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Madison times. (Tallulah, Madison Parish, La.) 1884-1???, April 18, 1885, Image 2

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. C. W=EIOGTRA, Editor & Prop. ,"
ownB VeIas. * * . . V 00
Swo'orras, 1 2.; f*
assm oxTHs .. - . - 7 . i7
Mesber mSae C Ctral zeeCtive m. il
Joes. B. PTO%. of
District Executive Committee. V'
J. B. STox, of Madison, Ch'n. io
J. H. GILFOIL,, of "
J. M. KE'oEDY, of East Carroll. e
A blue nrlil mark at this pnrac- d:
graph in,lirates that your subscrip- !
tioi trill expire il twro Lceeks. 1
A blue penril mark at this para. ul
graph;neans that this is the last time s,
the paper |will be sent to you ,use;,: d(
the subscription, price is reiceced be
fore next issue. P
In future all legal advertise
msnls must be paid for before 1
tin second insertion. If not
paid for before the da' on which I
thiy should appear the secon:d i
time, the publicatio;t will be t
Don't forget Louisiana day.
The river is falling at Memphis t
right now. r
The English will not ovacuate
the Soudan.
President Fish of the Marine 1
Bank has been found guilty.
The visit of the Prince of Wales I
to Mallow was the occasion of riot.
Richard Grant White the great
critie, of the English language is
Another member of the Illinois
legislature--Mr. Shaw-died a few
days ago. He was a democrat.
The Mahdli's rival who declares
that he himoelf is the true prophet,
has defeated El Mahdi at El Obcid.
The Morehouse Clarion was re
ceived at the TIMEs office this week,
for the first time in several months.
The Central American war is
over, and peace has been made,
subject to ratification by the several
states. 1
Captain Richard King the great i
Texas eattleman died at San I
Antoeno, April 14, from cancer of
the stomach.
The editor of the North Louisi.
ama Journal is taking a two weeks
rest. It's a good example for many
editors to follow.
The Washington monument was
struck by lightning, three times
one day last week, during a storm.
It was not injured.
Geen. Grant isbti.l living. lleis
better one day,andl worse the next.
He walks about, and a few days
ago signed some papers.
tad Into the dinning rooml, tot
surprise of the family, who were
at lanch on Thursday.
It is prognosticated that the dem I
erratd party will be hopelessly
divided by the time the next gen*
eral electlon eomes around.
A Georgia judge has abolished,
as r his coawrt is concerned, the
prasee of kissing the Bible, in
the swearing ofjurors or witnesses.
Mr. John McCuteheon, a promi
aeut eisen of Vicksburg, died of
conseumptien,. in San Antonio,
Texas, this week. His funeral
took plae in Vicksburg, Friday
There is no longer any doubt of
the death of Barrios of Guatemala.
The ast ceounts were very fishy,
ut lhave bave been confined be
yead qestion. He fellleading his
aray, being killed by a shell.
The Waterways Convention met
in New Orleans according to pro
grambe. The Convention passed
reeoltlions urging upon the Gov
ernmouat the importance of con
timlag the inLprovement of the
The lampresion has been given,
that L Mary opposed the closing
.lte At~ balays, but it now sp
pm that they are opposed to its
luesed *miss loeeks are pro
,M ID [email protected] Plaquemine. They
dmpl deIst want to be cut off
Srew Odlesars by water. This
, .' a e seelilll o haeoer color.1
The evidhenc-s afforded by the
markets .,f the whole world are too
patent to bhe gainsaid. Whether
- war conies to-day, or next wek, or
next year, Amnerican industries and
cnonluere- will be inidtliatelv and
immnensely stimulated.-Philadcl-i
phi Inqirer, Rep. II
There is coinoiderable difference
of opinion concerning the results of
the war in Europe, as to the cffects TI
I on this country. There seems to
be a general opinion that the price
of grain and provisions, will ad
vance, but that cotton will decline,
!and the reason for this latter opin- 1J
ion, is, that the demand for cotton el
Swill be so much less in England, ol
as the factories will shut down. It I,
is however a question, whether the ai t
demaInd for manufacturedl goodis a
will he lessened. If it is not, and if. u:
En land is not in a position to man- ,,
Sufacture goods, it will devolve on I6
19 some other country to supply the kt"t
Sdem:ud. '
e- This being the case, is it so very ra
preposterous to.ppose-that a de- P1"
mand for factories will arise, and er
, that the result would be, the erec
tion of numerous cotton factories ce
through.the South, and thus in
01 crease the home demand for cotton. 30
' If such should be the result, the T
:d South would have no great cause T
be to complain, and it is by no means ,
a wild supposition. Stranger ni
things than that have happened, it pc
- s just possible that instead of the 1
cotton crop being mostly nmanufac- it
,is tured in England, it would be
manufactured, in future, in this
A Sad Accident.
A peculiarly sad accident hap.
ne pened at Quebec about seven miles
west of here, Monday W. L. Long I
and a little boy by the name of
Lea Frank Clements-son of Ben i
ot. Clements who died a few months
Iago--were in a dugout exmuiining
at a trot lint in Bayou Tensas. From
is some cause the i,oat dipped water, N
and the boy becoming frightened,
ran towards the end of the boat, in
ois which was Mr. Long. The boat 1
was upset, and man and boy pre- t
ew cipitated into the water. Mr. Long "
caught the boy, who was strangled
with water, and put him on top of e
res the dugout which was floating bot- 4
et, tomn up, three times, but the boat
,id. being slippery the boy slid off. i
The last time Mr. Long failed to i
re- gethold of him and he sunk. Mr. r
ek, Long nearly exhausted, hung on to
the boat and drifted down stream I
until he reached some willow trees
is near the bank, by means of which t
de e succeeded in pulling himself ;
into shallow water and from thence
ral reached shore. Ife started for the ii
house, half dead, speechless and t
spitting blood. After some time !
eat he succeeded in telling what had ,
an happened. Mrs. Clements was t
of almost distracted at the news, and
started to the bayou intending to t
throw herself in, but was caught,
ei. and persuaded to return to the I
A fire was madle up to warm Mr.
My Long, who was thoroughly chilled. r
By some means the house caught -
on fire, and was entirely destroyed. t
ras Mr. Long was taken to a house 1
es near by in winch was some hay, '
n. where he was made as comfortable
as possible. In the morning lhe
he was found dead. Mr. Long had
i been in this country since 1881,
andIl has been engaged in hunting'
t and trapping down on Tensas. 1i e
iy was from North Carolina.
e addressing the editor, "if I do not
ere write, the rocks will cry out ?" a
"That so?" a
"Yes, if I do not write the rocks i
m- will cry out." a
sly "Now, I'll tell you. If I were a
you, I would let 'em cry a little. I
en WVon't hurt 'em, a few tears won't.
Might do 'em go~od.
"You are as cold as a stone,"
ed, she said.
the "Yes, that's a fact, but I shall
in not cry out should you fail to write.
Miss t Presuming in me to call I
'-1 you miss?"
Si "Dl)ivorced, I see ?"
I of "I was never married, sir."
*"Then how could you be unmar
i, ried ?Well it makes no differnnce.
ral I desire to tell you something. I
lay was once light-hearted gushing
and joyous. Why did I fall fromI
that joyous estate ? I wrote poetry.
t of I felt a surging within me. I knew
al. it was a muse. The doctor said
that I was bilious, but I knew bet
ter. I wrote a poem and neglected
be- the bile. Now, you see me the
his wretch that I ant. Oh, had I served
my bile as I have my muse-"
"You are a fool," said the faded
et woman, arisig.
"Yes, I am afool. Shouldhave
re- known better. I will never do it
sed agarn."
ov- "Do what ?"
-"Fail to lock the door when I
t hear gentle footsteps, soft and low."
the Her skirts popped as she flitted
through the door.
"Well, colonel " said the editor,
en, addressing a mah whom he saw
ing standing In an adjoining roome
"tell the fellows to come on, anu
we will continu te the game, fifty
cents ante."-Arnamaw Traveler.
ro- P. 8.-The body of Franl Clem
icy ents was recovered the next morn
*fi ing.
8ubscribe for the TIMEs.
]sIate Tix SalesK(~l
Slill) Ilil AIillok 0
I I,
- -OF- 'llI
f 11
The State of Luuisiana vs. De- ; -
linquent Tax I)ebtors, Par'- 4.:
ish of Madison, District of I
Land.si North of Red Rivvr.
1) veste-, in ien by the Constitution I
and la s of the stateof Louisiana, I will
sell at the principal front door of the frai
court lih e,in which the (ivil iistri.t tI
ICourt of saihl p:lri& l is h ll. wt it hin the t
t legal hT, r ' f ir julii,. al ls , he.iniini:,
at ehevce 'l , ' ,l1,k a. ill., ain Sat urdlay, the 1
2nd dlay of May, A. I)., 1885,
anild , "nt i i t, i lIg i I rat h i ,i ,li '.h hi , ,
until -.hi'! s:lkh" art, , iimplete d. all h m,
nii aale prolperty oil wlhich taxe's are :
Snolw uiii to t lit diate of Lo.isiaiia, l'Par- t
12 itli of ,lalis 1,; , to eiiniCre tolleti 'll ,"f
taxes asessetl in t he vear 1S4, and - pr.- i
Ce e 'edin ' years shtwin hlv this. Ii.jt; to
getiher with intere'st thereon, from t lth
:31st of lecetber of every year, at tlil
V rate of one per tent per month until
paid-and all cost a. 1,
The names of saiddelinquent taxpav- of
d ers, the amount of taxes dliue by eachl,
on the assessment of said years
Sand theimnmovable property asiessed to
!s each, to be offered for sale as follows, to- fra
wit :
- wAiken, Win. M. Frac'l see's 43, 29and
. 30, s w i ofsesAc _27, w ofe set all dta
c tofi W , see 28, ne t of ! ), see 31 ,1.
o T 15 n, 1: 14 East. Taxes 1884 $:l.1: tr
3e Taxes '8 . 828.14. ra
Allen, Annie 1. Mrs. Lots or frae'l
1 sec's 1. 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, Township 14 19
et north, Range 14 East. Tax Ies 1884- .75.
Bradtieldl, est. M. E. Ilouse on lot
it squlare 48 Delta. Taxes 1884 .8.05, Taxes
I Wi $0i.U. with penalties.
Bllmbet, Mrs. II. Houseand halflot
C. in Milliken's Bend, containing acre, r
Staxes 1884 56.37, taxes 188:1, $13.02 with 1e
is BIelk, Mrs C M. Lot I squnare 51, and t
improvements-Delta, taxes 1884 $11.9I
with penalties. t
Brown, It I. house and I of lot Nio.
1I1), Tailutlah-taxes 11.8814 9.05 with of
p[ Bright, Mrs Mattie, s 4 of n e and i
es south & of north west tquarter and sA ofr
iesee.4, i4 of w andw oufaS e anl w
I of nw j sec e3, nA i f se see 49 T I;s 17
of n. R 12 E-taxes 1884 $235,21, taxes 1882 1,
9 .87 with Ipenaltie's. al
h5 Bank, Merchant's National; lhts 8
'aid 11, see 1, lot 1 and e4 sec 12. n c j i
see 13, T 15 1, I !t E, frac'il wA of frayc'! h
tsee 71 T 15 i, l: 10 EF, taxes 1584 $J"5 , n.
Sith penalties. i"
S Iluckner Mrs. E B; Winn Forest and a,
SWild ('at, sec's51, 52, 5:, 46 and w half "
it of see 47, s sec 43 and s w quarter sec
t 42, T 18n, I 13 E; taxes 1884, $227 ti;1)
'e- taxes '83, $13 7.3; taxes '82, $152 25; 1tl
Swith penalties. 2 ,
Buckner, Mrs. E. B. Wild Land, w 4
ed sec 45, nw I see 46, w1 see and wn . of a1
of e see 4, 1 4 of s w see 34, s of se n
A. 44 T 17 n, B 1:13, taxes 1884I $lt,51.x, taxes
it $13.44, taxes '$2 $20.58, with pien
alf tues.
Bowrnar, J. M., Waverly, 4 acres ofi
to lot 6, on which gin house stands, lot 7 f
[r, ne of ire  se ll, s see 12 n j see 13;
to lot I anld n of lot 7, see 14, T I it, I. t 10
E, s w see 7, n 4 of nw w, sec 18, T 17 n,i
SIt 11 ; taxes 1884,840.t61l with penalties
!C Brown and Johnson, undivided i in
ch thew, seest2, w sec26ejof e 1,see
cl 2, t1,e of sec34, w of nw 1, see 5, T 6 e.
n, range 10 east; taxes 1884, $31.43. I
Ice Carter, Mrs. Manerva, small house a
he in square 0--Delta, taxes 1884, 51.:; I
nd taxes 'K3, 1.05, taxes '82, $1 os; with T
ne Coach, est. F.M., 3 lots in Old Rich
ad annd; taxes 188.1, $1.81; taxes 1883, $1.2_,
as taxes 1812, 42c, with penalties.
ad Cook, Mrs. Alice. Small house in W
Delta; taxes 1894, 17e; taxes $3:, 42e;
to taxes '82, 422, with penalties. n
it, Conklin, A. J., Improvements in
he Delta; taxes 1884, t14.21.
Compton, J. (. a certain portion of 11
the lands formerly assessed to Thomas
r Graves, a dascri ption included in lands lc
d. now assessed to the said Thomas n
rt Graves; taxes 1884, $44.45, with penal- a
lDunn, estate Pat., Small house near n
Ise Milliken's Bend; taxes 1884, $1.13; taxes i
Ly, '82, 63c with penalties.
)le Dixon, Mrs. E., Dixon Place, frac'I l
he section 10, township 15 n,range 14 east; W
a taxes 1884, 92.33; taxes '82. $1.68, with
I penalties.
1,l oggat t, Ann I)., J interest in the 4
following descrihld lands, et anid aw i lI
1j of sec 3, sw l of nw se' 2, s j and neT
Iatlde4of nwiof seI1, sw andw i
of nwI of sec 12, wl ofun el of aec 14,
dw I of n wi of sec 13, toWn!l"hip l1i1
ii r af,-t-, l lots 5. 7 and 8 ,if
Sec 21, andlw i ofswIf "-c, T 17 n,
R 10 east; taxes 184 $47.57.
I)osrgatt L. J., 4 interest in the follow
ing described lands, e) and n w j of U
sec3, swiofnwl, sce', s 4 and ne E
andejofnwi sec II, sw land wi of P
n wnw of see 12, n iofne lof sec 14,nw
jof nwjofsee3, T n16.n. R10 east,
also lots o, 7 and 8 of es 21, and wof P
re swjof se 2-, T 17 n, R 10 E,, taxes
le 184 $23.40
' tt, estate Ward F., I interest I
fin t olowingdeserlbed lands, ej a d
nwjof seew3 of aw , see 2, 14
)," and ne asndef nwtofseeII, swe
oand w of n 2,nofne t
Sof sec 14, n.wjo nwj of.s,1 T Tit n,
range 10 east also lots 5,7andk of sec a
0. 21, and w of's w4 of se "-2, T 17 , Ii
all 10 E., taxes 1884, $47.0, .
FellrbWs, C. and B, "Tight Papers," 5
',aetI,$04;wt ealties.
Fleming, John or unknown, 21 acres I
of land more or less, being west part a
ar- of lot 4 in se 21i, also 17 acres of land I
cC. more or less being the north I
1 rtion of the west l of s si, see 21, T 8
i7 n, R 11 E., also an acre of landbe- I
ginningat a stake 5.834 chains from the j
centre of sec 2s, T. 17 n, R 11 E., on the
r. line running E and W, dividing said sec I
ew 211, and running thence E 3 cliain li. 1
mid links to a stake, thence North 3.1 t
chains to a stake, thence West 3.16
chainstto a stake. thence South 3.1 1
'ed chains, to place of bwginning, so as to
Ihe! contain one sqtuare aere--also one acre
red of land beginnlng at a stake 11.83 chains
from the centre oif said settion 26, T 17
nR !1 ' on the line running E and W.,
led dividing sante see and running thence
3.16kchains to a stake, thence N :,6i
chains toa stake, thence W 3.ltl) chains
-it to a stake, thence 3.164 chains to place
of beginning, so as to contain one
square acre of land.
Foster, Miss Lizzie., Spring Bayou-
I w seenjofejaee 2u, sofswiand
, seI, sec"7, wt seew, of e sec34,
s see..i and tll, T 1.5 n, R 12 E., taxes 1884,
led 6t1.el, with nalties.
I Farmer, I W., Lowtt 4 and 5, block 9;
Delta, taxes 18)4, $3.19; taxes 'l $oi.2o,
or, with penalties.
-aw" tillinghiam, E C estate., Crow, s w 4
51 sec J, TI.5 n, R V E, taxes 1884, $18 45,
md with penalties.
IHawkins Mrs. Caroline; House near
-. Milliken's aend-taxes 1884, 96 76 with
er penaliof
s-. PeHswkieus, Mr.. Caroline; s l of a of
rn see lT17 a,lR ll east; taxesl4, 6±08,
"U 8i8e with penalties.
]ltogan, Mrs. Luey A., lotsl I an 8,
equate 9. Delts; taxes 1884,. 16S 2, withl
]. a, Thomas., Old Lowery Resi-,
Hes-t .r ('~harli. ..1, n of s c }, s of -1
n ,. 3, w of ii . see w of w 4, se.e a
. nWr 'fi nwI s..c 9, s w I se 2. T ei: t
1 n, 11 vttst, taxi.s 1!M4, 4 67; taxi's w
's::. $":; .37; taxes '82, ý3 15I, with It pen-li
allit.s. ,
llasie t S., Ilulah, undi.1 A hlndedi I'
niorth h lands 1 ,t' W I IV Watklk , stuth h
1 iv ltrid;iges Pl'hae, east lby lans of W J.
I'oss, west by landls of l' tiritting, T is.11
Sn, It 12 east., taxes 1884, $10 6.3, uith I a
penalties. a
lharris J I & ('o., "Villa Vista anur
('oney," lots 6. 7, 8, 9. 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, '
1.3. 1' and 17, aind I A set: 49, n } see- 48.
E 4 see 47, s e see 4-:3, n 4 see 42. n 4 so h
4::, ' IS n1 . 1:: east. EIxcept 6ti0 aires I
f! caved iAu the rliver. Taxes 1 484, $:19 4 t
" '82, 31 47' I
" 'Si. 547 00 I
t1 i 80, 7108 99
. _ --with penalties.
Jackson Estate Mlrs A E., A of Iotsor '
fractional se's Ii, 17 and 18, I' 17 n, It
Ia east, ta .es !."1, $i2 (.., with lenal-i
LI.e, II,.ir ,f Ia en., O he ei.rif'th s
Mousfe. at ie!t., ta2vs 1,.'4, ta2s (6;
tel : a with peltaltR's . t
' 1 D rel v. Mr n .li.t . .: n, hiti:rltwo 1
Shfra 'se Ie i.t: I 1ta ,I..s 1 e:a4. st ta : taxes
all it;
M, ltuire. Jan ,one F., lets l; :mui, 7, i
bl=,1c: 1:;. lit 6i, hlo.k 4.- and 2 sha ,re
ta I lante lIetta r,,larn , taxes I.l , $ 1 01
taxi's I, 7 11; ta i- ,2 -: 40, with I
lit, thnalties.
il 3t('alne. J I, Lote 4-Tree 1 frae'l e see
I, l nI, e 1,les i ares off t he west "side
of' Tensase 2.,T Lnt, R1I0 E.., taxes
r 1884, %U 211. with penalties.
Mitres and Stone.. Long lange, lots or
o frae'I sec's 19, 2U,21 s } set'48, s wee 49,
- frae' see .l OT IS n, R 13 east, taxes 1884,
$CS ) :.h; taxes '$3, $114 2'4, taxes 'e2,
S"State and levee taxes paid," "' Parish
t tax due," $..i i, with penalties.
tax's 88. $9 O. itIpenfalties.
Morev and Stone., Little Daisy, Bry
Stract, l'eS,1ta Island, taxes 188I, 15 0ti;
1 taxes '2it, $11 ti, with penalties.
14 .1orev and Stone., Turtle Roost, see
i19 s wI 'and wI of e , see 30 w j see s'31,
s w ( see 32,T Is n, l 12 E., sA e'e24.i n
e see 23, T IS n, I t10 east, t.'ixes I18t.
es $47 58; taxes '83, $:1 .c;, with penal
SMercy, Frank., lotes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
tli and 12_ block t.., and hnprovements,
lots 8 and J in bhawk Il, anal imp, rove
ntl ,ents, each lot t. x t' 18feet, e2 Ita,
it taxes '18, $25. 7i1 with pennalties.
Morry. Frank., 2 a res ntar Delta.
taxes 184. $1 , i5. with pe nalties.
.; Moery, Frank., 14 acrt.s near the line
thof the V . & 7 P. R. 1., taxes 184, .i 72,
nd with penalties.
ecMry, FraIa k., n-a'k Trciet frac'1
1 ]- n i, ,t, i II rat, (thi asttxesn t 1 ,r
Ii 7I I: and 1881,) taxh s $:;i 13 with, pen
SMontgomery and iMoore--alnl that
' portcio of lands jarted to Jorquis lat s
' aic ,by '. S., l1ung wst of a linte run
ning 'rom the ccnaret fsee 7. T 5I nt, I
9 and 10 E.. lots . 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,I , 9, see
ni ei, T 13 n, 4 10 E., taxes 1884, $21 r3,
f with enalties.
. Murdock, Milton., I small house in
is IDelta: taxes 1881, $2 .3. with penalties.
2i. Mason, estate John A., intere st in
the s e 1 of se 27, T 17 n, Rt 10 E; taxes
18 n4 $13 a25, with penalties.
h Mnrroak, ,John., .111l except nlot 1- of
ei see I and s of fractiona 1 o1 f see 2, T
Ws 14 n, R 10 east, lots 2, 3, 4, '., 6; and 7,
s"i see C, T 1U n, ra-,e 11 east, taxes 1884,
$-'1 37, with penalties.
' i Miltenberger,.Ar., Zieglera nd.0 ar.ey
it 7 frac'I s i, see 6, that portion of se'
ee '" suth of IBrushy inan. et ta of the
S1 dividing line between 'riscoe and Zieg
Sler and Mlarsev, see i. n e I and e 10 ,
en's w }, see 7, w'} of w ), sec; 18, set. 19, w
in Iofta w 1, wI o,,f 1e , see . T s6 n,
iet. 13 east, e ) n' of nw 1, se 30, e A and
16 e.j of #, -see 44, e LUaf n w } Aec 4-i T 1'"
n, R lr-" ., taxes M188, $62 :91, withI pen
ual alties.
hl. Mrra,, James se.'s 46, 47, 4R and 49,
it T 1 ni, l 14 E., taxes 18e4, $63 43, with
h Murray., James; Diamond Bend, ee 1.
2, 3, 4,5 and6. T 14 n, It 14 E.. also frac'I
see 13, T 15 n, R 14 E., taxes 1884, $13 25O,
with penalties.
Moore, J. 1I., e ] ,ofs e , e. 30, T s6
n, It 1east, taxes 884. $1 29; taxes '83,
in 841e taxes '$2, 426; with penalties.
eal Alex-J House in Delta, taxes
184 6 41. with penalties.
OA 0 ally, estate of., Part Island 100,
ad lots 9 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 12 and 13, set ,4, T I
e n, R 14 E., taxes 1884, $s 03; with pen
Olliver, Esat. J. B., a wl |ef-.1, T 1e
arn; R IE., nwIsee 1, T 17n, RItLE.,
us taxes 1884, $ 8 0; with penalties.
O'ILeary, .1rs. Alice--hous, and lot
e near Milliken's Bend, taxes 18s4, $13 25,
with0 penalties.
h Ptiltlips, fm-rLdft BIowert w ] of sc
1, fractiwnal a of sw ), frac'i ne otf
oee f3, s aw se, 2a, that portion east of
el ,,ndasay sna-wt-o in se's se.l, and sec,
n T,17 n,, I a t taes 1884, $1R 81; with
1,Portertielt. Mrs, M;-A.--lot g, square
se -c, adt l60 x 1n feet--Delta, taxes 18,t,
f $4 17, with penalties.
nPaseal, John., House in Delta, taxe,
1884, i4 (47; with penalties.
uhEPittman. Alfred B--"inson" all o
of w& sec 2, lying north of Joes Bayou; I T"
17 n, R 10 E., taxes 1884, $8 05; with
asPittnmn. Alfred B.--n w | ofs wI e
ie., T 17 n, R D E., taxes t8s8, $4 04; with
the penalties.
es Pittman, Alfred B--lots 4 and 5, nee
t , T 1Rin, R 9 .,. W p 3 mw e, aofd ae
14tieof sw a, tee , of w and ea| tr
ha wh eee ll. 8e dw ofn e -
.1) nw l anc wth lsi ef, eMison
.1 . niw ] of net T anks atr ortion w o
e taaaxen a s '12, w se4 ,
ins, wtofese 1n, RIE.0
and w taofn e s , R 01 ea0t,
1 taxes 1with penalties.
Pis h, Est.iJ. . ne ea of sw 4
Ice es 4, e e ifrao la- ots ! n nd 2
rad w of s e , anda w sw| 4. Ne$
swande)oandnw a sf eaneinw$ o
andh Tln, ;sc,17n.O1sttaxes 18,$31;8
34 ; with penalties
b lot 8,1 Delta, taxes ftr, 24 43; with
h 4 ttpenalties
teRail Road V., 8. & P. 33 miles of Rail
eRoad in runnin, oMder with rJo.d-aed
STies, Rails and rig.4t of way, and aspur
n tenances, within:he Parish of . adsoon
Iincluding Tanks, W'ater Stations lDe
it ots, Rlatforms o. taxes1,4,$7 800
e to taxes '1T, $6i 300 O0
1 $, taxes '82, $2 940 00
In w , taxes s7,, w.3 a o 5 00
T 7taxes '79, $2 (.5 0
W.h t lh r taxes 'B-, 1884,
628 . 9- taxes 84, w St penal.
--- with penaltes.
nsRichardson, J -Ingle,/ide. all of se
lae6, swI see, se ,tfnw sand w of so
one ISe5, nwI se , ne (seeT7, T 7 n, R
12E.,awlof r| andsw ofnet
sn aw (of nw a s w of ne , s.e 3,
ndT18 n, R 11 , taxes 1884, $'13 01;
r 4with penalties.
184'Richardson J or J R Richardson ;
lots 1, 9 an, 10, block 9, frac
k ;tional blocks . all square 6;; (exeep
5.,Spencer, As l 1ta 7, 8, 9, 10, II, ,
18 and 14 of a nj an ael se|ae 7. l
sw(in T 17 n. R il st. taxes 1884, $;41 53;
S5,wlth penaltier
Spencer, A -Madison Journal
nertaxes 188:., wil enaltaes.
wit act,, R T-- lion Joarnal, taxes
1884, $14 M,; ta,'88, $11 li0 with pen
e falties.
.0,Stone, Jno. Istensks; s J see 4, a
w~seee wI andnetofnaw~of
ade, ac l, seme ots e l, mee9, nw-(
wfth of sw 9; n, R I2 PE-taxes 19-8,
$28 9;, taxes $22 Sl, with penal
f n i u4. , e I . uil i a 4 t lt , j. , ')I 'wl)
f tll , t. i ;ll'ill I "fig W J 3 ti.x" -il it W2;
and w t. 0 , s'::,T 1.', n, R 11 E t.-a.,.
1;taxes. I'l. ::;l 3:.'; t.Lx4"s I:1º :'.''/.';
+ with lpn:l!tiI t.
- tl ita ..1 . li-Luck Enlou h; l0tu 4-I
and 15.1 il .s ý "; n : ,t s w o..'" :;ti; " l.1 it,
1 i ' 1"; ta- , I,4, ý' 72; taxes '. $1,i;2
i with (penalties.
. L ,.n," Jnu. B-Paw Paw Island:; Iw
Is Berrm (rove, thait portion )conlt'neintll
ii at thei nw qrof see i$, "T 17 n, It 14 E;
I and runniui' north i0)° eatst to, the Mlis
il aissippi River. tia'xt. I1+4, $3 1k; ta.les
4, '8i, $1 ):; w itli len-Ilaltihs.
1. Stane .uIn,. It-lhts 1, 2, 3, 4 an1 5i.
1C block 7; anid 5 -iares in Iialance; 1 elta
,si property-taxes 1.`,4, " 60o; taxes 1$.;,
$ 2 10; with Ipenalties. I
4:1 Stone .in. 1 - . i--Iwelling ain'! St,,re at
47 iOmega LanIling; tax, 1s4 I *43 4: taxes
N)o I3l.,3 71; With penaltis..
1lo Stone ,InII. H,--.Irlphan's H ,iii.: n !
t9 si'ee4; T I i l l: I' 1'st: s ' ee::3; s.iqrl L
of n w qre .e :2; Ii a r ,ie:I it t o s e
or .jr .%i tO- Ia r Is t t' East-tax.s 1 1,
:. , 1.-,, fr , I- ,'' .:lii 1,,,,i!i\-h. ,dl .' ,, :',, '1' i r
1i I : I : n P - oaw 1w l-I iiu,. ex4,i.t a
tract ,i .' - .. lo I. . N urtLh.
'o taxiws It 1I, 2_'"i ii; t.ith p1,enuit;it .
4-s `,alh .1. ('-lots 2, 3.4, " atlb t6, square
I-'..1 : l: ii4 rl l\C5 ll. m lll .itis: li.ta p; i t ax i ',,I
sr:"; 4.. . n; taxt-s 1\:i ,`-1 !4 ; wit.Jaxe.s i-I.,
7 1, ,) tlt5, w ith penalties.
e' eatle .I. ('--1,1t 31, .-,lilir, 9; Ni'la,
taxes lssl, _2 N;; tixt". l 1ti%, y' 3il1; Itith
th penalties.
%Lewarrt WVi--house in iDl.t taxes
e- I$1 e 55; taxes 1,i2, $2 O'; with penal
de ties.
a i iSitli Loni*-that portion of Wither
ow and lBowers tract of land parted off
or to laui 8nSith in partition between
4;, Josieph Witherow and the Iheirs oft Mrs.
tI, ilenrietta Bowers; taxes 1884, $16 -U;
8$, with aenaltie's.
si Seale and Richlardson--s a lquarter of as
e iquarter; see '; net quarter of t quar
lry ter; see 2.', Township 15 north, Range 14
OR; East; taxes 1541; $'2 X.I; taxes '83; $1 6$8;
with penalties.
Ree Tolpson (' .1 or B J. Morey; lot 11:;
:1, and west half lot 12 block 47; aniidl
, 1n imptrovelniints; I lta: taxes 185 ,
84. $4I 6i;; with penalties.
al- Thiomas Mrs T A. block 14 and ili
proveeiult--tielta, taxis S1-I4, $1 (i3
11 with lenaltles.
its, Thlas Wain'l --ni wi quarterof ne qc r.
W. se*3l; T 15 i, l ItI E; taxes 1884, $1 29;
tri, taxes ':3, c;; tax's '2,4'c; withl renal- -
ta. W:tttiin Peter--"Zuil:l,!"i'' -1ll sec
`); lot t, 'ui'll Hl in 'f st e ift;: Tow ii
ice shi1. I rth, railne l: east; taxes 1.N54,
72, 8 4S1;n ith p'tiali.
W1iloln.I:in.. II. i 1-t it -.Lowe i a'lllk
ia 3 in i ,ter t. r lt I s . , w ' i ee':l; fra" I
" tit.', 1) and -11: ots $ . 54, an d l , I.ee  .
for lots 1, _, 7 nld ,5; we 91'1T 11; n, It I:; I.:- t
en tax, i, 1, 5l.-_"i ]; w itlh 1,e ..alti",s.
Y'oulnlgli 4 lad ; s--, qniuarlr of s
wat wquarter se" w:'; township leI nrtli
,In- taile 11 e "i.t, w , sce,: n 4of " w lqiilrter.'"
tun- ofnt w quarter .i'ec'; e i n ii i itinarter
, sectionii 8 northi west quarter Its I ail ::
see a ln l south east qluartor 'talionI
8t, s w quairtter anid ie i1.uarter ; excepl't lot
2 lot 4 and i e quarter of n w quarter see
Sin Us l of i elquarter andl w l of s e qulartir,
i 'es. se 4; t all tha:it aitr of sec's 7 a"iil 17; east'
t in of 'Tetss;t T '15, ii, ne, 11 Elast; taxes
x ies 1884, 2t) .411; taxes '8%, $23 94; taxes '8',
$12 _60; with penalties.
4 ait
t On said dlay of salt I will sell such pair
7 tions (of said iprierty a-e iatlhdebt, r will
84, point out, and in case the d-lhtor will
iaot point ''it s lliicient Iprollierty, I i ill
at on'c anld wit hut furtherr ,htlay', sell'
S the 'least (Iqolluatity of saidil roºler'ty oft
the anvdetor, which anv bidlder will hav1
for the antuoonit ,of taxes, intere.st andl
It Cost s dili' ih' sa ial liltltor.
The sale will tI without apprainu eint
1, I for cash in legal teniter iioney of It ihe
an'd nited Staites, andl Ithe iproperty soui
T 1 ' shall lhe redeenlallli' at any timea far the
e~lnl- .uptonf ioneear l' payiing thie .rie,
given, with twenty per et'int, aindl tlts
49 and penalty added.
i 11 B IltOLME.S,
itia ti Sheriff and ex-officio Tax 'Collector,
e !, for Parish of Madison and State of
ac'I Louisiana.
(i0, Sheriffs Office Tallulah, La., March
21, 188. - -
'8' The Best Fence Yet.
'rate Couty an Farm Ridits for
j of Full directions accompa'uying each
tm -f -AA
.t, i right sold. Any one can put ulp
rith; thec fence with tools found on any
iare plantation. The first right sold in
aSl, any neighborhood will be sold for
Ioi For full particulars, apply at the
-,; T TIMrs office, or address the pat
nth entec, A. G. HULBERT,
nor 1213 Cass Ave.
with St. Louis, Mo.
l,* E u troc ries
or of
last (aref-ilj selected. Latest styles-sf
Sc 4,
with fauldmI3 O iads.
nil 2
llle- - ALS0--
of the finest quality.
se8. E. BLUM. Tallulali
June 7-Ivr
at- WAhin Lo O trOet. Viokaburg.
tis onveulent to Railroad Dlepot, landl
ien-lu, Post, Telegraph and Expressiomihe,
and to business. Meals In tine forsli
SatraIns. Itouse open all night. RaS
Sf;been renovated and refurnilaliedt. 'Ibbles;
' 0pifl with the best the y.arlt at:
l .Polite and reful attenionl ulen to
I gests. • NoJ, Iiyr.
Importer an DeBar m Foroei an Domestic DrBas,
Linseed Oil, Lard Oil, Lubricating Oil, anat Oil,' urlentine, White Lead,
Mixed i'aiipt awl Giasiare,
:,hle PIl rivktr of il1 (l. t .t. t:"l , ,ly iAi. ;.. ('ur. f.r C.'i1l. and F1 ever,
The Australian Eucalyptus Globulus Tonic.
I particularly call the attention of Planters, to
For intmedliate use, suc1h as Pills, P'aregorie, I.au:lani: , Essence of
Pepl"ernuint, Spirits Nitre, Castor Oil. in all ,iz, lhttlcs. Quinine in
anv sliz - hittls,
Liniments, CoughPrcparation anlld every Imaginable Drag Known.
As far s prit'cs are concernced, I simply defy (colpetition.
No. 1~5 ,Vitnwlaijaattona Sta" Vickliwlaivuvg. 31isas.
June 1, 1 )r.
LoISoille, New orlens a TIas Railway Comiay.
(OIN(; SoUTH. I).I.Y (GO(ING; N'lTll. )AILY
No. 3. No. 4.
r! I.r:.\".1:..... NI anph'l l ý.. ... . 1..1 ! .1 vl:. . New........ 09 )1,.n1.
ui.\ ll e..... ('lark ~li:h.. . ..' I ::. i,.m11.i.\ I:1: t . ·...... I.:: tt,,n 1o,n; ......... 10;40 "
I .. .... ...('lIark .lal l...1.. . :. I .,I4 l I..'........... atll i,, Ill ii l ...... (I1;M(l "
.I. .. .. .. .... ... ..... 4:17 ,. .......... i:th .............. 11;'. "
l\u ... . tr.. Ir t . ....I .... 0 .n ... ... lar1it~. ......... ::;% a.m1,
u Li......... ir1kslir. .. ,.:: 1.1 1. I ..........1 IIIrri-tonl.......... * :;;5 "
'l ......... .I"i.rr t,:, ... 1 .1 1 . ... ....... Vi ksb urg......... 6; "
S 1.. ..... . arristn .... II.. I i,.. .1r.......... i r1 tlte. ......... .... 1 ;4) "
' .\ ...... i.. I;l ...". . .. ., n ... , . a . .\.r. .. . I,.la td........... 10;10 "
_ .a..... .... ]l;t n ]. ,,u....: .10.l a.ni . r..........( lJrkeIl, ........, I; )p.m .
.\. ........ . l.lkt ln .il. 'ti . a .. 1 ll ......... . .( I b. k s, 1 !.... ....... I; I. '
I LIt......... N lw t r ieu . 1 S. iA. \.. ....... . .\ inl l ,.. .........
Daily No. 5. Leaves Baton Rouge 6:25 a. m. --Arrive at New Orleans at
10.25 a m. Daily No. 6. Leaves New Orleans 4:20 p.m-Arrives at Baton
Rouge at 8:20 p. m.
Depot on Poydras St. New Orleans.
Pulllan Palace Cars, (ileepislganid hirawlnag Iloom) on Train
SNos. 3: and 4 hletlween Mlemplhis aliil New Orlealns. Pullmanu Sileep
ing Cars on Train 1 and 2 letween Mellphi.s and v'ic kkburg.
The Best Gate Ever lade.
Stoic's Nw, Iprove "ER lsier" Far Date.
Can be Opened and Shut without Alighting from any Vehicle or Horse.
Woniean or Child Feelpassnger
fCa. Wo'rk It 'an :per it with
With Ease, one hand.
-And upon approeching ,the Gateway, give the arm-drop a gentle pall
downward, and the Gate will rise from the ground and glide (not swiDol
to one side. without noise and leave the passage clear. A similar pull on
the opposite arm, throws the Oate back in place, olosing and fasteningit.
-It is light, but strong and dulrable.
There is no strain on gate or post.
Can be adapted to any gateway.
Any farmer can imake it.
FIouglh (ate inch stufl ten feet $10.00
twelve ,, iSW*J.QO
Fanc y Gt ales 'reon ,1E. to $20.
The East Grove Milling & Lumber Co.
Box 34, Downer's Grove, Ill.
OrhderM recelv-ed sat the TII~ES Oflke.
SInrge pt lIntel in time State? iHea Table In3 the Soutlh.
Muia. InsMadrid devote her jersonil attcntion to thel lafiras If thei ihel,i,
anid will ke spbcial prilde in 5i,.tainlina the weIll-carnel reputaltion shel has
achieve of keepiaainI: t liinest Hotel ill tive Souith.
Ie a  large anild ,:' "urnmished,' cllieient clerks, poiit' attcadants andever?
atten on given to the- welfzare, :and comnzjfert of pecast5.
. I ilro:ll ticket offtice ald stcamhoat iage:v in the bui!ling.
ov. l-tin.
--Dealer In

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