,r artic tre., t ' iLliid-r to tii-.
, ithl'pai n. Free su,;ir, is to :o,,'
from all 'ictlral anit ;:uuthAmtr: i a
a'd the ,o.s of re'.i ue. he ",rgcs,
will be to the a.iva-itagc ,', and
afford a relief" to every "bread
winlner" in the land.
But is there any truth in the Sec
retary's specious argument that
the poor man's free coffee will be
Ssweetened with free sugar ? We do
not find it substantiated by the
treaty in question. There is not
a clause in it which removes the
highly proteetive duty paid on the
sugar used at the table. It is on
I ly the raw material that is to come
in free. Not a pound of refined
sugar is admitted and that is what
the peope p use. The duty on re
fined sugar is 2) to 3c. per pound
and is practically prohibitive. It
is so high that nothing in that
shape can come in. But it is not
proposed to remove that tax. Every
Spound of sugar that goes on the
breakfast table,, even if it, does
come from Cuba, Porto dRico or
iany other fav-ored country, must
pay the same duty as before.
Now, the people of the Pacific
coast have been having that sort
a free breakfast table ever sincc
Ithe adoption of the Hawaiian recip
rocity treaty, and they find they
are in the clutchlies of a "refining
ring," and have to pay more than
if that treaty had never been nego
tiated. On Dee. 19 cut loaf and
crushed sugars were quoted in San
Francisco at 7 e. per pound and in
New York at, i to loe. The refin
irs in the former city get their raw
suhar from Hawaii free of duty,
whIHl the New York refiner has to
pay an average of over lic. per
.;un!l(! utity. The (hifTerence be
tween tihe c,:msumer on the Pacific
coast tinl t!w one on the Atlantic
.eaooard is that the latter pays
the Goverment l ic. on each pound
of sugar and the ',r, 1ucer and re
finer 40e.. while the former pays
the G(soernm,.,:t n'thinr, amd givcs
Clau' mi~ eckles, th, -ugar mon
IFel:i't. 7 e.. of which nvarly half
That is the kind of a free break
fast table we shall have all over
this country if the spirit of thii
itrood ofrecilstoeity treaties shoul !
i:unence nati,,ua., locislatin. The
,;overmrnt would simply release
$ltfli,0t0.0OO revenue to go into the
pockets of the refiners. Instead of
having one Claus S!preckles we
r' hoi' e to sr,, iir ' :rt "
1 I ,..,kfa-t t:'.1.,","" w ki,'i `T r. ":c
ii: a'iuysn plrate a!out. l,'t ith:
,uIe ,,f l:, prr ... tativ, S i'. t:
out ,f the i-arne, ul.cl.re tht th,
duty on all refined sugar is thence
forth abolished.
That will not give us a free break
fast table by a long way, but it will
give the people sugar as chleap as it
can be had anywhere.As our worthy
IRepresentative from the Second
District, IHon. E. John Ellis, said
in Cangres, however the Ameri
can plople are a long ways remov
ed from this dream of the demago
gue politicans. The carpet upon
which the American citizen's feet
rests, the chair in which he sits,
the knife with which he eats, the
cup from which he drinks, the
table at which he sits, the cloth
which covers it, are all taxed, and
he could scarcely find a single arti
cle in the dinning r,oin other than
the coffee that does not pay duty
at the custom house. A re-ort to
this miCsrable demnagoguery by a
Cabinet oflicer may be regarded as
a clear manifestation of the weak
i:cis of the treaty. and an inlic:,t
ion that it is in so pti:ale a 11i'!ht
that the use of any tactic:s art
He Could Drive.
Maud--"I think no young man
shouid ask a lady to go out rin,
unless he is complete ma.: te" i5
Nicefellow- "Perfectly right.
That'd how so many accidents hap
pen. I have made a speci:al study
of homr;.cs, and can drive the mi:-t
Mlaud-'W\Vit! ;: ve haul ?'
Nict flloiw--' Yes, or I van hold
the reins between my teeth if nec
es.r!'. :u l leave b ith ars ef.e
iv the way. Mi- M.aud. wn a: y .u
tnke the .:r.t leigh ride with m1? '
Ma ad (eintusi:mstically,'"lnu
?,.I. I will "-- lPii::d.l i ia Call
"'ro ['*'. ond Ca !rds .
T7",!,, :' , La.
Tallulah, La.
Practices in the parishes of Madison
and Richland and the Supreme Court
of the State. Particular attention paid
to the lease management and sale of,
anti preparation of titles to real es
tate. mchl-ly
Bill Heads, Letter Heads, Posters
For Constables.
The Circuit Judges, on Wednes
day, in rendering their opinion
in a case then pending, gave tilhe
following information to this peo
pleas their legal opinion. As it is
a matter which may effect every
one at sonme time, it should be ,re
served for future reference : "'hre
evidence in the record satisfies us
that there was a newspaper publish
ed and printed weekly in the lparish
dluring the tine in which said
advertisement by posting was
being made. Under the law such
advertisement, by posting, was il
legal. Article 1140 of the code of
practi:c, requires that the conr.sta
ble shall give notice of sales with
in ten ,lays at the custonaulry places
in situation, uiiere no newspapers
are pul,lishetd, and in at le.tst one
public paper in places where any
are printed, according to law; and
it does not appear that this law
was changed or repealed by the
act of 1877.
Article 1142 of the code of prac
ti.e says: In no case can the con
stable apunint a keeper t ,lrt.crve
the proptrty nized utnless with the
cu,;;. it ,:f the dlchtr, etc. Ini tit
Ipresent c:Ise the coin-st:ld,!e sP.ized
the property and immeldiately ap
ipointed a cu: todian aind turn.ed tihe
pnroperty over to him. It is not
pretende d that the debtor, in writ
i me or otherwise, consented to the
turninz over of the pr(perty to the
custodian; and from that mnoment
the constable ceae'I to have the
property legally in his hose.sion
d; direc tli uinder his coat_.__ '
Stage of |Hiver-.
;I t
- , I ) ; , " ;
.(:I . inn: -. -;i..i , ,
S.........0 0
SL.aven.o-rth 0 1) .-0 1
. Little i,. k..... 1 I Si
nlll,.t ..t....... 1)0 (1 ( (d
]. ~ ·,,ao nwt...i 0 ', ] ,,
l[ma0phis....... . 0 0
I ashr ill', ....... "21 6 t 0
t 'New IOrleans... 1 i 4
inihrovnrt ..... 27) 2 ii]
St. Louis ...... 8...
St. Pauil......... 0...... . 0
\'iik.~hur ...... 42 2 0
;i low i1iyh w ater of 1874 .
Pittl unr ..... ..... ............. ..... 1 i
t 1 1 1inc a ti .. . . . . . . . .... . .. . .. . .. .. . . . . i-"
Chicago ............................... 0
Cairo .......................". ....... ,t`1
St. l.oni s ..... ..... .... ............ . .t
e DOIU1111C .............................. 21
Leahvtlnworth......................... 21
1 Yanktun.............................. S
Tihes Job Olli o
--Having laid in a stock of
t Lett(er 114Uend4,
t itsteianeita.,
lUVcliopj1)~ , etc.
Is now prejared to ill orders of ali
'work of tXht. kind,
Is well as for Blanks of all descrip.
A Snpply cf 1o Tw r of Latest Styles,
Here is some of i,
See Tilis New
:a IvpEjusi ju
T. ''. ...1¢ 1 r " n - . 11. ' I Ar . . iir E H ..
. . I . rr ti I 1 .. . 1 .I
t.-.tn 1'
.Li' . ' ..: L- . .tu' s .i . , 1T...... . r. ,. -,.... lark - Cp le.. I m
?;o. . 7? a,
I :' ,: ' . _.... r a ..t. i" it XrI 1e r "; . ... ','
.. " . ..1.. ; " .' . UA , ' . ". .... -,-cl lt i,:J. -. . .... '': p. .
L Y". ........ . '. u . . . . .<i. :i. ......... . ! k tI
R .. ....latrri -t.... ..1º ..u. . I.-... . 1 .. . ,
A n.......... ew rlean..... .N). a.,',. ......... 21hltl t s........... . '"
Daily No. 5. Leaves Baton Rou'e 6:25 a. Iin.--Arrive at New Orleans at
10.25 a m. DailyNo. 6. Leaves New Orleans 4:20 p.m-Arrives at Baten
Rouge at 8:20 p. m.
Depot on Poydras St. New Orleans.
Puilman I'.tlace ('irs, hIeljingand Drawi-il, lmoomr on Train
No4. 3;a;:41 Hetweetl MemphisI and N'i"w Orleans. Pullman Sleep
int Cars on Tr'ain 1 andi2 Between 3Memphis and Vicksburg.
- --- - -- - ----- --- ------- - -
T. PrrePn IrisOe oe wil! sell e 'o 3 the
Spcci.al inducements will be given to parties Wanting to Build,
By John L. Wiisa of 10 Lak Ol e Saw ill,
At~u the urad c'an be h,t,"'l t I'r mtn T. Viarren )Iris,,, at a price Iwle.i atnyI
reiasonable e.lec atttion. Tilt- ltartii.tt'rd 'w is :,+nt utt trl.,te i iil I;..44. lnt-') ait
iit:lN iI amiuUtII LU)II:ti.I is ofl.:rcd. Sjcure y, ,ur Iholate while )ou laAct- hIa ..iucL.
IRcgaridinrg Lts, Adldress.
U7. %\-.11,T IUE"lll,SC )l:,
Tallulah, La.
Conzcrning .:ut:ltTr, .AdrcasL
- -- -- -- --T llulah, La.
O(ficial Directory.
St tte Offi e'rs.
(;.,vir: unr .............. ,. I). "1S,.. :; r:"
i.i, t r:, r. .......('iavy kr..!. ,1:
me-t.l t:urv ,' tu:t! ......... -,'ar .\r ,, ,
A t. t" , :" 1'1 li .e" ant' S . . . . i . 1
11.  . , w . . . ....... .... .
John.1 Smythe.
R . L. "iL' -n...............N, w r t1 : ',u
Sfmbers of Congress.
Carlton , nt .....i.. ...A.....t District
E. John Ellis............... .2nd "
i. P. ,Kello....... ..( .3rd
N. C. Blanchard ............ ..4th ().l 11d
J. Floyd King............6th "
E. T. Lewis.................. Sth "
Court of Appeals-Second Circuit.
Judges..T. P. Clinton and A. A. Gunby
Clerk............Franis 31. Dawson
Madison-Fourth Mondays in March
and October.
District Court-8thJudicitl District
Composed of the parishes of Madison
and East Carroll.
E. J. Delonv.................. Jude
Joseph E. Ifanhadell.. .Distriet Attorney
Francis M. Dawson ............... Cler
Terms of Court.
SMadison-JFrv Termn-lapt Mondays
in Javnuairv .anl' June. Civil i lcri --
East Cairr.1-Jury tcrmn--lst .4.n)davs
in July tnstI Decot:'!a r. ('i' ii terim-lb.
Mondays in May and October.
25th Senatorial District.
Senator...........Geo. W. Montgomery
Parish of M Madio:i.
Repre'senEtatirrr s.
Gov. Hawkins......... . W. Jhnson
Sh.eritf ................ ..I . 1. J111oies
Clerk...............Frantj.s 5. IDawi',n
Tr.eas.rter.........D..it. i T. Trezevant
('cr.IICer............. .l.r. W. I'. Vr! .cr
Aasess or....... ... .J. 11. Cilfui I
Police Jurt.
WV art I......... ....J. T. Colhran
, -.... T... 31. ' nM y
S3............. . A. 1i."hardton
" ......... ... .....Ge. . er-vier:
5.......................31 . 1. r vin
" 6..............-...... I.
7.ra (4.r -Jlre nt, -- '. . iD.d nys
Clerk ..............i. C. Weihlnan.
'.ri~sh Seatoral Board.
S.I'. "c lilan. P'rte idlent ; W .T n ,
J. (:. Clarke, W'. If. liarvev. Jiin J.
Wearl lI .... ..... Ii. I. II. .Motoer
. . .. .wk ...........L. .. \V ats, on
S 3 . .... . . ..... I. 1. H erll
.. 4........... .......... has. I. Glin
cr ... .. ............... M. ('. Atkins
I ant . rnc ..:rcl t. li.. r n . I. , ti. :
r..orc t.erms for ca.h. A.h fres
ird .c.....J. L.. W~II '.3ra.
i.. . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .
-The Lower Part of The
Eureka Plantation
:.elining the town of Tailulah.
I'P1, ntv of ('..iNs' on the l:a,., and
t STE:AMI (. 1\. Fo;r furth-.rlp,,r
Tallulah, La.
Strtt nof L.otisi:na. Parish of .Ma,;r.n,
brh District Court-- . '. 4 'Proba'te.
W. F. S:.trr, deceased..
TII ERE.S. James T. McClellan
IP.i has presented to said Court
h's final account as adlninis
trator of said succession, to
gether with his petition praying
that said account be approved, con
firmed and homologated, and his
bond cancelled, and for Judgment
against said succession, for balance
Now, therefore, all persons are
required to show cause, if any they
have, within thirty days from the
date hereof, why the prayer of the
petitioner should not be granted.
W'ITNESS, The lion. E. J. Delony,
Judge of said Court, and the official
steal thereof, this 27TH DAY OF I)E
CEMBER A. D. 1S84.
F. M. DAWSON, Clerk.
A true copy-attest:
F. M. DAWSON, Clerk.
Jan. 3-6t.
State of leuistana.Parish of Madisto.
8th District Court--No. 322 Probate.
Succession of Aaron Brownloe deceased.
WHEREAS. Richard Brownloi
has presented to said Court his
final account as administrator of
said succession, together with his
pLetitiun praying that said account
be apiproved, confirmed tmd ho
mologated, and that he be die
charCed as Administrator, and that
hi Ibond be cancelled.
Now. therefore, all persons arc.
required to show cause if any theyv
have, within thirty days from the
(late herefcf, why the prayer of the
petitioner shoul'd not l,e granted.
WI'rSNE, The IIon. E. J. I)iony,
Judgle of said Court, and the ofti
cial : oil thereof, this 26th day of
I D)e(ember, A. DI). 1SM-.
F. 31. DAwns, Cl::rk.
A true colnv--attest:
F. "M. D.w nvo, Cle:rk.
IDec 27-C.
Over Fifteen Years Experience
WIOaington, D). C.
Box 3b0 mcht-tf
- ~ - I C *. R.
"1- . . . , NO. 4.
". :: :. , DcccSnbcr
"'ra.il 1\. I T alill N ..
1 1 I
i;': I I
1 1
1. n .... D.1a! In . ... I1 . 11.
1 1 ,*. . T l. iR..i .... I l', Ii .
i :, a. it. . - i. l pihk .... 2-:.0' ,. .
I: 1 u ... ... l,,!hn ..... 2:t p
1. -averis.. 2:0 Ip.' n.
1: pI.. n . . lelhi . .... I:4 p. n..
_": 1 .. 1 .. ..(' l'l ' ntl r's.. 1::,.p, m .
I. I' i " ... leC' lhi ou.. 1:12 p. mi.
. ' . ill ..l viv lls,. '.1 p. Ti
. n. l." " " A 1'7140 pil.
' 1. iru ... .(.irur l... 1":)lp. in
4 i. . .. ( 'r' L.iake.. 12:15p. inm .
4 Il . . ". . U it. cn .... I1 :.7,f . ni.
4 -L' . ... Moniro ... I 11:441 .,
1eae . , Arrive
i. ; t i Ill ::, .
II . in. tV'' .r ihnro .l11:;l a . II..
S ; . I . ( e niin, . 1 1:1' a. It,
1 P. i . .( ':I l! u n ... 11 1 ' a. In .
.: ; ..... lt -ritt .... il11.:- 3. Il1
5..' hi, . . t'L,u .Ir.u t . ".1(:li1 a;. U1.
iP". r . . ... lt ln.. . !11:22 a. in
11: . .i. . • 'n r.inr . IO] Ol .ht .
Ti"' . us .. . rln un.i.. o 0i' a ia. in.
I, p1 ii .Nc ew oArvcaii. ::nli a.
: Ip. sT .... I;ib .... 91: a. Ill
.. . ... I. a' hor..... 9:11 a. ni.
7: l" . i '' ..DulýibriHy... .54 S a. nl.
7:. - .:. i inln J unc., $:41n a. 1.
. I , . I..... ul~, h . .. . :, a. ll
I. I . ...l hnl u .... 7:5: a. Ill
A il Et I: LEAVI
1.1so. . i. r.:enort.. P ::o u. 1
No-. 1 & 2 Ta:ke dinner at Rayvill'
I'-. - o.ttr traini will wait fir eai
t.. r :it l',i .ing laces 'TiIRTY MIN' T>
t:111 he.n r.t'teel., rurnlinti ; TitirIrY MI.
l 4 ii "l i- tiluli until oupp tilng tral.
is passe 1.
N. !;.-'ir.:ins will he run by the l0tt.
.eri liia, or New Orleans time.
JOHI, SCOTT, - - General lanagi'
R. CA RCLL, - - - Gencral ut.
S,Y. P EY - - ChiefEnr. & Sun;
Llcal Mail.
Mail franm A\Ishw,.oo, New Carthag'.
Kii :e..1 4 uIl,u., arr:;'t. Monlday., \1,
ti:: i :t} . ,,,i I 'rida "s, at 11:W10 a.m ., ai s
I,. .. : :i _:! 11.lii. f 1:-n1 day v .
n;::il frIu, aI i,:vn! Iil liiik.nsH Hr
atir:.,.. Vantl day, W'.T.henlas'y arnl I.'
.!I :tA 1 .Ii.1., a :il leaves ai 2 p.1su.
1 M. 31. HE"-ERT. P M.
State of Louri iaifa, Parish ,,
Mai :l. on, 8th IDi.,trict Court.
Ji)IN 13.1. AT..ANDLEA
s. I o. f(.:
S(:,'u:'E T. TI:tZEVANT.
.i) tlir T i i l ,: . hl, t "o ni' dlirectedt ti
tit,. llo10iir:,bleh i,.hth .Inl it ial Irllt.
1 ('lurt ,r the I'ari.Ih ,f .Ma'lismin ia
rt ai,, i.t tL h .' :ibovte entitled caule, I1
tl,,,.t.. t.. il 11, at public auction.
I i doolr of the ('ourt house in the '
Sof Tallulah,Madiana Parish, Lou.
g on the
- First Saturday, the the day of F.
a ruary, A.. D.1886,
t between the hours prescribed by .,
all the right. title and interest ofie, tr
eT. Trezevant, in and to the folloJ ,
described property, to-wit' Situao,
e the Parish of Madison and Sltat ,
Louisian and, cUomposed of the east'.
t upper half ofthe Pinch-em-easy Plat.
Slrion,in township fifteen(15)nort h,ra.
e twelve 1'i] andi thirteen 13 east or.
north side of Bayou Vidal, and cont
ing about nine hundred and thirty
1-100 acres of land, together wit
buildin a and improvements then
beint thie east halfof the west hid,
the Dalmatia Plantation, and bein lt,
same land conveyed by the State t.
tintal Bank to GIleo. T. Tresevant, I
act of sale raised before Theodore Iuv
Notary Pultic of New Orleans, Lo .
ana, otn Marich lst, 1874, and recordh
-- in Ma:ison Parish, Louisiana, in .%
tarial record Blook G, Page 810 etaer:
tur reference to which at-t is herel.
rimadle: Alo a certain tract of land t.
2, getiher with the building and impr.I
ueInt. thereon, formerily a part of LI
Arahby Plautation situatedon the it :,
Sside of Bayou Vidal, in said Parish a't
State, havinii Iecrn taken from thi sc
eildeo·faid ~l plantation, adjoining Vii.
eVi-easy Pilantation, extending in dr a,
from the front levee on Bayou Vida , j
Sthe woridland of Araby Plantati..
th.nee ,n a line parallel with the fir
t live, itueh a width as gives to wr,
trait if iand a siiperlicies of two h.
ri and ,ltifty (2.Al aelretlof cleared In,
- .ail tra't coI'L Jrisiing part f sci,
It f.rty-two (42) tawnsihip fifteen t"
rrthi, rant-" thiirte.n i13) east, a,
part of :- tion one (1), township tif, •
.1-j north, range twelve [121 east, "
; ,,l, thie sane land conveyed by M-.
; E. 1. if Ink, to (jnl. T. Trezevant, .
. 1it of .ale, luo',and bif.re Thel.ni,
tluol, N,,tarry Public of the Cit,
I. , i( Irlrais, Lruisiana, Junl e llbtlh I1
, and retcor .'l iul Mw lis(ni Parish, Lot:
- saia, ii Notarial Record Book
i. ages li5 and I16, reference to wl'
act ,of tale is hereby made, and I.,.,
o thit sa.mne land surveyed by l" v
IaI ;oni, 'arih Surrve'or, andevlct EJ:
;n-i. Tr. Tlrrzuva:lt, January 14th I
i':iiil 'Jid . aadzrn.;,ating "Eleven hr
,r· ! ; ,i ,.l-el;:h yl-four l I-100 [1184 (1-j!
acr,-: 1hl're' together Ai tlh all
-- laiib!,,n '-1:. iI irnllirt 'vemn'tiitsand altl
te::n'". - trb t' attached, and th
ut. i. in,.hlio.niig ,rapjIertainintg, inLi,
in tIs.unty [201 mule.s, five Bris'
plIws, rue [1] six muile wagon and .
pair gear .-4.iz.,t' in the above suit.
Tfi'.I- or sar.--Cash without
Ilaiiei iil nt, t,1 lay and satisfy Pit.
till'r ,!'i:n,! as follwv.~s, to-wit: Cai
F ,ir "li ,,usa:ii.. anil T hre.e Hi ndre .,
l-.i: " [ l."8i0,A1)) Dollars, and inter
itiei',n, at the rate of 8 per cent 1
,'iit, nil' the. further sum of ei4
miiin,!r''l arid seventy ['$870,00] doll
" ; Ir i i:i.'. f'td and the further.
.,f r iinr.,,ieIl three hundred :
fi;ry i ,,:: .-0)] dollars, evide-nied
Ia w l !::ttTiriig ,Jannuary iOth !)
a. ......-. ii,,liii." two t6tlO00 ,u!:
:.'_. 4,]1 ,,f protest.
11. II. HOLMES. Sherif
, Shri '!. (t Idi!e, Tallulah, La., 2
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