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easethlng Abeut the Meest Expealve
madliee oe Our Cotmlent.
The state capitol building is the most
expensive edifice on this continent
having now cost approaching$16,400,000
The capitol at Washington was summed
up ten years ago to have cost ahout
$13,000,000, and since that time nothing
has been added except the improvement
of the capitol grounds. The superin
tendent at Albany to;d me that he
thought he could finish the capitol if he
had l3,000,000 voted into one lump. Some
sceptics there say that the capitol wil
take $10,000,000 more. If it is to be fin
isbed with the tower, I should think i
would cost nearer $25,000,000 than $20,
000,000. While the Albany capitol hat
great depth it is in its longest part hardli
the length of the national capitol. A
good deal of the latter edifice is merely
curtain or screen to connect the wing
with the old center. The Albany capi
tol has three great stories mounted upor
a great basement, and above the c rnice
are pavilions, themselves as high as or
dinary business blocks in New York
The architecture of the capitol has man
festly changed, and beginning with
hard and massive Renaissance rusticated
it seeks in the higher stories to get into
Gothic, Eastern and Moorish forms, so
that it may be likened to a stone flower
pot with the flowers popping out above
It in impossible not to admire such a
sgnificent mass of stone. Nearly ev
erybody likes the latest additions the
best. We have had so much Roman
Renasiance put up in this country in
the past fifteen years that it has become
monotonous. One of the architects of
the Albany capitol was given the old
court house of New York city to extend,
and wzth complete indifference to what
had been already done he put his Orien
tpl architecture upon the classical body
of the building. Yet I saw a prominent
architect not long ago reading a book o
emays on architectures by this same
man, and he said: "Here is the best
writing I have ever seen in America by
an architect."
The state of New York has reached in
the new capitol at Albany the highers
monumentalising of a province known
in modern or perhaps feudal times. I
can think of no public building in the
old ducal sovereignties of Europe which
approaches in any way the proportions
and expense of this capitol of a mere
state. Neither the American congres
nor parliament nor any law-making body
on the globe had such surroundings as
the senate and assembly of the province
of New York. One architect took the
assembly in band, and another, to use
the words of Artemas Ward, "put soul"
into the senate. A fine foreign critic on
such matters would express the same
astonishment entering these two cham
bers that the oficial classes of England
do atthe magnitude of the Federal print
lag. When Mr. Hendricks was at
Albany a week or two ago, he exclaimed
that he had seen nothine in Europe like
this capitol, sad he may live many
hundred years in America before he will
see Aything like it. The world seems
to have been ransacked for building
The assembly sits under a roof that
would make old William Rufus ple
with envy. There argrest fire-place
in these chambers which seem designed
in some distant future to be the tombs
of great governors. The paintings in
the assembly chamber are about 100
yep ahead of American appreciation,
sad i astt4ireeer moving alone, they
wipahi "wbe 00s behind it when the
WqP~d~?~tia a mthmUlX Thev
rtisle thi sLcts, was worki g
hr tht enealums of pasterit . Thi
paA of~uutrme% is of lbonest RetMi
ma dmeeant, and the 'Flight oNlght'
and the lIeD v might have be
( tsre0 ' own inspiraon. The Gothic
stairway of one architect is now being
thlrw lato mere democracy by the
stalway of his competitor, which is for
lthe proment half covered with scafoldo
"nPk iaqdsitve abot the hig
Itby ookhar inintothe bny tate hoawe
Tim wehtects have a furnture hcetory
rihtltheesptol, hor they wouldbe
ashamed to have "store farnitureM" pat
unbr their agnileent etabeaed ceiin
and aeit their beaatifl eihber wal
hek s every chair is designed for a pr
tlrri room, and mahogany is peferred
aboe al thin, with walnt atadin
eemantougah now and then some oak
rash isaloedtocome in. Yea ca
se eloch thee twenty feet high, look.
3IlkO Gothic towes taken from od
- big, tIdeed, that fyoif p
yop ea eto the case yon a hardl
iev the clock is ginol, as thedimen
strems almost exhaunt the carrying powe
e mnd. In some of the mreplaces the
ervig is so aminue that the workmaa
wiU b a month atagood fat priceI
day meeutlang a few quae feet of it
Mabs are baroght her bfom 81ens
behuse they have a certatn flesah tint o
yelow tint which will set of the brase
oper y. The wooden panels are made
Sem e paintaneg or symbols in gilt
m ge o rom room to room, each one
back in the cradle, you
ehadly riwe to hear thatthe
aelate ealous eleach other on the
aof room, and that a man with
only 100feetqiareis not oa
speakn terams with another ofea
whe imos a hambor 125 feet suare.
Tbo vu ilqe, moderate m ah othe
aes m frlezble on this abiec
d-oMekLSpa position, 8oonaf
the wea pgt in the court chamber o
the lmnethside of the tenew apitol, the
emed the robes theidr anestors a
thre s away, in order not to seem co
efiepLag with the architecture. B
thea time t earitet et throuas th
wi hve the mesengers arme
psi, and it will be a penitentiar
elme to appear out of one's series u
saartm e i with a irrelevant color
Ted found, when they had re
therrobies, that they had a north
lkht upon them which was entirely un
artist So they demanded a suutL
ider penalty of taking off thear
ea d somce ;ortunte pson, per
apathe state librarian, was driven out
of the bseptacle of his tremures, and
thelm the court sita in brand new robes
ian mtdelightful ronom which to be
hold any oae weold make the supreme
eeat Wwasinton shotr out for envy,
A ethis froom the heads of all the
Jrttqs of the past and yesterday
s-ining to come out. Over the
pmh em m side is Chief Jstice Fol
rnd a the otLher is Chief Jlltice
-ame. ban they pet thrbah,
paintings are to be everywhere around
this room of the jurists of New York.
"Gath" in N. Y. Tribune.
Recently stabbed in O'Donovan Rosea's
office in New York.
atrke's Cornt Rltretrrag.
Profrseor Brooks has just secured a
good observation of Encke's comet, now
slowly brightening as the time ap
proaches for its return to its perihelion.
It is nearly sixty-six years since the
indefatigable astronomer whose name it
bears announced his great discovery
that this comet trave!s a path of short
period round the sun. The comet of
1770, found by Lexell to describe an
elliptic orbit with a periodic time of only
five and a half years, had been up to
1819 the only comet of short period ob
served nearly approaching the earth,
but Lexell's has for more than a century
been "the lost comet." The periodicity
of Encke's comet has, however, been
fully established, and on each occasion
when its return to its perihelion has
been repredicted it has, as Herschell
says, scrupulously kept to its appoint
Owing to a resistance which it en
counters from a rare ethereal medium
pervading the region through which it
moves, Encke's comet, singularly enough,
has a slowly but continually diminishing
period. When it frst became an object
of great astronomical interest its peri~ld
was 1,211 days. According to a late cal
culation of Dr. Backlund. of the Imperial
observatory at Pulkowa. its present pe.
riod of revolutions is 1.207.88 days, and
its perihelion passage in 1885 takes place
on March 7. The observations of Pro
fessor Brooks prove that the comet is
making its revolution without being ser
iously affected by planetary attraction.
and will return to its perihelion on time.
New Yort Herald.
Trapping a Tigress.
She was captured about nine months
ago, in obedience to an order sent to In
dia by Mr. Reiche forone of her kind.
A tiger track was found in the jungle
leading to the reedy banks of a river.
A pit a about twenty feet deep was dug
in the path and covered over with
branches of trees and brushwood. The
natives then concealed themselves, and
at night the tigress, going down to the
water, crashed through the covering,
and lay, partially stunned and wholly
helpless at the bottom of the pit. She
was allowed to lie there for a 'week.
The mouth of the pit was again closed
and for seven days she lived in dark
ness without food or water. Such treat
ment very often kills a tiger but it is the
only known method of reducing them
from the state of savage frenzy succeed
ing their capture to anything like sub
When at last the coverings were again
removed the then auntamed Fanny was
found to be anything but subdued. She
was, however, weak, and her furious
bounds to reach the mouth of the pit
were short at Srat, and grew shorter
with every effort. Then the natives be
sn to angle for her. It was hard and
dangerous ishing, but slowly noose after
noose was dropped around her body,
her fore legs were drawn tightly to her
sides, and she was pulled up at last firm
ly bound and powerless. Other cords
were thrown around her, and with her
feet in the air and her back down, she
was lashed to bamboo poles, and carried
by a score of men to the place of embark
ation. She had very little life left in her
when she was placed on board ship and
dispatched to Germany.
When she landed in Europe, however,
she had quite recovered,and Mr. Reiche,
who is living in Germany, was delighted
with her apearance. Hie save her the
name of Fanny, and scrd her paage
to Ameriea. She is worth perhaps
p0oo. N. Y. Sun.
hm's r.meh Uensew.
One of the leading citizens of Daketa
told his errand to a piano dealer on State
street yesterday as follows:
"I want some sormt of an instrument
that will look pretty well and yet not
cost much money. Our town needs one
more piano and one more she'll have.
There'sa measly littlemall-pox stricken
hole just over the eonunty line named
8iouxtown which pretends to rival Ben
town, but she esa't touch her, stranger.
We've had fve planoe in our town ever
aince it was startedand 8iouxtown didn't
haveanyuntillast month, whenit othold
of five old Jew's-harp ffairs at asherifP's
sale somewhere. The next week the
papers there, both of them dailies, came
out with a screech that Biouxtown had
fve pianos and they wanted to know
how Bentown liked that. Well1 now,
we'll just show them how we ike it.
We had a meeting and subseribed money
to buy another instrument so's to make
six for us, and that's what I'm here !or.
When any oae-horae slovenly little burg
like that gets away with the enterpris
ing ctisens of our town it will be when
they raise No. 2 bard wheat on billiad
tables." Chicago Herald.
"A little fAre is quickly! trodden out
Which, being suffered, rivers cannot
Prorasntination may rob you of time,
but by increased diligence you can make
op the los; but ifit rob you of life the
lose Is irremmediable. If your health is
delicate, your supetite fecle, your sleep
broken, your minddepremsed,your whole
being out of orts, depend on it ycu are
seriously diseased. in all such casee Dr.
Pierce's "Golden Medical Discovery"
will speedily efect a genuine, radical
cure-make a new man of you and rave
you rom the tortures oflingerag die
[email protected] STOY-TIELLEBRS.
aill Nye and His Party Met Him While
Crossing the Divide.
I think that one reason there are so
few good story tellers among us is that
the listeners are, in many instances, so
willfully and so stubbornly unapprecia
tive that it tends toward discouraging
the skillful narration of first class anec
There were four of us together coming
across "the divide" a few years ago, and
this principle was then and there eluci
dated. Gibbon, Gregg and myself were
congenial acquaintances, and we would
have enjoyed the long ride if it had not
been for a man named Sawsage, who had
only recently e'caped from some low
priced educational institution. lie had
acquired a few rot-iron facts of the
cycloptedia variety, and with the odor of
the valedictory all through his clothes
he was making a tourpf the coast and
Colorado. He was what you might call
one of those really statistical, brainy
young reservoirs of information, who
burst forth from the alma mater nith
the intention of going to coneress in two
years, but finally compromise the matter
forty years later by running for overseer
of highways and getting saowed under
about 137 majority.
When Gibbon saw Mr. Sawsage get on
the stage he said to me in a low voice,
"Nye, we are undone. Sawsage will,
ojubtless, endeavor to relate some anec
dote to us on the way. and then I shall
commit an atroci, us crime."
But he didn't do so the first ten miles.
He contented himself by shedding other
information and explaining things that
he had just found in his physical ecogra
phy, ar.d stunning us with the hard
words that always float around in the
aquarium which young men refer to as
their brains.
Finally, however, some one reminded
him of a story. Gregg tried to turn the
conversation, but it was of no use. Said
he: "It seems that many years ago a
traveler or tourist of some description,
whose name is immaterial -"
"Funny name," said Gregg. "Don't
you think so, Gibbon?"
"Yes. Foreigner, probably. . I knew
a man named Jimmy Terrial once,
We discussed the name for four or five
miles and then allowed Sawsage to pro
"Well, as I was going to say this tourist
traveler or sojourner was propounding
inquiries relative to the s limate, changes
and isothernal-"
"Now, pardon me," said Gibbon, "hut
are you sure that word is not pronounc
ed isothernal?"
I ventured to remark that is other-mal
was the correct accent, while Gregg
sided with Sawsage. From a quiet dis
cussion this grew into a regular row
which lasted about ten miles. Tihen we
allowed the narrative to proceed.
"Well, at least, to mate a long story
short, the traveler and a native of this
"Remember his name?" asked Gregg.
"We've got the other man's name. 'e
ought to have this.'
"No," says Sawsage, "I didn't give the
tourist's name, you remember."
"I beg pardon," said Gregg. 'I don't
want to seem querulous and all the time
kicking up a row with a comparative
stranger, but you certainly gave us the
other gentleman's name."
We then had a long and highly enjoy
abole quarrel, during which Gibbon and
I challenged Gregg and Sawsage to fight
us in a dark room, each :uan to be blind
folded and armed with an adze. Best
man to pay all funeral expenses and
scrub out the room next day.
"To this Gregg agreed, but Sawsage
said he wasn't a very expert adzeman,
and wanted to apologize.
,Gilbon and I hesitated. Finally we
agreed to think it over, but in the mean
time we begged Bussage togo ahead
with his story, as we would reach the
home station in five minutes more.
At last he made out to tell the story
that Adam found under the currant bush
when he went into the Garden of Eden,
about the place where the year was
divided into "nine rmonths winter and
three months late into the fall."
At the station aweasre went on east
by the train, and we took No. 3 for Salt
Lake city. On the way Gregg, Gibbon
and I sent a telegram to Mr. Sawane
separately, which read as follows, to
E. Ptolemy Sawsage, care Conductor
No. 4:
I have heard that B.C. story of yous
before. 9 Collect.
And we had, too. San Franciso In
L*Threw 'hysle to the Dogs"
when it is the old-'ashioned blue mass,
blue pill sort, and insist on using Dr.
Piercea's "Pleasant Purerative Pellets," a
modern medical luxury, being small,
sugar-coated granule', containing the ac
tive principles of cettain tootde and herls,
and whith will be found to contain as
much cathartic power as any of the old
fashioned, lprger pills, without the lat
ter's violent, drastic effects. The pellets
operate thorougualy and harmlessly, es
tablishing a permanently healthy action
of the stomach and bowels, and as an
anti-bilious remedy are unequaled.
To believe that children can do as
muceh as grown-up people, and that the
more hours they study the more they
can learn.
* * * * Piles, fistulas and rupture
radically cured. B)ok of particlurs two
letter stamps. World's Dispensary Med
ical Association, Buffalo, N. Y.
To conclude that the smallest room in
the house is large enough to sleep in.
Cmauht by s Oeptaos.
A diver who was trying t find pearis
offthe Alaska coast. found none, but
found bmaself,all of a sudden, in the
grasp of an ugly octopus with arms
twentyv-even feet long. Such an exper
ience is rare; but there are thousand4 of
people who are cautht Iy dyspepsia,
which is quite as bad. Ar' octopus hates
to let go. Bu does dyspepsia. Brown's
Iron Buttersnettles dystpia and makes
it loose its cruel f:ij. Mrs. Schmidt
and her d.lughter, o" 133 Conway street,
Baltimore, were btht cured of dyspepsai
I y the use ot B-own's Iron Bitt rs.
To g~o to bed at midnight and rise at
daybreak and imagine that every hour
taken from leep is an hour gained.
Auanlnrlnop foretells a stort, o doses
piwple u..o. the l'uman body indeiate health
4dstrnl.t. wr us Ih. ti. blood, whlbL eean be
eautialirsd and eacelled only by DIr. Harter's
Iro troe.
New Zealaad Songstress.
"Mani:':e Marie Csnandini, Musical
Artist, Wellington, N. Z.,writes to the
Christchurch, New Zealand Telegraph.
"I have used St. Jacobi Oil, and find
much relief in ease of rheumatism, and
for all neuralgic pains."
Steel and silver tinsel are the correct
metal trimmings for gray stuffs of all
kinds and in all shades.
AmeriCa's Pride.
True American men and women. by reason
of their strong constitutions. besutilul forms,
richcomplexions and characteristic energy,
are envid by all nations. It's the general use
of Dr. IHarter's Iron tonic which brings about
these results.
Fur trimmings should match the ma
terial on which they are used in color.
'ns VOLTAIC bE.T Co., Of Marshal., lthst.
offer to send their lelbrated EIerRO VOLTA.
IC lier . ant oither ELEc'RIC APPI.IANCIB On
trial i or t hirty days., to men, (young or old) at
tlitied with nervous debility, los of vitality
and manhood. and all kindred troubles. Also
for rheutl,tllsm, neuralgia, paralyis, and .
many int.-r diseases. Complete restoration
Lo health, vigor and tanhiood guaranteed
No risk is incurred, as thirty days trial is a:
tIowed. Write them at once for Illustrated
iamphlet free
All shades of brown up to ecru look
well witn'gold tinsel trimming.
PILES ltebinor Bleeding, relieved and pe
ymatlO canb OoWe's aCtsrtb·. Oetth·eOe
J. ooLit t t ia Bfth t lr-. wta
Velvet flowers on gavzz :,re the latest
fancy in ball dress fabrics.
When you visit or leave New York City. via
Central depot, save Baggage Expressage san
SCarrlage Hire, and stop at the Grand Union
4ote. opposite said depot. Six hundred eteo
gent rooms fitted up at a cost of one million
dollars: $1 and upwards per day. European
Ba Elevator. iestaurant supplied with the
Horse cars, stages and elevated railroad
to all depots. Famrates can live better fo" less
money at the Grand Union Hlotei than at any
ther lrest-eass hteti In the city.
Fur-trained trimntxed cloth suits are
the correct wear for J.tnu.try.
A CARD.--'o al ~ i', i ·7;i '. ring rnmm er'
rors and nllscreti ,.it of ;out h. nervouwetuk
ness, early ,'ay. h ,.i ofr it 'nhood, Se.. I wilt
send a re ti..at will cl a you. FIIEE OF
Cll Ait(; . l s i'reat rein ly war. discovered
by a missincary in South America. Send self
:addrcsee I :m' elope to Usev. JosEPri T. INMMN
soafsu': L., Scuo York
The rage for bisque dogs and eats of
all sizes is on the increase.
Take care of your Liver. A great number
of the diseaseases to which mankind are liable
arise from a disordered condition of this .r
gan. Keepit in a sound and healthy condi
tion and you can defy disease. Prickly Ash
Bitters are especially adap ed for this pur
pose., beincomposedof drugs which act on
the Liver. giving tt tone and strength to with
stand malaria.
Silver spaneled tulle Is a much admir
ed tissue for ball dresses.
Rrnwn' Hrnochlal Troches for Coughs
and Colds: "I do not see how it is possible for
a public man to be himself in winter without
this admirable ald."--Rev. R. M. IDevens.
Pocasset, Mass.
Chinchilla is the correct fur to put on
gray satin zarments.
I have been a sufferer two years from ca
tarrh or co:d in the hePd. having distressing
pain over my eyes. Gradually the disease
worked down upon my lungs, my left ear was
almost deaf. my voice was failing me. I pro
cured one bottle of Ely's Cream Balm and
within five days my hearing was restored, the
pain ceased over my eyes, and I am now en
joylng good health. I recommended it to some
or my friends. One of them sent for a bottle.
He told me that half of it cured him. My ad
vice is to those suffering with catarrh or cold
in the head not to delay but to try Ely's Cream
Balm.as it is a positive cure-John H. Van
sant, Sandy Hook, Elliott C'o., Ky.
410--~- --- -
Black headdresses are worr. at balls
and evening parties.
He Thanks 1is t'Paper.
Mr. Editor.-I was induced by reading your
good paper to try Dr. Harter's Iron Tonic for
debility, liver disorder and scrofula,and three
bottles have cured me. Accept my thanks.
Joe. U. Boggs.-Ex.
Gold ornaments are no longer in
The Proprietors of Ely's Cream Balm do
not claim it to be acure-all, but a sure reme
dy for Catarrh. Colds in the head and Hay Fe
ver. It is not a liquid or a snuff, but is easi
ly applied with the finger. It gives relief at
once. Sold by all druaggists. Price 5) cents.
By mail 61 cents. : Ely Bros. Owego, N. Y.
To imagine that whatever remedy
causes one to feel immedia'ely better-
as alcoholic stimulants--is good for the
system without regard to after effects.
Farmers' Folly.
Fome farmers adhere, even against the full
light of fact and discovery, to the o.d fashion
ed folly of coloring butter with carrots, an
natto. and inferior substances, notwithstand
ing the splendid record made by the Improv
ed Butter Color, prepared by Wells, ltiohard
son & Co., Burlington, Vt. At scores of the
best Agrloultural Parls it has received the
hlghe4t award over all eompetitors.
To eat as if you only had a minute to
finish your meal, or eat without appetite,
or continue after it has been satisfied,
merely to eatisfy the taste.
If atleted with Sore Byes, use Dr. faa
Thompson's Eye Water. Druggists sell it. I
It is a great mistake to labor when you
are not in a fit condition to do so.
The Purest, sweetest and best Cod Liver
Oil tin the woerld, manufactured from fresh,
lheatthy livers, upon the sea-shore. It is
abeolu'ely pure ad sweet. Patieats who
have once taken it prefer it to all others.
Phrsteicns have decided it superior to any
of the other oils in the market. Made by
Casw'I.L, H[aArD & Co., New York.
Tulle forms all or a part of nearly ev
ery ball dress this season.
A Valuable Dsevery.
A gaduate of Yale College, Dr. Samuel K.
Cox D. D., Praetical and Analytical Chem
1st, Washington, D. U., makes the following
olfcal statement: '*o ithe thoueads whoee
systems tstinotively shrink from the,ase of
MorphiandOpum, adespeily to moth
ers who juldy dread the evil, and at times
fatal efects of these dangerous drugs, the
Red 8tar Colh Cure must prove a boon. It
is net only entirely free from all opiates, poi
sons, and emetlues (a thing which not one
cough preperatie in tcn can boastl, but it is
altogete an original and moat happy com
blnation of the best remedial aents, and is as
harmles as it is eeotive. I base this auser
tlon on careMful analysis and numerous practi
eal tests-the latter in every case resulting In
aseeedy cure."
The Charles A. Vogeler Company, Balti
more, MYlad, amre the Bole Owners and
Manufacturers of this valuable remedy. The
Head of the Baltimore Heath Department,
Dr. Jmes A. Steuast, one of the meost emi
neat physiansin America sys: *"it Imp
pianls the obJectioable and harmful features
of other conh anlmture"
From the editor of the Galnsville Eagle: "I
consider Bradeld's Female Beaulator the
beut mcalei ever eompaunded and offered to
the pubie for diseases for which it it recom
mended. I am well acqualnted with a lady
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ed using it. It gave her immediate relief, and
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bestof health. 1 ean say with iherty good
will, "God speed D'. Br adleld in the sale of
his never'fallag Female Regulator!"
Treatise on the Htealth and RHappes of
Woman mailed free.
Bradaeld Eeglator Co.,
Box Atlanta, Ga.
res Dgspe3 sis =e l a
Spirit ad -emaL Dotal_ iya _
orms; also as psvetve atlm Fever ama
etd th.lwrlrr
cmve mat UaC, lew York, std aid
emu appar ehth Sa atehpass it
eque s.~ ehrl thr
Rheumatism, euralgia, Sciatica,
Lumbago, Backache. ileadache. Toothache,
iere Th rotaL.wel IlmllAaý lP a S Ra.l3 ,
lurns, Neralds, Frest Blksl
5.6, , ;y Dr: tra.;ll I h··d 1 l \ r rplbryoharreoCUt P utaruU
tSame.. ,. r t. L.a.LLUt CO.) B1atiore, d1., .i . LA.
TONGA is a product of the Tonga or Friendly
Islands. where it has long been used as a val
uable remedy by the natives. Itwasbrmught l1
to the notice of the medical pfesnson by k
Drs. Ringer and Murrell, of Idon, England. t
Their high claims for its effiCacy have been
proved by the most eminent medical authority.
1 Is a compound of Tonga with
other ngredlents whoaecur
ative properties have been very thoroughly 0
tested. t
0, ', . Istaken Internally and lro.
atV a,30 = duces nounploasanteffet. b
It contains no Opium or Morphine 1
Am convined, after tertin its virtue in
some exeeedingly severe and obmtnto caNes
that TONAOIIs pdoemo decided and marked
curative propertihe in Rhemati Neuralgia
and alsoin many mat ine, of Muscoular Rhe
atiiqlm.-WALTra CoLas. M.D. it. Louat. Moo.
Have teated To7sola in sAveral cam. of
Neuralgia. It is very medom that I givelands
tort notice or praise o r medacinie j
buhot from myel:prience with TONGALortF. feel
1ootified in ueating it ha given me perfect sat
afaceton.-C.U.OITAItrDrI. M.D. Fairbmry, fl1.
Used TossGuU for patient who had Nen
raliia, and after a few daces she was entirely
rnhere; have also need it in Neuralga and
acute Inimmmta, Rheunmatm,withthevery
bet reeuh
J. N. PAto Y. D.. Vandereook ill.
For sale by all Druggists. Price I a bottle.
A. A, MELLIER, Sole Proprietor,
109 and 711 Washington Ave., St. Lomia.
Oi tmeral Deslity,
Sabitueal Coreti
tsraier Complauat.
daohA.,] Diseas. StBl
s0y7, Eto. Et..
It eeamu caly the Parest Drugs, among
which msy be umnarated I sLT AM BA2
ID sa3n, EIAISza, RUM, 53*, gte
it eleaess the system thoroubghly, sad as a
Is Uazqualed.
It is not an latoxleatirg beverage, nor ea
It be usead asuch, by reason of its Cathartle
Sole Proprt.to s,
*.*8 ISA P'r5T1 CURltS k *'*
S All these paiTul ComplalmaIs
San  akscas .rs esmmes*
* . *.it se setor beste*se*
U elams todo, tMemunaddso.ineaa godSu inl fasag),
SIt will oare entreL all OvarIan troubles, Im
tioa ad Ulceration, alliag ana Dplaemerti sat
oeeailt Spmsal W . rkeml, ind t pL
adpgaeltto t ecnceeot ie.' a. ae s
"It remov , Fai'aia, ,F.l..lcnd..d..wI eall
rtimulit' aaI ralaerao W Dan eas of the Soh
Scrs Blaoalnl, iL.-adrho. ,.trvaun i'~rastiu
emeos , l l;.ty, hease. iapreo aa ladv a
aIi otn. ..r lo-in - o r heari down-sneeinls
t appenta.is aliwas the e a rltboy
nasd heamurassl aues adere
I· vInerti enL L ve. late c
rt a- ihalbecs no ua w e2s".
Ita The ot injnre h bteethoe ausneadachee
produce o tue soed-eises do.
croseed red lines on wrapper. Take no other
WSdeaeby sWiswaac*L (eAL. SALTeISAML 51
Aree uuegmelsd 4. lZACT.-NG BZCZ, Y.
L~!ees ber-v
a weMch does
by Lo~li~lv
"to q oY
ue~~·orsC Pi
way S I.
rooo~ile, ll
I tee. 8
Spinal lIaseo'Walot,.....$17Z
Splaal Corset,.............. 00
Spinal NurrdstgCorset,... A S3
SpinalAbdlomimalCorset, 2 73
i B commended by leading physician
delivered free anywhere in the U. S.
on ,ic.ipt ofprie,. Lady Agents Wanted.
Dr. isist'Sui Corsot Co., l2B'way, New York.
The Mullets tSt dof the
laoe., hEblal and die-lpeO
educingprinepe. The lwet
Gem of he skuthern rswmps
po lstess stimul rlt!nl el
petrlanm whtrel. hreer the
phi: andstr cuts he S ..
There two simple rosr
sie, r. saIe after taI
hr,11 .hrr.O r i, ipe rects t
Taylor's Cberokee ires.
rrt:lI- ,r CWghe. Creep
and Coonemphsia. Ise
ale bay a l e drulesola a uctL
teot 2e. ,tamp for TayIree
lodd.-Book fe the health o Lone n. amusement o s
,WAL"MER- -. TAYLOR. Atluanta, G'
A 0 War D l 45 IYtrus
A distinguished physI.a of Me isppl
writes: "Every en eapeefsg to be ooeflnd
should use the Mother's Friend. ter during a
long obstetric IPaotlie I have meyer knowa
to tail to prodtes a quick ad sats deilvery."
A lady from e of the eomaWns o Mddle
9eorgsa who has been sotg mdMwife fe
many ears, writes: I have dis ed of al
the Mothers 1i45aa you sent" me , sd I e.s t
1 could ask. I eoesder it a great blessIng.
. This remedy to em about which we eaelt
publish eorsestes but it Ma most weRedes
tll lilmesat w be used after thoe st two os
thwre mcm~
ad for trraisatls oa he seh sa
Happi ns wom n, mald foss, whichL
gives w alpa Oem
Health Cained,
Long Life Secured,
It Purifies the Blood,
It Cleanses the Liver,
it Strengthens the Kidneys,
It Regulates the Bowels.
Itf~lreddatyad nght with Kdney bles,
ter n .lhalky and bloody, Ico lI get no rliar from
dors. idcy -Wort eure. me. )amasllar sever.
FRANk HILSO.V, Peabody, Pos.
Iwredd net be without Kiday-Wort (fit est $10. It
ered mnityrr n4, Kidney troutes qfter lheeAd lost
lhope, SAX L LJ)tJUES, Williamnmors, '. Fia.
Ifeured fjmr t pears frlns Prei, as moae bet thee
that huet bree q;i6ted. ear realize. KidaPy-or1
ucared me. LMA.V T. ABELL, Georgie, It.
I eas a great mjerrr frome diseased Kirfdue and
e terribtYoastipr e.tfor years. Ian nowatreIen
ap s welt es erer 1 teas in nsf life and ft is de
toro-Woet.or C. P. BRO WY ntpurt, . 1
"A fferrselrrfag fort'lrty year from Rheemstsm
r dkidatroside, K.crey-Wort has entirdeenred
." LBBRIDG MALCOLM, West Bath, Jr.
"idsey-Wort has cred rep wife afTer tree
e'ri g and er.kness, bromght a by uat of a
a1ahin." DM. C. X BL E8 RLLN, Sea Mitt,G
iaepeelt y.e; ae ed tdae-Wardtn'or ver am
rand wlith the brt resudts. Take it all is al, it
meertmlcee.tfe remedy I har eeerored."
eroeMfe ata for , year, with llee daeasso wa
twist for death. A !arope.a trip, doct.or and
e did no good, antil useed ltdasy-Forst-..th
Late Col. Ma l , K. N. O. . r., Jeros o ,KJ.
It acts at the same tIme on the [I
VS, LIVER and BOWELS stimulati
to halthy aotion and keooOngl them
Spetft order, O ald Ib, r esw U O.
Lqulda oreDry. Telatte ean be enat by mal.
0ae.e, l. .q..md Leoon.. g ld.
, l III I Il ll
,wal tha finest Ilwerm. '* -at bl.w, nI Crla . lie ed pu re, lteod. wp ,raflteg.
lnlve>t t...t or Y en  . in teie an t.ta St. amp , ri. r . i' ,nt .l. o 1.. . te
Ioslao. Will pay to get new caalogue. JOHN A. SALZER, L" Cre, WI..
SNo APrami Less than $2, a:Id , ,lid
Uellll 2'.To J:,",'",,
T n" oCargeforlick
C-apial Premium, s. i EACH Fmig Wfl
SExr oft POR 3,062 FAVORITES. Io... w... l,'
S" " t0 S.O In theeadjoinlngll.t tll ire CASl Plemiunl (fl, l roarln n rI vn
100,00 Cash Premiums nor VEtY saeucriber, oIste l than fl , 6al with any ioabh
It MCI A sble to Subscribe,
!0 BLBAN IS It NuI t goten1 ten """pop to o
OBLN S'the all ire will e drdnieteiwhen tery orh; lut
BLnte (*%lih Prsemiuot pd and moluscrlptiou bar- tchlaa .cect.h.,.e.
Sgins. T re are n.o .L..
p mdmai l a I olit. lmmd y on retA apt of yur It. i. , we ai l
OfU mUaimes Pl , "WHAT PREMIUM WILL I GET 2" (+r"'t
pp lsh w ith irW c irulia. n wal with the Arrt Portfolio I aless l r eI-lvlalpa. c llntaiiiiar, n iatr lllfor
rue.a s Mblew.l : iE.1 the amont of (tsh Prernl Ina that will be do yu, und l -re will
1pr -els lld /eveeii be no muspense or ancertaianty.
Sai.ia of aaue O Rel Smember. me Sbaeriptle Price Need be feat,.
is ae iS. b, Iar l uae. S , aid No Charse for Tlekets.
(e ,aloe of oot m.h O- FA IU WO i AT uuu l.tUO
even, at11w-wal, g l l* lu -lw .
e n c-weet, oc. dowsn ehroolt a or cheap lUthomaphs ft is a e t, l . f f llAe
wor.k, ilaldeal, SIe-4otnl, ran of soub printed on rnichly tonel craainrla-alrll., l at'.
Pi.4tS lwavtit the i ad grot wit ng (tros faciag each engraving, rle . wia t la
tl l itt , with heavy ornamented cover hollang the pre.e W-n Ii ri h illt
TUE-fRVeth. ef thien pot it core binding. When you receive it. it is compta , anta" f r eaa titi'
ht e d ta uf the Olrte as with other picture premlaaao) and yeorceliatret uhea' r lirarotryis
--g . -p , il l id , ieaeV the mbelised in a m lanner that milionlair w:oui ra.Iiea- c ld.
Cae oe. ea wu ll a fl FAlUIIEI Wo rlr , ill l to al
1U7 mwn lhe. me a pee rata thepro rata car.'.aaf a, ver-:.inptare. paintiac. a-Ic.-ItlO out
Wef tO e Ph rt orf 100.0C wlrar's.  rerl OT. .. . M;
1r tle. weu our cshre, a4 repay y it . U II Ir WIIIni_ at . . ,, I,
edeI.rtxe Pt h.p- iI l ow Tk l l Iihe que' nBlhAN
pe_. wO devyc wfermtlf you aWjv NO ULIIEIK
sui we wl o l har e .3 rd t, ln m llato w heti ('ash Premium Iu I
Sit Ism.lu ami rr.ina Iaseurse ibe -esleCaim No Char- for TIckILs
hI s is a pilamat of Y ireehwnleo ie, wiaa I lch l I
eS I.ad  lrsiaem  me..lmtla f w- i'Tn--i by eturn-t anwith.
memti fIm illeg1 methat, at an aa1 ct u
emee be riag m..ett "i rP.- Ithe Art Portfolio. No answer l i4 a. i#r a l.lI I", i
eap;." i adllesedk "f lroraled - ablbch detresr- ttheh Casih Premium t.hottl. ao u tat, alll rit ll
limp" ' "awar.d" It i :apl freor the Art Portfoo, as we. are ertpt"-Lt_ a l., al, I .",li, i +'u
peIspme iiedink dlvl.l awithor Iprotduetiona and for advertaiint"raaaa'y l ft a o "n l ,it f
i_ albeIrr. of all equlalt Iahe - t" I with the fund out of which tie L-Iash t'remiul ai i ab •
tie proy whish tlh It" oi their -i - t . . .o n nt N i" omlt ,Iti.! n
Laueoe Buaaarlfhe will a Uere. IT IS MlVUiANUlI Tr lr:tno us I; et ! a rlna u " .fT.I ,
IT I S t1 fI A ( ,I f ! -t vl - i i."f"" (',, ". I al.tit l.10i I Hu
the uoll earaaings front alt vartising he realize. l. - " a .... a itp' a l . Y I l al aia 1io i
naumesissent uo we will Iaad tiall the aae:. p l (illth l're a tiiam I raa-rau i._;lo l p .t . -r ,l w ine
sends tlhe list. ral ho ain tal tratlt itllit 0 cth t let " I',"- i:l.. lla-.. il, " ,' , - .I
orhen atk e ..pt a. thea nl 'l.wfao h":ll"if I tl '.ilY. it.. 1 " " __ .ai. a'',"C a
naImes h ca,' . hlae Art j crato .t II t a..  t ., C ,ai " t la o 't CT 'r
ea.; tan.re l oll aiaat 'a it( a i ll,- . a "1a .h. :- I aea.C e r. tha"ar t' - 1aaa:. laa, t ,toI
cate. Na, Oulaaar t lt -lerat ( .l d r.al' aUai:eZ i tal u aii : " ".,ll1 : ' '" ,;"rt i
therwe rare c N is : . a ..c flll. al.l l tr" i . I'; l " ' " t: , . t
Sof t, opirtu r.i'y .., , T -1., i'. . ne
olERllell 0r0 the Atinrfal. y ol:V ~lall ati o . a a I "
.t a - dolllarS-fa t. al- .a,. r" .. .... . , Ia-aa liot;lt, ,*.i
gc'i'eangratth netantrly. .cIkrer leittel rc''e'lpt whani Cath Pre eilinel Olrde
for ~6 0hldt i l or i:ure i reae.t et. Do, of i: !acrni : "l "O a. "
Address FAR! 1N(: 1O]LI', 1ril t I'11 . C- rti.r i ..... ( .....
OPIUM~a. c N irselrne Cj
CAMD3Smple Boot, Fremiutn Lt'p
Nt at ent tree. U. S. CrdCo.. tº
Yr. lo a OL L/. wl
bo~~,rll. P ro r.". r.. Rr.,, i., d .
h.I fýC23 t:31y_ , 11:!.. 1! ';t... !" , m.;·:,.
AG WAUT1E~totthmuam
for lllUstrati Ci-reu
w cyratot ibis (.Ha teV~g
1 WORTH. CH ICAGO ILL., or ST. oad f
*mede· u.sim( l'ntew r to: to- t
*beda.dshp i he fLwcareur.w @505 r aiaA7U
ml~ltreai.atAa uN~. 1/ r.l t'f t aqajE
*SfL'AM(lof l rueipvlu rin maUi. lw Ir rlE
* tar nt i.tsiitw. it ft -1..10 'a
Sv -ll,.a i ..jir o.
%ovy ( y Iipnu tn b I aalrL.:rm d~~
t ,,t. ot Ai o e s . i r. r. ',
et tLi T ins instr-1 itut c l trr hr ii'.
Udiie r. itt.P. T f\ iIYl. li.Vr ot. I· s
1103 Cod" - ItretI, ?s.rl Loi. e
Huny ( 'li pp n lu .ii. t Ihe ii .i itt 'll
the bent and ohca i e. 11!1'. tr .a,".... f ,,I
C nured lTelraut aU"ncu l c pe r ton ordirto no -
n tom busnesa.thed vernnit Huirt we lntii0"e
Bt..Louls, s This loettrtute he hbarteredbyta
State of Missou.t. Dr. Sml e botx-i ~oonta
ikeH~nessesof 1wrsonsts'ftrrt Hand fteroupr
dfle ur Ukt,. Yr.·".rtr t,·All*: ".11 )t ºrrlnlrmameI
Aidr rAFolr. F. T. S NaTIF. AL.-. TVtfir,. lOast
1103619' . Street. St. Louler. M ..
HEL T' F ~ t Well Borng t
Rock Drilling
For Noree or Steam Power
Hundtds of othe refund 1:(Idn.. Chatgs
and Temanda use it andcg %%. Porytem
Cci al 'Mtlrhto!i t ord er s prom Iptlty b7
to edlssctioen of evur rywhet..rea. logirn li
ot rell PCmgm. SAtsln yorcs n ttlfrir1
LOOMIS L- \'h M.% I, Tllfllr,. Old.
a. ro siand 68e ;nodoth oirbt.
Kansas City, Mo.
Autorised t treat c hr ,,-f renur
"SpeCW isearlt,"Smi na Weakllerq(nIL
oý Ia u Seuallkbiltty (Ale of wt-al yaarn,
Nervous Ltblblly. ct Cures gmna
f hOallandrolQmeccun'd. Exnerlent
Is Important, All curdlcines r·:dlll be
use No mercury or Injur ous medl"
clues used No detention from bud.
u e I<-I' nts at rt!n( nI'r rete b
otte~r an, rprr. medldnce rent everywhere fire fi
ere orbreakage. State your ease end put or tcr
oasatatioe free an coandentlal. lsrraral all or by let
or. AHOY[0 for both sexes -1, Wtrrted -snt eeid
., yinasawlup ow b lastampa bee y Fro Ytwiee
ý /
' 5'
fluo!i, an (' .. :' a:::!tlu^,'i ?;:(''1 ''i z11.t .bh.
Tu'.t'\si :tt:rr'>1N r ,\ "I .. :t;TAlItIK Pii.IA,
ST. L. N. U. No. 4-*93 'i
wkea Wrt;a1 to 111w,'h11,1!S. th(r ;:u
oowthteir Ad.,1mist th. s~~~c I b

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